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olá hoseok será que você poderia me dar um mata leão???


Merangkak di kegelapan malam tanpa seberkas cahaya Hanya rindu penguat rasa ingin sua Air mata luruh bersama genangan hujan Pertemuan yang direncanakan tak direstui Tuhan #ehsenin @edisihati

After three years without a victory, Conor McGregor needed only 40 seconds to reclaim his place at the center of the mixed martial arts world. | @AP…

David Moyes has spoken about transfers and the future of Issa Diop…

Manchester United Sulit ke Empat Besar Usai Kalah dari Liverpool… via @tribunnews


Leo ata mtu hawezi vaa jersey ya Man - U kwa amani mnataka tukae uchi ?? Kama team yako haijawai pigwa na LiverFool mkuje tuongee za Man-U kupigwa

Heroes of Philanthropy 2019: Azim Premji is Asia's biggest giver on a list that honours Jack Ma, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Atul Nishar… @kiranshaw #AzimPremji #JackMa


Existe muita diferença entre um regime autoritário que mata e o nazismo.


Liverpool, imparable: venció a Manchester United y se encamina al título de la Premier League…

wala na ngang tulog pugto pa mata

United não tem treinador e meio de campo. Agora perde o segundo World class.

okay but why is jin so fucking pretty for?! like who ALLOWED this fine ass man to just walk around looking so fricken pretty idk who i’m sueing but u better believe ur ass it’ll be someone

are u guys ok u can walk into literally any frat and find this exact man


Disappointing result today but for a lot of the 2nd half we played some good football. We just need a few more quality players. Pereira not good enough! #LIVMUN


question: if you could date a got7 member, who would you date and why?

y’all fine as hell talkin bout “don’t dm me” man fuck u....wyd?

Cant DMF give us a choice for one episode nje, to vote for potential dates we want on TV. I want to see Trudy again on TV #DateMyFamily


No sign of Marcus Rashford at The Lowry this morning. #mufc due to leave for Anfield at 2pm. #LIVMUN kicks off at 4.30.

22. These words the LORD spake unto all your assembly in the mount out of the midst of the fire, of the cloud, and of the thick darkness, with a great voice: and he added no more. And he wrote them in two tables of stone, and delivered them unto me. Deu 5:22 KJV

So Tyler Perry really made this guy bite a pillow...#SistasBET

#PotsoTseRelevant why do white people give you thst fake smile when they see black people?

私は"センター数学"を勉強していたので普通に死んじゃった これがレジリエンス…昨日の現代文は伏線…

2020 has been bullshit. i thought i successfully ordered some ivy park this morning only for my order to get cancelled. im M A D


İnstagram gibi WhatsApp da keşke mesaj begenme gelsee

Bloquear as notificações do Whatsapp é um caminho sem volta

Batting over 2 hours as night-watchman twice in a series: Syed Kirmani Ind v Aus in Ind 1979/80 235 mins (57) at Madras, 306 mins (101*) at Bombay Anrich Nortje SA v Eng in SA 2019/20 127 mins (40) at Centurion, 189 mins (18) at Port Elizabeth

STAT ALERT: Anrich Nortje out for 18 off 136. At a strike rate of 13.2/100 balls, that is the slowest ever first-innings knock of 110 or more balls.… #SAvENG

Good to see Tsotso Ngele back enjoying his football...

How did the billionaire MD even tell the Captain about his hard-line panty line perfectionism? Were they at a bar drinking? Was it via WhatsApp or phone call? Were they having lunch? What led to the conversation? Or did they Captain observe it? I have many questions.

Cómo convertir tu cara en un «sticker» para WhatsApp con tus fotografías

Can’t discuss rap with a person who, with all conviction, believes that Eminem is overrated. I have neither the time nor the inclination.

#Exclusive | Hamid Karzai (@KarzaiH), former President of Afghanistan speaks to TIMES NOW’s Srinjoy Chowdhury on the CAA. ‘I am confident that India can deal with the CAA on its own & it is indeed an internal matter of India’, says Hamid Karzai. Listen in.

#MusicToBeMurderdBy Em flexes his storytelling prowess combined with clever rhyming schemes akin to classic Slim Shady. Closest thing to MMLP2 Eminem. Fav tracks: 1. Godzilla feat. Juice Wrld 2. Darkness 3. Those Kinda Nights feat. Ed Sheeran 4. No Regrets feat. Don Toliver


Instead of cancelling Eminem, why dont we cancel the Ariana Grande for profiting off the deaths of the victims at the Manchester Arena?

Phrasal Verbs.... #ielts #learnenglish #ieltsstudy #ieltscoaching #sailstudy #ieltskochi #ieltstraining Call or Whatsapp - 9605959300


If you’re offended by Eminem’s Manchester line... you’re gonna shit your pants when you listen to these #Eminem #eminemisCANCELLED #slimshady


Whatsapp büyüyü bozar mk

Citizenship will be given to the religious minorities from Pakistan,Bangladesh & Afghanistan. #WelcomeAmitShah

Mac Miller's album is really good. I loved the direction he took since Swimming. Too bad we won't be able to hear more from him.

Trump Administration Taps Minnesota Native to Lead U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan #Afghanistan #US Read more:…

“Could it be, a cynic might wonder, that all the accusations leveled against President Trump merely are projections to deflect from the bad behavior of Beltway royalty?” Mendacity, Hubris, and the Tragedy of Afghanistan – American Greatness…

cryin to mac miller hby

صدیقی: ما امیدواریم که طالبان با پیشنهاد آتش‌بس از پاکستان به دوحه برگشته باشند و آتش‌بس را بپذیرند و وارد گفتگوهای بین الافغانی با حکومت و مردم افغانستان شوند. #Afghanistan

Pakistan faces Pile crisis of flour while Tabahi-Sarkar decided to export 40000 Million Tons flour in Afghanistan!!! @BBhuttoZardari @MacMehmoodshah


If the Taliban do not agree to ceasefire, our joint efforts to end the fighting in the country will have no result: President Ghani's spokesman, Sediq Sediqqi #Afghanistan

افغان ګډوځواکونود #لوګر په څرخ ولسوالۍ د نوې کلا په سیمه کې د عملیاتو پرمهال دحقاني شبکې ۲ مهم ډلمشران وژلي او ۲ نور ژوندي نيولي دي. په یادو عملیاتو کې د #طالبانو ګڼ شمېروسلې اومهمات د امنیتي ځواکونو لاسته ورغلي. #ThisIsANDSF #Logar #Afghanistan


Rabada ban 'concerns' South Africa coach Boucher over cricket regulations #GeoSuper…

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