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[Ocean Storm Friday] Strong to damaging northerly winds anticipated Friday, especially for Cape Cod and the Islands-> greatest potential for downed trees & power lines. Minor to moderate coastal flooding is expected Friday along eastern coastal MA, especially at Nantucket Harbor.


allow me to crush on this beautiful soul, Ma Zet is officially your celebrity crush, not sure if it’s too early to call you a celebrity kodwa oksalayo #GomoraMzansi


i'm not even done with my second discworld book yet and i'm already turning into a purist. some digital versions put death's dialogue in regular all caps instead of small caps. that's not death. who do you think he is? film crit hulk? karkat?

Now live at BaT Auctions: LS3-Powered 1988 Land Rover Defender 110…

B Shift local Policing team chase and detain a wanted male Benfleet Golf course. Dont forget to give it up for the NHS at 20:00. Maybe at 20:10 we can give a big shout out to all our farmers, food producers and those shop workers who keep turning up each day to help us through.


#COVID19SouthAfrica: The confirmed coronavirus cases in South Africa have increased to 1 462, up from 1 353 on Tuesday, according to Health Minister Zweli Mkhize. #day7oflockdown #CoronaVirus…

Sold: LS3-Powered 1991 Land Rover Defender 90 for $71,000.…

Ad suck Ronald McDonald right Aff fur a Big Mac meal the noo

#ICYMI 10.9 Million names are now aboard @NASAPersevere. The names were stenciled onto 3 tiny silicon chips & attached to an aluminum plate on the rover. Perseverance is scheduled to launch this summer & will land at Jezero Crater, Mars in 2021.


- Autism Spectrum Disorder is the most common neurodevelopmental disorder diagnosed among children - 1/66 Canadians have a form of autism. - It’s been 13 yrs since we released our report calling for a national autism strategy. #WorldAutismAwarenessDay…

Today the international community comes together to recognize #WorldAutismAwarenessDay. As per tradition, we will light the @WhiteHouse blue this evening to show our love & support for those w/ autism, as well as their friends, families & caregivers!

it's okay to cry when there's too much on your mind, the clouds rain too when things get heavy.

#OmarSheikh, the brains behind #DanielPearl beheading, liberated. Decision made by “judges" in the thug state: #Pakistan. Shame on them. My thoughts w/ his parents Ruth & Judea. His widow Mariane. His son Adam. Bad news for all anti-jihad resistants. @WSJ

Lamentablemente falleció Adam Schlesinger a causa de COVID-19. El fue el escritor y productor de "Hackensack", el famoso cover que hizo Katy Perry en #MTVUnplugged.

WATCH: Police escort Cape refugees to temporary accommodation in Bellville | #Day7ofLockdown @TheCapeArgus…

McDonald's lost the European trademark Big Mac. Burger King Sweden used this to their advantage to make a great, creative #PR campaign. Example of cheekily-named item: "Like a Big Mac, but Actually Big." #Marketing #McDonalds #BurgerKing #Advertising #Advertisement

The silence from the Eastern Cape Government amid the rise of COVID-19 cases in the province is a cause for concern.This is not to insinuate no work is being done.I am just concerned about the silence which is raised by many an Eastern Cape resident including my own family.

Eastern Cape premier, Oscar Mabuyane, visited Nelson Mandela University’s Innoventon, which has been manufacturing hand sanitiser in response to the national shortage in the wake of the novel #coronavirus ( #COVIDー19 ) pandemic outbreak. [1]


In case you were wondering; yes we really burnt that Mercedes on #gomora #GomoraMzansi watch below.

I warned you on #AprilFoolsDay prank on BBI


Al-Imdaad Foundation teams in the Eastern Cape partner with the Dept. of Water and Sanitation to deliver eco water tanks in the Sunday's River Valley Municipality as part of the Covid-19 response.


Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane has pleaded with Eastern Cape people to voluntary test for Covid-19. Mabuyane was launching a Mobile and Testing Screening units for the privince at Walmer in Port Elizabeth. #sabcnews


In a bid to speed up corona virus testing in the Eastern Cape, the government has accredited the National Health Laboratory Service in Port Elizabeth to do tests.#sabcnews

LISTEN: In an exclusive interview with @AldrinSampear, Mandisa Mashego says EFF leader Julius Malema did not try to persuade her to remain in her leadership posts #POWERTalk


Header for @MajoFTN . It was a bit difficult to do it with black and white, but I hope you'll like this ! Sharing is appreciated. Be :



Looking at Industrial & Commercial Panel (I know at least 5 of my followers care) based on 1st count looks like 3 FG 3 FF 1 SF @frances_black plus 1 lab or 1 SD. Obviously transfers and the outside/inside mix may mix it up a bit, going to be interesting either way. #Seanad2020

Alyssa Milano posts a thread calling for unity, in the same thread she refers to Bernie's base as "toxic." How dreadful, I cannot vote for Biden, his side literally hate us to their teeth. #NeverBiden

its literally fire away.......a niall song…

I literally love deep conversations let’s talk about what hurts you, what makes u happy, why you are the way you are, your goals in life, your childhood, god, family, conspiracy theories, etc.. that excites me instead of wyd conversations

he literally barked akjsf i can't with him

i honestly don't miss eating out, i just miss going to office. weird, right?

Honestly, being a clingy person and ending up w an emotionally distant person, ( and vice versa ) is a really fucked up thing.

feel kind of empowered knowing that people took time out of their day to block me. my power honestly

I know people complain about Twitter a lot, but honestly, the kindness of people on Twitter has done so much to help me in this horrible time. I’ve had so many reaching out to discuss symptoms & share knowledge. I can’t tell you how much that has helped.

/vr/ Sering satu frame nih fams


No this Ntsiki Mazwai is now out of order. So Bonang isn't supposed to venture into New businesses? Nasty (Russian Bear) , Cassper(Ciroc) & Aka(Cruz) are also promoting alcohol brands and nobody says shii about that. Do you sisi, ungasi dini!

#Kicking a habit is tough. So many times I tried, yet I fell back on it. There's something about that sweet release, the fire pouring through your veins when you give in. Oh, I'm shaking in anticipation. To take a life is power, a power one can't get drunk enough off. #vss365


"Mera Bharat Mahan" Honestly, it is quite hard to feel tht way right now, as it looks very much tht govt run by oxymorons has gone rogue. Last time before this pandemic lockdown, they unilaterally breached the fundamental conditions of instrument of accession, turned whole.....

Fikile is our biggest threat. Absolutely clueless. It's all about social media pha kuleya chap. Dr Mkhize and his team has been working tirelessly and Mbalula just comes and fucks everything up. #CoronavirusInSouthAfrica

~ When this is over, please continue to stay at least 6 feet away from me, continue to wash your homes & hands, & continue to breath/cough with your arms flexed. Don’t shake my hand/hug if we meet, we do Namaste. #SocialDistancing #Covid_19SA #CoronaVirusInSouthAfrica

Empecé con Safaera 8D y terminé en Give me love 8D, wena noche sad será hoy

[Radar update] Bands of light rain backing in across Cape/Islands. Spotty light rain will develop across eastern MA overnight, especially near the coast.

thats honestly her personal problem


rarity: honestly twilight darling, u can't get so wrapped up in the pursuit of perfection all the time. after all, *nothing* is perfect twilight: UHHHHH COUNTERPOINT?? pinkie pie exists

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