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The girl changed Woman' s skating. Pure strenght & Triple Triple Jump combination / Triple Axel - 1988 MIDORI ITO / Japan


【明日開催!新木場大会】 10月22日(火・祝)新木場1stRING 19:00 開始 当日券は17:30より 最前列席 7,000円《完売》 リングサイド 5,000円 指定席 4,000円《完売》 小中高生 1,000円… 全日本プロレス TVにてLIVE配信! #ajpw #ajpwtv


Sur ces paroles de Tony Nobody, nous vous souhaitons un bon début de semaine les Parieurs! #MonPari2019 #MondayMotivation




The Executive Mayor @HermanMashaba will be briefing the Media at 10am at the Council Chamber reception room Braamfontein #HermanMashaba ^TK


Great article in @cnni about the recent breakthrough allowing a tetraplegic patient to walk using a brain-controlled robotic suit #exoskeleton @ClinatecFDD @CHU_Grenobl @u_grenoblealpes #neuralprobe #Wireles #ArtificialIntelligence #ImplantableElectronics…


New JAPAN Pro Wrestling of AMERICA? Make up your minds!!!

NJPW has announced a US subsidiary, named New Japan Pro-Wrestling of America. #NJPW #NJoa


Obari: What fans in America value is the NJPW brand and concept, and the style of wrestling that represents. The NJPW brand is important, hence the name of New Japan of America. #NJoA

Dominion Solar Investment In #Virginia Approaches $1 Billion Read Here:


トンプソン、絆感じた12年間「むっちゃ楽しかった」代表は引退も「まだ近鉄楽しみ」 #トンプソン #RWC2019 #近鉄ライナーズ…

Why does Helen keep peddling this lie that she contributed to the fight against apartheid? Akadinwa kuxoka emdala na? #HermanMashaba

One of the guys in my social justice class (only 3 of them) was gone for a week to go hunting in Virginia and came back with a MAGA sweater and now is the first time I’ve ever wanted to bully someone

Ima feel weak if I tell you sorry

I am not pleased by the amount of hate shown to this two... South Africans still need intellectual maturity and ability to respect everyone regardless of anything. #IdolsSA #Ubuntu…

#ラグビー という素晴らしい競技を通じて日本が一丸となり, 改めて,スポーツの可能性を感じることができた. ありがとう,ラグビー日本代表‼️ #RWC2019 #NIWAKAFUN #ONETEAM #日本一丸 #BRAVEを届けよう

数ヶ月も家族と離れて厳しい合宿して、試合で身体がボロボロになって、予選プール1位で史上初のベスト8入りを果たしても報奨金1人100万円って少なすぎるよな。 どうにかならんかね〜 #RWC2019 #ONETEAM #BraveBlossoms #BRAVEを届けよう

昨日の南ア戦・・・ 見落とされているが、 #nhk 渡辺憲司アナに 拍手をおくりたい。 日本の試合はとかく 応援放送になり、 日本オンリーの放送に なりがちだが、南アの いい点も素直に実況していた。 #rwc2019 #ラグビー

Japan "Ferraris" prove there is still place for small men in rugby #RWC2019 #RWCTokyo #JPNvRSA

審判さえ欺いた南アの出足、経験差に泣いた/今泉清 #rugbyjp #ラグビー #RWC2019 #JPNvRSA…

今日の #名言サプリ 『監督としてできることは選手に自分を信じさせることができればいい。それが私の仕事だと思います』(#ジェイミー・ジョセフ HC) 選手の皆さんお疲れ様でした! 昨日の南アフリカ戦はこの後7時25分頃の情報三枚おろしでたっぷり振り返ります! #名言 #JPNvRSA #いっぽ #SBSラジオ

theres a reason rival fans have all made fun of henderson for years. They dont care about a players "fight" watching on TV for an opposition team. They go off what football theyre watching. Its no coincidence top reds love him and everyone else thinks hes gash

I don't wanna sound negative but this show is not for me,i guess I love drama that much Uyajola 9\9 did it for me #GugOthandayo


Thanks, Mr. Mayor, for your service to our beloved City.


If Pogba had played in Periera’s position he would have slipped a few food balls into Rashy & Daniel James and we would have comfortably won, Periera weren’t bad but in the final third he fucked up quite a few times

For the second time in less than a week, I have lost a friend and a mentor. Rest In Peace, Mr. Mayor.


うんこ!!! #三ツ星カラーズ

El discurso destructivo de la izquierda chilena se empeña en lograr su objetivo. La destrucción del verdadero progreso logrado en décadas de esfuerzo. Por eso ese discurso debe ser combatido. Las infames estatuas de Allende son la expresión paradigmática…

Mashaba's 702 interview: The ANC in Tshwane demands that Radio 702 repost a podcast of an interview with Herman Mashaba, where he disparaged Helen Zille and IRR, the Institute. We reject media censorship as an injustice. @MYANC @Our_DA @helenzille @Radio702 @HermanMashaba

Jupiter's moons Io and Europa both cast shadows back on to the cloud-tops of Jove tonight from 1:45 to 3:09 UT, favoring western North America:


La “democracia” de la que habla Piñera es la que construyeron tras el bombardeo de la moneda, un golpe de estado, y sobre el cadaver del líder socialista Salvador Allende. Esa es la base de su “democracia”. #ChileDesperto

Lo dicen los que solo saben destruir paises, matar a mas de 100 millones, los que no han creado un modelo referencial de exito en el mundo, los que destruyeron Chile con Allende,los q generan hambre x doquier...pero tienen hijos en Stgo College. Ellos lo dicen!…

#ChileSeCanso está vez nadie detendrá la llegada de la Primavera, por un Chile con MENOS DESIGUALDAD #ChileResiste #MesaCentral viva ALLENDE!


He escrito varias veces la frase ¿Aló @mbachelet ? en los últimos días por sucesos de chile. Me pregunto ¿me suspenderá twitter ? Pero recuerdo a miguel bosé y los insultos a la alta comisionada de DD.HH. de la ONU y me tranquilizo. #toquedequeda Valparaiso Piñera Allende

The election of Helen Zille is no surprise. It's in line with the rise of white supremacy around the world.

Brilliant scenes as South Africa and Japan fans swap jerseys after their side battled it out for 80 mintues #JPNvRSA #RWC2019 #WebbEllisCup

Gracias señor por el día tan lindo de hoy, Gracias Señor por la vida salud sabiduría que me regalas. Gloria y alabanzas a ti Espíritu Santo Jesucristo ven ilumina mi hogar, ilumina mi familia, cuida a mis hijas.. AMÉN

【コージローAutumn Collection 2019】 10/1〜10/31 DAY20. 「チル正装」 Tops: Vincent et Mireilleテーラード Bottoms:UNIQLOスキニー 今日の一言「今日は万博公園で野外イベントでした!みてくれた皆さんが太陽の様でした」 #ソウルズ #コジコレ2019


#RWC2019 hosts end a tough half with the boys in Japan, with the #JPNvRSA score standing at 3-5 and our #GigGame count at 8GB. There’s another 40’ to go, are you our next #MOTM? Join: T&Cs apply


Cuban Vicepresident of the Council of Ministers @DrRobertoMOjeda  pays heartfelt tribute  to nuclear bombing victims in #Hiroshima and was welcomed  by #Hiroshima Deputy Mayor Mr. Nobuyuki Koike. @CubaMINREX


Add your voice to back our boys. Share your anthem video in the comments with #GigGame and you could kick off to 3GB Vodacom #GigGame data! T&Cs apply #JPNvRSA #RWC2019


Plant your vote on who will pick up that W in this #JPNvRSA quarter-final of the #RWC2019. Blossom up some mad Gigs of your own and play the Vodacom #GigGame here: T&Cs apply


yung sukong suko kana!!!


After yesterday's interesting #TKO2019


Kaizer Chiefs this season Games: 9 Wins: 7 Draws: 1 Losses: 1 What have they improved on since last season? #Soccerzela

#iThembaWalk2019 8km done and dusted. It was a good one.


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