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y’all better come to terms or fix this mess before comic con bc i wanna see nothing on my tl but eternals, thor 4, nova, and BP2.

As orgs evolve rapidly & unpredictably, we need to give future leaders the tools they need to lead effectively. At a recent event in assoc with @HRLeadersnow we explored this topic. Take a look our video, or read the article in @hrmagazine #wednesdaywisdom

1/ Two days ago, I was put in Twitter jail and had to delete a tweet I sent to Trump after his racist remarks. (What I said was extremely tame but I'm not going to repeat it for obvious reasons. Let's just say it had to do with a toilet and an expiration date.) #WednesdayWisdom

Landscape artist Tom Hughes shows us how it's done when recreating breathtaking #landscapes in the field #WednesdayWisdom @hughespaintings


Ike is really irritating me right now. Never knew my fav is an ass kisser #BBNaija

BIG NEWS! A secret individual donor has pledged to match every fruit tree donated for #MandelaDay. Let's make an impact TOGETHER. Please make a donation of R101, R1,001 or even R10,001. We'll track these trees and our supportive donor will match equally.

Didn't expect to start my day with my usual cup of coffee and crying my eyes out watching #Beyonce's new #SpiritMusicVideo. It's a gorgeous and powerful video and anything that celebrates diversity these days is making me emotional. More later on our site. L


#Headline Former President Jacob Zuma denies Barbara Hogan's testimony and says there were no jobs for pals @Lotusfm #sabcnews


We ain’t gonna get much out of Jacob Zuma, as he struggles to get page 428. #ZumaStateCapture


The whole point of the Zondo Commission (by Madonsela) its to nail Pres Zuma that's it Whoever comes with accusations/allegations can just pack and go. Pres Zuma is then expected to respond based on their opinions/views #StateCaptureInquiry…

Jacob Zuma once brought a VERY dubious character to Madiba. Sri Chinmoy. Google him. In my personal opinion it's a sect. It feels like Mr Zuma thinks we are all gullible to that type thinking and that for some mysterious reason we will now believe him

Last night's lunar eclipse over @edinburghcastle made us wait while it got undressed behind a curtain of cloud #EclipseLunar2019 @edinburgh #ScotlandIsNow @EdinburghWH #eclipse #LunarEclipse #LunarEclipse2019


This is deeply concerning. Rupert Sutton was a fellow at the Islamophobic neocon think tank @HJS_Org and director of its campus wing @student_rights. He is now the #Prevent programme manager for @lambeth_council and has been invited to speak at #IqraPrimarySchool tomorrow.


Il aura marqué la jeunesse de certains d’entre nous qui assistions, impuissants, à l’injustice la plus criante et inhumaine de notre ère dite "civilisée", l’apartheid en Afrique du Sud. Notre monde se vide de ses courageux combattants comme vous #JohnnyGlegg. AU REVOIR L’ARTISTE.


Instead his busy bragging about black cards and lavish lifestyle all those gospel singers are uttering rubbish makamu his more like bashiri no difference.That's why I am not doing church I am a church myself.makamu your a fake pastor #IAmBishopIMakamu

Boks should run out with Impi playing in the background on Saturday.

We are saddened to hear about the passing of #JohnnyGlegg. Africa and the world has lost a giant. May his soul rest in eternal peace.


#JohnnyGlegg isn’t an icon today because he sang in Zulu or spoke out against the regime, he is an icon because he did it when it was very unpopular to do so.

Since we might never see this again in our lifetime. #FaceApp


Either you run the day or the day runs you. - Jim Rohn #quote #TuesdayThoughts


Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo. – Jon Sinclair #quote #TuesdayThoughts


Takia Waititi coming back to direct Thor 4 is nice to hear, but the fact that he's writing this one is particularly good to hear. Ragnarok, though I do enjoy it, suffers from the fact that Taika was only brought in to direct a script given to him.

pelo o que parece loki confirmado em thor 4, confirma ele em guardiões da galáxia 3 tbm, porque eu não consigo cansar da lenda

The #BBNaija Pepper Dem Housemates kept us entertained, as they rehearsed for Biggie's Pepsi Know Da Lyrics challenge. Courtesy of @Pepsi_Naija.

#ToGetAJobInSA You should be able to multi-task with what you can find first to gain experience that is not aligned with the degree you studied 7 years for....


The Valère basilica (French: Basilique de Valère), also called Valère #castle (French: Château de Valère), is a fortified church situated in Sion in the canton of Valais in #Switzerland. #Architecture #TravelTuesday #Travelpics #Europe


“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled.” — Mohammed #traveltuesday

Stop by for the Mickey Moniak RBI single, stay for Arquimedes Gamboa’s fantastic haircut

#Uvuthondaba: IsiZulu sithi isishiphi sikhonga ukunya. Kusasa ekuseni @ukhozi_fm ngikhomba isishiphi nokunya kusethulo sikaMsholozi. Isikhathi 7:15 . #StateCaptureInquiry


JJ's view on Former President Jacob Zuma's second day at the #StateCaptureInquiry What are #YourViewOn405 regarding the Former President's testimony today at the #StateCaptureInquiry #Newzroom405 #NewzroomAfrika

It's no wonder uBaba can't recall anything post '94, he scribbled over his notes mos #ZumaTestifies #ZondoCommission #StateCaptureInquiry #JacobZuma


Maybe the people who threatened to kill president Zuma are the same ones who plotted to kill EFF CIC during Sona in February when they klapped a cop in parliament…

With the Prime Minister HE Mr. Masrour Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Regional Government.


McCarthy sidesteps question when I ask if there is not a perception that the GOP is not willing to challenge the President and won’t speak against him on the floor or support the resolution: We are the party of Lincoln

The four congresswomen known as "the squad" spoke at a press conference to denounce President Trump's latest racist remarks.

You guys know the mouth thingy with Ike is not his fault. (U know what I mean).. He's grown into it. So can we stop this shaming!? If u notice, he tries but... That u had people who helped you out of some of your childhood habits doesn't mean everyone had that .. #BBNaija Smh

What would you do if you had to sing your conversation(s) all through the day? Find out how the #BBNaija Housemates reacted to Biggie's singing Task. This Task is brought to you by @Pepsi_Naija.

Dear Democrats: Only 2,015 more days with President Trump in office. Savor today!

“The president’s racism in not racist.”


WATCH: @BillHemmer got reaction from @XochitlHinojosa awaiting a House debate on a resolution condemning the president's Twitter attacks on lawmakers #nine2noon


How well will you sing for 1.5 million Naira, and a 4 day all-expense paid VVIP trip to One Africa Music fest in Dubai, courtesy of @Pepsi_Naija? It'll be fun watching the #BBNaija Housemates sing in Biggie's "Pepsi Know Da Lyrics Task".


#MyMomOnceSaid "People only throw rocks at the tree bearing fruit." Most memorable words i've ever heard - i remember it when people try to poke holes into who i am


#Hoy #16Jul se conmemora el Día de la Virgen del Carmen, patrona del Ejército Bolivariano #VenezuelaAzul #LealesSiempreTraidoresNunca


Apna @Lundamental tau bulla ki Sahi rasta dikhate hue.... Salaam thoko bey

Mandatario @NicolasMaduro designó nuevos comandantes de REDI


Day 1 and 2 Zuma summary: conspiracy, I didnt know, I wasnt there, I dont know, I cant recall, death threat, death threat, I didnt know her, she was never there #StateCaptureInquiry

On Tuesday, Zuma disputed Mentor’s allegation that he emerged from a room in the Gupta family’s Saxonwold residence to comfort her after she had been offered a ministerial position by Gupta patriarch, Ajay. #statecaptureinquiry…

[Typical JZ to use name of someone who is deceased...] Zuma says Minister Chabane could have “used my name” to remove Maseko

The Guptaz are just a drop in the ocean, this country was captured before the 1994 elections, leave Zuma alone, call Mbeki to explain how Rupert & Oppenheimer did it #ZumaTestifies

Maybe the boyfriend sells condoms #AskAMan

President Mbeki confirmed spy agency infiltrating ANC and government.Msholozi must just do it the Agrizzi style. #StateCaptureInquiry #StateCapture #spy


“Gözünü açıyorsun sabah, Bir göz kırpıyoruz akşam. Erteleme hiçbir şeyi,senden hızlı koşuyor #__Zaman___⏳ ----------------''Hayırlı #Sabahlar Dûasıyla. Gül ⚘


மனிதனை போன்ற அளவுடைய மிகப்பெரிய ஜெல்லிமீன் #England | #GiantJellyfish

Another farmer breaching Bovine TB controls. At least the fine reflects the crime, this time... "The cattle were left without food or water, and had access to animal carcasses, broken...…

Obasanjo Expresses Concerns Over Insecurity in Letter to Buhari… #Nigeria #Obasanjo #Buhari


.@SadiqKhan: "On behalf of all Londoners, I would like to congratulate this magnificent England team and thank them for bringing the World Cup home"

#BBNaija: Esther Becomes the first female Head of House »

OBJ's letter was timely and necessary. Whoever wants him to be arrested for it should drop dead.He is attempting to save Nigeria from another civil war.Those that oppose his counsel fail to appreciate the fact that in the event of that war they will suffer more than anyone else.

Nigeria politicians be like, "I'll make your government ungovernable". An exemplary for morons who skip classes to learn that violence is the power of a small man Set the pace for INEC and its lessons won't be forgotten in a hurry. @atiku @renoomokri #BBNaijia Miyetti Allah

Mike jumping over Eviction on sunday.... You know what I mean? #BBNaija


Aşk her şeyi affeder miii?

Seyi pulled Karen Igho on us, may the odds be in his favour #bbnaija

Lol some of you that are saying Seyi Makinde doesn't worth such amount clapped when the body bag Governor, a civil servant declared N90b in assets. Seyi just did what your gap toothed fraud couldn't do. Deal with itm


Yes Johan Rupert should be jailed!!!!

Good morning to y’all #BBNaija #TeamTacha today is another day to pump in that vote! Pls pls let’s do this for our girl, to avoid stories that touch #PHFirstDaugher


Another proof of Mandela's Friendship with the Guptas, so wenzeni uZuma?…

The truth of the matter is #JohanRupert controls everything you and I need daily. We eat,sleep,drink, flush,smell Johan Rupert. Question is what can we do to free ourselves from this WMC?This man can poison millions of South Africans in a day.

Wiki’s Co-Founder Larry Sanger on Internet, Blockchain and Knowledge… via @Cointelegraph @robinyearsley on @refindcom

The #SACP says South Africans shouldn't be destructed by former president #Zuma's testimony at the #StateCaptureInquiry as the purpose of the commission is to uncover corruption which occurred in the last 10years. #SabcNews

I sorta want to follow politics, but then I hear all the foolishness that comes out of our law makers mouths or appears on their twitter accounts and I'm like... Nah, I'd rather waste my brain cells on video games

Focus guys, the spies will entertain later. We need all attention on the Pravin Rogue Unit. Mr Rampedi and Rasta Bizoski has done the lord's work so far. And the enemy is really shook. The ball is in Msholozi's court. There is no way that paraffin is clean. No way

改めて!お会いしてくださった支配人さんありがとうございました! 和泉さん、ごっさんさん、せ酸さん、 雪マフラーさん、中松さん、あまのがわさん、ぴょろやきさん、ひめさん、しんどいさん、rediさん、りーほさん、いのうえさん、そして春日部ハル支配人の皆様。 本当にありがとうございました!

Rule #1 of the Smokies.... leave mama bear’s cubs alone!…

Hannah said “I don’t slip up.” I felt that. #TheBachelorette

Este #15Jul se conoció que la Redi Central estará a cargo del mayor general Juan Carlos Du Boulay Perozo

#YourViewOn405 @JJTabane Certainly stratcom agents must be running out of ideas after Rasta unpacked range of issues linked to the existence of #RogueUnit

No, england did not win the world cup. Let's start this trend to wake @ICC up. Declare New Zealand as joint winners, because that is justice. #NewZealandisalsothewinner #WorldCup2019Final

Need a little #MondayMotivation to get you through?? Look no further than @simonpagenaud, who won both the Pole Position AND the Toronto Grand Prix race this past weekend in Toronto!! Congratulations to Simon & all of @Team_Penske! #OdysseyBattery #IndyCar


BUT WAYNE BARNES MISSED A FORWARD PASSSSSSSS Cricket fans, we need to grow up and move on. The umpires are human, and the players made potentially game-defining mistakes too. Dwelling on this won’t erase England’s name from the trophy.…

Omashola has mentioned d name tacha a million times. Omg tacha doesn't even know he exist. #BBNaija

içimde tutuyom uzun zamandır bi ara herkes green kingdom diye larry fici ölürdü ona arkadaşlar aşırı overrated bi ficti amk

England winning the Cricket World Cup Final was an astonishing achievement. We want as many people as possible to share in the best of our sporting moments. That’s why Labour is committing to review the crown jewel list of free-to-air TV events.…

#TeamDZ CAN : La lucidité de Romano contre le Nigéria…

New @adamlambert FB post: "#TheRhapsodyTour - San Jose! #qal photo by Chris Leipelt — with Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Queen."…


NEw Zealand Police unveil three new twin-engine @Bellflight 429 helicopters to replace its AS355 squirrels… via @1NewsNZ

"Tacha is a little bit self-centred" - Omashola. #BBNaija


Set your dvrs, alarm clocks, write yourself a note because I am going to be on @TheDailyShow Thursday to discuss my new book, BENEATH THE TAMARIND TREE about the stolen Chibok girls. Hope you can tune in!!! #BringBackOurGirls #Nigeria…

Lagos, Nigeria

Seeing National MPs rage against Te Papa for aspects of an exhibition that are an uncomfortable truth for them helps explain why pakeha politicians have resistant to mandating teaching the New Zealand Wars in schools

Not even a single newspaper reported on Rupert's attempt to collapse the economy. Wow I'm actually hurt by the media.

He went home when Lekota & others went to Robben Island. He replaced Mbeki as Chief Negotiator. Steve Tshwete said he plotted to overthrow Mbeki He fired Zuma as Head of State & ascended to highest office. This is ambition of Shakespearean proportions. #StateCaptureInquiry


Heads up! New Zealand CPI data is due later today, check out our economic calendar for the forecasted figures and other data due for release…

Pair of rogue blue penguins find a home in Wellington sushi shop…


.@JJTabane 's view on Former President Jacob Zuma's testimony at the #StateCaptureInquiry Do you agree with JJ? Share #YourViewOn405 with us #Newzroom405 #NewzroomAfrika

Fact Check: White people have never taken to the streets in their large numbers before #ZumaMustFall protest march. You raised the bar that day. #StateCaptureInquiry…

So Zuma revealed to the whole world that Johan Rupert threatened to collapse the economy of the country (which amounts to treason) but SA media is more concerned about the spy allegations? #StateCaptureInquiry #JacobZuma


The @PresJGZuma implicated a "Rupert" (not sure which) in collapsing the economy if PG was removed. Based on recent past, that's enough to bay for his "day with Zondo". Just remind me, why is this NOT a BIG DEAL? @eNCA @News24 @NewsroomAfrika @City_Press @pietrampedi 's "cabal"?

Il #17Luglio a #Bologna, ti aspettiamo #FondazioneMast di via Speranza 42 alle 8,30. Non perdere l’occasione della #PowerBreakfast più innovativa dell’anno. Vieni a toccare con mano e provare la magia della #realtàaumentata e dei #chatbot. #HPEInnolab


[ON AIR]: Adv #NgoakoRamatlhodi says he is ready to take a lie detector test before the #StateCaptureInquiry and has challenged #JacobZuma to do the same. This comes after Zuma accused the former Mineral resources minister of being an apartheid spy. #POWERDrive

Now Pretorius at the point where Maseko said Zuma called him ahead of meeting with Gupta and said Zuma said the Gupta guys need your help please help them. Zondo read the statement as it appears Zuma cant follow Pretorius accent. Sikhakhane had interjected. #StateCaptureInquiry

Pretorius now asks about media buying by GCIS on behalf of departments & asks #JaacobZuma if he knew the budget was R600 million. He answers yes. #StateCaptureInquiry

'Did I auction Table Mountain?' Zuma responds to claims of auctioning SA…

Sent in to open the innings, Guptill lasted seven overs, out lbw on 19 to Chris Woakes.…

I see lots of comments about Eoin Morgan captaining the England cricket team as an Irish man. Mostly they’re from people who watch English Premiership soccer and not the League of Ireland so they should just sit down and be quiet.

रोज़ मौसम की शरारत झेलता कब तक मैंने खुद में रच लिए कुछ खुशनुमा मंज़र.. मैं भी उस मुश्कि़ल से गुज़रा हूँ जो तुझ पर है राह निकलेगी कोई तू सामना तो कर... #MondayMotivation #KumarVishwas @DrKumarVishwas

For the record. England did not win the Super Over. The Super Over was a tie. England won on more boundaries scored.

Huge congratulations to New Zealand. Obviously happy that we won it, but it was only as a result of a dizzying catalogue of good breaks for England. Then, to show such fantastic sportsmanship and good grace in the face of no doubt crushing disappointment did you huge credit.


A very Happy Monday to you all and hope you have a lovely day and a good week! #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning #Yorkshire #week


Superhéroes: así califica L'Équipe a Novak Djokovic y a Roger Federer luego de la espectacular final de #WIMBLEDONxESPN que nos regalaron en la jornada de ayer.


Tacha is so playful.. I like this side of her #bbnaija

Anyone that thinks Tacha is using jazz or Mike is selfish is a FOOL #BBNaija


Tacha won’t nominate Jacky, watch out #bbnaija

Un supporter tunisien poignarde un Sénégalais à Saint-Louis, après le match Sénégal - Tunisie


Riyad Mahrez's free kick against Nigeria video game version

Superb read from @mr_gillard in The Sunday Times at the weekend How crime lord David Hunt and his associates made millions on the London Olympics - while the DI who tried to stop them found himself hounded by anti-corruption police Public interest journalism at its finest…

"I should have told the Sunday Times that it was irrelevant that he was pot smoking. I take responsibility, and I profusely apologise." — Jacques Pauw, Investigative journalist and author

#TweetLikeRikysWife Riky: Oh I love the zulu girls Oh oh oh damn I love the zulu girls The Wife:


Riky says: Baby Dstv or Netflix? #TweetLikeRikysWife love calculate that in 12months, HD is cool


First customer of the day from near Southwold says a) parking is cheap and plentiful in #Felixstowe compared with Southwold and b) that people from that area think it’s only a grotty port (not helped by comments in the Sunday Times) Targetted marketing needed?

People are listening #MetroFMBreakFast what happened to MsuneryFM?


Imagine Biggie House Without Mercy #BBNaija

Well, that was a nice 2 hrs sleep. Better have some breakfast before lunch. Please tell me last night was a dream. #CWC19Final

Persaudaraan Alumni (PA) 212 berencana menggelar Ijtima Ulama keempat untuk menentukan sikap pascapertemuan Joko Widodo dan Prabowo Subianto. "Kok nyelonong (bertemu Jokowi) tanpa ada komunikasi dengan kita?" tanya jubir PA 212, Novel Bamukmin.


SINGKAT. Saya ingin menjadi apapun yang membuatmu ingin lebih lama. Bahkan lebih dari selamanya. Jika kamu tanya harus berapa lama kita bersama. Jawabannya ada di baris ketiga paragraf pertama. Dan bersamamu; saya sangat membenci judul kalimat ini.

Gak butuh di tanya kenapa, mending langsung respect.

Mo tanya neh pendapatnya para begawan BPIP yang gajinya sampai 100 jutaan. Memberi grasi kepada pelaku sodomi & pedofilia itu bertentangan dengan nilai-nilai luhur Pancasila tidak ya...??

Got very emotional listening to my new favourite Englishman @Eoin16 afterwards. Such dignity and class. And in fairness Kane Williamson too. How bloody marvellous cricket is when it’s played by superstars like this

The England players are jubilant! Jofra Archer is in tears! The greatest cricket match of all time? #CWC19 | #CWC19Final


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