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Happy Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim faithfuls. #World-classMEP


In his latest outburst Harry blames Charles and even The Queen for his alleged mental problems. He knows his family can't respond. Quite sickening. You wouldn't want to be his grandmother. A serious disappointment.

"Cada fracaso enseña a las personas algo que necesitaban aprender". Charles Dickens

#TENISxESPN Nadal y un partido para seguir sumando confianza en #Roma.…

. #R500 Did you guys WhatsApp us and got your free Data...? . #bigxhosa

Hadi #btc balinaları silkeleyinde biz de ona göre oyunumuzu oynayalım. Sizin gibi çiyanlara pabuç bırakmayız. Biz BİST'te yetiştik. Let's play our game according to #btc whales shake. We do not leave shoes to centipedes like you. We grew up at BIST.

I should buy Asics shoes for the sparse walking I New Balance monies to burn..will buy..How does one pronounce Asics though ..Aasikhs or Isaacs or I sic...#Isuckatprounciation


➡️Nad południową i zachodnią Polską miejscami w rejonach burz nadal pada deszcz o natężeniu około 2 mm na 10 minut, na południu lokalnie do 5 mm na 10 minut ➡️W rejonach burz porywy wiatru nie przekraczały 50 km/h #IMGW #Burzek


Kto był na zjeździe w Toruniu, ten być może pamięta. Waldek "Zyga" Zyglewski w autorskiej wersji piosenki "Dobra zmiana - konie" Stadniny w Janowie Podlaskim nadal mi żal nie mniej niż Waldkowi…

Never heard of Chicago style ribs but I know yall be fucking up the the STL spare ribs and pork steaks doe.

400 Job opportunities for currently unemployed people. Qualification ; metric, must be in good health and willing to relocate. R116 000 p.a #Thread

وزارة الصحة الفلسطينية أعلنت ارتفاع عدد ضحايا العدوان الإسرائيلي على #غزة إلى 83 شهيداً، بينهم 17 طفلاً و7 سيدات الرابط البديل: #PalestineUnderAttack #GazaUnderAttack #فلسطين_تنتقض

Que seguro que parece el Bitcoin, que se escribe un tweet negativo sobre ella y cae en picado su valor.

#PalestineUnderAttack #PalestineUnderAttack أي حدا بالداخل بالقدس بأي مكان في فلسطين يحمي حاله لأنه مازال هناك مستوطنين يتجولون في شوارع ويعتدون على أي عربي بشوفوه لحاله بضروبه بطريقة جدا جدا وحشية وبشعة لو سمحتوا اطلعوا مجموعات مش لحالكم يعني ١٠ شباب هيك شي واحموا حالكم ب شيء

Elon’s tweet was his opening salvo in a campaign to promote the use of clean energy in bitcoin mining. Elon knows that Bitcoin mining creates economic incentives that accelerate clean power projects. He isn’t content to wait for market forces to work their magic. . .

To our dear Muslim community, we wish you all a happy Eid Mubarak #EidMubarak


The Ministry of Health Spokesman, Dr. Abdullah Al Sanad wishes Eid Mubarak to all, please be careful and take extra precaution against COVID-19 for the safety of the elderly and children. #kuwait #news #staysafe #headlinekwt

Elon’s research skills are amazing!! /s


Que bien se lo pasa Elon Musk jugando a Cryptos:El Videojuego

Today is the Solemnity of the #Ascension The Ascension attests to the reality of Jesus Christ as true God and true man. It is a Holy Day of Obligation, so we are all encouraged to attend mass. May the blessings of this day rest with you and your loved ones. Amen #AscensionDay


Nicola better book an indyref2 date soon - even loosely - because a policy-lite Queen's Speech could indicate Boris Johnson is planning an early General Election for May 2023, to cement Tory control of Westminster and muscle indyref2 off the park.…

Poll for bitcoiners owning a Tesla, what are you gonna do now?

Tesla stops accepting bitcoin, citing 'great cost to the environment.' The cryptocurrency's value sank.

Elon Musk'in, açiklama oncesi tum bitcoinleri bozdurup aciklama sonrasi geri almis olmasi muhtemel.. Adam icin parasina para katmak ne kadaaar kolay! #elonmusk #tesla #btc #bitcoin #bayram

You once called the London Assembly this, but it seems like a fitting description of you and your associates- Great Supine Protoplasmic Invertebrate Jellies…

Amaravati has abundant water supply. Cities Most At Risk of Running Out of Water Cape Town, South Africa Mexico City, Mexico Beijing, China Bangalore, India Melbourne, Australia London,United Kingdom, and more. #513DaysOfAmaravatiProtests #SaveAmaravati @PMOIndia @MamataOfficial

Shameless plug hehe I AM a Spanish speaking therapist accepting clients in the state of Florida!!! If you or anyone you know is interested in therapy, pls feel free to contact me!

Get 25% off @Point_Blank's #London, #Online and #LA #music courses now with their biggest offer yet


sims paquerando Elaine: ele é respeitoso ele ... Mas ele não é casado?

Saka maka officialdaki parayi kullanmasak eleniyorduk belki amk

tabi btc bunu yaparken bizim alpha veya avaxtan birisi şaka gibi 4.0 devreye koyarsa hic bir endişe duymamıza gerek kalmaz…

ay insanlar edepsiz ya saka mısınız defolun gercekten

Eid Mubarak. Have a peaceful, loving Eid-al-Fitr. Stay Safe & Stay Blessed. ♥ Regards, Arsenal Supporters' Club Pakistan Team


babama bugün bana oara at dedim 10₺ atmıs saka mı

O Ceará recebeu o argentino Arsenal de Sarandí, nesta quarta-feira (12), na Arena Castelão. O placar não saiu do zero. O Vovô empatou pela 3ª vez seguida na competição internacional, mas segue liderando o grupo C. (Fotos: Kid Júnior) #TVDiário


The hunt begins May 20th. #Zombies


I can't stand people like Joe Budden, when your podcast makes it you're supposed to reward those who grinded with you. Not treat them like garbage. Rory and Mal deserve better. Go somewhere that you're appreciated.

parks and rec chalu kiya mene

Soon-to-be graduate Jennifer Daring, an environmental studies major with minors in biological sciences and geography, lives up to her last name and is excited for the future. Daring will be heading to @metro_parks to begin her dream job. ⚡️…

I been in the Joe position and the Rory position. I didn’t cry either time. I just learned from it.

Manca Serena in questa festa☹️ #amici20

Waving the Palestinian green, black, red, and white flags, South Africans marched through the streets of South Africa's second city Cape Town chanting "Free, free Palestine" and "Down Israel, down" in show solidarity with the Palestinians. #GazaUnderAttack #IsraeliTerrorism


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