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Love that Jess Phillips thinks her comment on Corbyn and Labour’s losses will be “all the headlines tonight”. Er... newsflash #ge19

#UKElections | British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wins majority in general election Follow LIVE updates:


Time for "reflection" for Jeremy Corbyn on the many choices now open to him


I'm listening to fine line and Cherry is.. not what I expected?? It's so soft and gentle with a hint of rock I thought it was going to be like kiwi omg #FineLine

Falling by Harry Styles has the same vibe and instrumentals as Read All About It Pt. III by Emeli Sandé which is why all of you are sobbing your eyes over it. #fineline #HarryStyles #hs2atmidnight


Voi che avete letto #BrexitLaSfida (scritto con @jimmomo e autorevoli contributors) sapete tutto. L’Inviato Collettivo e l’Editorialista Unico dovrebbero nascondersi. Hanno descritto Johnson come un clown, #Brexit come follia. Ma non ne azzeccano una. 1/2 #GeneralElection19

Live Look @ MGB after tonight #TheGameAwards

Tories running the place for the next 4-5 years?? Irish referendum should 100% be demanded, no one wants boarders, no one wants brexit and most of all NO ONE WANTS BORIS

Against all the evil that Hell can conjure, all the wickedness that mankind can produce, we will send unto them, only you. Raze Hell in DOOM Eternal on 03.20.20 #TheGameAwards

Brexit and free movement aren't "identities" for us to triangulate in some fantasy football strategy, they're material issues with material consequences for millions of workers.

Well, call me devastatingly disappointed, both with #UKElection and #TheGameAwards Seriously, WTF?

My highlights from #TheGameAwards • Someone get Vin Diesel a taller mic • Sons of the Forest, Ghost of Tsushima and Riot Forge look to be promising • Elon Musk is still considering a standing ovation for his gf • Sekiro GOTY - well deserved • Goose puppet


My favorite thing from #TheGameAwards was Green Day. Honestly, this year would have been a 4-6/10 but the fact that Green Day put on a great show bumps it to like 7 for me

The highlight / best part of #TheGameAwards was the muppets. If the muppets had hosted the entire thing the lack of a smash announcement would be worth it. Honestly it was so unexpected and adorable.

Pourtant, on lui avait promis qu’il aurait son heure de gloire. Il ne s’en remet pas. Moi non plus. #TheGameAwards. #GameAwards. #CrashBandicoot.


Joel Embiid said the "loudest place he's ever been a part of" was Game 2 of the 2018 Eastern Conference Semis at TD Garden: "My ears were popping. That's the loudest I've ever been in an arena. They've got great fans. They talk a lot of trash. I like that. It gets me going."

Ficou feio? Ficou. Mas o importante é: * 00:00 sai o álbum * Dêem stream em fine line #FineLine #HarryStyles



How many hours do y'all have left until you hear #Fineline for the very first time??

A 'El País' no le ha salido bien la jugada de criticar a Clint Eastwood y su nueva película poniéndole la etiqueta de "machista". Miles de españoles han salido en defensa del veterano director y han dejado claro que irán a ver su nueva película.…

PROPIEDAD INTELECTUAL | EL TJUE respalda a la EUIPO: un signo alusivo a la marihuana no puede ser registrado como marca en la UE.… #IP4Quality #IP4Safe #Propiedadintelectual @YoSoyOriginal_ @EU_IPO @OEPM_es @WIPO

Mala noticia: El TJUE tumba el complemento de maternidad de las pensiones sólo para mujeres…

Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives with his dog, Dilyn, at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster to cast his vote this morning #GeneralElection2019


Historical handshake on Election Night, 1992, when I stood against – and next to – John Major in Huntingdon. It was an upset of galactic proportions when I failed to secure a Majority. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #GE2019 #GeneralElection #GeneralElection2019


"It makes no difference which one of us you vote for. Either way your planet is doomed, DOOMED.” #Generalelection2019


Vote for a British future that doesn’t just focus on the super rich whilst neglecting the poor. Do the right thing. #GeneralElection2019

#FineLine is out in some countries make sure to stream it as much as you can when it’s out in yours ❤️ P.s it will be out at midnight local time ❤️❤️


La periodista calló a Rocío Monasterio diciéndole que había nacido en una aldea de Monforte…

Vídeo | Julia Otero destroza a Rocío Monasterio después de llamarla "urbanita"…


Hoy hay #BCE. La primera reunión de política monetaria que preside @Lagarde. A corto plazo no podemos esperar nada, pero, si miramos a largo, todo lo que se diga hoy puede ser interpretado como una pista


News: No fireworks expected as @Lagarde today her first @ecb meeting since taking over as president from Mario Draghi. ECB decision comes at 7:45 a.m. Eastern (13:45 Central European time), followed by the Lagarde press conference at 8:30 a.m.

Les grévistes font de gros sacrifices pour nous tous. Les autres peuvent peut-être en faire aussi, ne serait ce qu'en pensant à leurs enfants ? Cette réforme doit elle passer avant que la Finance organise le Crash bancaire attendu par les économistes &mme Lagarde @nadine__morano…

Concluimos las clases de #ucminfluencia por este curso. Muchas gracias a todos y a todas!!


No es lo mismo un tubérculo, que ver tu culo #UCMinfluencia

Que conste: en Soria hay ya playa (y no es coña) #UCMinfluencia


if you're ready for something a little easier to digest after aphelios expanded our brains to galaxy status... sett punches things 3 different ways and then SEISMIC TOSSES THEM across the map ty @SkinSpotlights…

@ rito who designed sett i would like to thank them

SETT O emo bombado


Los amantes de Teruel tonta ella, tonto él #MeGustaGHVIPLímite13


Me: I'm really good at hiding my thirst so I don't need a separate twitter Riot: Hey here's this new champion called Sett Me: oh fuck

aphelios is so cute... good design riot

Rodrygo y Vinicius tiran del plan B de Zidane y el Real Madrid cumple ante el Brujas

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