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¡Feliz cumpleaños @taylorswift13! Gracias por enseñarme a creer en mi mismo, me enseñaste a nunca rendirme y sobre todo a luchar por mis sueños. #HappyBirthdayTaylor


Conservatives and more importantly Brexit officially wins yet again. Now let's hope it's a landslide so we can get out of the EU already #ElectionResults2019

the guitar in she..... i am a whore forever and always #FineLine

The nation has voted for a Nero a pinochet a blond idi Amin Leavers have fucked our country but would rather see their childrens future fucked than admit brexit was a bad idea

If Stormont does come back it won’t magic up fresh financial resources, unless HMG chips in something like a Brexit mitigation fund. Then all eyes on a March budget which will set the block grant & give an idea of what ‘austerity is over’ really means.

Soooo falling just destroyed me #FineLine

Zieh mir glaub heut den ganzen Tag Ritter der Kokosnuss ohne Ton rein und lass dazu den Ton von Brexit Sondersendungen laufen. ...und Bier.

We've not left the EU. Wait till REAL BREXIT hits the pockets of Scotland. The union is dead.

The issue isnt Corbyn, the issue is brexit. If this election took place after brexit Corbyn would have won a landslide majority. Bad timing. #GeneralElection2019

I'm very disappointed, but I saw this in the chat earlier this night. #TheGameAwards #JoJosBizarreAdventure #jojo #Twitch #goldenwind #anime


me watching 3 hours of the game awards just to get no smash character announcement #TheGameAwards


Fans: So we're gonna see new Smash and Sonic Content at #TheGameAwards right?? Geoff:



Yoooooo big night for this guy Ok new Xbox, you have my attention #XboxSeriesX #TheGameAwards


Melhor Jogo de Ação/Aventura vai para Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Parece que eu realmente dormir na pia e não vi isso. @thegameawards #TheGameAwards


Seeing that No More Heroes 3 trailer reminds me of how I felt seeing the Devil May Cry 5 trailer for the first time. Absolutely no complaints, just a stream of excitement.


Watching old Mexican movies and eating burgers with my grandpa. These moments are it y’all. I live for this.

He grabado la gala...pero se me esta haciendo muy pesada... he tenido bastante con empezar otra vez con el monotema y ver la visita de la madre de @noemi_salazarr ...con lo Bonica y tierna que es Noemí...y su madre la desestabiliza con lo que le dice #MeGustaGHVIPGala15

"What am I now? What am I now? What if I'm someone I don't want around? I'm failing again, I'm failing again, I'm failin' " - Harry Styles #FineLine #FinalsWeek

me (talking about harry’s album): he’s better when he’s soppy and desperate @iwashavingawee : bet it’s the same in bed @iwashavingawee : a whole sub #FineLine

“I think Clint Eastwood is showing his age." The director's new film, "Richard Jewell," depicts a female reporter trading sex for a scoop. Her writing partner at the time, others in the media and the paper where she worked call it false and insulting.

-Señor Clint Eastwood, a El País no le gusta que representes la realidad en tu nueva película. Mira lo que han escrito. -

Well... Draven is officially a JoJo character.


¿Me hago main Draven rosa para destruirle los genitales a los machitos? Jodida masculinidad tóxica.

#GeneralElection2019 Reino Unido acude a las urnas en una votación histórica que definirá el paradero del #Brexit Nuevas encuestas ponen en duda victoria de Boris Johnson. Mercedes Osma en Londres #GE2109 /sm

And just like that... not one skip... that’s just the way the cookie crumbles #FineLine

#BTSforCharity #BTSforthekids 현재 세계실트에 올라온 저 두 해시태그는 한 유튜버가 시작한 헤이트 해시태그를 정화하고 방탄과 아미의 여러 자선 활동 내용을 공유하기위함입니다. 많이 동참해주세요 #BTSSpotifyWrapped #BTSWorldLeaders #BTSLoveMyself

Hoy en las #UKElection se disputan dos modelos económicos y sociales antagónicos. Una victoria de Corbyn sería una oportunidad para todos aquellas personas que nos oponemos al neoliberalismo. Por ello he firmado este manifiesto de apoyo internacional. #FelizJueves…

we're gonna listen to a masterpiece by this angel #FineLine


As Christine Lagarde is about to chair her first @ecb policy meeting, here is an article of mine on the disagreement within the Governing Council - and its political origins…

Yo, a mi cabeza: "No te pilles" Yo 3 días después cuando me dejan: #MeGustaGHVIP12D


Attention on the ECB but don't miss that 1. Brazil delivered th expected 50 bp cut and door not shut completely on more with Selic at record low 4.5%. Scope for BRL gains 2. Turkey delivered larger than expected 200 bp cut to 12%. Real rate near 1.5%.…


Heute trifft sich in Frankfurt der Rat der Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB). Die Französin @Lagarde folgte auf den umstrittenen Italiener Mario Draghi. Hier sind die wichtigsten Antworten zum heutigen Stelldichein des EZB-Rates.…

Lagarde prepares ECB debut, by Andria Pichidi Lagarde is expected to confirm once again the current policy setting, while focus turns to the tone and presentation style that President Lagarde will have. Read the article here --> #HotForex #FXNews #ECB


¡Obtuve Si fuese una canción de verbena sería 'Insurrección'!…

Also the guy and gal in Sett's splash are his lieutenants

Sett, a biracial brawler with a hatred for his dad.. a champ for me.

If you draw Sett with a human penis you're a coward.


Brujas 1-3 Real Madrid: las mejores imágenes del partido de la Champions

On tour Brujas, y no acabamos...


As a black South Carolinian, I say this is horse manure from ⁦@NikkiHaley⁩. You don’t have to hate those who love that flag. But it’s been forced on us forever, our tax dollars used fly it. Haley ignored our cries until black blood was spilled.…

Good lord, words fail me. Watch the video, but strap in first. It's for a good cause. Watch Henry Rollins & Cyndi Lauper Sing Black Flag's "Rise Above" At Home For The Holidays Benefit…

Casemiro's 50th #UCL appearance for Real Madrid with 34 wins and 5 goals vs Brugge, Juventus (Champions League final), Viktoria Plzen, Napoli and PSG.


1 October 1997: Peter Ofori-Quaye becomes the youngest scorer in #UCL history. *8105 days later* 10 December 2019: Ansu Fati breaks the record.


FC Barcelona wonderkid Ansu Fati became the youngest goal scorer in #UCL history with his match winning strike against Inter on Tuesday evening. Full story:


Lo del debate Bad Gyal vs AC/DC no tengo muy claro de donde viene pero si que me parece una soberana tontería. Cada cual que escuche y disfrute lo que quiera pesados que sois unos pesados.

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