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El presidente de #EEUU @realDonaldTrump quien ha recibido acusaciones de ser racista y fascista, exigió a las cuatro congresistas que ha atacado en los últimos días a disculparse con el país y con #Israel


WHAT TIME will the winner be announced today? Long shot, but hoping against hope it isn't Boris Johnson. He'll be a nightmare for Britain. Last thing the world needs is another Trump-like character in charge of another western country. A no-deal Brexit will be costly and chaotic.



Beijing Guoan, Real Madrid'den ayrılması beklenen Gareth Bale'e haftalık 1 milyon pound önerdi. Bale teklifi kabul ederse dünyanın en çok kazanan futbolcusu olacak.


Men’s Rights Activists (so-called) - «This is an outrage! A woman can’t be Thor!! » Trans Rights Activists (so-called) - «Why can’t Thor just identify as a woman - and keep the star billing and the money? »…

Meet #Blade. Mahershala Ali is officially starring in Marvel's reboot


i NEED them to interact in thor: love and thunder (2021)



【生協購買】 夏休みが近づいてきましたが皆さん帰省時のお土産は決まってますか??? 生協購買では富大オリジナルグッズを販売しております!帰省のお供にどうぞ!!! 【オカッキー】


Sevilla'lı Joris Gnagnon 'dostluk' maçında Liverpool'un genç ismi Yasser Larouci'yi, yaptığı bu sert faulle sakatladı. Hareketi sonrası büyük tepki çeken Gnagnon özür diledi.

El #SevillaFC se impone al Liverpool en el primer partido de peso de la pretemporada… vía @MontesdeOcaFran

Recordeu, iniciem tres processos de selecció per ocupar diferents vacants al nostre despatx de Barcelona. Si esteu interessats/des, no dubteu a enviar-nos el vostre currículum!ó


choose between two harry potter charecters 1-Ron 2-Hermione 3-Sirius 4-Luna 5-Fred 6-Lucius 7-Dumbledore 8-Voldemort 9-Neville 10-Lockhart drop emoji for questions

Do we have a new record for the longest ever high yield bond prospectus? Sirius Minerals out with an 1096 page door-stop. @9finHQ @freewheelingfox @millarlr

apat na friends ko na ang narecruit ko para magwork dito sa coop hahahahaha kung investment scheme lang 'to nagkapera na ako

Moderat politiker från Gävle tar steget över till SD. Det är sant för jag pratade med @beckmansasikter för en timme sedan på telefon, han berättade att det kändes skönt att komma ut ur garderoben. Mer info kommer i Fria Tider!

Fancast; Blade: Mahershala Ali Jamal Afari: Wesley Snipes Deacon Frost: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Dracula: Richard Armitage Van Helsing: Hugh Jackman (fucking deal with it) Werewolf By Night: Katheryn Winnick

50% = MARVEL We Won, Mr Stan Lee. We Did It.


neyse marvel stanlemek zor azcik agliyorsunuz

Kevin Feige ha comentado que las películas de los X-Men en Marvel Studios serán MUY diferentes a lo visto antes. Yo espero trajes, un Bestia en Cgi que no parezca de ‘Cats’ y que beba mucho de la serie de los 90 de TV, y de los cómics de Claremont y Byrne. ¡AHH LOBEZNO!


Today was the day Donald trump finally became president

Border deaths declined in Trump’s first two years in office, data shows

Border deaths declined in Trump’s first two years in office, data shows

Marvel Announces It's WOKEST Movies Yet! Thor Is A Women, Valkyrie's Gay & BONUS A Deaf Superhero! They've Just About Erased All Straight White Males Now & I For One Welcome The Flood Of Impending Cringe Reporting!


Florida Woman Tells Cruise Boat Passenger 'Go Back To Country You Came From' After Groping His Wife, Police Say

Lord, may all who oppose President Trump stand in awe, acknowledging that thy hand is upon him. May the world see that Pres Trump was appointed by thee, and may they take note that God reigns in the affairs of men. Continue to Shieldand Protect Pres Trump. In Jesus name Amen.

olhar de quem foi obrigado pelo agente a assinar contrato com a marvel


Left, to Filipe Luís (six trophies at Atleti): “So long, legend!” Right, to Gareth Bale (13 trophies, four UCLs, 102 goals at Real Madrid): “Could have been a legend, leaves like ‘any old’ player.” #RealMadrid #Atleti #WTF2019


And the weirdo marvel SJW's are out in full strength fabricating this fake "angry man" over female who's mad? We're just poking fun....

Tendremos que esperar más de lo pensado para la nueva película de Blade en el MCU.


The reason why Fem!Thor sucks and Spider-Gwen is good is because the entire concept of Spider-Gwen is just /r/RoleReversal

People who followed me long enough know how much I appreciated and defended Bale. Gareth majorly contributed in winning many titles for this club. He’s the most decisive attacker Madrid ever had in CL finals. However, he never became the franchise player club expected him to be.

When Wesley Snipes heard that Mahershala Ali is now BLADE:

Speaking of Blade. Have you rewatched it, lately? Totally holds up.

-Evet Thor Şimşekses adlı dinleyecimiz "İyi yayınlar, sıradaki şarkı tüm sevip de kavuşamayanlara armağan olsun" demiş. O zaman sıradaki şarkımız üstat Orhan Gencebaydan geliyor ve diyor ki "Uslan artık deli gönül, bak gelip geçiyor ömür."…

Hawkeye'a Female Hawkeye ya da o tarz bi şey demek saçma çünkü Clint'in adı bu değil ama Lady Thor'a Thor dersek Thor'a ne diycez

Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky bullying each other for 6 minutes stra... via @YouTube

A$AP Rocky will remain in jail until Thursday at the earliest

Zlatan Ibrahimovic está en el top 5 de los centrodelanteros de la historia. Y no me vegan con el “jugo siempre en el PSG que no existe”. Zlatan llego al PSG con casi 30 años, antes ya tenía hecha terrible carrera.…

DYING to know the backstory of this hacked-off ponytail in the middle of the parking lot of the natural food coop in Middlebury, VT


choose between two harry potter charecters 1-Harry 2-Hermione 3-Sirius 4-Luna 5-George 6-Lucius 7-Dumbledore 8-Voldemort 9- seçemedim 10-Mcgonagall drop emoji for questions

Swedish prime minister says A$AP Rocky won't get special treatment


choose between two harry potter charecters 1-Ron 2-Hermione 3-Sirius 4-Ginny 5-Fred 6-Lucius 7-Hagrid 8-Voldemort 9-Neville 10-Mcgonagall drop emoji for questions

Overengineered chicken coop is finally framed This one will just sit in place as a Home base for a few layers, next one will be mobile


Kim Kardashian In Talks To Get A$AP Rocky Released

Los cuckbois van al area 51 real niqqas vamos a ir a Suecia a sacar a A$AP Rocky #FREEFLACKO

Justin Bieber Credits Trump for Helping A$AP Rocky, Adds: But 'Can You Also Let Those Kids Out of Cages?'

el tl hoy está pegándole a zlatan y esa ludavril no sé qué pingo, qué tal si también aprovechamos y le pegamos a los tipos que son anti chavo del 8. literalmente unos hijos de re mil puta

en kotu ship net always tayfa jxidnfid cok istedigim bir ship olmadi ama sirius'un birine asik olmasini isterdim bu soruyla alakasiz ama neyse…

Sad to be missing #smbe2019, but looking forward to the tweets.

TV: Johan Persson tillbaka i Öster

Kollar Öster och konstaterar att 1. De måste gå back varje hemmamatch? Publikintäkter mot driften av arenan. 2. East Front, varför står ni på etage 2? 3. Zlatan hade inte ens gjort mål om han spelade i Öster. 4. De verkar redan gett upp.

Öster har 3 segrar på sina 28 senaste hemmamatcher.

"Black Widow" got the spotlight during Marvel's huge Comic-Con presentation, and Scarlett Johansson explained why it's the right time for a solo film.…

Trump mocks London mayor after city police's Twitter account gets hacked


We make jokes about Trump and Boris because it's more comfortable, but we should be very scared @valmcdermid #TheakstonsCrime @on_magazine


SHE SAVED 2018 ELECTION & Trump jailed her for it Reality Leigh Winner provided evidence in 2017 that Russia was hacking into voting machines to be used in the 2018 election. trump was very angry & had her jailed under a 63 month sentence. HELP HER…

Menlu Inggris khawatir Iran bakal mengambil "langkah berbahaya" setelah menyita kapal tanker Stena Impero akhir pekan ini.

“This is a major failure and the government has to answer this charge very quickly indeed” Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith on a British-flagged oil tanker being seized by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in the Gulf #Marr

Whats with all the Trump supporters on here today?? Who paid them???

Here's the book David Morrison and I wrote six years ago debunking the lies told by the west about Iran:…

If you think Iran stealing our tankers is justified, you're gay. I dont make the rules, I'm sorry.

Прежде чем установить американский флаг, Базз Олдрин воткнул в грунт штатив с экраном коллектора солнечного ветра. Лист алюминиевой фольги для улавливания ионов гелия, неона и аргона был частью эксперимента Бернского университета. #Apollo50th


To mark the moment humankind took its first step on the moon, today's #fontsunday is all about space movies. Send in your favourites from noon. #Apollo50th #Apollo11


Photos: Events mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, which climaxed on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed and walked on the moon’s surface

The times is reliable guys. If Pepe goes to United, he goes to United. CL football isn’t everything, likes of Zlatan and Pogba joined them when they wasn’t playing CL football. If they get Pepe, fair play to them. Absolute gunman.

Delighted to announce that @Astro_Cady & @Dr_Niamh_Shaw are our very special guest speakers at 3pm today @NanoNaglePlace following today’s #corkmoonwalk #Apollo50th activities are now running @StPetersCork & @NanoNaglePlace… #MoonLanding50


Snapped some pics of the #Moon this morning, exactly 50 years after Neil Armstrong and @TheRealBuzz walked on its surface, can only imagine the excitement in 1969 #Apollo11 #Apollo50 #FirstMan


Die Schwedin Therese Nilshagen mit einem tollen Ritt im @DeutscheBankAG Preis. Um 12:05 Uhr startet mit Dorothee Schneider auch die erste deutsche Teilnehmerin. Ihr könnt es am TV miterleben. Der @WDR]überträgt die Grand Prix Kür CDIO5* live. #chioaachen #deutschebank #wdr

förlåt men sassy löfven didn’t happen han satt där och kallsvettades medan hjärtat rusade och det vet ni

On this day, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin blasted off from the moon to start their journey back to Earth.…

"A vos yeux le temps n'est rien, un seul jour est comme mille ans,vous pouvez donc en un instant me préparer à paraître devant vous...Afin de vivre dans un acte de parfait Amour Je m'offre comme victime d'holocauste à votre Amour miséricordieux" (Pri 6,53)


Zlatan is labeled a savage for this but if Megan Rapinoe did it...let me keep quiet though.…

När Bildt säger att Trump är duktig då är det vass ironi . När Trump säger att Löfven är duktig då är det minsann allvar och riktigt. Man måste i stort sett sitta dreglandes i ett vadderat rum för att inte fatta den ironiska och samtidigt tvungna förhandlings aspekten. #svpol

50 years ago, humanity holds its collective breath as Neil Armstrong steps on another world... to be welcome by Tintin! Congratulatory cartoon sent by Hergé to Neil Armstrong after the Moon Landing (archives Moulinsart) #Moon50 #Apollo50 #onesmallstep


”Flyktingar används som slagträ i samhällsdebatten” - DN.SE… Jan Eliasson, en av våra största och mest respekterade politiker.: ”Vi måste visa tolerans och medkänsla och skapa samman­hållning i en tid av utbredd oro och osäkerhet.”

【新着】Kanye WestとKim Kardashian夫妻がA$AP Rocky解放のためホワイトハウスに援助を求める…

A VOIR : La série allemande "Maria Theresia" sur l'impératrice Marie Thérèse de Habsbourg, seule femme souveraine des possessions des Hasbourg ❤ Je ne sais pas si elle est trouvable en VF vu que je l'ai vu en VO.Vivement la saison 2 ❤ VIVE LES SÉRIES HISTORIQUES MADE IN GERMANY


You never failed to stun the world in proving how great the Filipinos are. Congratulations to the new WBA Super Welterweight World Champion, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao! Graphics by Jules Santos Caption by Allena Therese Juguilon Photo courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer


Lo de Kanye West yendo a pedir a Trump que interceda ante el gobierno sueco para que saquen a su amigo del talego es gratis o a cambio se tendrá que pasear (otra vez) con la gorra de MAGA? Tendrá ya Trump las nuevas Yeezy? Les llega la sangre a la cabeza? Sí? Seguro?


Kanye west he likes Fingers in his ass

19-åring knivmördad i NO GO-ZONEN Nordstan i centrala Göteborg, mitt i turistsässängen. Territoriet ägs av gymnasiehängande vallmoodlare, ambulerande gatubarn & djiboutier. Det är inte konstigt att CAN, USA, UK, KINA varnar sina medborgare för att resa hit…

Changing to carbon neutral (and saving our planet) as the combined international “moonshot”. Look what’s possible.… via @NYTimes

I just got off the phone with the talented prime minister of Sweden. I told him about the degenerate music of A$AP, which is causing so many problems in our African-American communities. PM Löfven told me that he'd keep old A$AP locked up for a very long time. So important.

Rep. Al Green Calls Trump The Epitome Of Hate Who Must Be Stopped -

umm... what exactly is Trump doing to that flag?…

Cats (2019)

DID YOU KNOW: The Strait of Hormuz (Persisn Gulf) is a 21 mile wide body of water that carries a large part of the world’s oil tankers? #Iran’s #DeepState has been taking advantage of it proximity to their country and boarding oil tankers even though they are in int’l waters.


Why has the U.S dispatched an amphibious assault ship with thousands of Marines into the Persian Gulf? Well, that may not be enough for a land invasion of Iran but could be contingency to capture disputed Islands (like Abu Musa) in the Gulf to regain control of shipping

Reflecting on how we build on the Apollo 11 mission. LOOK UP: Footprints on the Moon, Pathways on Earth #lookup #Apollo50th #Apollo11 #Apollo50 @LookUpOneSky

MI6 probe if seized British tanker was given ‘spoofed’ Iran coordinates by Russian spies…


"You [the media] compared him with [Vela], that was your biggest mistake."

Such good news. So happy for Saeed and his family who have kept vigil for him. Next step: full liberty and a return to Canada for Saeed. And justice for all political prisoners in Iran.…

İran, İngiltere'ye ait tankere müdahale anının görüntülerini yayımladı

“This is my future, Brexit is my future, but I am not allowed to participate in the process of deciding what that future might look like,” a 19-year-old Briton said

Columbia is still orbiting the Moon, with apolune of 63 miles and perilune of 56 miles, velocity 5,367 feet per second. #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Pakistani Prime Minister appears based on this account to have landed in DC without any US officials to greet him. (And then adding insult to injury he has to endure the infamous Dulles airport mobile lounge) If accurate, a calculated snub, or a major diplomatic protocol SNAFU?…

Watch all the trailers from #SDCC


The Prime Minister of Pakistan had to ride one of those awful people movers at Dulles too??…

“La diferencia entre ellos y yo, es que yo juego en modo Playoff todos los partidos” ... Zlatan

Zlatan Ibrahimovic nets hat trick in upset win over LAFC

Netflix’s The Witcher unveiled 3 clips behind closed doors, featuring Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer in action. #SDCC2019

I note you do not condemn the Iranian regime for seizing the tanker in international waters. And once again we just get your weasel words “all sides must show restraint”. Further proof that you are unfit to be leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister of our country.…

Prime Minister Imran Khan was received in Amwerica by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Ambassador of Pakistan to USA Dr. Asad M. Khan. What a state of affairs - we were told before elections that the whole world will bow b4 us when Imran Khan is made prime minister...

Patrick Cockburn: Why Boris Johnson is even more dangerous than Trump…

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s historic three day visit this weekend in the US will consist of meeting with lawmakers and the Pakistani diaspora. #PMIKVisitingUS

Jag var med första gången premiäråret 1969. Sedan dess har jag följt Stochampionatet/Trippeltravet på Axevalla i någon form av arbete. Nu, som pensionär, inser jag vilket fantastiskt arrangemang det är.


”2 tyska turister uppdagades med att brygga kaffe på Rialtobron i Venedig. Myndigheterna ser allvarligt på förseelsen & har slängt ut tyskarna” I Gbg så har Kommunen & Polisen accepterat att ENSAMKOMMANDE MÄN belägrat Nordstan i åravis för narkotikahandel…

Det ironiska i att samma människor som inte har råd att betala skatt och kräver tiggeriförbud just nu swishar in pengar till Hanif Bali. Räck upp handen alla ni som såg den komma.

Privatpersoner samlar in pengar åt utvisningsdömda terroroffret Iryna…

EXKLUSIVT. Iryna som fick benet amputerat efter terrordådet i Stockholm är kär och ska gifta sig. Får troligtvis stanna i Sverige. #svpol #Migpol #projektsanning…

11.872 personer på Axevalla idag innebär en ökning med 1.680 kontra fjolåret. Axevalla har rivstartat årets Trippeltrav.

För varje Hanif Bali på högerkanten finns ett tjog med motsvarande tonalitet på vänsterkanten - enda skillnaden är att de saknar såväl snabbtänkthet som formuleringsförmåga. I korthet, de är för dåliga

Milley Warns That War with Iran Would Disrupt Strategy to Confront Russia, China |…

Remember when MSM lied to Americans it was all about economic anxiety for the white working class? Ignoring tRump’s Racism Will Not Make It Go Away @cspanwj

Something tells me this is gonna cause a BIGLY @realDonaldTrump twitter meltdown starting this morning. Many people are saying he’s completely losing his shit right now. We’ll see what happens. Believe me... #Trump #Mueller


Trump confirms he authorized Rand Paul to negotiate with Iran after denying reports


Iran bersikeras menyatakan tengah menyelidiki sebuah kapal tanker berbendera Inggris yang diklaim bertabrakan dengan kapal pencari ikan di Selat Hormuz.…

This is sweden when trump is trying to get ASAP Rocky released.

One nut job to another. Donald Trump offers his backing to Boris Johnson to become PM… #news #feedly

ya twice están saliendo de mexico y estoy segura de que iran de nuevo porque les dieron una buena energía aún siendo la primera vez que van, ojalá y estoy segura que sip se animen a ir varias veces y ojala yo poder verlas:(


Stone cats, overgrown ruins of a WWI-era copper mine, and a town being consumed by salt. See what other abandoned sites in California await you here.

#علیرضا_خمسه را می دونید چرا باید الان منتشر کننده به آن بپردازند؟ چرا الان چرا الان چرا الان چرا الان #نفتکش_انگلیسی پس چی؟ الان باید به کدام پرداخت ؟ مشکل همیشگی کشور در عصر جدید سلبریتی های نادان هستند.

20 July 1969: U.S. #astronauts Neil #Armstrong and Buzz #Aldrin make the first manned landing and take the first steps on the #Moon during the #Apollo 11 mission. Their steps were carried on live TV. #history #HistoryMatters #OTD #first


Now I finally realized why Tybalt stares at me that way. Cats do sense sadness, and mah boi is advanced. Well, a psycho owner raises a psycho cat (though I do not really raise him, don't care what he'd do with his life)

Dans la tête des «lunosceptiques», ceux qui ne croient pas au premier pas de l'homme sur la Lune ➡️ «Apollo, la Nasa, les ovnis : tout est lié» >


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. In this patch to the mission to the moon, the eagle symbolises America and was also the name of the lunar module. The olive branch in its claws represents peace. #Apollo50th © IWM (INS 8170)


Zlatan Ibrahimovic never won the Champions League after playing for Barcelona, Man Utd, Intermilan & more in Europe for 19 years. He never reached the Quarter Finals of the World Cup, Semi Finals of Euro or has a Ballon d'Or. With his arrogance, you'd think he has 10 Ballon d'Ors

It sounds crazy, but it's true: Fifty years ago, people got together to witness epic events like #Apollo11 rather than watching by themselves via devices in their hands #Apollo50th

Zlatan, après un hat trick : «Je n'ai pas travaillé toute ma carrière pour rejoindre la MLS, juste pour me comparer à Carlos Vela. Les médias ont commis une grave erreur. Vous ne comparez pas Ferrari avec Fiat. Ce soir, j'ai montré que je suis le meilleur joueur de la ligue. "


SDCC 2019: Tom Cruise Says All The Flying In 'Top Gun: Maverick' Is Real…


Could you imagine if TOP GUN: MAVERICK was so successful, that it inspires Jim Abrahams to make HOT SHOTS! THREE?


1) Trump may call himself a genius on Twitter, but his spoken statements say otherwise. An analysis of the President's first 30,000 words uttered in office found Mr Trump speaks at a third- to seventh-grade reading level – lower than any other President since 1929..

Either they’re filming the new Top Gun movie outside of my house or shits going down....

Hello .@TheLunaCinema we’ve decided that you should show a Top Gun double bill for the UK release of #TopGunMaverick. Papa says he’ll seriously consider dressing up as “a naval aviator” for it. Only problem is, he needs a wingman...

His Excellency @MagufuliJP Mr. President..There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right. We are appealing for #Justice4Azory #StandUp4HumanRightsTZA @MariaSTsehai


Congratulations @AjayBhadoo for being appointed the joint secretary to President of India. Ajay is a Gujarat cadre IAS officer with an impressive career & performance graph. The earlier key person in the President's Office was Mr Bharat Lal, an IFS from #Gujarat cadre.

Två skadade i knivbråk – en gripen. Nordstan/Brunnsparken med omnejd ”levererar” tyvärr grova våldsbrott mer eller mindre varje vecka.

Älskar hur vänstern rasar om detta lilla twitterkonto råkat lägga ut nått felaktigt, när de i kompakt tystnad åser hur tex @dagensnyheter publicerar lögner om Hanif Bali i cohorts med rysk signalspaning Till skillnad från DN ber jag dessutom om ursäkt för felaktiga publiceringar

Storbråk i Nordstan i Göteborg i natt - minst två knivhuggna Nordstan är ett ställe man inte rör sig på kvällstid - fullt med kriminellt pack från förorten… #svpol #migpol

”Två män knivskurna i centrala Göteborg. Nordstan ovh Brunnsparken har spärrats av. Polisen har gripen en annan man” Hur länge ska man acceptera att centrala Gbg är en NO GO-ZON där VALLMOODLARNA ges en FRIZON som helt stänger ute medborgare & turister?…

Glasklart om personligt ansvar och om skillnaden mellan mordlust och sexlust. Lena Andersson är i särklass.… #svpol #samtycke #mord #sexualitet #personligtansvar

Lena Andersson svär i sexualbrottstemplet. Alla postmoderna strukturalister rasar.…

I wonder if Netanyahu has any more info on Iran he was going to release here? #Hannity

El Reino Unido confirma la captura por Irán de dos embarcaciones en el estrecho de Ormuz…

"Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient fo…… #scripture #FridayFeeling #Godisgood #behumble #trump #Iran #WhateverItTakes #justdoit


Now you don't need to go see Cats OR the Lion King!

The United States claims a US navy vessel destroyed an Iranian drone. AC's @barbaraslavin1 argues, “the US should appoint a special envoy with a proven track record of dealing successfully with Iran to de-escalate tensions & find a peaceful way forward.”…

Breaking News: The Liberian ship has been released from Iran but the British ships are still in Iranian ports. Still no contact with the crew.

The international community should quickly get together to continue the US/Iran peace negotiations.

Iran Seizes British Oil Tanker, Escalating Tensions With Western Powers… via @thedailybeast

Here’s my take on Cats. The cats seem to be entirely CGI, but they still gave all the lady cats tits.

trump moving to free A$AP Rocky at the behest of Kanye is a very 1791 mood

Oh no Donald Trump is gonna use trying to get A$AP Rocky out of prison as an example of him being "not racist" for the next 20 years

6’6 2021 QB Chad Martini working Gun 5 Quick with Dovetail and Reset Throwing 18yd Comeback on time with anticipation, accuracy and FBS velocity. Why Chad is top rated Pro Style QB in NJ in 2021 class. Bright future with size, talent and 4.0 GPA. @TEST_Football @_chadmartini #qb

『トップガン』続編 『Top Gun: Maverick 』の予告編の最後に、ワンカットだけ前作の主役機であるF-14が出てきて嬉しかったです。(*´ω`*) ホーネットも良いけれど、やっぱりトムキャットが好きです。 観に行きたいなぁ…。(>ω<)ノ


Here’s What A Military Rescue Mission Should Look Like If It’s Necessary To Save A$AP Rocky…

And make sure you crank Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins while you scroll through these gifs…

I’m not a politics kind of dude. But when the president’s priority is “helping A$AP Rocky”...are you fucking kidding me.

Talked to my TOP GUN-loving dad earlier tonight (yes, all dads love TOP GUN). He walked me through all four of his viewings of the MAVERICK trailer.

Aljazair berhasil meraih Piala Afrika untuk kedua kalinya setelah gol pada menit-menit awal pertandingan bersarang di gawang Senegal dalam laga di Kairo, Mesir.


Before this DJT, Kanye, A$AP Rocky alliance there was this:

Question: Would Trump try to get A$AP Rocky out of overseas incarceration if A$AP Rocky was...say...T.I.? Or any rapper who endorses #BlackLivesMatter?

Yeah, remember that A$AP Rocky said this. Keep him in jail

oh thank god Trump is helping free A$AP Rocky, totally excuses him being a racist whose administration oversees concentration camps

Just this week, Trump's Deporting MS-13, advocating for A$AP Rocky’s release from Sweden, Fair FED Rates, Spotlight on Socialism voices. Trump's fighting for ALL. Anyone who says Trump doesn't have a pulse on what's happening is _____________? #KAG #QAnon @realDonaldTrump

$5 says Trump couldn't pick the Prime Minister of Sweden out of a lineup

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