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It was just about drowsy air-conditioned afternoons, lazy and drunk, blinds closed against the glare, empty sugar packets and dried-up orange peels strewn on the carpet, “Dear Prudence” from the White Album (which Boris adored)

Here’s what Boris Johnson’s landslide victory means for Brexit going into 2020.

Apparently the election result was because people felt Labour’s manifesto “was too good to be true”. That’d be because it wasn’t true, and people aren’t stupid.…

When she says ‘British’ people she means white. This attitude fuels hate crimes. People of colour are more vulnerable than ever under Boris Johnson’s conservative government.…

Boris will block any SNP call for #indyref2 - but they will get another mandate from the Scottish electorate at next year's Holyrood elections that will make Johnson's permission a legal irrelevance. All the SNP are doing now is due diligence, proving his intransigence #Newsnight

The English people deserve what they get for voting for Boris Johnson. They were lied to by the far right wingers and they still vote for them.

J'sais pas vous mais enchaîner la saison 3 de The Crown avec la gueule de Boris Johnson qui gagne une majorité c'est hard comme reality check

I asked a comrade in London the score a week ago, his reply: 'A substantial labour defeat' & he wasn't the only one...But the future is ours, the future is socialism, if you don't believe that step aside... So back to work comrades, life is struggle, Is streachailt é an saol...✊

Who’s Boris Johnson

"I could not stay in the Conservative party led by Boris Johnson…” @DominicGrieve1, who lost his seat in #GE2019, on @BBCPM

Boris: Election Has Given Tories a ‘Powerful Mandate to Get Brexit Done’ via @BreitbartNews

white people enjoying food from other cultures is why labour lost.

will be truly amazing if people being turned off by corbyn's past support for the IRA was even a little bit decisive and this winds up helping achieve a united ireland

Just a quick reminder that @HSHQ is going to be live streaming The Forum concert! We will post the link as soon as it’s available. 7PM Los Angeles 3AM UK #FineLine #FineLineLive #HarryStyles #TheForum

The data is clear: Labour’s socialist economic policies were not the reason they lost. Leadership will be changed, and in five years (or sooner), the same platform with new faces could result in a landslide the other way, especially since the tories will own Brexit 100%…

Ah nice to see @faizashaheen's delusion continues. Media's fault. Tories' fault. New Labour's fault. Brexit's fault. But oh - not the Dear Leader. Cult. #Newsnight

To all the detractors who said Corbyn would never get a bunch of troublesome untrustworthy halfwits into government. Boris couldn't have done it without him. #UKElection

Congratulations to @sekirothegame for winning @thegameawards 2019!! No game deserved it better. Here is my cosplay of the wolf, PROUDLY sponsored by @Activision! Photo: @greg_eckels #thegameawards #justyeliz #yelizcosplay #sekiro #sekiroshadowsdietwice #spon


HAD to go over to the maniac geniuses behind @discoelysium at #thegameawards, congratulate them and ask: PLEASE TELL ME THE DEAL WITH CUNO (the devs simply said "childhood memories")… Oh, and @S5Flare photobombing like a jerk. :P


Mannan tycka vad man vill om Joakim Lamotte. Men när han attackeras av snorungar i Kronogården bör han försvaras, inte hånas. Så enkelt är det.

Aschberg är en kärring. ”Ofarligt” enligt Aschberg – stannade hemma när Lamotte blev rånad - Nyheter Idag… via @nyheteridag

A ativista sueca, de 16 anos de idade, representa o antídoto à toda a ojeriza que o presidente da República carrega em relação à preservação ambiental…

Michelle Obama to Greta Thunberg: "Ignore the doubters and know that millions of people are cheering you on."…

Fine Line by Harry Styles came out today. Falling is the song I want to wake up and go to bed to for the rest of my life. You can't change my mind #FineLine

Jimmy Kimmel Puts 'Rotting Yam' Donald Trump on Blast For Mocking Greta Thunberg — Watch Video…

Jimmy Kimmel Puts 'Rotting Yam' Donald Trump on Blast For Mocking Greta Thunberg — Watch Video…

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the British electorate that the Tories hadn't already been in charge for the last decade.…

@Fallout 76 has concluded maintenance on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Please check for more information.

A #Microsoft revelou o console durante o 'The Game Awards', a premiação mais importante do mundo dos games…

Na imagem que mostram do novo Xbox ele tem o tamanho aproximado de 3 controles, como o ps5 vai ser maior que isso?


GB wird nach dem BREXIT ökonomisch in ein tiefes Loch fallen und ich weiß auch schon, wer aus Sicht der #AfD daran Schuld haben wird - die EU. #noAfD #Brexit #BorisJohnson

Oi, vocês fizeram meu dia muito melhor assim como estiveram fazendo durante todo esse tempo. Só tenho a agradecer e amar vocês! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA +£#,×£÷*÷ #365WithLOONA #ThankYouLOONA @loonatheworld

Keep crying, lefties! We will bathe in your ridiculous tears and mock your childish tantrums. #ElectionResults2019 #GeneralElection #GE2019 #ToryWin #BorisJohnson

Prächtige Darbietung des Anfangs der #Ilias durch #BorisJohnson. Sein jüdischer Urgroßvater, der Paläograph Elias Loew, wäre stolz auf ihn gewesen.…

Leftist Rules of Debate. Whenever you lose, just call the opposition racist, islamophobic and any other 'ism' you can think of. #ElectionResults2019 #GeneralElection #ConservativeWin #GE2019 #GeneralElection2019 #ToryWin #BorisJohnson


En crazy tanke rakt ut i luften, nu när Ninja-Danne inte avfärdade tanken rakt av på att vara tränare. Daniel Andersson manager, Markus Rosenberg assisterande sportchef.

Till följd av att Malmö FF och Uwe Rösler kommit överens om att avsluta samarbetet lämnar även den assisterande tränaren Rob Kelly föreningen.…

Uwe Rösler avslutar med tårar i ögonen och sprickande röst: "Jag vill tacka styrelsen för att jag fick chansen här. Jag vill tacka spelarna som varit fantastiska och tagit till sig sättet vi ville spela. Det har gjort fantastiska matcher och otroliga resultat."

Otroligt märklig stämning, Uwe och Danne verkar överens. Är det på något annat håll i föreningen det felar? Det behövs mer kontinuitet, vi kan inte starta om hela tiden.

Gerrard förlänger med Rangers: "Det var ett enkelt beslut".…


Oavsett vad man tycker om Lamotte har han som journalist naturligtvis har rätt att bevaka händelserna i Kronogåren. Frågan är snarare- var är de andra journalisterna? Finns det ställen som journalister bör hålla sig borta från så har vi i sanningfått no-go-zoner. @svtnyheter…

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