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Aaron Rodgers admitted the gap "looks pretty big" between the Packers and 49ers but said "I don't think it's that big."


I will remember this day my entire life!! History is made!!! @Chiefs thank you!!

Patrick Mahomes de los Kansas City Chiefs y Jimmy Garoppolo de los 49ers de San Francisco, han revitalizado a sus equipos, marginados de la gloria, para disputar el Super Bowl 2020

The 49ers have been hiding Jimmy Garoppolo -- but can they do it against the Chiefs?

Chiefs vs 49ers is going to be one hell of a Super bowl. And man am I glad I have that night and Monday off! #SuperBowlLIV

My dad, a 50 year @Chiefs season ticket holder sums today up perfectly! I’m so happy! I’ve waited a long time for this.” @Chiefs are in the Super Bowl! #AFCChamps #SuperBowlLIV #WeReady #ChiefsKingdom


Even the bookies are having a problem making a favorite in the Super Bowl. @timdahlberg >>

After cashing in on QB gambles, Niners, Chiefs in Super Bowl. MORE:…


NFC Champions! @49ers celebrating in the locker room More Niners coverage:

Super Bowl XLVII, Super Bowl LIV. Sete anos, um remanescente.


I got both predictions correct. Click the link to see why I picked the 49ers and the Chiefs.…

shoutout to the KC chiefs.

The 49ers and Chiefs gambled on their quarterbacks, and it paid off with a Super Bowl appearance.

Hey the Chiefs are going to the super bowl

Nobody: Patrick Mahomes’ weird brother:

Patrick Mahomes Should Retire Now, on Top

I think the average bettor and fan will immediately pick Chiefs because of Mahomes and their offense. Don't sleep on the 49ers defense, which allowed an NFL-low 169.2 yards per game. Also, SF's three losses: 3, 3 and 7 (after a lateral TD so really 1). This will be super close

when people call bernie a left-wing trump what they’re saying is that he has the right ideas, but also can win. it’s devastating

‘Comparing yourself to terrorists?’ Internet cracks up at Trump saying dead 9-11 hijackers got more justice than him: President Donald Trump quoted Fox News host Mark Levin that left many scratching their heads. Levin, who has a show on Sunday evenings,……


Farmers refuse to cheer for Trump as he lies that he’s fighting for them to keep their land: President Donald Trump appeared in Texas Sunday to speak to the Farm Bureau conference. Among the things he promised was that he was fighting for them to have……


If people of color showed up to a Capitol protest heavily armed — Trump would call them terrorists: commentator: Legal analyst Areva Martin explained in a CNN panel discussion Sunday that the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday has historically been a day……


So it’s Chiefs (Patrick Mahomes) vs 49ers (Team Bears traded up with to get Mitch) in the Super Bowl. Interesting.

Idc what y’all say Patrick Mahomes is not a black QB he got a drop of black in his blood

Also the comments telling me to get a pro mod or a proper drag car??? Do people not realize it’s not about going fast - but enjoying the process of getting there. There are cookie cutter setups for 10a, 9s, even 8s. But where’s the fun in that?

I honestly despise how fast my hair grows.

Think chiefs beat the 49ers mostly cause I need Mahomes to be the GOAT

bitches make overnight oats but complain about how fast their junior chickens come out like pick one

Ohio State and Titans legend Eddie George says the Buckeyes shaped the coaching of teammate Mike Vrabel.…


say "bjork and thom yorke" 5 times fast. you cant.

Congrats to chiefs except Pat Mahomes and I’ll be pulling for 9ers in SB

What kills me the most is that we don’t know when the #Titans will be back again. The roster could be in flux and this team had such a gritty Cinderella vibe. I’m not ready for some players to be gone next year and the unknown on when/if we’ll be back

Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United: Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah push leaders closer to title. #JeffAndHamoOnHot @KoinangeJeff @HamoProf @VDJClyde @teddyeugene


Solskjaer: Liverpool Terlihat Gelisah Lawan MU…

ไม่น่าเผาผีมากมาย ฝุ่นขโมงทั้งโลกเลย . #OnceARedAlwaysARed#YNWA #LFC #LFCTHS #AllezAllezAllez #ThisMeansMore #WeGoAgain #WeBelieve #Liverpool #LiverpoolWay #LiverpoolFC #LivMun

#Barcelona #LionelMessi #LaLiga Barcelona secured a 1-0 win over Granada in Quique Setien's first game in-charge at the club in La Liga.…

Eastern Illinois (Jimmy Garoppolo), Northern Illinois (Jimmie Ward) and Western Illinois (Khalen Saunders) will all be represented in the Super Bowl

Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth - Atlanta 2001 #NASCAR


Dover 2017: The may end up being Jimmie’s final career victory. Fitting it would be at @MonsterMile. Will Jimmie Johnson find victory lane in 2020? #NASCAR @JimmieJohnson

mos u halitni okej hehe


Jimmie Ward’s physicality is phenomenal & it stems from his technically brilliant tackling

Regjeringen bør bruke midler på ofrene, ikke terroristene!! Tusenvis av barn er foreldreløse i Syria på grunn av IS-kvinnen og hennes likesinnede, og Norge kan ikke hente alle de. IS-kvinnene derimot de prioriteres. Så, @erna_solberg, hva var det du sa igjen om moral...?


en av två är väl okej även om LA var oväntat usla den här säsongen #nflse


Spådom: 1.Den kvinnelige terroristen vil ikke miste omsorgsrett for barna. 2.Hun får maksimalt noen måneder i fengsel. 3. Vi vil aldri få vite hennes navn eller hvilke kontakter hun har i Norge. 4. Ved neste stortingsvalg vil alt være glemt.

Rehearsing for the Miss Effe Tribute in Gothenburg, Gonna be fab tomorrow, folks! /P.


Rehearsing for the Miss Effe Tribute in Gothenburg, Gonna be fab tomorrow, folks! /P.


Fremskrittspartiet frykter for rikets sikkerhet ved å hente en mor med barn til Norge, men samtidig ivrer de for statstøtte til en rasistblogg som spyr ut propaganda fylt med hat. Hvordan får FrP det til å henge sammen? Det henger da ikke på greip? #FrP

Et norsk barn har blitt hentet hjem til Norge og folk spekulerer på om barnet virkelig er syk, som om det er deres sak å avgjøre noe som helst om barnets helse. Hva har skjedd med dette landet? Når var det vi ble slike usmaleige drittsekker? Er det alle oljepengen …

Strandhäll gillar inte att sossarnas lögner avslöjas dagligen på twitter och i altmedia. Hon vill ha ”seriösa granskare” från SVT och SR. Lol. SR och sossar, för alltid hand i hand. #svtagenda

Bra att debatten om hur vi får ner utsläppen breddas istället för att bara skylla på köttätare och flygpassagerare. Debatten måste vara saklig istället för att präglas av skam och skuld. #svpol #svtagenda

Herregud vad Ulla Andersson vill bli partiledare för kommunisterna. Hennes ögon förvandlades till dollartecken när hon fick frågan i #svtagenda #agenda #svpol

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