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Hilarious to see the entire media pretend that Hamas' aims are somehow mysterious and enigmatic…

#Hamas has brought only death and grief to the Palestinians who definitely deserve a homeland, but as hostages of jihadis in Gaza. This video clip is truly scary. I hope the residents of this multi-storey apartment block had time to vacate.

IDF released footage earlier of an IAF jet downing one of the Hamas UAVs that were launched from Gaza

A me la cosa che più mi fa riflettere è che Matteo ha fatto quel tweet, nemmeno ai tempi di Monte in cui anche lì la situazione social era molto toxic lo ha fatto. Significa molto secondo me questo. Io la vedo in questo modo #prelemi

I personally don't find fair or good that government should subsidize inefficient bitcoin miners. I think of how hard friends like @SGBarbour work to be competitive. But can't say I wouldn't be pleased watching Elon getting rekt wasting taxpayer money with "ESG" solar mining.…

Eid Mubarak to everyone in the world, May Allah bless us with peace and alot of happiness. #EidMubarak

Before this, Palestine people are just too kind to the Israel that are not deserved for kindness. They steal, they kill, they did so much things to innocent people in palestine. Israel patut dihapuskan sejak dari dulu. #freepalastine #Playvictim #IsraeliTerrorism #koyakisrael


EID MUBARAK! May your life be filled with joy and prosperity.

Una ráfaga de cohetes iluminó el cielo de Gaza la noche del 12 de mayo durante los ataques aéreos que se sucedieron entre Hamás e Israel.

Elon Musk's surprise reversal on accepting bitcoin payments for Tesla (TSLA) cars has triggered a sharp plunge in the cryptocurrency — spelling trouble for other coins that have notched shocking returns in recent months.

In modo in cui se Pier potesse tornare indietro, quegli 85 giorni li avrebbe passati con la Contessa piuttosto #prelemi

It appears @RSLC have only made it up to 1775 in their history book. Just wait until they get to Thomas Jefferson and 1776.…

aber wenn #thomasschmittschoensterberliner ist, kommt dann auch bald #BaywatchBerlin zurück ins fernsehen? weil jetzt wurde ja von 300k menschen bestätigt, dass thomas durchaus ein vor-null-uhr-gesicht hat

Derek Thomas' 2010 @ligonier National Conference address, "How Do We Know Which Interpretation is Right?" is one of the best hermenuetical talks I've heard. In it, Derek deals masterfully with the issue of "seeming contradictions" in the Bible.…?

Ni måste verkligen sluta ge lamotte luft. Han är lika relevant som en pulka är så här års

Vissa firar Eid Mubarak, andra Kristi flygare och andra inget. Men kalla mig tönt men vår utrikesminister kanske mest borde säga glad Kristi Himmelsfärd!

Rasmus Sjöstedts stats från gårdagens match mot IFK Göteborg. Källa: InStat


Glad Kristi Himmelsfärdsdag och #EidMubarak Jag hälsar på hos mina nyvaccinerade föräldrar hemma i Gagnef ❤️ I sommarvärme ☀️


Sveriges utrikesminister på Kristi Himmelsfärdsdag. Nej, det är inte ett skämt. Eller hur.


I dag firar muslimer Eid och kristna Kristi himmelsfärd. Men vi ska inte glömma alla sekulära där ute: Glad folknykterhetens dag på er!!

"How to rescue journalism in an age of lies" - proud @camposmello will give 2021 @risj_oxford Reuters Memorial Lecture. Her work on Bolsonaro's campaign funding, use of social media (+how Facebook has handled him) and more is an inspiration. Sign up here…

Hamsik har inte spelat i samma lag som Cavani sedan 2013. Har han försökt slå samma passning i åtta år?…

Ser att Stefan Löfven använder Bo Widerbergs högst fantasifulla skildring av händelserna i Ådalen för att angripa "högern" idag. Per-Albin Hansson och Östen Undén hade en annan uppfattning om de kommunister som ledde demonstrationerna. ->

Bra intervju med Löfven om Ådalen 31: ”Högern är ju kvar i tanken att arbetare anstränger sig om de får det dåligt. Det är en jädra syn på löntagare” säger han. eländet är ju dock att samarbetspartiet (c) ingår i den löntagarovänliga högern....…

En polis vid namn Rasmus förbannar i detta nu sin glappkäft. Det är vad jag tror.

Rockets pound Israel after Gaza militants killed

Amid the global health crisis and catastrophic national insecurity here is my Dua: May God heals the world and bring peace to Nigeria. May our ibada in the month of Ramadan bring all our leaders to repentance and imbibe the fear of God in all they do.Wishing you Happy Eid! SDM


stop letting palestinian children become statistics

Follow @Rushdibbc for news from Gaza. He is one of the very best Palestinian journalists and has worked for @BBCNews for many years…

When it comes to causing market havoc with tweets Donald Trump walked so Elon Musk could run

had sausages and cheese omelette with apple juice. Eid Mubarak guys!!!

Muslims are celebrating #Eid al-Fitr in a subdued mood for a second year as the COVID-19 pandemic again forces mosque closings and family separations on the holiday marking the end of Islam's holiest month of Ramadan.…

came back to america only to find out that growl at the circle closed. what’s the fucking point

E32: Behind the scenes of Elon hosting SNL, CDC failures, America's real... via @YouTube

Two members of Donald Trump’s extended family got “inappropriately” close to Secret Service agents while he was president

Musk anuncia que suspendeu o uso de bitcoins para a compra de veículos da Tesla…

Colombia cumple 15 días de paro nacional contra el Gobierno de Iván Duque

Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin car payments over environmental concerns

And you wonder why people in the Middle East chant “death to America”? It’s because of acts like these. The United States is no bastion of freedom and democracy. It’s a country that nitpicks so called democracies they protect as long as it serves their interests.…

The narrative is shifting. We are the truth. People across the world is clearly supportive of Palestinian liberation—it’s time to push their governments to act for that liberation. “Great Britain was beaten! You will be beaten too!” ❤️

genuinely feels so weird to be celebrating Eid in this country when our Palestinian brothers and sisters are being terrorized just across the border. solidarity today and everyday, you deserve a better Egypt, we deserve a better Egypt.

Players affected by tear gas in Colombia


Una coleta aletea en Colombia Mi artículo en @laSextaTV sobre el debate fatuo piloso y lo importante.…

Kristi himmelin kunniaksi entisöitiin vanha leivinuuni alkuperäiseen yli 100-vuotta vanhaan loistoonsa. Muurarit isä ja poika Fager tiesivät totisesti mitä tekivät. Kyllä kelpaa evästä laittaa.


Löfven: "Högern har en jädra syn på löntagare” Vi talar med Stefan Löfven inför minnet av Ådalen 90 år…

IDF Chiefs To Approve Gaza Ground Invasion Plans Later Today, Army Says - Times Of Israel…

Israel presses ahead with a fierce military offensive in Gaza, killing senior Hamas figures and civilians and toppling high-rise towers. The militant group is not backing down, firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli cities that have caused fatalities.

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