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anyways stan the greatest villian in the arrowverse worldkiller reign

if you talk about your “stan” in a negative way, make fun of them in a non joking way and call them an asshole and other terrible things. you don’t fucking stan them anymore.

IDEA: Okay, I am going to stop yelling at people for a moment (apologies everyone) and relay an idea to get the urgently needed message out to even more people in this country: Why not have FEMA send daily reminders to people just as it does with the Emergency Alert System?

I've been trying to organize my thoughts about the actual shooting gameplay/system design of HL:Alyx since playing it, and I have to ask... Is this something fellow VR designers would want to like... hear from me on? Should I make a video? A blog-ee post? None of the above?

There are some showers out there this afternoon & evening. The next system arrives overnight, bringing another round of widespread rain for the lowlands and snow for the mountains. #WAwx

How to defuse the coronavirus prison system time bomb.

Señor presidente, ¿No cree que no debería ir a Badiraguato en plena contigencia por #CODVID19 y en el cumpleaños de Ovidio Guzmán? ¿Ovidio Guzmán, es nuevo? De hecho el exhibió a su gobierno señor, la GN lo libero en un operativo fallido, su padre es el Chapo Guzmán Me suena


The DemonRats are trying to turn this into Trump's Katrina. They are deliberately withholding supplies to those in need. This is who the DemonRat Party is folks. They don't give a damn about you, they only care about power. #Qanon #WWG1WGA #KAG2020 #KAG #CoronaUpdate #COVID19…

Recuerda todo lo que hoy sucede, la próxima vez que un socialcristiano te hable de modelo exitoso. #GuayaquilSOS #CODVID19 #Covid_19 #COVID19Ecuador

Novartis CEO: Trump-Touted Drug Best Hope To Fight Coronavirus; Announces Massive Donation


Drinking tall boys with them fam is the move #CoronaUpdate


On and around this date 160 years ago, Lincoln is sitting for sculptor Leonard Volk. This plaster bust dated 1860 is an early copy. It has been reproduced countless times.


We maken ons geen zorgen..... Leven gaat "gewoon" door.... Over 25 jaar kijken we terug op hoe slecht men beleid ter preventie heeft ingezet. Hoeveel doden (ook de niet gemelde/getelde/ongeteste) heeft t ons gekost?! Schaamteloos hoe men volk voor gek verslijt...…

Da unken ja viele bezüglich des #Tatort von Verschwörungstheorien rum - die Aussage das die dt. Wehrmacht im sogenannten Blitzkrieg Richtung Polen und Frankreich voll auf #ChristalMeth war ist keine.


Karrenbauer und Spahn arbeiten rund um die Uhr. Offenbar haben die, die neuen Helme der Bundeswehr aus dem Tatort. #annewill #tatort

i have decided to jump on the harley quinn stan wagon


#Macron #LREM disait ... "Pas d'argent pour l'hôpital": Nous, nous n'oublierons pas les responsables ... Courage à nos #soignants, accomplissant un travail extraordinaire dans des conditions déplorables. #Covid_19 #confinement #CODVID19 #HopitalPublic…

Imagine being a Selena Gomez stan and body shaming men on the internet only to use Abel as your layout... the disrespect to Abel is real.…

if your name starts with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, you should stan a.c.e

Axı bu nə rahatçılıqdı ?! Virus çox ciddidir.Evdə qalın! Həyatınızı qurtarın ,həyatımızı qurtarın . #evdəqal #evdəqalaq #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe

Day #4 of #100DaysOfCode: I've finally implemented the text rendering system, gonna clean up the mess I've made tomorrow. #cplusplus #cpp #indiedev

इस शहर में मज़दूर जैसा दर बदर कोई नहीं, जिसने सब के घर बनाए उसका घर कोई नहीं..☹️ #AnandVihar #CoronaUpdate


وزیراعظم عمران خان مکمل لاک ڈاؤن کیوں نہیں کررہے؟ اصل وجہ کیا ہے؟ Why PM Imran Khan is not in favor of complete lockdown? #CoronaInPakistan #CoronaUpdate #CoronavirusOutbreak #ARYNews @Maria_Memon…

Why is it so windy? We have a very tight pressure gradient in place thanks to a strong area of low pressure to the north and an area of high pressure to our southwest. That low pressure system is beginning to weaken, and as it does, the wind will lighten! #wvwx #ohwx #kywx


Hoy es tiempo de trabajar UNIDOS y evitar confrontaciones. #QuedateEnLaCasa #EnCuarentena #CODVID19 #SanaDistancia


Dat's a nice insurance system youse got der. Be a shame if sumthin was ta happen to it.…

My Indian friend had this to say about him ''he believed in the caste system and promoted it, as the hindu religion supports it, therefore does the Gita, and he promoted that too. He was a puppet of the British Empire, he was a prk. Look Shaheed Bhagat Singh he was a true hero''…

Novartis Chief Executive Vas Narasimhan says hydroxychloroquine is biggest hope against coronavirus…

HAHAHAHA wallah Jordanians are out of this world


Novartis CEO endorses use of hydroxychloroquine…

#CFTC prof Burioni gli Italiani non possono restare sempre a casa, allora Le chiedo qual è la proposta sua e dei suoi colleghi per il futuro? non tutti hanno soldi per sopravvivere e su questo sono d'accordo con #Renzi

Nell’intervista all’Avvenire il senatore Renzi prosegue in ragionamenti sensati parlando di piani per la riapertura, sospensione di tasse, affitti e mutui ma anche del ritorno a scuola e indica orientativamente la data del 4 maggio. Cultura&Società

Niemals, niemals, niemals darf man Menschenleben gegen irgendetwas aufwiegen. Niemals.

Novartis CEO: Malaria drug is biggest hope against coronavirus - SonntagsZeitung (Swiss newspaper). It inhibits RNA dependent RNA polymerase (prevents replication of viral genome). As well as makes it difficult for the virus to actually enter the cell (fucks with endosome pH).

Une approche "suisse" de la chloroquine? Le géant de la pharma Novartis parle d'"espoir", en précisant qu'il n'y a "rien de définitif. Rediff: la prof Calmy indiquait que la substance est employée dans les hôpitaux de Lausanne et de Genève comme un "pari".…

Ich fand es immer schon sehr kritisch, dass das Gesundheitssystem Profit abwerfen muss! Das muss sich dringend ändern! #Covid_19 #alleswirdgut #Gesundheit #Gesundheitswesen #Coronakrise

#Covid_19 Qualcuno spieghi a questo depensante e quelli che lo retwittano che sulla scheda elettorale del referendum non c'era scritto "Renzi a casa".



Warum man wirtschaftliche Schäden durchaus mit Menschenleben verrechnen darf, kann man nur lesen, wenn man sich ein Spiegel+-Abo leisten kann. Verständlicherweise.…

Christiane Hoffmann behauptet im #SPIEGEL man dürfe wirtschaftlichen Schaden gegen Menschenleben abwägen. Für meine Antwort reicht ein Wort: Nein. #Coronakrise #coronavirus #Covid_19 #CoronaUpdate #COVID19 #coronadeutschland


Corona in den USA: Donald Trumps Unfähigkeit gefährdet Menschenleben


طريقه برخورد درست در ناشناس


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