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#Clemson walks down the field and the drive is capped off with Tee Higgins TD pass from Trevor Lawrence. Tigers up 7-0.

SCORE ALERT: Clemson is on the board. Trevor Lawrence's first TD pass of the night goes to Tee Higgins. It's a 19-yard pass. Tigers up 7-0 with 11:11 to go in the first quarter.

Klasemen Liga Inggris: Manchester United Peringkat ke-5

I would rather you call me fat than you calling Greta Thunberg a freak mentally ill child, which you have. I have no issues with your take on my body Harold. Go fuck yourself and block me again like the coward you are.…

Menangkan Derbi, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Puji Penampilan Manchester United…

オー谷口谷口 ラララーラララー谷口 た・に・ぐ・ち!! #引退


RAPE of the USA by a Luciferian ILK has been long-time coming, since 1960's when Illuminati elites bankrolled academic Marxists, bought the Media, brought in vice & porn, and stacked Intell and the Judiciary with Leftist-Communist dogma. Trump is innocent; the Left is cancer.…

'That’s no joke': Taking aim at Trudeau, Trump's campaign chief compares U.S. job numbers to Canadian losses… Trudeau is a moron.

The concept of objectivity is under attack at the Trump impeachment hearings

POLITICO - A top Trump health appointee sought to have taxpayers reimburse her for the costs of jewelry, clothing and other possessions, including a $5,900 Ivan...…

Join up carlitoes discord im scrimmin there

Chase and I are about to do a photoshoot for some new promotional items for our sites and we couldn't be more excited for it! Check out our discord for some BTS shots! #gaymers #gaytwitter #gaystreamers #twitch #twitchstreamer #twitchaffiliate

Seriously, if you have more than 3 followers, turn twitch whispers off :) No communication of value has ever taken place in a twitch whisper. Discord all the way, and even then, DMs are optional.

Love Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear! More petrol please! It’s time to mock this...…

Never seen an international artist do this much in Nigeria and For Nigeria, Cardi b actually tried!!!

//With the changes in Twitter's privacy policy making it so Lewd RP accounts may not be allowed to exist any longer, I may be moving to Discord. Stay tuned.

EPL Round-Up: Tottenham secure big win as Chelsea crumble against Everton

I swear to god if that cute guy at work is a nazi I'm gon commit violence in Minecraft. he didn't say anything bad he just has a Richard S haircut and I'm nervous he was inspired

Literal Nazi sympathizer running for election. Is it 2019 or 1919?…

Comic Book Release Party for "Shameless Feminists" Where: PRINTED MATTER When: Sunday, DECEMBER 8th, 4pm-6pm 231 11th Avenue (@26th Street) New York, NY 10001 at the Chelsea location Sunday evening


GREENLAND’S SMB GAINED 14 GIGATONS OVER THE PAST 2 DAYS PUSHING THIS SEASON ABOVE THE 1981-2010 AVERAGE Prepare for the Grand Solar Minimum with @electroversenet… #auspol #auspol2019 #climatechange #climatealarmists #ClimateEmergency #ExtinctionRebellion

Australia is on fire. This is an extraordinary event, impacting millions of Australians acutely and long-term. It is not normal. It should be on the front of every newspaper every day. That it is not should give every one of us pause. #NSWfires #AustraliaFires #ClimateChange

El Gladbach doblega al Bayern y da golpe de autoridad en la Bundesliga ▶️

#ClimateChange and its effects are accelerating, with climate related disasters piling up we might not be able to recover. #COP25Madrid we need #ClimateActionNow or we perish

#CHVNoticias | #COP25: Advierten “cambios irreversibles” si no se toman las medidas necesarias

Manifestante chileno toma el micrófono en la #Cop25 para una pequeña intervención y comentarle a Greta Thunberg sobre la realidad del agua en nuestro país. #Cop25 #renunciapiñera #aguaprivatizada…

#OUTSIDERS Excellent summary of the lies from that UN #COP25 bloke - Even alarmist Albo admitted how much coal was needed for ONE wind turbine. #FairysDontMakeWindTurbines

#Madrid #COP25 500,000 people HALF THE WORLD IS ASLEEP HALF THE WORLD IS AWAKE We have to wake EVERYONE UP to big change or we will go extinct #auspol #insiders @GretaThunberg #bushfiresNSW #climate


Het feit dat ik nu pas FKA twigs leer kennen....een SCHANDE!!! HET TALENT!!! DE KUNST!!!! DE KUNDE!!! Letterlijk een engel van een andere dimensie

Mit Narben kann man leben,sofern Wunde gut verheilt. Bekommen von #Missbrauch betroffene Kinder & Jugendliche keinen Schutz, keine ausreichende (therap.)Hilfe, so brechen nicht ausreichend abgeheilte Wunden in Form von Langzeitfolgen wieder auf. (UE)…

Immer wieder solche Taten wie in #Augsburg. Keine Meldungen in den Nachrichten. Dann stimmen die Vermutungen der normal Denkenden!! Wendet das Gesetz genauso an wie bei den Rechten. Betroffenheit bei nur einer Seite ist einfach zu durchsichtig und nährt Radikalisierung.

#PrimeraD El Naranja cerró el año con un empate: Lugano empató sin goles ante Cambaceres en el último encuentro del apertura y del año. Foto: @argenascenso


"Mir ist erstmal die Luft weg geblieben, als ich erfuhr, dass ich ausgezeichnet werden." So @pollak_politics als er den Preis der Österreichischen Liga für Menschenrechte erhält. Ich gratuliere Dir von Herzen zu diesem wohlverdienten Preis.


Mit dem Wurf hab ich mehr Vertrauen in den 3. QB von Baylor als in den 2.

Ski Alpin - #BeaverCreek Le Français Johan #Clarey a pris la deuxième place de la descente de Beaver Creek, aux Etats-Unis, comptant pour la Coupe du monde de Ski Alpin. La victoire est revenue au Suisse Beat #Feuz.


Privat vorsorgen, den Profis aus der Wirtschaft vertrauen, die wissen wie man mit deinem Geld umgeht so das du im Alter... Ach lassen wir den Sch* Das Geld verliert dort an Wert, und bei aller "Veranlagung" wird es weniger. Kackbratzen.


Nach vier Jahren als Vorsitzender von #FrewilligeHelfen & #Nachbarschafft habe ich heute mein Amt an @KerstinBerlin & @zebratarnanzug mit einem lachenden und weinenden Auge abgegeben. Vielen Dank an alle BegleiterInnen der letzten Jahre für das Vertrauen ❤


if anyone knows where my lalique, bvlgari, baccarat, waterford, and wedgwood ornaments are and would like to share that info with me i would very much appreciate it because if i have misplaced a mortgage payment of christmas ornaments it's about to be some scorched-earth shit.

General Election drinking game 2019 sip water every time boris johnson lies (will keep you hydrated)✅ glug wine when the polls look bad (there is still hope)✅ down bottle of vodka if tories/Putin win (make use of the NHS while it’s still free)✅

Here’s 6 entirely misleading claims Boris Johnson made on live TV in the BBC debate last night. #GE2019…

With close to 115 THOUSAND Global streams on December 6th, Caution had its highest gain on Spotify since the end of May. (+114,293) A very impressive number given that Mariah Carey debuted at the beginning of the 90s and the standard album edition has just 10 tracks.

“Suga's Interlude", da Halsey em parceria com BTS faz 2.9 milhões de execuções em suas primeiras 24hs no Spotify!


Exclusive: Chelsea manager Frank Lampard will assess Antonio Rudiger's form and fitness before deciding on Nathan Ake move | @Matt_Law_DT…

Everton - Chelsea (3-1) - Maç Özeti, Şimdi YouTube Kanalımızda!…


how does spotify manage to fck up the rapline’s spotify pages every single time? thats a talent

Phase 3 of Taecember project from 12am- 8am kst #TeamTaeTae @BTS_twt ✨Stream Singularity on Spotify ✨Stream Winter bear, Singularity on YT ♦️Week 1 our focus is ONLY Spotify & Youtube Playlists & Guidelines ⬇️ Spotify… Youtube…


West Virginia fires three corrections employees after photo shows trainees giving Nazi salute


Tomori might give the odd ball away with a badly placed pass but he’s a hundred times better than those two clowns in the middle today.

Donald Trump pospone lo del proceso de nombrar Cárteles como terroristas...y Evo sale de Mexico,vaya concidencia @TribunaSonora @FMLalo @riesquer @r_rbc @ChapoRomo @Samvalor @elhectorobregon @ASchwarzbeck @RBoursC @hilarioolea @VictorMendozaL @tonoastiazaran @Denissenavarr0

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