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Askerini de al git demiş Putin’den Erdoğan’a Suriye'de bir darbe daha! | Ahval…

The final number, 65, just appeared. Now, please something happen #Fortnite

All the Fortnite pros because their careers are over #Fortnite


You don't have to know anything about the Kurds and the Turks. AYNTK is Trump made an impulsive decision after a phone call w Erdogan. The decision went against the entire chain of command, and both dems & repubs stridently disagreed. Oversight needs to know about that call

como as armys vão se sentir, caso Jungkook apareça novamente de long hair, dizendo 'trollei' bem na cara:…

Si todavía no vieron Joker, vayan. La combinación de la locura, la soledad y la violencia que vi en "Taxi Driver" y "Fight Club". Ni hablar la idea de pensar en Holden de "The Catcher in the Rye" cuando te muestran cómo la sociedad te asquea y corrompe. Joaquin Phoenix: un 10.


Joker was interesting. Joaquin Phoenix is amazing. He just played a story I wasn't interested in hearing.

Metamensaje: Los Kurdos buscaron alianzas y acuerdos con Al Assad y Putin para prevenir ser diezmados y exterminados por Turquía. Ambos tiranos capitalizarán en los Kurdos el sentimiento anti-Occidental. Escribanlo en piedra.…

ISIS co-opted a civil war against Assad that Neocons and their friends Obama and Hillary started If we stay out perhaps Assad can regain control of his own country and defeat ISIS But there's less money/power in that strategy for Neocons like Dan…

Best known as a historic pastime among Europe's upper crust, croquet finds an unlikely fan base among Vietnamese retirees eager to fill their diaries and move their limbs


Summer Palace = pain Argestes = disaster Tern Haven = dumpster fire Eastern Europe = boar on the floor Dundee = "L to the OG" But by all means, let's go on another family trip. #SuccessionHBO #Succession

Kurds are being slaughtered up and down the M4 highway by Turkish-backed jihadists in a prelude to what Erdoğan has envisioned for the minorities of north #Syria. Meanwhile, Charlie Fister & the gang are worried about Da’ish terrorists and their families... yep, that’s on-brand.…


People telling 16 year old Greta Thunberg to “go to school” don’t understand the system in the UK and Europe. At 16, you have the choice to either leave or continue on to A levels or a trade school. It’s not like in America, where she’d be a sophomore/junior

Kurds cut deal with… This is one illusion piled on another.What did we think we were doing?There was always a going to be a limit to US support for Kurds; and a need for them to settle up with the neighbors

“All girls have rights, but not all girls get to experience them.” I salute the 1000s of girls who have crafted the #GirlsBillofRights & we salute all the people in the world who help support & uphold the rights of girls. On #DayoftheGirl, I met some of these #Unstoppable heroes.


I am Faezah. I am a teacher from Afghanistan. I work in a school in Greece to help young refugee girls continue learning & dreaming. Like her we’re advancing girl’s and women’s education: #HerEducationOurFuture #DayoftheGirl


On International Day for Disaster Reduction, we're grateful to members of the @ClintonGlobal community who are helping the Caribbean recover and prepare for future storms. #DRRday…

"Disasters inflict horrendous suffering and can wipe out decades of development gains in an instant," - @antonioguterres supports the message #BuildToLast for #DRRday the 30th round of international day for disaster risk reduction.

Somosomo village, Taveuni ready to host the Communication & Community Engagement (CCE) Training facilitated by NDMO & @CDACN. Participants are Div Heads, PA's, DO's and ADO's (Northern Division). #BuildToLast #DRRday


The colors of the #SendaiFramework - the global plan to reduce disaster losses by 2030 - ripple across Lake Geneva as @undrr’s host city marks 30th anniversary today of International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction #DRRday #BuildToLast@VilleDeGeneve⁩ ⁦@UNGeneva


Every day, 33,000+ girls are forced into child marriage - a human rights violation that threatens the health & lives of girls around the world. Join @UNFPA's efforts to #EndChildMarriage once and for all: v @UN #DayOfTheGirl


Each year 175 million children are likely to be affected by natural hazard related disasters Safe School Facilities School Disaster Management Risk Reduction Education are vital to save lives & help strengthen disaster resilient communities: #BuildToLast


Today #DRRday is a day to reflect on how good a country's early warning systems are and if infrastructure is disaster resilient. These were some of the lessons shared with me by @ICalamidades #Mozambique's disaster management agency on my recent visit #BuildToLast Watch and share

Disaster risk can be reduced. We can avoid creating risk if we build schools, hospitals and other infrastructure in a risk-informed way. #BuildToLast is the message from @undrr for International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction #DRRday is today October 13. If you care, share.

“…our prayers & hopes are always for an end to this never-ending cycle of violence from all participants. We ask that all people pray for the innocents of Syria and Iraq at this critical time.”…

I wonder if this Russian-filmed video of Americans high tailing it out in front of Turkish forces, evokes memories of Soviets leaving Afghanistan over the Friendship Bridge in February 89?…


The same lemmings on @CNN who criticize @RealDonaldTrump for staying out of Northern Syria, are the same exact @CIA pukes who won't mention that @hillaryClinton & @BillClinton's little friend Fethullah Gülen is funding terrorism & directing coup's out of Pennsylvania

“Peter Handke is an apologist for genocide within living memory, at the heart of Europe. He says one thing, while earth across the Balkans gives up its mass graves. While Handke proffers his views, the bones are facts.”…

La France, l'Allemagne et l'Europe qui n'avaient pas de mots assez durs pour dénoncer le "boucher"Assad qui traquait les jihadistes sont désormais bien timorés dans leurs critiques des massacres de civils par le tyran Erdogan et ses affidés. Ces lâchetés se paieront au prix fort.

But refusé..1 trou dans le filet c’est rare,mais ça peut souviens d’un vieux OM-Nice un après-midi au Vélodrome..sauf qu’on avait repéré le trou et le but avait été accordé..à Skoblar de mémoire (mais peut-être 1 autre..)

Excited to have started as a data journalist with the @sundaybusiness this week. Here's some of my data analysis from today's edition:…


Day 13 : ours brun d’Europe Forêts et montagnes - son habitat ne cesse d’être réduit à cause de la croissance des aménagements humains. Il se déplace très peu, il est donc difficile pour lui d’agrandir ou trouver de nouveaux territoires. #Inktober #Inktober2019 #Inktoberday13


Sunrise and #Huawei are opening the first European #5G Joint Innovation Center in Zurich Switzerland on the 14th of October. Join us and know more about 5G:…

A retenir cette semaine : 1/ Erdogan procède tranquillou à une extermination du peuple kurde 2/ L'Otan, sous prétexte que la Turquie en fait partie, ferme sa gueule, ce qui est d'une ignominie sans nom 3/ Erdogan va tranquillou ouvrir les vannes des djihadistes sur l'Europe

Disaster strikes without warnings leaving behind critical distraction to infrastructures and human casualties. Raising awareness on disaster risk reduction can help in reducing the number of affected people. #DRRday #Buildtolast


4.5 billion people were affected by disasters b/w 1998 & 2017; 96 % were weather related. Climate resilience & disaster risk reduction must be central to investments in housing, infrastructure, schools & hospitals. #DRRDay #ClimateAction…

Extreme weather conditions are affecting people's lives across the #Asia & Pacific, the most disaster-prone region in the world. @UNDPVietNam & communities explain how we’re reducing risks from climate change related natural hazards. #DRRDay

En el #DRRday felicitamos a todos los colegas de habla hispana por su esfuerzo en la prevención, promoción, preparación, mitigación, enseñanza e investigación hacia una cultura global de reducción de desastres. Gracias. #LosDesastresNoSonNaturales #NoNaturalDisaster


Hi @raspishake. Great tweet on difficulties of responding to #disasters in remote locations. Just a small point... There's no such thing as a natural disaster. More information here - #NoNaturalDisasters #DisastersAreNotNatural #DRRDay


We need to learn from previous disasters to better prepare, respond and recover from the ones to come. #DRRDay #IDDR2019


A toutes les jeunes filles qui ont des rêves, continuez à rêver grand et puissiez vous devenir des femmes accomplies un jour Je suis de votre côté @PlanIntl_Mali @IntraHealthMali @UNFPA_WCARO @MaliSwedd @ONUFemmes @POuagaPF @AfriYAN24 @OSCPFAFRIQUE #DayoftheGirl


To mark the @UN International day for disaster risk reduction, we’ve put together some examples that highlight the impact and relevance of #geography in reducing the number of people affected by #naturaldisasters #DRRday


#DayoftheGirl Fiorina Lignier, studentessa di filosofia di 20 anni, che ha perso la vista a #GiletsJaunes protesta dentro #Paris : “Smetti di ferire la tua stessa gente. Questo non è normale Siamo in Francia, quello che sta succedendo qui è incredibile.…

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