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Trump. Lock the country down. Now.

Watching Trump striptease makes my pp very soft


El presidente Donald Trump informó sobre la probabilidad de que en dos semanas verán el pico en la tasa de mortalidad en la pandemia de #coronavirus, por lo que, extiende los lineamientos federales de distanciamiento social hasta el 30 de abril. Vía @FoxNews


Another 30 day #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe by this White House for all of America. Do you feel confident after April 30th you will return to school and work? What does it mean when Pres. Trump said a recovery will be June 1st. Are we out of the clear by June 1st or July?

Remember when Trump say he'd make America "great"? He's got tens of thousands of deaths on his hands, and the number keeps growing. His negligence is going to keep people from their families on Easter. It's going to send millions more into poverty. This is "great", eh?

Yes, during a crisis where people are dying rapidly and they are more concerned about makeong Trump look bad. He very clearly meant @cnn & other #FakeNews reporters. He wasn’t talking about African Americans whenever he said, “You People.” Get a grip. #coronavirus #CoronaUpdate…

Hopefully we will be asking lots of questions about our current system for developing drugs, vaccines, and medical equipment. It is a total cesspool. Too bad so few economists believe in markets…

Our Bengal cat Sweany loves to suck on blankets. Now I have started doing it too, because of #Covid_19 #CoronaUpdate…

Britain paid roughly £8m to the WHO in 2019. Please make it £0m for 2020. The WHO told us, it's not pandemic yet - China said it was all under control. #coronavirus #CoronaUpdate

Má notícia para a torcida do vírus: O CEO da Novartis, Vas Narasimhan, acaba de declarar que estudos pré-clínicos em animais e os primeiros dados de estudos clínicos mostram que hidroxicloroquina MATA o coronavírus Queridos abutres canhotos, parece que o banquete foi cancelado

Yes. Deepening the divide between people in a standard employment relationship and everyone else is *precisely* the opposite direction to the one we need now. To stabilise the system, allowances must be for everyone: part-time, casuals, self-employed, visa workers…

We've got cowbell. We need more COWBELL! The cheering continues on the Upper West Side of #manhattan #nyc at 7 p.m. Sunday for all of the medical professionals and first responders tackling the #coronavirus #pandemic. #COVID19 #CoronaUpdate #christopherwalken #WillFerrell

OMG nearly on 2.5k Thank you guys Love u x

Shoutout @Fatty_Melon for the 2k donation last week for an IRL backpack! If I could kiss your melons rn I would habibi, thank you!! With that being said I need help picking the right one and setting it up. If anyone has a nice setup and recommendations I'd appreciate u!!!

Till the end of april at least #CoronaLockdown

don’t understand how people somehow aren’t listening to everyone saying this but???? STOP HANGING OUT WITH OTHER PEOPLE SO THE FUCKING PEOPLE WHO ARE STAYING INSIDE AS WE WERE TOLD CAN ACTUALLY GET TO GO OUT SOONER THAN LATER U FUCKS thank u :-)

59% of those surveyed can’t get essentials

Je l’ai déjà vu autre part mais wAllah je sais pas d’où wsh ça me stress…

I forgot my film recommendations! Tonight, 3 foreign language horror movies: Rec (original Spanish version please), Train to Busan (S Korean zombie flic) and Under the Shadow (Iran) Enjoy! #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #movienight #horror

I don’t care how much I stan someone or respect them. If they come for Melanie it’s over for them

evet stan twt evet hepsini deneyimledim evet lutfen sorma artik sunu

No sunday club, no problem. Lovely of @adammorgan695 to pay a visit to my kitchen for a drink #melonhead #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe


My lovely Lynsey birthday tomorrow 40 We had so much planned She has been with #cruk #Alnwick for 15 years When we get back to normal we will party #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe


Information and advice on #Covid_19 #CoronaUpdate in the following languages. French Bengali Turkish Spanish Mirpuri Mandarin German Farsi Important to share so all understand #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe… @askdoc1

Atención: en colombia hay 702 casos de pacientes contagiados con #CODVID19 en el país 10 personas han fallecido a causa de esta #Pandemia #CityNoticiasFDS @Citytv


i love u guys thank u for being my mutuals/friends u all mean so much to me :( <3

yes we changed the point system. we will now do top 5 i’m so sorry for the inconvenience. we will no longer have company points

#CODVID19 #coronaravirus @BHDLeon dona 28 mil 800 pruebas a través de @SaludPublicaRD con un valor de 50 millones.


No lo creo. Yo creo que producciones @epigmenioibarra está preparando una mega-producción con el #CODVID19 y #ElCacas Algo así como: se enfermo y se curo solito. Se enfermo, murió y se auto-resucitó al 2do día imponiendo un nuevo récord superando a Lázaro…

So after two weeks of not ordering food from outside and heavily experimenting in the kitchen, I've come the conclusion that my mom was right whenever she went to a nice restaurant and said "yeh sab toh ghar main bhi bann sakta hai.." #CoronaLockdown

I've got an OpEd coming Monday @MinistryofHemp but in short: #CBD can reduce some people's anxiety, pain, or help them sleep. Stuff like that. CBD can NOT cure, prevent the transmission of coronavirus, or "boost"/"balance" your immune system to make it harder to catch. #COVID19

The United States government really thinks that we about to survive off $1,200 LMAO, a ONE time payment. Why have we not demanded that this whole system changes yet???

yall have no idea how happy it makes jorge thaddeus and i that yall are enjoying the music so much thank u <3

thank u for 400K you guys are the real ones uwu i appreciate y'all ❤


Gioralista: dicono che hai detto “Riapriamo” per farti notare. Renzi: Io ho fatto il sindaco, il presidente del consiglio, ho avuto tutto. Perché dovrei farmi notare?

E noi siamo d'accordo con te. Con calma ma bisognerà ripartire. Coronavirus, Matteo Renzi a TPI: “Non mi rimangio nulla, la pandemia rischia di diventare carestia”… di @tpi

Ma adesso che Burioni, che stasera dovrà spiegarci il perché di tutti questi contagi ancora dopo 3 settimane di lock down, si è detto in disaccordo con Renzi sul pensare, pensare eh, non ancora attuare una ripresa del paese, diventerà l'idolo della sinistra?

Im Eilzugstempo hat der Kreml eine Reform durchgedrückt, die #Putin eine Herrschaft bis 2036 ermöglicht. Das Volk sieht sich vor vollendete Tatsachen gestellt – da bleibt bitterböser Humor die einzige Medizin. Die Kolumne «Aufgefallen» @NZZAusland.…

Miesestes und feiges Verhalten von Platter: Zuerst "Behörden alles richtig gemacht". Dann "ja, nicht alles fehlerfrei. ABER das Virus ist immer einen Schritt voraus. Man konnte nicht wissen blablabla". #volkspartei - immer weniger systemrelevant. #COVID19

“Sono convinto che se Renzi avesse detto “tutti a casa, costi quel che costi” molti dei suoi denigratori, che oggi urlano all’untore, gli direbbero pazzo perché rischieremmo tutti di morire di fame. #virusidiozia ancora una volta batte Coronavirus”

La vérité c'est que j'aimerais vraiment comprendre comment des gens comme Cantona, Polnareff, Laeticia Hallyday ou même Booba décident d'apporter leur "soutien" au Pr Raoult. Genre des gens qui n'ont pas l'ombre d'un diplôme scientifique pour interpréter tout ça

Dat we ons laten bezetten door vreemde mogendheden is niet zo vreemd. We zijn nu eenmaal een laf volk. Denk aan #Napoleon en #Hitler? Maar waarom laten we ons bezetten door een vreemde mogendheid waar we ook nog arm van worden? Door de #EU dus. Dat was vroeger wel anders!


#coronavirus LCI. Le neuropsychiatre Boris Cyrulnik, sans trancher sur les hypothèses du Pr Raoult mais en souhaitant qu’elles soient confirmées: « C’est dans les moments désespérés que l’on a le plus besoin d’espoir. Mais il ne faut pas que l’espoir soit une escroquerie ».

mads as always being the #1 choni stan as she should

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