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aí gente em 2016 eu fiz meu twitter é isso aqui foi tudo pra mim eu tava sozinha na vida e AQUI FIZ AMIGOS INCRÍVEIS nunca vou esquecer disso mas essa rede social não dá pra mais pra mim ta muito insuportável.. enfim quem quiser conversar vem no insta vamos ser amigos


"I got a theory, it ain't big but we still bangin (BAZINGA!)" - eminem

*Martelo batido!* Em nova reunião entre Flamengo e rede Globo referente aos direitos de transmissão dos jogos do clube no campeonato carioca, em comum acordo os valores foram acertados e o Flamengo comprou a rede Globo. @TozzaFla @PaparazzoRN #Flamengo #FloridaCup


Join us 2/10 for our 1st Education Workshop of 2020! Great for those interested in learning about/replicating our model. Sharing best practices for organizations to help women heal from trafficking, addiction, and prostitution. Tickets below. #LoveHeals…

It’s statistically shown to increase human trafficking. Legalizing prostitution increases human trafficking:…… The law and economics of international sex slavery: prostitution laws and trafficking for sexual exploitation:……

Snapchat plea for help saves California girl, 14, from being forced into prostitution. Thankfully she had the phone, the app, her quick wits and friends who cared. Else she would've never been seen again, like so many others.…

During booms, the Permian Basin sees a rise in prostitution charges. But misconceptions about sex work have led to policies that may actually harm the women involved. In episode 6 of #Boomtown, we explore the complexities of the ongoing debate.…

Sarah taumelt im Bus. Ich zu Sarah: Setz dich einfach hin! Sarah: Aufn Boden!? Ne. Ihre Aussage in einem (fast) leeren Bus. @DasSvims

wieso liege ich auf dem boden

Kind wer nicht nackt wie ein Schwein auf den Boden scheißt

Ce soir en direct de Lausanne durant les JoJ dans dans un match de @RocketLeague opposant @lausanneesports et @UGSesports ! #Lausanne2020


Hanf verbessert die Luft-, Klima-, Boden- und Wasserqualität. Hanfpapier schont die Bäume und Wälder, reduziert die globale Erwärmung, den Klimawandel, Papier- und Plastikmüll #Hanf #Hanfpapier #Hanfholz #Hanfplastik #HempPaper #Klimaretter #Klimaschutz #Klimawandel #Umweltschutz


Here's a video giving my impression of Byleth and a prediction of what'll happen in the patch update

Eminem is the greatest rapper alive and if you disagree sorry for ur hearing loss.

Eminem occupies nine out of the top 10 tracks on Genius' trending chart! All 20 tracks from "Music To Be Murdered By" are charting within top 51.


net worth has nothing to do with it Eminem is rich im saying her career has gone tits up…

We'll be joined by adventurer and environmentalist @Gilwad at the HCL Sports Night @Davos. Hear his inspiring story and motivation for ice-climbing Niagara falls, by joining us on Jan 21, 18:30 CET at the #HCLPavilion. Register now: #HCLatDavos #wef20


At Davos we will tell world leaders to abandon the fossil fuel economy @GretaThunberg #wef20 #economics #climatechange


fala tanto de saúde mental no twitter mas não consegue pôr em prática no dia a dia, tem gente que vive de rede social mesmo

By tackling #ClimateChange we’re harnessing the #PowerTo make a positive impact on the world. Thanks @BofA_News for keeping me informed on #WEF20.

I’m looking forward to receiving daily updates on #EconomicProgress from on the ground at #WEF20 thanks to @BofA_News.

Mdr ok pas penalty sur Pepe allez j'abandonne avec ces ordures

Um aplicativo que disparasse um alarme no pulo do enter: essa publicação é de interesse público? É irresponsável e pode ser facilmente deturpada por terceiros? É apenas uma exibição orgulhosa de cinismo e ignorância? Isso deveria ser dito na terapia e não numa rede social?

By tackling #MentalHealth we’re harnessing the #PowerTo make a positive impact on the world. Thanks @BofA_News for keeping me informed on #WEF20.

deitado na rede lembrando da resenha com os mlk que deu 4:30 da manhã e todo mundo ficou com vontade de tomar café, só deu um monte de nego na cozinha esperando o café ficar pronto kkkkk olha as lombra q bebado tem man

Hilda is not a useless lesbian! She could be useful she just chooses not to be! Meanwhile Edelgard walked into a doorframe because she saw Byleth across the room.

i have invented a new tea for the students. its called “hot dog water”

Já troquei minha mãe no aniversário dela e no dia das mães pelo Vasco, já troquei o meu pai no dia dos pais pelo Vasco, e festas de amigos tbm. E nego ainda acha q eu vou trocar o VASCO por macho kkkkkkk pqp, só rindo disso

Mumbai: Woman pimp held for prostitution racket, 3 actors ... Times of India-14 hours ago MUMBAI: A 29-year-old woman pimp was arrested in a prostitution racket on Thursday in Oshiwara, and three women actors, including one .…

#sci. #Paris secondo nella #discesa# libera sulle Alpi svizzere, il carabiniere della Val d'Ultimo si piazza dietro solo a Beat Feuz. Terzo il tedesco Thomas Dressen. Per l'altoatesino è la prima volta sul podio a #Wengen…

Beat Feuz stürmt zum dritten Mal bei der Lauberhorn-Abfahrt in Wengen auf Platz eins +++… °°°° #skiweltcup #fisalpine #skialpin #weltcup #skiworldcup #worldcupwengen #lauberhornrennen


Ausgeschlafen, gut gefrühstückt, blockiertes Schlüsselbein selbst gelöst... das waren ideale Bedingungen für eine #Sportrunde und dementsprechend bin ich heute die Strecke quasi geflogen und fühle mich jetzt frisch und froh und stark wie schon lange nicht mehr. \o/


Viel Neuschnee über Nacht und Pistenbruch am Traverseschuss der #Lauberhorn-Strecke - das Rennen soll aber definitiv stattfinden. Die Entscheidung, ob die legendäre #Abfahrt verkürzt und von wo gestartet werden muss, soll 11 Uhr fallen. #Wengen #SkiAlpin…

Finde krank zu was der menschliche Körper imstande ist. Bin vorhin gesprintet, sprich mein Körper war vollgepumpt mit Adrenalin. Ich hätte gefühlt ewig weiterrennen können, hab dann aber nach einer kurzen Strecke mein Tempo gedrosselt. (1/2)

โมเม้นดีๆที่ไม่คาดคิด แอบเขินนะเนี่ย #sexeducation


Si vous habitez près de la #Manche et possédez un #baromètre, vous allez voir les pressions s'envoler dans les prochaines heures. A #Cherbourg (50), la pression pourrait avoisiner 1048 hPa dimanche. Nous pourrions approcher les #records des hautes pressions du 3 mars 1990.


#sexeducation no puede terminar asi mannnnnnn

Why is @aroonpurie / @Aajtak is showing wrong map of India in their London feed ? India today has come out in open support for their owners sitting in Pakistan ? Showing their true colours, their loyalty towards pak ? Shame on you #IndiaTodayWithPakistan

"Sometimes, the people we like don't like us back, and it's painful, but there's nothing we can do about it." Sometimes love is just dumb luck. - #SexEducation #Netflix

Lmao Eminem has always been trash tbh, but thinking that he's trash for some dumb political reason is cringe…

Que episódio pesado esse terceiro, a retratação do abuso de uma forma tão pesada e transparente, Aimee totalmente sem saber o que fazer na hora do ato e fingindo estar tudo bem depois e no final mostrando o trauma que ficou PQP QUE SÉRIE VSF TO CHORANDO #SexEducation

Earl's Court is brimming with food fit for a king or queen (or earl)…

Rather stunning views of the Isle of Dogs flying in over London just before dawn this morning, returning from a great #THEIndia Forum in Noida. Next stop Davos.


One London council thinks it has the answer to fight climate change in busy urban areas. TRT World’s Sarah Morice has the details

Watch coverage of day nine of the Winter Youth Olympics , live from Lausanne, plus highlights of the previous day’s action. Here ➡ #Lausanne2020


I just remembered I fucking predicted Byleth seven months ago when I made this.


I think I would have actually preferred Dimitri over Byleth. 1. a full lance moveset would have been really cool 2. edgy!dimitri was the best character in the three houses.

Eruption of Taal in the Philippines is a warning about global volcano hazards. #Philippines #volcano #tiredearth #ClimateChange #ClimateStrike #TaalVolcanoEruption #ClimateCrisis

Ptdrr ce génie, il boit sa petite bière tranquille après avoir perdu une finale

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