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If House votes to impeach President Donald Trump, the proceedings will move to the Republican-controlled Senate where the president will be represented by defense lawyers, and U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts will oversee the proceedings

An activity was given to Kaisa student leaders regarding the second topic which is the Advocacy Building discussed by the former USC President, Christian Gultia. #KaisaKa


I used to enjoy going out. Now just the thought makes me yawn.

#Dakshineshwar #Kali #Temple A Hindu Navaratna Temple situated at the bank of Hoogly river in #Kolkata. Built in 1855 AD by Rani Rashmoni Devi and associated with Ramakrishna Paramhans, the Guru of Swami Vivekananda. #HinduArchitecture


I only saved $8.95 in my bank account for the #bathandbodyworks candle and they raised the price to $9.50 wtf I just over drafted my bank account

I think this HELL is suitable for you. Let's enjoy Limbo city…… 幻騒のカルネヴァーレ ~Carnevale of Phantasm~ 夢と希望に少々絶望を加えた心温まるハートフルにボッコボコ闇鍋活劇。笑顔が素敵な畜生が沢山出てきます。 楽しんで頂ければ光栄です(〃´ω`〃)旦~

Just wanna shoutout my boys for the night @SadManGunther @simpreganald @losermilton @willythemenace unfortunately Michael couldn’t make it cause he’s pure it’s been one hell of a ride

all of these roblox christmas items got me a lil teary eyed..............

#WeAreKashmirWarriors Been more than 120 days since India forcibly shut down Internet in our Kashmir. WhatsApp is deleting user accounts due 2inactivity. The medium2 stay in touch with our old parents, exchange pictures with them. 2Hell with Indian state &curses on em @NINIRAJJ

Alguien que me ponga saldo y le mando unas fotitos y videos mándame WhatsApp y te digo cómo


putangina may napindot na naman ako merry christmas


Do you know that chrismas is appoching?! Hurray!!!! Then merry christmas


Redland City Bulletin's 2019 Christmas lights map

Christmas is a rockin' time, put your body next to mine Underneath the mistletoe we go, we go

Heavy rains + Migraine + I miss you so much = HELL

Oh Baby i Love Your Way,Everyday! @akosijex Jex de Castro

Alguien que me ponga saldo y le mando unas fotitos y videos mándame WhatsApp y te digo cómo

lol i’ll start posting on youtube again when @YouTube send me my 100k plaque that i was supposed to get like 4 months ago

She really needs to stop talking and start reading #NikkiHaley

N66.6m fraud: EFCC arraigns former bank MD in Awka…


La #startup de la semaine : Augmenteo ou la réalité augmentée pour rajeunir les musées… via @latribune #VR #culture

started playing pokemon and originally wanted to start w scorbunny but... i named my character newt and am now considering getting sobble and naming them hermann LOL.......

there’s this painting i want to start but i’m nervous because it’s Large and i am scared i can’t Do it

if i see another rtc list im gonna decrease the size of a day on earth by 0.23543829 seconds

This journalist is worth 10 of the WhatsApp grifters Jones,Shabi,Sarkar and the others prepared to turn a blind eye to racism for the media cash and pathetic hopes for some sort of media career post election.…

He's not the only one to have ducked hustings... Boris Johnson refuses to attend his own constituency hustings…

Jairam Sridharan has resigned from his post as group executive and CFO of Axis Bank.

165 international journalists have signed this statement in defence of julian #assange - if you're a journalist, publisher or broadcaster, add your name and pass it on:…

Young India Speaks! Listen to the voice of Young India only at the #YoungIndiaKeBol Speech Competition 2019! Venue - Gandhi Peace Foundation in New Delhi. Participants share their thoughts from the venue.

Thank you IZ*ONE for spending 7 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped #izonecolortheworld

Anyone know a working USB C to Ethernet adapter for Nintendo Switch LITE ? Preferably with pass-through power so can charge at the same time

Btw anyome is free to make their own characters of my alien species tadpoletopians!! All the rules are is they are all a creature with tadpole traits and can be named after an earth animal by their appearance. They also RARELY have fur and its never a lot of fur.

As lead rains, will pass on through our phantoms Forever, forever Like scarecrows that fuel this flame we're burning Forever, and ever

What a fantastic tenure. Wishing Ken the very best for whatever comes next.…

Robert Vadra has moved a Delhi court seeking permission to travel abroad for two weeks for his medical treatment and for business. Court has sought reply of Enforcement Directorate on Vadra's plea. Hearing to be held on December 9. (file pic)


உத்திர பிரதேசத்தில் கூட்டுப் பாலியல் வன்புணர்வு செய்த குற்றவாளிகளால் தீவைத்து எரிக்கப்பட்ட இளம்பெண் சிகிச்சை பலனின்றி மருத்துவமனையில் உயிரிழந்தார். #SunNews #SunNewsSocial #UttarPradesh #Rapists #WomenHarassment #Delhi

'They must hang': Unnao girl's last wordsUnnao girl She passed away after 40-hour battle for life She had suffered more than 90 per cent burns and was airlifted to Delhi after being shifted from a local hospital to Lucknow.

"It would be an honour to teach our students about how he, despite many obstacles, climbed the ladder of success," Kejriwal said.…

More on the Left-Wing bias of the BBC: Yesterday, presumably in a pact, John Major & Tony Blair both called for people not to back their respective parties. BUT ! the BBC only reported John Major saying don't vote Conservative. It's subtle, but sinister.…

#WeAreKashmirWarriors An hour-long video featuring Sandeep Chakravorty, India's consul general in New York, has gone viral on social media, in which he is addressing a group of Kashmiri Hindus - known as Pandits - at a private event in the US city last week.

You can tell what an MP really thinks by the way they vote in Parliament: Check the voting records of Boris Johnson & Jo Swinson & you'll see a huge gap between what they say & what they do. Check Corbyn's voting record & you'll see he means what he says. #VoteLabour #xmas2019


Kohli after hitting six. Ms and Rohit To Club Bowler like after hitting 100 K.Williams,Cottrel. Against Bowler Starc and Johnson


Hi my name is Billy Johnson if u need a new roommate for the 2020-2021 academic school year pls DM me. I’m funny, nice, clean, and I won’t play music out loud unless it’s a Friday and friends are over :)

◆Nazis: Holocaust denial. ◇Marxism: Bolsheviks denial. Both are same committed by Zionist Jews and hidden their crimes.


is the disney vault full of nazi gold, or is it MADE of nazi gold. is the whole vault nazi gold. these are the questions I have

Wer jetzt noch Argumente braucht warum man eine Nazi-Partei wählt, wenn man die #AfD wählt, möge sich bitte das braune Gestottere des neuen Vorsitzenden abhören. Ich kotze derweilen im Strahl.…

The curfew, crackdown and impending genocide of Kashmiris in IOK [India-Occupied Kashmir as Islamabad refers to Indian-administered Kashmir] is unfolding exactly [according] to RSS ideology inspired by Nazi ideology,” Khan tweeted. #WeAreKashmirWarriors


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