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A5: @zoom_us and @Seesaw have been awesome. I think it’s vital for us to see and hear each other for that connection! If students don’t have tech...even a sweet note or cheerful phone call can be great, simple tools. #masterychat

Zoom is a lot of fun. I made my virtual background David Pastrnak



Q5: I am loving Zoom to stay connected with staff as well as joining teacher's Zoom sessions with students. It has been great to laugh and throw out staff lip synch challenges and see the kiddos in their world. #memspachat

biden is attacking a m4a strawman claiming that it won't stop the virus dead in it's tracks. this isn't a claim anyone is making. m4a would be beneficial at a time like this and is nearly identical to the calls the white house is making to insurance providers.

when you discover you can make your #Zoom background anything you want


„Wenn Ihnen Sicherheit und Privatsphäre wichtig sind, sollten Sie möglicherweise aufhören, Zoom zu benutzen“, schließt Ex-NSA-Hacker Werle seinen Blog-Beitrag."… #zoom #zoombombing

Biden on @BernieSanders pushing for #MedicareForAll as a solution to the #coronavirus crisis: "The idea that this would have stopped the virus from happening...The idea it would have fundamentally changed anything, it's just not accurate."

Alyssa Milano Slammed For Silence On Joe Biden Sexual Assault Accusation…

#coronavirus pandemic will no doubt be in our history books. As we address the same, our commitment to clients QualityWork & grades still remains ✓Essays ✓Literature review ✓Research ✓Statistics ✓psychology ✓Law ✓Accounting ✓IT #HMU 24/7 #clapforkeyworkers! #COVIDー19


نقيب الأطباء يشكر الرئيس: قراراته انتصار كبير وإنجاز رائع للغاية #احمى_نفسك_احمى_بلدك #فيروس_كورونا #كورونا #COVIDー19

interesting thread from the @rheum_covid registries- 110 patients; > 25% of patients who developed #COVIDー19 were on HCQ at the time of diagnosis.…

Не стоит прогибаться под изменчивый мир, Пусть лучше он прогнется под нас!!! Вообшето!!!! #клубромантики


Message me your zoom code!

#doodlebreak This one is just quick stick figure drawing of a Punching Magical Girl.


Tune in for Tony Award winning producers Sue Gilad and Larry Rogowsky's Producing 101 Course on April 7 and 8 PM! Register Here:…


#IEWorld | How will Joe Biden choose a running mate? Look to the Obama model


#COVID19 caution: Maybe we shouldn’t use Zoom after all – TechCrunch


These are bad people. Anita Dunn (Biden campaign manager)- Offered damage control advice to rapist Harvey Weinstein. Alyssa Milano- married to Dave Bugliari, partner at CAA, agency described as part of rapist Weinstein’s “complicity machine."


"Nothing is gained from Sanders staying in the race. Nothing. His chances of overtaking Biden are infinitesimal, even more so now with America facing years of recovery from the economic, societal and psychological damage of coronavirus."…

Liz Truss. Honestly. Still, laughs aplenty guaranteed #CoronaVirusUpdate #BBCQuestionTime #bbccoronavirus #COVIDー19 #ToriesOut

#SputnikVidéo | Un troupeau de chèvres sauvages a été filmé en train d'errer à Llandudno, au nord du pays de Galles, alors que la ville a été mise en confinement en raison du #COVIDー19 Lire aussi: #coronavirus

Reminder: the primary is over. Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee, ignore the fucked left and focus on the general, specifically countrywide #VoteByMail

Bernie Sanders must drop out - now - and clear the way for Joe Biden’s nomination | Editorial


So... in a nutshell ESL One: Road to Rio means an absolute truckload of CS:GO to watch in April and May with all the best teams in attendance. And CS:GO Major spots are on the line. What's not to love? #ESLOne

A team that plays together, stays together. Here’s a glimpse at our team meeting this morning. We wish you all well during this challenging time! #WORD&Chuck #workfromhome #rubberindustry


Me and the team this morning planning our tasks for the day: #FaceRig #StayHome #WorkFromHome


По состоянию на 10:00 2 апреля, в Украине коронавирусная инфекция COVID-19 подтверждена у 57 детей…

Новый антирекорд: российская нефть Urals упала до $10,5 за баррель…

UPDATE: After facing backlash over #privacy & security concerns, #Zoom today issued updates to patch some recently disclosed flaws & also announced to enhance its #bugbounty program and shift all of its engineering resources to resolve further issues.…


"Nobody had to make the decision about putting themselves or anyone else at risk" Rabbi Miriam Berger organised a funeral for her grandfather, who had died after contracting #COVID-19, joined by 200 people over Zoom Read the latest on #coronavirus:

If your girl is so happy with you, then why is she in my dms saying she still loves me and is miserable without me meaning you don't even make her happy?!


bery sad because she has crush on pretty girl

Coronavirus is rearranging the world as battlefield for global leadership: 1. China 2. Cuba 3. Russia How Cuba finds itself in this mix despite decades of economic ambargo from a powerful/hostile neighbor and a ridiculed political system should invoke reflection.

A 93-year-old man and his 88-year-old wife from Kerala have recovered after contracting the deadly #coronavirus disease #COVIDー19 #coronavirusindia

Вот уже больше недели артист вместе с супругой находится в Коммунарке и лечится от коронавирусной инфекции. О выписке речи пока не идет, но Лев Валерьянович чувствует себя гораздо лучше!…


Реакція соцмереж: Супрун попросила в Ілона Маска допомоги. Що пішло не так…


Названа стоимость лечения коронавируса в Украине В Ивано-Франковской больнице подсчитали, что стоимость лечения пациента, больного Covid-19, составляет от 5 до 10 тысяч гривен.

Число зараженных COVID-19 в Украине перевалило за 800: данные по областям…


The Mainland Football Referee Development Group (MFRDG) met on Zoom tonight to discuss some clips from the ISPS Handa Premiership.



I wanna hug almost every girl on earth

I have a 5 hour zoom class at 9 am.. yes.. 5 hours.

Need a girl that turns to stone during the day sitting perched upon a cathedral. Then at night she becomes a cold blooded creature, soaring through the sky.

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