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With Assad Syria’s future is nothing but destruction. Go back to that fundamental fact and build from there

I hope Avery is safe. Especially with the recent conflict in Syria. #90DayFiance

Retired 4 star Marine General John Allen bluntly criticised Donald Trump over the ongoing Turkish military offensive in northern Syria: "There is blood on Trump's hands for abandoning our Kurdish allies"

.@MillerStream reacts to President Trump's decision to pull troops out of Syria. He says we can’t keep making promises to indefinitely commit our troops to foreign conflicts that are not in our interest.

US President Donald Trump’s administration is set to impose economic sanctions on Ankara, potentially as early as this week, for its incursion into northern Syria.…

Syria Is Not 2 Save. 2 Much Fake News. TERRORISTS 2 Much Hate Education. ISLAMISTS 2 Much Evil Growing. ALL OF THEM I Give Up. Concentrating On Love.

Avery in Syria right now #90DayFiance

If you missed it this morning, here's my conversation with @WCCO's @esmemurphy. Tune in to see what I'm hearing from Minnesotans about holding the President accountable, the war in Syria, protecting our elections, and getting results for #MN03 in a divided Congress.

Эрдоган рассказал об отношениях с Россией после начала операции в Сирии…


Армия Асада начала наступление на север Сирии против турецких войск -… #Вмире

Опубликована карта расположения тюрем для боевиков под контролем курдов в Сирии…

Эрдоган заявил об отсутствии у Турции проблем с Россией по Сирии…


Can harry Styles just be my friend that’s all I want

Pro-Assad regime media report says Assad forces will enter Syria’s Manbij and Kobani in 48 hours. This is in line with SecDef Esper’s statement today that SDF/YPG is cutting deal with Assad and Iran to protect themselves

Reporters without Borders (@RSF_inter) is checking the situation of journalists who were part of a convoy which was the target of a Turskish bombing raid in Syria. According to pro Kurdish press, some of them are wounded, at least one Kurdish journalist has been killed. #syria

If you’re waiting for Ivanka to speak out against the war crimes happening to women in Syria right now remember she knew full well what he did to the girls on ‘Miss Teen USA’ and even joked about it when she was it’s 16 y.o host. It’s kind of her and Daddy’s ‘thing’ @IvankaTrump

Defense Secretary Mark Esper says President Trump ordered a near-total withdrawal of troops from northern Syria


Reports say that hundreds of ISIS family members escape from a refugee camp in Syria as Turkish forces continue to push forward in the region. @KeirSimmons reports from Turkey.

Emerald Silk :) Viktoriia Managarova

Какая то дикая дичь - русские визжат, что они освободили пол Европы, а народы именно этой пол Европы орут, что немцы их оккупировали только 5 лет, а русские 50! Кто прав насильник или жертва, и кому решать, что это было-любовь или изнасилование!

Viktoriia Managarova was listening Red Hot Chili Peppers ( Scarr Tissues. Californication) on October 11 after the release of LIGHTS UP by Harry Styles. Memories, 1999-2002


Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Honey, I do not want to live alone without your smiles in the House of Juliette. I do not want you be alone without me on your tours.But you know that song LIGHTS UP hurts me.I can't support it like the Queen of the Brilliant Age.

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:" Honey, and then I suddenly woke up on October 11 and did not recognize our previous dreams.... I was immersed in your dark dark past relations of 2017-2018 and since then my eyes are wet every day because of that earthquake

Премьер Болгарии вступился за Турцию

Страны, приостановившие экспорт оружия в Турцию: Италия, Франция, Нидерланды, Норвегия, Германия, Финляндия.

"El Camino is enjoyable as a kind of epilogue to Breaking Bad. It’s unnecessary, but it’s good enough to offer two solid hours of pleasure to anyone who loved the mother ship." - Matthew Gilbert, Boston Globe…

#Russia will withdraw from #Syria if government requests: #Putin

Just finished watching El Camino. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, it is REQUIRED viewing. That is all.

Turkey face punishment after players' controversial celebration…

Donald Trump releases $50 million in stabilisation assistance for Syria #DonaldTrump #Syria

BBC News - Turkey Syria offensive: Guarding IS prisons no longer a priority, say Kurds…

Female Kurdish politician among nine civilians killed by pro-Turkey forces in Syria, observers say…

Erdoğan to Syria: "we will disrupt and suppress the Kurdish attempt to built some kind of Kurdish independent state and then we will limit ourselves to limited, punctual, operations." Russia to the Kurds: “you need to make a deal with Syria. Kurds loose.…

News and war pictures of Northern Syria proves, that the Turkey's army is as cruel to the Kurdish people than ISIS. President Erdogan is the main terrorist. #TurkeyIsATerrorState #Turkey #TurkeyArmy #TurkeySyriaInvasion #TurkeyOutOfNATO


POR ELLOS, POR NOSOTROS, POR ARGENTINA. Continuemos el camino del CAMBIO. JUNTOS, lo vamos a lograr.


Didn't realize how badly I needed to watch this until I actually did. Practically choked up watching the conversation between Walt and Jesse at the diner. Perfect closure for Jesse. Perfect closure for me. El Camino is a beautiful movie ❤

чонгук и его длинные волосы как восьмое чудо света

О как. Цыганские укурки под крыльями пендоских бомберов в 2018 году рисовали веселые картины будущего Цыганостана. Я уж не говорю про Казахстан, Турцию, Украину и часть России. Эти обдолбанные наркоманы закрасили радужными цветами ЛГБТ святая святых-проспект Путина в Грозном.


President Trump's inconsistent and rapidly shifting positions in the Middle East have injected a new element of chaos into an already volatile region and have left allies guessing where the United States stands and for how long.

#Turkey-backed proxy forces appear to commit war crimes in northern #Syria…

Boris Johnson urges Turkish leader to end military assault on northern Syria…

Και κάπως έτσι ειπώθηκε η πρώτη Χριστοπαναγια πριν 100 περίπου χρόνια…

Syria: Turkish military offensive risks a humanitarian catastrophe: Amnesty International…

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