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Papunta ako sa SU. Tas may 2 batang naninigaw ng "wala kang jowa!" "Hindi ka niya mahal" Like shookenedt mga people, and i was like cge sbhin m yan sa pagmumukha ko papatulan kitang bata ka.. char not char

It’s been a long slow process but it seems most people now know how to spell the words “Crewed” and “Uncrewed” correctly but inevitably misspellings of the words will linger on in historic posts…

Why has @TwitterSupport @Twitter suspended @Mekut_Mallet? He is a Kurdish activist and has only been reporting on #Turkey's war crimes against #Kurds. Unsuspend now, this is unacceptable in this situation.

Trump 2016: 'I will withdraw all US troops from Syria, endless wars have to stop' Trump 2017: 'I will withdraw all US troops from Syria' Trump 2018: 'I will withdraw all US troops from Syria' Trump 2019: 'US troops come home' EU: 'We are shocked', 'We dont know what to do'

Erdoğan "Birçok şu anda dedikodular var" Bir de türkçeyi öğrensen Erdoğan'dan 'Suriye ile QSD anlaştı' açıklaması…

Bad news for ...@realDonaldTrump and Turkey.... The #SAA has deployed to Tall Tamr in north-western Hasakah countryside to face the Turkish aggression.


Riad Kamel Abbas slammed Pakistan for supporting Turkey. (@Geeta_Mohan)…

Likely France XI vs Turkey: Mandanda - Pavard, Varane, Lenglet, Hernandez - Tolisso, Matuidi - Coman, Griezmann, Lemar - Giroud. (L’Éq)

Ok,to be clear: Russia,US,other nations can violate the sovereignty of Syria..but Turkey can't?

Kurdistan 24's @akramsalih7 is on the scene in Tel Temir, where #Syria has begun to advance north to repel Turkey's ongoing operation against Syrian Kurdish forces. #TwitterKurds


Syrian state TV is reporting that government forces have entered the key town of Ain Issa, 30km south of the border with #Turkey, after a deal was reached for Damascus to take over Kurdish-held areas #Syria


When you hear a convoy of journalists was hit with an air strike in Northern Syria.


#90DayFiance Avery: “I know there’s Jeopardy in Syria where Omar lives... I’ve just never seen in TV. And like, is there like and Alex Trebec?”

Avery everyone is running from Syria full out war now. I am really afraid for her. There is no way she will be able to get him into this country. #90dayfiance

외랑이들이 오늘은 #BTSPAVEDTHEWAY 내일(한국시간 15일)엔 #/ArmyIndependenceDay #/NamkandaDay 를 달리고 스밍&뮤스 파티를 한대요 같이 참여하실 분들 참고해주세요! #BTS #TheGroup #PCAs @BTS_twt

Соединенные штаты собираются эвакуировать около тысячи своих военных из северной Сирии…

это было красиво, конечно, можно считать себя айдолкой, если были зелёные волосы?


Правительство Сирии приняло решение направить войска на север Сирии, чтобы оказать противодействие Турции, которая уже пятый день проводит там операцию «Источник мира» против курдских формирований.…

Пентагон выводит около 1 тыс. военных с территории Сирии, где проходит операция Турции против курдских формирований. В Вашингтоне отметили, что ...…


США решили срочно вывести своих военных из Сирии… #США #Сирия #войска

Советник Эрдогана не исключил столкновений между армиями Сирии и Турции…


can harry styles punch me in the face already

me seeing mr @Harry_Styles following people and ignoring my existence

#SRO | IMPORTANT | Regime officials and representatives entering #Manbij area after agreement with #MMC (based on #FSA local battalions formed in 2012 that fought against the regime and were involved in the war against #IS since 2014). Could lead to regime forces entrance (1).

.@SoccerMouaz to @CliffordDMay on Russia's airstrikes targeting Syria's civilian hospitals: The @UN gave some hospital coordinates to the Russians. That’s a horrible mistake. All of these hospitals were bombed after they received the coordinates. Listen:

13-octubre-1855 Muere el compositor, cantante, director de bandas y político Máximo Ramón Ortiz. Autor original de la "Sandunga" o "Zandunga", ocupó diversos puestos políticos y militares en su región Foto: Mujeres en camino a la festividad de la “Sandunga”, 1935. SINAFO #Cultura


Who’s not a “terrorist” in our world? The Kurds aka the PKK are considered terrorists. But so are ISIS. Not Syria’s murderous government forces though. These messes result from our basic inability to have thought about the world in any reasonable way whatsoever.

1-In re Syria: Our on again-off again, half-assed participation in brutal sectarian civil war was doomed to make everything worse for average Syrian by prolonging religious war-We reluctantly intervened on behalf of rebel Sunnis-Russia&Iran backed Shiite/Alawites gov’t. They won.

J’ai vu El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. J’ai VRAIMENT adoré. Une belle conclusion à une série extraordinaire!

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:" honey, it was the amazing day on October,10. I created a long poem for you... about the Deserd and the Ocean...inspired by your status DO. No, wait, it was October, 8 :)

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Honey, we had no mood on October,10?"

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Honey, I will not be able to create the new Light Metanarrative with you if you go to your world tour to break all my new happy dreams for you

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:" Dear I do not want you to spread that Fallen ORGIES of Fallen people all over the world when I will get an official status of your wife""""" as a Queen of the Brilliant Age""""""

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Dear, and you will go to the world tour to support THE END OF HUMAN IN THE PERIOD OF OUR HAPPY POST METAMODERN WEDDING LIFE?"""""

Путин, защити! ВВЕДИ В ТУРЦИЮ ВОЙСКА!!!… через @ru_rbc

I'm pretty late to this one, huh?


Here's the half-by-half split, which pretty much tells the entirely story.


not to mention that tabloids twist words and those articles are no exception. it was pretty obvious what those journalists were trying to do…

Viktoriia Managarova analysed twitter settings yesterday at the office. He opened that her twitter page was hacked many times!

just subscribed to this kr group of girls (mostly) that do dance covers in the streets bc one of them is so pretty im kinda in love


Turkish attack on Syria endangers a remarkable democratic experiment by the Kurds || Via: Salon…

The @Yuengling_Beer is behind the Genocide of Kurdish Children and Woman 100%. Even after the killing of families in Syria, that will soon number in the millions, the family endorses Trumps policies and will spend millions on his re-election! @cvs @StopandShop @PriceChopper…


Turkey’s PKK/YPG operation is serving to ‘Get rid of Trump’ idea. So there is an effort in social media to exaggerate, manipulate and mislead on whats happening in Syria. That’s is called #KurdishGenocide now. And yesterday it was #TurkeyIsNotOurFriend #TurkeyinvASION

The Persian service of #Turkey's state-run Anadolu Agency is accusing #Iranian and #Persian-language outlets of misrepresenting Turkey's military operation in #Syria against the #Kurds. The agency has tagged every accused outlet in this tweet. Huge backlash in the replies.…

Iranian-backed militias shell heavy civilian gatherings in the village of "Khalsat" in the southern countryside of Aleppo: Syria Call correspondent #SYRIA_CALL #Syria

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