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roger really is just that beautiful huh…

//literally everyone is so fucking beautiful am gonna go cry bye spare beauty please






We lost but these 2 today omg, absolutely immense performance by Fred and Matic. These guys were just absolutely amazing minute 1-90. These guys were absolutely brilliant. Bravo man


Ta mas Black Swan é tão chique de se pronunciar sei lá @BTS_twt

vminkook au jungkook jimin’e, jimin taehyung’a, taehyung ise jungkook’a aşıktır


B-armys caímos mt no spotify meu pai amado vamos dar o nosso melhor. Temos uma só música pra se preocupar poderíamos levar os números lá no alto. Vamos fazer valer todos os pedidos de shows aqui. Stream em Black Swan. @BTS_twt

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"My sweet. I really do not know what to do with this apartment on Vozdvijenskaya

Сегодня весь православный мир отмечает Крещение Господне. На один из главных водоемов Донецка приехало с утра уже около 1500 человек, дабы окунуться в освященную воду и таким образом смыть с себя грехи. #ДНР #Крещение #украина #россия


The King Is Back!!! We have the largest collection of Official @UFC #ConorMcGregor in the world!! It will take you longer than last night's main event to see it all!! Open today until 8pm at @LasVegasSouthPO. #UFC246


В ночь на Крещение на Руси принято гадать. Предлагаем вам испытать судьбу в нашей игре. Это не обычное гадание — мы нагадаем, что вам скажет судья! Все цитаты в игре абсолютно реальны и принадлежат настоящим судьям

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Honey, I asked my mom if she wants to live there. But she didn't know.

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Honey, I really do not like furniture not from wood And I do not like floor from artificial wood. My nose cant tolerate artificial materials

Люди, толкнуть любимую тещу в прорубь на Крещение - это святое дело или уголовное?

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Honey, it's really good house generally. Its absolutely new. From 2006. But Sevelia bought an apartment in 2013 for the first time and did repair from zero It was very difficult really to reconstruct that walls

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Honey, if you really have a lot of money and if you really think it will be useful for our children or to meet guests or to use it like Workshop from time to time- you can buy it... I do not mind...

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"My darling, it obviously not comfortable for sleeping for us two on Vozdvijenskaya street apartment. I really can't imagine us in that sofa. But it has no place for other one big bed.

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Honey, we have very good apartment with my mom really. It can be organized for Gallery too if our neighbors remove all mess from the hall.

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Honey, I think we are going to live in London too... so I think we have no needs now to buy two apartments. Its difficult to take care about all apartments

The flight recorders from #PS752 will provide insight as to the explosive effect on aircraft systems, how the crew tried to recover, and may reveal ways to make the 737 more “fault tolerant” or “survivable”. The evidence of missile attack lies in the structure, victims, & debris.

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Darling, if we will open a Show room at the Apartment on St.Andrew Descend - how do you think - we will be able and live there ?

Viktoriia Managarova to her first future husband:"Honey, I saw that apartment on St.Andrew Descend has separated bathrooms and separate room for toilet. So its really important.

Казарин: Правительство Гончарука топят депутаты из обоймы Коломойского, желающего усилить свои ...…

НАТО готовится к крупномасштабному конфликту с Россией - Валерий Герасимов Начальник Генштаба РФ…

Track Name "Willow Weep for Me" Artist "Houston Person" Album "I'm Just a Lucky So and So" start time : 4:22am…

アホだからspotifyで聴けるのにking gnu買っちゃうやーつ、、


this shows that barefaced jisung is the most beautiful

that huge screen... somebody should've done us a favour and played beautiful goodbye mv


In germany we don't say "English motherfucker, do you speak it" we say "sprich deutsch du Hurensohn" and I think that's beautiful

それでいてあなたは 그럼에도 당신은 ​ 強つよがってるもの 강한척하고 있는걸 本当はどこか寂しかったはずなのに 사실은 어딘가 쓸쓸했을텐데 ​ _The Beautiful Moonlight

.@FloydMayweather-Dana White business talk continues during and after #UFC246

Apparently someone hacked Kamaru Usman’s Twitter account to call out Conor McGregor However, I would love to see these two on the cage. #UFC246

So #Chioma, #Davido, #peruzzi, atiku usman And #SexEducation is trending Okay let me promote me here Am into Business and events branding Reach me via WhatsApp 08164774502


This scene was so cute and pure #SexEducation


крещение: просто есть тем временем лента каждого атеиста сегодня:


19 января. С праздником, православные! Святое Богоявление. Крещение Господа Бога и Спаса нашего Иисуса Христа. Пусть у вас всё будет вовремя и кстати. Пусть Господь хранит и оберегает вас!

Игры олигархов: Коломойский хотел усадить в кресло премьера Витренко, но Гончарука спас Пинчук…


okay so it’s not on spotify but i found the v old mv lmao

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