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Haller is a hammer! I’m buzzing for this signing, I see a fair bit of him last season and he is the complete package up top! #Haller #WelcomeHaller


I genuinely can’t believe we’ve signed a good striker fair play to the board for actually getting the signing done

L'Alfa Romeo ha confermato ufficialmente che Jan Monchaux (il quale attualmente ricopre la posizione di Head of Aerodynamics) sarà il nuovo direttore tecnico del team a partire dal 1° agosto. Simone Resta lascerà la squadra alla fine del mese #F1

what a signing haller is for west ham fair play to them. Wouldn't be surprised if they finish in the top 7 next season

Willino, sei fortunato: il tuo patrigno non sarà il tuo fratellastro. Ma il fratellastro del sarto che stava per diventare tuo patrigno. #TwittamiBeautiful

BREAKING NEWS out of #Iraq: Gun shots in Huqqabaz Restaurant in #Erbil. Many police seen on that scene. Reports of 3 individuals killed, including the Turkish vice consul general. It seems from initial reports Turkish diplomatic staff were targeted.

AnneKee Molenaar, fidanzata di Matthijs de Ligt, arriva al J Medical accolta dall'ovazione, applausi e qualche fischio (di apprezzamento) dei tifosi. Imbarazzante.

Middle East|MENA this a.m • Iran “towed” missing foreign Tanker • Sudan Parties Sign Agreement • Turkey receives ✈️ # 13 of S-400 • Israel boosts anti-missile defense in 20 sites from Hezbollah • Saudi intercepts Houthi drone • Bahrain FM in DC • Egypt opens old pyramid

not to bring gay into this situation but she cute af ma’am what’s your @ what’s your number can i pick you up at 6


Ancient City Discovered Near Jerusalem Is The Largest Neolithic Settlement Ever Found In Israel…


happiest bday sir luis !!


If you're ever lucky enough to meet the queen, you should first call her "Your Majesty," and from there you can refer to her as "ma'am." #RoyalFact #QueenElizabeth


Quello che le maschere nascondono, le emoji rivelano. #Worldemojiday #IMedici


In US mainstream media like @NPR it’s now fashionable and acceptable to describe the president’s racist words as racist. But you’d still likely be fired if you accurately described Israel’s practices, laws and racist politicians as racist.

Matthijs de Ligt has undergone medical exams with Juventus ahead of an expected 70 million euros ($80 million) transfer from Ajax…

Old lady told me I was like a work of art. Ma'am please

Me when i see Thor 4 on the cinema


Ulster will open the PRO14 season at home versus the Ospreys before heading for an early season trip to South Africa to play both Ruan Pienaar's Cheetahs and the Southern Kings.

David Notoane will take charge of Bafana Bafana's CHAN qualifiers in which South Africa will play Lesotho away in the second round on the 28th of July at Setsoto Stadium. #Soccerzela

From the thread it is clear that #ISIS, founded by Islamic Studies PhD Baghdadi, closely follows the Holy Book. No wonder they call other takfir on other Muslims who water down Islamic teachings, including of sex slavery, which Allah is really keen on.…

The Speckled Pigeon is also known as the African Rock Pigeon. It is a resident breeding bird in much part of sub-Saharan Africa, although with sizeable gaps in its distribution (Mary Walker) #South_Africa #birding #Pigeons #Doves #birdphotography #TwitterNatureCommunity


loki showing up in thor 4 while everyone's saying he's dead

الذين وقعوا اتفاق تقاسم السلطة اليوم مع #المجلس_العسكري_السوداني خانوا دم أبناء #السودان وخانوا الأمانة التي حملهم إياها الشعب.. من سيكونوا في #المجلس_السيادي اليوم سيلقون مصير #حسن_الترابي وسيرمون بالسجون غدا. بتمكينهم #الجنجويد من السلطة هم شركاء بجرائمها في #اليمن و #ليبيا.

When u see the Lion King remake


There are so many characters to collect in the Posh Paws Lion King collection! #pplion

#SareeTwitter A Saree makes a Woman look Elegant, Gorgeous and Stylish. સાડી એક પહેરવેશ નથી, સાડી ભારતીય નારીની શાન છે.


Remember Simba's good friend Timon, the one who quoted ''Hakuna Matata''? All you need to do is answer the question & mention five of your friends to follow us to stand a chance to win a FREE ticket to watch Lion King! NB-You & Your Friends must be following sigma Pensions to win


Rhino named Beckham enjoys belly rub at sanctuary in South Africa via @MailOnline

SOEs in need of expert staff – Gordhan

Just another reason we love firefighters Firefighters have the highest level of job satisfaction, even though their median annual income is just under $50,000…


okay soooooo i guess the trend is over but doing it anyways because i’m slow in those ways. #SareeTwitter


احمد دانشجو ۲۱ ساله دانشگاه تهران: شیوه زندگی آمریکایی بسیار جذاب است. کوکا کولا این شیوه زندگی را به ما نشان می دهد. (طرف کپی برابر اصل شخصیت های روس در فیلمهای آمریکایی دهه ۶۰ میلادی است که ناگهان با خوردن کوکاکولا متحول می شدند)…

Game of Thrones' Emmys Nominations 2019: GoT group chat went CRAZY over the 32 nods, Alfie Allen reveals #GameofThrones #Emmys -…

With time fashions/ trends change and style evolves but the saree remains timeless and looks chic. #sareeTwitter #sareeswag


साड़ी नही है सिर्फ परिधान ये है भारतीय नारी की शान #SareeTwitter #Saree


One more Islamic terrorist down. Great job Pakistan! Pakistan arrests US-wanted terror suspect in Mumbai attacks…

المجلس العسكري الانقلابي الجنجويدي . يخاف من امريكا اكثر من الله سبحانة وتعالى . قرصة صغيرة تم الاتفاق السياسي ، #الاتفاق_السياسي #الاعلان_الدستوري_الانتقالي

کیا آپ کی نظر میں ماڈل ٹاؤن میں حاملہ خواتین پر دن دیہاڑے گولیاں چلوانے والا شخص جرات مند ہے؟؟ #Lahore #Pakistan


Bilal Travels Announces a #Lahore-#China Route For Rs 15,000 Bilal Travels has started a route to China for the first time due to increasing demand from people visiting the Pak-China border and beyond. #Pakistan


السفارة الأميركية في السودان: نشجع المجلس العسكري وقوى الحرية والتغيير على الاستمرار بروح التعاون للاتفاق على الوثيقة الدستورية خلال محادثات الجمعة

اتفاق #السودان .. مجلس سيادي برئاسة متعاقبة وتوصيف للمرحلة الانتقالية أبرز البنود التي تضمنتها وثيقة اتفاق المرحلة الانتقالية الموقعة بين المجلس العسكري وقوى الحرية والتغيير

BREAKING NEWS: Emirati official says oil tanker MT RIAH ‘not owned by the UAE’…


Why did I wake up at 02.30? Why am I up slurping coffee at 03.30? I should've looked at the clock and gone back to sleep. Great... this could be a long day.

19 hours later.... 2 time zone switches... back in bed. I told you it was gonna be a long fucking day.

I WISH. But I'll also say this: I personally know 10 women Ailes was absolutely revolting with. And of those 10 I'd say 2 or 3 have actually gone on record about it. I want "Loudest Voice" to somehow explain his Christian hypocrisy. But that's probably asking a lot.…



FL trip update, Sara is still doing good and it’s been great to be around her. I didn’t sleep well until 11am-12pmish this morning so I slept a good part of the day. Cuz of that I’m just gonna stay with Amanda & her family tonight to be with her instead of streaming.

“If you are going to rely on some form of ‘Christ plus something else’ in order for you to be a real Christian, you have just stepped outside of the realm of God’s grace.” A timely word from pastor Mark on Paul’s letter to the Galatians...…

It's not every day a defense attorney gets called to testify for the prosecution, but it happened today to Gen. Mike Flynn's ex-lawyer, Rob Kelner. The cross-examination produced some friction. More here:

Jewish groups have condemned Trump for using Israel as a "shield" to "echo talking points of white nationalism" | Via Newsweek…

EL MAGO with the sweet sweet leather.

"Blessed [be] the LORD God of Israel from everlasting, and to everlasting. Amen, and Amen. Book II Psalm 42 To the chief Musician, Maschil, for the sons of Korah." ~Psalms 41:13 #Bible #God #Poetry

#IngrahamAngle Omar’s comments on Jews, Israel and Black Hawk Down incident were disgusting, divisive, racist and dangerous. I’m amazed that any thinking person doesn’t realize this.

#Israel’s Prime Minister #Netanyahu accused European allies of taking the same appeasement approach with #Iran as they did with #NaziGermany, but how much influence does the US have over #Europe's decision to stick with the deal, @MichelleMakori asks @JessieJaneDuff:

That George Michael was really onto something (cruising for anonymous gay sex in public bathrooms)


tive momentos maravilhosos na Sara Nossa Terra, mas depois que sai de la, percebi o quanto a igreja tem pessoas PODRES.

لا ينسينك البلاء الذي يعترضك نعم الله وآلائه التي ترفل فيها بالليل والنهار. #صباح_الخير #خسوف_القمر

لعنة الله عليكي يا عاهره فضيحه جديده لرهف في تايلند تعري ودعاره علني يخرب بيتك الفيديو الاباحي الصور العاريه #خسوًف_القًمر #معً_ببجًي_اوً_ضدً


Will this man be streaming FIFA 2049 on twitch?


#خسوف_القمر -سبحان الله وبحمده .. سبحان الله العظيم -استغفرالله واتوب اليه -لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله

FIFA president Gianni Infantino congratulated Johor Darul Ta'zim FC (JDT) for winning a record sixth Malaysia Super League title in 2019. [1/3]


Sopa de letras del día S E L L A M A S E R V I C I O C I V I C O V O L U N T A R I O P O R Q U E N O E S O B L I G A T O R I O C A B E Z A S D E T E R M O U S T E D E S N O V U E L V E N M A S E N S U P U T A V I D A # N O S O M O S B O L U D O S M M 1 9 Quien se anima?

Disneyland calls itself "The Happiest Place on Earth," but family heiress Abigail Disney says she found workers struggling when she recently visited the park undercover

يارب وسع على موتانا قبورهم ، كفّر سيئاتهم ، وعاملهم برحمتك وعفوك ياعفو ياغفور اللهم آنس وحشتهم واجعلهم من اهل جنات النعيم ياكريم @Retwit_islam @azkary_q8 @islamic_pic @RTwit_1

Happiest Birthday "Appaji" Best Wishes From @KicchaSudeep , @NKSFAKicchaFans Team & All Kiccha Fans


Yes, soon after he became Prime Minister in 2014, @narendramodi Modi had started hobnobbing with Islamists, even going to the extent of saying that Islam was a peaceful religion and that Mohammad preached brotherhood.After 2019 he has grown more Islamic than Muslims themselves!…

لاہورمیں موسلا دھار بارش، شاہی قلعے کا 180 سال پرانا مرکزی دروازہ گر گیا Read News >… #Lahore #HeavyRain #ShahiQila #LahoreFort #DoorCollapse @GOPunjabPK


- t o n g u ç - k ü t ü p h a n e - n o t l a r - k a h v e n e d e n h a y a t ı m a d a h i l o l d u n u z :'(

يخَليلي صُوته قد ماهو ماليني رضّا.

اللهم احفظ أمي فلا حياة لي دونها.

a v i d a é u m a c a n ç ã o i n f a n t i l

The final review - where the four ICC insiders came together to relive the moments of #CWC19Final Do check it out it is our final review. #ENGvNZ @ICC @cricketworldcup

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ I N E E D T O S T O P C H E C K I N G M Y P H O N E E V E R Y M I N U T E , N O B O D Y M I S S E S M E . ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

هلا احلا شي بموضوع الناقلة MT RIAH هو تصريح المسؤول الاماراتي: " ناقلة النفط غير مملوكة لنا ولم يتم تشغيلها من قبلنا، ولا تحمل على متنها أي طاقم إماراتي.. نراقب الوضع عن كثب مع شركائنا الدوليين" انو اذا الموضوع ما بعنيلكن بشي، ليش كل هالخوف والتلبك يا حبيبي؟! #باسل_كعدة


#ALDUB4YearsUnrivaled Hoping that as we journey to our 5th year there will be more laughter than tears or if there's any tears of joy naman for ALDUB nation. Praying for inner peace and true happiness in this fandom where I found my weakness and strength. #ALDUBNewBeginning

مصدر مسؤول: ناقلة النفط " MT RIAH " غير مملوكة لدولة ⁧#الإمارات⁩ ولم يتم تشغيلها من قبل الإمارات، ولا تحمل على متنها أي طاقم إماراتي، ولم ترسل أي طلب استغاثة.


أنت مجدداً ودائماً وإلى الأبد.

remember thy roots❤ #ALDUB4YearsUnrivaled

ليتك تمر العين مثل ما تمر البـال والله إني حسدت بالِي كـثر ما تمره.

أطلقت جائزة #محمد_بن_راشد آل مكتوم للتسامح بالتشارك مع صحيفة #البيان مسابقة #التسامح_في_صورة ... تعرف على تفاصيل المشاركة وقيمة الجوائز في هذا الفيديو @IITolerance @MBRInitiatives @tolerance2019 @DubaiPoliceHQ #البيان_القارئ_دائما

RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

.@Scheimtime prepping to storm Area 51 with his Naruto run @Keefe21 @DaleEArnold @JohnWEEI

This is Benson. Benson is ready to Storm Area 51 to see them aliens.


hillary clinton on her way to announce she's running for president of area 51


Découvrez aujourd'hui le logiciel "Fragment" créé par des Junior-Entrepreneurs de @JIS_INSA, Junior-Entreprise de l'@INSAToulouse, dans le cadre de l'exposition sur l'œuvre de Christian de Cambiaire. #WeAreJE #logiciel #art…

Republicans want to implement Christian Sharia Law in America.

Sad thing is that all the hope Amber had came from everyone else in the villa egging her on and Micheal made it out like it was her fault #loveisland

The best gift of #GuruPurnima is #Super30 Sir @iHrithik you nailed it. Everyone who believe in #Guru's and #GuruPurnima should watch it. This is priceless you can't count it's collection.

French insurer @AXA boasts of being an ethical and responsible company, but according to the NGO @SumOfUs AXA is complicit in Israel's war crimes. AXA #KnowYouCan Divest!…

#2010s: The divas who gave India's favourite garment a necessary millennial twist! Your favourite? #SareeTwitter #Saree #SareeSwag #SonamKAhuja #DeepikaPadukone #KatrinaKaif #AliaBhatt

Michael Jackson leaves the Beth Israel Medical Center after being hospitalized in New York, 1995.


I voted No in 2014 #indyref and totally regret that now. My view changed immediately after the 2015 general election - the way anti-scottishness was played up in England to get people to vote Tory

When "Light Unto The Nations" means designing drones for an autocrat to protect a tyrannical mass murderer — read @PatrickHilsman on the Israeli-Russia-Syria clusterfuck:…

I’m truly the happiest right now. They deserve it so much. ♡ #Emmys2019


Namaste! I may be white and from England but i am a Desiboo, i prefer bollywood flicks to crappy western cinema and have been studying hindi to talk to indian girls online, i plan to visit india next year.

#TrueGuruSaintRampalJi We must follow the True Guru who is authenticated by Supreme God Kabir so that he will give us Salvation. Lord Kabir also says in this regard- Kahe Kabir akhar doye bhakh, hoyega khasam to leyga rakh. #GuruPurnima…

England to honour Andrew Strauss' late wife Ruth with support for cancer foundation named after her at second Ashes Test next month | @CricketMirror


#BenStokes #CWC19Final #EnglandCricketTeam ইংল্যান্ডকে বিশ্বকাপ জেতানোর পুরস্কার, নাইটহুড পেতে পারেন স্টোকস…

Ex-England chief Andrew Strauss opens up for the first time on the aftermath of Ben Stokes' street-fight arrest — and the moment he knew it was a good thing for the star all-rounder | @CricketMirror


Micheal doesn’t deserve amber or the Joanna Anton doesn’t deserve Belle Jordan is too good for Anna And unpopular opinion but really looking forward to Maura and Curtis #loveisland

Today CEO of Nigerian in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) @abikedabiri , visited the Acting High Commissioner of South Africa Mr. Bobby J. Moroe in Abuja over the killing of Nigerians in South Africa


Israel army suspends seizure of Palestinian land to expand checkpoint | #Palestine…

Diego Forlán vs Germany, South Africa 2010.

This stigmatizes mentally ill spree killers who scrawl messages on the wall in their victims’ blood.…

Lets go for trending worldwide armies hwaiting #UAEwantsBTS

انگلش کوچ نے بڑا انکشاف کردیا۔۔۔ تفصیلات جانیئے #AajNews #AajUpdates #CWC19Final


#عاجل | ناقلة النفط " MT RIAH " (المختفية) غير مملوكة لـ #أبوظبي ولا تحمل أي طاقم إماراتي (الوكالة الإماراتية) #الامارات

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مسؤول إماراتي: ناقلة النفط " MT RIAH " غير مملوكة لدولة #الإمارات #ملحق #إيران #هرمز


Only serial killers sleep with socks on. I don’t make the rules.

#UAEwantsBTS @BTS_twt @BigHitEnt @ZayedSportsCity Bring them to Abu Dhabi(zayed sports city). A.R.M.Y will not give up.


#عاجل | ناقلة النفط " MT RIAH " (المختفية) غير مملوكة لـ #أبوظبي ولا تحمل أي طاقم إماراتي (الوكالة الإماراتية) #الامارات

When will human right organizations talk about the human rights abuses inside the medical system. The medical system has created the most prolific serial killers. doctors exploit patients for personal gain even when patient consent is absent. Whose talking about this

The Killers to Perform in Abu Dhabi on Sunday December 1st - Earlier this morning The Killers were announced as headliners for the after-race concert of the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday December 1st. Notably, this is only the second time...

وتحملني الأماني إلي حيث كُنا فاســألُ عــــن زمــــانٍ ضاع منا وأعجب...!!! من ياتُرى يُغنيك عنا فــهان الحــــــب ياقلبي ... وهنا #نوع_قهوتك #مساء_الخير


Andhra Pradesh: 3 elderly custodians of a 15th century ancient Shiva temple in Anantapur were murdered inside the temple complex yesterday midnight by unknown persons. The three 70+ olds' throats were slit. Killers sprinkled their blood on the Shiva Lingam. Can any hindu do this?

I'm sure we did not notice 'ben stokes' in welcome


T 3227 - आपके पास 2000 रुपये,मेरे पास भी 2000 रूपये, आपके पास 2000 का एक नोट,मेरे पास 500 के 4.... कौन ज्यादा अमिर? #ICC - जिसके पास 500 के 4 नोट वह ज्यादा रईस। #ICCRules

جس کنوارےکی بھی شادی نہیں ہوتی تھی وہ اب سوشل میڈیا پر عمران خان کو 2،4گالیاں نکالتا ہے اور پٹواری اسے بہنوئی بناکر فوری طور پر پکڑ کے گھر لےجاتےہیں #JournalismNotAgenda #LayOffLifafaJournalists #شوبازشریف_چندہ_چور

قرب ميلاد شخصّي المُستثنى ميلاد الشخص اللي اتباهى فيه بهالدنيّيييا ميلاد الأحب لي من روحيّ. "@iluvr8"

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RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

i belong in area 51

Please explain the rationale expressed by Trump and some Tories/Blairites that criticising Apartheid Israel makes you unpatriotic in US or U.K. Thanks.

'I'll investigate deeply troubling trophy hunt tourist trade' - Michael Gove…


People in prison per 100,000 of population, 2017. US: 666 Israel: 265 Turkey: 254 Chile: 237 Czech Republic: 216 Estonia: 213 NZ: 210 Poland: 196 Mexico: 192 Australia: 162 England & Wales: 145 Spain: 130 Canada: 114 France: 101 Italy: 93 Germany: 76 Japan: 45 (OECD)

- World Cup is over but authorities must revisit rules. At least in high profile events a clear cut winner should be determined via lesser-over match or multiple super overs & at last joint-winners.

Spoke to a couple of Downing Street aides yesterday evening. Said the England Squad were one of the nicest groups they've ever had in for a No.10 reception. Modest, friendly, generous with their time for ordinary staff, (security guards, etc).

when michael comes online and follows almost all of your mutuals but still doesn’t follow you:


This is coming to the U.K. All those comrades colluding with the AS narrative, have a good think, and start unequivocally defending @UKLabour record and stats on fighting racism and our right to criticise Apartheid Israel.…

el alien que rescaté del área 51 viendo como le vuelvo a contestar a alguien que me trata de la mierda y me busca cuando quiere

Dez and I just saw like 20 UFOs... Area 51 aliens have escaped

Transfer: England midfielder leaves Man City for Premier League rivals…


So @jeremycorbyn what first attracted you to a group that deals in #antisemitic cartoons of Jews and conspiracy theories about Israel controlling the world?…

England celebrate World Cup triumph with young fans


Fuck anyone that supports israel

I know everyone deserves to see them Every ARMY We will do our part but ppl saying we are kids & all its total nonsense They r holding a stadium concert here in MENA It's not easy I am here U r here U will see it selling out! So.. inshALLAH we will them here 1 day #UAEwantsBTS

“If he's good enough, why isn't he playing for Souths in the NRL?” Well, he had offers from Canberra and Parra, at least. But he wanted a new challenge, a fresh start, and always wanted to play in England. That's why.…

Mike Atherton joked about a ‘super over’ halfway through England’s innings and it’s another golden moment…


Computer pioneer and World War II codebreaker #AlanTuring will feature on the new 50 pound polymer note @bankofengland…

According to new rules of ICC, if number of boundaries were also same after the super over then Morgan's and Williamson's 10th and 12th marksheet would be taken into consideration.

#WorldCup2019 | The ICC World Cup 2019 trophy should have been shared by England and New Zealand, felt Sir Garfield Sobers after both teams' scores were tied after 50 overs as well as the Super Over. Story by: Bipin Dani…

They are the happiest

Imagine if this was the other way round, and Michael was squeezing Joanna’s jaw???? There would be an uprising #loveisland


I’m sorry but if Micheal has REALLY found what he was looking for in Joanna wouldn’t have he left with her? It’s not true feelings it’s 50K #loveisland

If you’re an aspiring super villain, can you keep your evil-doing to daylight hours please? It’s 2.30am and I’m hunting (or being hunted by) Kraven through Central Park, I’ve already missed date night with MJ and her last text had ‘sleeping on couch’ written all over it.

#WC2019WithTimes #CWC19 #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ हार से खोखला महसूस कर रहा हूं, नियमों की समीक्षा करें: कीवी कोच गैरी स्टीड via @NavbharatTimes


ما أروعك ،،، صانع أسطورة دبي لم تمنعه المشاغل من الإحتفال بعيد ميلاده مع أبنائه وأحفاده وبعفويته المعتاده . اللهم إحفظ الإمارات وأهلها ياكريم . #محمد_بن_راشد


والله الصراحه مااتابعهم بس من حق جمهورهم يشوفونهم ع الطبيعة..استقبلنا كبار الفنانين وصغارهم على مر السنين يعني يت عليهم #UAEwantsBTS

أعطى بلاده كل حب وسعادة وطاقة إيجابية .. مولد #محمد_بن_راشد.. منارة #الإمارات ويوم فخر الأمة #صحيفة_الخليج…

#محمد_بن_راشد: أسوأ شيء نفعله هو أن ننتظر .. لأن الانتظار ضياع للسنوات.. @HHShkMohd #البيان_القارئ_دائما

I am not surprised. This news report tells us how the lobbyists in the government and academia are now creating a fear psychosis over taxing the super rich. Even in US reducing corporate tax has NOT brought more investments nor created jobs. @nsitharaman

يارب الشخص الأحبّ لقلبي في أمانك

RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

لـيٌتك تمر العين و تفارقٌ البال.

لـيٌتك تمر العين و تفارقٌ البال.

لـيٌتك تمر العين و تفارقٌ البال.

When Joanna grabbed Michael's face #loveisland


#loveisland Michael: i didnt like Amber because i always had to bite my tounge with her Also Michael:


Ik this is a David stan acc but Michael is part of our family and we welcome him with open arms. I’ve heard of the situation that’s going down atm with him and fans relentlessly harassing him. Please leave him alone.

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