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#عاجل.. ارتفاع عدد وفيات #كورونا إلى 80 حالة

Harper, when I get into your head next you're not even going to know what hit you. I'm gonna put you out of commission for a long fucking time.

What say you @SenatorCollins, @lisamurkowski and @MittRomney? Are you going to allow Trump to get away with this or will you honor the Constitution and put country over party/Putin? #RemoveTrump…

Quick update regarding P4GB, we’re hoping to have the next episode out by early February! Maybe even on Valentine’s Day? We’ll see....

For @EuroFantasyGame; Man Utd 6-0 Tranmere Rovers; The Red Devils continue to progress in the FA Cup as they cruised past Micky Mellon’s men with ease. Three things we learnt. #MUFC


Just in case someone out there needs an anti-Valentine's Day sentiment


“To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race.” – President Coolidge, 1924…


Jim they will do what they have been doing this entire Trump Presidency: NOTHING. They will do his bidding. The country and the constitution be damned! #SenateTrial…

Senators who don’t allow witnesses &documents in this most serious of trials with our #Constitution assigned responsibilities &issue of abuse of power & #ObstructionOfCongress at hand are not honoring our founding fathers.#ImpeachmentTrial #TruthMatters #FairTrialsHaveWitnesses…

As Indians and Indian-Americans across the world celebrate #RepublicDay today let us dedicate ourselves to the principles of justice, liberty, equality & fraternity, and renew our commitment to each other and our community.

Hockey captain Rani Rampal's parents beam with joy as she gets shortlisted for Padma Shri…

How Do Deaf People Order Food At Restaurants? now has Danish subtitles! via @YouTube

Baa Bahoo Aur Baby fame veteran actress Sarita Joshi conferred with Padma Shri

Guys please use earphone & listen carefully to this video. When she repeats the repoter's question that " biggboss main favourite contestant " after that 2 people says SIDHARTH bolna hai at 0.03 second #NallaSalman #BiasedBBTargetsAsim #ScriptedBiggBoss13

Never again. And let us also honour the memory of those brave people who risked their lives to save Jews fleeing the Nazis, like my Danish grandparents whose home was a safe haven for those fleeing to Sweden. #WeRemember…

Happy Chinese New Year! As part of New Year celebrations, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts hosted a family day. See what it looked like. #ChineseNewYear…

"If government can grant citizenship to a Pakistani Muslim, what is need to bring CAA?" -- Congress leader Digvijaya Singh.…

"Pain helps you develop those things which will take you to the next level of what the Lord has for you." We can c dat God has planned grt things for @imrealasim his hand is def on him n we know good things come to good ppl. #BiasedBBTargetsAsim #ScriptedBiggBoss13

جبح هل راس مو گتلك صورني عدل غير تگلي عدل وگفتك كتلك مو اعوج الدله واصبن الكلاص صورني زين يغراب البين هذا المصور جاي اعاني منه حيل احد يعرف المصور مال هيفاء حسوني محتاجه


So enjoyed the hospitality of the Indian community in #Belfast today on #IndianRepublicDay! It was great to announce that the JaipurLiteratureFestival is coming back to Belfast in June! #JLFBelfast20 @JLFLitfest Thanks to all the dancers & performers, many in their state colours


* * وين انت يـاللي سواليفك تريحني أبطيت عني وأنا مدمن سـواليفك الــشوق في غيبتك والهم ذابحني لــيت الوله ذكّرك ، وحشة مواليفك

المواقـف تعلّٓـم مـن جهـل بالرجـال لابدى الموقف الّي يكشف الاقنعه ، بعضهم زول لامكسب ولا راس مال وبعضهم لامشى تمشي المراجل معه

ليت الشوق ياحضرة الجافي زارك

The best video was that of #Owaisi ji singing the National Anthem and the Kerala mosques unfurling the national Flag. It has indeed been a #HappyRepublicDay2020

कमाल है सत्यता का प्रमाण पत्र अब ढाई हज़ार पांच सौ वाले देंगे। #HappyRepublicDay2020…

اللي مايعدني مكسب ما اعده راس مال.

#Constitution_Of_GodKabir देश के संविधान को तोड़ने वाला अपराधी होता है वैसे ही परमात्मा के संविधान को छोड़कर मनमानी भक्ति करने वाला भी अपराधी होता है उसकी सजा है चौरासी लाख योनियों का कष्ट। अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखिए साधना चैनल पर सत्संग शाम 7-30

हम भारतीय हैं हमारा भारत देवनागरी है हमारा संस्कृति हमारा इतिहास गवाह है हमारे पूर्वज मांस मदिरा खाने से डरते थे और भगवान का विधान भी यही कहता है जीव हत्या और मास नहीं खाना चाहिए बाइबिल में उत्पत्ति ग्रंथ में लिखा है परमेश्वर ने मांस खाने को नहीं कहा! #Constitution_Of_GodKabir


#Constitution_Of_GodKabir कन्या भ्रूण हत्या पाप है, बेटी देवी स्वरूप है बेटियों को गर्भ में मारना महापाप है। मानव जीवन अनमोल है इसे सत भक्ति मार्ग में लगाएं। अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखिए शाम 7:30 बजे साधना टीवी


#Constitution_Of_GodKabirConstitution of God Refuge of Guru is essential Kabir, Satguru sharan main aane se, aayi tale balaa. Je mastak me shuli likhi ho, kaate me tal jaye


Hoje à noite acontecerá o 62º Grammy em Los Angeles, Estados Unidos. Shawn Mendes e Camila Cabello concorrem a categoria de “Melhor Performance Pop em Dupla” com o smash hit “Señorita”. A premiação será transmitida a partir das 22h (horário de Brasília) na @TNTbr.


#nCoV2019 update: - Worldwide confirmed #coronavirus cases rise to 2,096 as of Sunday evening. - China officials confirm 2,058 infections and 56 deaths - 12 foreign countries report 38 cases - Thailand confirmed eighth case - Japan reported its fourth…

Dekat airport langkawi ramai warga China yang tunggu teksi, tapi tak ada teksi yang nak ambik. Nak gelak ke nak sedih? #WuhanCoronavirus

hoje tem grammy e se justiça existe meus fav leva

स्वास्थ्य मंत्रालय: अब तक 137 उड़ानों में से कुल 29,707 यात्रियों की जांच की गई है। 22 उड़ानों के 4,359 यात्रियों की आज जांच की गई। अब तक कोरोना वायरस का कोई मामला नहीं पाया गया है। #coronarvirus

At least 35 dead, as efforts to find survivors from the powerful earthquake in Turkey begin winding down

Çin'in Wuhan şehrinde bir hemşirenin sosyal medyadan yaptığı açıklama: "Doğruları söylemek için buradayım. Korona virüsünün başladığı bölgedeyim. Tüm Çin'de 90 binden fazla kişiye virüs bulaştı. Hükümetin ne dediğini umursamıyoruz."… #coronarvirus

رصد ثالث حالة إصابة بـ #فيروس_كورونا الجديد في الولايات المتحدة #coronavirus


#الصين: علاج جديد لـ #فيروس_كورونا اختبر بنجاح على 7 مصابين.


#يحدث_الان | رئيس بلدية #ووهان يتوقع ألف إصابة إضافية بـ #فيروس_كورونا المستجد #أخبار_الآن


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