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EXPLAINER: Why you won’t hear Shatta Wale’s song with Beyonce in The Lion King movie


ألا ياالله يارب السما ياعدل يامنّان تعاملنا بغفرانك وتعفو عن معاصينا . طلبتك يارحيمٍ ياإله الكون يارحمن تسامحنا على الزلّه وتاخذنا بأيادينا . #خسوف_القمر


نشط الآن #خسوف_القمر الترتيب عبر ترند المملكة 21 الترتيب السابق 23 الاتجاه ️️⬆️ عدد التغريدات 287479

THOR 4 is coming and Taika Waititi is directing it, whoever is in your wallpaper will be the one joining you to watch it in the cinemas, who is it?… @Beyonce becomes the Queen of the desert in her new music video for 'Spirit' from the @disneylionking soundtrack.

Bože idem večeras sa familiom da gledamo The Lion King i mnogo sam uzbuđena ali isto tako i nervozna jer mu je ocena 5.3 fghjklkjghjk

African artists on Beyonce's new ‘The Lion King’ album #ghanamotion


enough 'spell ur name in weeb' spell ur name in american a = jay b = ick c = bert d = son e = mike f = roy g = fred h = zack i = ddie j = kev k = ily l = con m = tin n =luke o = finn p = carl q = jen r = al s = cat t = will u = reg v = bill w = ray x = ire y = ham z = mond

Think Imam-ul-Haq will be the happiest person in Pakistan right now. #NoMoreParchi

إذا شعرت أن #خسوف_القمر لم يقدّم أو يؤخر في نفسك شيئاً، فاستمع لسورة القيامة . واعلم يقيناً أن الخسوف موعظة ونذارة وأنه لا يزال بإمكانك الأوبة إلى الله والتوبة، أما خسوف القيامة فلا رجوع بعده !

كانت الديانة الإسكندنافية القديمة وثنية شركية، إله القمر فيها اسمه mani وهو أخو إلهة الشمس من علامات الساعة ragnarok عندهم ان ذئاب أسطورية تطارد الإلهين ستلحق بهم وتبتلعهم (الخسوف والكسوف) فيغرق العالم في الظلام كان عندهم طقوس #خسوف_القمر قرع الطبول لإخافة قوى الظلام أقم الصلاة



a p t a l m e z u n a k a l a b i l i r d i k a p t a l

y a k t ı n b e n i h a i n t i r y a k i n ol d u m y a r i m ç a l d ı n b e n i b e n d e n d ü ş t ü m a ğ ı n a z a l i m

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ I N E E D T O S T O P C H E C K I N G M Y P H O N E E V E R Y M I N U T E , N O B O D Y M I S S E S M E . ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

C o m e i n t o t h e w o r l d 降 り 立 つ 姿 は 絶 大 な 輝 き の f a n t a s t i c a r t 至 高 の 音 楽 を 味 わ え と L e t m e s h o w y o u 酔 い し れ れ ば い い 僕 ら の 音 は 世 界 へ と 憑 依 す る #RAS

#IranianNavy Tows Broken Panamanan-Flagged Oil Tanker ‘MT RIAH’ Vestnik Kavkaza…


Emirati official says #oil tanker MT RIAH ‘not owned by the…

صدق قول الشيخ #محمد_بن_راشد، فهذه العِبر هي أساس النجاح، وعلى الجميع تطبيقها بحذافيرها وبأمانة. نرجو من الله ان يوحدنا دائماً لنكون أقوياء متحدين، عاقلين مدركين لمصلحة بلادنا وأهلنا، ونقدر أن نفرّق بين الحكماء والسفهاء وبين الصادقين والمنافقين.…

اللهم احفظ أمي فلا حياة لي دونها❤️

- #رئيس_الدولة يمنح سفيري كندا وقبرص وسام الاستقلال من الطبقة الأولى - #محمد_بن_راشد: عقلانيتنا أفضل خطة في زمن كثر فيه الغوغاء - بتوجيهات #محمد_بن_زايد.. 100 مليون دولار لدعم ريادة الأعمال في إثيوبيا الصفحة الأولى من صحيفة الاتحاد #مصدرك_الأول


#UPDATE: MarineTraffic info shows MT RIAH as registered to Prime Tankers, who said to Reuters that the tanker had been sold.

Backyard Games That Kids and Adults Will Love All Summer Long via @sunset #realtor


Wow! Haven’t looked at $APRN for a long time, but decided to look at the chart after reading that $BYND has been added to their menu. Good to know. #ipo #thelifecycletrade@IBDinvestors⁩ ⁦@MarketSmith


I am enjoying the fact that Hip-Hop has been around long enough that I can go back and listen to music and have the same experience as coming across a great book I haven't seen in a minute #HipHopEd

“The provincial economy appears to have started growing again in recent weeks.” Encouraging news, but we have a long way to go to get our economy back on track.…

That's 18 consecutive scoreless innings for the Pirates' bats. So much tinny contact, clunky swings. Almost no exceptions, either. Not exactly an awesome point in the season to suddenly go dark. #DKPS #Pirates

Con las "segundas temporadas" me espera una gran maratón, trapped, mindhunter, dark

Have a good night, friends. Had a tough day mentally. Hopefully tomorrow's a better one. See ya dark & early at 4.

PLEASE OMG I WAS SO SCARED OF THAT BOOK WHEN I WAS LITTLE... i was playing hide and seek in a dark closet and i turned on a flashlight and the first thing i saw was that book and i ran downstairs crying…

To no WoW e scrollando meus achieves eu vi vários que eu fiz com o pessoal da Dark Lotus e com a @CamynArt , saudades dessa época...

'I'd like to add you to my professional LinkedIn network'…

have discovered the secret to my true happiest self and it’s drinking 2 glasses of sauvignon blanc, knitting a couple rows, then playing bioshock

Is Aaron Boone cold blooded? 90 degrees out and he’s still wearing a frigin hoodie.

Adulting is working on your LinkedIn

When they See us got 16 nominations!!!! SIXTEEN!!!!!!! #Emmys


From a Graduate in Perth to a Senior Consultant in Dallas. Read more about Conn's exceptional EY experience in the Technology Risk team here: #EYCareers #Global #TechnologyRisk #Students #Graduates #Vacationers


How do I live like a son rather than a slave? APJ.… A Christian’s Spirit-wrought obedience is not “filthy rags.” By the Spirit, God is working in us to produce fruit, not filth.

LinkedIn is wild because everyone shares these fake ass stories that read like 2013 tumblr text posts except the guy writing it has three degrees

The provocations of Trump's ambassador to Israel are upending decades of U.S. diplomacy

the fact i’ve been so happy lately to the point where multiple people have pointed out how different my energy is makes me the happiest. i pray this lasts

also michael clifford is very adorable and such a nice person idk just thought y’all should know in case you were dumb as fuck and didn’t know that about him(:

- #خسوف_القمر اللهم إنا نستغفرُكَ ونتوب إليك.. توبة عبد ظالمِ لنفسهِ لا يملك لنفسهِ ضراً ولا نفعا.. ولا موتًا ولا حياةً ولا نشورا.

Curiosidade (parte 3): o Miami Heat aposentou a camisa 23 em homenagem a Michael Jordan (foi o primeiro número que o time aposentou). O presidente do Heat, Pat Riley, falou para Jordan durante a cerimônia: "Ninguém vai vestir o número 23 pelo Miami Heat. Você é o melhor!"

حين يخسف الله القمر "نصلي " حين تكسف الشمس "نصلي " وحين تجدب الارض أيضاً "نصلي " إذاً الصلاه تحل مشاكل كونيه فكيف لا تحل مشكلة شخصيه . #خسوف_القمر #ذوي_ضحايا_نيوزيلندا_ضيوف_الملك

#خسوف_القمر اللهم الهدى و حسن الخاتمه و الثبات و الستر ف الدنيا و الاخره و المغفره و حبك يا الله


You guys called me old for playing #golf so now your claims are reality #oldfilter #old


I think we all need Michael teddy bear right now


Super proud of my husband @Thinkceltic who has a credit on this film! #Beyonce #Emmys…

No nominations for the #TheGoodFight?! (We can't believe it either, Diane.) Join us as we mourn this year's most glaring #Emmys snubs:…


City of Boston Faces Federal Lawsuit for Banning Christian Flag While Allowing Islamic Symbols To Fly… VRA

The LEADER of the Democrat Party is a vile racist islamist that hates America, hates Jewish People, supports Islamic Terror, and came to this country ILLEGALLY by marrying her brother. Let that sink in. #Omar


Irresponsible. Media giving self proclaimed white supremacist time mainstreams ideas that put fellow Americans in danger. It’s complicit. Hate crimes against Jewish, Latinx, Asians, & Islamic communities are at a record high. @votolatino…

Is there any reason why Rep. Ilhan Omar cannot categorically denounce Islamic terrorism? My thoughts here:…

Countless Saree pics of our Empress @MadhuriDixit #sareeswag #SareeTwitter #sareelove .Send in ur favorite pic of MD in Saree .


Sim eu gosto de Maicon Küster M ele A é I meu C sobrinho O não N tenho escolha K infelizmente U tenho S que T aturar E esse R cara

授業中に歌います! C o m e i n t o t h e w o r l d 降 り 立 つ 姿 は 絶 大 な 輝 き の f a n t a s t i c a r t 至 高 の 音 楽 を 味 わ え と L e t m e s h o w y o u 酔 い し れ れ ば い い 僕 ら の 音 は 世 界 へ と 憑 依 す る

SIM EU GOSTO DE MAICON KÜSTER M acarrao A qui no ceu faz mó frio I ntercolegial com prova da camisa molhada C air do ninho O vo de codorna (que foi? É mó bom) N ao sei oq por aqui K uster U niversitarias S arrar nas águia T retar com os frango E nergia eólica R acao de pato

b e n y a t ı y o r u m a m a t a b u t a

But guys here me out. Who other than her being synonymous to Sarees! #SareeTwitter


الكويت تقول انها لن تنسحب من تحالف العدوان وكذلك الأمارات لن تنسحب اذا استمريتم في عدوانكم الظالم والحصار الجائر ضد شعبنا الصامد ويمننا الحبيب فأن مصيركم الزوال والي الابد وقريبا جدا بأذن الله الملك جل جلاله

#محمد_بن_راشد: توحيد القلوب أحد أهم خطوط دفاعاتنا


RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

اللهم اني أدعوك فااستجب دعائي ودعاء كل من دعاك اللهم اشفي أمي فأنت القوي وهي الضعيفة فلا شافي سواك اللهم انت اعلم بحالها وبوجعها اللهم اشفها شفاء لا يغادر سقما اللهم رد عليها صحتها وعافيتها يارب

كمل الخطيب خطبته بعد صلاة الخسوف ،، والذي قد كان معه شوية معلومات عن الظواهر الكونية قرحين جو ... وأقم الصلاه .

The last time I wore a saree was when I was 3 years old... #SareeTwitter


so you’re telling me that #UAEwantsBTS went from 20K tweets to 17K?


نعم انا بمفردي مجددا والى الابد.

#تبريه_قاتل_ومغتصب_امي من يغرد عن وفاة عزيز له إنما يحاول أن يصرخ عبر حروفه عن مدى حزنه ويزداد ألمه عندما لا يجد لصوته سوى صدى آهاته فلا تبخل عليه بكلمة أو دعوة أو إعادة تغريد فالأحزان إذا شاركتها ضعفت والأفراح إذا شاركتها تضاعفت

Who did this?? Somewhere on the roads of Lahore


حدوث خسوف للقمر منذ نصف ساعة لاحول ولاقوة الابالله اللهم زيل الخسوف عن القمر وزيل العدوان الظالم والحصار الجائر عن شعبنا الصامد ويمننا الحبيب ونهائيا والي الأبد

West Coast League Commissioner, Rob Neyer, announced today, the rosters for the 2019 WCL All-Star teams. Four Walla Walla Sweets made the cut. Full Story:… #SweetsCountry


Me realizing bts is probably coming to uae #UAEwantsBTS

Oo eeh oo ah ah ting tang walla wall bing bang

Gotta appreciate Shahbaz Sharief. Nigga worked day and night to transform Lahore into Venice

Reuter’s confirms: MT RIAH #tanker towed/hijacked/detained by #Iran was #UAE owned.…

RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

#محمد_بن_راشد: نحن في زمن نحتاج فيه للكثير من العمل والقليل من الجدل للتفاصيل: #مصدرك_الأول


عاجل مصادر لموقعنا ناقلة النفط MT RIAH متعددة الجنسيات انطلقت من أحد موانئ الإمارات وتم اختطافها وجرها الي احد الموانئ الايرانية


RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

#محمد_بن_راشد: #علمتني_الحياة أننا في زمن نحتاج فيه إلى الكثير من العمل والقليل من الجدل.. نحتاج حولنا مزيداً من الحكماء لا السفهاء.. #الرؤية_بلا_حدود


RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

#محمد_بن_راشد : #علمتني_الحياة بأننا في زمن نحتاج فيه للكثير من العمل والقليل من الجدل.. نحتاج حولنا مزيداً من الحكماء لا السفهاء.. #الإمارات_اليوم


شركة إنتل الأميركية تعتقد أن ناقلة النفط الإماراتية MT RIAH اجبرت على دخول المياه الإيرانية قبل يومين من قبل بحرية الحرس الثوري، اخر موقع للناقلة كان بالقرب من جزيرة قشم الإيرانية، و وكالات أنباء تؤكد اختفائه #إيران


#فيديو | شاهد كيف احتفل الشيخ #محمد_بن_راشد بعيد ميلاده وسط أحفاده ؟

Mystery over fate of another tanker, the MT Riah, unaccounted for in the Persian Gulf possibly after wandering into Iranian waters. Map courtesy of @GBeleris at @RefinitivEnergy


مساء الخير لـ جدتي التي نامت إلي الأبد،مساء الخير لكِ وإلي ابتسامتك التي لم تغيب عني للحظةً ما،رحمك الله يا فقيدتي.

Can't wait to experience RiSE DXB

RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

Friendly reminder that the UAE government is blatantly lying to the people regarding MT RIAH. It’s owned by a UAE based company either way you spin it.

RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

مسؤول إماراتي.. ناقلة النفط MT RIAH التي يدور الحديث عن اختفائها في مضيق هرمز غير مملوكة لدولة الإمارات، ولم يتم تشغيلها من قبل الإمارات، و لا تحمل على متنها أي طاقم إماراتي، ولم ترسل أي طلب استغاثة

RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

RiSE DXB: Register for Discounted Presale Access, free tickets, luxury accommodations plus more!:

So, the company Prime Tankers LLC which appears to own MT RIAH told the AP that it’d sold the MT RIAH to a company called Mouj Al-Bahar, but when you call this company and ask them about it, they say they don’t own a ship.…

working on something,,,,, guess who


Oh well, guess it's time to make a juicy demon daki~


instead of coming together to raid area 51. you should come together and stream easier by @5SOS

*time traveler appears from 2050* me: so did people really storm Area 51? how did it go? time traveler: you mean the great Area 51 massacre?

have not posted about area 51 stuff,because to me, its normie shit etc, in fact we are actually the aliens, and we are the ones imprisoned in area 51. called "society"

No va a pasar, pero me encantaría que Trump u Obama pusieran algo así como: Jaja chicos, que gracioso el meme de atacar el area 51, pero si no queréis un un AC 130 os reviente al acercaros a 69 metros del alambrado yo no lo haría jaja!

The Green New Deal is gaining support from Christian groups just as climate projections are growing more apocalyptic.

Former aide to Israeli prime minister smacks Trump upside the head for dragging Israel into his racism mess – Raw Story…

I wrote about how the Supreme Court’s hypersensitivity to conservative Christian grievances makes it impossible to protect many people who face legitimate religious discrimination.…

"The life of a Christian is nothing but a perpetual struggle against self; there is no flowering of the #soul to the beauty of it's perfection except at the price of pain."

The partial lunar eclipse will be visible Tuesday night or Wednesday morning in Africa, most of Europe, a large portion of Asia, the eastern part of South American and the western part of Australia

For 20-year-old, Adia Barry, seeing the world is more than just seeing the sights. Adia leaves for her @birthright trip today!

BRECHEND Christian Solmecke droht mit Selbstmord, wenn #HWSQ sich nicht wieder vereinen.


Israel's openly gay justice minster @AmirOhana takes Luxembourg's openly gay PM @Xavier_Bettel to task for hyprocisy toward Iraniran regime's exuection of gays and mainstreaming Iranian FM @JZarif who defends murdering gays. Read @Jerusalem_Post…

The Stellenbosch Mafia – all male, all Afrikaans, and all stinking rich – what influence does this billionaire’s club exert on South Africa?…

Los hermanos Huang suben por el río Li cerca de Snail Shoal. Los viejos pescadores de cormoranes pescan principalmente para los turistas en estos días, posando para grandes grupos de fotógrafos... #fotografia de Michael Steverson via @instagram


"Never wait on a newsroom pizza, ever." Words to live by, from @_DanMangan

Germany aiding Israel to maintain "perpetual occupation" while "silencing any form of opposition"

Ang moment na lubos kong pinasasalamatan sa inyo. Ang unang photo na tumingin kayo sa camera ko. This will forever be with me. Mahal ko kayo hanggang dulo. @mainedcm @aldenrichards02 #ALDUB4YearsUnrivaled


Un día como hoy, hace 50 años, el 16 de julio de 1969 partía a la superficie lunar el #Apolo11, la misión espacial estaba tripulada por los astronautas estadounidenses Neil Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin y Michael Collins.

Naririnig ko na ang ulan sa bubong ng bahay, kada patak ulan may kasamang OHT ... #ALDUB4YearsUnrivaled

I still can’t believe no one had Ambers back and put Michael in his place about the way he spoke to her, I’m glad Amber told them about not having her back I’m disgusted in all of them for allowing that to happen #LoveIsland

LGBT teaching row: Government 'too slow' to tackle protests - BBC News…

Top 10 Miss England Beach Beauties @RW_Birmingham yesterday wearing @EcoSwimEngland luxury swimwear from Ocean Waste whos going to win the trip to Mauritius ? Photo by @Folly_House MUA Kelly Taylor Make up Store Pro & Artistry by Annabel


Champion of 2019 England......


'There was a victor, but no vanquished. There was a winner, but there was no loser. After eight hours of compelling drama, nothing separated England from New Zealand. Nothing basic, that is' #CWC19 @kausheek68 writes:…


गुरु के साथ का सम्बन्ध आत्मिक होता है - भाव, कर्म और वचन के परे। ये समझ में आ जाए तो व्यक्ति स्थिर और शांत हो जाता है। #गुरुपूर्णिमा #GuruPurnima @pratibhaiyc1 @srinivasiyc @vbwalia @AshokTanwar_INC @IYC


Celebrating #GuruPurnima with a few that have touched our lives and inspired us! @iHrithik #RaniMukherjee @aamir_khan @iamsrk @SrBachchan Tag your on-screen guru and let them know how they've impacted you!

دشن محبو الكي بوب، وخصوصاً فريق #BTS، هاشتاغ #UAEwantsBTS أملاً في أن يتحقق حلمهم بزيارة جديدة للفريق الكوري لـ #الإمارات وذلك بالتزامن مع إعلان زيارة الفريق للسعودية ضمن احتفالات #موسم_جدة، وتذكروا من خلال الهاشتاغ صوراً من زيارة #BTS للإمارات في 2016 وحفلهم القوي في #أبوظبي


#GuruPurnima पूर्ण गुरु बिना मुक्ति संभव नहीं,सुखदेव विष्णु लोक के स्वर्ग में गए,गुरु नहीं होने के कारण वापस आना पड़ा, फिर सुखदेव ने राजा जनक को गुरु बनाया। मोक्ष के लिए पूर्ण गुरु होना अनिवार्य है। इस पृथ्वी पर आज संत रामपाल जी महाराज ही पूर्ण गुरु है। #TrueGuruSaintRampalJi


#Super30 star @iHrithik surely does have a heart of gold! The actor touches the feet of #AnandKumar on the occasion of #GuruPurnima in Patna


There’s so much violence taking place in the Cape in South Africa. Gangs and criminals have murdered over 100 people and the military even have to intervene. I strongly encourage the Western Cape and National Governments to work together on this crisis.

Relive it all, over and over again. #CWC19Final | #CWC19

المعادلة التي ابقت #العراق على وضعه المأساوي منذ ١٦ سنة السيد #فخر_العرب_الحقيقى


Sir Ben Stokes? Could be possible, say British PM candidates…

.@SrBachchan ने जोक शेयर करके ले ली ICC के बाउंड्री काउंट नियम की मौज. #ICCRules…

Chip Gaines shares photo of baby Crew taking his first steps

what if they break into area 51 just to discover an empty warehouse where inside joanna newsom is playing her harp

From The Killers to Tyler Childers, here are the best things we saw at this year's #Forecastle Festival


Miyetti Allah is calling for the arrest of Obasanjo for WRITING a letter to Buhari! They are however not calling for the arrest of the killers amongst themselves! Wonders will never end!

It’s been five years. The cops who murdered #EricGarner are still on the force, while #EricaGarner died fighting for justice for her father. I am so angry she never got it. I’m so angry his family has been denied it. It’s been five years and killers have faced no consequences.

Everyone Please Change your Twitter Name to: "Justice For Eric Garner." Just because the DOJ are spineless cowards who will not hold his killers accountable does not mean we have to back down from demanding Justice. No Justice, NO Peace. #JusticeForEricGarner #FirePantaleo


In a world where only Winners are remembered and rewarded, the kiwis have changed it all. The way Williamson has handled the final result is a lesson to every sportsman. KIWIS are really flying HIGH @StarSportsTamil #naneesgems #CWC19Final #CWC19 @NotNossy #WorldCupWinners #NZL

Kaha se kharidi aisi bakwas rulebook? #ICCRules

#CWC19Final | #JofraArcher held his nerve in the Super Over to help England claim their maiden #WorldCup.

ICCના નિયમોની અમિતાભ બચ્ચને ઉડાવી મજાક, સોશિયલ મીડિયા પર શેર કર્યા આ જોક્સ જાણો સમગ્ર માહિતી :… #AmitabhBachcan #ICCRules #BoundaryCountRule


These two siblings were killed by mines planted by the #PKK. Have you heard any condemnation from HR groups? Of course NO, as killers were not Turkish soldiers.

آئی سی سی نے چالاکی کا مظاہرہ کرکے اپنا دامن صاف کرلیا تفصیلات جانیئے #AajNews #AajUpdates #ICCRules #CWC19


#فيديو | الشيخ #محمد_بن_راشد يحتفل بعيد ميلاده وسط أحفاده.

हॉटस्टारचा जागतिक विक्रम : एकाचवेळी तब्बल २.५३ कोटी लोकांनी पाहिला सामना! स्ट्रिमिंगचा स्वतःचाच विक्रम मोडत नवा विश्वविक्रम! अधिक माहिती : #Hotstar #Streaming #ENGvsNZ #Marathi #मराठी #म


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#My Story: 50 Memories from 50 Years of Service,' written by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, chronicles His Highness’ life of servitude to our beloved country that helped consolidate its global position. Follow us for new insight from HH’s book.

انتشار واسع لفيديو لقاء حاكم دبي بأحفاده.. هكذا احتفل #محمد_بن_راشد بعيد ميلاده

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يخَليلي صُوتك قد ماهو ماليني رضّا.

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#ناسداك_دبي تهنئ صاحب السمو الشيخ #محمد_بن_راشد آل مكتوم بمناسبة عيد ميلاده ..كل عام وقائد الرؤية والنهضة والنجاح بخير @HHShkMohd @NasdaqDubai #البيان_القارئ_دائما


الشيخ #محمد_بن_راشد احتفل بيوم ميلاده وسط عائلته ..…

The 3 "amiable strangers" who flew into history on Apollo 11


Prof. Michael Eric Dyson on Pres. Trump's tweets about congresswomen of color: "Here is a guy reinforcing the very rudiments of racist ideology. We have a racist-in-chief."

Aqui frente al area 51 planeando como entrar


The aliens strolling out of Area 51 like

me and the alien i saved from Area 51 singing "girls like you"


More than 1 million people to raid Area 51 in Nevada in quest to see aliens



"Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation."~ Michael Jordan #BePositive

Growth of 'super rich' population between 2012 and 2017. Bangladesh: 17.3% China: 13.4% Vietnam: 12.7% Kenya: 11.7% India: 10.7% Ireland: 9.1% Israel: 8.6% Pakistan: 8.4% US: 8.1% (Wealth X)

Just sayin if any of u watched the COD:MW stream they did couple days ago where they showed the 2v2 gunfight mode i will literally be the happiest man if it has ranked

Aujourd'hui nous fêtons Notre-Dame du mont Carmel. lieu où jadis le prophète Élie avait ramené le peuple d'Israël à adorer le Dieu vivant, au temps des croisés, des ermites en recherche s'y retirèrent #SaintDuJour -- Bonjour et bonne journée à tous ! #JeSuisVincentLambert


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