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आज का बहुत बडा सवाल? जवाब @RahulGandhi को दें? इसने बोला है! RAPE IN INDIA क्या राहुल गाँधी नशेडी है? क्या पागल मंदबुद्धि है? क्या संसद मे बैठने के काबिल नही है? तवायफ का बेटा है इसलिए खून का असर है? विदेशी होने के कारण भारत से नफरफ है जानबूझकर सबकुछ बोलता है? जवाब जरुर दें

The key to the election is a motivated electorate and @TheDemocrats have never stood more against a GOP candidate than Trump. Our turnout has no relation to Britain's anachronistic leftist party. If Labour's defeat has any impact on us it cut Bernie Sander's chances to win.

Damn today really Friday the 13th huh

Happy Friday the 13th! My partner made good use of that Haçienda night tape he hosted years ago. ☹️


Brexit will weaken an already faltering British economy, migrants will face an even more hostile reception, and the creeping privatization of Britain’s public sector—openly under the Tories, stealthily under New Labour—will continue.

On this, December the 13th, 2019, cursed Friday and almost-5th anniversary of my move to NYC, I seriously texted a friend “I wonder what would happen if guys spent the effort they use lifting weights to lift behavioral standards,” so pls stand by for my goodbye to all that essay.

remember the friday the 13th game and how you would be running and then jason would be following you saying slurs in the in-game chat

Would seem so yet remember that Tories got 43.6% of vote while Labour and Lib Dem’s got 43.7% of all votes cast - so majority of voters opposed Tory positions - hence there will be resistance including from those who’ve believed Tory/media spin…

‘Much like Labour’s grumbles about Britain’s print media being dominated by the right, its Brexit problem falls into the category of “Okay, but you should have a strategy to address that”’…

#JornaldaCultura O Brexit poderá beneficiar o Brasil nas relações de negócios e criando oportunidades de comércio?

Après le brexit ,la remigration

#CABProtests के दौरान पश्चिम बंगाल के मुर्शिदाबाद में प्रदर्शनकारियों ने ट्रेन में आग लगा दी।


सैलाब देख कर तेरा होश उड़ जायेगा , मुस्लिम को बचाने हिन्दू भाई आयेगा , तेरे नफरत को सब समझ गये "वसी", जुल्म तू बन्द कर वरना डूब जायेगा । तू बोल के लब तेरे आजाद है अभी। #JamiaMilia #Jamia #CABBill2019 #CABProtests #CABEkDhokaHai #ShamelessSmriti #BJP_Support_Repists


#مقاطعه_المنتجات_الامارتيه القهر ننغش ومن منً من أردى القوم ولا تستغرب من حكومه ابن ناقص همها الأول محاربه الشعوب العربية والإسلام العتب ع ذالك الغبي الذي يسمح بدخولها الوطن وهذي تعتبر خيانه للوطن والشعب تدخل مواد مسرطنه من #جبل_علي صمت المسؤل خيانه

واقسم بالله مافي شي يجي من الامارات فيه خير بلد الغش والفساد #جبل_علي

ياجماعه حد يقدر يوصل لمكتب تويتر ينصحهم انهم لو استمروا ينفذوا توجيهات بن زايد في محاربة حسابات الناس انها يادوب سنة ويفلس المكتب ويلحقه وبال مااصاب الامارات من اتكاسات اقتصادية.تويتر مش حق ابو بن زايد #مقاطعة_المنتجات_الإمارتية

Oh my gosh, I just realized that @nancipants and @LaneWinree's baby's birthday is FRIDAY THE 13TH, objectively one of the BEST POSSIBLE BIRTHDAYS???? #blessed

كانت ثورة الدخان تحت هاشتاق #الدخان_الجديد_مغشوش23 ثم انتقلت الى #مقاطعة_المنتجات_الإمارتية جميل ان تثور على مزاجك وطعامك فهذا خير اذا وصلت يد الفساد اليه. لكن الم يكن الأولى ان تثور لكرامتك التي وضعها . #ابن_سعود تحت قدميه اولاً ثم تثور للباقي ؟؟

ना जाने कितनी ही मासूम बहन-बेटियों का 1984 सिख क़त्लेआम के दौरान बलात्कार हुआ था उस वारदात का नाम - “RAPE IN INDIA; directed and executed by Gandhi Family” होना चाहिये @RahulGandhi जवाब दो; या केवल पब्लिसिटी के लिये भारत की बदनामी करने के लिये मुँह खोलते हो?? #RahulGandhi

اللهمَّ صلِّ على محمَّد وعلى آل محمَّد، كما صليتَ على إبراهيم وعلى آل إبراهيم، إنَّك حميدٌ مجيد. اللهمَ بارِك على محمَّد وعلى آل محمَّد، كما باركتَ على إبراهيم وعلى آل إبراهيم، إنَّك حميدٌ مجيد،.

2017 - “Precisamos radicalizar como Corbyn no Reino Unido. Está dando certo por lá” 2019 - “Muito precipitado dizer que Corbyn tomou uma lavada eleitoral por ser radical. Coisa da direita oportunista.” 2022 - “Bolsonaro só ganhou de novo porque existe uma conspiração do zap”

E quindi ora siamo isolati dalla Gran Bretagna? #Brexit

That’ll be it from me on Brexit now I think. Music, EU and non-EU Citz’ rights, and Scottish Indy from now on. 1/

More voters defected from Labour over Jeremy Corbyn's leadership than party's Brexit stance, poll finds…

لماذ #اليمن_ينتفض_ضد_معين بالفم المليان معين حذاء للمجرم محمد بن زايد معين ينفذ ماتريد منه الإمارات معين يخون اليمن وشعبه وجيشه معين يكافئ الإنقلابيين ويصرف مرتباتهم ويترك الجيش الذي يدافع على شرعيته بلا مرتبات معين نصف وزرائه خونه على رأسهم عسكر وزير حقوق الإنسان الذي كرم شلال


Boris Johnson purged his party and built a new coalition around nationalism. Trump must be just as disciplined and ruthless if the GOP is to be reborn:…

Odchod Velké Británie z EU je nyní již téměř jistý. Jak bude vypadat obchod, ale zatím nikdo moc netuší.…

I thought I’d be jumping for joy the day Corbyn resigned but it’s just not that simple. We desperately needed a progressive government, or at the very least a robust opposition to keep the worst excesses of Johnson’s government in check. I’m happy Corbyn is going but...

Last night was hard but by a small margin the incredible @zarahsultana is Labour MP for Coventry South. The vote was so close it went to a recount but she did it! 0121 to the world!


The folks who had argued that U.S. progressives should follow Corbyn’s lead might want to re-evaluate that strategy.… via @BulwarkOnline

Comrades! I shall be looking on with special interest in JUST HOW CONCERNED OUR MEDIA, MP'S & JEWISH LEADERS ARE IN LABOUR'S ANTI SEMITISM..

Brexit tartışmaları ile Britanya’da yapılan seçimler, Brexit’i savunan Boris Johnson liderliğindeki Muhafazakâr Parti'yi tek başına iktidara taşıdı.…

See shock moment Laura Pidcock lost North West Durham to the Tories…

Massive respect to the 10,295,907 who voted Labour yesterday. Voted for a more compassionate and fairer society It’s good to see there is still millions of people out there wanting a society that works for the many not the few These next few years will be tough but we’ll be back

It's clear Labour (sic) went too far left. People wanted a #reasonable, #pragmatic centre (sic) left platform, as evidenced by the tremendous 15 seats won by the Lib Dems.

Aside from Brexit, what else will Boris Johnson’s government ‘get done’? | Catherine Haddon…

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Downing Street speech in full - he says the country 'deserves a break from politics'…

Boris Johnson’s Conservative landslide was a full-throated rejection of Labour’s ambitious Leftism—including its tolerance of toxic anti-Semitism. This (cough, cough) is what we’ve been warning Democrats about.…

in which FT simultaneously argues that the Tories are social conservatives and that Muslims are going to take over England and vote Labour for sharia…

Lily Allen DELETES Twitter account amid furious backlash after saying Tories won due to UK racism… via @getongab

#شكرا_محمد_بن_زايد على #جبل_علي حفظ الله شعب المملكة العربية السعودية من كيد الكائدين


for centuries you robbed our peace, your spells can no longer bedevil us. Namaz-e-isha during protest against CAB in Jamia. Pictures via Nishat Khan #ResistCAB #CABProtests #JamiaMilia


2 teenager shot and killed and 26 people received bullet injuries as the police opened fire on protesters without warning in Assam ⁦@scroll_in#CitizenshipAmendmentAct…

Assam,Meghalaya,Tripura,Delhi,Deoband,Aligarh,JMI,JNU,AMU,MANUU,West Bengal,Tamil Nadu,Marine Drive,Kerala,Karnataka,Arunachal Pradesh,Bihar,Chandigarh,Odisha. Did I miss any? #CABEkDhokaHai #CABProtests

Those not wanting 'divisive democracy' shall go to North Korea: Meghalaya Governor Follow Citizenship Amendment Bill protests LIVE Updates.

#CABProtests , now since the protestors have resorted to stone pelting as in Kashmir @AmitShah , they must be tackled similarly. No one has the right to destroy public property and waste tax-payers money. #CABBill2019…

Why is Smriti Irani targeting #RahulGandhi so violently as if he is her ex? #ShamelessSmriti #YoSmritiSoDumb

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