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#Iran publishes video of detained British-flagged tanker

I can't believe some people prefer dogs. Only my attitude surpasses my cuteness. #ilovecats #cutecats #cats #kittens #cutekittens #catsoftwitter


#UK foreign minister says he expressed “extreme disappointment" to @JZarif after #Iran seized a British-flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz yesterday.…

if you see me crying at the new lion king movie just mind ya business

Les tensions dans le détroit d'Ormuz se sont accentuées ces derniers jours avec la saisie d'un pétrolier par l'Iran. Le point sur les navires impliqués avec @AFPgraphics #AFP


The Lion King Movie TamilTalkies Review Is Here'> #திலிங்கிங் படத்தின் தமிழ் டாக்கீஸ் மாறன் ரிவீவ்'>


Hollywood: “I know you have had a crazy week of the president’s white supremacy; but do you know what will make it better?...... a horrifying trailer of human sized cats. Just some casual adult celebrity humans morphed into cats”

#LaCasaDePapel3 1 sezonu 1 günde bitirmek pişmanlıktır :(

#LaCasaDePapel3 buuuuufff me he visto los 8 capítulos ya y el ultimo es BRUTAL, en que momento nos dejan y ahora hasta 2020 nada. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

اللهم إني أسألك أن ترفع ذِكري، وتضع وزري، وتصلح أمري، وتطهر قلبي، وتحصن فرجي، وتنور قلبي، وتغفر لي ذنبي، وأسألك الدرجات العلا من الجنة ..

What going on in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz? Read @melissaetehad’s report:…

المختص في العلاقات العربية الصينية، سليمان ساو بينج جاو: للإمارات دور بارز في تنمية اقتصاد المنطقة والتواصل الحضاري بفضل احتضانها جميع أطياف المجتمع #زيارة_محمد_بن_زايد_للصين #UAE_China #علوم_الدار

The professor broke his own rule, you can learn a lot about decisions from Money Heist

نعود بالزمن لنلقي نظرة على العلاقات الإماراتية الصينية إلى ما قبل قيام الاتحاد.. #زيارة_محمد_بن_زايد_للصين #UAE_China

اللغة الصينية من أكثر اللغات تحدثاً بالعالم، وتشهد إقبالاً كبيراً لتعلم مفرداتها، ويطلق عليها "لغة المستقبل" نظراً لاتساع نفوذ #الصين بوصفها قوة اقتصادية بارزة على الساحة الدولية.. "عبارات عربية باللغة الصينية" #زيارة_محمد_بن_زايد_للصين #UAE_China

Important updates from Sky. Appears that Johnson is speaking directly to Trump on the Iranian situation. Theresa May ruled herself out.…

I find it amusing everyone thinks we furries like the Cats movie and we quite possibly dislike it more then anyone else since we have particularly high standards for anthro character (though I'm hesitant to even call those characters anthro as much as 'deformed humans')

Safest cities, 2017. (out of 60 cities) 1. Tokyo 2. Singapore 3. Osaka 6. Sydney 10. Zurich 11. Frankfurt 15. San Francisco 18. LA 19. Chicago 20. London 21. NYC 24. Paris 27. Rome 32. Beijing 36. Shanghai 40. Istanbul 41. Moscow 43. Delhi 47. Riyadh 57. Jakarta (Economist)

Semalam saya berkesempatan menonton The Lion King. Filem ini mengisahkan seekor anak singa iaitu Simba yang menempuh detik sukar sepanjang hidupnya. Grafik filem ini terbaik, tapi sayang sepanjang berada dalam panggung tiada emosi yang boleh saya terjemahkan. Rate: 6.5/10


public tokyo × ken kagami 7/26より全国のpublic tokyo メンズ店舗にて販売されます。


就活中の21歳の女子大生ちゃん 乳首をぎゅっとしながらクリを攻めました 普段おとなしいのに、我慢できなくてかなり喘いでいました(笑) 身を任せてくれる若い子多くて愛用中 ▶︎ まだ競争率低いうちに使わないともったいないですよー

So I saw The Lion King and controversial opinion time: the animation is fine. The problem is the voice acting. The voice acting is distractingly bad

watching the lion king when you have daddy issues is a next level of hard lmao

Baby Daehwi looks so cute and curious today, like a baby otter~~~ Daehwi at Seoul airport heading to Tokyo


The sanctions under which Britain seized the Iranian ship that was trying to feed Asad's genocidal war machine were from the European Union, that notoriously Trumpian entity. As ever, Parsi says: if you try to curb #Iran's criminality, you force it to behave criminally.



jesus CHRIST cats au is so fucking much

shane dawson in the back of the theatre during cats

bless the theater nerds trying to convince people the original Cats costumes were vastly superior to the movie trailer

Unlike most media reactions Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley observes that Iran's seizure of a British tanker is likely retaliation for the UK July 4 seizure of an Iranian tanker and is a "proportional response" typical of Iran.

Adam: شاهد عمليات استِـشهاديــ.ــة لاسود الدّولة الاّسـلامية #مٍاجد_المهندس_في_جٍده #ضٍع_صورتك_وانت_صٍغير #الجٌزايز_السِنغال #الحِب_بكٌلمه July 19, 2019 at 07:14PM

الدولة آ͠لُ͠إس͠ـــ❃ـِلُ͠آ͠ميةِ المحاصره كفلت حاجة فقرائها ويموت اطفال الغوطة الشرقية جوعا وهم في حكم جيش الاسلام المدعوم دوليا #ضع_صوًرتك_وانت_صغير منتخب الساًجدين #محارًبي_الصحراء المنتخب الجزًايري #الجزايز_السنًغال #الحًب_بكلمه July 20, 2019 at 05:09AM

Algeria clinched their first #AfricaCupofNations title in 29 years, and the country's first on foreign soil, having lifted the trophy as hosts in 1990 #AFCON2019final #AFCON…

Argelia se impuso sobre Senegal y levantó por segunda vez la Copa de África

Adam: شاهد عمليات استِـشهاديــ.ــة لاسود الدّولة الاّسـلامية #مٍاجد_المهندس_في_جٍده #ضٍع_صورتك_وانت_صٍغير #الجٌزايز_السِنغال #الحِب_بكٌلمه July 19, 2019 at 07:13PM

Adam: شاهد عمليات استِـشهاديــ.ــة لاسود الدّولة الاّسـلامية #مٍاجد_المهندس_في_جٍده #ضٍع_صورتك_وانت_صٍغير #الجٌزايز_السِنغال #الحِب_بكٌلمه July 19, 2019 at 07:12PM

اذا الدولة آ͠لُ͠إس͠ـــ❃ـِلُ͠آ͠ميةِ عملاء وكذا تنسف مدرعات مليشيات الشيعه وايران❗️سجلوني واحد عميل ✋️ #ضع_صوًرتك_وانت_صغير منتخب الساًجدين #محارًبي_الصحراء المنتخب الجزًايري #الجزايز_السنًغال #الحًب_بكلمه #وزاًره_التعليم July 20, 2019 at 05:11AM

On Friday, #Iran announced that it had seized a British oil tanker in one of the most important waterways for #oil. Confused about why this is a big deal? Then read this to learn what’s behind Iran’s actions in the Strait of Hormuz…

يخوان ف الهاشتاق عقول ضعيفة بشكل غريب معقول ذول نفسهم الي ندخل معهم ف نقاشات كرويه؟ #سحبه_عموري_علي_الهلال

Is this where I admit I completely missed the CATS Boat back in the day and like...know absolutely nothing about it?

The Cats trailer is the most fucked up thing I've ever seen and I'm obsessed. I'm vomiting delight.


Helsinki en la Pampa, mira de quien te burlaste demas provincias Argentinas #LaCasaDePapel3

From occupied Palestine, have a blessed Friday.


I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying. - Michael Jordan #quote


michael belongs in michaels furries but that bitch scared... he SCARED

Darphane evimiz Berlin babamız. Bugün başlıyor #LaCasaDePapel3

Michael Collins’e inanılmaz üzülüyorum ya. Aya kadar gitmişsin, ayak basmadan kapsülde oturup uzaktan izlemişsin. Ben de böyle mutlulukları uzaktan izliyorum Maykıl, seni anlarım.

I really just wanna put it out there that Michael Jackson really was the mf king

پاکستان کاکلبھوشن جادیوکوقونصلررسائی دینے کا فیصلہ تفصیلات جانیئے #AajNews #AajUpdates #KulbhushanJadhav


شاھد خاقان چوري ڪئي تڏهن پڪڙجي پيو! وڏا چور جلد جيلن ۾ ھوندا! سکر جي وڏين مڇن واري اڳواڻ جو به جلد احتساب ٿيندو! بلاول 6ڏينهن گھوٽڪي ۾ رھيو اين اي 205جو پ پ اميدوار نااھل آهي;حليم عادل شيخ #ShahidKhaqanAbbasi

Congratulations to Harish Salve and team for securing justice for an Indian citizen!The Central Government must now vigorously pursue the matter with Pakistan to ensure justice is delivered to Kulbhushan Jadhav. #KulbhushanJadhav #KulbhushanVerdict #HarishSalve #ICJverdict #ICJ

Trump iki farklı yerde yaptırım konusuna ilişkin konuştu; Birincisinde “şuan yaptırım konusuna bakmıyoruz” dedi. İkincisinde ise; “Yaptırım konusuna bakıyoruz ve henüz bir karar vermedik” Yani; “Yaptırım uygulamayacağız” cümlesi ağzından çıkmadı.

Again Hope Hicks a liar a top aid in TRUMP campaign 2016 name came up in CORRUPTION an criminal activity by paying hush money to keep TRUMP dirty trick american voters into voting for him an now Americans are going thru a NIGHTMARE HELL

2040 - Real Madrid's manager #Ronaldo talking about their preparation of Upcoming UCL final match vs #Barcelona ...


یہ ہے اس جانباز اور وفادار ساتھی کا گناہ! #ShahidKhaqanAbbasi @ZeshanMalick @MaryamNSharif


پشاور بورڈ ،کراچی بورڈ ،ملتان بورڈ ، بہاولپور بورڈ میں دینی مدارس میں پڑھنے والے طالبعلموں نے ان امتحانات میں ٹاپ کیا۔ #قبائل_کی_آواز_کتاب Imran Lahore

إنجاز جديد لمدينة #دبي اختيارها عاصمةً للإعلام العربي لعام 2020 من قِبل مجلس وزراء الإعلام العربي. هذا تأكيداً للدور المهم لدولة #الإمارات كحاضنة للإعلامين العربي والدولي؛ وتقديراً للمكانة الإعلامية المتميزة لدبي. نتمنى المزيد من النجاح والتقدم لدبي. #دبي_عاصمة_الإعلام_العربي


Former EAM Sushma Swaraj revealed that senior Advocate #HarishSalve charged Re 1 as his fee to represent India in #KulbhushanJadhav case while Pakistan said it paid 20 crores to its advocate Khawar Qureshi.

الكاتب رشيد الخيّون: على مدار مواسمه أثبت "#منتدى_الإعلام_العربي" جدارة في عالمية الحضور، وتنوع الندوات، مع انضباط ودقة إدارته، في كل موسم يُكرم الصحافيون في شتى المجالات، لكل هذا تكون دبي جدير بهذا الاختيار، وموسمها الأكثر تداولاً في الميديا الاجتماعي. #دبي_عاصمة_الإعلام_العربي

فخر العرب يا دبي عاصمة الاعلام انجاز نفخر بيه وهاذي العوايد ياقبلة الي له طموحات وأحلام ويتباهى بلبس القلايد في حضن بوراشد تحدينا الأرقام ودبي في حضنه بتجني القصايد تتابعوا برنامج #١٢_ثمانية الآن مباشرة على شاشة #سما_دبي #دبي_عاصمة_الإعلام_العربي #مؤسسة_دبي_للإعلام

Sending a huge congratulations to @HeatherM_OBE who received Honorary Doctorate from Portsmouth University for Business and Leadership yesterday. So fantastic to see, you are an absolute inspiration and #RoleModel to us all - @PwC_UK


#HZM offering a fantastic entry, huge value disconnect given #Nickel price is now over 12 month highs and flying... nearing in on $15,0000/t! Vermelho PFS due Offtakes Due Prime for T/O offer Easiest buy and hold out there


#DailyWorldBriefing on July 18: 1. Wildfires break out at several locations across Israel 2. New Greek parliament sworn in after general elections 3. Death toll in Mumbai building collapse rises to 14


AMU cleric arrested on accusation of sexually harassing a 9-year-old girl whom he used to teach Quran…

#IMPRESIONANTE Game of Thrones acaparó las nominaciones al Emmy con 32, un récord en este galardón considerado el Óscar de la televisión. ".

EAM @DrSJaishankar in #RajyaSabha: Govt has made untiring efforts in seeking his release including through legal means in ICJ #KulbhushanJadhav


AMU Mosque’s Cleric Arrested For Molesting 9-Year-Old Girl Multiple Times During Quran Lessons…

Fantastic #ArsenalinUSA debut for the wife & kiddo. Thank you @Arsenal! #COYG #AZGEMC


In case you don't feel old yet, The Lion King came out 25 years ago. You're welcome! #ThursdayThoughts

Israel menggali terowongan peziarah Yahudi di bawah Wadi Hilweh Silwan di Yerusalem.…

We welcome the ICJ verdict in case of #KulbhushanJadhav. It is a big victory for India. The verdict has come as a big relief for every Indian. Prayers for Jadhav will continue until he returns. #KulbhushanVerdict


We welcome the ICJ verdict in case of #KulbhushanJadhav. It is a big victory for India. The verdict has come as a big relief for every Indian. Prayers for Jadhav will continue until he returns. #KulbhushanVerdict


Here for the love for Vietnamese designers! #NguyenCongTri… via @ESSENCE

I congratulate Prime Minister and Foreign Minister for our Diplomatic Victory over Pakistan. International Court of Justice (ICJ) granted consular access to #KulbhushanJadhav and ruled that Pakistan must review the death sentence.

My #TheBlacklist family what do you say to Sept. 23rd we overshadow the emmy tweets with a full blown tweetathon showing our love for #JamesSpader #TheBlacklist and every single cast member. If the emmys can't show them love we sure can out tweet them with ours

Samuel Stay Strong and Also your Fam…

Yes Quran is a 19th century British Ploy to incite Muslims against Hindus.…

Turkish delight for Aussie F-35 suppliers…

Japan’s recent decision to impose tighter restrictions on exports to South Korea of key materials for the semiconductors and display industries will take a toll on the global tech industry, Seoul’s government official said.…

1. ~173 2. III+ (i guess) 3. Pisces 4. 1 5. Boring 6. Brown 7. Chestnut 8. Russia 9. South Korea 10. Japan, Austria, Britain 11. - 12. Spiderman: far from home 13. ost from Choices 14. Sleepy Drop me an emoji and I'll send you the questions

انت أول شخص يطري على البال وقت الصحوه وأول شخص قبل المنام وانت اللي تمر علي بالحلم والفزه الحُلوه انت متخيل لاي درجه وصلت ؟.

أنا لستُ صَالِحاً.. "أنا مستور". #احمد_الشقيري

oh wAIITTTT taika is working for the loki series AAANNNDDD Thor 4 we are getting Loki Back Ladies


Israel was founded by a nationalistic movement that replaces the Jewish religion with Zionism. They wanted Jews to forget of G-d and Religion, & be united by land and language. To date, they have raised generations of Israelis who have a deep hatred for traditional Jews & Judaism

Pueden seguir la cobertura de @ElNuevoDia quienes han abierto su muro para beneficio de los ciudadanos. ¡Apóyalos! GRACIAS @Israel_ENDI @RafaLama @saradelvalle

"Insomuch that the multitude wondered, when they saw the dumb to speak, the maimed to be whole, the lame to walk, and the blind to see: and they glorified the God of Israel." ~Matthew 15:31 #Faith #Bible #God

They also demanded the transfer of magistrate Manish Kumar Singh from the Ranchi court

#Video El director de #TheLionKing, @Jon_Favreau, nos contó sobre las innovaciones y retos que trajo la película. Aquí la entrevista:

Wilayah Khorasan: On Wednesday Islamic State (ISKP) claimed an attack against pro-govt Afghan militia in Nangarhar, Afghanistan, claiming to have caused four casualties.


yo guyz, sophie didn’t mention alfie and kit either, does this mean she hates them? no, because she was talking about her category only. emilia and sophie are friends and you need to calm down.

#KulbhushanJadhav के पक्ष में दिये गये सकारात्मक फैसले का हृदय से स्वागत करता हूं।#ICJ का यह फैसला हम सब भारतीयों के लिए बेहद खुशी का अवसर है। मैं ईश्वर से कुलभूषण जाधव के यथाशीघ्र वतन वापसी की प्रार्थना करता हूं। सूधर जाओ पाकिस्तान,अब तोह सच बोलदे @sanjaynirupam @withSNirupam…

#KulbhushanJadhav ہر محبِ وطن پاکستانی آج دل کھول کر قریشی صاحب کو شیئر کر کے خراجِ تحسین پیش کرے۔


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