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I’m moving to Belarus, who’s coming?…

This one is good, and i truly never saw it that way #BvS4Years


JeebusTakeHimFirstPlease Dept: “Belarus president refuses to cancel anything - and says vodka and saunas will ward off COVID-19.”…

.@MBuhari’s #COVID19 Speech Is Like Fine Wine With A Bit Of Vinegar By @FredrickNwabufo | Sahara Reporters ...There is no plan for working Nigerians who will lose the means to provide for their families at this time. #BuhariAddressNigerians READ MORE:


This one that everybody is donating,what will it take if this government gives us free internet,uninterrupted power supply and send us money to feed ourselves and stay home rather than donating money to people we don't know?#BuhariAddressNigerians #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe


Saw Stewart Lee trending on twitter today. He looked fat and depressed, but also right.


The great Stewart Lee in today's Observer


#pictureofsouthlondon Brixton morning skies, view from Frank's in Peckham, Dulwich Park & Brockwell park sunset


My good God the young women in #raceacrosstheworld are so passive aggressive. Why are they so nasty to the guys all the time? Thank goodness for Jo! Now there's a true superstar. What an amazing woman. So strong, so kind, so patient.


The relationship between the mum and son on #RaceAcrossTheWorld is just wonderful

#raceacrosstheworld Season 3 is going to be interesting if they are filming it now. The teams have to make it to stage 4, Tesco Express and then straight back to stage 3.

Somehow I don’t think Rob was asleep when he punched Jen in the mouth #raceacrosstheworld

#AwfullyBritishFakeSportsFacts Everyone in the British Isles supports England when their own nation are not playing.

#AwfullyBritishFakeSportsFacts Alex Ferguson's Nose is a Farrow & Ball paint colour

#jackedwardsquiz @jackbenedwards participating from isolation, did pretty well we think


#AwfullyBritishFakeSportsFacts Liverpool have just lost the Premier League on penalties.

you've got 5 more minutes to tweet proof that you played along with the pub quiz with #JackEdwardsQuiz and i'll pick a winner of the deliveroo voucher :)

my parents weren’t too pleased that my highest scoring round was the condom round @jackbenedwards #jackedwardsquiz


#AwfullyBritishFakeSportsFacts if you rally the lorry thru the roundabout and then jump the F1 you win the biscuits in the boot.

Well that was fun. Ep2 Same time next week...? #ClassDW

#WhenCoronaVirusIsOver we will realise that mansions, branded clothing, expensive jewelry, social status, bank balances and job titles NEVER have, NEVER are and NEVER will be more valuable than life. The gift of life trumps any earthly accolades.

#WhenCoronaVirusIsOver it will still leave a lasting effect on people, especially children and teens, who lived through it. In the same way that the Great Depression lead to increases in hoarding behavior, this event will probably result in similar behavior.

T - 10 minutes until an incredibly bright Space Station- #ISS pass over the UK. This one is probably the best until May. WATCH JUST USING YOUR EYES! Follow @VirttualAstro for alerts and visit… for times and info. #SundayThoughts

Lockdown measures amid the Covid-19 pandemic could be in place until June, Scotland’s chief medical officer warns.…

Habib Zaidi… Adil El Tayar… Amged El-Hawrani… The first three British NHS doctors to have died from Coronavirus. Just imagine for a moment the combined service of these three men. Rest in power #NHSheroes.


New York will postpone its April 28 presidential primary until June 23, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday. 10 other states, as well as Puerto Rico, have rescheduled primary elections due to the escalating coronavirus outbreak.

Zack and Deborah ... The boss and the queen ... Thank you very much for this wonderful day. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut #BvS4Years


Scots actor James McAvoy has donated over a quarter of a million pounds to the NHS for much needed protective gear.…

These three NHS Doctors gave their lives for us. There maybe more before this is over but PLEASE do not forget their names: Dr Amged El-Hawrani Dr Habib Zaidi Dr Adil El Tayar


kate mccann: please everyone stay home maddie:

A consultant has become the first frontline NHS hospital worker to die after testing positive for coronavirus, NHS England said. Amged El-Hawrani, aged 55, died at the Glenfield Hospital in Leicester yesterday evening, the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton (UHDB) said.

Not sure which is worse, Kate McCann clutching for attention and telling people to stay home...or the people constantly defending her and thinking it’s ok that children are left unattended and alone?!

For anyone complaining about James McAvoy making a large public donation to this cause, it’s just raised £500,000 over it’s original target. This is why it’s done, so shut the fuck up and enjoy some good news.…

Normal life will not resume for at least six months, says deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries, but this doesn't mean half a year of total lockdown…

I photographed this beautiful robin in the Botanical Gardens @FOBSheffield… The European robin, Erithacus rubecula. @Natures_Voice @NatureUK @Britnatureguide @Birdwatchextra @BBCSpringwatch @wildlife_uk #europeanrobin #britishwildlife #birdsseeninuk


More people saying 'It's Denis Irwin not Dennis Irwin' than there are people spelling it Dennis Irwin. #MUFC

Dennis Irwin trending when it's Denis Irwin lol! At least there's some respect on the name of the Prem's best ever full back

Dennis Irwin trending because of a tweet about a football shirt. How many of you actually realise his name is DENIS Irwin?

Keir Starmer will likely be confirmed as Labour leader this week. Instead of focusing on one possible appointment, Rachel Reeves, to a shadow cabinet of 20+ people, can those of us on the left please use our time & energy to attack Johnson & his catastrophic handling of COVID-19?

Going to start insufferably referring to the Nier games as Drakengard 4 and 5

Nier Replicant is being "upgraded" for PS4, Xbox One and PC:


Beach at St. Bees on the West Cumbrian coast, this is where my Grandparents went for there honeymoon, no jetting half way around the world in those days. #PictureOfABeach #Cumbria


If we replicate the entitlement we show towards our celebrities and strangers we meet on a daily to the government that we voted and pay tax to a revolution would have long broken out and Nigeria would have been a better place by now. I'm o communicating?? #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver

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