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Gracias, @Imaginedragons, por pasar 7 horas conmigo este año en @Spotify. Eres mi artista número 1. #EnTiemposDeSpotify

This guy always look Nigerian to me. God Bless you @Mcdowell #TheExperience14


‘Come down off the cross, we can use the wood’ Tom Waits…

My #TheExperience14 prayer point is no more Buhari 2020.

Elon Musk is a dangerous narcissistic psychopath $TSLAQ

To go out and be social, or stay home and watch the Crown. That is the question. #FridayFeeling

In the US, money talks & bullshit walks: 1) Michael Jackson (pedophilia): settled in 1994. As part of the $23m settlement, was able to deny any "wrongful acts." 2) O.J. Simpson (double murder): acquitted in 1995. 3) Elon Musk (defamation): acquitted in 2019

Elon Musk wins defamation trial sparked by 'pedo guy' tweet…


Di AS ada Elon Musk, di kita masih "Alon-alon, Mas....". Padahal talenta Indonesia bisa. Di @inovator4id ada anak yg bisa buat teknologi ini. Studi elektrokimia…

"Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up." ~Elon Musk

Every time I see Patrick Mahomes squirt ketchup all over that beautiful bone-in ribeye, a part of me dies. #PAC12Championship #FridayFeeling

Маня: - Мам, что это за песня в тиктоке? Я (услышав первые ноты): - Ву-ху! Это же Blur Song 2! Ву=ху! (трясу головой и ору на весь дом) Папа: - Ох, Мань, запирай дверь! Мамка сейчас на дискотеку начнет собираться...

恐れるな。"見て"運命を変えろ 「Destiny・Rain」 【0970-8346-9732】 プレイ人数:1〜2人 クリエ史上1番の濃いストーリー。 4つのバッドエンドに1つのハッピーエンド。 あなたは本当の恐怖に気づくことができますか? #フォートナイトクリエイティブ #やっぴぃホラー #EpicPartner

Dream come true tonight! Had a floor seat to watch @PurdueVB beat Wright Sate in straight sets in First Round of NCAAs & got to watch it w/ one of their former managers & a totally awesome person @ethan_mcneelyT @Caitlyn_Newton, @jotec12, @marissaclare10 & the whole team rocked!


#BBCDebate summary...

caitlyn’s gonna see this and unfollow me…

Great to spend time with a awesome lady Caitlyn. This is at Riley’s last game.


The answers given by @BorisJohnson and @jeremycorbyn to this question in the #BBCDebate, tell us a lot about each of these men. Spot the shyster . . . #BorisTheLiar #JC4PM2019 #GTTO #GTTO2SaveOurNHS

I like that @jeremycorbyn talks to enemies rather than go to war I like that @jeremycorbyn will stay neutral in a referendum and let the public make there own mind up I like that @jeremycorbyn doesn't insult or smear I like @jeremycorbyn #BBCDebate

For 4 years the Tories have used Brexit as a smokescreen, concealing the damage that austerity's done to the country. 130,000 preventable deaths. 4 millions kids in poverty. We have to remove the Tories from office. #bbcdebate #bbcleadersdebate #GE2019 #VoteLabour2019

Alex James, friend of David Cameron & Jeremy Clarkson, says won't vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I'm shaking & crying now we don't have Tory cheese boy backing Labour. First Noel Gallagher, now this, how ever will we cope?…


Use code “LukesLewis” in the Fortnite item shop #EpicPartner

This meme does a better job of describing where we are than the Tory-biased #YouGov does. #UseYourVote


WOW. Fair play to Barry Gardiner. I only just watched this. That's some genuine fire and passion. Absolutely love it. WOW HE TORE RAAB A PROPER NEW ONE…… On who came across as most prime ministerial, 54 percent in the poll backed the Tory leader against 30 percent for Mr Corbyn

Alex James' Tory ass getting roasted by the rest of Blur.



Barry Gardiner, like Clive James RIP, is good on telly but terrible on everything else.

'Prime Ministerial' Does that mean hesitating, deviating, repeating everything in a posh Etonian accent, but devoid of any degree of articulation? I'll settle for 'trustworthiness and 'being more in touch with ordinary people' as the important things.

In 2015 Boris Johnson was one of 305 MPs who voted against an amendment to remove tampon tax on female sanitary products... #tampons

alex james and noel gallagher both having shit politics is just more proof that pulp are the best britpop band

boris is an absolute twat, saying he’s against tampon tax when he himself voted for it. pads, tampons and period products should be free. it’s absolutely ridiculous. #tampons

Forget #AdoreYou, I kinda adore Harry Styles. What a great song. #GrahamNortonShow

#YouGov snap poll on tonight's #BBCLeadersDebate (sample 1,322 people) finds that: 69% thought #Corbyn "did well" 62% thought the same for #BorisJohnson. Excellent news for #LabourParty. #BBCDebate


One more thing before my phone battery dies. Joe Lolley was the Joe Lolley of last season tonight. Lifted the whole team with his energy, drive & desire. Kudos to Joe #nffc

Lessons learnt -Sabri isn’t afraid to get his head caved in by a millwall fan that eats glass for cereal -DG uses #nffc scarves as loo roll -Mir is an undercover agent working as a footballer to infiltrate Sabris criminal shithousery -No player is irreplaceable but grabbs is

Sammy Ameobi is semi pro. However that’s two consecutive assists in two away games. He’s woeful. But you keep him on the field cause you know he can supply. Strangest Forest player I’ve ever seen #nffc

I Believe in Miracles I Believe in Miracle I Believe in Miracl I Believe in Mirac I Believe in Mira I Believe in Dog Shit I Believe in Grabban #nffc

Whether he meant it or not, Lamouchi has sent a message to the hierarchy for action required in January. Without Lolley and Grabban, #NFFC looked so poor and devoid of ideas. January, as it always seems to be, is starting to become a pivotal part of if this season is a success.

It might have been a different story if Lewis Grabban had played the full game! Just hope Sabri doesn’t risk playing Rafa Mir again. That choice might have cost us two points tonight! #nffc

Almost a full house for tonight’s Rally for the Union in the Ulster Hall.


Bu da sana çıktı bacım. Yalnız değil, yenik değil, çaresiz hiç değilsin. Suç ortağım dizinin dibindeyim. Hayat sana insafsızca ne kadar tuzak kursa da, Yosun gözlerine fedaiyim. @veristah…

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