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What is painfully obvious in these moments, isn’t simply that the person alleging to lead this country is a terrible human being—it is that anyone left still defending him, applauding him, justifying him, amening him, probably is too.… #Ratings

when you tweet about TV ratings in the middle of a global pandemic where real people are dying & risking their lives to help. #SignsYourePetty

IMAGINE, on 1st April, China breaks the news that it was all fake and they have made us April Fool.

Büyük kalpleriniz kadar bizlerde sizleri alkışlıyor ve kucaklıyoruz. Bu endişemiz, bu çabamız, bu koşturmamız siz gelecegimiz güvenle ve umutla baktığımız çocuklarımız icin yaradan sizleri korusun. Hepinize teşükkür ederiz. #Covid_19 #sağlıkcalısanları

.@OlafScholz : Es gibt Schwierigkeiten bei der Mittelvergabe, aber ich bin sicher, alle sind guten Willens. #Covid_19 #Wirtschaft #Coronakrise #Exitstrategie #illner

A recent survey by the New Power Party shows that more than 70-per cent of the public are hoping the government will remove the English title "Republic of China" from passports and only use the designation "Taiwan."

How cheap this Chinese even they don't want to take the responsibility. You guys can stop voice of your people only. Rest of word is not your Father's property. BC / MC @zlj517 @China_Amb_India @ChinaDaily @XHNews @POTUS #ChineseVirus19 #Chinese_Virus #ChineseFlu #chinesedrama


#Covid_19 أمن تمارة.. مفتش شرطة يشهر سلاحه الوظيفي لتوقيف شخص تعمد خرق إجراءات حالة الطوارئ الصحية وعرض سلامة عناصر الشرطة لتهديد خطير باستعمال أداة حادة.


Joe Exotic actually has a great singing voice #TigerKing

I’m hoping this #coronavirus crisis purges Christian blogs from posting any more “what the culture has to say to the church” articles. Give us Scripture! Give us theology! Give us Christ!

One of the major characteristics of a Christian is the duty of protecting the Christian family, you must protect your own as a Christian ... no “scriptural” backing is legit enough for a Christian to destroy her own.

Why Christian? Have they superpowers? #think…

incredible work by Wisconsin legend and friend of Christian Yelich, Anders Bjork here…


"Ce que l'on paye aujourd'hui ce sont les politiques des gouvernements qui ont fermé 100000 lits en 20 ans" Christian Prud'homme, médecin urgentiste Merci donc le PS LR (UMP/RPR) et LREM

One square if eaten, will give you 4 hours before being hungry. #FakeToiletPaperFacts

#FakeToiletPaperFacts "I invented toilet paper," Al Gore.

#FakeToiletPaperFacts "It's very much like shark skin. Wipe from the taint to the top of the tailbone you are fine. Reverse from tailbone to taint and it will act as sandpaper, creating some serious injury and or discomfort." -- Dr. Fauci

#FakeToiletPaperFacts now available by prescription only.

NDombele defo has no training equipment at his gaff, only weights in his house are his gigantic tits

This is one of my favourite pics - Julian Cope and Stewart Lee.


A car drives passes the setting sun tonight, was hoping somebody would walk past but had to settle this #sunset #ireland


Look at stars outside rn they’re all moving were defo been spied on

Stewart Lee at his very best here

Settle an argument - Stewart Lee, does he like Boris Johnson or not?

We're very fortunate that the shore is well within the 2km lock down. And it's been humbling how many messages I've been getting saying that the pictures help people, so we'll continue to catch magic hour for as long as is allowed. Alone & safe. Be well, friends! #Ireland


Stacey Lee WOW, tick ☑️ all the boxes :- down to earth, intelligent, beautiful and with such an amazing voice #DateMyFamily

Look after yourselves well. Self ompassion vital to have the capacity to show others compassion@during this very difficult time. And particularly try to spend good quality time with your loved ones to ensure your well being #MedStudentCovid

Protecting the wellbeing and the #mentalhealth of our newly qualified F1 doctors is not only the right thing to do, but also the sensible long-term investment in the future of our #NHS - we’re going to need them post #Covid_19 crisis. Helping them helps us! #MedStudentCovid

Will FiY1s be able to complete their core procedures and other work place based assessments during this time? I’m always happy to “pay” people with assessments when they’ve worked hard #MedStudentCovid

⛔️ LISEZ CE TWEET SVP C’EST TRÈS IMPORTANT !!! Bonjour Twitter , je vous présente Aminata Ladj , soignante pour l’APHP. Aminata est une héroïne , elle combat le #Corona #Covid_19 mais elle est aujourd’hui réduite à vivre à proximité de son travail dans une toile de tente...


Hemos diseñado un cuestionario digital de salud para detectar posibles casos de #COVID_19. Les pido que lo compartan y contesten si presentan síntomas. Si se trata de un caso sospechoso, la @SESA_QROO los contactará: #JuntosSaldremosAdelante


#COVID_19 | El artista tranquilizó a sus seguidores mostrándoles una copia de los resultados obtenidos en Bogotá.…

the whole drakenier fandom when bryce papenbrook is cast as nier

President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Samson Ayokunle, has assured Nigeria will overcome the coronavirus pandemic.…

The mega church priest is not a christian. The isis leader is not a muslim. The DNC chair is not on the left. The commie dictator is not prole. All they care about is their power. And you hold up their thrones. In the backrooms, there is no ideology. Theyre all on the same page.

#TaleBearerForJesus Questions: Are you living a riotous life? Is your life bringing glory to God? Are you a Christian only on Sunday but a terror on other days?

Christian Emperor Justinian closed all non-Christian schools of philosophy in 529. (Catholic Encyclopedia vol. 2, 43.)

I ask those who love the sea to join the challenge to publish a picture of a beach. Just a picture, no description. The goal is to flood Twitter with positive photos instead of negative. Copy the text, attach a picture and see beautiful pictures. ❤️ #PictureOfABeach


Very generous from James McAvoy and others. Thank you. But our NHS should not have to rely on donations to keep frontline NHS staff safe. Safety equipment should be their right.…

Coronavirus: Two-thirds of Britons want UK to request Brexit extension to focus on pandemic, poll shows

‘Things to get worse before they get better,’: U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson warns…

Notable that PM has chosen minister at the bottom of this list to deputise for him…


I ask those who love the sea to join the challenge to publish a picture of a beach. Just a picture, no description. The goal is to flood Twitter with positive photos instead of negative. Copy the text, attach a picture and see beautiful pictures. ❤️ #PictureOfABeach


Souness’ achievements: 3 Champions leagues 5 league titles 3 league cups 4 PFA toty appearances A PFA team of the century appearance 1 Champions league golden boot Hope this helps.…

Aunt Julia spoke Gaelic very loud and very fast. By the time I had learned a little, she lay silenced in the absolute black of a sandy grave at Luskentyre… —from “Aunt Julia”, by Norman MacCaig #poem #PictureOfABeach Luskentyre, Harris…


Nobody : Absolutely nobody: Not a single soul: Graeme Souness:

The actor donated £275,000 to help provide protective equipment for doctors…

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