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#MamboMseto iko hewani kutoka 1pm-4pm uko vipi? It is a party Monday! How's your mashujaa? #MamboMseto #MamboMseto #MamboMseto #SHUARS #MondayMotivation #SHUARS

Christian Fuchs. 2020. #Nationalism on the #Internet: Critical Theory and #Ideology in the Age of #SocialMedia and #FakeNews. Read sample/introduction:… How is nationalism communicated on social media? #MondayMotivation #Politics


Imtiaz Ali's Desi Highway Meal Will Intensify Your Dhaba Food Cravings #MondayMotivation #MondayMood


NEW ARTICLE: The 3 #Arsenal Players Who Must Start Against Sheffield United @BenBrowning3 is back with another look at the 3 players he thinks Emery should play in order to help secure a victory on the road at Bramall Lane. #SHUARS #AFC


Leeds United's Ezgjan Alioski is one caution away from a one match suspension according to the latest FA disciplinary statisitics. #LUFC


Not just saying this because of yesterday and because of which team I support but I think Solskjaer is totally out of his depth with the job he has now if he had no connection to United he would of never got that job

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain angers Man Utd fans at full-time of Liverpool clash…


※コスプレ  HE★VENS RADIO~Go to heaven~  日向大和 撮影⇢はむたん スタジオ⇢ハコスタジアム東京


Tributes paid to Scottish journalist & author Deborah Orr, who has died aged 57

#Aberfan My dad together with 1000s of other men went to offer help, it was the only time I ever saw him weep, I was 9 #RememberAberfan #AberfanDisaster


The McBurnie follow follow thread today is sensational reading.


Deborah Orr dying is very 2019 in that it's shit and it doesn't make any sense.

RIP: Terribly sad to hear of the passing of Deborah Orr, a terrific journalist and human being. She often sent me replies and even occasionally submitted a joke headline. She'll be much missed.

Well done to everybody - so many great people - who fought for this. I am thinking today of any woman or girl who was taken to court over this. It’s over now. They cannot touch you. The women & girls of Northern Ireland are free from midnight ❤️ #thenorthisnow #decriminalised…

About yesterday at Old Trafford! Shame the boys couldn’t hold on! @biolakazeem @Anderu99


literally haven’t got a clue why but stan antonio garza #justinbieberisoverparty

We know that the majority of people who have abortions are already parents, making the best choice for both themselves and their family. From midnight tonight no one will be criminalised for exercising bodily autonomy. #noshame @Inhershoesnorth #nowforni #thenorthisnow


Liverpool extended their lead at the top of the Premier League table to 6⃣ points with a draw at Old Trafford yesterday - but have Manchester United showed how to stop them?

The loss of Deborah Orr, who was exceptional in so many ways, cannot be understated. She was adored by everyone who worked with her – including all of us here at W&N and Orion who had the opportunity to meet her. We will miss her enormously.


Old Trafford aproximadamente uma hora após o clássico Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool, transmitido direto do estádio pela ESPN Brasil com Paulo Andrade, @ngedra , j.castelobranco e eu. #premierleaguenaespn…

Liverpool have taken 125 points from the last 144 on offer. Their consistency has been remarkable but they got things badly wrong at Old Trafford. They made United look good. #LFC…

Some of the shit I’ve seen on here about Mcburnie. Fuck me. Yes he’s been silly he’s had a drink and drove a car. Some of the comments tho. He should be in prison. It’s wilders fault. It’s princes fault for sanctioning the deal. Give it a rest. Let the courts deal with it. #UTB

Reações da torcida visitante em Old Trafford, cerca de 3,5 mil fãs do Liverpool em meio a 70 mil torcedores do Manchester United. Confira detalhes do que se passou no 1-1 deste domingo, transmitido direto do estádio……

Loved my proof copy of Deborah Orr’s #Motherwell so much I tweeted ‘try to get a proof’. D saw this and told me off. Proofs were limited, she said, if people want a copy they can buy one in March. I highly recommend that you do because the book, like the woman, is tremendous.

#OnThisDay 1805 The Battle of Trafalgar was fought, Admiral Nelson paid the ultimate sacrifice for his victory. Only a several weeks earlier he'd met Wellesley in the halls of The Foreign Office & had 2 short conversations, lasting about half an hour. #TrafalgarDay #OTD #Nelson


It's #TrafalgarDay, so obvs as #Popham's biographer I must mention THAT SIGNAL, because Popham was "the man, whose system of signals...produced that sacred sentence...consecrated to the eternal worship of this nation' (Morning Post 24/5/1808) #history #napoleonic #twitterstorians


I can NOT wait for #TheZoneCast next season! I'm still riding high off the end of Amnesty. Such a good end!

So Lamar Jackson is just a real life Cam Newton right?

Hampir telan kekalahan dari MU, Liverpool diselamatkan oleh gol La Llana Mattaliti di menit-menit akhir.


(Crónica) Liverpool salvó un punto frente a Manchester United y sigue invicto en la Premier League

So @MaxFosterCNN, is this you? Explain this shit, because Harry didn’t admit to a damn thing. You better keep your british bullshit out of my american new stations. Do all of y’all have a comprehension problem? #HarryAndMeghan


Humphrey on Lamar Jackson's anger after delay of game: "I felt like from there, there was something different that came out of Lamar. He gets the first down and gets up pumped. That’s a QB I really like to see." Said his outburst fired up whole team.

Why don't I have Lamar Jackson shoes yet @UnderArmour

Ironically reclaim your national identity in a way you assume is light-hearted and middle class but still makes everyone else nervous #AwfullyBritishBucketList

Idolise and petrify a working class that hasn't existed in 2 generations in order to justify your discomfort at the noise and funny cooking smells when the family next door have relatives over #AwfullyBritishBucketList

DC Dan Quinn makes the necessary adjustments to slow down Lamar Jackson

So sorry to read of Deborah Orr’s death. I’d hear a rumour about it in the afternoon and so wanted it to be untrue. She was lovely. Deepest condolences to all her loved ones. #DeborahOrr

Idly fantasise about the Queen, either as a political force or just outright sexually, as a replacement for the love your actual parents couldn't give you #AwfullyBritishBucketList

Go on holiday to a place that was once In The News and come home to tell friends how surprisingly friendly and not depressing it was #AwfullyBritishBucketList

“I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces." - Prince Harry #HarryAndMeghan

#HarryAndMeghan are authentic global leaders making transformational impact . RRs vilified the Sussexes for doing interviews or starting a clothing line for charity now all royals are imitating them. #harryandmegan are forever the originators others are just cheap imitators

I'm no fan of private schools, not least because the dimmest - yet most arrogant brats - I endured at university had boarded in such places. Yet when we see how inept Stanley Johnson is, we can at least thank Eton for teaching Boris to wash, if not dress #CelebrityHunted


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