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At least 35 people killed after Typhoon Hagibis battered Japan

#Shortys Come state dopo questo weekend? [ENG] How are you feeling after this amazing weekend with @DominiqueP_C @MelanieScrofano @TAMARADUARTE @nkrilova ?

dear cho,, pls surround youself with people who care about u,, remember that ure loved,, ure unique,, ure amazing,, ure special,, and ure important,, one its love u!! <3


I'm definitely going go evo Japan over genesis if I have to choose

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Are we this forgetful that celebrities are also humans? HOW MANY MORE LESSONS DO YOU NEED? Don't go say rip :(( and the next day be shitting on another idol.

tw / i just read the details about her death and am absolutely devastated. may be taking time off twitter or generally using this platform less to process it all

The church of alcoholics disapproves of members knocking on complete strangers doors, to tell them about grog and/or give grog away. It is absolutely forbidden to force grog down any persons throat. As always adherence is demanded however not enforced. Praise be to grog.

i’m catching up on the circle and beth doesn’t know who the beatles are? absolutely tragic

#OnThisDay 1574 Birth of Anna of Denmark, Queen of Scots, Queen of England, daughter of King Frederik II of Denmark, wife of King James VI/I. She was assertive and independent, a dynamic patron of the arts who constructed a magnificent court & gave her patronage to the arts.


Buggha ha corregido su tweet! Falta 1 hora y 10 minutos, no se sabe para qué #Fortnite


Ima profit from the #Fortnite event to plug my new insta real quick yes i put a hashtag so i'm more relevant ok #Fortnite2

Folks - over 700,000 views of the video CBC does not want you to see in less than 48 hours. Amazing! Can we get over 1M by tomorrow night?…


This is amazing that someone is this upset about Scott Sabourin…

So today I went shopping and there was a lovely family interacting over buying shoes. It was so amazing and mundane. I realized I’m slowly coming to terms with the possibility I may never actually have a conversation with my son. And I’m honestly heartbroken #autism


Gentle reminder, the people who created and tolerate these conditions are absolutely convinced of their right to overrule the rest of the country.…

olhando pro nada pensando em biscoitar nessa tag outra vez #LGBTQtakeover


Special shoutout to my 3 student workers for all their hard work this weekend! @ofunke09 @JonQ_14 and @B_Yeiser515 absolutely killed it! From Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, we published over 550 photos from homecoming @lorascollege. #LorasHC | @LorasAlumni

the way i cycle in and out of absolutely loving someone then hating them for reasons i would never say out loud then forgetting the reason and falling in love with them again

might not go in to work tomorrow out of protest/celebration for canadian thanksgiving but also i will absolutely be going in to work tomorrow let’s not kid ourselves

Hey @EASPORTS_MUT , @jsimms1119 & @ReemBoi25 were absolutely dominant in todays win. Time for an upgrade. Thanks! Also, Kareem Jackson plays SS, not CB.

My weekend has been awesome, which can only mean that this week will absolutely mess me up in ways I can't even imagine.

I absolutely could not do this challenge. My back wouldn't allow it. Props to all the teams #Relativerace

Andrew doesn’t know Christmas happens every year who’s gonna tell him…

homemade christmasを聴くと本当ぬくもりに包まれてるって感じするんよね(毎年言ってる

Visiting Steelers introduced to Macho Man, draw wild cheers from fans at Dignity Health Sports Park.

Finally the weekend! Cheers! #kipis


Scotch Broth - Scotland


Fact Check: Karti Chidambaram posts unrelated image from Scotland with plogging pics of PM Modi…

Ladies that should be creating awareness for breast cancer have turned #NoBraDay to an excuse to showcase nudity. We are our own problems.

شهر و اینجوری زیبا کنید #NoBraDay


if you haven't checked out my dear friend @SlayerRose1's youtube channel, then i give it the highest of recommendations that you do, especially someone who is amazing, has an wonderful personality and makes awesome content, she deserves getting to 200 subs and way moreeee :) <3…

#Turkey #caraweenday #CARvsTB #AtatianaJefferson #SpoilAMovieIn2Words Fake molestation cases have become epidemic Jealous woman confess-I was so jealous I called the police and told them my boyfriend was a paedo when I saw him with younger woman…

I haven't seen this in a couple of days now so I'll say it. Can't wait for Ruben to come back so we can see this absolutely generational midfield trio again. #InternationalBreakIsBoring


Trump Cameo #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

#NoBraDay creates awareness about Breast Cancer & how to check if you are being affected. Here are ways to screen yourself for possible lumps in the breast region. Always do Breast Self Examination. Please study all Techniques on the Banners. #BGI_ORG #BreastCancerAwareness


This ass. #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

Absolutely love House of Cards. Fantastic acting, political intrigue, sex, drugs, backstabbing, etc but I can't help but think that Claire Underwood really wants to speak to the manager.

72 days until christmas lets go

20 mins after they posted it and I’m just realizing that there was absolutely no singing of any sort this cb is going to be a good one I feel it @TXT_members #TXT_MAGIC

Anyone wanna guess how many people have signed up already? Bearing in mind it’s only mid October...? Wanna sign up? Course you do…


can’t wait for christmas

Fikayo Tomori or Joe Gomez is set to start in place of Michael Keane in England’s defence against Bulgaria. While Harry Winks is the likely replacement for the under-performing Declan Rice. [Express]

.@dicksp8jr Soaking in the cheers for his arrival to #SPNTor 2019


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