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#PandemicSexTapeTitles Deep Throat Swab

#COVID-19 के संक्रमण के फैलाव को रोकने हेतु धर्मगुरूओं एवं संभ्रांत जनों के साथ बैठक | @Uppolice @dgpup @AdgGkr @diggorakhpur #StayHomeSaveLives #COVID2019


That final MHA episode was absolutely phenomenal. I'll need a rewatch of the earlier seasons, but right now, I think this is my favourite episode of the entire series. Period. I got so many chills, I teared up like 5 times. Man, that's. An all time top tier episode.


Absolutely love the Scottish gobshite

Arundhati Roy Ye uss mohtarma ka naam hai jisse ye tak nahi pataa ki Rafale fighter jet hai ya aircraft carrier No one takes the likes of her seriously

Loved Ziyech’s pass to Van de Beek in last season’s UCL semi final first leg. Cut Spurs. They really should have left North London with at least two away goals

9 facts about @V_and_A, including how part of it ended up in east London…


Really not a hundred percent sold on Gigi Goode on the start of the season but after that snatch game and that iconic rebuttal to Ru, im sold on her hihi. She just needs to switch up her runways coz it’s becoming repetitive for me ehe

Health Secretary Matt Hancock was filmed doing a subtle eye rub and celebration after opening the NHS Nightingale Hospital. With 80 wards, the temporary facility in London's Docklands is now the world's largest critical care unit. Read the latest:

Some thoughts of this weeks #DragRace - Gigi is turning this out, week in, week out. - Sherry Pie (we didn’t need to see her Snatch Game either) - Heidi continues to be a scream and I stan her hard. - Jonathan Bennett is American jock hot. - Brita and her ego are unbearable

The last time she met him he said something to her, casually, jokingly, but with heartbreak in his eyes. It made her blood freeze. 'These days in Kashmir, you can be killed for surviving' Ministry of utmost happiness - Arundhati Roy #ReadingsOnKashmir

Good old Kalanisi. When he is not siring Cheltenham Winners, he is siring big Saturday city winners in Australia! Boardsmill bred Mirimar lands $135k 1m4f Hcap at Caulfield. His 5th career win. Bought by @PMBRacing from Boardsmill @tatts_ireland September Sale. Congrats to all…

Shadow sports minister says there are “serious questions” over why Cheltenham went ahead…

28 Days Later..and still not finished. #DIYSongsAndMovies

Here it is. Although you realise I just tweeted the Cheltenham article I didn’t actually write it. For some reason a lot have made that mistake.…

Ireland: Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan has said they have not identified any links between cases here and those who attended the Cheltenham festival.


Dissecting every little that PM says is not FoE..Its simple lack of regard for one must have for the highest ofc..Its akin to making fun of what your parents or elders or superiors say all the time...Disagreement is ok...making fun - absolutely uncool...

Jayson Nix got an at-bat in the 11th. Amazing.

You know what's amazing? Me. On #NiteFlirt. Come serve. 1-800-To-Flirt ext: 11704162. #findom #femdom #humiliation #goddess

#Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself. #Fauci says you wear mask so as not to infect other(s) if you are asymptotic. But Trump cavalierly dismisses it’s use because caring out for others not in his quiver.#TrumpPressBriefing #masksforall…

Meanwhile in Quarantine, @RaexxVictoria @jonathan_reeder and I are on a 10 game win streak on Fortnite...what have you done with your life since COVID-19? #StayHomeSaveLives #fortnite #QuarantineLife

#GodMorningSaturday It is written in Gita chapter 6 verse 16 that O Arjuna, this yoga sadhana proves neither of the over-eating nor of those who eat fast https #GodMorningSaturday #StayHomeSaveLives #StayHome


The Coach and Horses Pub, Mayfair, London, England


Panic on the streets of London, panic on the streets of Birmingham, I wonder to myself.

broadway stan twitter talking about getting $80 flights to nyc and $300 flights to london and then finding out that broadway and the west end shut down

Artist :Pete :street art door in London


The Globe is streaming a Shakespeare play for free every fortnight (and 34 foreign-language productions)


#ThankYouJeremy for reminding the Labour party what it's supposed to stand for, and for building it into the largest political party in Europe. Though we didn't win, your entire political career you have continued fighting for Labour values, and so should we all.

So after we do #PEWithJoe everyday the girls do @JRCorella’s dance cardio workouts. This is what life in #SelfIsolation has become. (For fear of divorce I’ve @elainekom’s permission to post) #Hairspray

Any second now … the action theme for the very first time … #fishcustard

I don't envy Prisoner Zero's dentist #FishCustard

Respect to that actor for pretending to be a dog #FishCustard

This is one of the best things ever on the ‘tube. Everyone slays Bill Withers - use me via @YouTube

We really need something inspirational. Like 'Lean On Me' or 'Ain't No Sunshine.' Debbie: "Those songs were written & performed by Bill Withers who died today." #AintNoHalfSteppinWhen #DebbieIsInTown #MondayFeeling #RIPBillWithers #BillWithersRIP


Das cerimônias de posse de Clinton e Obama às trilhas sonoras de filmes e séries de TV, canções de #BillWithers como "Ain't no sunshine" e "Lean on me" permanecem eternas na música pop, apesar da breve carreira do cantor e compositor.…

Oh man, Bill Withers! One of the greats! Still play the s*** out of his records. RIP. Go stream Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall, such a beautiful album.

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