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Pep Guardiola: “Quería que la final de la Champions fuera en Estambul, por Gundogan. Desafortunadamente, la UEFA decidió por Portugal. No hay problema.”


Disproportionate police presence & resources by @policescotland on #KenmureSt effectively enforcing Home Office #hostileenvironment People of #Glasgow won't move till our neighbours are let free. Count: Police riot vans 17 Small vans 6 Cars 6 (29 total) Police officers 40+?


Protest at Kenmure St (Pollockshields, Glasgow) still going. The family detained in the home office van have been in there since the morning. We’ve not seen any food or water passed to them. They don’t have access to toilet. There is still someone lying under the van. Come by.

On May 13, 1939, the MS St. Louis set sail from Europe with hundreds of Jewish refugees on board fleeing the Nazis. But the passengers were denied refuge in Cuba, the US, and Canada. With nowhere to go, many of them later perished in the #Holocaust.

Can someone tell me what the need for this is?! If the police are making out that this protest is dangerous by way of having this much of a police presence, tell me why people have their children there?! It is a PEACEFUL PROTEST. This is not needed! @policescotland #Pollokshields


The “I’m done with Rage Against the Machine now that they become political” crowd:


If I wasn't two and a half hours drive from Glasgow I would be there. Solidarity to all out in #Pollokshields today

Glasgow's Lord Provost Philip Braat ends today's full council meeting by saying he hopes everyone across the council chamber is "united in condemnation" of the "deeply concerning" events in Pollokshields today.

It used to be that this kind of historical revisionism and Holocaust relativism was widely attacked and opposed by the Jewish communities everywhere, including Israel, the head of whose Yad Vashem stood tall against 'Double Holocaust' theory. I hope they do the same now.…

By me: Free speech means holocaust deniers shouldn’t be silenced. After all, banning stupid ideas doesn’t make them disappear…

RATM trending tab is great, it's always great.

One more buy I got last night during that Elon musk flash sale - #bitcoincash . It was too good not to pass up! @djchaudhry_ @rogerkver

Imagine having the ability to get a 20% discount on #bitcoin by posting just one tweet. Elon wants your sats.

To be clear I feel like Elon had just started getting widespread acceptance despite being a weirdo. Kind of like the weird kid in class. Then just as everyone’s like “ah he’s not so bad” He literally takes a steaming shit on the carpet in the front of the class.

The scale of China's Bitcoin mining rush could undermine its carbon-zero goals — If left unchecked, China's Bitcoin mines could emit as much carbon dioxide by 2024 as Italy or Saudi Arabia…

This has and will continue to be my guide... The amount of a commodity held in inventory divided by its yearly production.. The basic principal behind the S2F model. Always 21m bitcoin but every 4 years the production gets cut in half. This just makes so much sense to me. $btc…

Israel and its lobby have successfully weaponized Holocaust guilt

Alvida Mahe Ramzan :) Aap sabko Eid-ul-fitr ka Chand Mubarak ho.

Eid Mubarak to everyone across the globe! May Almighty bless you with more happiness, love, wisdom, peace & prosperity on this blessed occasion! #EidMubarak


Only ~10% down on #Bitcoin and Ethereum. Considering the negative news and the imminent need for a retrace, this is very bullish.

Day 7 of x trying to convince @CryptoMessiah - the lord of the apes and king of the ponzis - to go on board with his fellow apes @Apescape8 Different to Elon Musk our aerospace engineers are loyal apes. And no - there is no simp allocation sent to Vitalik. #bsc $rokt

イーロン・マスク氏がビットコインでのテスラ車購入の停止を指示、ツイート後ビットコインは下落中 (2021-05-13 03:01 PM) #TechCrunchJapan

Uefa confirma final da Champions em Portugal com público…

¿Alguien más se está cansando de que Elon nos engañe? Declaración de Tesla “Tesla ha suspendido las compras de vehículos con Bitcoin. Nos preocupa el uso cada vez mayor de combustibles fósiles para la minería y las transacciones de Bitcoin


On a day that the most diverse Scottish Parliament ever was sworn in, it is deeply disturbing to see the UK Home Office pursuing deportations like this. Solidarity to those resisting this inhumane and racist institution!…

If Big Techs like @DellTech and @intel are working with @iota in Project Alvarium why cant @elonmusk @Tesla do the same?

Follow all the latest from Pollokshields in Glasgow as hundreds join 'stand-off' against a Home Office raid.…

Hey guys, here's a fun family activity: Like this post and comment on it to try and help me get Chrissy Teigen fired.…

Fui lá eu nas FROTEIRAS DO BONFA ver a tal bike q tou pensando em comprar e quem tá na entrada do prédio trocando um lero com o porteiro?? Ele mesmo, O CARA DA SUNGA!!! Porto Alegre é uma cidade fantástica msm!

We should all Rage Against the Machine.

a tory minister explicitly supporting the right of holocaust deniers to speak at universities and facing absolutely no pusback from the same people who called corbyn an antisemite for his pronunciation of a name is spinning me

Alguém precisa de fazer este trabalho político em Portugal. Se o PSD não tem tempo, ainda bem que a IL o faz.…

"Europeans with job interviews are among those being...locked up. They have spoken of being subjected to the traumatic and humiliating experience of expulsion, despite Home Office rules that explicitly allow non-visa holders to attend interviews."…

Roku Channel adds 30 titles from Quibi — including shows from Kevin Hart, Chrissy Teigen — on May 20… via ⁦@usatodaytech⁩ ⁦@Roku

is Matt Forde supposed to be a serious political commentator or a comedian? he's no good at either. dishonest, stupid and bald.…

Eid gives the message that we should show compassion towards #Humanity #Ramadan is a month of self-reformation after which, #EidAlFitr comes as a day to attain God’s pleasure. The world should turn towards #God to be saved from this pandemic. #COVID19…

DJ Khaled Getting Dragged Online for Posting Twerk Video During Ramadan…

قوات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي تعتدي بالضرب المبرح على شاب فلسطيني وتقوم باعتقالة في #كفر_قاسم شرقي #تل_أبيب #فلسطين #القدس #المسجد_الأقصى #غزة_تحت_القصف #Ghazaunderattack #PalestineUnderAttack #فلسطين_تقاوم

Congrats to everyone who lost -20% in bitcoin yday. Hope you're enjoying the new "reserve ccy".

المتحدث باسم حماس عبد اللطيف القانوع للميادين: كلما تمادى الاحتلال في جرائمه ستتصاعد ضربات المقاومة. #القدس_أقرب #القدس_لنا #فلسطين_تنتقض #فلسطين_قضيتنا_الأولى #أنقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح #مرگ_بر_إسرائیل #PalestineWillBeFree #PalestineUnderAttack

Tesla won't bitcoin as payment from now on. Bitocoin owners be like;

La fin du mois de Ramadan est l'occasion idéale de faire un don, qui impactera encore plus durablement le quotidien des bénéficiaires. Et si vous offrez la vie ? ❤️ ☺️


RWoB sends warm wishes to you and your family on Eid ul Fitr. Eid Mubarak! #EidAlFitr

Βύθισε το #Βitcoin ο Musk, ανέστειλε τη χρήση του η Tesla

Natuurlijk voor degenen die vandaag het einde van de Ramadan vieren, een fijn suikerfeest gewenst #EidMubarak

Крупнейшие #криптовалюты подешевели в среднем на 10% после заявления Маска, о том что #Tesla приостановила прием оплаты за электромобили в биткоинах #BTC #ETH #крипта


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