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NINTENDO Announces New Indie World Showcase…


CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: “Russia was afforded every opportunity to rejoin the global antidoping community for the good of its athletes and of the integrity of sport but it chose instead to continue in its deception and denial.”-Craig Reedie @wada_ama… @nytimes

Excellence is a continuous process not an accident. Strive for excellence, have a productive ahead. #MondayMotivation #LatoMilk #PureAndTasty


"Inadequate, illogical and excessive" The Russian Olympic Committee has responded to the four-year ban from sport handed out by Wada…

Change is the end result of all true learning - Leo Buscaglia #MondayMotivation

Sat-Sunday varying due to family plans and things for weekends though I enjoy gaming and having a laid back stream family is always first. Again the schedule would be M-F 8pm-12pm and Sat-Sun times will vary. #SmallStreamerCommunity #Modernwarefare #fortnite #vibes

The head of Russia's anti-doping agency said that his country had "no chance" of winning an appeal against a four-year international sporting ban.…

09/12/1974. I PINK FLOYD si esibiscono al Palace Theatre di Manchester. Pink Floyd Palace Theatre Manchester England December 9 1974: #MinisteroCulturaMusicale


Lineal heavyweight champion @Tyson_Fury, an advocate for mental health awareness, says he recently talked a man out of suicide -- and then took him on a run. My story:… #boxing @trboxing @KornerMan44 @CarlMoretti @bradleyajacobs

Hancock can't "sort this out" as thanks to the Health and Social Care Act the running of it is entirely devolved to NHS England - why subsequent secretaries of state have had so many projects outside of core NHS roles, like MH's own work on digital. It's just a photo opp.…

Steam entfernt rechte Parolen und Nazi-Symbole von seiner Gaming-Plattform… #Jugendschutz #Medien

Уверен, что на самом верху крутятся ужами на сковородах, потому что вопрос с допингом и WADA нельзя решить паскудством и силой, как со свободным футбольным болельщиком. Привыкли подло срать соседу под дверь, крошить, называя это профилактикой, вместо честного диалога о проблемах

not us running into tommy fury from love island in manchester arndale LMAOOO


ڈوپنگ ڈیٹا میں ردوبدل، روس کھیلوں کے مقابلے سے چار سال کے لیے باہر تفصيلات جانئے: #DailyJang…

Next to the #Cowboys the #Patriots bring so many people joy when they lose. New England is at the end of the run with an offense that only scores with trick plays. Is it time for @TomBrady to retire? The Pats offense sucks!…

The Beatles played to an audience of 18 people after their concert was not publicized in the local newspaper in Aldershot, England, December 9, 1961.


A student was left in "excruciating pain" after he was hit on the head with a police baton during a student fees protest, a hearing was told

Kirk Douglas is 103 today. I wonder if his celebrations are still as rowdy as this? #KirkDouglas

I didn't even know there was a blood-retinal barrier, but it's important to ensure any antimicrobial drugs can cross it for infections in the eye, so discuss with ophth/micro! @FCarleyOphth #ICSSOA

Thank you @stevemathieu75 @Ganesh_ICM @ICS_updates for the wonderful organisation of such a great event #icssoa Am truly honoured and thankful to meet so many incredible individuals and especially so many outstanding women in intensive care medicine!! #WomenInMedicine #inspired


Joint publication Royal College of Opthalmologists/ICS on eye care in the ICU #ICSSOA “the eye of the storm” by @FCarleyOphth


.@DanishAndOneill vs @KelseyCook on a new Wrists for Fury! D&O want to make things interesting by taking a shot and a hit off a joint everytime they score on Kelsey. Will they be fucked up or completely sober at the end?… #ATCpresents #wristsoffury

Nutrition is key to prehab. It can make a difference within 2 weeks. Brilliant presentation from @Junedavis44. Great to have another dietitian on the stage, championing nutrition at #ICSSOA .


Paul, one of the people we support, has produced a video guide to the #GE2019 - the full version can be found at Here's Paul's #accessible summary of the @Conservatives party #BeAVoter #Walkinourshoes

full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

Prehab benefits can be seen in as little as 2 weeks and it’s part of a continuum. You need prehab and rehab. #ICSSOA

Kpop fans bursting in on every cancel hashtag to spam it with fancams #h3h3isoverparty are pushing 40 and have a whole baby, stop worrying about what young people like and go feed ur child :) #h3h3isoverparty

Steve Harvey Was Right: Gazini Ganados Won The National Costume At Miss Universe 2019 #MissUniverse2019

#h3h3isoverparty h3h3 - disgusting looking, old, cringe podcast & hasnt been funny since like 2015 kpop girls- HOT AS FUCK, beautiful, kawaii, will love you forever and be loyal your choice...


The reason the Tories are so dangerous is because ideologically, they're dead in the water. Right-wing ideology has nowhere to go. Except further down the path of authoritarianism. In reality, Brexit saved the Tories. Can you imagine if it hadn't happened? They'd be finished.

Wow! "The Tories’ top two themes – Brexit and taxation – have received 24.5% of the coverage overall and 29.8% on broadcast TV. By contrast, Labour’s top two issues – health and the environment – have been featured in only 14.1% of all the coverage and 13.4% of the TV coverage."


K-Pop stans must be stopped! We cannot let people with actual talent kill themselves over degenerates on twitter #h3h3isoverparty


Straight dudes don't get to say the word "twink" anymore it's official #h3h3isoverparty

Thokoza. Before doing this I wanna speak on homosexuality first. A lot of abuse, prejudice and oppression is based on lack of understanding that ancestrally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being homosexual. I wanna clear this up first and then explain marriage.…

Referee in Patriots game explains controversial ruling…


Extinction Rebellion have glued themselves to blocks of concrete stuck to road outside Leicester Square tube station. Today’s campaign is all about air pollution. Their sign reads “Air Pollution Kills 25 Londoners Each Day.” @LBC

Please #BeAVoter and vote to kick the Tories out, because the hour is late and the future bleak. In another 5 years, there will be no country left to save, no NHS as we know it, no Scotland in the union, and Brexit will have crippled our economy.

Jo Swinson on BBC tries to explain the huge u-turn away from Revoke Brexit by saying “that was only in the circumstances of a Lib Dem Govt so not going to happen” ..then says the Lib Dems have legislation ready for a People’s Vote if you vote for them. Mess

Curious choice of words on GMB from a disconcertingly twitchy @Kevin_Maguire He wants Great Britain to “stay together” but then only mentioned England, Wales and Scotland. So no Northern Ireland? Is that why he chose not to say United Kingdom? @GMB


SIX! Wins away from home and 5 true road wins-and wins over Baltimore New England and Minnesota combined record 30-9...4th straight AFC West Title and LOTS of work ahead @Chiefs @KCChiefsRadio @ChiefsReporter @gmfb #ChiefsKingdom

Looks like I’ll be at our England home over the holidays and therefor available for sessions.

so last night i was really excited about watching mahomes at the patriots, but watched most of the 49ers saints first. that was such an insane game that i felt exhausted by the time the chiefs came on. pehle i saw patriots have two failed 3rd & longs be made into 1st downs...

If I was Bellew, I'd fight Andy Ruiz. He said when he retires we won't see him again. He obviously hasn't retired because he's on every radio station, YouTube channel, sky, every time a show is on.

Idk why but Marduk ending his combo with ub+1+2 into that dramatic cut makes me lol every time.…

Словарный запас Трампа беднее, чем у всех американских президентов современности, и соответствует уровню четвероклассника…

My Goodness.Wonderful to see Glenda Jackson on TV tonight.Absolutely brilliant.Thank you.#ElizabethIsMissing .Lovely to see Maggie Steed as well..Top actors.For me, inspirational.Keep me going.

clattered for the 497th time that game with a diabolical referee, he had a right to retaliate. any other player and this is regarded as shithousery, grealish agenda is unreal. #avfc…

Great to see Chrissy Nicholl at B6, although under very sad circumstances #avfc


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