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The UK elections take place this Thursday, and the country's unfinalized divorce with the European Union looms over it all. These are the Brexit elections. Even if many wish they weren’t.

Point of this tweet is, as a manager you can work absolute wonders at West Ham but because of that, it gives the board an excuse to not spend money the next season and build on from there, because they simply do not have the ambition to do that. Safety is ALL that really matters.…

In solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters. #VoteLabourDec12 Exclusive: Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations head, leader of 35,000 Jewish citizens, endorses Corbyn… via @skwawkbox

I would like to share this in-depth article with an extraordinary analysis considering historic data and newest A&R-researches. #Synthwave is alive!… via @khansynth

#Synthfam, we are reaching the end of 2019. Want to know the favorite releases of this year by the wonderful @miles_matrix? Go check it out here:… #synthwave #synthwavefan #synthwavelives


Чемпионаты мира по хоккею пройдут в России, несмотря на решение WADA, сообщили в IIHF. «Отозвать чемпионаты мира, которые пройдут в России, технически невозможно. Они пройдут в России, как и планировалось»

Говорят, что спорт вне политики! Но именно после победы России в 2014 году на домашней Олимпиаде – ключевому инициатору разбирательств и постоянных обвинений в адрес нашей страны – было отрыто бюджетное финансирование по линии Правительства #США…

Just a reminder that k-pop stans got the Wii U trending a few months back #BanKpopAccounts

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself". Leo Tolstoy #Tolstoy #MondayMotivation #writer


In one hand, the US supports human rights in Hong Kong. In the other hand, we support Saudi Arabia, which has some of the worst human rights violations. We don't care equally about human rights worldwide. It’s all politics. #MondayMotivation [WATCH]


Congratulations to Anne Sutton (BMus 2018) on being named a recipient of the Marshall Scholarship!… #uncmusic #mondaymotivation #marshallscholar #unc #gdtbath

Cheating in an event meant to unite the world, lying after proven guilty, really sad for the honest Russian Olympians. Russia has been barred from competing in international sports for 4 years after an investigation by the World Anti-Doping Agency…

UPDATE 1- #WADA sanctions are inappropriate and excessive - Russian Olympic Committee…

WATCH THIS: Beattie gives her thoughts on Corbyn’s Labour Party ahead of #GE2019

.@TeleexpressTVP | Światowa Agencja Antydopingowa (#WADA) wykluczyła Rosję z letnich igrzysk olimpijskich w Tokio i zimowych w Pekinie, a także innych wielkich imprez sportowych. Decyzja została podjęta jednogłośnie - oświadczył @WitoldBanka.

Jeremy Corbyn is in Bristol today playing to crowds of enthusiastic students encouraging them to remember to vote twice.

Yes the links between micro, ophthalmology and ICU are really important in these patients. White blobs in the eye are bad news! Can be v. diff to view on an ICU pt without proper kit #icssoa


Hoy cumple el gran actor americano Kirk Douglas nada más y nada menos que 103 años. Fue todo: actor, productor y escritor. Interpretando dio vida a un entrañable Espartaco y es un grande de Hollywood #KirkDouglas


If your ICU patient cannot lubricate their own eye then it’s up to us to do it for them. You can’t do much harm with lots of lubrication. #icssoa #ophthalmology…

If you can see the iris when the patient has their eyes closed - worry. Try tape, but if you can't close their eye(s) fully then get your ophthalmologists involved. @FCarleyOphth #ICSSOA

Yep. It shouldn’t happen in a healthy eye, but any breach of the epithelium is a risk to infection. ICU environment and underlying condition makes this much more risky in your patients #ICSSOA @ICS_updates @cgraydoc


Happy BIrthday #KirkDouglas. You've been in some bangers. Also, thank you for Michael. He has been in some bangers. Bless you both.


Available for de-selection: #MatthewOfford @Offord4Hendon in #Hendon. A Conservative and ‘Unionist’ who backs a Brexit which will ensure the break-up of the ‘Union'. Who recognises that Brexit will make the UK worse off for 50 years (Jacob Rees-Mogg’s words not mine). #Unfit


Available for de-selection: #MichaelGove in #SurreyHeath. A Conservative and ‘Unionist’ backs a Brexit which will ensure the break-up of the ‘Union'. ‘The day after we vote to leave we hold all the cards’ And then spent £millions of YOUR money on a fantasy No Deal Brexit. #Unfit


Available for de-selection: #MarkPawsey in #Rugby. The Conservative and ‘Unionist’ supporting a Brexit that will destroy the ‘Union’. 2015 - Treated to hospitality worth £1,650 by Japan Tobacco International. Campaigned against many measures to limit the tobacco industry. #Unfit


Available for de-selection: #StephenCrabb in #PreseliPembrokeshire. Voted to reduce by £30 per week the amount of ESA paid to disabled. Admitted sending sexually explicit messages to a 19-year old interviewee. #Unfit


Available for re-selection: #DominicGrieve #Beaconsfield. A millionaire yet puts People before Politics, Care before Career. Former police station lay visitor and worked in Brixton on various bodies set up to reconcile the different communities after the riots. #Worthy


Available for re-selection: #JulieCooper #Burnley: Her first Private Members Bill, was to exempt carers from having to pay hospital car parking charges. At the second reading, in October, it was talked out in a filibuster by the Conservative MP #PhilipDavies. #Worthy


Available for de-selection: The MP for #UxbridgeandSouthRuislip. Says calling black people 'piccaninnies' with 'watermelon smiles', is 'wholly satirical'. Caused a “significant spike” in Islamophobic incidents after comparing women in burkhas to “letterboxes”. #Unfit


Boris Johnson’s success in completing Brexit may owe as much to his opponents’ disarray as to his own strategy

The Miss Universe Organization is quick to add that it wasn't host Steve Harvey's fault. #MissUniverse2019…

. @MissUniverse #ZozibiniTunzi is a passionate activist & engaged in the fight against gender based violence. She has devoted her social media campaign to changing the narrative around gender stereotypes. She is a proud advocate for natural beauty. #MissUniverse2019 @zozitunzi


I don't think K-pop stans even know or acknowledge what's going on behind the scenes of their fandom. K-pop might be fun on stage, but the artists gets abused so badly. But what can one expect from braindead stans? #h3h3isoverparty

#h3h3isoverparty Me praying the stans don't kill me in my sleep tonight


Make your mind up time when Johnson already has one foot back in Downing Street…

Boris Johnson kicking off the last week of the campaign at a fish market in Grimsby


Qué opinan todos aquellos que sostienen que la liga y los árbitros favorecen a Pats? Hoy les robaron 2 TDs.

Available for re-selection: #DavidDrew in #Stroud: On May's deal he said "Brexit will become one of the biggest domestic policy disasters this country has known." He also compared it to the 2003 Iraq War as one of the country's biggest foreign policy disasters. #Worthy


I'm not voting for @jeremycorbyn . I'm voting for @LabourLewis because a: he's so strong a #Remainer Corbyn threw him off the Front Bench b: he's a great MP. I was going to vote @LibDem but in my constituency that's a vote for the #Tories. #VoteTactically not emotionally

'The fact they haven't come on is pathetic.' @piersmorgan criticizes Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn for not coming on GMB. Unfortunately, we've had to make do with a couple of ice sculptures...

It's pointless to worry about the polls. Ignore the spin, the propaganda, the smears, the desperate attempt to discredit Corbyn. Keep up the hope. Anything is possible. #YesWeCan #VoteForHope #VoteForChange #VoteLabourDecember12th

Just a single day of balanced and honest broadcasting from #r4today, #BBCBreakfast and the billionaire press would guarantee a Labour government. I’m not even asking for several years of output outrageously biased In Corbyn’s favour, which is his due!


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