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So this is how it ends. Effectively a 1.50 winner. Not amazing however it was the safe effort on almost landing a big odds winner. So many ways to play our alerts #DSC #cats


18 Indians Among 23 Sailors Aboard British Tanker Seized By Iran… #NDTVNewsBeeps


So being America's puppet is going to lead the #uk into serious trouble with #Iran . Sit back #USA and watch the action. What will the clown Comedy Boris do?

1. Britain Lawfully Seized an Iranian Oil Ship, Upholding EU Sanctions 2. Iran Responds By Seizing A British Oil Ship In The Strait Of Hormuz 3. Both Countries Want Their Ships Back 4. High Tensions In The Gulf As Lots Of Oil Ships Are Packed Outside The Strait Of Hormuz


“Maybe its time to go home...” #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

A well-established pathway to conflict. UK tanker's detention by Iran may serve as pretext for use of force — Russian lawmaker

Cats trailer made so much noise. This is amazing. Now we pray we get better trailer next time. phew

Spokesman: Iran to Continue Modification of N. Deal, Response to Any New US Aggression


How is Jason Derulo in the Cats movie, all his lines are just gonna be "Jason Derulo"

ジュークボックスのマスターは「TOP GUN」が新しく映画になることを知らなかった。しかし入店したら何もオーダーしてないのにデンジャーゾーンが流れてきた。なにこの偶然



That mental health is not as important as physical health. #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

Ibrahimovic 3-2 Carlos Vela: "El Ferrari tenía mucha gasolina hoy"…

I mean. I know you all have emotional attachment to Top Gun so I won't share my honest opinion. Kher. Gonna watch Pearl harbor ab. Moodz ban Gaya hai.

Top Gun is great and everything but Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Work would bring the planet to a halt.

It has all the elements we love: * Henry Cavill * Monsters * Fighting * Henry Cavill * Sex * Henry Cavill #SDCC #TheWitcher…

Jurgen Klopp outlines where Liverpool need to improve after Borussia Dortmund defeat…


Gece mls’de ibrahimovic - carlos vela kapışması olmuş uyuduğum için çok üzgünüm

Haftanın Fragmanları: Top Gun 2, It Chapter 2, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Good Boys, Hustlers, Cats, His Dark Materials ve daha fazlası...…


BBC News - HS2: High-speed line cost 'could rise by £30bn'…

180 Bank-Minuten auf US-Tour! - Darum darf Philipp nicht mehr für den BVB ran…

At the Harrogate Crimewriting Festival with a man who likes my books enough to lug all 20 of them in hardback all the way from Blackpool for me to sign. Now that’s dedication. Not to mention high literary taste!


Looking forward to Barrow v Blackpool today, Hopefully get to see Will make his first team debut Enjoy the experience mate, we’re all very proud of you

All the goals, highlights and analysis from #LFC's clash with Dortmund…

When you realise it’s time to drive to Blackpool @OfficialPDC


Difficult to justify spending £600m per mile of track to get to London 20 minutes quicker. If capacity is the reason the existing line can be expanded at a fraction of the cost. BBC News - HS2: High-speed line cost 'could rise by £30bn'…

"BBC News - HS2" Look. No offence. I am sure you like it down there but having London half an hour quicker to get to holds no appeal. From my perspective it seems like a shit hole. Just give the south 15B and the North 15 Billion and let them invest in local projects.

BBC News - HS2 if you want to get to where you are going quicker and save 30 billion in the process, just leave half an hour earlier.

dear @KianAndJc please follow me, i’ll send u funny videos in return of this favor❤️ #therealityhouse

Iran seizes British-flagged oil tanker — here’s what you need to know about the Strait of Hormuz

#Halloween isn’t quite over for poor Laurie Strode... not just yet... #HalloweenKills - October 16th 2020 #HalloweenEnds - October 15th 2021

The best titles to fit with Green’s trilogy should have been: Halloween (1978) Halloween Returns (2018) Halloween Kills (2020) Halloween Ends (2021) That would’ve made more sense. #halloween #halloweenkills #halloweenends #blumhouse

I hope to God that nobody is voting for Michael and Francesca because he needs to leave so that Amber can have some space and realise what an absolute dick he is. #LoveIsland

extraño mucho a calum, ashton, michael y luke

The day a tweet was read out that Michael was whipped by Amber, everything went downhill from there, i could see how michael started to change towards her, he let a few silly tweets change how he acted towards the girl he cared for... WEAK lool #loveisland

With the announcement of #HalloweenKills & #HalloweenEnds there’s no better time than any to catch our latest @halloweenmovie Film Theory. Brought to you by @ashmillman

Big BIG fan of Greg calling Michael, Mike haha #loveisland

amber: i choose... greg the UK: #loveisland 

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps seizes British-flagged, Liberian-flagged tankers in Stra...… via @YahooNews

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has told Sky News that there will be "consequences" if Iran does not return control of the British-flagged oil tanker Stena Impero


Iran seized British, Liberian oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz - ABC News… (via @ABC)

Really looking forward to working on the @Betfred World Matchplay @OfficialPDC Darts in #Blackpool for 9 days from tomorrow & hope that @Russ180 @GeorgeNoble180 @paul_hinks2 @KirkBevins180 are all busy calling 180s for the benefit of @ParkinsonsUK an #awesomegesture 3️⃣0️⃣1️⃣➕


Good Day For The Lads 6/9 Pts 5-0 W✅ Vs Blackpool Josheyboyo⚽️⚽️ Jacob⚽️ Lewis⚽️ Pompey⚽️ 4-1 W✅ Vs Millwall Jacob⚽️⚽️ Lewis⚽️ Mark⚽️ 3-0 L❌ Vs Swindon Saves:24 CS:1 Should Have Got 2 @UpTheGlovers @VFL_Bible #UpTheGlovers

A productive late morning visit to Chelmsford... #Class37 37407 ‘Blackpool Tower’ dragging Greater Anglia #Class82 82112 DVT as 5Z37 0842 Norwich Crown Point > Cardiff Canton Sidings. #GEML 19/07/19


Target's @NathanAspi gets the World Matchplay underway tomorrow night, as he makes his debut at Blackpool Winter Gardens. #TheAsp is looking to win his third TV title this year, after the UK Open & US Darts Masters, and plays in the opening game against Mervyn King. #TeamaTarget


So the Brown Skin Girl song has been recorded since last year and Wizkid just acted like it’s nothing? There are levels to this star shit.

Dirtiest Shaku/Zanku hybrid to “Already” #TheGiftAlbum

Blue Ivy and Beyonce are enjoying rare opportunity to ft Wizkid in Brown Skin Girl, they're so lucky to work with Wizkid, Nigeria's second natural resources after crude oil.

Best song on #TheGiftAlbum? (Quote with your fav if it’s not on this list)

♥️Even though it's only Little G's last day in Reception ~ this still makes my heart ache a bit!♥️ If this is you ~ a hug from me. I was there, once. #schoolsoutforsummer #schools #families #childhood


Davido will soon blow wizkid mind and also take his brown skin girl away from him!! #davido #30BG

Just watched the #CatsTrailer and I’m wondering: can something be both terrifying and underwhelming?

GRAZIA EXCLUSIVE: #LoveIsland's @yewande_biala Writes An Open Letter To @AmberRoseGill: ‘You’re Amazing, Please Don’t Take Michael Back’


"I wonder if we can get here on points next time" #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Wait...the cats have breasts...? *Sings* MAMMARIES!! It's so easy to leave me! #CatsMovie #CatsTrailer


Unpopular opinion: I want Amber to go back with Michael. I think that Greg is SUCH a nice guy and doesn't deserve to leave BUTTT I do think Amber and Michael have always had something there and it was obvious he didn't want to admit he made a mistake #LoveIsland

Who of #TeamTarget will be playing at the World Matchplay this year and which of those are making their debuts on the Blackpool Winter Gardens stage? Find out more here:…


I completed my first #ButterflyCount this morning. My total count was 79 butterflies of 9 spp with 36 MeadowBrown,18 Gatekeeper,10 Ringlet, 5 LargeWhite, 5 SmallSkipper, 2 SmallWhite, singles of SmallCopper, Comma & Peacock @BillButterfly @BC_Suffolk @savebutterfles


"‘He actually said he thought we could leave and still have a seat on the European Council... Johnson’s belief... suggested a profound ignorance not just of his country’s future but of its entire postwar past." @fotoole skewers the akratic 'Boris'. #brexit…

Highly recommended: from @fotoole, sharp and original observations about #BorisJohnson, an “akratic personality” whose anarchism “shades into a kind of insouciant nihilism”. Contains some uncomfortable truths about the place we’re in.…

“There is a fatalistic end-of-days pleasure in the idea of Boris doing his Churchill impressions while the iceberg looms ever closer. When things are too serious to be contemplated in sobriety, send in the clown.”…

The Ham of Fate | by Fintan O’Toole | The New York Review of Books…

こういうことです。 皆の者しかと覚えておくように。 インク倒さないように気をつけます。 #おみ活


Imagine the JAGMAN on Goose's death. "Lt. [REDACTED] confronted Mishap Pilot (MP) about what [REDACTED] perceived as MP's reckless handling of aircraft. [REDACTED] said MP's was belligerent and seemed to take pride in unsafe maneuvers. MP said 'That's right, I am dangerous.'"

Why is it that every time Michael is separated from the woman he’s with he can suddenly “think clearly”???? Sweetie, no one is clouding your head, you are just an idiot #LoveIsland

Si Reino Unido saliera de la Unión Europea sin acuerdo, caería en recesión en 2020: Oficina de Responsabilidad Presupuestaria. #Brexit…

Had to slop the top off, it's just a roof She said, "Where we goin'?" I said, "The moon" We ain't even make it to the room She thought it was the ocean, it's just the pool Now I got her open, it's just the Goose Who put this shit together? I'm the glue

I am organising a small screening of the “Brexit: the uncivil war” movie with Benedict Cumberbatch as Dominic Cummings tomorrow evening in SF, near Diamond heights. Ping me if you want in!

Centroamérica firma acuerdo comercial con Reino Unido ante eventual llegada del Brexit | Teletica


Alan Duncan: 'El brexit de ninguna manera afectará el lazo con Ecuador'


This ought to help the UK in getting another referendum vote for "No-Brexit". It should tie the hands of trump's buddy Boris Johnson. Let's hope that this is the beginning of the end.…

Greg is a gentleman I'm into it #LoveIsland

Now playing BBC World Service - Brexit: MPs back bid to block Parliament suspension Listen here:


I still miss Goose. His death was one of the more heartbreaking moments of my childhood.

eu to presa na vodka grey goose, mano

おはようございます。 あの唐辛子揚げたお菓子にハマってます。以上です。

Worth noting how good the Kilmarnock fans were tonight! Applauded our players off the pitch at the end! #respect #humbled @the_nomads @KilmarnockFC

Going Blackpool tomorrow yikes .

Former Kilmarnock boss Steve Clarke was disappointed at his former side’s capitulation against pedestrian, uninspiring, workmanlike Welsh opposition resulting in early expulsion from European competition at the first hurdle. “That was shite” said Steve Clarke.


Launched from Blackpool, Lancashire about twenty five minutes ago -

Plenty ask me where my meats/produce comes from. I use a local butcher who knows his stuff along with his team. If you are in Blackpool get yourselves down there and by all means mention my name. They will look after you and advise @NigelButchers


Congratulations to our 14 SCHOOL DIRECT TRAINEES who all successfully completed their PGCE with QTS this year in partnership with @CumbriaUni & celebrated today with course leaders & mentors from schools across Blackpool & Lancs. Onwards & upwards- its the best job in the world!!


Boris Johnson in 2016: After Brexit we'll have £350 million a week for the NHS! Boris Johnson in 2019: After Brexit we'll have Mars Bars and water! All with the same fucking pro-Brexit audience clapping both times

#PrayForKyoAni Today has been a very very tragic day, a day that will remain in the animation industry’s black book for years to come. It is on this day that the beautiful, amazing studio of Kyoto Animation and their wonderful staff suffered a terrible fate.


Twitter has spoken. If you don't like it, know. #IStandWithIlhan


#TAEYONG_LongFlight paket komplit bat dah. Visual (gausah ragu), dance (behh....), rapper (gillaaa....), vokal (alusss.....). ini definisi SEMPURNA ❤❤


The left defends @IlhanMN even after her many insensitive comments but we misgender someone by mistake or make a bad joke and we are #Nazi ? #DoubleStandards #IStandWithPresTrump #IStandWithIlhanOmar #IStandWithTrump #IStandWithIlhan

I just heard about what happened at Kyoto Animation and I'm absolutely devastated. I can't believe something that horrible would happen. My condolences to all those hard-working employees and their friends and families.

"Ok Boris, you can have ONE more line of coke if you get up there and talk about things the working class REALLY cares about. No effin Latin!" 'Man of the people' Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson rants about Mars Bars...

Please support Kyoto Animation directly through their site or through Sentai Filmwork's GoFundMe page! #PrayForKyoani #ThankYouKyoAni #KyotoAnimation #KyoAni Links will be below. Please share this around.

La tragedia de #KyotoAnimation no para de crecer y ya son 33 las víctimas mortales provocadas por el incendio…

Just been confirmed Labour peers In the house of Lords are set to hold a vote on a vote of no confidence on Jeremy Corbyn. No wonder Labour is in such a mess. #Labourcivilwar

Last week, one of our @EPRoadsPolicing officers was thanked by proud new parents after he escorted them through traffic while the mother was in labour. #MoreThanCrimeFighters Read our article to find out more about PC Matthew Turner and baby William:


Jordan Spieth, the 2017 Open champion, is already in red figures with a birdie at the par-5 second. #TheOpen

This is a terrible day for #Leave. It's plans to renegotiate or prorogue are in tatters. The OBR estimates mean no responsible Govt could contemplate no deal for a second. Trump has escaped the bounds of tolerable discourse. The EU is unarguably a safer ally than the USA. #Brexit

A look back at @ianevatt23's memorable Blackpool spell in pictures ahead of this weekend's retirement match…

Downing Street today! PC Avive Martin and PC Nick Hayter are attending The National Police Bravery Awards. They were threatened by a man with a handgun but both officers showed incredible bravery standing their ground in a potentially life-threatening incident.


This car was stopped in Blackpool. The driver was using his mate’s trade insurance policy which did not actually cover him. In addition to this the driver also had a revoked licence so should definitely not have been on the road. Car seized and driver reported #Team4TacOps


Fiscales retiran cargos de agresión sexual contra el actor estadounidense Kevin Spacey



Kevin Spacey tem acusações de agressão sexual e atentado ao pudor retiradas na Justiça…

Where is sherif to kick yamen in the fanny???? #loveisland #loveislandusa

if amber gives michael a second chance im gonna die dsjsjsjmanznx #loveisland

Great to see the union labour bar making our message heard. In the tradition of David Lewis. First step is a pat on the back, second step is a shovel in the ground. Time to get them into parliament. #callacams #labourlaw #cdnpoli #cdnlaw @LawTimes @PrecedentMag…

The man overseeing a party being investigated by the EHRC for institutional anti-Semitism is doing “the Squad” no favors with this endorsement.……

For the past three days, Palestinians in Sidon have been protesting crackdowns by the Lebanese Labour Ministry which target businesses employing foreign workers without proper permits.…


.@SamGyimah "When you get to the point, as new Prime Minister, who has never faced a General Election, having to shut the doors of parliament in order get your principle policy through, something has seriously gone wrong." #Peston #NoDealBrexit…

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