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Elon Musk bitcoin piyasasını mahvetmiş.. Her zaman söylerim, kontrolsüz güç güç değildir. Adamın iki dudağının arasına spekülasyonu bırakırsanız böyle iki lafıyla tepetaklak eder piyasayı.. Şimdi ucuzdan topluyordur. Hayatta ne borsaya, ne de coin falan işine girmem.

นักวิเคราะห์ด้านการเงิน Edward Chancellor เผยว่าเหรียญของธนาคารจะมาฆ่า Bitcoin ในท้ายสุด…

#Cardano is trending to throw the dumb money off the trail, Elon and Peter thiel are still in concert...Google cloud a standby bp for eos mainnet just partnered with spaceX while the news has been negative. Elon is looking at cryptos 99% more efficient than’s #eos

Six hours later, we're all still here. Lots of protestors. *Very* heavy police presence. Once again: if you can join us, please do. Kenmure St, #Pollokshields…

Futbol severler olarak. Ligin son maçlarına @UEFA #FinalWithUEFAobserver


We're sending solidarity to our Scottish siblings @no_evictions fighting evictions and Home Office raids today in Glasgow ✊ Every person deserves a safe home. The police supporting immigration officers to remove people from their homes makes us all less safe.…

I might not live there any longer but this is my community & these are my neighbor's, my daughter went to school 5mins from here- Glasgow & Pollokshields says no to the Home Office- Nae Pasaran!


The best work-from-home and office essentials for graduates


My 'hood, Pollokshields in the Southside of Glasgow, standing up for what's right!! #NoDawnRaids #RefugeesWelcome #RightOfAsylum…

Banane elon twit atmışsa

#BITCOIN $BTC if you sell you will buy back higher


Bitcoin Cash 8 saat bekledi 1200 dolardan al beni diye bağırdı durdu garibim. Aldın değil mi

Heart is wretched to say Eid Mubarak after seeing the condition of Palestinians #EidWithPalestine #Palestineneedsourhelp #EidAlFitr


Elon Musk, neden bir gecede kripto para piyasasını silkeledi? ➤


Eid Mubarak to all out families who are celebrating today!


Eid Mubarak stay safe and be happy. #EidMubarak

Eid Mubarak to Muslim moots! I hope you all have the best week❤️

Scammers working hard today to figure out a new method to scam since the whole “Thank you Elon Musk for the free bit coins” will no longer work

What an Open Scam! They paid them in BTC... That's a Bitcoin that was made on a SHA-256 Hash.. That Hash, was MADE BY THE NSA! #Facts They Know every single person involved and can track every move! #Facts…

What's the nearest GCC Park to Kenmure Street? Get a Young Team down there with a few cans and a BBQ, then you'll see Police Scotland shift their arses away from protecting the Home Office van #GlasgowSaysLetThemGo

Resmi açıklama az evvel geldi. Şampiyonlar Ligi finali, Porto'nun Estádio do Dragão stadında. "Gönenç Bey içeriden mi haber alıp yazdı" muhabbeti yerine "basiretsizlik bize neler kaybettiriyor" konusuna odaklanalım. Turizm sezonu öncesi, "oraya gidilmez" reklamı yaptırtmış olduk.…

I would be quite pleased with my self if Tesla $TSLA drops below 500 Now 594

Jews did not learn from Holocaust but inspired, so doing same with #Palestine. #IsraelTerrorist #Palestina


Pollockshields People Protest Angry residents at the protest are preparing for a face-off. Folk are handing out bottles of water and food. One person blocking the Home Office van says they'll leave when the people detained are let go.


The most energy-efficient, fastest, fairest and secure DLT platform is @hedera. I hope that @Tesla looks at becoming a member of the governing council alongside @Google, @IBM, @Boeing, @deutschetelekom, @LGElectronics etc. @elonmusk Watch this:…

VITÓRIA DAS MULHERES! Agora é LEI: gestantes têm o direito ao afastamento do trabalho presencial, durante o período da pandemia de covid-19, sem prejuízo salarial. Parabéns a autora, @perpetua_acre Sigamos em luta pelos direitos das mulheres brasileiras ✊✊

Appalling scenes at Pollokshields. This is UK immigration policy in plain view and in its true horror.…

अगर हिम्मत करे तो क्या नहीं इंसान के बस में, ये है कम हिम्मती जो बेबसी मालूम होती है... #IStandWithPalestine #PalestinianLivesMatter


Dal grilletto facile. Per fortuna non ho il porto d'armi.

pessoal qual que é a pegadinha da vaga de emprego em Portugal?

"Number 10 contradicted the Minister, saying: “Holocaust denial is not something that the government would ever accept.” Asked if Boris Johnson agreed with Donelan, his spokesman said: “No.” And asked if holocaust denial was anti-Semitic, he said: “Yes.”…

Campaign for Matt Forde to replace Jenny Chapman…

Traditionally comedians are awful people behind the scenes, so I guess you can call Matt Forde a pioneer…

ラジオ第2 ラジオ英会話~ハートでつかめ!英語の極意~(29) を聴いています'> #radiru #nhkr2'>

I am wishing all us celebrating on this day of Eid, may Allah accept all of us as His favorite servants and accept our prayers that we have done in the month of Ramadan. Stay blessed and happy always, Eid Mubarak.  #EidAlFitr #EidMubarak #Eid


Eid Mubarak to all of you. May this EID brings you lots of happiness in your life. Stay home, Stay safe! #EidMubarak #EidAlFitr #EidUlFitr


Eid Mubarak to everybody celebrating today. It will be a tough year again as we still can't come together to celebrate. Have a blessed day and stay safe. #EidMubarak #EidAlFitr


Eid Mubarak | ঈদ মোবারক | Digital Creative 3D Motion Graphics Content | ... via @YouTube

Bitcoin loses 15% after Elon Musk announces Tesla will halt use of digital coin for car purchases

Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating, hope Allah blesses you and your families a happy Eid today :D

From all of us at StarTimes, we wish the Muslim Community a blissful Eid al-Fitr. May Allah shower His countless blessings on you and your family on this Holy day. Eid Mubarak. #StarTimesCares #StarTimes #EidAlFitr #EidAlFitr2021 #Celebrations #Love #Happiness #Happy #Family


Someone said Tesla made more #money in #Bitcoin than what it made by selling cars. Likewise #Crypto community has power to send back #Tesla to what it was before entering crypto space. Playing dirty game comes at a cost Mr @elonmusk ! #ElonMusk #Tesla #news #cryptotwitter


"Brothers and sisters, friends & family, Eid Mubarak to you all. From the bottom of my heart, I pray that the Almighty Allah mke our lives beautiful and our struggles meaningful. May this Eid bring joy & love to us all". Hon. Ing. Dr. Nana Ato Arthur HEAD OF LOCAL GOVT SERVICE


Los musulmanes celebran este jueves, por segundo año consecutivo, la fiesta de la ruptura del ayuno el 'Eid al fitr' sin la tradicional quedada multitudinaria debido a la situación sanitaria…

Mikel Arteta has decided who he trusts at Arsenal - so which players are in danger of being sold? @SamJDean takes a closer look…

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