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Admiro mucho a Vince Gilligan por darnos primero la joya de #BreakingBad y ahora #BetterCallSaul. Cada capítulo más increíble que el otro.

Lol imagine clapping for Boris Johnson

You could't make it up (part 891): "Downing Street indicated it did not wish to take up the offer of experimental drugs."…


Ascot will try to stage this year's Royal meeting behind closed doors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Very proud of the work I did- finding every reference and story beat I could in an effort to fully breakdown the @JohnCena vs @WWEBrayWyatt Firefly Funhouse Match at #Wrestlemania - enjoy:


Congrats to Trainer Mike Keogh @Keyjo1957 on his 2020 Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame# induction announcement today #Classof2020


#c4news The family of Thomas Harvey should be the ones asking questions at tomorrows Gov't #PressConference

Sorry to be losing Royal Ascot. This was last year. The second photo was my test shot the month before so I knew what step I had to stand on.


اجازه بدید غر لاکچری بزنم. یکی از اتفاقای سالانه محبوبم امروز کنسل شد که البته انتظارش می‌رفت. Royal Ascot مهمترین مسابقه سوارکاری انگلیسه که هر June برگزار میشه و ملکه بدون استثنا هر سال هر ۵ روزش رو شرکت میکنه. اسب های خودش هم شرکت دارن، همراه بهترین اسب‌ها و جاکی های دنیا.

As expected, another highlight of the Queen's year will not take place in 2020, at least in its usual form. And no royal procession each afternoon.…


Classy touch from Mark Austin to begin his (tough) question by sending the best wishes from all at Sky to the Prime Minister. A lesson there for some of the more regular press conference participants.

Thank you Mark Austin for wishing Boris well, clearly stuck in the throat of the other vultures #coronavirusupdate

Really Mark Austin? How was the government allowed to become infected with coronavirus? You don't ask a virus for its permission. The government gives us GUIDANCE of how to avoid the virus it doesn't mean it won't happen. Journalism standards are atrocious

Mark Austin: "How is it that the three people who told us how not to get Coronavirus, got Coronavirus...?" Raab (chanelling his inner Bluebottle): "It's a very very naughty virus and it doesn't do what we tell it, the dirty rotten swine..."

Axel Scheffler illustrates Free Information Book explaining the Coronavirus to Children


"When did my husband's breathing become so loud?" It's day 10 and today's character, Abbie Leigh, is getting wound up by her husband. Can you relate?! . #coronavirus #coronatheatre #WorldHealthDay #createdontcontaminate #lockdowneffect #COVID19 #StayHomeSaveLives #lockdownuk

And Pathshala is back! From home!! This #WorldHealthDay, stay home and stay safe ❤ #DianaKiPathshala

GMB sends message of solidarity to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson...

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is moved to intensive care Monday, April 6, as his condition worsens in a battle with the coronavirus.…

And every rude shit who says something objectionable about boris gets unfriended. He’s a suffering human, you pricks. Flawed, hurting, suffering, as we all are.

The best people on this app are the ones that interact with your tweets.

this one is easy: gossip girl (seasons 1-2), skins (all series), the oc (final, marissa-free season(s))…

Have questions or looking for resources? Call the #OC COVID-19 hotline at 1-833-426-6411. If your question is medical in nature, the new number will route you to us. #OCCOVID19


'I've got a private island,' Dana White says UFC events will go ahead…


Dana White is securing a private island. Plans to provide live fights every week for a competition-starving world.

Say what you want about Dana White, hell I make fun of him sometimes, but he has been a great president of the UFC

Might be useful for those with children who are struggling to understand what is happening at the moment…

Released today: a free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler… via @NosyCrow

The Great Books of Sufferings could claim to be #FamousArchives in Quaker terms. They're certainly imposing! 44 massive volumes recording persecution of Quakers 1650-1856 compiled from reports sent up to London from around the country #Archive30 day 7…


Today marks World Health Day! Join us in promoting this year's theme of giving people access to healthcare without the prospect of financial hardship. Let's remember to practise social distancing and #stayathome. #WorldHealthDay


Stomach as Bank! In 1930, a Pashtun swallowed 48 rupee coins to save them from the border police. A doctor operated him & handed him his 48 rupees after his recovery. The Pashtun, after counting, exclaimed 'I swallowed 50; the doctor must have kept two!" #WorldHealthDay


'Boris is a very tough, very resilient, very fit person... I'm sure he'll come through this' Former prime minister David Cameron tells ITV News he's 'praying' @BorisJohnson can 'get back in charge' of the country soon…

On #WorldHealthDay here’s thanking all our doctors, primary health care givers ,medical staff and all front line workers and their families. Thank you for working tirelessly to keep us safe and we promise to do our bit by staying home isolated and following protocol.

Boris Johnson recebeu oxigênio, não foi intubado e continua na UTI…

Sterling tentatively shrugs off UK leader Boris Johnson's admission to intensive care

Boris has trusted @DominicRaab to deputise for him & the country needs to get behind him & support him. He is new in his role & needs our support. Do it for Boris Dominic! The karate black belt with one year's Cabinet experience via @MailOnline

Happy 250th birthday, William Wordsworth!


There’ll be more and more of this sort of thing - diverting attention from domestic failings to real and/or imagined external monsters. It’s an age-old, tried and trusted tactic.…

It would appear Dana White's going down the Enter The Dragon route. Do hope they remember to install a hall of mirrors. #UFC #danawhite…

Confirmation, if any more was needed that the gutter press is managed & staffed by a particularly delusional & virulant breed of slime. #dontbuythesun…

#Archive30 Day 7 #FamousArchives We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to famous people in the archives @ChatsworthHouse, but here is a letter from Charles Dickens because his flamboyant signature is irresistible. He was a friend of the 6th Duke of Devonshire.


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