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Google Shares Slide As Trump Agrees Company Should Be Investigated For Treason…

"My Trump is not a racist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a racist, but he is NOT a porn star!"…


GREAT MEN HE President Barack H Obama 44 th US BEST EVER PEOPLES Leader the World has ever seen here my COMRADE BOBIWINE Musician turned PRESIDENT ONLY HOPE FOR UGANDA, # Africa to Trump it’s not Sh’t Hole but it’s USA Interference Shitholness, it’s like cursed Mother breastfed u

#ObamaWasBetterAt 1. A Decent Human Being 2. A Good Husband 3. A Great Father 4. An Awesome Commander-In-Chief 5. A Statesman on the World Stage 6. A Champion for Democracy 7. A Defender of Human Rights 8. An advocate for American Exceptionalism 9. A Nobel Prize Winner 10. POTUS

hope you all are having an amazing day!!

Great time at the @MarketingDerby Property Summit this morning. It’s amazing to see what effect technology is having on the high street.


#ObamaWasBetterAt North Korea Our Glorious Leader has played the Imperial Dog Donald Trump like a fool North Korea has not stopped developing its missiles or nuclear weapons America paid 2 million dollar ransom for Otto Warmbier Now Trump was walked on North Korean soil


#ObamaWasBetterAt not hiring a cabinet that looks like a mix of Satan's, Hitler's and Al Capone's advisors

Bernd Leno: “The performance in most of the games [last season] was good but we didn’t win the games and that made the difference. Tactically we need to improve. It was on a good level but we still can improve this problem.” [@jamesbenge]…


Every time I log into this "new Twitter" I am scared absolutely shitless.

I’d be very interested to hear what #Michael ex girlfriends say about him, because I imagine he’s got a history of controlling and belittling behaviour towards them. #Amber has had a very lucky escape. #LoveIsland

Integration is less than 65 years old. Trump told White people it’s ok to be openly racist again & in less than 3 years we’re staring at the re-establishment of racial apartheid. If 65 years of “progress” can be undone that easily, we must ask how real was it?

So tired of the #hate spewed by #trump. He is so full of hate it bursts out of him in his tweets. Make no mistake, he is trying to divide us. Keep fighting him. We will eventually defeat him.

really tired of this crop of Dems who grew up hearing Welch's quote "At long last, have you left no sense of decency?" as the ultimate attack and now seem to believe that's the only tool they have in their arsenal…

This movie just be like call of duty... But Sofia's combo with are dogs is simply amazing

¡Lo mostró todo! Kimy Leveron visitó una playa nudista de #Miami #16jul #TuesdayThoughts

You have to reaffirm yourself everyday even when you aren’t winning. One day it will be my turn, one day I will make big moves. If you are already winning and no one is applauding you, you have to “toast” yourself, baby girl you are doing amazing!

Was starting to put on weight and feeling so fatigued. Decided to get into action and turn on my healrhy diet and treadmill face. Lost 2kg in a week. It's amazing how quick fitness comes back to you when you haven't done it for so long! -Matt

Absolutely.... help people be brilliant. #HPN@HealthPartNet⁩ ⁦@DBH_NHSFT⁩ ⁦@proud2bOps⁩ ⁦@thoughtonomy


┌┐┈┌──┐┌┐┌┐┌──┐ █│┈███│█│█│███┘ █└┐█╱█│█│█┘██┴┐ ██┘███┘▕█╱┈███┘ #JoyTrain > #MentalHealth #Mindfulness #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayMorning #kjoys00


When you want amber and ovie together but amber was pining after Michael and didn’t take her chance with ovie. & ovie deserves better than second best but you don’t want him with the new girl because you’ll have to vote for her in the end. #loveisland

The fact I still have fun playing BO2 FFA in 2019 is just absolutely phenomenal...

What is motivating you today? Mine is food #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts #almostlunch

Let's hope Ovie doesn't get with anyone new! Ovie & Amber for the win ♡♡♡ Just when you think that man can't get any better looking, a new episode happens.... #loveisland

#LoveIsland hints at 'jealous' Amber as Ovie bags date with new bombshell…


Clearly, @TheRealBuzz wasn't a sportswriter. He files a $33.31 expense report for Apollo 11? Really? I figure $453,592 for mileage alone, not counting Earth and Moon orbits during the trip. #Apollo50


My two takeaways from #PublicplanningLDN 1 There’s no point even starting to ‘consult more or better’ before first building public trust in the whole London growth project: Who is it for? How is it funded? Who decides?

Is Amber still the “chaldish” one now Micheal?? #loveisland


#LoveIsland Am I the only one who kinda just wants Ovie and Amber to just stay coupled up and just win the 50K together...

What role do developers & planning authorities have in developing individual schemes? Bek Seeley @Lendleaseuk, Fiona Fletcher-Smith @LQHomesMatter, Sarah Scannell @LBofHounslow, Liz Smithson of King Square TRA & more are discussing now at #PublicplanningLDN


We're super excited to be welcoming @thebladesteam back to #Bournemouth this year with their outstanding precision flying! Display appearance supported by @oceanahotels #BmthAirFest #LoveBournemouth #Dorset #Airshows


Having a great time with great women from digital #CivilServiceLive #DWPWiD


IT’S HERE!! Operation Snap is launched in #Devon #Cornwall and #Dorset in response to the public’s desire to make our roads safer using footage of careless and inconsiderate and dangerous driving witnessed on #dashcam visit or


And you too sally #culture #arts #tourism are all exceptionally important from both an economic point & also place based view. Gr8 that all parts of our community are represented at the #NorthEastLIS @leapthecrowd @NCLairport @TheNBTGroup #MoreandBetterJobs @iainmalcolmuk…


How can we improve productivity in the North East? Today our North East LEP team are here today at the @CrownePlazaNCL to discuss the North East Local Industrial Strategy and how the North East can contribute to national productivity growth #NorthEastLIS #moreandbetterjobs


Philosopher Dr Julian Baggini @microphilosophy is leads an open discussion on the meaning of trust, citizenship & participation in the planning system at our conference. #PublicplanningLDN


Surrounded by idiots and hosted by one too. #JeremyVine

Good morning @HelenRappaport & thank you. How interesting that you know Lyme so well: by chance, we'll be there later today after a visit to West Bay! John Cooper painted extensive in the area: here's another view of his of "Lyme Regis" from c.1934. #LymeRegis #Dorset #ELG


Shaping up to be a fantastic day of celebration and ambition at the launch of our #NorthEastLIS. So much to be excited about in our region! ⁦@northeastlep


NEWS: A missing 12 year old girl from #Gloucestershire has been found in #Dorset confirm @Glos_Police who say she is 'safe and well'. Officers have thanked all those who shared appeals

If any Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) would like support/training for Dorset Care Record please let me know! #PatientParticipation #NHS #Dorset @DorsetCCG…

Great to be hear at the summit for our North East Local Industrial Strategy. Driving forward productivity in the North East!! #NorthEastLIS #moreandbetterjobs #NEambition

At the #NorthEastLIS summit today representing @NECulture and @Beamish_Museum helping to make the case for the vital importance of culture and tourism in driving productivity and #moreandbetterjobs in the NE @ace_thenorth @HeritageFundNOR @HistoricEngland


Good morning all from @gailaldwin who is managing the WWN Twitter account this week. It's beautiful start to the day in #Dorset. Do you find it easier to write in the summer or do those long winter nights see you more productive?


From the people who brought you “Mitt Romney will reenslave black people and killed a woman using cancer-giving powers” comes this…

Solskjaer on De Gea: "He’ll play tomorrow [against Leeds] and hopefully we can agree [a new contract] with David. That will be up to David and the club to announce if that happens as and when." #mufc

#RacistPresident should trend every day between now and November 3, 2020. Just sayin.

“Nights Like This” — Eligible Certifications: United States — Platinum Singapore — Platinum New Zealand — Gold Australia — Gold Canada — Gold

Portwood was ticked her ex and his wife didn’t keep her in the loop on Leah on #TeenMomOG (via @toofab)

Did this old lady said, the house smelled like a bunch of old ladies.......girl if you don’t sit your AARP ass down somewhere. #90DayFiance #90DayFianceTheOtherWay

Even if Michael had went back to Amber. He doesn’t deserve her at all. He’s demeaned her, talked to her very rudely, he’s just a huge emotionally constipated asshole with her. #LoveIsland

#TheSquad @AOC No This country does not belong to everybody it belongs to Americans whose ancestors died for it! It does not belong to Illegals that come to rip it off! #MondayMotivation #WalkAway #BLEXIT #Trump #MAGA…

Amber-all-about-me portwood #TeenMomOG

.@Cj_Leary_ & @DaveDarland sit down with @FOX59 to preview @NosEnergyDrink #ISW19, which begins Thursday! 7/18: @GasCitySpeedway 7/19: @PlymouthSpeed 7/20: @KokomoSpeedway 7/21: @BurgSpeedway 7/24: @TheActionTrack 7/25: @LincolnParkSpee 7/26: @BloomSpeedway 7/27: @TSS_Haubstadt

Happy #mondaymotivation. What you need this week is to get more #haterz. Make every person that ever rejected you look at you success and say “wow, I fucked up” #motivateyourselfmonday #entrepreneur #comedy @ Los…… Beasiswa S1 semua bidang studi di University of Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND

We're ecstatic that Queenstown has taken out the #1 spot in @TravelLeisure's Top Cities in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific!


Luke P: I respect what you just said but can you sit down so I can tell you how you're wrong TYLER C WOULD NEVER

Mitt Romney represents the old political structure. This is a new dawn of zero political correctness. You are old new Mitt.…

#CricketWorldCupFinal 2019 the joke of the year: #England wins cricket World Cup 2019 by zero runs #EnglandvsNewzealand

As he can’t tweet this himself, seems appropriate for me to take up @kilderbenhauser ‘s role as Official Tweeter and say, Matt Fitzpatrick now delivering his paper on German colonialism from WW1 to Humboldt Forum #AAEH2019

British mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing will feature on the new £50 banknote

"@ZenithBank: Live the #Eazy life with *966# EazyBanking for seamless transactions on the go. #EazyBanking #MondayMotivation


alan turing almanların şifreli mesajlarını kıracak bilgisayarı ve beraberinde bilgisayar bilimlerinin en temel teorilerinden birini geliştirmişti. eşcinsel olduğu için hapse atıldı, hadım edildi ve sonunda intihar etti. ingiltere 65 yıl sonra parasında onun yüzünü kullanacak.…

Amazon Prime Day cybersecurity preparations l #PrimeDayAmazon

#ripbianca he was an incel. welcome to 4chan/8chan men who become nutcases thinking women are evil and that's why they can't get laid. If you don't know what an incel is, you should educate yourself. They blame women for everything and begin to hate them to point of violence.

Bank of England picks Second World War code-cracker Alan Turing for £50 banknote. Read more:

the world is terrifying. please be careful. #ripbianca

These #ICCRules should be changed i.e. redefined or scrapped asap, 1) Overthrow or from the willful act of fielder (Law 19.8) 2) Leg Bye (Law 26) 3) Umpire's Call in DRS 4) Umpire's Soft Signal for Catches Any other rules that you want to add, Please Comment. #CWC19Final


I signed the #WeCareDoYou petition, and it’s good that Arsenal fans are at least trying something. But it will do fuck all let’s be honest. Even if Kroenke sees it, which he probably won’t.

El Banco de Inglaterra intenta congratularse con la comunidad LGBT poniendo el rostro de Alan Turing en los billetes de 50 libras. Ojalá en México pongan a los Arsitemo en los billetes de 500 para no quedarnos atrás.

This is why women are afraid of rejecting men. Fucking psychos. Don’t raise your kids as a pathetic fucking incel. I’m absolutely disgusted and I feel so bad for Bianca’s family and friends #ripbianca

Do you know an inspiring young person who is taking action and helping people affected by dementia? Nominate them for a Dementia Friendly Award: Here's what our young winners had to say at last year's Awards. #WorldYouthSkillsDay #DFAwards19

Day 1 of #StateCaptureInquiry & my poor black people brainwashed by the Media 4 years are already saying President #JacobZuma, but weeks ago it was do easy to believe #Agrizzi throughout his time. I feel sorry for most people that are taken advantage of by media. #Zondocommission


Ecstasy, Agony, luck, bad luck, heartbreak, Tears: the 3 overs of madness that gave birth to the greatest ever ODI. #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final…

Computer pioneer and codebreaker Alan Turing will be featured on the new design of the Bank of England's £50 note. He is celebrated for his code-cracking work that proved vital info to the Allies in World War Two.…

As a University of #Manchester graduate, Good to see Alan Turing As new face of Bank of #England's £50. He played an incredible role in defeating the Nazis&his academic contributions have helped modern AI and Computer technological…

New face of the Bank of England's £50 note is revealed as Alan Turing - too right! He got my vote #pride…

Umpiring error costs NZ the world Cup!! After semi final blunders #ausveng, Dharmasena gets another go .. while senior n respected umpires like Rod Tucker and Aleem Dar do not ... Why? #CricketWorldCupFinal #CricketWorldCup2019

Wow! There’ll be muskets at our Civil War Re-enactment weekend 10-11August where maybe you can join in? #AardvarkBooks We could ask the @ECWSociety ! #HerefordHour…

#tvlicence Stop paying this! Scrap the license. So outdated. Feck the BBC.

The BBC's Panorama on antisemitism in the Labour Party provides no real evidence and shows how cynical the smear campaign is, argues David McAllister… #wato #bbcwato #Panorama #PanoramaHatchetJob

'Everyone believes in you': #BenStokes' words of wisdom helps #JofraArcher in Super Over #CWC19Final #NZvENG #CWC19 #WC2019 #ENGvNZ…

I said to Kane [Williamson], I'll be apologising for that for the rest of my life. - Ben Stokes on that overthrow #CWC19Final


ಇಂಗ್ಲೆಂಡ್ ವಿಶ್ವಕಪ್ ಗೆಲುವಿಗೆ ಕಾರಣವಾದ ಆ 5 ಅಂಶಗಳಿವು..!… #WorldCup2019 #EngvsNZ #WorldCupfinal @cricketworldcup @BLACKCAPS @englandcricket #BackTheBlackCaps #WeAreEngland

World Cup 2019: क्रिकेट के नियम के हिसाब से इंग्लैंड नहीं बल्कि न्यूजीलैंड होना चाहिए था वर्ल्ड चैंपियन, जानिए क्यों #CWC19Final #CWC19 #NZLvENG #Final…

Ben Stokes, born in New Zealand. Joffra Archer, born in Barbados. For a country so keen on pushing immigrants out, the World Cup win, propelled by these two, should offer some sobering lessons on migration. #ENGvsNZ #Brexit

Ben Stokes said he doubts "there will ever be a better game in cricket history" than the remarkable contest that saw #England pip #NewZealand to #CWC19 glory. #ENGvNZ…

C'est une belle vocation qui anime la ronce: donner coûte que coûte ses droits à la nature! Les lapins y installent leurs terriers. Les oiseaux y construisent leurs nids, les papillons et les abeilles butinent ses fleurs... #ArchesDeNature…

Formidable #feudartifice à Grenoble ! Ici, #14juillet est une belle fête populaire !


'Adil said Allah was definitely with us': #EoinMorgan after winning #WorldCup by narrowest of margins #CWC19Final #NZvENG #CWC19 #WC2019 #ENGvNZ…

How to take benefit from #IPL ? learn from Team #England #Stokes, #Archer

It wasn't just the luck of an Irishman that got England the #CWC19 trophy last night! #NZvENG | #CWC19Final

Watch: #MoeenAli and #AdilRashid exit #WorldCup celebrations to avoid being soaked by champagne #CWC19Final #NZvENG #CWC19 #WC2019 #ENGvNZ…

And then shout out to the #Wimbledon and #CWC19 twitter accounts @Wimbledon @ICC


If I wanted to listen two women making sex noises at each other, I'd just go to Hebden Bridge. Hurry up and put Top Gear on #Wimbledon #TopGear

This is exactly the type of thing I mean. Gods change and items change over time, but I think HUD/keybinds can really help a lot of players improve/enjoy the game a lot more.…

Roger Federer, at 37 years of age, still managed to play a five-hour singles match in a Grand Slam final, in Wimbledon, against one of the greatest of all time. He lost in a superb finalé in 2008 but still also won the trophy in 2009. I wonder what happens next year. #Wimbledon

i havent been able to animate or 3d model anything the last few days bc i sprained my wrist and 2 fingers on my dominant hand,,,, so enjoy this little forest i did last week


Absolutely agree “any 'consensus' that locks-in injustice isn't a step in the right direction”. I know that it is hard to accept but it is just not ok to solve France’s (and Europe’s and the US’ and Canada’s and Australia’s) tax problems first.…

Beauty of Cricket : Inches for Trent Boult. He got New Zealand for Semi Finals with a match deciding catch against Windies inches away from the boundary line, today he stepped into the boundary line #CWC19Final


Dhoni should officially hand over the title of Captain Cool to #KaneWilliamson Dil jeet liya bande ne.. #WorldCupfinal #CWC19Final

Very logical. NZ should have won on losing less wickets. Boundaries are fine in determining T20 results but to determine result of ODIs is absolutely ridiculous. #CWC19Final #EnglandvsNewzealand…

Scousers absolutely fuming England have won. Love to see it.

Vettel admite culpa por choque com Verstappen e explica seu erro


Bonus thing about the game today was seeing @northernluke tweet his first cricketing experience, absolutely A* use of the internet

I want a hoejabi James Bond

Happy #InternationalNonBinaryDay! I, uh, still struggle with it IRL, but I focus a lot of my RP and designing on NB characters - including Farris, whose creation and writing eventually helped me realise I was NB myself, lol. Rep matters!


Saranno capaci a spegnere il fuoco che ha dentro Leclerc. Qualcuno li ha mandati a cagare, qualcuno gentilmente si fa da parte, qualcuno continua a sopportarli per amore del Cavallino. Ma ogni pilota, di talento, che arriva in questa Ferrari prima o poi finisce per spegnersi. #F1…

“We got a black woman James Bond.” Who gonna name they daughter James. Come on y’all let’s use the common sense.


I'm not a James Bond fan, I've seen maybe 1 of Pierce Brosnan's Bond films, but I will fully show up for a @LashanaLynch Bond movie. Immediately #Bond25

Some people don't understand the character James Bond is one potential version of the position of the code name 007. The "James Bond" character is written a specific way (white male) but the "007" spy position can be played by anyone. #LashanaLynch #007 #Congrats #BlackGirlMagic

le sigh, time to get mad about girl james bond

All I’ve ever wanted was an Idris Elba James Bond.

Chiunque conosca la #F1 sa che oggi è definitivamente sbocciata una nuova stella: Il suo nome è @Charles_Leclerc

Teuerster Verteidiger der Welt - Maguire wechselt von Leicester zu Man United… #Sport #News

SD #Pride was a success! Thanks to @BetoORourke for bringing us together, he said it right, “we’re showing what we can do when people come together from all walks of life, damning the differences and deciding that what unites us is far stronger than what divides us.” #Beto2020


A few of the #butterflies on the wing in #Dorset this week.


1/2 #Dorset #Freemasonry activities day Saturday 31 August. Crossbow, axe throwing, clay pigeon and quad bike safari. 100% of the proceeds going to our WM's charity @theisabelbaker Details below 2/2 #Wimborne #Freemasons #maxevents


St. Nicholas's Church, Winterborne Clenston, #Dorset. An attractive, small, early Victorian estate church, rebuilt in 1839-40 by Lewis Vulliamy.


Sunshine, Festival ( ckfoodfayre ) and an amazing mojito sorbet. What more could a gal want? Thanks @annasicesuk it was fantastic #icelolly #sorbet #festival #natural #juice #mojito #dorset #artisan #chillies…

Little paddle in the sea is in order #dorset #happydog


Need 4 people for friendly 10’s :) cord needed!

The problem we have with transformation of the content in our schooling system is that most of the people who are suppose to lead that have been trained in western philosophy and know little or nothing about African philosophy. Time to humble ourselves and kneel before AMAQABA.

Do not expect people to tell you the truth because they also lie to themselves. - Don Miguel Ruiz #todayszen

You don't have to like them, you don't have to be mean to them either. Mind your business and let people be.…

Just finished @SophyRidgeSky - my winning legal team is back together & issued letter before action to @BorisJohnson on 11 Jul should he attempt to prorogue Parliament 'I’ll take you to court to block a no-deal Brexit, Gina Miller tells Boris Johnson'…

The alien that i stole from area 51 after i depressed the shit out of it


I hope everyone raiding Area 51 get quick revive and Stamina Up cuz they gon need it

You just know if people storm Area 51 and find aliens it’ll pan out like Mars Attacks and some hipster will release a dove and all hell will break loose. Goddamn hippies

this is what u see when you enter area 51

اگر وقت کنم امروز چند نکته‌ی جالب و درخور توجه راجع به زندگی شخصی و مسیر جالبی که Simona Halep طی کرد تا دیشب پرافتخارترین زن تنیس‌باز جهان رو با برتری مطلق و باورنکردنی شکست بده مینویسم.


An absolutely massive day of sport - and I still can’t quite believe I get to cover the event that’s at the very heart of it. Once in a lifetime stuff...... That’s right - Hartlepool v Middlesbrough, Victoria Park, 1pm. It’s what summer was made for.....

Probably the favourite aircraft of my time @HeathrowAirport. Absolutely ridiculous performance and super-sleek design. Would often catch us out though when being followed by a B777-300 on final approach....…

Peter Jay on Radio 4 currently suggesting Boris Johnson's dad or Rees-Mogg should be the new US Ambassador. So that's today's 'idiot of the day' award won early.

900 billion for power, but, no power. They want additional 600 billion. They tax you heavily on everything and steal, divert all the monies for themselves, collect debts in multi trillions, and do absolutely nothing for improvement, development, advancement. A group of looters

Absolutely wonderful concert by @readingphoenix last night to celebrate their 50th anniversary #veryproudconductor Today it’s the turn of @BYC_Maestros at the glorious @DouaiAbbey #ourjoyfulsong @louisemcgahon @andrewmck_music

I don’t like admitting to being a Block-a-holic; but I’m absolutely gutted for the boys. Those scores are completely unwarranted for FINISHED rooms. #TheBlockNZ #BlockFirehouse

Boris Johnson is planning a Cabinet clearout to thwart a Remainer plot to halt his Brexit bandwagon. The PM-in-waiting has been put on guard against ministers pledging loyalty to weasel their way into his top team..…

Simona Halep’s show of power and belief helps her realise Wimbledon dream | By @seaningle…

Vote Leave cheated. Their leaders sat in daily briefings and must therefore be all complicit: Liam Fox; Iain Duncan Smith; Dominic Raab; Michael Gove; Boris Johnson; Steve Baker; Chris Grayling; Priti Patel and Niigel Lawson... #NastyParty #ShameOnYou #StopBrexit


Controversial SCARLETT JOHANSSON quote causes internet uproar:…


I don't want a job in Boris Johnson's cabinet, says Priti Patel on #Ridge , as she literally begs for a job by churning out some absolute shite in support of her man. @patel4witham, you are shameless.

I’ll take you to court to block a no-deal Brexit, Gina Miller tells Boris Johnson…

#PensieriSenzaCatene #14luglio ora ti dirò perchè sono "serena" come dici tu perchè nn si può vivere tt .l'importante è vivere l'essenziale e ciascuno di noi ha il suo .Per quanto mi riguarda vorrei che il cielo mi sentisse :il mio essenziale è ancora davanti a me Levy M.


Bristol #Pride 2019! WOW. What an incredible day. Record numbers yet again. Thank you to all our amazing volunteers. Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating diversity and equality. Coming together to stand up to hate and prejudice. To be loud and to be proud. #BristolPride


Grow Instagram account and gain more exposure to your audience Contact: #ENGvsNZ Shola #CWC19Final The Observer #SundayMorning SANADA #SundayMotivation #SundayThoughts Schönen Sonntag #blackout Moin #Glyphosat #FightForTheFallen Manhattan #g129 #VfBMV


For anyone who reads Gina Davidson's "insight" article in the @scotonsunday - the one about how "splits are emerging in the LFBT movement over gender issues" =- first: what on Earth does she think the F stands for? /1 #LGBT #Pride #PrideEdinburgh

It took me till almost 4 AM but I made it through both #AEW #FightForTheFallen and #EVOLVE131. 2 great shows! The future of professional wrestling is a bright one & it's a great time to be a wrestling fan. It's ok to have your favorite but us true fans want them all to thrive.

First knockings...worth being up for the dawn high tide with breakfast on the beach #Chesil #Dorset


Really enjoyed #unseenbits This episode along with the the night of the dirty dancing challenge were my favorites of the week. #maura #chris #ovie all having fun & enjoying life. #loveisland…

改めまして!7月9日ありがとうございました! 少しですが!ダイジェストです! スタート!!!!! #PRIDE #未来plane #ウソみたいな本当の話 #ソレナチュラル #松岡良

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