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Last night @DalyCityGov, led by Mayor @juslynmanalo, rewarded Daly City Police with $1,350,000 in increased funds after they shot and killed Roger Allen 30 days ago. There is absolutely NO justification for INCREASING the DCPD budget after their heinous crime Roger Allen. /thread


A Patsy may well have killed JonBenet Ramsey but i will never believe that a patsy killed Madeleine McCann. #McCann

The books where I draw inspiration for personal finance : 1. The richest man in Babylon 2. Dave Ramsey : The total money makeover Ramsey has podcasts as well on Spotify and other mediums.

How utterly vile. Met spied on partner of Blair Peach for more than two decades, inquiry hears…

Archie, the birthday boy! Harry and Meghan release NEW photo of Archie holding balloons to celebrate him turning two


archie fucking renaux everybody


chan is that man who will bring you to a night walk and give u his hoodie bc it's cold or star gaze on the roof top talking about science and life. he's that man who will hug you warmly while singing an ed sheeran song until you fall asleep


No, deploying the Royal Navy as a precaution against a rumoured blockade of a friendly port is not equivalent to threatening to inflict power cuts on a neighbour to strongarm them in a negotiation | my latest for @CapX…

In the unlikely event that UK gunboats were to fire on French fishermen without provocation, the UK could find itself at war with not just France, but the whole of the EU, in accordance with the collective self-defense policy of the EU 27. I give them an hour before surrender.

June 2022: Pivotal moment in the Channel Islands War as British forces advance on Jersey Zoo. No 10 authorises use of nuclear weapons after French troops capture large bucket of mackerel.

Fact of the day: @hms_tamar is the UK's greenest warship — catalytic converters reduced engine emissions by 95%. Its deployment to Jersey is perfect ahead of the COP26 climate summit.

Mad that after weeks of campaigning Election Day is already here. If you do anything today make it voting for TUSC. Don’t settle for establishment parties, be part of building a new working class alternative and fight for socialism.

#Even on Election Day Holyfast Lane is littered with #Fly-Tipping . Request @coventrycc please kindly assist with removal as this is Health & Safety issue along the very very narrow rural Holyfast Lane. This type of action need to be stopped & keep our Country Side Clean & Tidy.


Arts subjects "not strategic priorities". Not. Strategic. Priorities. This government, corrupt and soulless, goes ever further beyond the merely lamentable.…

Today is an #election day so go and vote! If you have time you can also read my blog about silly election candidates past and present.⁦ @SearchltArchive⁩ ⁦@historymatt⁩ ⁦@MRothe61⁩ ⁦⁦@UniNhantsNews⁩ ⁦⁦…

Scots family's cat gives birth to kittens in chimney sparking huge rescue mission…

thinking about mongryong's expression when baekhyun said he's leaving :(


Former British ambassador Craig Murray called the move 'stupid on every level'…

Proposition de loi 6666 du sénateur Rush pour donner des millions pour l'app sanitaire de Microsoft - Brevet 060660 de Microsoft - #macron gagne avec 66.6% des voix Il y a comme une piste là :-)


Sad that some - intelligent - people who voted Remain try to twist almost everything into an anti-Brexit narrative. Shouldn’t be so hard to call out France for bullying Jersey. Tribalism is bad for politics and bad for the world.

They have had almost 6 years to come to terms with it. I am lacking in sympathy at this point. 17 French fishing boats are yet to receive licenses from Jersey because they haven't filled the paperwork out out correctly. I have no sympathy for that either. #Jersey #fishing…

It’s come to this, the shame of it. Brexit Britain in all its stupidity and vainglory…

The French are ready for war!! That'll be a first


Over 10M people in Turkey got 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine Nearly 15M people got 1st vaccine dose, with total number of doses across Turkey topping 24.3M


First time speaking in French («De quoi est-ce qu'on parle quand on parle des prophéties?». Autour du discours prophétique") for this workshop, my first in the covid era. Send prayers, prophecies or resources for learning French pronunciation properly.


Macron’a iç savaş uyarısında bulunan askerler hakkında takipsizlik kararı

A French military observation ship is being sent to Jersey to monitor the French fishing protest - Rear Admiral Chris Parry explains the actions the Royal Navy are likely to take. Read more:

A War? That would really sort out the woke left! Put my name down. 'French government engineered this!' Jersey fisherman slams Macron political game-playing…

“UK Royal Navy ships patrolling Jersey amid fishing row with France”


A JERSEY fisherman blamed the French government for engineering the protests near St Helier adding the country is preparing for election and that officials have willingly held back information

Blood & Guts è stato esattamente ciò che doveva essere. Ha avuto dei chiari problemi di regia (che inspiegabilmente Dynamite si porta dietro da un anno) e un finale piatto che ha fatto sembrare i face un po' scemi. Ma è un esperimento riuscito. #AEWDynamite #BLOODandGUTS

Looking at British news headlines you’d think the fishing dispute was a new Falklands. Why doesn’t Boris do something sensible for Jersey? Contact John Nettles’ agent, check his availability and deploy Bergerac immediately.

Don’t see the point in having a final with both teams from the same country in take place on the other side of the continent, might as well have it at Wembley.

Exciting weekend ahead for all the teams playing! ☺️ 1 x Funny Manchester United greeting card. Size 6” x 8” via @Etsy #EarlyBiz #womaninbizhour #ManchesterUnited

Oscar jogava muito mais que o Hazard na época do Chelsea, e tem gente q diz que ele (Hazard) é melhor q o Neymar

Padyak Bike Jersey by TeamManila.



Torcer pro chelsea na final, so por causa do Kanté. Ele merece demais

So It's Chelsea Vs Manchester City in the finals. We will get a new #UCL Champion.

A10. New Jersey, where I was born and raised and which I love deeply. Washington, where I have lived most of my adult life and which astonishes me with beauty every day. The Challenger explosion. 9/11. #ParkChat

New Jersey high school teacher suspended over profanity-laced online argument with black students about George Floyd…

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul, here we come! #Chelsea #UCL


Zidane salue sans réserve la qualification de Chelsea alors que Paris explique qu'ils ont mieux joué que City. Seigneur. #CHERMA

KSP: 3-year-old Kentucky girl reported missing Tuesday found by volunteer…

#Read2Lead #MentorshipMatters Hello from New Jersey. My name is Anthony and I am a Reading Specialist/Writing Instructor. Excited to learn with you all tonight! Thank you Ellen & Lauren for hosting!

I'm sorry I love the guy so much but wanting hazard back is negative IQ levels

#realmadridchelsea Ngolo Kanté a mit Kroos Modric Casemero et Hazard dans sa poche quel joueur

If my esports team doesn't ban characters I lose to, Im turning in my jersey

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