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What a lovely episode.I was smiling throughout the episode.@SurbhiChandna you are living as dr ishani.The innocence, purity of Dr ishani is so beautiful to watch.we are just loving #SidIsha .@sidpmalhotra now can't wait to see the progression of them.#Sanjivani #surbhichandna


For a privately educated radical socialist, I disagree with @graceblakeley’s politics but I respect her views. However, the problem is she says Labour members voted to abolish private schools, not the leadership. That’s irrelevant. The leadership has endorsed the same policy.

Viaggia a vela, tratta male i potenti e ha un ego notevolissimo. Se non sapessi che è #Greta, direi che è D’Alema. [@aleandro970] #24settembre #Italia #GretaThunberg

Great to see Thomas Cook Scandinavia & Belarics still alive


I think Greta Thunberg is incredible, but I feel really sorry for her as well. She’s smart and brave but also frustrated and terrified. I also can’t help but feel she mostly exists so that the internet can feel good about themselves for supporting her.


One passenger described a “hostage” situation at a hotel owed fees by Thomas Cook.

U.K. launches "Operation Matterhorn" to bring home over 150,000 British travelers stranded by the collapse of the Thomas Cook travel firm.

2/3 of Labour Leavers prefer Boris Johnson's "do or die" deadline and Labour Remain voters are closer to Lib Dems "revoke" policy. So not clear why Labour compromise strategy will work - John Curtice #r4today

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg had one question for the global leaders assembled at the United Nations: "How dare you?"…

Chelsea Clinton thanking Greta Thunberg is like if Wayne LaPierre’s kid thanked David Hogg…

Hay 600 turistas afectados por Thomas Cook en el país DonfelixSPM #donfelix

Labour’s new slogan should be: ‘For The Many, Not The Few or For The Few, Not The Many (We Aren’t Sure, We’ll Tell You After The Election)’

【東京スレにお越しの皆様へ】 9/25(水) 東京・渋谷CHELSEA HOTEL ■開場/開演 18:30/19:00 ■事前物販 16:30~18:15 ■手売り会 終演後に行います。詳細は画像をご覧下さい。 ■当日券の販売はございません。 ■当日は"女性限定"の公演となります。男性の方は入場をお断りさせて頂きます。


I support Madrid and I can honestly say no Madrid player should have been in that team of the year. Ramos and Marcelo were far from world class last year and Modric had a terrible year.

5⃣ We're on the board! Queenslander connection with Chelsea Forkin converts her double off a Carmie Sorensen single, we lead 1-0, followed by a 2-run BOMB from @taylahtits! 3-0 to the Spirit! #BelieveInTheSpirit

US President Donald Trump reportedly mocked el-Sisi and referred to him as a "fucking killer", according to investigative journalist Bob Woodward... we didn't forget... #SisiLies #TrumpSupportsAThief

And just like that, Epstein, Omar and a pending war in Iran all because of a fake whistleblower and a 16 year old girl. We have to keep our heads on a swivel. Pay attention to the real problems and up your support to another level for our Prez @realDonaldTrump

Bleed greeeeeen! 40 reasons to jump on the Canberra Raiders bandwagon all the way to the grand final via @woodward_curtis #NRLFinals #NRL…

Ya está. Ya salieron los kukas a opinar: Prohibido decir nada sobre Greta Thunberg que no sea elogiarla. De otro modo tu incorrección política será duramente criticada.

Greta Thunberg crying on my tv, most disingenuous thing ive ever seen

Alisson and Marcelo included in the FIFPro Men’s World 11 of 2019.


"People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are dying ... and all you talk about is money and eternal fairy tales of economic growth. How dare you?" Youth activist Greta Thunberg asked.…

el perfil de IMDB de Greta son todas apariciones de ella en documentales sobre el cambio climático Jajdbfd te amo internet…

Greta had her “I have a Dream” moment today with #HowDareYou and I’m all for it.

FIFA Pro men’s world XI if it wasn’t corrupt: Courtois Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo (extra spot for Mendy) Modric, Casemiro, Kroos Hazard, Benzema, Vinicius Jr

Marcelo being in the #TheBest XI makes the #FIFAFootballAwards an absolute joke.

Era Marcelo Díaz #TheBest y todos los sabemos #robo… "I felt him get closer to me from behind. He leaned further in and inhaled my hair. I was mortified. I thought to myself, “I didn’t wash my hair today and the vice-president of the United States is smelling it. And also, what in the actual f***? Why is the

Multilateral sanctions would be a strong signal that the world stands united against @NicolasMaduro’s evil regime. Cutting off his access to $$ & goods is important. The US continues to stand for freedom for the people of #VZ & I applaud the LATAM countries that are joining us.…

63% of Conservative Party voters and 79% of Brexit Party voters agree with the following statement: "The best chance Brexit has of happening is for the Conservative Party and The Brexit Party to form a pact..." via @ComRes, 18 - 19 Sep More details:…

May no one ever look at me the way Greta looked at #Trump. #ClimateActionSummit

Schar on Brighton, Lascelles on Carroll, Bruce on Almiron It's all in the #nufc evening roundup…

Keir Starmer predicts Labour members will still back Remain despite major conference setback…

Chants of 'Oh, Jeremy Corbyn' rang out at the @UKLabour conference, after members voted to back the party leader's preferred position on #Brexit. For all the latest news from Labour's annual conference in Brighton, click here:

EXCL: Labour pledges to end the need for ANY food bank use just three years after taking power…

Liverpool news at 10:15pm. #LFC

Je retiens surtout la conclusion que je partage à 100%: sauver la planète, ça ne veut rien dire. La planète sera toujours là dans des millions d'années. Notre civilisation risque de disparaître mais la #Terre survivra à l'#Homme. #GretaThurnberg #ClimateActionSummit #ActionClimat…

Ustedes si saben que BTS es el primer y único grupo en presentarse ante Naciones Unidas? El primer grupo hasta el momento que tuvo un mensaje importante que trasmitir,el primer grupo que demostró cómo la fama es solo un medio para dar un mensaje positivo #1YearSinceSpeakYourself

16 children accuse France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and Turkey of ignoring climate science: United Nations panel will now determine whether complaint is actionable…

#5Y2868, Manchester-Orlando, diverting to Shannon. Reason unknown at this time.… This aircraft is positioning to Orlando to operate a #ThomasCook repatriation flight.


müthiş bir ödül töreniydi #FIFABestAwards . elimizden geldiğince anlatmaya çalıştık, hatalar için affola. öte yandan benim en iyi oyuncum van dijk’tı, üzüldüm. en iyi 11’de de manchester city’den kimsenin olmaması, liverpool’dan sadece iki oyuncu olması çok tartışılır.


It's been #1YearSinceSpeakYourself. A year ago today, @BTS_twt delivered their unforgettable speech at the #UNGA, encouraging young people around the world to stand up and speak out to #ENDviolence. #MondayMotivation…

Four changes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can make at Manchester United ahead of Arsenal game #mufc…

I so much love Arsenal fans. They don't have any expectation, or hope of winning a trophy, but simply enjoy the toxic relationship & heart-attack-giving football. That's one thing I've learnt from them. In life, I don't expect anything from anyone so as not to be disappointed.

It’s really sad for people who’ve lost jobs at #ThomasCook and it’s crap that people have lost their holidays etc. but why on earth is nobody having a go at the CEO and other senior figures that ran the company? Running at £200m loss at the cost of so many jobs is disgraceful

150,000 passengers stranded abroad #ThomasCook #thomascookairlines Customer Service:

Great day at East Herts golf club today, Spurs v Arsenal golf day. I won’t lie but I wouldn’t be posting this if we lost but we won 6 1/2 to 3 1/2. Always a great day but made so much better when beating the Gooners and of course raising a lot of money for the Willow Charity.

Not sure how comforting #mufc fans will find this. Not very, I imagine…

Interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts, what do #mufc need to do to return to challenging? Don’t bother naming new signings, it’s deeper than that.

Le premier but d'Aliou Traore avec les U23. Superbe frappe ! #MUFC…

Good morning, #WritingCommunity I found this image online. It perfectly sums up how I feel at the moment. #MondayMotivation #amwriting #quotes


“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” - Oscar Wilde; Wishing you all a safe & happy #FirstDayofFall! #MondayMotivation


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison: "Unemployment in the United States has not been as low as it is since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. That is an amazing achievement, Mr. President."

Like #Anime? Read our review of the amazing movie A SILENT VOICE. "Beautifully animated, A Silent Voice is mesmerizing both visually and emotionally. "…

*stolen off tsuki* I seen some post about my amazing friend on twitter mostly horrible stuff and it actually breaks my heart. Tsuki is a amazing person and is always there for us no matter what! Leave tsuki alone your words are lies and I know tsuki is non of those things you say


日産スタジアムと横浜中華街! ー アメブロを更新しました #横浜中華街 #RWC2019…


Τελικά οι πελάτες της Thomas Cook που βρίσκονται σε διακοπές ανέρχονται παγκοσμίως σε 600 χιλιάδες. Το κόστος διαμονής και μεταφοράς στις χώρες τους θα αποδειχθεί υπερπολλαπλάσιο των χρημάτων που χρειάζονταν για να σωθεί η επιχείρηση... Άλλος ένας θρίαμβος του Κολοσσού Μπόρις.

بعد إفلاس #توماس_كوك إحدى أقدم شركات السفر.. ما تكلفة إعادة زبائنها؟ تابعوا التقرير التالي

A new study argues that, actually, winning the lottery absolutely makes people happy. Why were we so eager to believe it didn’t?…

“Keep absolutely still. It’s vision is based on movement!” Jurassic Park (1993) Director: Steven Spielberg #JurassicPark #SamNeill #AlanGrant #TRex #Rexy #TyrannosaurusRex #StevenSpielberg @JurassicPark


Threats by English to kick the hell out of Ireland if it does not drop the backstop ought to be a deathly warning to people of Scotland of what the British state is capable of against a nation that dares to exercise free will. @jk_rowling @theSNP @NicolaSturgeon @OfficeGSBrown


Gatland will be absolutely livid at this second half

British tour operator Thomas Cook collapsed after failing to secure rescue funding, and travel bookings for its more than 600,000 global vacationers were canceled early Monday.… via @HuffPost

Sylvi (57) sitter også strandet på Gran Canaria etter Thomas Cook-konkursen. Nå holder det, media.

Das türkische Kultur- und Tourismusministerium kündigte am Montag an, mit dem Finanzministerium „so bald wie möglich" ein Kreditprogramm für die betroffenen Firmen aufzulegen.

TRY! Levan Chilachava sneaks one over the line and a conversion follows. Wales 36-14 Georgia #WALvGEO LIVE @5liveSport and online: #RWC2019 #bbcrugby


Yea imagine playing Arkansas, Tennessee, Ole Miss, New Mexico State, Southern Miss, and Western Carolina all in one season. Absolutely GRUELING. Idk how Bama is going to do it.…

#qanda They’re all being polite about Pauline. Will someone ask why on earth any government would appoint her to absolutely anything?

If Liverpool do win a title, who will be the new bantering club? Arsenal? United?

I love the selective outrage that occurs when Liverpool benefit from a correct decision. Where was the outrage when Sadio Mané “nearly” scored at the Etihad in January? You either are or you aren’t, you did or you didn’t. Except when it’s Liverpool, of course.

Arsenal is a very traditional and emotional club. The fans have PTSD from the Wenger Era because we kept on getting the excuse of “stadium debt”. I understand fans impatience with Emery because we saw teams like Leicester win the league with smaller bugets. But this isn’t the way


『サラーとマネは若い世代の完璧なお手本だと語るモモ・シソコ』というテーマで一筆書きました。 よかったら、ご覧ください。


Happy birthday to @finn_russell - let's hope his and Scotland's World Cup campaign improves. We've still got so much to offer if we... emmm... play better.


Cosy nights in, big jumpers, tasty food: Autumn is BACK! 9 heavenly #vegan recipes perfect for the season: #AutumnEquinox


Manchester Airport station evacuated over 'suspicious package'…

United are releasing the results q4 and 2018/19 results at midday tomorrow. We will be making sure that you the fans get to know the highlights and not from the #officeofbullshit at the club!!!!! #mufc


Taking off late as we are in Terminal 2 Manchester an couldn’t leave until we got the go ahead as there a naked man with a back pack on threatening to blow up the airport due to #ThomasCook going bust. Some people are just fucking idiots!!! #ManchesterAirport

Leading scientists tell us that the gap between what we should do to tackle the climate crisis & what we are actually doing, continues to widen. We must reverse this trend with decisive #ClimateAction. New United in Science report:

“Watch President Trump's Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom at the United Nations headquarters tomorrow at 11:30 EST at @realdonaldtrump @vp

Proud to stand with these brothers today at the United Black Democratic Caucus’ community conversation about issues facing black men. Thank you teams @KamalaHarris, @CoryBooker, @ewarren, @JoeBiden, @BernieSanders and everyone who participated in the discussion. #DreamTeam


George Will: “'NAFTA has been so good for the Mexican economy that net migration to the United States has been negative for seven years now. You’d think immigration hawks would have connected those dots by now"

#doesyourmumknow you post her food on ur story and pretend you cooked it

Klasemen Premier League: Arsenal Merapat ke Zona Liga Champions #vivanews

Can't wait until Monday morning for that #49ers podcast fix? All season long we will post 15-20 minutes of analysis from Larry Krueger, John Lund and Dennis Brown shortly after each 49ers game. Here's the first episode ⬇

El papá de Luis Alejandro Castañeda perdió la visión por una granada, pero eso no detuvo su pasión por el fútbol. Ahora él se dedica a entrenar ciegos y está entre los finalistas de un concurso para tener una práctica con el Arsenal. Esta es su historia.


Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool Sevilla 0-1 Real Madrid West Ham 2-0 MU

One of my favorite experiences in Scotland was sitting on the cliffside and watching the sunset on Neist Point & the lighthouse coming on as the sky darkened. It felt like the perfect end to the day and to our short time in Skye. . . . . #neistpoint


W杯開幕戦でロシアに勝利した日本代表が22日、第2戦アイルランド戦(28日、エコパ)に向け、公認キャンプ地の浜松市に移動。世界ランク2位との大一番へ、交通渋滞などを考慮した異例の「前線基地作戦」で臨みます。#RWC2019 #RWC静岡 #JPNvIRE #BRAVEを届けよう #OneTeam…

Beauty is everywhere: Castle Mansion Palaces & Government Building In Scotland


Estádio Old Trafford no PES 2020. #PES2020 #MUFC


"Qual time você torce?" - Manchester United. "E qual o seu jogador favorito?" - Nenhum deles. Todos são um lixo. #MUFC

the fact that jj, christen, and kmew’s first cap was against scotland is very important to me.

Don't stay at home tonight! 8pm Pub Politics What issues will shape Election with: Matt McCarten - Former Chief of Staff of Labour Party Lucy Lawless - Activist & Jedi Knight Bishop Brian Tamaki - Apostle of Christ Mike Treen - Unite Union Boss #nzpol…

Imagine trading him AND mike Evans for dalvin cook…

I understand the unnamed councillor is a Labour Party member. We should ask no more questions and just let the Labour Party disciplinary process take its course. #nzpol…

Patrice Evra: "Es hora de ensuciarnos las manos! Junta del United, están listos para dejarnos ayudarlos?" #MUFC #mulive


Referee’s given Liverpool absolutely everything today, no mean feat that

Looking for a football match Premier League … View from here Chelsea vs Liverpool ⭐ ✖️ ⭐ Mobile : PC : #CHELIV


Look at Xhaka. This man is sooo lazy on the ball like wtf.... #ARSAVL #PL #Arsenal #AFC

David Luiz has been so much worse than Mustafi #ARSAVL

Liverpool still lead 2-0 but have been sloppy in the second half. #CHELIV…

Manchester United's Marcus Rashford will have a scan after suffering a groin injury against West Ham. More: #WHUMUN #WHUFC #bbcfootball #MUFC


Liverpool started time-wasting in the first half. Absolutely terrified of a counter attack. Fuck off. #cfc

Hoy es el 25 aniversario de la serie #Friends y por supuesto #DepecheMode se escuchó en uno de sus capítulos. Habrá quienes aún recuerden cómo se emocionaron frente a la televisión cuando empezó a sonar "It's No Good" en esta parte del capítulo. #Friends25

“I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.”


Absolutely fucking useless in defence...

South Africa were excellent tonight, dominated for a big win from a young inexperienced team. #SAvIND #proteas #happydays

An honour to hear from the inimitable MP - @stellacreasy ‘Labour is suppost to be the party of equality so why again was it discussing watering down the rules on antisemitism when Jews can’t even participate? We are together to fight on for those days that can be, and will be’


Remember Tony Blair was all about "Education, Education, Education"? Corbyn's lot are now "destroy education, destroy education, destroy education" The Labour party are pretty unrecognisable these days.

The results of the opening weekend of the #RWC2019


He may have missed a couple of opportunities today, but @tammyabraham’s movement is excellent and will lead to him scoring lots of goals.

I saw Ad Astra yesterday. It wasn’t as dopey as Contact or Sphere, and surprisingly, there were no aliens. The film was a mixed bag. There were several excellent set pieces including the depiction of Mars and a Wild West shoot out on the surface of the moon. 1 of 2. . . .


Labour votes to abolish private schools at party conference…

Labour should negotiate and offer a credible Leave alternative which protects migrants rights and allow MPs to campaign on what their constituents want. This GE can't just be about Brexit, and becoming a Remain party does nothing to alleviate division or unite the country.…

England 35-3 Tonga: five talking points from England’s World Cup opener…

I can’t think of anything worse than being at the Labour Party Conference.

Really disappointed to hear people criticising trade unions and our vital Labour link at #lab19. Union delegates are here representing millions of working people - and we have a right to vote according to our democratically agreed positions without heckling. This is our party

Hermoso ❤❤❤ Reposted from #henrycavill (@get_regrann) - ENG v TGA England V Tonga Rugby World Cup C'mon England!!! #Rugby #England #WearTheRose #RWC2019 - #regrann


Another 3 cracking games. #ENGvTGA #ITAvNAM #IREvSCO Thoughts on today’s #RWC2019 matches? If you like my comments, stats and content then click follow. Plenty of good stuff to come when I’m back from holiday (25th onwards)

Dancing light rays, beautiful caves and a gifted Tongan freediver by the name of vilitakau allow for a visual feast on nature’s canvas. With @scott1e2310 #nature #naturelovers @ Neiafu, Vava`U, Tonga…

Surely it's time for #AFCB's @SteveCook28 to get a call-up to @England. He's better than Michael Keane and in our opinion as good as Harry Maguire. What do you think Mr Southgate?


2017 Christmas day flights to Tenerife with Monarch - Monarch goes bust. 2019 Christmas day flights to Tenerife with #ThomasCook - Thomas Cook goes bust. 2021 #TUI I'm coming for you.......

Okay ngl we all fully expected Saffron to be most viewed after last night and Kelvin was such a surprise that I'm happy for him to be 2nd, so I'm well chuffed that Dev and Dianne are the 3rd most viewed dance of the night! Go on girl!


5 mile run done, taking the Mancub to football in Leeds. I’ll get sent off by the ref for chelping. Carvery with folk with Chinese writing on their necks, brogues and tracky bottoms on. Finally the gym while Songs of Praise is on. Tidy.

Twitter is a dark place when Everton lose these days. It gets you questioning people’s sanity.

Brittiläinen Thomas Cook -matkanjärjestäjä kriisissä: Matkustajat jääneet panttivangeiksi, koska Thomas Cook on jättänyt laskut maksamatta. Miten käy Tjäreborgin asiakkaiden? @tjareborg via @MailOnline

Andrew Fisher was on £90k, how bad have things got?!!

Leeds fans! It's our end of Summer flash sale! 2 mugs for £15 at Retweet and you could win a freebie too! #leeds #lufc #mot


Maçın yarıda kalmasından sonra Meksikalı seyirciler Jeremy Stephens'e bira bardakları ve popcorn fırlattılar. Stephens, korumaların eşliğinde soyunma odasına gidebildi. #UFCMexico

#UFCMexico'nun ana maçı olan Yair Rodriguez - Jeremy Stephens karşılaşması 15.saniyede yarıda kaldı. Stephens, Rodriguez'in parmağının gözüne gelmesinden sonra maça devam edemedi.


We're here at the registration point greeting our riders before they set off! Riders from @OncologyLeedsTH and Women's looking good!


Idite i gore na #SOUBOU, tamo su šutevi 24-6 (12-3 iz 16m), ovde 24-5 (17-4). Tamo 1:3, ovde 8:0. Deo objašnjenja je napad koji uključuje talenat Silve, Silve i najboljeg igrača lige by a country mile. Deo je i u tome što ovi jednostavno nisu hteli da se trude.…

O que Witzel está fazendo é extermínio, genocídio, diz Marcelo D2…

Watch: the amazing Jennie Formby turns speech about her treatment into Labour party political broadcast…


Just seen Man City's punishment beating of Watford & how my triple captain Agüero didn't score a hat-trick is beyond me. Kevin De Bruyne's crosses & passes were sensational & his goal wasn't bad either #TR

Excellent. So under Corbynite-Labour, low-waged taxpayers will be forced to subsidise the prescription costs of the comfortably-affluent and the rich. Isn't socialism wonderful? Up the workers!…

Kevin De Bruyne is the best passer of a ball in the history of football

5️⃣ south coast derbies 5️⃣ #SaintsFC victories Lawrie McMenemy gives us his memories of a special fixture:

Beating #saintsfc in the South Coast derby under their own floodlights followed by #watfordfc being spanked for 8. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, football just delivers! #afcb

8-0 in the premier league...reminds me of a brilliant day at St Mary's @SouthamptonFC #saintsfc


Not wishing him away from #AFCB but is there anyone out there who seriously thinks Eddie Howe would not do a better job at #EFC than Marco Silva?

Very rarely do you see people walking around in GK kits, but I’ve seen 3 young kids in different places wearing #AFCB GK shirt with @AaronRamsdale98 on the back. If that doesn’t tell you how much of a special talent this lad is then I don’t know what does! #EnglandsNumber1

In 1977 #AdamWest and #BurtWard returned to their most famous roles in Filmation's The New Adventures of #Batman on CBS. #BatmanDay #SaturdayMorningCartoons

アテネの #ClimateStrike #地球温暖化 #気候変動 #リーダーシップ 9月20日 世界各地で若者たちがストライキ…

Ya estamos en vivo con el especial de #GSMXRadio por @Radio13Digital para celebrar el 80 aniversario del Caballero de la Noche en el #BatmanDay.


"September 20th was a demonstration of intent, of 4 million people who took time off from work or school to say that they are ready to move on and make the changes we need." #ClimateStrike #GlobalClimateStrike #ClimateEmergency

アジア初開催のラグビーW杯の成功をを裏から支えています! #RugbyWorldCup #RWC2019


Gone Girl (2014) Honestly a very great movie. Plot twistnya kaco banget bikin mikir seribu kali. Bukti bahwa cewek bisa nyakitin orang yang nyakitin dia jauh lebih parah daripada apa yang dia alamin Gak deng cewek ini cuma psikopat dan gila udah gitu aja.


Honestly this is exactly what Watford deserve for being a Premier League team and having Craig Dawson & Tom Cleverley

Pochettino defiant and calm in his press conference, but honestly feels like he won’t really even try and answer questions anymore. Doesn’t blame VAR, doesn’t want to talk about Wanyama, won’t discuss the league cup, says spurs were the better side. #LEITOT

#SexWithAnExIn3Words "sex with an ex" is 4 words. Try just "sex with ex"

we need to go there and score 4 honestly. Its there to be done

Every one have a Happy #Caturday. This cat says "You come into MY house on the day my daughter is to be married." @1wiccangirl


Happy Batman Day. The caped crusader is 80 years young today. #BatmanDay #HappyBatmanDay #brucewayne #LEGOBatman


I honestly don't feel like engaging with ANYBODY who even remotely threatens my budding relationship with gentleness towards myself.

Want to know what happened in NYC's #climatestrike yesterday? Here are some of the highlights:…

James Maddison will only get better, that quality deserves Europe competition. Maddison has proved himself in every aspect. From scoring a winner & being pivotal in major wins and draws. If the glazers say yes to him then the mid will be almost complete #mufc #LEITOT

After the long week and amazing #ClimateStrike yesterday no better way to recuperate than our second #Sunrise4Climate swim at dawn this morning at Seapoint to mark the Autumn Equinox with the @foeireland community. #NatureConnects #TogetherWeAreIrresistible #HopeAndFellowship


-優勝できるのか 【エラスマス監督】まだまだやれる。ニュージーランドに対して試合をし、そのまま勝ち進んでいきたかったが、こういった形で負けたのであれば、ファイトバック(反撃)して、決勝に向かって勝ち進むだけです。 #RWC横浜 #NZLvRSA #Springboks #RWC2019…

The only mistake Wanyama made was signing for that horrendous atrocity of a squad that @SpursOfficial is!! #KOTLoyals #LEITOT

The #Springboks have lost all six of their Tests against the #AllBlacks with French referee Jerome Garces in charge. Their overall record under him is played 14, won four, lost 10. #NZLvRSA #RWC2019


So did I just watch a dress rehearsal for #RW2019 final? #AllBlacks and #Springboks certainly played with a physicality and at a tempo that will be hard to match. Here's my initial report from #RWCYokohama

None of the better members of the midlife crisis runners club turned up today #parkrun


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