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Burton CLP nominates: • Keir Starmer to be leader of the Labour Party • Angela Rayner to be deputy leader of the Labour Party. This CLP nominated Andy Burnham in 2015 and didn't nominate any candidate in 2016.

Well, this Guardian interview with #LawrenceFox from last December is now spectacularly out of date.…


What the hell is wrong with Eminem, like rapping about the Manchester bombing is so disrespectful, not to mention 22 people died at a concert, where they're supposed to be having a good time and to be safe. Ariana has ptsd because of this horrible situation. #EminemIsOverParty

CLPs latest: Keir Starmer 9, Rebecca Long-Bailey 3. Deputies latest: Angela Rayner 7, Richard Burgon 1, Dawn Butler 1, Ian Murray 1:…

Nothing but admiration for @ciaranahern . As a first time @labour candidate he has truly hit the ground running. Great turnout for our canvas in #Ballyroan this evening #GE20…

Labour leadership: Rebecca Long-Bailey says she can reach parts of electorate Corbyn failed to…

PRIMARY reason Labour lost and the Tories won is that the 2019 election was NOT "free & fair" The PROPAGANDA over 4 years and particularly in the final months was on a scale & of an intensity not seen before in modern British politics. It made a free & fair election impossible

Throwing it back to the Spring of 2019, the day I signed a global record deal with @ultrarecords in Los Angeles. I can’t wait to share the early fruits of our labour with you, very, very soon #Tbt


This weird cunt is back in the mentions coming from your fave KCL labour society bois page…

Jordan Poole since returning from G-League. Not perfect but more what i was expecting this year to be like


Sehe gerade den #BayerischenFernsehpreis. Zwei der Gewinner haben iranische Wurzeln. Sind Kinder der Revolution. Es gibt so viele von ihnen im #Iran. Weiß Gott ist dort nicht alles schwarz.


If any colleagues ever need a parent to talk to their parents about being supportive of them let me know, he’s said he’d be happy to do this kind of labour with other parents of sex workers! <3…

#EminemIsOverParty #eminemisCANCELLED as someone who knew two victims I can tell you that I don’t really see an issue with this. Keeping in mind he also mentioned Saddam Hussain, 9/11 and JonBenet (Ariana has a scandal about that) in the same song. The whole album is anti-war.

SPECULATION: - US F-35s were about to attack #Iran - The US masked #Ukrainian Boeing as a cruise missile FACTS: - 6 US F-35 were approaching Iran’s border - Iran’s Air Defence was on highest alert - F-35 has an ability to “look” like a passenger plane…


People attended a funeral procession in Babol, north #Iran for Mohammad Abbaspour, one of the victims of the Ukrainian plane which was shot down over #Tehran last week.

Last night’s was the best #BBCQuestionTime for a long time due entirely to @LozzaFox who was a refreshing revelation and his Twitter feed has been hilarious all day. #Brexit…

अमेरिकी सेंट्रल कमांड ने कहा है कि ईरान द्वारा इराक में अमेरिकी सैनिकों के एक ठिकाने पर किए गए हमले में कम से कम 11 अमेरिकी सैनिक घायल हुए हैं। #Iran #UnitedStates…

The issue that got Poole in trouble early this year Warriors short on players had to play him through troubles rather than using the bench as a teacher, and it killed his confidence, a trip to the G league helped dramatically!

29-year-old Maliheh Haji Hassani was executed on Jan 14 in Adelabad Prison of Shiraz. #Iran holds the world’s record of top executioner of women. In 2019, the Iranian regime hanged 17 women. @UNHumanRights @JavaidRehman @AgnesCallamard


Is this cheering crowd aware who is cheering even more? The Tories at the prospect of Long Bailey as Labour’s leader.…

Pendant deux ans, Steve Bray a hurlé chaque jour « Stop #Brexit » dans son mégaphone, devant le Parlement britannique. Et il n'a pas l'intention de s'arrêter, malgré l’imminence de la rupture le 31 janvier.…


A new home for the tropical Columbus crabs that arrived yesterday in Dorset , one of the many species arriving on litter & debris from far away lands… #gulfstream #caribbean #goosebarnacles #beachcombing #beachcomber #beachcomb #Dorset #tropical

Twitter really isn’t representative of society, on Twitter the Tories and the GOP are minority groups, and yet they both sadly won elections

The wife just asked me if I’d got anything white to put in the washing machine. I handed her my privilege #LawrenceFox

Queen Stacey Poole I of Beauty and Smiles!!!! @StaceyPoole1.


#Coco lost #Blandford #Forum #Dorset #SPOOKED New Year's Eve by fireworks I am a 18 month boy, #chipped #neutered. Please contact 07979 979597 with any info



*Help Cocoa back home* 18 month old Cocoa was spoked by #fireworks on New Years Eve 2019 at #BlandfordForum #Dorset. Have you noticed any newly arrived strays in your area that might be him. If sighted/found please contact 07979-979-597. #lostcat #missingcat #scanme


Read our latest blog from @SophiaPuff, Dorset LEP Board Member & Director @3SIDEDCUBE, on why focusing on talent investment, networking, collaboration & access to funding can drive SME productivity & success in #Dorset Read more:




$AMZN Getting that Curl look to it. Watch this one over the 1882.75 Today. If this can hold above, might see this wake up!. Breaking DT and reclaiming supports. Hard one to trade lately. Should see a Move into E/R soon. See chart for levels! #RampUpTrading


Spotify — Rare (1st Week) Rare: 23.8M Dance Again: 7.5M Look At Her Now: 9.7M Lose You to Love Me: 22.2M Ring: 6.8M Vulnerable: 7.7M People You Know: 6.3M Let Me Get Me: 5.4M Crowded Room: 6.6M Kinda Crazy: 4.9M FUN: 4.1M Cut You Off: 4.9M Sweeter Place: 5.4M Total: 115.809.228

Artiste: Eminem sort un album surprise Music to Be Murdered By-- #Musique


.@miguelnbc has a look at groundbreaking new technology that’s helping to plant trees in areas ravaged by wildfires. If the initial results are an indication, this could be big in the fight against climate change.

why does my cat always look like she’s staring directly at god



aí mano em pleno 2020 e o cara falando de eminem

50 yaşına basmak üzere, 1997 yılından beri oyunun içinde, kendine has 8,818 kelime haznesi, o tüm zamanların en iyi söz yazarı ve sanatçısı. Bu yaşına kadar hala oyundan düşmeyen ve hala kelimeler ile muazzam sanat yapabilen olağanüstü bir insan ve sunduğu 3 harika albüm. #Eminem

BREAKING! #BlackSwan by @BTS_twt now becomes the Korean song with most #1's on iTunes (88)!!! ©️ @BTSonthecharts #BlackSwanOutNow #BTSingleToday

this man is not real, look at his beauty


#FridayFeeling वह सर्वश्रेष्ठ अविनाशी परमात्मा कौन है जिसकी जानकारी श्री कृष्ण जी ने अर्जुन को गीता जी के अध्याय नंबर 18 के श्लोक नंबर 62 में दी जानने के लिए अवश्य देखिए साधना टीवी शाम 7:30 बजे


With all the access afforded to him by his whiteness and poshness and the patriarchy™, Laurence Fox still can’t get booked for an acting job in 2020. Surely, that should be his focus instead of bemoaning ~reverse racism~ on BBC Question Time?

Doping für die Haare. Und nur für die Haare?! Ärger um den Laufschuh #vaporfly #running #FridayFeeling #InDerTat #dürkheim #2020… PS: Dachte mir doch, dass es nur an den Schuhen liegt


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