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Question did you ever watch this back then? #OneDirection2020


“Not voting for Biden is a vote for Trump!” According to that same logic, not voting for Trump is a vote for Biden.’re welcome. Oh, that sounds idiotic? Why yes, yes it does.

Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination • Children's Health Defense…

Every day for weeks now, Trump has spent up to two hours of primetime television delivering his unique blend of insults, jokes and cheerful boasts.

I’m Donald Trump, and I approve this mess. #AccurateTrump2020Slogans

Britannia is holding an inventory of up to 11 days which is witnessing a depletion for the past one week #COVIDー19 #coronavirus

ટ્રમ્પ માટે ફરી સત્તા મેળવવામાં કોરોનાનું સંકટ વિઘ્ન? #Trump #DonaldJTrump #RepublicaEsPosible #Republicans #COVIDー19 #USA #chitralekha


No Malaysians in #COVIDー19 at Dorm, S'pore deploys dedicated strategy to contain spread…


Who can connect me to someone in the Newsom administration? I want to connect them to a medical supplies vendor that can help his mission of “not waiting for the federal government”. Be safe everyone! DM me.

ಕೆಲಸವಿಲ್ಲದೆ, ಕೂಲಿ ಇಲ್ಲದೆ, ಊಟವಿಲ್ಲದೆ ಪರದಾಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದಾರೆ. ಇದೀಗ ಉತ್ತರ ಪ್ರದೇಶ ಸರ್ಕಾರ ಇಂತಹವರ ನೆರವಿಗೆ ಬಂದಿದೆ. #Lucknow #Uttarpradesh #Yogiadityanath…

Interior Secretary Eduardo Año urged the Christian community to reflect on how they can help the government in providing a solution to the crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. | @CGonzalesINQ…

이젠 너무 재밌어요 유잼 인생 ❗️…

This is awesome! There's a new subscriber on my personal FanCentro profile!

If they don't hire workers back and take the loan, they will have to pay back the loan with interests according to the Trump admin…

Going another round while having the #DestinyBug! And why in the hell is #FreeCodeFridayContest trending on a damn thursday?! Y'all getting loopy from this #Quarantine #smallstreamers #twitch #twitchaffiliate #SmallStreamersConnect #SmallStreamerCommunity

Jim Jordan draws attention to Trump’s coronavirus failures in letter attacking World Health Org…

My greatest hope is to remove the last vestiges of the Hussein administration from our government. This process is being stonewalled by one, Chuck Schumer. I think we should make a lot of noise about this problem, dear Americans.

VICTORY! Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Will Close a Dozen Clinics, Some Cities Will be Abortion Free Here's another reason to celebrate this Easter! #prolife #AbortionIsNotEssential


Life/death #COVID19 choices an issue in Italy & NY. Not in Oz Ventilator-utilisation rate is a tiny 2% in NSW. That's why NSW is set to modestly ease restrictions post-Easter, if ICUs remain near empty Many see clear need to rebalance towards rescuing jobs & incomes #SydneyUni…

#CoronaMeter: Jamaica recorded no positive #COVID19 cases today. Four patients have recovered and been released from hospital bringing the tally to 13. Two results are pending as 41 people are in quarantine at a government facility and 61 persons are in isolation.


Spanish surrealist / painter Angel Planells


Looking to make your own Easter basket for this year’s at-home Easter egg hunt? Otago Museum’s Amanda and Ross have designed four unique baskets using easily-obtained items around the home!…


MUST-WATCH: As ER docs on the front lines, we have been pleading with the president for nationwide testing. Thank you @magicjohnson for joining our call. This is extremely important. #COVIDー19 #FixTesting

“Without having checked the facts, Tedros’s unprovoked and untrue accusations not only differ from reality, they have also seriously harmed our government and our people.”…

#ExpressFrontPage | The UN representative in India urged the government to fight “stigmatisation of certain sects of people” over the spread of #Coronavirus

#CoronavirusBrasil #BrasilEconomico Pdte del Banco Central de Brasil, Roberto Campos, afirmo que "EMITIR, NO ES LA MEJOR SALIDA PARA COMBATIR EL CORONAVIRUS" Dr Miguel Angel Pesce: TELEFONO…

Johnson sebelumnya menjalani perawatan intensif di Rumah Sakit St. Thomas London sejak Minggu (5/4/2020).

#OTDN 10 Apr: @QueenWillRock 1982 Stockholm; +@_PaulRodgers 2005 Basel; 2006 Seattle; 2007 @WWRYglobal Toronto premiere; @DrBrianMay 2013 at @RealMeatLoaf show London; 2015 eye surgery;2012 +@KerryJaneEllis1 People's Lion promo filmed Cape Town. SEE MORE:


#London #covid19 Empat doktor beragama Islam di United Kingdom antara barisan hadapan yang meninggal dunia selepas dijangkiti pandemik Covid-19.…

It's 2 O'Clock in the Morning in #London, & @Bethesda_UK stayed up late to join your HOA in seeing 3 killer, (trust us, we have one tonight.... wow.), #Fallout76 CAMPS, & of course, we discuss with you the whole time! HOA TV IS LIVE NOW! Fallout @Fallout


Gordon's Mum is adorable, I love her ❤️ #GordonGinoAndFred

#timstwitterlisteningparty @EdwynCollins We didn’t have a manager, or anyone in London who could approach producer. Adam Kidron had done Scritti’s “The ‘Sweetest Girl’” for Rough Trade, so he was accessible. Hey, we were young!

We all have a role to play in keeping our parents at home,if the government decides to be silly, we can stay home and keep our parents home during this Easter. If we live through this Easter then we can celebrate the ones to come.

Happy Easter Everyone :) Stay Safe, Stay Home :) #easter #easterweekend


#ITryToAvoidPeopleWho think anything positive at all about Trump because they - like he - are damaged beyond repair.

Very excited that next week we will have @beynate on @RunnymedeSoc Radio to discuss the government's covid-19 response efforts. Make sure to wait for our next episode drop late next week or early next!

David Icke video now posted at London Real

#الكاف: من الوارد تأجيل مباريات دورى الأبطال والكونفدرالية بسبب #كورونا #فيروس_كورونا #COVIDー19

Anyway in honor of Opera Lady, it’s story time! So maybe four(?) years ago I was headed to London to give a lecture and I got turned around and wound up in the first class lounge. They do not let just anyone into the first class airport lounge, you proles

Sum of my old clips, my next montage will be better. - #fortnite #fortniteclips #fortnitegameplay #FortniteChapter2 #fortnitebattleroyale #FortniteBR #fortniteaccountforsale #COVIDー19

Wispa!! I’ll not @ you but I’ll subtweet you. The wispa is the Queen is chocolate bars

Last minute winner against Wednesday at Wembley to lift the FA cup or a last minute winner to get us into Europe? #AskBillySharp

I was just thinking about all the people in Space/Science fields who aren't "celebs" of any kind, who have done/are doing absolutely badass things. I don't know why, but I always like thinking about the people we don't even know exist, but are out doing the thing. It's fun.

On POTUS dismantling oversight, firing IG, @AshleyRParker: "The president is absolutely resisting oversight-He's perhaps more brazen now in the middle w/ cover of coronavirus in a certain way than he has before. That's why you're seeing the rare bipartisan alarm on Capitol Hill."


Reapareció el Himalaya: los picos más altos del mundo son visibles en India por primera vez en décadas gracias a la menor polución

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