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E epic no e comido desde hace 7 horas tu sabes a que horas como #Fortnite

1 follow = 1 less hour we have to wait #fortnite #fortniteblackout

Waiting in the Void be like! #Fortnite

This is why Fortnite isn’t working lol #Fortnite #FortniteChapter2 #TheEnd


FULL LEAKED CODE: 11 146 15 62 87 14 106 2 150 69 146 15 36 2 176 8 160 65. It translates to: "I WAS NOT ALONE. OTHERS ARE OUTSIDE THE LOOP. THIS WAS NOT CALCULATED. THE ZERO POINT IS NOW INEVITABLE." #Fortnite



아미님들 다 너무 감사합니다 멘션에 뎀까지 진짜 요즘 눈물이 마를날이 없어요ㅜ 누구든 사랑하는마음은 다 같잖아요 그래서 더 아프고 힘들고 기쁘고 행복하고 저는 진짜 우석이행복한거만 바래요 그것만요ㅜ #지민이_덕분에_찬란한_10월 #지민이와_우리의_영원한약속 #하늘연달_열사흘_지민날

I was at a dance audition there were about 40 of us and only 6 would get through. #love #picoftheday #NoBraDay #NoBraDay2019 #BRANGA


leaves mars #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

The shadow Home Secretary thinks that voter ID is voter suppression. I call it fraud suppression. #VoterID…

10.13 #KAGAJO7 @御徒町パンダ広場 PV日本対スコットランド戦前 スコットランド国歌斉唱 日本代表もスコットランド代表も素晴らしい試合有り難うございました。 楽しかったっ! 有り難う! #RWC2019⁠ ⁠ #JAPvSCO

Voter ID can’t come soon enough. Postal votes need sorting too.…

☑ Por la mañana hazme saber de tu gran amor porque en ti he puesto mi confianza. Señálame el camino que debo seguir porque a ti elevo mi alma.

BREAKING NEWS The Mightiest Prophet of the LORD is on his way heading to the biggest and largest gathering of the saints on the face of the earth today. #InternationalWordConference


ハミルトンがピット入るわけない #f1jp #JapaneseGP

Se o Hamilton parar o Vettel volta para a 2ª posição. Mas acho que é blefe. #F1 #JapaneseGP #F1noSporTV

St Helens have claimed their seventh #SuperLeague title and first since 2014 by comfortably beating Salford Red Devils in the Grand Final. Full story ➡ #bbcrl


Leclerc driving with bits on the car falling off and hitting cars behind, isn’t that dangerous and require at least an investigation? #JapaneseGP #F1 #askcrofty

watched el camino like 3 times already and rewatching the series

Should LEC and HAM be removed from the #JapaneseGP for not having a second mirror? Yes acc @F1 regulation. #AskCrofty @jackontracks @robertdoornboss


It's very mighty and glorious here at the ground of the meeting. Saints are just glorifying the king. How beautiful? #InternationalWordConference

"I’m happy to be in the top 10, that’s good. We did a good job in qualifying, the conditions were very tricky out there with the wind. At the end, I’m happy with where we are.” @RGrosjean's #Quali reaction after securing P10.


Morgan Knowles and Zeb Taia lead St Helens to Grand Final win over Salford…

Didn’t win but who cares I was at old Trafford with the club I love Salford Salford Salford


I have tried to lift the spirits of my friends after the Salford defeat. It’s all about ‘you’! Keep smiling.





#SongsfromtheCountryside Our country the middle of the stream...

Oh such very sad news that Stephen Moore has died. A lovely friendly guy when I worked at the NT, a fabulous actor and a voice that, through Hitchhikers, has inhabited my entire life.


Jan van der Heyden and Johannes Lingelbach Country road


Are these judges kidding me with Alex & Neil and Dev & Dianne being last/low on the leaderboard, yet Mike gets 9s and 8s??? #Strictly

Tonight, loved Kelvin, Karim and Johannes Does Beyonce. Hated the music choices. Baffled by the scoring. Might get a bizarre/potentially frustrating elimination from this #scd #scoring

Johannes is the best thing that’s ever happened to #Strictly

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