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Met spied on partner of Blair Peach for more than two decades, inquiry hears…

Stalking & harassment are unsolicited/unwanted behaviour. It’s more than just violence,emotional abuse is a big part of it too. It's a pattern of behaviour & without that pattern,it can be difficult to convict-Detective Chief Superintendent Declan Daly @gardainfo #StalkingWebinar…

also if ur a white leftist advocating for ppl to vote niko just

Hey Ed Sheeran hat zum Fotografen umgeschult #GNTM

Shane Duffy I know he's getting a lot of flak BUT I think the bigger problem was the coaches, tactics and strategy. He was poor but started very well. He still tried to give his all which I respect, but agree it was a failed move. Wish him all the best.


The Bank of England governor says the UK economy by the end of 2021 will be back to where it was before the Covid crisis. Brilliant news for the UK. It should also be good news for the poorest people in the world. No more excuse for cutting aid by 30%…

Archaeologists discover the oldest known human burial in Africa


Leyton Orient renew charity shirt sponsorship with Harry Kane…

Woman who gave birth on flight to Hawaii says she didn't know she was pregnant


.@RaufeonStots and Josh Hill were fired up at the faceoff for their potential bantamweight title eliminator on Friday. #Bellator258 | Full video:

now that we have pink joon again we’re one step closer to mint yoongi


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Share a New Photo of Archie for His Birthday

TY Bank of Ireland Money Smarts team made up of Andrei Florain, Craig Doyle, Ilya Solovjov and Cillian O Neill won the Reginal final. The Virtual Grand final, hosted by James Patrice and Lottie Ryan took place yesterday. Great to see this terrific team in action. #EREBB #Congrats


If a fish-slapping dance in Jersey is the best Boris The Wet can come up with, I think we have a good chance of beating this lot. Note: 'this lot' henceforth = the current govt in my parlance.

Prima «guerra della Brexit» per la pesca nell’isola di Jersey: Macron e Johnson inviano navi militari. Una bella guerra in Europa per ripartire dopo il Covid è l'ideale.

Feel of the inevitable to a school play about the Falklands

So French didn't know that we have left the EU.

The French senate voted to ban minors from wearing the hijab, the Islamic headscarf. The bill must now pass through the National Assembly to become law.

'French government engineered this!' Jersey fisherman slams Macron political game-playing…

Newsdeck: COVID spreading in rural India; record daily rises in infections, deaths


"Hey guys, remember to do the right thing today...and vote for Count Binface!"


Just deeped it that if Chelsea win the Champions League, then in the last 5 years N'Golo Kante will have won 2 Premier Leagues, An FA Cup, A World Cup, A Europa League and A Champions League. All under five different managers.


baekhyun at the final twilight battle???


Well I for one welcome the prospect of being annexed by France. Let Jersey fall.

Erdogan and King Salman have spoken twice in less than a month. In tandem with #Turkey's dialogue with #Egypt, there is possible progress on a de-escalation between Turkey and #KSA.

Emmanuel Macron inaugure le vaccinodrome du parc des Expositions à Paris

Dans sa haine envers Emmanuel Macron, Eric Ciotti a confié il a quelques jours qu'il n'avait pas voté Macron en 2017, c'est son droit, mais qu'il cesse de faire la morale à tous ceux qui ne sont pas de son avis !


#JeremyVine And this morning we had some dickhead firing a musket from Jersey An absolute clown show And no doubt, Brexiters will be getting sexually aroused by the gunboats.

I think it’s finally time for us all to admit that @AEW is THE MOST exciting professional wrestling show in the entire world right now. Without doubt. #AEWDynamite

#JeremyVine just tell the French the Germans are sending a gunboat they’ll capitulate in minutes.

I know twitter is a very US-centric app but the constant erasure of French Black people (largest Black population in Europe) is truly annoying.

I'm actually embarrassed we've allowed the French fisherman to make us look this stupid.

Je saisis le Conseil Constitutionnel contre Macron et sa dernière arnaque ! via @YouTube

Oh. Some Jersey fishermen are joining the French in their protest blockade of St Helier. Solidarity with Europe against an idiotic government policy, brought about by another, Brexit.

Absolutely going TJ Oshie jersey tomorrow at work

Abuso que Inglaterra pueda juntar en la selección a Phil Foden y Mason Mount; categoría 2000 y 1999 respectivamente, jugadores llamados al éxito, a dominar en la élite, a marcar época y hacer historia GRANDE con sus equipos. Lo traté lo ilustrar lo mejor posible. L O C U R A.


BUSTED: FBI tracks down New Jersey Capitol rioter after his elderly mother gossips about him to a friend…

if Jersey Shore had been about the British and French navies duking it out over fishing rights I'd watch that

Voy a bloquear a @DipChocolate_ porque se hizo famoso y quiere aprovecharse de la situación haciendose la vistima.

- Cristiano Ronaldo después de caer eliminado en semifinales. -Eden Hazard después de caer eliminado en semifinales. Nada más que añadir.


Eden Hazard, CL alabilmek için 2012 de son UCL şampiyonu Chelsea'ye transfer oldu, 7 yıl kaldı alamadı, 2019 da yine son 6 yılda 4 kez UCL kazanan Real Madrid'e transfer oldu, bugün 7 yıl oynadığı Chelsea'ye elendi.

Mail and Express have banner headlines saying Boris is sending gunboats to defend Jersey. Good show prime minister! Let’s hope today’s voters are impressed.

Sempre disse, o KANTE é gigante

Ligue des Champions : Édouard Mendy, 2ème gardien africain à atteindre la finale depuis Grobbelaar...… #Dakaractu #kebetu #senegal

If Kante gets MOTM vs City in a win in the CL final then he deserves to win the Balon d'Or. If modric won it based off of a handful of performances then so does Kante. Vital in what Chelsea have achieved.

#UK to send two Royal Navy boats to Jersey after #France threatens blockade of island port.…

David Neilson really is a king of television acting, isn't he? #CoronationStreet

Roy Cropper is the greatest soap character in the history of soaps. David Neilson is an outstanding actor! #Corrie #CoronationStreet

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