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If the solid matter hits the ventilating system - it won't be Ivanka or any of her siblings who'll be on the front line ! It will be the ordinary men & women of America. #Iran

Iran taunts Trump with video of warships to dismiss US claims that drone was shot down…

COMING UP ON @GMA: Iran's paramilitary Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps have seized a British-flagged and a Liberian-flagged oil tanker traveling through the Straight of Hormuz on Thursday, Britain's foreign secretary said. @sramosABC reports.


Germany, France urge Iran to release UK-flagged tanker…



I watched the Cats trailer and I can confirm it is, from start to finish, cursed

The Tourmalet reminds me of the rest day ride I did in 2008 from Lourdes-Lourdes over the Tourmalet. 100km. Forgot water bottle and wallet. Shop owner at La Mongie took pity on me and gave me drinks and money for omelette-frites. Then a llama walked alongside me for a kilometre.

#ThingsStupidPeopleSay "I'd rather go to Hell than get saved and go to Heaven"

Point of previous tweet isn’t to say Alaphilippe will crumble on the Tourmalet today - I doubt he will - but it demonstrates that he has zero experience of competing with the best climbers on mountains like the ones he’ll face in next week.

Last riders who went first atop the Tourmalet: - Julian Alaphilippe (2018) - Thibaut Pinot (2016) Don't tell the French fans to stop dreaming! #TDF2019 #TDFdata


Stage 14 is arguably one of the toughest stages of #TDF2019! 117.5km long and a summit finish on the Col du Tourmalet. The flag is set to drop at 13:35 CEST.  #RideForMore


Bitte die Autobahnen 57 und 46 frei halten. Ich will zum Tourmalet zu Hause sein.

£80 Billion Pounds! That’s the latest estimate of what #HS2 will cost us all The scheme should be cancelled and that money divvied out across English regions. Imagine what we could do in Teesside with our share: c.£2bln…

#LFC's breakout star of pre-season so far is definitely Rhian Brewster..…

Defeat for #LFC but a couple of impressive performances..…

Brewster excitement continues as Oxlade-Chamberlain provides reasons for Klopp's transfer decision…

Rhian Brewster is the breakout star of pre-season so far. Analysis via @IanDoyleSport…

HS2: High-speed line cost 'could rise by £30bn' I mean, really..and for what exactly? To shave 15mins of a journey. Just get an earlier train. Let’s destroy acres of countryside for the sake of a few minutes. Nice one government ⁦…

The choice is clear tens of billions more poured into an environment-devastating project or investment into the local transport revolution we desperately need. Time to pull the plug on #HS2…

HS2: High-speed line cost 'could rise by £30bn'…

This makes my blood boil. Even with an extra £30bn, HS2 doesn’t come remotely near the North East. We need transformational investment in our transport infrastructure. East Coast Mainline, The Metro, buses, park&ride, cycle and pedestrian networks.…

The Underground Explorers are on the Underground on their way to an epic Jambo adventure! We’re so excited for what’s to come, and so grateful for what’s already happened! Thank you to everybody who’s helped make this dream come true! #UGExp #iScout #WSJ2019


O dia vai chegando ao fim aqui no @BechtelSummit onde está acontecendo o @2019_wsj, essa é a vista da trilha que chegar ao campo staff. Para ir do campo até a arena central é quase uma hora de caminhada, o campo é gigantesco! #scoutjamboree #wsj2019 #brasilnojamboree


kian follow me on the knj acc challenge #therealityhouse @KianAndJc


Anyone else heard this story before? Who fancies not going to war to deflect from the deficiency of a shit politician?…

Just curious.... how the heck does the IRG seize two UK flagged oil tankers right under the noses of the British and US Naval Forces?? Have these militaries been compromised??

Cutrone deve capire che non può rifiutare...davvero chiude col calcio se fa un danno simile a mendes

"it's one small step for m... argh shit, I've fell on my keys" #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Listening to Wizkid on that Brown skin girl song is basically solving all my problems now. Wizkid will just be doing stuffs with ease...#BrownSkinGirl

"What a great way to spend my holibobs." - #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

"what a waste of time, we should have spent the money fixing planet earth..." #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon


#CatsTrailer is just animoji on steroids isn't it.

Now that you’ve listened to Beyoncé’s “The Gift Album”, Which of our stars impressed you the most ? Wizkid, Burna Boy, Mr Eazi, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, or Shatta Wale ? #BrownSkinGirl #TheGiftAlbum #beyonce #BlueIvy


The Ham of Fate - Fintan O'Toole on the joke that is Boris Johnson… via @nybooks

#Milan, #Maldini: "Devono ancora arrivare Paquetà e Kessie, Cutrone è arrivato ieri. A volte leggo obiettivi che non sono nostri e vengono considerati mancati acquisti poi"

I can never look at a cat the same after #CatsTrailer’s been done. #CatsTrailer

watching the #CatsTrailer was an awful mistake

In an attempt to watch the #CatsTrailer I accidentally googled “cars trailer” and honestly I should have taken that as a sign & left it at that. #godblockedit

Fintan O'Toole on the character of the gammon in chief, Al Jol(hn)son. 'To Aristotle, an akratic is a person who knows the right thing to do but can’t help doing the opposite. This is not just, as he...…

"He wrote at least two different columns for the Daily Telegraph – one passionately arguing for Leave and one arguing that the cost of Brexit would be too high. (Asked once if he had any convictions, Johnson replied, “Only one—for speeding…”)"…

The Ham of Fate | by Fintan O’Toole | The New York Review of Books A must read…

I was so desperate to get Yamen licked off that I got my grandma to download the app. #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland

Everyone voting in the #LoveIsland app rn after last night's shenanigans... #LoveIslandUSA

*Logs onto Twitter* *Sees trending topics in the USA are #IStandWithTrump #Furries #Goose #Cats* *Logs off Twitter*

Goose Hollow rep says 50% renters and the association is highly functional

No matter how many times I watch... I get full chills... Dang it why did “Goose” have to die!!!! He’d have made sure Maverick was an Admiral by now. He was the voice or reason!!!! Please movie...…

Yeah, Maverick might not live up to the OG Top Gun, but at least we won’t have to watch Goose die in this one. #TopGunMaverick

Kano, THANKYOU for true art

さっきの垢をデク欲しさに消してリセマラしてたらデク出た!! しかも他のキャラも普通に良い!!! 蒲公英あざます!トルマリン本垢で来いよ……


"Lo que se vivió en la Argentina en los '70 fue una guerra" -Alfredo Olmedo. Sigo agradecido de trabajar para alguien que defiende la verdad a pesar de tener todos los periodistas pseudos progres en contra.

I've been banging out so many tweets and messages about @the_nomads tonight, my phone has barely gotten past 20% charge. My Mrs gave up on me by 22.30. What a night this has been

I don’t know why, but today felt ok. It felt like something happened. Like the sensible people are beginning to stand up. Is it too late? Maybe. But a glimmer of hope has awakened. #BritainsBrexitCrisis

#IStandWithIlhan Trump and all of his supporters are RACIST, SEXIST and XENOPHOBIC.…

#ThursdayThoughts - love growing the #crypto community through @womeninblockch3 events and meet ups! Let’s go #Canada! Thanks @Bayview_Yards @Invest_Ottawa! Speakers @louiscleroux #AndreDupont


What happened with Kyoto Animation is honestly disgusting and abhorrent. I want to do more than “give my heart out to the people effected” since to me it feels half hearted at best. It still matters in a way and my heart does mourn for them all but I want to do more than that.

#IStandWithIlhan. The president stands with Epstein.


(Quick Sketch) Tribute to Kyoto Animation regarding the tragic event that just happened earlier today. I have just received word that "Ms. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" director is one of the victims who died in the event. I send my deepest condolences. #KyotoAnimation


#News Latest Update: Kyoto Fire Department reports it has finished its rescue efforts inside the building and has completely evacuated the building in the Kyoto Animation fire • 33 confirmed dead; 36 confirmed injured #anime…

#News Latest Update: Kyoto Fire Department reports it has finished its rescue efforts inside the building and has completely evacuated the building in the Kyoto Animation fire #anime…

#TAEYONG_LongFlight long flight is so good ;-; taeyong's singing voice is so sweet and his on camera charisma is crazy as always;;

Um dos prédios da Kyoto Animation foi incendiado durante a manhã desta quinta-feira, em Uji, Quioto, no Japão. 33 mortes foram confirmadas. O estúdio é responsável pelos animes: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, A Voz do Silêncio, Violet Evergarden. #KyotoAnimation ☹️


A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent. I raise my cup in a toast to great friends. #ThursdayThoughts


Those titles that created by KyoAni, means a lot to me and it’s so heartbreaking to hear what has happened. I really hope Kyoto Animation will handle this situation For Russian people who wanna support them:… #PrayForKyoani


Michael: “Did you hear me say anything, like about any specific person?” Sorry was he not crying about Joanna leaving literally three days ago #loveisland


“I find that by putting things in writing I can understand them and see them a little more objectively … For words are merely tools and if you use the right ones you can actually put even your life in order...” ― Hunter S. Thompson #ThursdayThoughts #BOTD

#ThursdayThoughts Wondering if anyone is in the mood for an uplifting summer tune? Let me know what you think, enjoy your thrusday! #newmusic #summertime #london

Actually hate myself more than I hate Micheal because I know if I was in ambers postion I’d probs be stupid enough to take him back lol #loveisland #firstlook

Brilliant to hear @bbc5live discussing Bob McIntyre and shinty at #theopen. For the unfamiliar shinty is essentially full contact golf!…. @rachelburden @camanachd…

"Did you hear me say anything about any specific person" Michael when asked about his speech at the island club. HA THIS BOY CAN KILL #Loveisland

Baroness Hayter says no-one from the Leaders office has spoken to her, asked for an apology (which they says she refused to give), or even told her she has been sacked. “They've told Skwarkbox so it must be true” she said on @BBCNews #WATO

Unelected Lords - only there through patronage - planning to no confidence @jeremycorbyn who has huge majorities in his constituency and among party members. This is what democracy looks like? #AntiSemitism #Hayter #corbyn

What fools & charlatans the Labour leadership & JVL are to make out that @HayteratLords offended Jews. Lady Hayter's historical allusion sailed over the Corbynist bunker's lower- than-plausible brows. #wato

What nonsense from the hatemonger Hayter. Hhe clue is in the name. It's nothing like Hitler's last day's in power. Steiner's divisions are clearly advancing to aid our Jeremy.…


vontade de ver gossip girl

Robert Winston: resign to prove that you’ve resigned and we never have to listen to you again.

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