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Lord Buckethead given Count Binface the finger has been the highlight of the election... #UKElection #BBCElection

UK foreign secretary @DominicRaab rules out second Scottish independence referendum and would rather focus on uniting the British people. #ScottishIndependence #UKElection

Tory former Cabinet minister Jeremy Hunt holds Surrey South West - Conservative hold #ukelection

Let’s all hope the #UKElection is a sign of things to come in Canada. We cannot continue the relentless march towards economic socialism with higher and higher taxes along with higher and higher debt. #BBCElection @CPC_HQ

#UKElection: Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab have been re-elected in their respective constituencies. #GeneralElection

creen que fine line es superior a harry styles? #FineLine

Eu sou fã do Harry desda minha adolescência e eu surto com ele mesmo já adulta eu amo esse homem talentoso do caralho #FineLine

So Darren Jones holds off the Tory challenge in Bristol North West - increasing his majority #UKelection2019 #Election2019


it's wild to see people in the UK tweeting that they're moving to Canada Makes me wonder: where do Canadians move when conservatives win

I am a Centrist and do not support extreme right or left wing positions in our political discourse. US, UK & India is seeing the consequences of right wing extreme governments. #cdnpoli

And Alberta is the youngest province in Canada with an average age of 37.…

BO Groulx remains on Canada's roster after the cut tonight and will be heading over to Europe in the next few days. First pre-WJC game for Canada on 12/19.

NEW: The Conservatives have won West Bromwich East. It was previously held by Labour Deputy leader Tom Watson until he announced he was stepping down from Parliament earlier this year.

Tom Watson having a conversation with Jess Phillips live on C4 has to be one of the most human reactions I have seen tonight. #C4AltElection

Tomorrow: Harry Styles releases new album, #FineLine (13 Dec)

eu e as 3 pessoas sensatas que ainda não ouviram o fine line antes da hora: #FineLine

ouvindo all i want for christmas is you pra mariah antigir o 19º #1, stream…

Were the first pair released from a film set near London, or by Jimi Hendrix on Carnaby Street? The mystery of how the capital became overrun with parakeets has rumbled for years. Now scientists have the answer, as @JenLongdenNews reports.

#Youthquake is happening!!!...all of you...get your selves out there and vote to keep those Tories out...…

We’re looking for interns and scientists at Amazon AI. Work on Vision, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Systems, Speech, Chips, Teaching, Graphs, Fairness or HPC. See for more. Seattle, Shanghai, NYC, Berlin, Palo Alto, Tübingen, Pasadena. PhD preferred.

BBC News - Jimi Hendrix cleared of blame for UK parakeet release…

Getting all sorts of “other” news on the telly today - dogs at polling stations, parakeet myth debunked (it wasn’t Jimi Hendrix), 89yo woman gets a stripogram at her care home and now, a story about how the news makes people anxious. Let’s have politics-free bulletins every day!

Myself and Sir Sodbags Steinberg on a Mossad operation earlier today casting our votes . We were in deep disguise and no one recognised us Thankfully. #VoteConservativesActually #MossadCatTories #VoteBeaseley #BeaseleyForPM


#VoteTacticallyActually #GE2109 I've voted tactically in #RichmondPark There were only 45 votes between Conservatives and LibDems in 2017

Big shout out to all my @BBCDerby & @bbchw news colleagues, many of whom will not now sleep until Saturday. Sleep is for losers! Good luck & don’t forget the 3am mars bar.. it will see you through! X #GE2109

GSRE #Advent 24 Days of #Dogs Day 12 Kiki is a perfect example of where your donations go, now in a home and thriving ! Can you help more dogs like Kiki this #Christmas ? #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation


Democracy in the UK will either live or die based on this #GeneralElection2019 Please, go vote. Vote for the party to #GetBrexitDone . Vote to keep the anti-semites and anti-democrats out of power. Vote #Conservative. #VoteConservativesActually #GE2019

Manchester is a socialist city. Manchester is a place built on radicals. Workers rights, the rights for women to vote, the industrial revolution. The forefathers that made this city what it is would only vote one way. Use your vote wisely Mancunians. #GetOutAndVote

Genuinely sad to hear Prof David Bellamy has died. On a personal level, his autobiography helped convince me to leave journalism for wetland science. He was a true conservationist and even a pioneer for cutting #plasticwaste back in the 60s. Thank you #DavidBellamy!


#MisquoteAMovieWithAFridge "I need your clothes, your boots and your fridge."

Freddy Got Fridged The Boy Who harnessed The Fridge Fridgebusters #MisquoteAMovieWithAFridge

Atalanta e RB Leipzig nas oitavas da Champions é o que foge do "elitismo" de apenas cinco ligas terem todos os classificados à segunda fase #ChampionsNaSérieZ

‘Twas the Night Before… is an exhilarating new spin on the beloved Christmas classic as only Cirque du Soleil can imagine. NY Waterway riders receive 20% off show tickets with code NYW20. Info:


We exchange Christmas gifts today because he won't be in town on Christmas. He's serious about filling that bracelet up. . . . . . #MyBub #Pandora #CharmBracelet…

It’s Christmas war ? Yes it is.

Based upon quality within the tasks, Lord Sugar picking Carina & Scarlett as the final 2, has made up for a pretty poor series (quality task wise). They’ve been the standouts by far. #TheApprentice #theapprenticeuk #TheApprentice2019 #bbcapprentice

#XFactorTheBand I’d like to report a crime. Bohemian Rhapsody has just been murdered.

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