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#WeWantStargate these are my favorite characters Daniel Jackson played by @MichaelShanks & Vala Mal Doran played by @TheClaudiaBlack they are magic to watch @BaronDestructo @bradtravelers @MGM_Studios @stargatecommand @MGMTelevision @StargateNow

when the interviewer said “it’s probably sold out because of bts” well this is why he said that... #BTSxJingleBall @bts_twt

Spotify is the android of streaming services

Thank you American Steel for spending 20 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

The Experience 2019 like the previous editions provides the platform to praise and worship God. As you leave, carry memories and blessings of The Experience in the new year and until we meet again, keep worshipping Jesus. #TE14 #LetsWorshipJesus #TheExperience14

Fun fact, 3 and a half hours in #Wewantstargate is still no1 in Australia... so yeah, we want it baaaaad

Watford menunjuk Nigel Pearson sebagai manajer ketiga mereka musim ini. The Hornets panik, tapi menolak buru-buru bilang 'Selamat Tinggal Premier League'. Ikuti terus Premier League 2019-20 dengan download GRATIS aplikasi Mola TV di sini:


So after the Elon Musk case, will the JDart defence becomes common place? Will @Twitter get worse as people momentarily tweet their worst thoughts and then delete them immediately after they cause hurt?

There’s no denying it, no arguing with it, it’s a fact. The world needs more Stargate Barbie. #WeWantStargate @bradtravelers @stargatecommand

on sen fiche de lui i danse mal de tte facon #liampayneisoverparty

Nigel Pearson é o novo treinador do Watford. Contrato inicial vai até o final da temporada.


no que este invalido estaba cancelado hace banda #liampayneisoverparty

Remember the time new Watford boss Nigel Pearson called a journalist an ostrich in bizarre rant…

Boris Johnson is not worthy to lick John Major’s boots…

I'm in love! This is just so joyful, so beautiful. The moment a 4-yr old deaf baby girl's new hearing aids are turned on & she hears her mother's voice! ♥️ Georgina Addison's dad says "it's like the lights have been switched on"…

The Brexit Envoy to the US recently quit, expressing great frustration and dismay with UK leadership. Her name is Alexandra Hall Hall and that makes the story at least 50% better.

Aww gawd!....the cutest thing! BBC News - Moment baby daughter's new hearing aids are turned on…

Whatever happens the #BBCLeadersDebate is coming from Maidstone, the home of Frédéric, a really good French bistro and probably the best in Kent.

.@jeremycorbyn arrived first in the building for #BBCLeadersDebate said the Presenter on @BBCNews Pre- Debate program Yet the only video footage shown so far is of @BorisJohnson arriving. They have not shown one of Mr Corbyn #BBCBias UNREAL! #bbcimpartiality #TrashTheTories

Moment baby daughter's new hearing aids are turned on…

This is simply wonderful Moment baby daughter's new hearing aids are turned on…

Chris Patten now joins John Major, Michael Heseltine and Ken Clarke in condemning me. I can't tell you how proud I feel that all these ministers of Maggie Thatcher think I'm too nasty and extreme in comparison to her.

Former Labour MPs & ministers endorsing the Tories. Meanwhile, pompous old sinecurists like Chris Patten & Heseltine de facto backing Corbyn. Working class Labour seats swinging behind the PM. Wealthy Remainers happy to risk the Marxists. Truly, this is the realignment #BackBoris

Chris Patten on Boris Johnson: "He's lied his way through life. He's lied his way through politics. He would be an extraordinarily bad choice"

Procedure for accepting pub lunch invite: 1. Look hesitant/worried 2. State you have a lot of work to get through 3. Look at watch but pay no attention to what it says 4. Say “go on then” but state terms that it’ll “have to be a quick one” 5. Go to pub for many hours

.@akshaykumar and #KareenaKapoorKhan look their stylish best as they attend an event in the capital.


I'm sorry but that didn't look like Boba Fett #TheMandalorian

Who else has that #FridayFeeling? With just 6 weeks to go until the @FIAFormulaE #SantiagoEPrix, let's take a look back at the moment the #Jaguar #ITYPE4 was unveiled to the team. What do you think of our new race car? #JaguarElectrifies #ABBFormulaE #FearlessProgress

She spotted an elderly woman being robbed, stepped in to help her and "was then mugged herself"…

#BillieEilishisoverparty como van a cancelar a una cantante porque no le gusto un vestido DE CARNE siendo ella vegana/vegetariana? te imaginas cancelarla POR UNA OPINION???

#AnxietyFeelsLike being stuck in the middle of ocean, drowning. Waves push you down. You know you can swim but your lungs are failing & your legs are numb. You want to cry for help but water fills your mouth & nose. You're certain you'd die but you don't - the cycle just repeats.

A build up of nervous energy, when you want to just hide away from everyone and everything, everything coming at you all at once, being terrified of everything and feeling your doing everything wrong #AnxietyFeelsLike

#AnxietyFeelsLike like your head is spinning and you can’t get it to stop. I can’t stick with one thought and the words in my head get jumbled so I can’t make sense of how I feel in that moment. I have to work hard to get my brain to go still so I can get through it x

بیاین برای نایل این هشتگو ترند کنیم... #PALLOM

#BillieEilishisoverparty Why is everyone taking it so seriously?! Someone doesn't like a dress so you make a stupid hashtag? Grow up

Today is #purplewinter & we are once again challenging secrecy in child prisons and fighting for child abuse in these institutions to be recognised and dealt with. Read abt our FOI internal review request to the PPO concerning the shocking incident below:


Too many lives are damaged by child abuse. Children who have been abused are increasingly likely to have poorer mental, physical and emotional health as adults. Let's give children a better start to life by keeping them safe. #purplewinter Wear, share and shine purple today.


Thanks @_drazzari @amistavineyards #PinkSociety for another great evening.. we will look forward to sharing some of these great wines with friends... Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New year!! Cheers all!!

Brooks beats Phillips Andover in a pre season opener. Brooks was led by senior Myles Foster who finished with 22p and 12r. @MylesFoster7

Vitor Pereira in contention to take manager's job at Everton following Marco Silva's sacking… after Shanghai SIPG boss impressed Everton's board when they spoke in 2013


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