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CDC and @DrNancyM_CDC to hold press conference at 3 pm ET on #nCoV2019/#2019nCoV #coronarvirus


Quand je croise des collègues de boulot qui veulent me dire bonjour le matin alors qu'il y a le corona virus qui traîne ... #CORONAVIRUSENFRANCE #Wuhan #Chine #coronarvirus

#coronarvirus şimdi size virüsten ve herşeyden nasıl kurtulacağız onu anlatacağım. Toplan gel çek tabure. Bak bu dünya haritası bizim konuma bak be tam kıstırılmış kıskaca alınmış akrep gibiyiz aq. Sağa sola sataşıp amcamın oğluna kim vurdu lan diyecek tip.


ถ่ายที่ สถานนีห้วยขว้างมากันเป็นครอบครัวใหญ่ ไม่ใส่เลย เรานี้หยุดเดินเลย ไป้เขาผ่านไปก่อน #ไวรัสโคโรนา #coronarvirus #ไวรัสโคโรนาสายพันธุ์ใหม่2019 #ไวรัสโคโรนาสายพันธุ์ใหม่

A Current NXT Superstar will win a #RoyalRumble2020 match tonight. #WWESuperCard #RoyalRumble

#Coronarvirus conférence de presse d'Agnès Buzyn: -Toujours aucune caméra thermique -Conseille de ne "surtout pas" acheter de masques de protection! -Veut rapatrier 500 personnes peut être malades de Wuhan! On sent que son objectif n'est pas d'endiguer mais de vendre des vaccins!

very excited to root for my cool babysitter Becky tonight #RoyalRumble2020


Lots of talk about scrapping replays because they don’t suit the schedule for those at the top of the food chain - entitled bullshit. Tranmere and Shrewsbury, both well run League One clubs, have both been beneficiaries of replays recently. Deserved.

#MenAreResponsibleFor - Majority of jobs that women wouldn't do (plumber, construction, electrician) - Having the highest suicide rates due to devaluing twitter hashtags like this - Highest level of false imprisonments - Least rights to their children

Sin problemas para Manchester City (4-0 al Fulham, que jugó con 10 desde el minuto 6) y el Manchester United (0-6 al Tranmere Rovers), que estarán en 5ª ronda de FA Cup. El Shrewsbury Town (League One) consigue un meritorio 2-2 y fuerza el replay contra el Liverpool.

#MenAreResponsibleFor Creating the internet so you can spew out this bullsh*t.

“Bergwijn has abandoned the club” looooool I love this shithousery…

The best thing to do with those #Brexit50p coins is to superglue them to the floor of a Wetherspoons.

Russians with links to Putin have given millions of pounds to the Conservative Party & we are supposed to believe this has nothing to do with Johnson blocking the release of the Russia report. #RussiaReportNOW #Marr #Brexit50p #Ridge #ReleaseTheRussiaReport


Sorry but, this is just too funny... #Brexit50p #brexitcoin


Really not sure these #Brexit50p are worth it. Got one in my change earlier:


#NeverTrustAPersonWho doesn't doesn't love pickled onion Monster Munch.

#NeverTrustAPersonWho doesn’t wet their toothbrush first before they put toothpaste on it.

Tottenham wanampango wa kumrejesha Gareth Bale, Arsenal wanakaribia kumsajili Pablo Mari huku United ikishindwa kupata klabu ya kumnunua Marcos Rojo.

Dear Lord Heseltine I don't see #Brexit as a defeat for Remainers - the #EUref wasn't a competition. Brexit was a defeat for : - Britain - common sense - our education system. There're no winners. On this boat, we sink together. #Brexit50p #BrexitDay…

Don't 'rub our noses in it' with 'divisive' Brexit celebrations, top Remainer Lord Heseltine warns Boris Johnson…

If Heseltine hadn't spent nearly 4 years trying to obstruct democracy his wounds wouldn't be so raw. He doesn't cinsider the damage he inflicted on the country makes celebration all the more important. His selfishness rolls on, he doesn't realise it's not all about him.

6 hours into the @Rolex24Hours. WRT Speedstar Audi Sport is running twelfth in the GTD class. Moments of contact out on track and a delay in the pits. >> #PerformanceIsAnAttitude #GT3 #Rolex24


.@scottdixon9, welcome to the No. 10 @KonicaMinoltaUS Cadillac DPi-V.R Tires, fuel, and a five-time @IndyCar champion is now behind the wheel. #ReshapeWork // #KMSports // #Rolex24

It’s been a long winter off season. The #Rolex24 is basically sunrise to me. I think I will go to this race next year. Must be done. Might ask #Rolex24 vets for advice.

The very latest on Arsenal's move for Pablo Mari.…

Time que ficou marcado na História do Flamengo jogou junto somente oito partidas e, com saída de Pablo Marí para o Arsenal, não voltará a ser escalado…

my favourite byte account

Yo, everyone’s hopping on this Byte app. Catch trends before they blow up Follow me @ Mercanthony


j'espère que le #coronarovirus va mettre du temps a arriver a Marseille qu'il me laisse avoir mes 18ans d'abord

Why the fuck not, I made a Byte account


Some Cumbrian #folklore for #Caturday - if you are crossing Styhead Pass between Wasdale and Borrowdale, look out for Bjorn, an outlaw from the 13th century whose ghost is said to roam this area. He apparently carries with him, a bag full of cats. #ghost #ghoststories #Cumbria

Who else is about to pop off on BYTE?

#LoveIsland's Siannise declares war on 'disloyal' Rebecca after she steals Luke T in shock recoupling…

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