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Danny Aiello, whose long career playing tough guys included roles in Fort Apache, the Bronx, The Godfather, Part II, Once Upon a Time in America and Do the Right Thing, has died aged 86.

clearly it was some combination of corbyn’s personal unpopularity and Brexit that did for Labour - but what actually happened to its votes where it lost seats? wrote this overnight but it still stands up now all the results are in:…

“For you to blame Jeremy Corbyn, particularly after your colleagues on the right of the party pushed him to adopt that position of a second referendum, is absolutely abhorrent” This #bbcqt audience member criticises parts of the Labour Party for their treatment of Jeremy Corbyn.

5 women and one man. Momentum control Labour so IT will choose the next Leader.…

Wykorzystać do samego końca wynik wyborów w Wielkiej Brytanii i ruszać z ofensywa na sądy. To jest ogromna szansa, by wprowadzić zmiany. Unia się osłabia, a brexit staje się faktem.

La #GranBretagna non è implosa, mentre molti fegati sono stati ritrovati su Marte. #Brexit C’è vita fuori dalla #UE. Riprendiamoci l’Italia. #Italexit


“... the threat of a Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn has been removed, opening the way towards a substantial improvement for UK shares... Among Friday’s leaders was utilities, a sector no longer at risk of being nationalised.”…

Danny Aiello, The Godfather: Part II and Do the Right Thing Actor, Dies at 86…

#Music can contribute to a patient's healing process by relaxing muscles, changing attitudes and calming nerves, among other effects. Share how music has helped you with an illness or injury on #MayoClinicConnect.


It’s been a bad week. Now Danny Aiello has passed. One of the more underrated actors of our time #RIPDannyAiello

Bójcie się chamy! Na właściwe tory wracamy!!!!!!

डरे बातिल से जो, वो साहिब ए #ईमान थोड़ी है ये शाही हुक्म है, #अल्लाह का फरमान थोड़ी है #CABProtests #RahulGandhi #CABProvocation #JamiaMilia #BharatBachaoRally #notmygovernment #MumbaiAgainstCAB #

#RejoinEU is trending, get s nice hashtag trending on Twitter and you think you've got momentum for something. You've still not learnt the lesson that Twitter isn't the UK its just a tiny portion that is out of touch with the rest of the country!. #Brexit #ToryWin

I didn’t vote for Brexit I didn’t vote for Boris I didn’t for independence ..... But I do believe in democracy Sturgeon is a disgrace to democracy Sturgeon You are an embarrassment to Scotland #indyref2 #GeneralElection2019

Good morning festive friends - LOVE if you're wearing your Christmas jumper for ##ChristmasJumperDay #CJD ❤❤❤


currently listening to here comes the sun and wondering what i wouldve felt like to wake up under a labour government

Labour could have been led by Harry Styles, promising to have him wank off the electorate in person over the next few years & still they’d have said “No Harry, I’d love an old tug but I’d much prefer Brexit and a cold death in a gutter”

Tanginang friday the 13th yan malas talaga eh wala akong kainuman

“WAIT! It’s Friday the 13th? Crap! Haddonfield friends, PLEASE stay home today, do NOT go to Crystal Lake no matter what.”

teka kinikilabutan ako sa serye kong friday the 13th anak ng tokwa naiiyak ako bakit ko ba to ginagawa

wow I cannot beLIEVE how brain washed and dumb labour voters are. Chill outttt you’ll thank the tories when you grow up and earn your own money.

365 makes me so soft and when the girls sing all together in the end is just so beautiful #365WithLOONA


little question!! have you listened to 365 by loona? do you like it? ♡ #ThankYouLOONA #365WithLOONA


#365WithLOONA I’m already in love. Just what I needed to have a calm day.


365 slowly climbing up charts ww and sk still sleeping comfortably. One day they'll realise and so will bbc. #365WithLOONA

The fact that #CORBYNRESIGN is trending is disgusting. He’s not to blame. Hate won over hope. He’s a man who’s fought for everyone for 30 years. The one who’s always cared about the minorities. The many not the few. Yet you’re all blinded by the lies the media has fed you.

The journey of life is very short, so prepare your lunch in the end. #Obsession4thWin #ComingHome_With_nctU #365WithLOONA

The Corbyn fanatics' responses today are chilling. They really do only care about controlling labour more than winning power. They don't even slightly care. No shame. No humility. It's all about "disloyal" mps #CORBYNRESIGN

#CORBYNRESIGN No Labour MP should be 'a moderate' because poverty is not a matter for moderation. I believe that there is a structure in the party which is committed to radicalism. Therefore, I look forward to a new, younger leader who presents exactly the same manifesto.

Literalmente estoy así y más con She que pedazo de temaaaa #HarryStyles #fineline


cherry é MUITO BOA, a voz dele tá tão suave, a forma como ele diz baby, eu to tão apaixonada #fineline


Todo dia um Harry styles me fazendo sofrer por motivos diferente #FineLine

Jeremy Corbyn says he "will not lead the party in any future general election campaign" #UKElection

Jeremy Corbyn says he "will not lead the party in any future general election campaign" #UKElection

Cannabis-infused flavored teas by AB InBev, the world's biggest brewer, will hit the shelves in Canada next week

Connor McMichael remains on preliminary WJC roster after Team Canada makes nine cuts…

Thank you to our partners @TSN_Sports and @BellMediaPR for partnering with us at @uninterrupted Canada, and for debuting our first film #anythingispossible with @sergeibaka on TSN tonight.


Kootenay-Columbia MP Rob Morrison touches on a pending Liberal proposal to prohibit “military-style” assault rifles and how that would impact rural citizens. "Why would you punish people who are licensed"…

made diane start how to get away with murder and her commentary..... there must be something in the water in canada bc this bitch has me cracking the fuck up i am WHEEZING

Some salmon farmers are feeling pretty proud after they were able to rescue a bald eagle from an octopus near Canada's Vancouver Island.…

Why must they torture me like this


The progress with China comes days after Trump reached a deal with congressional Democrats on his revised trading pact with Mexico and Canada , fulfilling two big priorities he campaigned on in 2016.

The United Kingdom wont last long in its current manifestation. Here's to a United Ireland and an Independent Scotland! See you soon!

Labour playing the long game by setting the table for a united Ireland and independent Scotland within the next 5 years

bright side: the United Kingdom will probably dissolve, pissing on the ashes of the British empire, and Scotland and a united Ireland will probably join the EU as independent countries

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