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lol if you cannot convert bitcoin into US dollar its worthless. the government CAN make that call…

#Tesla sending a literal car into space using a rocket on 100% non-renewable energy: cool #Bitcoin mining using 25% non-renewable energy: bad

Confirmed: Champions League final moved to Porto -…


Stream is off tonight - doesn’t feel right to be playing Bioshock while the Home Office tries to take one of our own. If you can get to Kenmure Street, and if you think it’s safe to do so, then go there instead.

#Efemérides #SoyLogistico #13May se celebra la Festividad de la Virgen de Fátima. Que desde el 13 de mayo al 13 de octubre de 1917 se le apareció 6 veces a tres pastorcitos, Lucía, Francisco y Jacinta, en Cova da Iría, cerca de Fátima, en Portugal. #FANBEnDefensaDeLaDignidad


“No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop us now”—Rage Against the Machine #RATM

What street in Pollokshields is the protest? Gonna try come along from Stirling, cause sometimes watching from home isn't enough

if you're gonna rage against the machine I hope its the blender my mom would use everyday at 6 am when I was growing up.

I saw #loosemen trending in the UK and, for the record, it is thankfully #LooseMen not 'loo semen'. That capitalization matters.

ダウのリバにつられて上げてくるか、、 #Bitcoin

Tesla Terafactory Texas Update #153 in 4K: GigaPress Fine-Tuning - 05/12... via @YouTube

my therapist lowkey looks like elon musk

The Wolf Den is out. Deep $BTC analysis in this one and a whole lot of Elon Musk. $15 a month, 5 days a week.…

To all my #Dogecoin peeps! There’s a secret message Elon put out!


I think the market goes absolutely wild from this point. Everything.....with a big sell off towards the end of summer....i feel like we will get 2 or 3 big/parabolic type runs with it ultimately ending next year. #Bitcoin $VRA

Bitcoin cayó en cerca del 12% tras tuit de Elon Musk diciendo que Testla no lo aceptará como pago…

It was a Bitcoin dip, Alts/btc still strong.

Elon talking about going to Mars to make life better, bro if you don’t come and fix this subway

ईद मुबारक, आइए मिलकर दुनिया में अमन,चैन सभी की सलामती की दुआ करें.. #EidAlFitr #EidMubarak @ArvindKejriwal @AamAadmiParty

Eid-ul-fitr Mubarak to all Muslim

"Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge." ☀️ Plato #thursdaymorning #thursdayvibes


see rihanna being neutral about palestine has sparked little to no reaction but WATCH if lana posts something she’ll get backlash regardless of what she says i’m so sick of the double standards she’s held at. anyway #ISupportPalestine #SheikJarrah #freepalastine

iai porra final da champions vai ser em portugal todo ano caralho? vsf

#IMPORTANTE ¡Hay sede para el gran choque!⚽☄ Se confirmó el lugar donde se disputará la final de la #ChampionsLeague entre Manchester City vs. Chelsea…

the way Rangers fans are comparing their drunken pissup, smashing up benches and fireworks parties, to people doing their part to protect the most vulnerable from a Home Office raid and their ScotPol chums, is fucking shameful

Manchester City-Chelsea Champions League Final Moved To Porto From Istanbul; Fans Allowed #UCLFinal…

how are you gonna call isr4eli people innocent miss @rihanna


please do not compare rihanna to gal gadot. unlike rihanna, gal gadot is actually aware about what israel is doing to palestinians, she literally was a part of the israeli military herself so she’s seen it first-hand and still sides with israel

Kya likha hain DNA report mei jisse dekh kar reh gaya hai Harak Singh dang. Jaanne ke liye dekhiye #Shakti, Mon-Sat raat 8 baje sirf #Colors #JioTV par. @RubiDilaik #RubinaDilaik #RubiHolics #ThursdayVibes


The police have blocked off the street & are preparing to move the van. Protestors are advising each other to sit on the ground when that happens. We need as many people here as possible!! Please get down if you can - nearest train station is pollokshields west.

Dozens of riot vans entering Kenmure street to allow the forced eviction of our neighbours. We need as many people down here as possible. #HomeOffice #pollokshields

*_“May Allah accept our strives and devotion) as act of worship"_* On this note we request:- Ya Allah, purify our souls, forgive and conceal our flaws, relieve our troubles and ordeals and gather for us the best of both worlds. *Happy Eidl Fitri* @BObinrin

Amid the global health crisis and catastrophic national insecurity here is my Dua: May God heal the world and bring peace to Nigeria. May our lbada in the month of Ramadan bring all our leaders to repentance and imbibe the fear of God in all they do.Wishing you Happy Eid! SDM


Très grandes pensées à toutes celles et ceux qui passent cette fête de fin de Ramadan ou ce long weekend seuls, loin des êtres que vous chérissez, à des kilomètres ou partis à jamais.

Eid Mubarak friends ❤️

Tesla stops accepting bitcoin after investing a billion dollar in bitcoin. Liquidating at its best ;)

After months of hyping bitcoin, Elon Musk suddenly says Tesla will stop accepting it…

#Elon Mask, is ignoring the destruction that is electric cars are causing to the environment. In order to have all the metals for is batteries, they are leaving holes in the ground, that are now full lakes of poison...WHAT'S DOING TO FIX THAT ? Nothing, too greedy to see that.…

#elon & #coal. Z tym węglem przesadził. Dużo w Norwegi jest prądu z OZE tam mają dużą instalację #btc. Prywatnych też dużo kopie z fotowoltaiki bo na prąd z sieci dawno się nie opłaca właczać koparek.

Safe to say that was Partey’s best performance for Arsenal since Man United away last year. Both games partnering Elneny. Not saying that Mo is the answer but an upgrade on that type of player probably is.

41 years ago today having recovered from the defeat by West Ham in the FA Cup Final, we set off in a buoyant mood for Brussels,and the ECWC final against Valencia. #arsenal


Joan Ferrer Miró (1850-1931)


Ahora Musk anuncia que los Tesla se pueden comprar con #Bitcoin y ahora sale con q no se puede? Después del #SNL algo pasó ahí, Elon no esta a la altura de #Bitcoin, esta en otras alturas, y en buena hora lo dejo de lado. Millones de personas son más que suficientes. #HOLD #HODL

Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims around the world, May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى bless you and your families with peace, abundance, health, love, happiness during this difficult times. #EidMubarak  #عیدمبارک #كل_عام_وأنتم_بخير

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