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What if #Fortnite was just one big social experiment??? @FortniteGame

Fortnite is down for the new update. But we're here. WONDER CODE GIVEAWAY. ENTER BY RETWEETING AND FOLLOWING US GOODLUCK! #fortnite #FortniteChapter2 #fortniteevent #fortnitegiveaway #fortniteskins #vbucks #fortnitevbucks #Fortniteleaks #chapter2 #FortniteChapterTwo


Yo who cares about a blackhole. I'm #streaming #ApexLegends on #twitch. Come by chat and watch. #apex #Fortnite


“Tenía que salvar a estos niños de la virginidad eterna” JAJAJAJJAJAJAJJA #Fortnite (No es real pero a ver qué pasa)



FORNITE se acaba* Los mens que le metieron dinero: #TheEnd #Fortnite


I haven't played fortnite in over a year but, you're damn right I watched that black hole for three hours straight. #Fortnite #FortniteSeason11 #FortniteChapter2 #fortniteevent



一夜明けてもまだホクホクしてます! 感動をありがとう! 歴史的瞬間に立ち会えて光栄です! おめでとうジャパン! #RWC2019⁠ ⁠ #JPNvSCO⁠ ⁠ #RWC横浜⁠ ⁠

昨夜は日本でワールドカップがおこなわれていることを実感しました。ウェールズのみなさん、準決勝でまたお会いしましょう。#KAGAJO7 #RWC2019 #WALvURU #Wales #Walesrugby #HenWladFyNhadau #勝手にスクラムユニゾン

#RWC2019 #JPNvsSCO #Brexit #NFAK #SpoilAMovieIn2Words JEALOUS WOMEN CONFESS -I was so jealous I called police & told them my boyfriend was sex abuser when I saw him with younger woman Rampant fake molestation.See how much fake #BelieveWomen propoganda is…

Mission Accomplished #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

..I love everything am seeing.. everything on my TL is beutiful #NoBraDay


Coffey’s innocent. #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

Breaking: Scotland dragged out of the World Cup against its will BBC Sport - Japan 28-21 Scotland: Gregor Townsend's side out of Rugby World Cup…

I am so damn proud of @alisonthewliss and everyone fighting to reform drug laws. So many heroin users are already isolated, and the ‘war on drugs’ has fuelled stigma and criminalisation. A health-based approach to helping addicts would be completely transformative. #SNP19

Wow! That first half ball movement from @JRFURugby #JAPvSCO

Addirittura si è ipotizzato un possibile rifiuto di BOT di rientrare ai box. È rientrato senza nessuna polemica dopo nemmeno un secondo. #JapaneseGP #divanopoli #SkyMotori

Vamos ver o HAM passar o Bottas na cara de pal. Pqpqpq #JapaneseGP

Imagine staying up all night - been awake for approximately 26 hours now - to watch this piece of fuck-up-ery #JapaneseGP

Eu acho que vai rolar o "it's James" pro Hamilton #JapaneseGP

Intanto dal nulla Hamilton piazza un bel settore record nel primo intertempo. Bottas intanto si ferma per montare un set di soft usate. Ora dovrà recuperare e superare Lewis in pista per le differenze in termini di strategia #JapaneseGP

#JapaneseGP #F1 Bottas au stand pour les softs, et Hamilton prend la tête de course !

Sério q o Burti acredita que o Bottas vai caçar o Hamilton? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK #f1 #JapaneseGP

El Camino was just ok. Happy I watched it but likely will never watch it again. Just didnt seem necessary.

Si os gustó Breaking Bad, El Camino muy recomendada. Mantiene toda la esencia de la serie y es un capítulo largo, bien distribuido para cerrar mejor el final. No es nada espectacular, pero la disfrutaréis.

Just watched El Camino. My review: Gonon with your life. You’re not missing anything.

El Camino was really cool. but its not broken like BB or BCS. I feel like it didnt really need to be made.

“They’ve ditched the backstop and accepted consent and a non-permanent deal, all of which the May lot said was ‘impossible’.” “Northern Ireland will definitely leave the EU customs union. Varadkar and the commission now accept this” #StandUp4Brexit…

“En el camino andamos, y aquí nos vemos.”

Eliud Kipchoge has become the first athlete to run a marathon in less than two hours, although it will not count as a world record.…

After thrilling moments yesterday by Eliud kipchoge and feeling the pride of being Kenyan we are back to the normal sickening stories like #CorruptionInWajir

Well, #CelticNoir2019 is over. Fab weekend of workshops, masterclasses & panel discussions, with full houses, engaged audiences & amazing writers from Ireland, Scotland & NZ. Hope you all enjoyed it. We'll be doing this again, for sure. Watch this space...


Eliud Kipchoge na następnych zawodach cię pokonam


Congratulations to #Kenya’s @EliudKipchoge. An amazing achievement! #Eliud has showed what determination and a fighting spirit can do! An example to us all. #Eliud159 #NoHumanIsLimited…

Loyalist paramilitaries want to hold 66m people in Britain & 7m people in Ireland to ransom, threatening: Bombings Economy Trade Infrastructure Investment Why? Objection to a potential #Brexit deal. Who leads Loyalism? Why is it so fractured & feel ostracised? #Marr #Ridge


So the name of the Ireland team who covered JENNIE's SOLO and won the daesang is BIAS.……

Four Australians were part of the pacing squad that helped marathon star Eliud Kipchoge become the first man to break two hours for the marathon.

Two Africans who keep time; Eliud Kipchoge and an African going for a visa interview.

Thank you to Eliud Kipchoge for showing us today that maybe the way we think things have to be -they don’t have to be that way & more is possible.

Four ways Kipchoge had help running that marathon — and how it can help you…

The bodhrán is one of Ireland's oldest traditional musical instruments. #irish #irishmusic #ireland

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