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محمد #خاتمی: اسفند۸۶:باید در عرصه انتخابات ماند.دلیل آن هم موقعیت حساس جامعه بشری،منطقه وتهدیدهای بزرگی است که اگر کارگر شود خشک وتررا میسوزاند تیر۹۸:مردم ناراضی فداکاری کنند وبه خاطر ایران پای صندوق بیایند تاجلوی خطراصلی گرفته شود /


I'd watch that Cats trailer, but it would mean listening to two and a half minutes' more Andrew Lloyd-Webber than therapists recommend.

Melitele ha sido generosa. ¡El primer teaser de #TheWitcher es todo lo que esperábamos y más!…

واکنش‌های بین‌المللی به توقیف نفتکش بریتانیایی از سوی ایران


Have you seen our Blog post (Guest Star: Scarlett the Tummy Rub Loving Cat) earlier today? Check it out now if not! :D… #cats


"١٦ تموز ٢٠١٩" الامام الخامنئي : " بريطانيا الخبيثة اختطفت ناقلتنا النفطية بقرصنة بحرية وهذا لن يمرّ من دون ردّ، وسنردّ على ذلك في الفرصة والمكان المناسبين " "١٩ تموز ٢٠١٩" " الحرس الثوري الايراني يعلن توقيف ناقلة نفط بريطانية في مضيق هرمز " .. #Iran

Listen to are new song on spotify and on all of the apps iTunes , Apple;You name it.


Mossad cats can confirm that we managed to get on a israel tour because we are the security. As you can see we are home in Jerusalem. Sodbags is having his Barmitzvah today aswell because he couldnt very well become Sir Sodbags Steinberg and not be Barmitzvah.


Join the #MarchForChange today. From 12 noon from Park Lane, central London. Come along and help #StopBrexit.



Person: "wait, what's your evidence?" Stupid person: "I saw a post on Facebook..." #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

15 years ago, Didier Drogba signed for Chelsea for £24 million. Worth it? Probably.

Let’s play ball for Jimmy @jimmy_greaves 2020 fundraising tribute calendar. Shunned by the hierarchy, abusive phonecalls from officials to fundraisers #Spurs #Chelsea #WestHam #England


Frank Lampard: I respect former Chelsea managers like Mourinho and Ancelotti but I do it my own way…

The new King of Africa. #TheLionKing


The Chelsea #WW1 tour reaches the Canadian memorial at Vimy Ridge. #CFC


I would like to thank @TomCruise for not caving to the #SJW tyranny, and respecting both the franchise and fans of Top Gun. I am so stoked for next year after seeing that A+ #alpha trailer! I am fairly sure #Maverick will be his last turn at the role, and I can't wait to see it!

توم كروز يتألق في الإعلان الترويجي الأول لفيلم TOP GUN

Certain characters' only Job in Top Gun is just to sweat profusely. Like just leaking from forehead from cheeks from face

#therealityhouse dom: i don’t think i’m a rude person trisha:

my love for greg is increasing with every second

The musical Cats is that rare piece of pop culture I have no opinion about

the house when @KianAndJc said they only have room for 10 people #therealityhouse

waiting for Greg to passively aggressively complete the full name transition from Michael to Mick and start referring to Michael as Micheál #LoveIsland

Greg does have some big balls repeatedly calling Michael “Mike” and I love it #LoveIsland


Watching Michael's reaction as Amber picks Greg instead! #LoveIsland

Michael or “Mike” looks real dumb now and a bit jealous saying he thinks Greg and Amber won’t work out. Tommy and Molly winning the challenge will help her case in those saying she isn’t genuine. Francesca stays unlucky, unfortunately for her.

Amber choosing Greg literally showed all the girls that your self respect needs to be your ABSOLUTE PRIORITY #lovelsland

METRO Frank Lampard says Chelsea must aim to win the Premier League in his first season as manager

My manager mad at me because i was 10 min late but Flint still doesn’t have clean water like ... let’s focus on the important things boss

“Sarri is why I joined Juve” - De Ligt Damn, Sarri looking so much younger since he left Chelsea


City Boys eyeing their next prey


Does Flint have dirty water or the citizens just too weak to adapt? Science isn't asking the important questions.

que alguien le ponga en el chat que se dice flint and steel el mechero

Strait of Hormuz: Iran stops another British-flagged oil tanker…


The Stena Impero is British-flagged and the Mesdar is Liberian-flagged but British owned. #StenaImpero

Meet my new friends. #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Politics as theatre, but now thoroughly devoid of the content and purpose for which the art was meant to serve. It is perhaps just that the scribe of the inane should be so eloquent as @fotoole.…

Omg, #TheGiftAlbum is soooooo good. I’ve been dancing all morning so far.

make one of the characters on Cats just a regular guy with a gun

Which candidate will the Jellicle Cats rally behind in 2020?

You see that brown skin girl , Beyoncé and Wizkid we’re talking about Rihana #TheLionKing #TheGiftAlbum


It's hard to believe there's only a 6 year age gap between them ! #loosewomen

The Lion King: The Gift album boasts features from multiple South African musicians #TheLionKing #TheLionKingTheGift #TheGiftAlbum…

Delbonis 6-2, 7-5 over Sousa in Bastad QFs. Huge chance wasted from João, who was a break up in the 2nd. But he will return one top 50 next week and few points to defend till the end of the year (US Open R4 and that's pretty much it)

Now that Wizkid is featured in a track of Beyonce "Brown Skin Girl" some people are making it sound as if Wizkid owned the song. Some even said "Wizkid is singing, Beyonce is doing backup" you can imagine. I love Wizkid as an artist, but people shouldn't overate it.

I used to think I was a hard guy until I heard Beyonce enter the brown skin girl track. I just broke down crying. I sincerely apologize for all the time I insulted all those people who will see Michael Jackson and start crying #brownskingirl #TheGiftAlbum

Trump uses 5 tactics to distract from all the damage he's actually doing. Be aware. Don't allow this fog to cloud the truth.~ @RBReich #TheSquad #morningjoe #EPluribusUnum #topprog #resist #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

50 years after late Smt. Indira Gandhi nationalised 14 private banks, I urge the Finance Minister, through my Special Mention in Rajya Sabha today, to come out with a categorical statement in Parliament that privatization of public sector banks will not take place.


Public Protector found President Ramaphosa "inadvertently and/or deliberately" misled Parliament. Reasoning below:


"A museum is a place where you have to stay 2 whole hours and adults pretend it was only 10 minutes." - 6 year old culture maven

#Taiwan enjoys strong bipartisan support in the Parliament of #StLucia. I look forward to even more bilateral parliamentary exchanges in the future, and hope to see Senate President Giraudy-McIntyre & House of Assembly Speaker Daniel in Taiwan soon. #JFDS2019


#SouthAfrica’s anti-corruption watchdog said on Friday that President Cyril Ramaphosa had “deliberately misled” parliament about a 500,000 rand ($35,900) donation he received for his 2017 election campaign for the leadership of the ruling ANC.


MPs vote to stop no deal #Brexit prorogation of parliament!


UK: Muslim crashed car outside Parliament, tried to “kill as many people as possible,” had “terrorist motive”

Our wonderful Year 6 enjoying their last lunchtime with us @the_atlp


Enter a great #TransportPlanning initiative for our People's Award for the chance to go to a reception in Parliament hosted by @LilianGreenwood. But hurry, nominations close two weeks today! #TPDay2019


It is a real loss for Tamil Nadu that this clear, brave and intelligent voice that really cares for all Tamils welfare is not heard in Parliament.…

I would sleep easier if the entirety of Parliament were burnt to deat in a massive blaze. I have zero confidence in Parliament, not of its willingness to reflect my beliefs. Fuck every last one of the troughing self aggrandising, lying arseholes…

100% attendance winner for praising stars 6 is year 8 (Now Y9) Reece W, well done Reece. #AttendanceMatters #OutwoodFamily


Woman catches convicted child rapist assaulting her 6 year old son and she didn't go to the cops. Instead, she demanded he pay her $120 not to go to the cops. Then she went to the cops anyway. Now she's wanted. How is this not a bigger story?…

Well Done and Good Luck to our Cadoxton boys and girls from Year 6…

So much more beneficial to play a team like that who are going for it for 90 minutes than play another team in pre-season.

Congratulations to our Year 6 award Winners 2019. Full list on our website…


Anyways Amber and greg or Amber and Michael will not work on the outside and thats facts. What we need is to keep Amber and Michael and enjoy the parents coming in and lie detector imagine the drama we gonna see I can’t wait to watch Michael get called out #loveisland

Year 6 are on their way home after a fabulous couple of days away #whitemoorlakes

Θυμάμαι και τα δικά μας στα Γιάννενα το Οκτώβρη του 2016 που όλη η πόλη ήταν έξω στους δρόμους την νύχτα! #σεισμος

i joined the netball team in year 6 thinking my male physicality would dominate all the other females on the court, for I was outmatched in all male sports. I was bodied by a 10 year old girl about a foot taller than me in my first session

Still can't quite believe this happened. Hope this inspires anyone who is struggling to see the finish line for their PhD - it took me 10 years from registration to graduation! No regrets #PhDversary #graduation #dontgiveup #phdlife #phdchat #liverpoolgrad


Greetings from the @UoL_Health_Sci contingent at this morning’s @uniofleicester #graduation #LeicesterGrad ceremony. We’re excited to be celebrating our students’ success. We’re also, if I’m honest, a little hot and sticky.


If I had the chance to choose again, I’de choose the journey I took one more time. #CardiffGrad #UntilNextTime


"The fate of a nation turning not on Churchillian resolution but on Johnsonian indecision" Fintan O'Toole absolutely nails it - 'The Ham of Fate'…

Grateful to everyone who’s been part of my PhD journey over the last 4 years and those who helped and encouraged me during and long before! #graduation


Fintan O’Toole nails it once again - The Ham of Fate… via @nybooks

Thanks @Michael_Cerami of @BleacherNation for talking about the Cubs' strong start to the second half with @paytonsun and @Josh_Frydman on Thursday's @CLTVSportsFeed.

michael scott is the mayor of Whoville

Barring Huawei from operating in the U.K. could lower security standards and make networks less resilient to malicious attacks, say members of parliament

Robert Fisk: Are those who compare Trump to the Gestapo really being too simplistic?…

Israel shoots boy in head and lies about it


RAF student pilot Jellicoe Scoon, a West Indian from Trinidad, in Parliament Square in London, 26 March 1942


In the House of Commons today 41 Tories broke with the government to make it more difficult to prorogue (suspend) parliament in order to pass a no-deal "Brexit." Current cabinet ministers are lining up against Johnson.

We have buttons for tomorrow! They’ll be available (along with NGS Flint scarves) in front of Keyworth for the cost of a donation. All funds raised from these will be donated to @WhaleyChildren, which helps kids and families transitioning through the Foster Care system in #Flint.


I'm sorry, but I'm gonna be a freaking dapper old dude... #FaceApp


STEAL!! Stella Artois Chalice, only $8.92! *with each purchase, Stella Artois will donate 5 years of Clean Drinking Water to someone in the developing world! (and yes they have donated to Flint)


The plethora of inquiries; the upcoming rally at Parliament on July 30; the outraged commentary repeat a theme we know so well. Not one more Māori child should be left in isolation from its whānau.…

There is something deeply perverse that the son of one of the Labour Party’s greatest thinkers is the man that now leads the anti democratic charge against us We voted to liberate ourselves from the EU Who will now liberate us from our own Parliament? #ParliamentVSThePeople


Artist Josh Ellingson Paints a Giant Mural at Factory Two Makerspace in His Hometown of Flint Michigan…


For #WorldEmojiDay @apple is showing off some new emojis and there is a sloth!! A S...L...O...T...H check it out @MattMurrie @eedowd27 @EvinSchwartz @Belouga_


From all of us in intake 01/19... Thank you and good night #PassOut #Graduation @NorfolkPolice


It took lots of work, and lots of support, I got to wear the big bright gown of doctorate success! Thanks to everybody who has helped me on this road! @WorcCollegeOx @OxUniEarthSci @UniofOxford #graduation #WomenInSTEM #UndeniablyADoctorNow


Bsc in sports conditioning rehabilitation and massage for me smashing a first and graduating yesterday. Mamma and pappa there every step of the way. Roll on the next few years of studying #graduation #boatsandBsc #laughingatme


24 years ago, in paeds ITU we were advised to have Robert christened urgently (we didn’t). This is him today #proud #stillnotchristened #graduation


I'm still in shock about what happened to Kyoto Animation today. It is so surreal. It doesn't even sound real, if that makes sense.

“Encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone.” 1 Thessalonians 5:14… #Bible #Jesus #scripture #truth #thursdaythoughts #thankfulthursday


The man suspected in an arson attack that left at least 25 people dead at a Kyoto, Japan, animation studio also had a backpack containing several knives, police say.


Do you experience hair loss or thinning? Share what’s helped you and join the conversation at: #ThursdayThoughts #CommunityTalks


#HumanMobility is a #HumanRights issue: people is intuitive, allocates efficiently on the labor market and propels growth … plan to #RetireAbroad with the best, see your hard-earned money’s worth upon retirement! #RetirementPlanning #ThursdayThoughts

Parshat Balak gives us insight into a number of topics that emerge from this powerful story of a king determined to destroy the Jewish People. Read at your Shabbat table and make Israel come alive at your meal. #shabbat #balak #parsha #week

Happy Thursday! Wishing you a wonderful day. What do you wish would happen today? What can you do to make that a reality? #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMorning #coffeelovers #morningjoe #goodmorning #optimism #positivity #justgoforit #IAM #mindset


Cold outside, warm inside that's how peaceful a bowl of whole oatmeal can make you feel. By:@the__jolly__belly #TrueElements #TrueToNature #WholeOatMeal #ThursdayThoughts #MonsoonCravings


We need to remind ourselves just how hard the hidden stories around us might be, and to approach each person as a delicate, breakable, invaluable treasure—and to handle them with care. #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation…

Government defeated by big majority of 42 on second key House of Commons vote to require Parliament to meet in September & October The Johnson premiership is imploding before it has even started

enjoying how everyone's like "hooray parliament didn't vote for its own dissolution to enable economic suicide"

Said this months ago and I’ll say it again: @HillaryClinton underestimated the number in the basket imo #ThursdayThoughts #thursdaymorning #ThursdayMotivation #RacismIsREAL

After today’s vote in the Commons hampering using a prorogue of Parliament is in line with this view...…

So we’ve done it! Government attempt to oppose amendment preventing prorogation (or at least making it a whole lot harder) defeated 315 to 273 Parliament finally asserting itself and taking back control

MPs take back control on crucial vote as a majority of 41 pass amendment to block new PM suspending parliament and forcing through No Deal Brexit!…

JUST IN: MPs voted to prevent the next prime minister suspending Parliament to pursue a no-deal Brexit. More via @business

MPs have backed a plan to block the next PM suspending Parliament to push through a no-deal #Brexit What does it mean in practice? Context from @bbclaurak ⬇️ More:…

“If we’re just nice enough and avoid ever making an irreverent joke, the leftist tribe will see how nice we are, and they will stop trying to destroy our country and abolish the state of Israel.”…

While you were sleeping the 148th Open began! Here’s what you might have missed so far at Royal Portrush. #TheOpen

So there’s a re-couple tonight and here’s what I think will happen: Molly - Tommy Maura - Curtis Anna - Jordan India - Ovie Belle - Anton Francesca - Chris Harley - Michael Amber - Greg If Amber has any sense she will choose Greg over Michael #LoveIsland

just watched the First Look and Michael is absolutely trash and he has no regard for girls feelings. hope Amber doesnt believe his bullshit and pies him off for Greg #loveisland

#WBA closing in on a double swoop for Cardiff striker Kenneth Zohore & Rotherham centre-back Semi Ajayi but face frustration over a desired loan with Sporting Lisbon for Brazilian winger Matheus Pereira.…

Kudos to our winners for nailing the emoji look and winning amazing vouchers. Thank you to everyone who made the #BeTheEmoji Contest exciting with your participation. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did this #WorldEmojiDay


Kenneth Zohore får fire år i West Bromwich. Sidste detaljer færdigforhandles i dag.

¿Gossip girl de regreso? Sí a todo.

Vei esse spin off de gossip girl eu pirei porem tentando baixar minhas expectativas pois raramente spin off de alguma serie fica bom

honestly I’m happy af about gossip girl coming back but if u don’t give me that full cast I ain’t interested!

“These games are important to get that first and second goal. A gritty effort to see that one out.” - head coach Greg Vanney


In 40 years, Jesse and Celine will probably still be walking around Europe together, taking the night away. What do you think? #beforeseries #beforetrilogy @ethanhawke #juliedelpy #richardlinklater #faceapp


No matter how old I will become, will always remain a kid by heart. Going with the trend! #FaceApp #faceappchallenge


Prosecutors drop Kevin Spacey sex assault charges…

Greg and Deonna will work because Greg is a great guy. #mafs #marriedatfirstsight

St Kilda’s Category B rookie ruckman Sam Alabakis to return from injury this weekend - and he’ll play not in the VFL, but the VAFA. The Saints have gained permission for him to line up with Old Brighton, coached by Greg Hutchison.

Everyone I’ve talked to over the last week + who knew Greg said the same thing, “He’s the last guy I would suspect would do that.” You just never know what’s going on with people.…

Kenneth Zohore at Slaven Bilic, 10 minutes into his first West Brom training session #CCFC #WBA


#Amplify2025 2 day event w 80 people & packed agenda, hand-drawn templates & engagement activities kept costs down & provided spaces for people to draw/write/doodle & capture their thinking during group work. Pens & giant paper & good questions = present people @scarletdesigngr


#Amplify2025 We started the journey 5 years ago creating #visualminutes recording the key messages & voices room & have just had brilliant 2 days working with Amplify2025 creating 2 giant maps 1 x 3m & range of visual facilitation activities #coproduction #ideas @scarletdesigngr


So we’ve been linked with three players today, all good players (yes even Zohore, have a good feeling about him) & we’ve also basically sold Nyom to Getafe. Unbelievable day. Just sign them now. More of the same please @wba

So, Kenneth Zohore to West Brom for a rumoured £8m… who would you like to sign? #Bluebirds #CCFC

A new Chapter, but still the same book. Let’s put plans into action for the benefit of the Population of @CV_UHB and for South Wales for Specialist Services #amplify2025…

Great couple of days at #amplify2025 It was a privilege to be there to capture the buzz, atmosphere and passion in the room. @Gidmaro1 @CAV_LenRichards @CAVDirofComms @CV_UHB


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