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avete rotto i coglioni a dire che Ashe ha copiato Harry,secondo voi Harry nel suo modo di vestire non ha "copiato" nessuno? E state sempre a dire "Ti vesti come Harry Styles!" "Harry Styles dei poveri" "Lo smalto come Harry Styles uau!"+

Bank of England, led by the Tory appointed and Brexit blind Andrew Bailey, predict the biggest consumer spending boom since Thatcher is on the way to power a strong economic rebound after the pandemic - not a single word about the elephant in the room!…

As incredible as he was as a world class ad maker and strategic advisor, Joe Slade White was an even better person. I was proud to have worked with Joe and blessed to have him as a friend.…

Shane Duffy's teammates at Brighton: "What did you win in Scotland? Ten in a row? The Scottish Cup? A treble?" Duffy: "The ninth annual Narey's Toepoker Worst Signing Of The Premiership Season award"

après chan qui fait propagande ed sheeran, on a felix qui s'occupe d'imagine dragons

Plucky old Britain eh? Showing those Frenchies who rules the waves. Bank of England reporting better than expected economic growth. Happy business owners telling BBC News life is good. The good news rolls on. You’d almost think there was an election or something.

Today, @SecFudge, @SenBooker, @RaviBhalla, other elected officials, and I broke ground on @CityofHoboken’s Rebuild by Design River Project. With our partnership, we’re building a stronger and more resilient future for New Jersey's waterfront communities.…


The government says the Royal Navy offshore patrol vessels in Jersey will now prepare to return to port in the UK following protests by French fishermen For more on this and other news visit

Four-time Grammy winner #EdSheeran will be the shirt sponsor for his boyhood team Ipswich Town next season, the club announced on Thursday…

I'm pleased that the situation in Jersey has been resolved. Thank you to the @RoyalNavy for their swift response. The UK will always stand resolutely by the people of Jersey.…

Still to cast your vote? Take a closer look at how the candidates intend to advocate for women.

It’s been the leader’s jersey since 1931. A world icon. A page made of pink fabric, where the history of cycling has been written over the past 90 years. Welcome to the Maglia Rosa! #Giro


(ANSA) - PARIGI, 06 MAG - I circa 50 pescherecci francesi, che da stamattina stazionavano nelle acque dell'isola britannica di Jersey, nella Manica, per protesta contro le condizioni imposte nel dopo-Brexit alla pesca francese, hanno lasciato l'area.

Using a policy loophole, officials at the National Arts Council are alleged to have maladministered over a decade's worth of surplus funding. We dig deeper in this week’s @MG_Friday


One thing King Archie will always do: Live up to his FASHIONISTA status. My boy gat swagger!!!

DUFF LUCK: Katie Price’s ex-lover Shane Duffy sent back to Brighton following disastrous loan spell with Celtic…


The Battle of Jersey took place on 6 January 1781, when French forces successfully landed on the east coast of the island. The battle took place in the streets of St Helier. Major Francis Peirson, then only 24 years old, was killed during the fighting.


So proud to have been offered one of 12 places on @LiAJourney and @MaudsleyNHS's Listening into Action Strategy Group!! Excited to see what we can achieve over the next few months! #ListeningIntoAction #Slamily #PeerSupport #LivedExperience #MentalHealth


They murdered him, then spied on those trying to get justice…

Laurence Fox says "Today is the day". Does he mean when he finishes tailed off behind Count Binface?

The Old Path Bible Study is also broadcasted in these languages. French: (Deutsch) German: Italian: #WhatTheBibleSays #DiscoverTheBible

Dozens of French fishing vessels have descended on Jersey to protest post-Brexit fishing rights. The UK has sent a pair of Royal Navy patrol vessels to "monitor the situation”. Read more:

Anybody able to read this a bit better than me? Manuscript in French from 1579, by an envoy to the Ottoman Empire. I can't quite make out the reason they put for the Turks not using the printing press - something to do with it not serving them in wars?


As I've said before, there is no situation which cannot be improved by the presence of a Royal Navy warship...…

When the political landscape is so bleak the only thing to look forward to on election day is #dogsatpollingstations #LocalElections2021 #votethetoriesout


Upholding press freedom is always crucial. Let’s not forget the role that a free press plays in our democracy especially on Election Day. I pledge to uphold press freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of expression all year round. #YAxDGN


the falklands war was there fer 1 thing only, to save Thatchers job. she was ready to get booted out of no10.

VOTED for the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner of North Yorkshire. A clue to who I voted for - THE ONLY INDEPENDENT candidate!!!

India’s daily COVID-19 cases climb to new world record… #COVID19 #CoronavirusIndia


Looking forward to tomorrow: 19 hours of voxpops from a pub in Hartlepool, attempts by weirdos to get 'Sir Keith Haircut Must Resign' trending and London waking up to find we accidentally voted in Count Binface as mayor.

Chelsea are the first club in history to have the men’s and women’s teams reach the Champions League Final in the same season. What a club.


Chelsea attack last night 185 million Our man attack 0 million Well never compete with these ffs

Happy 30th Birthday to EXO's Main Vocalist, Byun Baekhyun!! Serve your country well, we will wait for you <3


La culpa de la eliminación del Madrid de Hazard ,el baño del Chelsea en toda la eliminatoria de Hazard y así dejamos en paz a Zidane a la plantilla y sobretodo a florentino no sea que nos quite el chiringuito

The head of the Jersey fishing association has described French threats to blockade the port and cut the power supply as "pretty close to an act of war". No doubt the French will have surrendered by tea time.

Lord Hannan asking whether we can continue our military and intelligence alliances with EU member states and suggesting that we cannot. This idiocy is actually quite frightening. Where are these people taking us? via @MailOnline


Most countries have stopped using “terrorism” as an excuse to launch endless military operations, but not still uses this Orwellian term, despite any “terror” attacks as an excuse fir endless military “operations” designed solely for media coverage and propaganda

BREAKING: A fleet of French fishing boats have descended on Jersey after threatening to blockade the island's main port over a post-Brexit fishing rights row. Read more here:

Ngolo Kante ko dan iska.

Why can’t they play the final in wembley? Prevent 8,000 people needlessly traveling to and from turkey during a pandemic. Will all these fans have to spend money on pcr tests and potentially hotel isolation?…

Marxist BBC News presenter ,to Jersey minister for External Affairs ' So dont you think sending gun boats to Jersey by the Prime Minister is a little - inappropriate? '.No! he doesnt BBC Irish thicko ! not if our territory is threatened by France !! - BBC UNSWORTH IDIOT .

That said, I am genuinely quite worried about the Jersey Royals supply chain

Jersey is a distraction. Small potatoes.

A timely reminder. Meanwhile the Royal Navy and the French Marine Nationale should be working together (and I am sure they will be) to maintain freedom of navigation in the Channel Islands while politicians resolve the issue.…

Macron: ‘There’s no way Britain will come out swinging over a little island it claims as it’s own, miles of its mainland’. Britain:


Getting a bit tasty now! French military ship heads to Jersey to join post-Brexit fishing protest as Royal Navy patrols waters…


How can you deliver an inaugural lecture during Covid? With the help of the French word ‘caprice’, Prof Richard Scholar will introduce his book - Émigrés: French Words that Turned English. Fri 14 May 5pm BST: @PrincetonUPress @IMEMSDurham


Navy gunships patrol off Jersey as 70 French boats blockade harbour @MailOnline Sort them out @BorisJohnson we never sort the French out. I wish theyde blockade their immigrants from leaving but instead they ferry them over and now they do this.

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