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Boutique Fortnite du 14 Octobre 2019 ! #Fortnite Code ‘’Yanteh’’ si tu veux passer le trou noir et acheter le skin le plus rare du jeu


.@dogdog may have a huge stream, his Vegas win, amazing game sense, and ripped abs but only I have the title of second place grandmaster

im coming for reeve carney's life this halloween he better watch out

Çılgınım halloween falan


Ladies and gentlemen I present to you my dad’s Halloween costume

cheers to the love we can't have

Kroasia dan Wales main imbang dalam lanjutan Kualifikasi Piala Eropa 2020. Merugi dari laga itu adalah Real Madrid, karena Gareth Bale dan Luka Modric cedera.…

Marti & I attended The Mystical Order of St Peter, founded by George King during which, the coat of arms which was given to him by her Majesty the Queen of England & which I was honored to carve for him was unveiled for the 2nd time in 25 years & will be put up in the temple.


When the winter comes, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. #Inktober2019 #Inktoberday13 #inktober2019day13 #inktober #Wolf #wolftattoo #ink #arts #Illustrator #illustrations #illustrationart #illustrationartists



If Brexit is delivered, Labour has no chance of being the largest party at the next General Election. If Brexit is not delivered Labour has no chance of being the largest party at the next General Election.

As someone with tattoos, a nose piercing & at times a Mohawk, I’m asked about this a lot. How work sees me. The answer is they allow me to be me. @JonFreier I completely agree that being true to yourself is key to us being our happiest, best and most powerful. Cheers to that!…

A strong shift from the Perreault-Roslovic-Appleton line earns cheers from the crowd.

Wishing my Canadian relatives, friends and colleagues a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers and Enjoy! Hours: Oct 14th - Oct 20th, 2019 Mon Oct 14th 4P-7P Tue Oct 15th 3P-9P Wed Oct 16th 3P-9P Thurs Oct 17th 2P-9P Fri Oct 18th 12P-7P Sat Oct 19th 9A-5P Sun Oct 20th 9A-12P

Hey people of earth, #FF to @kaylasea_ - she's a Cowboys fan who DOESN'T live in Olathe. She also cusses a lot. So that's fun. I think she also cheers for like the Royals or something.

We did, you just don't like the answer we gave. So you'll absolutely hate the answer we give you at the GE when it comes since you intend to ignore 17.4m people, 5m Labour, F*** O**…

Arshavin four goals against Liverpool.

I’m catching up on #Strictly and have just watched the rhumba from Kelvin and Otti. I think I’ve now turned gay.

I hate Liverpool but I love this nigguh.

#Cdmx 16:00 FOTOS Finalmente 1Ejecutado Por Arma de Fuego en Bar "Cingaro" de Liverpool y Av Chapultepec en Colonia Juárez... Los Agresores Se Dan A La Fuga En Camioneta Roja...


#NoBraDay Tiap hari adalah no bra day


Pq je viens de voir un mec en train de baiser une citrouille et qui crie "Happy Halloween" passer dans ma TL??!

já pensou se o jungwoo volta no halloween?? quero

I'm thinking Ill probably need to start shifting focus to my Halloween review to get it done on time since I only got half of the month left now. There's been like 3 reviews being made all at once, just trying to make sure they all actually get done.

An English Man is being canonised and declared a saint today. Two 'miracles ' occurred. Prince Charles is attending. What an embarrassment for a secular nation.…

Cardinal Newman declared a saint by the Pope…


FULL TIME! Cracking 5-1 victory away to Billingham Merlin F.C in the first round of the all England @FASunday_Cup which turned into a bit of a slog fest at the end of the game! Pitch in a bad way! Goals from; @DeanThexton ⚽⚽ @Jake_petitjean ⚽⚽ Magic @BallanJohnson

The Patriots already won, but here are the other teams we are rooting for or against this weekend…

BBC News - Goshawks: The rare bird of prey returns to the New Forest…

Sunday morning coffee run! ☕️ Cheers to another beautiful weekend morning! ☀️


Politicians need to be more honest. Bringing in voter ID disenfranchises poorest & most vulnerable. Countless studies prove it. And it tackles a non-existent problem. You're locking millions out of voting to deal with a number of problem votes that can be counted on one hand.

'Angry Shane' cutting up the inside of Davison? That's another Bunnings Trade Power Pass PowerPlay! #VASC #Bathurst1000

is anyone going to be a sexy boat tram for halloween i am just wondering

Remembering the 27 England internationals who lost their lives in #WW1. A tribute to Douglas Lambert:


10/18(金)~10/31(木)東京駅一番街 東京キャラクターストリート F階段下ワゴンにて、「KUROM'S HALLOWEEN PARTY IN TOKYO」を開催!ハロウィーンカラーのキュートな新商品が勢揃いだよ☆詳細→


Emile Heskey names the player who makes Liverpool tick - and what people forget #LFC…

ACT would get a second MP in Parliament based on Newshub’s poll tonight. A recent Labour Party poll showed ACT would have three MPs. With your help and support, we can grow our presence in Parliament even further. You can join and donate at


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