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Lib Dem Antoinette Sandbach loses at Eddisbury - Conservative gain from Liberal Democrat #ukelection

primeiro segundo de falling: #FineLine


BREAKING: Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is to resign and will not lead the party into a future general election. #UKElection

Conservative gain from Labour in Delyn #ukelection

Just sitting here smiling that the Left just got their asses kicked across the pond. #Brexit #UKElection

Sedgefield: Tory gain.

And that’s how you wipe the smug look from the face of another Tory (Stephen Kerr) who did NOTHING for Scotland. #SNP #GE2019

If Canada ever got rid of free health care I'd move countries without hesitation.

The Blairites will blame Corbyn for losing Scotland to the SNP, but in reality it was Jack Straw sharing a platform with unionist Tories.

Jon Chu: Camila won’t be appearing in the In The Heights movie. Me in Camila’s voice: No no no no no! No no no no no! #InTheHeights #InTheHeightsMovie @Lin_Manuel

MTV channel listings right now #YouthQuake


I've been up since 4AM calling from my apartment in Vancouver to UK households in marginal seats. For the NHS. For a Green Industrial Revolution. #forthemanynotthefew #forthejoyofparticpatingindemocracy! #YouthQuake #Momentum


The left must be truly insane in wanting #DianeAbbott for home secretary... Yes home secretary #BackBorris #UxbridgeAndSouthRuislip #GeneralElection19

vou usar esses gifs como fancam quero nem sabeeeer #intheheightsmovie

LOL #DianeAbbott’s shoes has got the Left FEWMIN

I wouldn't wish #dementia on my worst enemy, but it is clear #DianeAbbott is suffering, and must be made to retire, whatever today's outcome.… #dianeabbottshoes

Do you like the best music? Listen now Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix on


BREAKING: Jimi Hendrix cleared of blame for UK parakeet release {No Need To PANIC!!!!}… #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #VoteLabourToday The parakeets are our friends. #MerryWingsWeek

you've got to be some other level of priviledged to vote tory today and honestly i want nothing to do with you if you do

guessing in a parallel world there's a Tory Twitter going crazy this morning about how £9 extra in tax for those earning 80K+ will bring their family's down. Or about how students, however poor, SHOULD be paying £9,250 for education and fuck everyone and fuck this and fuck that a

I've voted by Proxy. I've voted as the person I am now living in the EU, as the person I used to be who experienced homelessness under a Tory government, and I've voted as someone with relatives who would be dead in two days if it wasn't for the NHS.

If you are a traditional Tory voter. Please bear in mind that this is not the traditional conservative party you know of. This is something darker and more sinister. Just this once, please don't inflict them on your neighbours. #VoteConservativesActually #VoteConservative

If you’re still undecided and yet to hit your local polling station, this is as simple as I can make it in the space of one tweet. Someone who doesn’t want you to die vs. Someone who doesn’t care if you die #GE2019 #VoteLabourToday #GeneralElection2019

The stairwell at work has been subliminally influencing student votes for years! #VoteLabourToday #VoteTheToriesOut


The thing I really like about #dogsatpollingstations is that it reminds me that there is no way a dog would vote Tory. They're all about the many, not the few. #GE2019 #Ge19

Fuggles wants to "Get Walk Time Done" #dogsatpollingstations


I bought this games from you yesterday and here is my winning outcome @GREENLANDFXMTCH thanks for this perfect win ,I believe in your fixed matches.... GOOD DELIVERY #PHCN #Buhari #bkchatldn #blackout


Edgy content? Demonetized Kid-friendly content? COPPA-fied Drama and commentary? Harassment Anime and Gaming content? False copyright strikes This is no longer just a meme. This time #youtubeisoverparty might really signal the beginning of the end for YT. I hope they change

How kpop stans look when they join #youtubeisoverparty and post there stupid ass dance videos

#youtubeisoverparty yo how in the blue hell is youtube demonetizing and shutting down all these creators big and small for doing jack shit, but those fucking 3AM channels that have giveaway scams and spam the same shitty videos are still up?

Atalanta yang sebelumnya menjadi juru kunci grup, justru sukses lolos ke fase gugur Liga Champions.…

I’m shocked as to how people think Boris Johnson can allow our country to prosper. You Tory voters will come to your senses after 5 years when are country is deep into the downward spiral. Do the better thing. VOTE LABOUR. #VoteConservativesActually #VoteLabourOnThursday

Waited decades for a political leader as decent, thoughtful and compassionate as Jeremy Corbyn. Yet an inept, overweening, billionaire backed, Old Etonian dickhead is leading the polls and likely to form the next government. #GE2019 #VoteLabourOnThursday #VoteTacticallyActually

I'm voting #Labour. I also have my son's proxy vote. We've sat down and discussed why we need a change in government. It was good enough for him to trust me to use his vote tactically. #VoteLabourOnThursday

The second goal is mainly Danny Rose’s fault but why was Walker-Peters standing there looking like he was in a wall for a free-kick, unable to move towards the ball.

Danny Rose coming back into the team to fix our defence

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