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Elon bla bla dip disaster #cryptocurrency $ada cruising indifferent +20% #Cardano

Obama gave Elon Musk billions in public subsidies so he could become a Bitcoin speculator and appear on Saturday Night Live

I basically don’t look at my phone for +\- 24h and miss Vitalik dumping Shib, Elon being a weirdo, and a whole lot of panic because Eth and Btc took a poop There’s just too much going on here

In Sri Lanka, P2P bitcoin trading platform Paxful saw a 730% rise in trading volume between April 2020 and April 2021.

Someone sends you 200,000 USDT to your #Bitcoin address. What are you buying?

Cryptocurrency fans are pissed that TSLA's experiment to accept BTC for car purchases has ended. It's fun watching them say that Elon shouldn't be able to control the market so much - I guess the claims that BTC was uncontrollable by small orgs have been proven false.

#FotoLebaran happy eid mubarak, minal aidin wal faidzin hehe


Eid Mubarak with Discover Pakistan


Ceferin se reunió con aficionados de los equipos para agradecer su postura contra la #SuperLiga

Tony Bellew has warned Tyson Fury that Anthony Joshua is training "like an animal" for their fight…

Still several hundred protesters holding firm in Pollokshields. These are - quite literally - my neighbours. #NooneIsIllegal


Tudo o que criamos juntos se fortalece a cada dia. Vocês me fazem tão bem, são meu porto seguro, meu lago de vagalumes, meu jardim florido no inverno. O amor que sinto é imensurável assim como o amor que recebo em retorno. Estarei sempre com vocês ♡♡♡♡♡ #6YearsWithMonstaX


Look at this scene. Imagine this happening where you live. Imagine if that building were your home, your office, a place in your community. Imagine someone you love trapped inside. This is Palestinians' everyday reality.…

#Pollokshields Scenes from a short while ago. Growing crowds in solidarity with neighbours targeted by the Home Office. On Eid of all days.


Among other things, this article helps explain the immigration raid debacle in Glasgow #pollokshields right now. The Home Office has a real "no one likes us, we don't care" mentality going on.…

La final de la @ChampionsLeague cambia su sede a Oporto, Portugal, en lugar de Estambul, Turquía, para permitir la asistencia de 6.000 aficionados de cada equipo. »

Portogallo, Portugal Stanley Kubrick, 1948


If you’re getting off work at 5, descend on Kenmure Street.

What's happening in Pollokshields cannot be a one off. The people of Scotland, and specifically the independence movement, must continue to defy Westminster with people power. This isn't for the sake of political capital, but because we are protecting people's lives.

The huge irony here is that had @pritipatel not insisted that “IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT” be emblazoned threateningly across her van, this deportation from #Pollokshields might have gone unnoticed and the neighbourhood not come to their aid. #Glasgow #PeopleMakeGlasgow #KenmureSt…

Can we please stop pandering to woke silly people. Remember the days when Unions were a force for working class people? People need to get a grip and start to say NO - go away!…

It’s hilarious watching some people just now realize that Rage Against The Machine is a political band

The Elon Dump now in recovery. Net inflows to exchanges (selling), reversed into outflows (buying). Some insider front-ran that tweet IMO. Data: @glassnode




Elon won’t sell any BTC but he might mint TBTC and ape into sh*t coins.

If a Labour frontbencher argued on national radio that universities must ensure free speech for Holocaust deniers, the story would dominate the news cycle for days. Yesterday a Tory minister announced that this is about to become the law, and it's hardly reported.

May this day bring peace and joy to you and your family, Eid Mubarak!


Eid Mubarak from Limo Naz!


Are you buying the dip? Bitcoin slipped below $50K again as the fallout from Elon Musk’s criticism continues to resonate. Is this the final correction before the next leg up?

Rage Against The Machine is one of the best music projects ever in the history of humanity, not joking

'She probably made a mistake, but it's what happens when you make laws to attack an imaginary enemy.' James O'Brien reacts to a Tory Minister's response to being asked if the Government's free speech bill would defend Holocaust deniers. @mrjamesob…

La cabeza de Diogo Alves. Era un español de 31 años qu fue ejecutado en 1841 en Lisboa, Portugal. Se convirtió en asesino en serie, robaba y llevaba a sus víctimas al acueducto, desde donde lanzaba sus cuerpos para que parecieran suicidios. Conservaron su cerebro para estudiarlo.


Rage Against The Machine come out in favor of Palestinians and against Israeli "apartheid" and people respond that they should stay out of politics or are picking the wrong side. Which is some pretty delusional shit if you're actually claiming you like the band.…

why are people mad at Rage Against The Machine for talking about Palestine? they're like the most political band ever, y'all on some drugs if you thought they wouldn't have an opinion

Muhammad Ali at a protest for Palestine in Chicago, 1988 May Allah Almighty grant him the highest rank in Jannah #IStandWithPalestine


Schon witzig, der schlechteste Bundespräsident, den wir je hatten, kriecht Moslems wegen ihrem beschissenen Ramadan in den Arsch. Währenddessen gehen die auf die Straße und fordern die Vernichtung Israels. So langsam sollte denen auffallen, wen wir uns da eingeladen haben.

Elon Musk and Cathie Woods are suddenly at odds over the environmental impact of Bitcoin via @crypto

Miro defeated Darby Allin to claim his first piece of AEW gold on last night's Dynamite.

Elon musk - greatest bitcoin pump and dumper. #tsla #bitcoin #elonmusk #crypto #BTC #doge

On behalf of the @USEmbassyTirana, we extend our best wishes to all those celebrating #EidAlFitr today. This holiday marks the culmination of #Ramadan, a month in which many experience meaning, insight, and inspiration in acts of fasting, prayer, and charity.


last few months trend show that #BTC will be back to its normal range in 7-10 days... New normal is 57k-61k... #Bitcoin #HODL

Today is #EidAlFitr , which marks start of lunar month of Shawwal & end of Ramadan. Eid al-Fitr is Arabic for "festival of breaking of fast”. Muslims celebrate festivity as it marks end of Ramadan, during which they refrain from eating, drinking, smoking & etc. #EidMubarak


Australian man Craig Wright who alleges he created bitcoin takes £4bn claim to London high court…

Musk says Tesla halting bitcoin purchases, citing energy use…

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