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Know how everyone hates the s*n? Well the s*n wants everyone to vote for Boris. Just gonna leave that here. #VoteLabourDec12 #VoteLabour #FuckTheSun #GE2019

Not to get into British politics but.. There is only one party that should be in power. #VoteLabourDec12 #VoteLabour

Coach Tierney showing ‘em how it’s done @CLHS_BoysSoccer @Supt_comalisd

Tragic news from New Zealand this morning. Canadians are thinking of the families & loved ones of everyone affected by the deadly volcano eruption on White Island. And we're wishing a full & speedy recovery to everyone that was injured.

⚠️ This is the moment New Zealand's most active volcano erupted without warning…

*Россияне за день завоевали 6 золотых медалей на ЧЕ по плаванию *Российские лыжники завоевали золото и серебро на этапе Кубка мира Вот Вам и "WADA". Цель у WADA и МОК выгнать русских спортсменов. На фоне того, что янки в Сирии просрали и вна укре своих целей не достигли!!

Bruh why are y'all liking kpop? It's stupid. Btw stan kpop #BanKpopAccounts


like that will ever happen, in the mean time give my bby the views he deserves. #BanKpopAccounts

this still trending.. give mingi another 1k #BanKpopAccounts

#BanKpopAccounts stream my mingi fancam too locals <3

#BanKpopAccounts Ain't it just like getting rid half of the user in twitter? Don't forget to support VHOPE and 2JAE y'all (and their groups too ofc)


Even conservative estimates suggest the Tories have a 30% chance of losing and us getting a Remain alliance and a #PeoplesVote. That 30% can be increased to a certainty if people vote strategically and, critically, young people vote. #BeAVoter #VoteTactially

But Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump won't ban Russia from participating in USA's 2020 elections. "World Anti-Doping Agency has voted unanimously to ban Russia from next summer’s Olympics in Tokyo and the Qatar 2022 World Cup - for doping offenses" #WADA…

Some #MondayMotivation from the Conservation Response Units in Seblat, Sumatra. Here you see a mahout giving his elephant its daily bath <3.


If I ever need a lawyer remind me to hire DANIEL GOLDMAN, I like his style! #ImpeachingHearing #impeachmentDay #MondayMotivation

New Zealand volcano: five dead after White Island eruption…

Here's a look at how Russian athletes can still compete for medals on the global stage, despite their country being handed a 4-year ban from major international sporting events today

Geologist says there was 'very little warning' New Zealand's White Island was about to erupt, despite elevated alert level… via @abcnews

This is what a #MondayMotivation looks like, #librarylife style. Lots of great ideas and anecdotes in the comments!…

“New Zealand police said in a statement on Tuesday that “no signs of life have been seen at any point” on the island by reconnaissance flights made since the eruption. “Anyone who could have been taken from the island alive was rescued,” the police said.”…

For the next hour stealth reflex codes will be $20 cheaper. Dm if interested.

Arlene Foster accuses PM of breaking his word over Brexit deal...everyone knows his pants are on fire....…

Joshua says had health issue before first Ruiz fight


เปิดประวัติ"ฟ้าใส ปวีณสุดา" นักสู้บนเส้นทางนางงาม! #ฟ้าใส #ฟ้าใสไปจักรวาล #ฟ้า #MissUniverse2019 #MissUniverse #Thailand

I saw the survation poll result for London. Genuinely inexplicable. It’s not as if The Tories & Boris Johnson are knocking it out of the ballpark during this campaign. This is far more sinister. This is a propaganda election like none in 100 years. This is money protecting money.

First South Africa scooped the Rugby World Cup and now we've claimed the Miss Universe title! Zozibini Tunzi is the third Miss South Africa to wear the Miss Universe crown. #MissUniverse2019 #MissSouthAfrica…

maybe red velvet were onto something when they k worded those men #h3h3isoverparty

im not a kpop stan at all but i stand w yall when it comes to h3. the shit he said is DISGUSTING. fetishizing korean men, talking about underage girls mast*rbating? kpop idols are overworked & get sick solely to perform, they dont deserve to be undermined. #h3h3isoverparty

#h3h3isoverparty when you realize it’s just about kpop

We, in the PRP, applaud World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua, for regaining his belts in a rematch with Mexican, Andy Ruiz. His victory signals hope that Nigeria would, one day, regain its lost glory if we work harder. We appreciate Joshua for making Nigerians proud.


Only BoJo can deliver Brexit and end the remainer strike in Parliament. A vote for Liebour is a vote for terrorism.…

Zone 2 song is gone already wow

Maajid Nawaz grilled a caller on anti-Semitism. The caller didn't come armed with facts and ended up hanging up. @MaajidNawaz | #Antisemitism | #TogetherAgainstAntisemitism

Last week I had stroke symptoms & waited 31/2 hours for an ambulance & a further 5 hours to see an A&E doctor. The staff were wonderful but the NHS is woefully underfunded and understaffed and the #Tories have had 9 years to sort it out! Don't believe the lies! #GetBorisOut

I was so cynical that when someone shouted this news at me across the campus, I thought it was a gimmick to sell "Double Fantasy". Rest in peace John you couldn't seem to find it on the Earth. #JohnLennon…

Hoy que recordamos a #JohnLennon, un texto del archivo: Otros Beatles

D monkey is usually trapped and capture with coconut DAT has bn set as bait and due to its greediness he will refuse to let go of d coconut until d hunter capture it. in every relationship there is always a bait. it could be money, happiness, peace,freedom, etc.

Duncan Hunter Is Quitting Congress. Let’s Remember Some Corruption.


Dominic Calvert-Lewin double sees Chelsea undone by resurgent Everton as Duncan Ferguson stuns high-flying Chelsea to end three-game losing run in first game as caretaker boss at Goodison Park

#OleOut should never be a topic, Ole has something in him, be the judge after the season is over, this is his first season no need to be emotional, #LFC were patient. it was very clear the mid let him down, pogba mctominay got injured, Trust the process #OleIn #MCIMUN #mufc


John Lennon made the world sing. But #dyslexia made #JohnLennon #Imagination #Creativity #Empathy RIP John ❤️


Between Gary Neville and Gary Lineker I am starting to like footballers!


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