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Thanks @__Erkan I forgot to post mine. Also didn't know that you were on the site too. Check out #MyDecadeOnXbox at @TrueAchievement

'Will This Kill My Career?' Actor Laurence Fox Comes Out as Pro-Trump! via @BreitbartNews

WATCH: ‘Will This Kill My Career?’ Actor Laurence Fox Comes Out as Pro-Trump! via @BreitbartNews

I’m glad they talked about this. Its so important! #Sexeducation


So Otis really just slept with a random chick, huh? This season keeps surprising me #SexEducation #Episode6

Well, #Cobra has started dramatically! I don't normally enjoy political thrillers as the characters are often unlikeable but Robert Carlyle & Richard Dormer are so compelling.

TW: Esperemos que con el hashtags #EminemIsOverParty Eminem este pasándola realmente mal sabiendo que la cagó, y así pueda pedir disculpas públicas. Eminem:


Hold Exxon Mobil accountable for their huge emissions of greenhouse gases.…

Damn bro they got a room full of smart people trying to cancel eminem #EminemIsOverParty


If you’re wondering how sad a video about goofy-looking turtles can possibly be, see for yourself.

Watching #cobra on and reminiscing of meeting this lovely chap before I filmed something for Breakfast television in Vancouver! I did open the conversation by saying "Hello, I'm Nina and I think your lovely!"……

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Watching people defend #LawrenceFox is really something quite disgusting to read. I find it hard to believe a grown man cannot comprehend the term white privilege. Yelling 'i'm not racist, you're racist!' is mind blowingly pathetic and childish.

The real issue is that Lawrence is absolutely right, but, everyone is afraid to say........#LawrenceFox ❤️

I actually like Mrs Mops... It's the friends that we keep that take us down with them #RHOJ

It’s interesting how Brinette knows everybody. You could bring a new born baby and she’ll still claim to have known the baby since 10 years ago #RHOJ

It’s 5 to 5, it’s Friday and it’s #Crackerjack - the children’s classic is coming back

Thats how you reboot a show. Keep it to its traditions but adapt it to modern auidences. #Crackerjack Im obviously far too old to watch it, but it felt like something finally cracked. Kids TV hasnt been the same since Dick and Dom. Absolutely brilliant watch…

Yes, I am old enough to remember ‘It’s Friday, it’s five o’clock and it’s Crackerjack!’ Who are all these ‘five to five’ noobs? #Crackerjack

#LawrenceFox was wrong - pure & simple. He's in no position to say that theres no UK racism problem when so many suffer or witness it. Today he seems to be enjoying his newfound infamy but I can't help wondering if his new followers will unsettle him. He's wrong not Reich!


What #LawrenceFox said was right. And this thing that everybody is being racist, needs to stop.

Everyone has been talking about Sherrock (Women) and Asada (Asia), but in the meantime Lisa Ashton and Kai Fan Leung are really doing the job. Kudos to them.

LATEST | Damon Heta, Kai Fan Leung & Bradley Brooks complete our line-up for the final matches on Day Two of the UK Q School. It's Lisa Ashton v Kai Fan Leung & Damon Heta v Bradley Brooks to decide our Tour Card winners! Live stats via…


FYI, iTunes and Apple Music have the same link. To purchase ‘Black Swan’ search it on iTunes and to stream it search ‘Black Swan’ on Apple Music. →… #BlackSwan #BlackSwanOutNow #BTSisComing @BTS_twt


Why wasn't eminem cancelled a long time ago when he made a song where he says he wants to r*pe iggy and I think he also said something against lana. And now it's ari. Fuck that guy

Si C. Tangana hace cosas porque van con el personaje, una influencia es Eminem. Eminem es polémica. Destroza a Kanye West.…

This Eminem album sucks so fucking bad oh my God

If you look at the breed photo from 100 years ago and compare to now, you'll see what the idiots at the Kennel Club have encouraged. My great-grandfather was a champion bulldog breeder, I'm told, and he'd be appalled at what's been done to them…


When you just look at the way the cloud crossed over and settled at the tent of the meeting, it makes one wonder and ask. Why now, what do I do now? Self evaluation? Am I born again properly? I am working out my Salvation in fear of the Lord? #BelieveTheGospel


The temperature is due to drop over the next few days. If you have elderly neighbours or relatives living close by, check in on them and help them stay well this winter: #FridayFeeling

A music act released an album of music they made. That's not a surprise. Wake me up when it's a headline like "Eminem drops surprise cookbook: Lasagnes to Be Murdered By"…

Dominic's Intelude, inicialmente estranhei a música, mas depois que a música acabou tão cedo fiquei querendo mais #halseymanic #ManicTheAlbum…

VIDÉO — Eminem dégaine l'album surprise "Music To Be Murdered By", découvrez le clip "Darkness"…


Ptdrrr ça se voit #Eminem s'en bat les couilles il sort un album au calme sans le moindre teaser ou annonce ça me fume (Archi lourd le feat Juice WRLD)


I suppose the existence of a non-fantastic Mr Fox was always implied

Instead, Billie Piper's ex will have his phone ringing off the hook with media offers.…

Billie Piper divorcing someone cause he’s too posh is a vibe

I see that Billie Piper is trending, because a husband that she split from 5 years ago spoke up about wokeness on the TV. This is how a witch hunt works.

Bet there’s one person today who feels like she got out of the RIGHT side of bed. Billie Piper

Tolkien escrevia e contava pra ele, criança, as histórias que viriam a ser O Hobbit. Desenhou mapas da Idade Média. Editou os livros do pai com esmero. Que gratidão imensa por essas existências. Pessoas que moldaram caráter e inspiraram muito mundo. #RIP Christopher R. Tolkien.

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