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Baš su svi lepi kad ostare preko #FaceApp #Srbija

Von der Leyen: Die Bundeswehr hat fertig, jetzt ist die EU dran…

GAGGED!!!! it's me as a TOP, and soft Dom Top lol #FaceApp


ایوانِ نمائندگان کے 240 میں سے 187 اراکین نے صدر ٹرمپ کے بیان کی مخالفت میں ووٹ دیا۔ #Congress #America #CongressWomen #UrduVOA…

Me introducing my Area 51 alien to hoes

Barcelona have been told by PSG that Neymar will cost them 300m euros (£271m) as the Ligue 1 club reject any swap deal including Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele.

The Canadian province has become the first place in North America to ban head scarves and other religious symbols, @jkdamours reports.

Billy Porter makes history as first openly gay black actor to be nominated for a lead Emmy

Amber and Michael are finally back on good terms...but what does this REALLY MEAN??? #LoveIsland

Niggas when they trick 300,000 people to raid Area 51 and die


THE CROSSING - Friends of Johnny Clegg via @YouTube what an awesome tribute to #JohnnyClegg

Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Microsoft are cumulatively valued at $4.2trn, one-seventh of America’s total stockmarket value

Three executives from metal manufacturer Sarclad have been acquitted of bribery charges, as the Serious Fraud Office loses another prosecution. Michael Sorby, Adrian Leek, and David Justice, were acquitted yesterday of conspiracy to corrupt and bribe

+++ Von der Leyen: Die #Bundeswehr hat fertig, jetzt ist die EU dran +++ Diese und weitere aktuelle Meldungen unter ➥…


i am coming to america

quiero ir al area 51

Emmy nominated performance somehow

#RestInPeace Johnny Clegg! Your amazing life and music through the turbulence of racist apartheid South Africa should give us hope that we will overcome the turbulence of SA’s post-apartheid chauvinist narrow nationalism and corruption.

El Banco de Inglaterra ha anunciado que el matemático Alan Turing será rostro del billete de 50 libras a partir de 2021. Turing, considerado padre de la informática y la inteligencia artificial, fue uno de los responsables de descifrar códigos nazis durante la II Guerra Mundial.


“language gives you access to culture,” great quote I heard in honor of Johnny Clegg

ICYMI: 50 years on, Pat Norris FRAeS, who helped put Apollo on the Moon, looks forward to a new era of human lunar exploration. #Apollo50 #Apollo50th…


Very excited about The Freelancer’s Journey: a free, comprehensive course by webflow. Everyone should enroll. #webdesign #webdesigner #webdev #webdeveloper #webflow #wordpresswebsite #SismoCDMX #SpiritMusicVideo #yks2019tayfa #SDLive #WorldEmojiDay #hire

Last night’s #LunarEclipse shortly after moonrise, with Chilbolton Observatory in the foreground. Amazing to see! @BBCSouthWeather @HollyJGreen @newburyastro @VirtualAstro @OPOTY #hampshire #astrophotography #ThePhotoHour


Love this clip @ProfEdCopeland dug up for his #Apollo50 talk. JFK - 1963 ‘Why should the United States and the Soviet Union, in preparing for such expeditions, become involved in immense duplications of research, construction and expenditure?’…

To celebrate #WorldSnakeDay we have released a 100 snakes from across Australia on the Wheeler Centre level three so the resident orgs can enjoy them up close

Introvert alert. I’m presenting today, to an unknown number of people, in a room I haven’t been into before. It’s the only thing I’ve thought about all night. Thankfully the building is opposite a park, so I can take a walk before and afterwards. #INFJ

imagine a travis scott hans zimmer song

Congrats to @AlexBorstein for another Emmy nomination as Suzie in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Hilarious old Nichols & May bit from the 1959 Emmy Awards. Sixty years old and it would still totally kill today. Amazing. #Emmys2019…

Estafa si Amy Adams no se gana el Emmy

Bu arada saka degil. #FaceApp 7 den 70 e herkes mi kullanir abi? Gencleri gectim memur adamsin sen yarin senin 9 da toplantin var. Senin neyine? Git uyu.

اینا همش عکسه، حالا مونده مثل من عاقل پخته بشید. #FaceApp

Bir kişi birşey yapınca neden zincirleme halinde tüm Türkiye aynı şeyi paylaşıyor bir salın artık yeterr #FaceApp

We said, “well we’ll let the front yard do what it wants this summer.” It wanted wildflowers and...dill.


“We are now part of an Emmy-nominated show, bitches!”…

I had criticisms of #GameofThrones Season 8, but the Emmy nominations are well-deserved. However, let’s not kid ourselves that a Hollywood awards show validates or invalidates anything. Crash won Best Picture.

We're shook and shaking our heads

Hold my juice box while I hold this snake. #WorldSnakeDay

Quand la direction d’#Arsenal admet que le club ne peut plus gagner de compétitions majeures, tu te dis que le foot est définitivement devenu un oligopole… Si Arsenal estime ne pas en faire partie, quel club français autre que le #PSG le pourrait?

Jam kah tutna qe ka me me ra te fikt ne gjume, qysh jam kah flej pa darke koheve te fundit.

Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. - Unknown #quote


You all praised Levy when we signed NDombele, we'll see if Trippier, Alderweireld and Rose always leave and we are suck with Aurier, Sanchez and Davies as starters where the Levy love-in brigade have dipped out to. One swallow doesn't make a summer.

Wer heute für Ursula von der Leyen stimmt , hat den Verstand verloren! Schade dass die Wahl geheim ist. Hätte mich sehr interessiert. Wenn ich die Wahl hätte, würde sie ein klares NEIN bekommen!

Even tho Twitter's content policy SPECIFICALLY bans attempts to “harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.” they announced yest that they will not take action against Trump's racist twitter rants Sun & Mon. #TuesdayThoughts…

Was haben Mary Poppins und Ursula von der Leyen gemeinsam?: Das ins Gesicht festbetonierte Lächeln.


#ObamaWasBetterAt Not making me break 432 TV sets and 678 phones in 3 years

#ObamaWasBetterAt speaking at higher than a 1st grade level.

#ObamaWasBetterAt lying. He still has millions convinced there were no scandals during his presidency and that he had America’s best interests at heart.

it is beneficial to do bhakti after taking intiation from Complete Guru #TrueGuruSaintRampalJi #TuesdayThoughts


Well @Esther_de_Lange agrees with Frau Von der Leyen. I wonder if the Dutch @cdavandaag agrees with the Netherlands as a sock puppet province of Brussels. #EUSSR…

#Apollo50 | Hace 50 años, el #Apolo11 inició su viaje de 384.000 kilómetros con rumbo a la Luna ¡#BuenMartes! El 16 de julio de 1969 miles de personas se congregaban cerca del centro de lanzamiento de cohetes de la @NASA en Cabo Cañaveral Leé más en…

Jörg Meuthen: AfD wird Ursula von der Leyen nicht zur Kommissionspräsidentin wählen…

Ursula von der Leyen ujęła swoją przemową za serce szczególnie kobiety.Bardzo zdecydowanie oznajmiła, że będzie walczyć z przemocą w rodzinie, jak i zabiegać o coraz lepszą edukację europejskiej młodzieży.Kandydatka przedstawiła dobry program, dajmy szansę go zrealizować. #EPP


This got lost in the racism/Epstein shuffle yesterday. Rep. Green (D-TX) is making another effort to force through an impeachment vote on the House floor, & in light of Mueller & Trump's race rant, this time it could stand a chance. #TuesdayThoughts…

Ue, von der Leyen: "Se Europa fosse donna sarebbe Simone Veil. Io nemica di chi vuole indebolire l'…… via @repubblica

Ursula von der Leyen mówi, że będzie szczególną uwagę zwracała na praworządność we wszystkich krajach UE. No tak, ale żeby się nie okazało, że dotyczy to tylko Polski i Węgier,(Niemiec, Francji nie dotyczy) szczególnie, że Timmermans może wrócić na swoje dotychczasowe stanowisko.

One day spent with someone you love can change everything. ― Mitch Albom #TuesdayThoughts


People are hurting and seek comfort in other places, or things. Temporal things won't bring relief. The Word of God, is our treasure chest that encompasses genuine love, wisdom, protection, and comfort. Develop a relationship with God, and comfort others. #TuesdayThoughts


Still clinging on to "old" Twitter, reading through the #NewTwitter hashtag - desperately trying to find a single decent positive comment...

Today being the #WorldSnakeDay, We are going to share some mindblowing facts about snakes on this THREAD


Is Ampadu injured for Lampard not to even play him for a few mins?

Today marks 50 years since the Apollo 11 Moon Mission launched from the Kennedy Space Centre. It was the spaceflight that first landed humans on the moon. #Apollo50 400,000 people worked on the mission #technology via @BBCSounds #TuesdayMotivation

Seriously @twitter, who the fuck comes up with this shit? You switched some panels around, increased the font size, and made it a pain in the ass to see #latest tweets first, which is kind of the whole point. Next you'll insist all video is shot in portrait. #NewTwitter #garbage

What is the future of foreign correspondents when “anyone with a mobile phone can become a journalist” - interesting words from @christinalamb @thesundaytimes @BCouncil_NI #FNW19


Leader of Wandsworth @RaviGovindia1 scathing about the same people always being involved in planning consultations and seemingly in denial of the local authority's role in supporting better, wider enagement or supportive of the effort these stalwarts make #PublicplanningLDN

Ampadu to Reading is a huge no from me. We loaned Miazga to them ffs

Truly inspiring conversation @centreforlondon #PublicplanningLDN conference today

Current questions circulating the room at #PublicplanningLDN


Focus on prevention and early intervention won’t succeed if we don’t invest in voluntary and community sector #wigandeal @NHS_RobW @25DavidPearson @SJPickup

Thanks for the clarification @KeithCunliffe that ‘We’re making it up as we go along’ in #WiganDeal because it’s attitude, values, consistency of leadership approach that will make the change happen, not plans and programmes ...

Good to hear @NHS_RobW talking about the opportunities for the NHS as an anchor institution, employing local people in the local NHS - with examples from Leeds #WiganDeal

Delighted to be at the Business breakfast event on curriculum reform this morning. Education & business partnerships are critical and we must seize the opportunity to make a difference! #TalkCurriculum #EducationMissionWales #cdfcommitment


#talkcurriculum @LeighAHughes opening today’s session on how the education in Wales needs to respond to business needs @swaleschamber


What Trump is saying is inherently dangerous; in his eyes, any person of color, regardless of citizenship, is never as American as any white person, simply because of their skin color. We need to do better. #RacistPresident

Is biblical scholar .@marcorubio going to quote Leviticus to this #RacistPresident or nah? “But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.”


Regardless of whether they spoiled it or not, Big E strikes me as by far the most interesting opponent for Lesnar right now of those 10 so I hope they do that.

NYC Subway Token painting premium t-shirts are available here in five colors and men’s, women’s and youth sizes… Art by @TheArtistZ #AmazonPrimeDay #PrimeDayAmazon #Amazon #art #fashion #newyork


what happened to that girl is heartbreaking. i accidentally came across the pictures and i’m sick to my stomach. no one deserves to die like that. :( fuck the guy who did that to her how can you be so inhuman #ripbianca

As farmers ramp up safety efforts during #FarmSafetyWeek, NFU VP @HertsFarmer calls on farmers to take action and prioritise safety all year round @yellowwelliesuk #farmsafety


Tiana Lescaleet pleaded guilty to get out of Franklin County jail where she was being held, not because she was guilty of the low-level offenses with which she was charged, but because she couldn’t afford bail. It's part of the criminalization of poverty.…

What do you plan on shopping for this #AmazonPrimeDay? You won't find MagView on Amazon, but you can always check out our page for news and features. We're always open, too! #MagViewMonday #MondayMotivation

me and dating are officially taehyung yall can go home

I dont know about you but when two different accounts post the exact same thing at the exact same time, just know someone somewhere is working the Propaganda machine overtime. #JacobZuma #StateCaptureInquiry #StateCapture #ZumaTestifies


Glad to know that Alan Turing is on the £50 note. I have never seen a £50 note in my life but I'll take their word for it.

It was a Friday deadline, followed by an incredible private Chef's Dinner, followed by @CraveNorthwest, followed by the Wallace Historic Blues Fest kind of weekend. Coffee do your thing! #weekendrecovery #mondaythoughts #MondayMotivation #coffeetime #coffeeLovers


I'm not buying anything on #PrimeDayAmazon bc I don't need anything. But I find it odd that folks are choosing to skip out on buying today for #tax-related reasons. Why just today? And do you review #tax bills for other companies you support? (Genuinely curious.) | #PrimeDayAmazon Day 2019 حاليا تخفيضات على يوم البرايم للمشتركين امازون باقي 40 ساعة تخفيضات بالجملة غير مسبوقة…

cant wait to get home tomorrow and do some 1v1 for exclusive skins against you all.... it will be on twitch live and then it will go into a YouTube video! Time to start taking over with this insane community we got backing us!

We are thrilled to congratulate the fantastic #EnglandCricketTeam on their tremendous victory! #CricketWorldCup


Alan Turing, padre de la informática y héroe de guerra por descifrar las comunicaciones de nazis, condenado a la castración química por homosexual, se suicidio mordiendo una manzana con cianuro. Se cree que Steve Jobs lo homenajeó con el símbolo de Apple…

Opinion: As a queer scientist, seeing Alan Turing on the £50 note leaves me conflicted…


"Não importa a orientação sexual do Alan Turing, mas sim a contribuição histórica dele" O cara foi condenado a castração química por ser gay. Só recebeu perdão póstumo em 2013 (sem ter feito nada de errado, né?) É claro que importa, sim!

#WeCareDoYou movement 60k tweets already!!! Wow good job Arsenal fans. We keep pushing

No seamos nuestro propio cáncer, a hacer las cosas como se deben hacer y como siempre supimos hacerlas #WeCareDoYou


#Zuma: "Mandela did it. Mbeki did it. Why can't I also did it? After all, the Guptas are our uncle in the political business." #StateCaptureInquiry

Today is #WorldYouthSkillsDay so we are celebrating some of the #skillsinaction developed by students who have taken part in the #BigIdeasCompetition2019. In their own words... 3) #networking #YouthVoice #Sustainability #STEM #skills4life #SocEnt


Today is #WorldYouthSkillsDay a day to celebrate how #SkillsChangeLives and we believe that includes the skills of young Cornish skaters too. Photographed by @BertieOakes #emergingtalent #cornwall #skate #photography


Happy #HampshireDay! We are proud to be part of the cultural offering of this glorious county for some #familyfun @VisitHampshire @HantsTopDaysOut Come and check us out


It's not too late to book your Summer School place for next week! 5 whole days of #DANCE and #FUN - no experience required. Make memories & friends and learn some new moves during the #summerholidays #HerefordHour Groups for ages 3-5, 6-10 & 11+ REGISTER:…


Coming Soon! A lovely 5 bed period property in a popular location within easy walking distance of the city centre of Hereford. We'll let you know as soon as it's available for booking. #rentmyhouse #servicedaccommodation #herefordhour


A ‘must watch’! Shadow Minister of Labour Laura Pidcock’s fantastic speech in #Durham at Saturday’s #DurhamMinersGala #BigMeeting #wato #bbcwato…

We're an amazing Tudor attraction in #Hampshire but we aren't the only one. Why not discover as many great Tudor attractions as you can with our free Hampshire Tudor Trail?… #HampshireDay


This week is #CABLive follow the hashtag to see what’s happening in local @CitizensAdvice. We'll be taking part too ! #heretohelp #volunteers #makingadifference

Two 60-plus ladies sitting in the outpatient billing area of a south Delhi hospital discussing yesterday’s final in detail. The throw from Guptill. The two ties. New Zealand’s heartbreak. Morgan’s luck. Stokes’ batting. Even a Hand of God reference. #CWC19Final #CWC19 #ENGvNZ

The super over boundaries rule ultimately decided the World Cup final, and has polarised the Cricketing world #ICCRules…

This moment has provided the Maiden World to #England What a amazing match that was! Both the teams played sooooooooo wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Congratulation @englandcricket.. #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final #ICCWorldCup2019 #ICCWC2019 #ICC #ICCRules


உலகக்கோப்பையில் வேதனையுடன் சாதனையை படைத்த கேப்டன் கேன் வில்லியம்சன்! read… #CWC19 #CWC19Final @icc @englandcricket

Many act surprised by Trump's Blatant Racism Today, when this is nothing new! #TrumpIsARacist Trump's Racism Isn't Just Racism, It's a Strategy Why do you think Trump Voters, Republicans, and the GOP are Silent?

@ the locals who are dragging this # out way too much and are turning it into a “challenge” SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE MY HASHTAG ALONE. y’all literally spread like a fucking disease when something funny happens on the internet and ruin it for all of us. #tomhollandbetterprayup


#ICCRules : सर्वाधिक चौकार ठोकणारा संघ विजेता, मग सर्वाधिक विकेट्स घेणारा संघ विजेता का नाही, क्रिकेटर्सने उपस्थित न केलेला सवाल 'कबिर सिंग' शाहिदने विचारला…

When your dad shows up to talk to your bully’s dad #ExtremeRules


Translation: Kia ora and welcome to New Zealand, a classy, civilised country. Well done Auckland Airport!


my world cup 11 rohit warner williamson root shakib stokes dhoni(c) woakes starc archer bumrah subs: jadeja roy ferguson kohilo

Nismo mi svesni šta je Novak Đokovic juče odigrao. Niko nikad veci od Federera do juče bio nije.

We stretch ourselves to the max to reach out for the maximum city! Thanks for being our champions always, Mumbai! #LoveAllMumbaikars #WimbledonFinal


tom and zendaya when they see we made #tomhollandbetterprayup and why LMAOO

Edith: Is Golden G a target? Tom: uh.. a target? Uh yeah. #tomhollandbetterprayup

I’m around the same height as Alexa and Nikki so it’s hilarious to see them with the Street Profits #ExtremeRules

#tomhollandbetterprayup tom right about know when he sees he’s trending and why

Djokovic said he had a mental trick at the #Wimbledon finals. “When the crowd is chanting ‘Roger,’ I hear ‘Novak,’” he said, before flashing a smile. “It sounds silly, but it is like that. I try to convince myself that it’s like that.”…


así me imagino a tom y a zendaya cuando vean el hashtag porque así estoy yo #tomhollandbetterprayup


Was ist braun, lebt im Nil und ist lecker? Ein Schokodil Morgen.

Move along Jofra Archer I can predict to games in a single go


Novak Djokovic'i Burak Yılmaz'a o kadar çok benzetiyorum ki tribünler yuhalayınca iki katı hırsla konsantrasyonla oynuyor bu adamlar. Bugün de öyle oldu :) #WimbledonFinal #NovakDjokovic


Novak Djokovic's boyhood dream just keeps coming true! #wimbledonfinal #bbctennis


PROUD HOMECOMING!! @EnglandCricket have done it! #EnglandTakesTheTrophy #ICCWC2019 #ENGvsNZ

Well done England! Incredible finish to that match. #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final

Wimbledon was decided on a tie breaker! #WimbledonFinal. The cricket World Cup was decided on boundaries #ICCWC2019 What a sporting spectacle we’ve al witnessed today!!

Probably the only time in history where you could say this was the greatest final ever and people won’t be sure what you are talking about #CWC2019 #WimbledonFinal What a night!!!!

Hats off to the mental fortitude of Novak Djokovic in that heavily partisan #WimbledonFinal environm't. The Championships' Champ!

"Evi Niye Gözetliyorsun ?" Diyen Komşusunu Öldürüp...! DEHŞET !… #15TemmuzGecesi #WimbledonFinal #Cinayet #Komşu


Still can’t get over the fact that Miles did a eurostep windmill dunk yesterday.

Happy International Non-Binary Day from your local non-binary girlboy! My pronouns are they/them! #InternationalNonBinaryDay #ThisIsWhatNonBinaryLooksLike


Harry Maguire at his first training session at Man Utd when Jesse Lingard shoves his phone in his face and tries making him do the Milly rock...

Fórmula 1: el impresionante choque entre Vettel y Verstappen que le costó una penalización a Ferrari…

In other news Lewis Dunk is worth £45 million apparently

So, this will confirm that James Bond is a code name, even though many of the movies establish this is not the case (even though it makes the timeline messy as Hell.)…

Fuertes rumores indican que Lashana Lynch, a quien vimos recientemente en 'Captain Marvel', interpretará a la nueva agente 007 en la próxima película de James Bond. #JamesBond


Leclerc vibra com chance de poder batalhar com Max na Inglaterra: "Nunca me diverti tanto"

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