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the idea that political realities in Palestine are too old or complex to comprehend is just propaganda obfuscating obviously racist violence it is exactly what it looks like

If #WWE can carry over the quality of story-telling with Roman Reigns and the Usos, it would be amazing. #SmackDown

thst picture of lily james all over my tl is so hot stopp

i am still trying to find lily james under her pamela getup


EXCLUSIVE: From earlier today, @PatMcAfeeShow seemed to be dressed like a certain someone for tonight's #SmackDown!

S/O to @theangleradio for hosting the Twitter Spaces talk about tonight's #Smackdown! It's kinda like a mini-Clubhouse vibe right there and I get to hear different, respectful perspectives about the episode plus more. Sounds like we gotta make this a thing

How Cesaro maneuvered into his finisher was fucking smooth. He DESERVES to be into the main event permanently!


After Day 1 of #SP21 #BBS21 I've gotten through: Constituency Results: 48/73 List Results: 32/73 Thank you for sticking with me through a very busy day! I'm glad so many folk have enjoyed it. See you in the morning!…

Ciaran Martin, University of Oxford and architect of Edinburgh Agreement, says ‘once in a generation’ claim is meaningless - Scotland and the UK have now reached a crisis between mandate and law. #newsnight #SP21

Nicola Sturgeon states she will proceed with Scottish independence referendum and take UK Govt to Supreme court if necessary #SP21

Robert Peston - Boris Johnson won’t be able to refuse a referendum if there’s a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament @itvnews #SP21

Make sure to follow and give some support to Ash Island Turkey on IG too ⬇️…

Portugal: 0 mortes por dia Israel: 0 mortes por dia Inglaterra: 1 morte por dia Brasil: 3 mil mortes por dia No Brasil, as pessoas não estão morrendo de covid, elas estão morrendo porque o presidente assassino não comprou vacinas.

Liberalismo criou a escravatura em Portugal Fonte: utilizador do twitter ponto come


Welsh Labour leader Mark Drakeford HOLDS Cardiff West His majority increased from 1,176 to 11,211 votes #BBCElections…

Welsh Labour, surging. Preston and Stockton, solid. Burnham in Manchester - blistering. Politicians who are recognisably Labour and have a record of delivery to match win.

Could eastenders not of missed one night BBC? Scottish election results are once every FIVE years #ElectionResults2021

There are reports that Labour have asked for a recount in Dumbarton Jackie Baillie (Labour) is looking to hold onto the seat against a challenge from the SNP This would be a big win for SNP. Apparently it’s a win by only 25 votes #ElectionResults2021

Off to the South Sandwich Islands

UK (Wales) election: 21/40 constituency (first past the post) declared LAB-S&D: 12 (-1) CON-ECR: 6 (+1) PC-G/EFA: 3 (+/-) constituency seats in 2016 Only flip of the night has been Conservatives gaining a seat in Vale of Clwyd from Labour. Live blog:…


We're seeing some mockery that places like Falklands and St Helena are on this list. But this is not just for holidays from England. It's about travel. People who live in places on this list may have many reasons for going to the UK/England, including business or visiting family…

A reminder a significant number of the top GOP consultants and staffers for the Bush admin, McCain & Romney campaigns are now working aggressively against Republicans and conservatives. A few have even become Democrats. Not trusting GOP consultants is a smart thing to do.

The Tories, in a stroke of political genius, have punished people so much, they now vote Tory | @tompeck…

This is a good article on Labour collapse in working-class Britain yesterday and why it's not alone in that collapse worldwide.…

Both the Labour and Conservative constituency vote increased in Orkney. Both parties did their best to hand victory to the SNP but luckily they failed. Utter madness.

Labour Sources: unfortunately we couldn’t get bail the piss out of the bath fast enough not least because we wouldn’t stop pissing everywhere, bath’s still open though, if you’re interested

The people of Hartlepool love Boris despite what Tory austerity has done to them. An example of Stockholm syndrome. #wato

LF002 Panstarrs - Ghaby Ghaby Ghaby is out today, wax and digital! #BandcampFriday…

Peter Mandelson is touring the studios telling all and sundry that it's all Corbyn's fault, despite him not being leader for over a year, that he still casts a long, dark shadow over the party. Only you cast long, dark shadows Mandy, usally before you drink the blood of virgins.

Happy #BandcampFriday! All six of our releases are available at and you can name your own price for each download!

#FridayMotivation त्रेतायुग में कबीर परमेश्वर मनिंद्र ऋषि के नाम से आए तथा शिशु रूप धारण करके कमल के फूल पर प्रकट हुए | त्रेता युग में उनकी परवरिश की लीला निसंतान दंपत्ति वेदविज्ञ नामक ऋषि तथा सूर्या नामक उनकी साध्वी पत्नी ने की | अवश्य पढ़ें पवित्र पुस्तक ज्ञान गंगा


Looking for something to read this weekend? Pick up my book Just One Mo available now on Amazon and in most bookstores.#FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation #WritingCommunity #BlackLivesMatter #amwritingfiction #JusticeforAhmaudArbery #JusticeforDaunteWright #RacialJustice #Resist


Dear @UKLabour no-one in Hartlepool voted Tory because Labour wasn’t left wing enough. They voted Tory because Labour are obsessed with identity politcs, have no coherent economic strategy, still oppose Brexit and are led by a robot with all the charisma of cardboard cut-out.

North East councils that have suddenly swung to Green is a semi-surprise. That's where the Labour left have gone, but damn, going over 50% of the vote is amazing. Good luck to em.

Congratulations, Tele-Law has touched a new milestone. 8 Lakh beneficiaries have received legal advice under this through #CSC. #TeleLaw #DigitalIndia #TransformingIndia #FridayMotivation #FridayFeeling


How does Starmer justify the thousands of lost votes in Hartlepool yesterday away from Starmer to Tory Compared with 2017/2019, who voted Corbyn now voting Tory ? #StarmerOut

#FridayMotivation क्या आपको पता है कि मनुष्य के जीवन में परिवर्तन केवल कबीर परमात्मा के ज्ञान से ही लाया जा सकता है अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखें ईश्वर चैनल शाम 8:30 से 9:30 बजे तक


Jesus. This fire is burning as we speak Side note: the constituency Grenfell is in now has a Tory MP after LDs and Lab cancelled each other out at the last election. Unless progressives find a way of working together, this will NEVER change. Tories in perpetuity. It's our choice.…

What's in stock on this #bandcampfriday Po'Boy Cassettes Nachtfisch CDs Lichthupe CDs Lichthupe II CDs

How are so many voting Conservative even after seeing how badly they handled the pandemic? #ElectionResults2021

Hi. 5 year anniversary of AEW. 5 Cassettes, 6 Vinyls, 3 Minidiscs, 8 CD’s, 4 T-shirts. Some now very limited availability. New collection today for #BandcampFriday Thanks for the support, please pop over to look & listen. #synthfam #NewMusic #synthpop ……

Alaska teacher on leave after 'racially insensitive' George Floyd comments


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