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It's amazing that the homeless are so organised. Normally they just sit next to ATM machines or beside shop doorways, but today they have all got together to #MarchForChange.

Good luck to everyone on the #MarchForChange today! I'm sorry I can't be there. Send the message loud and clear. Stay safe! Bless you all.

It's no surprise Jeremy is siding with Iran in this. I mean, he's got a record for siding with enemies of our great nation, whilst also taking money from the Iranian state. It was a no brainer on his part. A reminder that Iran execute homosexual people.…

Video released by #IRGC proves US claim of downing Iranian #drone is baseless #Iran #UnitedStates #PersianGulf #StraitOfHormuz

Watching my absolute fave kid movie ever!! The lion king... Question - Do you remember where you first saw The Lion King?

Britain will be considered but robust toward Iran: Hunt…


I think I've realised what part of the weirdness is with the cats movie. They give them a human face and all but they put the ears on top of the head? It helps contribute to them looking really uncanny. That and they look like this guy


Erste Bilder der durch den Iran gekaperten und entführten #Stena_Impero vor Bandar Abbas. Im Hintergrund (rechts) zu sehen: Ein Schnellboot der Revolutionsgarden.… #Iran


Rory McIlroy misses the cut at The Open despite a battling six-under par round of 65 at Royal Portrush

Switched channels and found out Lion King was on. Just when the stampede and murder came up

As if it wasn't bad enough you're all gonna go see Lion King and get horny for the lions again for some reason now you're all probably gonna go see cats and get horny for the cats too. You people sicken me.

The nation when Amber picked Greg #LoveIsland

No! To #HamOfTheMoment-#BorisJohnson-#BorisOf100Days; To #NigelFarage-#shyster and #nativist; To #Trumpism which #Brexit-once the vote to leave Europe- has morphed into. To any political Party that doesn't get that: #BrexitIsNativism We need to #MarchForChange #WorkForChange…

“CONVERSATING” *insert deep sigh* ITS CONVERSE FUCKING GET IT RIGHT #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

Tom Cruise has donned his bomber jacket for the Top Gun sequel 33 years after the original movie. He's still riding a #Kawasaki, but Maverick gets a supercharged #H2, not the #GPZ900R he made famous back in 1986. Which one would you have? #TopGun #TopGun2 #TomCruise #Maverick


Did no one see Maura's face when Amber picked Greg at the re-coupling? Why she not being ripped to shreads, coz if it was molly you'd be all over that. Some grade A bullshit #LoveIsland


Tough interview but some lovely comments about Shane Lowry…

English trio ready to pounce for Open glory as Shane Lowry stokes Irish hopes after Rory McIlroy's early exit | @jcorrigangolf…

Eastern City Gates of Belgrade. Belgrade, Serbia…


We are delighted to announce the signing of midfielder Cammy Oneil. Previous clubs are Morton & Barrhead 21s. Welcome aboard Cammy

When you get to kick it with King George, Euon Morton, himself after Hamilton *faints*, thank you @patrickhinds and @IainLoveTheatre!

Devasting news that one of our Patrons Willie Morton died suddenly yesterday morning. Hard to take in and at this time our thoughts are with Willie's family. RIP

Can’t believe the news about Willie Morton passing. A fantastic spin bowler and a real influence on my cricket as a youngster as a coach. The impact he has had on Scottish Cricket has been monumental. You will be missed. Rest in peace.

Less than 10 minutes into watching #therealityhouse and @elijahdaniel saying “Does the elimination count if someone gets yeeted off the side” fucking killed me. this is going to be great I already know

And there are the CATS, lithe and lean With faces that can’t be unseen, Ungodly, perverse, Each scene a bit worse, For this is 2019.

netflix hasn’t promoted the new season of queer eye at all...and they wonder why they’re losing subscribers

me disguising myself as a ceiling fan in the reality house to see what’s going down #therealityhouse

i think it's ok to say this now that it's been a few weeks but has anyone else noticed how the fat cats in eulmore use the skeletons/animations of lalafell


apparently queer eye season 4 happened today and I was wholly unaware

Watching them grow has been an amazing journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything. now the world is watching how amazing and wonderful that knj are. i'm extremely proud of them, @kianandjc are taking youtube to the next level with this series! #therealityhouse

Small update on how time off is going! Rory got herself a new car!!!

Thank you @secrettourpro for saying that. I saw something from @McIlroyRory after the round I would never have imagined from him after missing the cut. He has a huge heart and gave everything. Thank you Rory for everything you give to golf. He is human.…

لاحظ أحدهم أنه قد يكون منافساً لأشد شوارع العالم انحداراً بعد انزلاق سيارته للأسفل.. الكشف عن الشارع الأكثر انحداراً في العالم

Uill, 'illean... tha seo coltach ris na Hearadh, nach eil? Diabhal eile, Stanley! Faigh na caoirich a-mach a shot! #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Lufthansa #LH1411 evacuated over bomb threat in Belgrade…

"Never mind the craters, look at that wonderful Gaelic sign." #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

"i can't believe you made me believe ovid was welsh"

No British owned ships under the British flag anymore. They’re all flagged out. If their owners want them protected they should bring them back into the British flag. They won’t do that as they would have to treat their crews properly and comply with full UK health & safety.…

BREAKING: Iran Has Seized A British Oil Tanker UPDATE: Second Tanker Taken…

Iran seizes two UK oil tankers in Strait of Hormuz | UK News | Sky News ⁦@SkyNews⁩ ⁦@BBCBreaking⁩ , just shows how weak UK is, the world pissing on us and we are dumb enough to think it’s only rain.…

الحرس الثوري الإيراني يستولي على ناقلة نفط ترفع العلم البريطاني في الخليج

24 hours on and I'm still a crabbit bastard #killie

Thankful I went to my dermatologist and took time to learn about active ingredients because my skin is immensely better (no filter or editing g!!). ALSO thanks to @James_s_welsh and @ivanbaaaaah for your extremely informative videos and inspiring me to take on my own skin :')


YES TEMPTATIONS. This is a funky bastard of a track. #TOTP

If you don’t love the Monkees you’re dead to me. #TOTP

What a great night with @the_nomads last night! We’ve got a great set of lads and we never know when we are beat. Bring on Partizan Belgrade in what should be a feisty encounter!


If you are at a lose end this weekend my mate hipster killie has a popupshop @thegladcafe selling various pieces of bespoke limited edition killie on tour European merch... Which is now already vintage

Tattoo idea: “I’m booked up for Belgrade and everything”

Fucking hell, booked up fur Belgrade n’everhin!

Fuck it, Belgrade here we come


Yo bro, record my moon walking. #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Spain has gone nearly three months without a government

Powerful #earthquake shakes Athens (this is a breaking news story: the @BBCNews report will be updated when more information is available)

If you've listened to the verses of all the African artists on the #TheGiftAlbum you would know Shatta Wale delivered the best verse. I really don't know what the others were doing on the beat. This no be competition but charley Ghana win #Already

I found a dog #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

The Gift Album: Internet users gush over connection between Wizkid and Beyoncé in new single Brown Skin Girl…


What is Europe becoming? “This is the first time in Danish history the police were forced to pull firearms to protect a politician,” said police.

Why Everyone Is Talking About Wizkid And Beyonce ‘Brown Skin Girl’ Collaboration…

IM Sambalpur recently completed its 3rd international immersion program “The European Experience”. 24 students of PGP 2018-20 batch visited five highly advanced and diverse countries of Europe, including classroom sessions in Munich Business School on the topic Industry 4.0.


Brown skin girl!! Ahhhhh ahhhhh

Extremely important realization for anyone vilifying Trump. He is not as much of an exception as one would hope. Trump’s Immigration Approach Isn’t New: Europe and Australia Went First

Couldn’t sleep last night. Kept thinking of a saying about the rise of fascism in Europe during the 20s and 30s. “Fascism grows very slowly and then suddenly all at once.” #Thisisamerica

Reports of #earthquake in #Athens Far away on the Greek island of #Santorini, we felt nothing. Most here on the island seem totally unaware of what’s happening in capital.…

things won't last with either michael or greg and the show ends in ten days anyway. ovie is right, amber should pick whoever she really likes. even if that is michael. #loveisland

Now we’ve arrived, can I watch Love Island? #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Let’s make a Tik-tok video #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

"One small step for a disabled vegan gender-fluid 8 year old black girl, one giant leap for Humankind" - a more Diverse Inclusive suggestion from my Canadian Commander @JustinTrudeau #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

First look: I do like Ovie and yes you should go with your heart. But in this case, I don't think Amber is ready to get back with Michael after the emotional turmoil. Your mental health should always come first. She should definitely play it safe and go for Greg. #LoveIsland

Right,Ovie's pissed me off. Just cuz she likes Michael more doesn't mean that he's right for her. First of all, Michael treated her like the crap under his shoe, meanwhile Greg HASNT. 2ndly, there's no need to be close minded and still with Michael just cuz she -#LoveIsland

I honestly don’t like Michael and hate him but i dont see a atrong connection with Greg anyways regardless its 2 weeks left and not to be rude but Amber is not going to open up to another guy in those 2 weeks lets be realistic i want her to win and Steal #loveisland

Greg Olsen will "take this year and see" about continuing to play in 2020

greg is the guy you should like, but micheal is the volitile, could ‘break your heart in half a second guy’ you do like and that’s the tea #LoveIsland

Killie European tour @KilmarnockFC #KilmarnockFC

Full of folkloric & religious symbolism, Mozart's 'The Magic Flute' may be interpreted as mankind's allegorical transformation by virtue of Enlightenment philosophy. 'The Magic Flute' (1995) dir. Valeriy Ugarov - @BBC Operavox in association with Welsh National Opera @WNOtweet.

We at are delighted to welcome @DavidDclemett to our ever growing Welsh community #peoplewithpassion of amazing photographers who really do share #welshpassion to view more of David's great photography go to…


Wee visit to Kilmarnock today Seems quite a depressed place

INCIDENT Lufthansa #LH1411 evacuated over bomb threat in Belgrade…

I like Gerry Cinnamon, he's doing great, have seen him and fair enjoy his music. The Coral are supporting him tho, madness. The folk who are just in it for GC have no idea what they're in for. Be a decent night either way

Everybody saying what a joke Kilmarnock is to Scottish football like Scottish football isn't a fucking joke in it's own right

Let's not get cocky v Crusaders next week...look what happened to Kilmarnock last night.Need to have respect for them and treat them as credible opponents otherwise it could all go tits up...

Tickets booked fur yer man gerry cinnamon and I'm gonny shout HWFG wae the young team and not one fuk will be given

The fact that Scottish music is crashing ticketmaster is jist fuckin gallus. Getting that 'get ready for the goosebumps' is a great wee sight. The Snuts Retro video club Gerry cinnamon Let's fuckin see yeez Geez it

L’histoire de Belgrade, de @jchribuisson est un petit bijou. Tour à tour celte,romaine,byzantine, hongroise,ottomane,autrichienne et yougoslave,Belgrade est une interrogation,un mystère et son histoire un véritable roman qui vire tantôt à la farce,tantôt au drame. Existe en poche


'10 best things to do in Belgrade' is easily the most googled thing in North Ayrshire today.

Once Gerry Cinnamon's paychecks all come in he will be wiping his arse wae tenners, sells gigs out for fun

Just watched a video of a man taking his pet goose “George” into Walmart. What a time to be alive

Next week I will be on a huge show in Northern Minnesota that will feature: Sting Ultimo Dragon Honky Tonk Man Medusa Colt Cabana David Arquette Booker T Greg the Hammer Valentine Victoria Demolition Jimmy Hart Super Crazy Stay tuned.

Top Gun was one of my favorite movies growing up. I am stoked to see this movie! #GoodnessGraciousGreatBallsOfFire #Goose #Maverick ✈️…

Greg Kidd氏のインタビュー。今回も非常に興味深い内容となっています。 しかし本当、SNS等で酷い行い、発言をしてきた方はこれからの "アイデンティティ" 問題にどう対応していくことになるのだろうか…

My boy Greg Cullen has a double and a HR today. Woooo!!! No reason why he's still in Rome. Get this guy a promotion. 133 wRC+ heading into today's game. C'mon already.


Partizan Belgrade ultras taking over Connah’s Quay is going to be a sight I’d never see

It's always about #family! Call us for the home inspection and let's get you into your new home! #ThrowbackThursday #WelcomeHome #HomeSweetHome #ThursdayThoughts


In Judaism, we are taught to speak out against injustice when we see it. I am continually in awe of how @IlhanMN is an undeniable force against human rights abuses. Her voice is one that gives me hope. #IStandWithIlhan unconditionally.

INTERNACIONAL Ascienden a 24 los muertos tras incendio provocado en los estudios Kyoto Animation.


Pray for Kyoto Animation. Hope you can better soon. I'll waiting for you.


Don't forget to keep tweeting #TAEYONG_LongFlight. Let's keep it trending for as long as possible.…

MPs vote to block the next UK PM shutting down Parliament in order to push through a no-deal #Brexit, by 315 votes to 274

The silence from Republicans on Trump's hateful words is deafening today. It's not enough to defeat him—we need to get every member of his party who supports this out of office. Join our movement to stand for something bigger. #IStandWithIlhan…

morgan freeman był starszy w 1989r niż był w 1994 przeraża mnie to

This really is an excellent way to find out which Americans are racist. #IStandWithIlhan #IStandWithPresTrump

Morgan McMichaels walks into the— wait, that's not Morgan?

33 fallecidos ya... Lo que ha pasado hoy en Kyoto Animation es una de las mayores salvajadas que he visto en años.…

PremierGains winning ticket 34days back to back DM or Whatsapp +2347036388722 FREE #PremierGains #BBnaija #kasanovaTeaser #ThursdayMotivation #MandelaDay2019 #ThursdayThoughts #DIGITEST2019 Zlatan Mikel Don jazzy Meek Mill Rick Ross


Japon : au moins 13 morts et 35 blessés dans l'incendie d'un studio d'animation à Kyoto…


Kyoto Animation, the incredible studio behind A Silent Voice, an incredible film, and Nichijou, one of my favorite shows, was victim to an arson attack. 25 dead with several more injured. Please #PrayForKyoani , as they have had an impact on many.

You are clearly not a little girl who has had to deal with burly men in dresses enter their public restroom space. #Maga #sendherback #Trump2020 #ThursdayThoughts…

There is nothing racist in Trump's comments. He is standing up against a small gang of freshman bullies. Reading more into this is nothing short of delusional. #ThursdayThoughts #IStandWithPresTrump

The death toll of the Kyoto Animation arson has risen to 33 now, as confirmed by the fire department.

PremierGains winning ticket 34days back to back DM or Whatsapp +2347036388722 FREE #PremierGains #BBnaija #kasanovaTeaser #ThursdayMotivation #MandelaDay2019 #ThursdayThoughts #DIGITEST2019 Zlatan Mikel Don jazzy Meek Mill Rick Ross


PremierGains winning ticket 34days back to back DM or Whatsapp +2347036388722 FREE #PremierGains #BBnaija #kasanovaTeaser #ThursdayMotivation #MandelaDay2019 #ThursdayThoughts #DIGITEST2019 Zlatan Mikel Don jazzy Meek Mill Rick Ross


PremierGains winning ticket 34days back to back DM or Whatsapp +2347036388722 FREE #PremierGains #BBnaija #kasanovaTeaser #ThursdayMotivation #MandelaDay2019 #ThursdayThoughts #DIGITEST2019 Zlatan Mikel Don jazzy Meek Mill Rick Ross


PremierGains winning ticket 34days back to back DM or Whatsapp +2347036388722 FREE #PremierGains #BBnaija #kasanovaTeaser #ThursdayMotivation #MandelaDay2019 #ThursdayThoughts #DIGITEST2019 Zlatan Mikel Don jazzy Meek Mill Rick Ross


You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure. - Zig Ziglar #quote #thursdaythoughts


I saw someone use a JP Morgan card yesterday, started to ask em him if he had work

App deixa Morgan Freeman rejuvenescido e Keanu Reeves envelhecido.


Morgan Stanley revenue rises 1.9 per cent from wealth management business @GlobeBusiness


gwendoline christie submitted herself for an emmy and got nominated. @Jorrelikesgirls made it his goal to be in the musical based on his favorite books and was cast. @K_Stoked and @ChrisMzCarrell still don’t know how to use airports but they’re working on it! be your own hero.

Can literally never get these two wiggle worms to sit still for a picture but that’s okay, they’re still cute❤️


Officers from our NRU spoke about safety issues with kids attending the Doral Soccer Club summer camp at @Cityofdoral Morgan Levy Park. #doralpolice #doralproud ^RV


Check out Good Morning Ulster podcast from this morning where our president Murray Bell discusses the economic impact and the legacy of the Open with Richard Morgan… #theopen #royalportrushgolfclub

Game Of Thrones Star Gwendoline Christie Submitted Herself For An Emmy

[Blibli Indonesia Open 2019] Pebulutangkis tunggal putra Indonesia Jonatan Christie berhasil memetik kemenangan di babak kedua.

iASK: Today is #WorldEmojiDay! Any suggestions for an emoji to represent the #KarnatakaPoliticalCrisis and the embarrassment around it? #KarnatakaFloorTest #KarnatakaTrustVote #Karnataka #Bengaluru #India

Royal Society: No-deal Brexit 'threat to research'…

BBC News - No-deal Brexit likely to cause UK recession, says watchdog… Hammond's swan song!

Couple this with the indicators from the US markets that stocks are massively over valued and a recession would be us getting away easy. Perfect storm is gathering >> No-deal Brexit likely to cause UK recession, says watchdog…

Eldora sucks but man I love watching Greg Wilson trunk the wing and rip the bottom.

on feeds, Jack and Christie are debating whether to bring in Kat for the vote or not.. sounds like they want to hold a vote, about the vote .. oh wait, Jack told Christie she doesn't get to talk to him like that, and she said she'll talk how she wants ., but then they hugged

I did it!!! Me at 80 with a badass Scandinavian beard. #FaceApp #faceappchallange


This #BBNajia2019 should finish quick so I can concentrate on my studies. #FaceApp #aksu360 #AgeChallenge #AksueTeam

No es gossip girl. Puede faltar Serena, pero no Queen B.…

gossip girl is getting a reboot and all I can do is hope it’s better than mean girls 2

Christie- When this is all said and done, and we lose Kat as an ally, I'm not taking the heat for it. Jack- I said "there is four people that believe we should tell her. If we trust you, if this goes bad, it's on you" #BB21

Die Anklage gegen US-Schauspieler Kevin Spacey wegen eines mutmaßlichen sexuellen Übergriffs ist fallen gelassen worden. Laut Staatsanwaltschaft verweigert das mutmaßliche Opfer die Aussage.…

Forget Matt, Greg is the real catch on the show #MarriedAtFirstSight

Los fiscales retiran el caso contra Kevin Spacey por supuesto toqueteo de un joven…

#WorldEmojiDay Una cara sonriente o un corazón encierran mil mensajes desde 1990 cuando en Japón nació el emoji, esta forma de comunicación gráfica.


If you have live feeds, really reccommend you go back and watch the full Christie meltdown. It was so funny. #bb21

Kevin Spacey was treated very poorly. I knew it was all a lie from reading the first story

Gwendoline Christie is one of three Game of Thrones actors who submitted their own nominations to the Emmys.


Greg is a seriously good catch as a husband #MarriedAtFirstSight

very much enjoyed the sarajevo fans goin fuckin tonto after their goal the night

Appalling interview by #Peston with Boris Johnson. Talk about Journalists being in bed with politicians. Couldnt have been more cushier if he had tried, eh

Celtic venció al Sarajevo y avanzó a la segunda ronda de la #ChampionsLeague.


A fine 2-1 win tonight for the hoops HH CELTIC 2-1 SARAJEVO

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