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Remember the third holiest site of Islam in your Duas. Remember our brothers and sisters in Palestine in your prayers. #AlAqsa

Inshallah One Day Zalim will be hanged and Palestinians will be in ruled. Masjid Al Aqsa will be free soon. Palestine Ki Azaadi Tak Jung rahegi. #AlQudsDay #FreePalestine #SaveSheikhJarrah


It's heartbreaking how the civilised western world have been pretending all is fine with the repeated oppression & ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by the zionist Israeli occupation forces. South Africa didn't stay this long under apartheid. #SaveSheikhJarrah Palestine Israel


What makes the entire situation in Palestine even tougher to digest is that we have wealthy Muslim countries around the world who are able to influence decisions and make changes by using their power, yet they sit in complete silence and watch the onslaught of our fellow muslims.

Dolph Ziggler is one of those guys who can lose every night but always come back from it. #SmackDown

Cesaro destroyed The Bloodline #SmackDown Now that was unexpected .. Perfect Push for the Swiss Superman

Throwback graphics Throwback ref shirt/miscellaneous Teddy Long(with schticks) Throwback moments 10 man tag Definitely fulfilled a Throwback #SmackDown to me.

You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it. - Malcolm X #ElectionResults2021


What are the rules for travelling to France this summer? #Greenlist…

NEW: FBI raid puts former Trump personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani under heightened scrutiny over “shadow lobbying” for a slate of foreign clients from Ukraine to Turkey but never registering as a foreign agent under FARA

There's only one country in the world where that's the case, Portugal. Blame the UK government.…

Cllr Paul Baker, LD, has been elected to Charlton Park and College electoral division #ElectionResults2021 #GlosElections21 @GlosCC


South Sandwich Islands, Tristan da Cunha, Ascension.. all the famous flight destinations. Trying to pad that list out a bit, are we.…

New election game. Trying to work out the voting numbers per candidate from the Welsh before they say it English. #gaelic #ElectionResults2021 #geek

The @LibDems have won Goldsworth East and Horsell Village in #Woking - unseating the Conservative Deputy Leader of #Surrey County Council! Congrats and well done to newly elected Councillor @liberallance! #LibDemWin #ElectionResults2021

If certain groups weren't fixated on having "communication" with owners that have removed 2 billion from the club. Joel Glazer wouldn't have been given the opportunity to put out todays PR stunt. Literally all they've done is give him an opportunity. Hope this helps

If a letter from Joel Glazer stops anyone having the same energy they've had towards the Glazers over the last few weeks, those people weren't that serious about it anyway. Fuck em. The rest of us need to just get on with it. Ignore the idiots #NotAPennyMore Hope this helps

It's a win in the Vale of Clwyd! Absolutely delighted and humbled to be elected to serve my home constituency. Thank you for all the lovely messages and support. Looking forward to getting to work!


Plus One: I know it's the bicentennial of Napolean's death, but St Helena for a summer holiday? Bound to feel cooped up....…

.@willie_rennie comfortably holds North East Fife as Labour and Tory vote collapses. In his speech, he confuses the voters of NE Fife for the voters of the whole of Scotland! #SP2021 #SP21 #indyref2

UK (Wales) election: Vale of Clwyd constituency result CON-ECR: 41% (+5) LAB-S&D: 40% PC-G/EFA: 11% (+3) LDEM-RE: 3% REF~NI: 2% (+2) IND-* (Thomas): 2 (+2) +/- vs 2016 election CON (ECR) gain from LAB (S&D) Live blog:…


I see nothing to celebrate in the Tory election victory.But they will see it as vindication of the draconian lockdown measures we exist under. It will give them confidence to push through illiberal measures inc domestic Covid passports. With no opposition. #NoVaccinePassports

Its six hours since the Hartlepool massacre and there's still no word from Starmer. Perhaps he change his name to Schtummer.

As we get more data for @SkyNews, the Conservatives are cleaning up in places where UKIP did well in 2016 and 2017.


Local council services have been reduced substantially over the past decade due to funding cuts from central Government. Blame in Hartlepool has been unfairly apportioned to Labour who are seen as being locally in control. #wato

Brexit has happened. People do not trust a man who deliberately popped out with the 2nd ref nonsense and decided Labour was a remain party AFTER conference had agreed to work on a brexit that would be fair for all. THAT is why the results were so abysmal. #ResignStarmer

#GodMorningFriday Lord Kabir met Jambheshwar ji maharaj (Founder of Bishnoi Dharma), in the form of a Jinda Saint in Samrathal and told him the true spiritual knowledge. Watch Sadhna TV 7:30 PM. #fridaymorning


cannot overstate how insane this video is. a labour mp just going on and on and on, with detailed examples, about how great the tory election offer was, with virtually nothing to say about labour’s plans at all.…

When there's a high turnout I hear folk saying "this will benefit the Tories". When it's a low I hear"This will benefit the Tories". Now it's high turnout the Tories are saying "this will benefit the SNP". Maybe we could just be happy the turnout is high for the sake of democracy

Once again I’m tweaking my diet. 400 grams of carbs appears to be my spillover point. Taking it down to 350/ day for a few days and see how I react. Trying to hone in for my upcoming bulk. Scale didn’t move much but mirror tells a different story. #fridaymorning #fitover50


Very difficult to see how an election in which the SNP picks up Dumfriesshire isn't an election in which it wins a majority, especially if that isn't balanced by losses in the North East #SP21 #ElectionResults2021…

I am going to be so productive at work today. #FridayFeeling #fridaymorning


Every week my dad saves text messages from me to the family and on Friday he shares them. It’s texts from Bunsen! #textsfrombunsen #FridayMotivation #Friday #Dogs


Fascinating news, does this mean people who feel younger are biologically younger? @davidasinclair Such a clear demonstration of the #mindbody connection. Tip of the iceberg in terms of what our minds & this connection can achieve 'physically' in the body. #FridayFeeling…

It's that magical time of the month again - #BandcampFriday! My new song Night of the Dark is on this link. My back catalogue is also available for a full 40% off!…

Start off fresh each day to create the future that you want. #FridayMotivation


#FridayMotivation #Fridaymorning All the miseries that come in our life are due to our sinful deeds and this sin deed can only be finished by doing Satbhakti according to the scriptures which Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is currently telling. Come and do your welfare.


All the latest #ElectionResults2021 at One. Plus #covid #vaccine and #travel announcements @bbcnews @bbcone

A Progress dweeb parachuted in to a by-election campaign alongside Actual Peter Mandelson just presided over an astounding collapse in our vote. You know what will definitely help? Putting people like Mandelson in charge of everything to work their magic.


We are witnessing a working-class revolt against the Labour Party. Working-class voters have had enough of this party that tried to stop Brexit and which views ordinary people as a bunch of thick racists. Long may the revolt continue, says Brendan O’Neill…

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