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#LGBTQtakeover as tag q eu sou flop é as q eu amo


Los Simpsons ya lo predijeron #Fortnite


Não canso de flopar nessas hashtags #LGBTQtakeover


#LGBTQtakeover bonitinha e tricolor qq mais cês querem


Not sure why #NoBraDay is even a thing? It's not like women are forced to put one on as if it's some sort of bra-dictatorship here in Canada

#SpoilAMovieIn2Words Mysterio Evil

People eating #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

I did it! Albeit a tad slower than Mr Kipchoge but I'm sure it's all to do with him having better trainers. If you can afford to, feel free to express your sympathy with my aching body by donating to @FamilyRightsGp #RoyalParksHalf…


I suppose @NicolaSturgeon is seeking to get the #JAPvSCO replayed until the Scots win? #RWC2019

BBC News - Japan 28-21 Scotland: Gregor Townsend's side out of Rugby World Cup…

Gregor Townsend bemoans two ‘soft’ tries after defeat by Japan

BBC Sport - Japan 28-21 Scotland: Gregor Townsend's side out of Rugby World Cup… BBCの解説はさすが公平に見てますね

the jocks losing after threatening legal action lest they miss out on their god given right to rack up another L is as on brand as it gets

Japan 28-21 Scotland: Gregor Townsend's side out of Rugby World Cup - BBC Sport BBCによるさっきの試合の詳細なレポート。コメ欄を見るとやはりスコットランドの試合が流れたら訴える発言は海外でも相当顰蹙を買っていたようだ。…

I still hate all jocks

The way Townsend was manoeuvred into the Scotland job is a problem for him (and Dodson) now. Cotter was ditched in 2017 because GT was ready to step up right there, right then. It’ll be a hard sell to now say that he needs time to grow into the role or build experience. 1/2

Hey, have you read Lolly Willowes? I just read Lolly Willowes and I ADORED it. Anyone recommend any other books by Sylvia Townsend Warner?

I think Townsend has to resign #japvsco

BBC Sport - Japan 28-21 Scotland: Gregor Townsend's side out of Rugby World Cup…

Jocks are out, perhaps they will be better at sport, when they get independence.

Rick owens please go out with me I’m a good man and i will respect you and give you all the attention you want please i’ll do anything for you my king please rick don’t go to those disgusting jocks like raf who only like you for your body

the jocks are pure and utter shite at every sport.

The jocks need legal action ASAP ... #RWC19

Mostert with the worst passing decision since BJ Leilua in the Grand Final #Bathurst1000

At this rate, the safety car might need to conserve fuel soon... #VASC #Bathurst1000

Winterbottom, Webb, and Mostert have entered the pits. #VASC #Bathurst1000

Scottish fans and rugby legend @ScottHastings13 getting ready for a big night. #JPNvSCO #RWCYokohama #RWC2019


"What are you going to say to Chaz?" "Oh its just pretty sh*t really" (What he really wants to say): "YOU'RE A F**KING IDIOT!!!" #Bathurst1000


The #Bathurst1000 is cruel and unpredictable. This race never fails to bring the highs and lows. Fingers crossed @cameron_waters and @chazmozzie both get back out #FordMustang

This race. It's just the best thing. #Bathurst1000

Say what you really think Cam “Chaz is a massive fuckwit for taking me out...again” #Bathurst1000

This is why this event is the best sporting event in Australia It delivers every year #Bathurst1000

今日はラグビーワールドカップの日本対スコットランド戦と言うことで… #RWC2019 #JPNvSCO #BRAVEを届けよう #RWCYokohama #QMA


De camino a @CorrePorElNino Una carrera que tiene algo. Cuando sabes que el fin va para esos niños se disfruta el doble. Carrera especial, con ambiente especial. #MapomaRunners #Domingodecarreras

Estamos todos de acuerdo con que "El camino" fue innecesaria y extensa?

El Camino was a masterpiece my god

Can’t emphasize enough how pleased I am that Jesse Pinkman is wearing the leather jacket I own in El Camino. It was $50 and I had a coupon. I love it so much

Conoce y reconoce tus fortalezas y tus limitaciones. Haz de las primeras tu motor día a día, pues entonces el camino es más sencillo. Buenos días! ❤️❤️❤️


People act as if Gerrard has worn a Chelsea or Everton kit. It’s just for a charity plus Liverpool had no beef with Rangers lol pipe the fuck down.

I’m starting to get an Alexandra Burke vibe about Karim on #Strictly, i.e. he’s good but he knows he’s good and the fake shock when he gets high scores is starting to get on my tits.

I’m sorry but how the fuck did Dev lose that dance off? #Strictly

HISTORY MADE! Eliud Kipchoge becomes first man to run Marathon in under 2hrs



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