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O #FineLine é perfeito, né? E quem não quer escutar esse hinário ao vivo que atire a primeira pedra! Então nós estamos fazendo um sorteio para concorrer a 1 ingresso para a Love On Tour, a nova turnê de Harry Styles! Corre para participar!…

queria beijar o @ ao som de she #FineLine



canada is always done dirty i’m tired…

Murdoch used the Firehose of Falsehoods Propaganda method again to keep his puppet as British PM it has worked for Trump Morrison & now Johnson Nothing that Clinton Shorten or Corbyn could do would beat that He still doesn't control Canada tho-not yet anyway #GeneralElection

This is revolting. Once again justice is about identity in Canada. Reward illegality. Punish success. Subsidize failure.…

Ken Livingstone’s comments tonight, though, really capture the flavor of this party. “The Jewish Vote in Blyth Valley” sounds like a Howard Jacobson novel.

“Comrades, the Five Year Plan was on target to victory until it was treacherously undermined by the capitalist billionaires of Blyth Valley.”

Tory flips, according to BBC: “Places like Wrexham - which Labour had held since the 1930s. Like Leigh - where Labour has won since the 20s. Like Workington - which has been Labour since the 70s. Like Blyth Valley - which until now had never had a Tory MP.”

Labour seats lost tonight and how long they'd been held by the party - Leigh: 1922 Bishop Auckland: 1935 Blyth Valley: 1935 Wrexham: 1935 Darlington: 1992 Blackpool South: 1997

Brilliant from Burgon there. Why did Labour lose? Because the Blairites lost votes from 1997-2010. Well done Richard.

I voted Labour for decades. To all the Corbynites who called my ilk 'Red Tories' 'Daily Mail readers' 'Blairites'....fuck yourselves you fanatical delluded cultists. Still singing the pillock's name? Now we need to return to the centre & send you bastards back to the wilderness.

Mark Francois is on the telly. Time to pack it in for the night. Goodnight everybody. Goodbye Corbyn

CON Hold Rayleigh & Wickford Mark Francois back #GE2019

Andrew Neil asking Mark Francois if he’s hallucinating was peak Andrew Neil…


Hard on Mark Francois, who had been odds-on for quote of the night…

Newcastle East convincing win for Nick Brown with 26,049 votes & Sunderland Central goes to Julie Elliot @UKLabour 18,336

I have cast my democratic vote for the least of the evils. Yay. And here is my obligatory dog picture. He is unimpressed. #dogsatpollingstations


We voted! I'm not 100%, but Rudy may have spoiled his form Dickhead #dogsatpollingstations


Had my share of abuse from anonymous twitter accounts promoting photoshopped images supported by the daily mail but how #DianeAbbott copes with it day in day our I’ll never know

I’ve done the last two elections so this time I sent Mabel for #dogsatpollingstations



MEU CASAAAAAL #intheheightsmovie

Y'all I just read A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong (Regency Christmastime! Falconry! Tall women! There was only one bed!) and I desperately want to read more festive books, hit me up with your suggestions #BookTwitter ! (Historical preferred.)

essa cena provavelmente é a finale. usnavi leva as crianças pra visitar washington heights depois de contar a história do bairro. the hydrants are open. e ele está em casa. rolam os créditos e o filme é automaticamente indicado a todas as categorias do oscar. #intheheightsmovie


I would enjoy seeing this image photoshopped such that Kanye West is drinking a monster zero ultra


I photoshopped a cat and a seal together


People Trump has photoshopped his head onto: -A boxer -A spy on a killing spree in a church -A megalomaniacal supervillain killing half the universe's population -A 16 yr old girl with autism

FWIW... 1. #DianeAbbott herself has retweeted several examples of photos, taken *today* by supporters, wearing odd shoes. They do not appear to be #photoshopped. 2. But of all the reasons to have a go at her, this has to be one of the lamest. That's all.

Funny how all the corbynistas are saying that the photo of #DianeAbbott was doctored when the original photo was published by @Meg_HillierMP at 9:55. It has now been taken down but can be seen below. #homesecretary @GuidoFawkes


For those saying the #DianeAbbott photo is edited.. See this video thanks to @Perkins_wba and an android bug you can see the deleted tweet by the LABOUR MP.. Diane abbott could be our home sec.. Let that sink in

All those people mocking #DianeAbbott are a disgrace. How would they feel if the shoe was on the other foot?

Another picture, this time from a Labour Party supporter, this morning with Diane still wearing two left shoes. Corbynistas will still claim Anya Photoshopped it...…

Solidarity to @HackneyAbbott . So many haters out there. But we know just what a wonderful woman #DianeAbbott , and that's why they feel the need to bully her. We've got your back, Diane. Keep fighting and keep being your awesome self!

I'd trust #DianeAbbott's choice of shoes for a day out canvassing over most anyone else's. She's been out walking the walk for 45 years, and she's been getting the same sexist, racist bullshit for it the entire time.

The picture was photoshopped you harridan imbecile.…

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. ~ Jimi Hendrix #JoYTrain #SuccessTRAIN

Headline of the day: Jimi Hendrix cleared of blame for UK parakeet release…

Listen to Jimi Hendrix - Let Me Move You here:

The Ring-Necked Parakeets have been in the news today. The myths about Jimi Hendrix & The African Queen have been debunked using criminology mapping techniques. NewsShopper: The Guardian: The Telegraph:


ah yes my favourite candidate jimi hendrix of the voodoo party


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