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We must lift some of the burden of young generation by taking actions of our own. "When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money”. We have to act like protectors, not parasites. #HowDareYou…

Jonah Hill podría ser el próximo villano de "Batman"…

*Campaigning At Its Best* In a bid to remind people its bottles are recyclable, Coca-Cola is launching a marketing campaign titled ‘Round in Circles’. #TuesdayThoughts #Tuesday #CocaCola #marketingtips #LetsThinkBeyond #Redefine #Greta #HowDareYou #TuesdayMotivation


Greta can immediately save most of the collapsing ecosystems RIGHT NOW by calling for an immediate ban on pesticides and on the logging of old growth forests. #justsaying #HowDareYou

People are guessing what role Jonah Hill will play in The Batman…

#HowDareYou...Have you heard it or not....however, mixed reactions have started pouring in. Things are getting hazy and murkier. #WorldEnvironmetalPolitics #ClimateChange #ClimateActionSummit #GretaThunberg


Cristiano Ronaldo fanboys trying to explain why he should've won the #FIFAFootballAwards instead of #Messi & #VanDijk like...

RIGHT I almost forgot, SPOOKY SEASON BEGINS TODAY! #AutumnEquinox #BestTimeOfTheYear

Autumn leaves & pumpkins please. Happy first day of fall! #1stdayoffall #FirstDayofFall


#NYPD ESU #K9s Louie, Jimbo, and Freddy help provide security as @POTUS and other world leaders attend the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly. #UNGA #ClimateActionSummit #ClimateAction #NYPDprotecting


It’s officially the #FirstDayofFall, which means it’s finally, officially #HotNerdFall. NERDS OUR TIME HAS COME LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


That feeling when you finish your #dotnetconf session and it went really well.


Those living in housing vulnerability are disproportionately impacted by extreme weather. The homeless, those living in informal settlements are already suffering because of climate change. @GretaThunberg's words at the #ClimateActionSummit resonate deeply for the #Right2Housing.…

Autumn is on its way. I'm trying to focus on the positives - pretty trees, sunsets, more opportunities to snuggle up in the warm. Photo taken at Park Hill Park, Croydon. #Croydon #FirstDayofFall #Autumn #AutumnIsHere #trees


CEO Eric Rondolat from @Signifycompany introduces the 3% club to improve energy efficiency by 3% every year - one of the most promising initiatives to come out of #ClimateActionSummit…

#Qatar believes that the international community must come together to tackle the challenges presented by climate change. That's why His Highness @TamimBinHamad pledged $100 million to support states most at risk from climate change. #UNGA #ClimateActionSummit


The contrast between Angela Merkel & our ⁦@ScottMorrisonMP⁩ could not be more stark. #Merkel speaks of the duty of her Govt - right wing Christian Democrats - to persuade & lead. Our bloke attends rallies for a madman. #ClimateActionSummit #auspol…

One of the baffling things about Twitter is why people keep raging about Allison Pearson Katie Hopkins and Toby Young! Ignore them, let them rage on their own timeline and deny them the oxygen of publicity. Then they’ll stop trending!

'Nightmare, nightmare' - tourists stranded after Thomas Cook collapses…

How the hell can it be a penalty and a yellow card but not w penalty try. Can’t be certain that a rolling maul that has already gone 15m isn’t going the extra 3-4???? #WALvGEO #RWC2019

#LabourConference2019 McDonnell..... “It will be a 4day working week with no loss of pay” So who pays?? Thomas Cook would have gone quicker then with a labour government.

This is an almost identical maul pull-down by Georgia to the one by Wales a few minutes earlier. #WALvGEO Yellow to Georgia and not to Wales THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS @Rugbyworldcup

سگریٹ کی غیرقانونی تجارت، ملک گیرکریک ڈاؤن کا حکم… اہم خبریں اور تجزیئے اپنے موبائل پر حاصل کرنے کے لیے باغی ٹی وی کی ایپ انسٹال کریں #ImranKhanDoctrine #TWICE_FeelSpecial #MondayMood #MondayMotivation #IKWillRescueKashmir


Luke Pierce is a decent ref isn’t he #WALvGEO

I can’t believe in 2019 people were still booking package holidays with the likes of Thomas Cook.

Thomas Cook on brink of collapse as 180,000 risk being stranded #dailyhellas…


In honour of #BiVisibilityDay this is me, a bisexual, pulling funny faces #TransIsBeautiful


We're proud to support bisexual visibility and inclusion in our workplaces and are committed to being a diverse employer where everyone, no matter their sexual orientation or identity, feels safe to be themselves. #BiVisibilityDay


We’re proud to support #RecycleWeek alongside our brands this year. We recently launched #GetPlasticWise, a new ambitious campaign to accelerate our plastics progress. Here's our new 5 point plan to using less, better or no plastic.…


merry #BiVisibilityDay!! a nice story: i've always only dated other bi/queer/poly ppl of all genders out of fear of gold star lesbians looking down on me. but the (totally gorgeous) lesbian i am dating atm casually corrected someone who referred to us as lesbians last weekend (1)

JUST Four is the key number for #RecycleWeek in Slough. If the rubbish in your hand fits into one of the four categories below it goes in the red recycling bin. Anything else in the black waste bin.


Final Thomas Cook passenger plane lands at Manchester airport… via @MailOnline

En route to #IBMSCongress2019, having fun attempting to diagnose interesting cases. Looking forward to the microscopy workshop this afternoon! @hornej13 @IBMScience


Incredible! @JharrelJerome wins Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series for his role as King Korey Wise in @Ava's #WhenTheySeeUs! Congrats! #Emmys


Like Jon Snow, we too have died and come back to life. A REAL LIFE QUEEN. #Emmys


merecidíssimo #emmys (e eu tô perdendo no bolão) haha…

That’s what’s up! Jharrel played his ass off in that role! If you haven’t seen #WhenTheySeeUs watch it! #Emmys

Just recorded a dynamite episode of @4thnGoldPodcast with @JavierVeg_. Breaking down the #49ers win over the #Steelers was funner than expected. Be ready for when it drops soon! #49wz

WHEW...thank god this is a major motion picture #fancamsareoverparty

The Giants outscored Tampa Bay 22-3 in the second half. After not punting the entire first half, the Buc’s second half drive summary looked like this: PUNT PUNT PUNT INT FG PUNT MISSED FG What a huge difference #GiantsPride

What I liked about our #Seahawks game: 1. Russ runs 18, slides for 1st down 2. Russ TD passes: Lockett, Dissly 3. Russ 54yd: Metcalf 4. Russ shielded by Dissblocks 5. Russ 21yd: Prosise 4th&3 6. Russ rush TDx2 7. Russ 406yds air/51yds run 8. Russ likes Barton FR, BWagz 18tackles

#doesyourmumknow that as soon as you’re round the corner you take the oversized hoodie off

If ‘Private Schools’ really do “facilitate genetic potential’ then WTF happened with you & Toby Young? I rest my case.…

crispin odeyious #ToriesAtWar couldn't resist showing off his money and power. controlling Gove, johnson, Cummins, these crooks have taken cash to destroy the GVT, the EU membership, our kids futures. its time to fight these bastards not the EU. this is how corrupt UK is,

Joey is that guy that would bully someone at school. I do think @OnlyWayIsEssex needs to consider what image to portray when considering the variety of ages watching #towie

I mean come on. #ARSAVL Some of our players are a fucking embarrassment #arsenal @Arsenal @GaryLineker @johncrossmirror

#FPL Mid-Game Bonus Points (45mins) #CHELIV HT 0-2 3 – Firmino 2 – Robertson 1 – Alexander-Arnold

Brilliant to see thousands of Londoners take to the streets on #CarFreeDay, experiencing more than 27 km of closed roads and hundreds of activities. See how the event transformed our city ↓ #LetLondonBreathe

Trent Alexander Arnold Scouser Blood Shet Bleed #CHELIV

It's been years and years and countless of episodes and amazing moments. But this little joke will forever be my favourite #FRIENDS25 #Friends #RossGeller #ChandlerBing

I know that this show is a bit "outdated", but it's still one of my favorite shows. This show has cheered me up so many times and has shown me that even when things aren't great, they will get better. #Friends25


#SUVs: Protestaktion #StadtpanzerRaus! Leben und Gesundheit der schwächeren Verkehrsteilnehmer sowie der Klimaschutz müssen Priorität in der #Verkehrspolitik bekommen. #StädteFürMenschen #CarFreeDay #autofreierTag…

Happy 25th anniversary to the favorite TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S ❤️ #FRIENDS25

Appreciation post of one of the best series in history. #FRIENDS25


Weather may have turned but still enjoying playing out for #CarFreeDay #PlayStreet #reimaginethecity #Hackney


Town are one of a number of Championship sides chasing Exeter City winger Randell Williams (TeamTalk) #htafc


A bit late but happy #BatmanDay



Spurs falter but Harry Kane's brilliance shows no sign of diminishing...he is the most influential player in any of the top four sides


#VIDEO El enfrentamiento entre Jeremy Stephens y Yair Rodríguez, de la #UFCMexico, dura sólo 15 segundos


¿Te encuentras en la zona de la Fuente Luminosa y quieres ir a? SUR: León y Castillo, Munguía y Avd. Marítima. ZONA ALTA: Luis Doreste Silva, Juan XXIII (Dirección Barranquillo). PUERTO: Luis Doreste Silva, Juan XXIII, Avd. Marítima (Salida hacia Puerto o Túneles Julio Luengo).

Nao me responsabilizo por oq eu postar/mensagens a partir de agr

Perdi os Contatos p ajudar KKKKKKKKKKK MEU CHIP TÁ MTO LOUCO

Allez bonne nuit les amis et rêvez de Kevin De Bruyne et Raheem Sterling

A fab day in the sunshine for our biggest lgbt fans gathering to date. So much visibility in the ground to boost our fight against homophobia with our scarves and flags. #unitedasone #nufc #Toonarmy #NEWBRI #NEWBHA


Lots of debate about Bamford on LUFC Twitter. To me he is more of an old style centre forward or someone who played in a 4-4-2 with a more mobile strike partner. If we are playing one up top I think Nketiah would be more effective. Just saying! #LUFC #MOT

A "Cup Final" labelled by manager Steve Bruce as they faced @OfficialBHAFC , unfortunately @NUFC toiled to 0-0 bore draw which failed to live up to the hype #NEWBRI #Newcastle #Toon #PremierLeague #NUFC


The interesting thing is that, considering Momentum members' pro-EU, pro-PV views (they were consulted on Brexit a year ago and many thousands replied) they have been represented on this issue more robustly by Watson, than by anyone else.

Happy Batman Day! #Batman #BatmanDay

5yr old Ollie would just like a lap to curl up on this #Caturday. He adores human company so would like an owner who’s around a lot! Please #AdoptDontShop today! #Bucks #UK


Who is talking about the 21 MPs expelled from the @CONservatives? NOBODY. We have missed a golden opportunity to get rid of @Tom_Watson. So the same old people will be angry at us. Oh well, what’s new? They’re a thorn. At least we’d stop the leaker & have greater unity.

Me: Rose, did you have fun at the football game? Rose: *blank stare into the FaceTime camera* Tommy: Rose, the band. Did you like the band? Rose: YES! (Followed by incoherent 2 year old babble, complete with hand motions & dance moves) brb...searching for LSU game day tickets…

Happy #BatmanDay. This is the Batman I knew and grew up with. #MichaelKeaton #Keats

Been waiting all week for this! Someone rubz my tummy! It's #Caturday !!!!!!! #CatsOfTwitter #cats #catsrule


Tottenham can cry foul all they want. But VAR decision was absolutely spot on. Like Mou said, it is only thieves that complain about VAR. Just like their Champions league game, they spunk and fire in the 2nd half. Poor game Management. #LEITOT


Moeen Ali, Draton Manor Family Stand, Block 2 Row O, Seat 4 #Finalsday

Hello and welcome to the match day extra. We have a lot to give you today. I am @Bill_Eshun . Sit back and enjoy #JoySports


Proposed system to regulate Tom Watson


OMG! I met Prince Charming and the shoe fits! #myhotterfit #BlogOnToys


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