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Important question: Did Boris actually come out of the fridge yet? #fridgegate

Johnson's bizarre behaviour shows that he is mentally unsuitable for high office. Whoever heard of a PM refusing to look at a photo, pocketing a phone from a journalist or hiding in a fridge? He needs help, but there's a long waiting list if he seeks it from the NHS. #fridgegate

So @bbclaurak you've popped on to the #GE2109 & know the results so no point us Labour lot all voting at all eh? #Grim eh?

#ليفربول يواصل الصمود أمام هجمات #ريد_بول_سالزبورج ويخرج بالتعادل السلبي دون أهداف في الشوط الأول ..ماهي توقعاتكم لنتيجة الشوط الثاني ؟ #SALLIV | #UCL


#SALLIV Nan c’est pas possible...

Marie Fredriksson morre aos 61 anos; relembre hits do Roxette…


Marie Fredriksson morre aos 61 anos; relembre hits do Roxette…


So let me get this straight, State of Play ended with a short trailer for Ghost of Tsushima, which had a fairly meaty trailer at E3 last year and nothing since then, revealed absolutely no new info and just said "more info at the Game Awards" Am I getting that right?

There’s a solution to everything. the smart ones will find a way, whilst the procrastinator waits for that one perfect something #AimHigh #makeyourownlane #entrepreneur #leadership #successtrain #mpgvip #defstar5 #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdaythoughts


Whats one thing that became more clear to you as you got older #TuesdayThoughts

ありがとう、Nick Cannon お前は良い奴だったよ


A visual of what it's like paying to go watch West Ham.

Resignation Honours List - Pantomime Dames Dame Laura Kuensberg Dame Robert Peston Dame Chuka Umunna Dame Stephen Pollard Dame Allison Pearson Dame Nick Robinson Dame Jo Swinson Dame Tom Watson Dame Maajid Nawaz Dame Lord Sugar Dame Jonathan Freedland Any more?

This is depressing but more and more true, West Ham FC died when we left Upton Park and West Ham PLC was born I hate what the Dildo Brothers have done to us…

Also worth noting the story was peddled by Dr David Wrigley - staunch Corbynista who says the 'NHS is for sale' to scare his patients. Initial article on photo quotes him heavily. Parts of article already proved false - even by official hospital statement.…

Very odd thing about #punchgate is that the original -gate was Watergate where journalists revealed a government crime. Now we've come full circle and a political party has to reveal the crime of a complicit journalists.

Very good Corbyn and Labour are directly going after the media over #punchgate. Next step is to make very clear we only know the punch was faked due to a member of the public and ask how often Tory lies have been repeated by the media and gone unnoticed?

Tory spin doctors find out the hard way that social media gets halfway round the world before their lie has got its boots on! #punchgate

Oh look. Another @bbclaurak deleted tweet. Lord Polak, Honorary President of the biggest lobbying group in Westminster, 'Conservative Friends of Israel' & often at Downing St, has taken hundreds of MPs to Israel to 'educate them'. #sacklaurakuenssberg #punchgate #BBCBias


Not entirely sure what happened but it looks like the Deputy Vice-Chancellor offered to pay for a cab for the Vice-Chancellor, who then punched him - pretty grim encounter. #punchgate

'Brexit Party expels Hartlepool councillor for racist comments David Mincher was filmed by Channel 4 News boasting he tried to bury a pig's head under a mosque in Hartlepool. ' #bbcqtdebate #bbcqt #sacklaurakuenssberg #punchgate…

I’m sorry to go on about this, but I love journalism. I made a very good living from it. But, tonight, #punchgate makes me sick to the stomach. Prominent TV journalists have spewed out lies on behalf of a political party. Unchecked. Unf****ng checked. Pathetic. #journalism

That second connecting wall was absolute nonsense. #onlyconnect

There could be an end to world hunger, enraged species brought back in numbers, global warming reversed and no idiots running the country.... And I still won’t get a question right on #onlyconnect

have you already oh my kihyuned today #BanKpopAccounts

[GER][dirty-gaming] [Staatsbürger] Samlie Magura zurück auf denn Straßen von Los Santos [Am Anfang] #twitch #twitchDE #german #GTAV #roleplay #streamer #stream #live #livestream #night #gamer #gamig #germantwitchsup #community

Trump disappointed favourite team banned from Olympics #WADA

gamers have heated gaming moments when the indie showcase doesnt mention Smash at all

Беларусь тоже не сможет выступить под своим флагом на ЧМ. Но по другим причинам. Глава комиссии WADA: «Сборная России не сможет выступать под своим флагом в финальной части ЧМ-2022»…

4ish NZ time. 45 kms off the coast of White Island. No known survivors now. God Bless all. Hoping for some Miracles today.

God gives the nuts, but he does not crack them. - Franz Kafka #quote #mondaymotivation


Twitter ban me this time do it I dare u #BanKpopAccounts

Born #OTD Kirk Douglas,103 Today. "I'm Spartacus"I'm Spartacus" Incredible life and Legendary Actor #KirkDouglas #actor #Hollywood #BOTD #movies


Россия должна предпринять решительные меры: 1. Подать иски от имени каждого спортсмена, не допущенного к ОИ. И ПРЕДОСТАВИТЬ лучших адвокатов за счет государства; 2. Совместно с другими государствами создать альтернативу продажной WADA.…

Volcano eruption on New Zealand's White Island leaves at least five dead Prayers to you in New Zealand

The phrase 'Arlene Foster turns on Boris Johnson' will probably haunt me to my grave.…

For Russian athletes, no changes appear imminent. WADA: “The decision will come into effect only when it becomes final ie when either RUSADA accepts it or it is upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.” An appeal is expected.

Breaking: There are no more survivors of the volcanic eruption on New Zealand's White Island, police believe.

❗️ СМИ: Родченков заявил, что давно ждал решения WADA по России…


3 days to go until #GE2019. Have you thought about whether you can help your older neighbours, friends, and family get to the polling station this Thursday? #BeAVoter


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