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I'm going to bed and please I hope wonho won't post anything while I'm sleeping please aksjsjssbsjsb

Easter Sunday church services should be essential!

here in australia (NSW) we have the royal easter show every year and they have the showbag pavilion and it's the most fun thing but they had to cancel the show cause of rona and now they're selling bags at the grocery store and it is the saddest thing

FF買いました。 #FF7R #FF


昨日から脳神経の報酬系がリミットブレイクしてる感じ。今日はできない気がするけど明日 魔晄中毒に俺はなる!! #FF7R

PC版出たら、字読めるんかな? #PS4share #FF7R


#Enugbe Rare My God Lemao #Jesus #AbuleEgbaKylieJenner Geng #Lockdownextention Opec Juliet Ibrahim #ToyinAbraham 13 in Lagos Idris Elba Rest In Peace #GoodFriday Tory Ok Ogbonna #QuarantineRadio #VerifySegaLink Ms Banks Sinzu ycee Vector Easter Apple Music joeboy Melo OUT NOW

UFC 249 off after ESPN pulls plug: Dana White


Aunque la realización de UFC 249 era prácticamente un hecho para el próximo 18 de abril, este jueves se anunció el aplazamiento del evento deportivo de artes marciales mixtas a causa del #COVID19…

Black Twitter is dragging Natalie Nunn

2019 novel coronavirus in culture #FreeCodeFridayContest #coro…Bernie was on the presidential debate stage, but…Bill O’Brien something else man.

A big thank you to our wonderful NHS from Mere Fire Station and beautiful Mere Village in Wiltshire #NHSclap #stayhomesavelifes #NHSThankYou #ClapForTheNHS #ThankYouThursday

Single man with toilet rolls would like to meet single women with hand sanitiser for good clean fun. #stayhomesavelifes #Corona19 #coronavirus

Καλό Πάσχα! Frohe Ostern! Happy Easter!

#Wispa This was my favourite back in the day


The ‘Boyfriend’ music video will premiere at 6:00pm EST (6 hours)! #SelenasBoyfriend

En 23 horas se estrena el video VEINTITRÉS LA PUTA MADRE #SelenasBoyfriend

The decline of America started when schools banned Dodgeball #ThursdayThoughts

#BREAKING: 6.6 million Americans have filed for #unemployment last week, representing more than 10% of the US labor force. Read more here: #Workforce #JobMarket #Economy #Jobless #COVID-19 #CNN #ThursdayThoughts #10% #tenpercent #CNNBusiness #Business

mes capitaines: 1/ Patrice Evra 2/ Frederic Déhu 3/ Thiago Silva #rmclive

Where is Priti Patel? She's ignored four requests to appear before the home affairs committee and is not part of the government's daily press conferences #whereispritipatel… via @MetroUK

People still call 35 year old Thiago Silva world class. This platform is done

Tom Lehrer is 92 today. He famously wrote 37 songs. There is thus a one-to-one relationship between his songs and the almost-equally-brilliant plays of Shakespeare. A thread...

#TheLastMessenger पवित्रवेद इसबातकी गवाही देतेहैं कि सर्वोच्च ईश्वरकेवल पूजा करनेके योग्यहै।उनका वास्तविक नामकविर्देव(कबीरपरमेश्वर)है। कबीरसाहेबही पूर्णपरमात्माहैं।प्रमाणित सहित देखेंTv साधनचैनलरात 8:30बजे सरगुरु रामपाल जी महाराज ji #ThursdayThoughts

Why is Priti Patel refusing to do her job? Patel has turned down committee appearance four times now She needs to provide reasons to the public #whereispritipatel

#FakeNews? "you do not survive the illness through fortitude and strength of character" Emily Maitlis - Newsnight

Watch Emily Maitlis stun viewers by finally speaking truth to power. by @emilyapple…

#AlcoholInSongsAndMovies She wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dry martini

Australia is recovering through social distancing and restrictions, only 42 cases in past 24 hours with zero death #Alhamdulillah #Social_Distancing #coronavirusaustralia

What about smaller limited companies? Should also receive 80% on dividends/salary as with the employed/self employed. Over 250,000 have signed a petition. "We are all in this together" Doesn't look like it, but you will still want my corporation tax next month. #askthetreasury

What’s being done to help those who started a new job after the 28/2? Are we expected to pay future tax to cover the cost of furlough whilst we’ve been denied the support the scheme offers? #newstarterfulough #wearethetaxpayers #AskTheTreasury…

Jett is the Yasuo of Valorant in every sense of the word. If you feel attacked, you should.

The Ladies Also Get A Special Nike Air Force 1 For Easter -


I just streamed for 5 hours.... I haven’t streamed that long since Bo4 lol IF THAT! Valorant is so much fun... I can’t wait for tomorrow!

I’m not being facetious but if Boris Johnson is not on a ventilator, doesn’t have pneumonia and is ‘sitting up in bed and chatting’ why’s he in ICU?

Looking to support local businesses over the Easter weekend. Starting with take away Pizza and Prosecco from @madplatterusk #savingbusinesses


if u main raze on valorant please block me

Should a BBC newsreader be calling for a “social settlement” to “stop inequality becoming even more stark”? Or having a go at Raab for using the phrase “Boris is a fighter” Regardless of the arguments themselves (and I mostly agree) this seems like blatant editorialising…

Gloating about Boris Johnson being ill is not the most graceful way to behave, but the idea such sentiment should draw more condemnation than the policies that partly created it is ludicrous…

Woke up to the #PlayersTogether letter & got a bit emotional. Footballers are easy targets who are regularly demonised by the right-wing press. Many are from working class backgrounds or from minority groups & it’s always struck me as ‘punching down’ - despite their wealth.

"Neće meni onaj kanađanin Trudeau svoju ženu, nit Boris sebe, videće oni sad mene.. Ćero, dođi!" - Ćale bre,imam Džekija da šetam jednom u 7 dana. "A da. Dačo sine" - A mojneee tata. E, ne se.i, ne rade ti kladionice, nema tekmi, a ja ako odem ko će da radi? Aj spakuj pidžamu" :)

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