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Ken Starr is leading Trump’s defense team — years after Trump called him a ‘lunatic’ and a ‘wacko’…

Not only did almost every current GOP Senator who was in office in 1999 vote to remove Clinton from office while refusing to consider the same for Trump. But KEN STARR, who prosecuted Clinton for things that had nothing to do w/elections/foreign governments is defending Trump.

[A PRESTAR ATENCIÓN] Netflix @NetflixLAT tuvo una estrategia poco convencional para promocionar el regreso de Otis y Maeve en la segunda temporada de #SexEducation. Mirá el video.

Tonight MSNBC contributor and former federal prosecutor @glennkirschner2 will be on my @SXMProgress show to talk impeachment, Trump's new lawyers Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz and more. LIVE 7:05PMET on @SIRIUSXM channel 127


Que fofo o Otis aprendendo a coreografia de Violence da Grimes em #SexEducation


eu não consigo parar de chorar com o sétimo episódio da segunda temporada é tão forte tão necessário parece que ele dá um abraço em todas as mulheres que assistem a série é impressionante como juntas somos MIL VEZES mais fortes #SexEducation


I know that Ken Starr's time at Baylor may not be thing for a lot of people, because it seems like a sports story, or a college story, but honestly, we need to talk about it. 1/

Shit baby, Ken Starr was ousted from his job at Baylor over allegations he helped cover up sex abuse by athletes.

Ken Starr. Fired from Baylor Law School for haphazard handling of sexual assault cases. Alan Dershowitz fooling around with Jeff Epstein's "young ladies." Nice touch, Don, sure to win you even MORE women's votes. #ConvictTrump #DonTheMisogynist

It’s really interesting watching really terrific actors working their socks off desperately trying to make this work. #Cobra

Amazing that Paul Mason can happily come out with his anti Irish and anti catholic bigotry. Replace Vatican with Tel Aviv and read that back to yourself. Anyone who dared suggest the latter would find themselves thrown out of the party. @georgegalloway

Twitter lefties & snowflakes still not over sending threats & berating #LawrenceFox ? Funny how the "equal rights &anti bullying" bunch are such trolling lottle cunts when they hear something they don't like or understand @LozzaFox

It wasn't Paul Mason's a) supporting a second referendum; b) Remainer-mania; c) crazy Russophobic conspiracy mongering d) rah rah NATO It was him blocking Aaron on Twitter that means Paul Mason HAS BEEN CANCELLED.…

Ricky Tomlinson a.k.a Jim Royal from the Royal Family backs Keir Starmer All I’ve got to say who gives a flying fuck if an overweight Liverpudlian supports Keir Starmer or not Both are millionaires who haven’t got an idea about real life Fuck off Labour

I met Ricky Tomlinson on my 30th Birthday he is a lovely person He is wrong about backing Kier Starmer

This will stop you in your tracks today. Chilling, but genius from Eminem.…

Before everyone gets on their high horse about #Eminem and they 1 lyric in Unaccomodating, read the full story...…

Globalement bien cool le dernier Eminem même si j'ai préféré Kamikaze. L’enchaînement Godzilla/Darkness fait très mal par contre, le meilleur et le pire de Shady en moins de dix minutes

Me encanta que Eminem de la nada te saca un album y la rompe como siempre

Feat. Juice WRLD?! We did NOT see this coming.

"Being A Romance Within The Realms OF Faerie" The original covers to Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess' STARDUST published in 1997 by DC Comics / Vertigo. A magical story with magical illustrations. #ArtsBirthday #Art #FridayFeeling


Laurence Fox’s Best Question Time Moments: Climate, Markle, Racism and Labour Leadership… via @guidofawkes

Happy it’s Friday and a long weekend too. I wrote a couple of new songs this week. I’m looking forward to playing them out this weekend. What are you doing this weekend? #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling #allyfans #alyssamariecoon I


John Mayer: “your body is a wonderland” Halsey: *hold my beer* #manicthealbum


One of the worst things is seeing that Laurence Fox is today acting like the worst twitter troll towards people trying to educate him about racism. Yet he will now be invited on TV MORE often. And knowing he moves in social circles where his views are common and supported.


"How was your day?" Followed by genuinely listening. #SeduceSomeoneIn4Words

Gracias Christopher Tolkien por tanto, por expandir el mundo de tu padre, por completar sus historias y sueños. Gracias por tanto, simplemente no te mereciamos "Su espiritu sera bienvenido en los castillos de tus padres"


نانو آجر نما… #Mindhunter #nano #ترامب #NintendoDirect پوشش نانو آجر نما به دلیل وجود عوامل طبیعی مانند عوامل جوی و باران های اسیدی آجر نمای ساختمان را درچار مشکلاتی مانند جرم گیری رسوب و لکه میکند در این مقاله میکوشیم تا روش جلوگیری از #نانوآجر

Even Japan cares more about Cuphead than the actual fighter LMAO…

Happy #AppreciateADragonDay! Did you know that the New Jersey got the nickname the Black Dragon during World War II? She's definitely our favorite dragon!

im maining the female byleth edelgard skin


Thinking of making aliyah... #SeduceSomeoneInFourWords

Sakurai throwing in my face that I don't count in binary.

It's #AppreciateADragonDay and therefore you must appreciate Gaspar They demand it


#AppreciateADragonDay Continues with a nod to a DeviantARTist way back when...



Tío, ya podían haber metido otro personaje que no fuera de fire emblem en smash, hay demasiados espadachines, están OP, ya podían haber metido directamente a cuphead y mugman, o... Yo que se... Rayman, rese T ado...

Showertubs --> Fixed Game speedup --> Fixed Actor Prep Tasks -- > Not fixed Whims --> Not fixed Patch in a nutshell

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