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Oh this will be a fun game... #ObamaWasBetterAt caving to terrorists. #ObamaWasBetterAt spying on private citizens. #ObamaWasBetterAt lying to the American people. What a complete embarrassment Obama was for this country, thank goodness we have President Trump!

#TuesdayThoughts #TrueGuruSaintRampalJi In Gita Adhyay 4 Sloka 34,it's told 2 do Dandwat Pranam to a Tatvdarshi Saint leaving the deceit, to know d way 2 attain God.Only d disciples of SaintRampalJi Maharaj do this bcz they're sure that they are in the shelter of a Complete Guru


PAO: "At the 320-foot level, the fourth astronaut aboard the spacecraft regretfully leaves at this time. Astronaut Fred Haise is about to come out after giving the three prime crewmen a hand in their preliminary checkouts aboard." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Ursula von der Leyen, kandydatka na stanowisko przewodniczącej Komisji Europejskiej, zaprezentowała w Parlamencie Europejskim swoją wizję UE. Głosowanie nad jej nominacją odbędzie się o 18.00 →


Wem es noch nicht aufgefallen ist. ;) --> "Neues Twitter Design: Optimierte Navigation, Bookmarks und Fokus auf Suche"… #NewTwitter

Lampard confirms Chelsea want to send Ethan Ampadu on loan with Aston Villa keen…

Flynn was supposed to testify at this, but bc of his new counsel & pulling out of the Gov't deal, he's been named a co-conspirator & his son will testify. This is something to watch. Bijan ran Intel for the Trump Transition. VERY sketchy. #TuesdayThoughts…

¡CANDENTE! Miren cual fue el truco de Kim Kardashian para reducir su cintura y quedar bella. #16Jul #TuesdayThoughts

Eigenlijk ieder voorstel van Von der Leyen aan het Europees Parlement is strijdig met het Verdrag van Lissabon: vetorecht, initiatiefrecht, belastingen, sociaal-economisch beleid. Goede start.…

I'm selling this on #OLX: Imported Materials… #LayOffLifafaJournalists #ParentsResponsibilities #TuesdayThoughts #Lahore #AddiMaar NA-205 Kamran Khan Islamabad National Assembly Hindus Karachi Yess COAS Faisalabad Urdu Dambele Hyderabad Chor

Does #NewTwitter still have @realDonaldTrump ? If so, I’m out!

First up in our second new ideas session is Diane Dever @urbanroomfstone, who’s going to talk about their model of opening up publicly accessible spaces for people to get involved in planning consultations. #PublicplanningLDN


厳ついのと可愛いの、みんな違ってみんな良い #WorldSnakeDay #世界ヘビの日


Fascinating panel on trust in development @centreforlondon #PublicplanningLDN w panellists agreeing transparent honest conversations needed about planning & development, so people really understand the various complexities involved. Interesting parallel with trust in #charities


Inspiring to hear about @christinalamb starting her career a foreign correspondent aged 21 #FNW19 and how learning on the job rather than thinking she knew everything allowed her to approach new angles rather than the expected


A philosopher is leading a discussion at #PublicPlanningLDN but his language is telling: "…if we decide to bring the community in…". Always need to beware of "we".

My second session of the day - How can the Civil Service Champion Social Mobility? I'm interested in this as an ex grammar school pupil who was on free school meals and had to work two part time jobs as well as take a loan to get thru uni. #civilservicelive @UKCivilService


"creating young people with the skills and attitude to help your businesses thrive" is really the sort of talk we need to do away with. Young people are human beings first and foremost, they are not Frankenstein Monsters created for the needs of business! #TalkCurriculum…

Shocking to hear hate speech inciting violence coming from politicians in India with no penalties by @SreenivasanJain at #FNW19 using fact based reporting to hold power to account


Great ‘community’ panel! They powerfully articulate that participation shouldn’t be a technical moment in planning that developers & local gov orchestrate. It’s a process of recapturing/reorienting the local state for resident control #PublicplanningLDN


Excellent panel chaired by @daisyfroud at @centreforlondon #publicplanningLDN with a range of community seasoned voices in public participation. “We can’t rebuild trust with more and earlier consultation” says Eileen Conn of @PeckhamVision citing some key ingredients for success


The Future News Worldwide conference is well on its way now in #London #UK at the @thomsonreuters HQ. 103 delegates from all over the world are attending two amazing days of journalism, learning, and an experience of a lifetime! #FNW19


The NHS Plan is just one chapter of WYH ICS plan, next 5 years is about building communities, prevention and building across public services @NHS_RobW states ‘integrated care system’ much wider than NHS #WiganDeal

#WiganDeal .@NHS_RobW ‘people need somewhere to live, someone to love, something to do’ @TheKingsFund @danwellings @chrisbnaylor @so_says_sally

“Too often, when resources are constrained, people start to constrain their thinking around what can be done” says @SJPickup @TheKingsFund event looking at #WiganDeal & lessons for citizen-focused public services

Orange Thanos is going to keep race baiting people in this country until we do something about it. We’re the only ones that can save this country by removing the white nationalist bigot that sits in our house. Only we the people have this power. #Maddow #RacistPresident

é muito talento em uma série só. Como não amar esse cast de big little lies?


Hasn't the time for @SpeakerPelosi to act on the crimes committed by Trump, come and gone? When do we march & demand the removal of Donald Trump from the people's white house? #RacistPresident #ImpeachNow

Me: #RacistPresident is still trending Housemate: well it’s still true

Various outlets claim David De Gea is closer to signing a new 5-yr deal with Manchester United and is expected to do so at the end of the club's pre-season tour of Australia and the Far East.…

View nine art events to attend in New York City this week, including a Pierre Cardin survey and an Onyx Ashanti performance…

Friendly reminder to not be a scab on #PrimeDay - there's no bargain worth crossing a picket line (EVEN ONLINE). #PrimeDayAmazon #HearOurVoice…

That time you totally misjudged how long those mushrooms lasted, but still had to go home to face your family.

Heute kauft vielleicht sogar der FC Bayern ein. #PrimeDayAmazon

Germany, Iraq, Morocco, Russia, and Scotland - just some of the countries from which American Jews or our ancestors came before obtaining US citizenship. Must we go “home” when we disagree with our government?

If you're shopping on Amazon during #PrimeDay and want to help support my content, please consider using my referral link:… #PrimeDayAmazon

It’s estimated that 70,000 solar panels will be installed every hour over the next five years worldwide. Click the link to learn more. #MondayMotivation #IoT #SolarEnergy #Renewables #RenewableEnergy

Glimpses of the few hours that I spent in Kotkhai ❤ #MondayMotivation


Happy Monday! #MondayMotivation

.@Amazon is selling its facial recognition product to ICE - a highly flawed tool with inbuilt racial biases used to misidentify and harm people of color. Tell #Amazon to get out of the anti-Black and Brown surveillance business!… #PrimeDayAmazon #PrimeDay


Basta de mala gestión. Tómense en serio este club @Arsenal #WeCareDoYou


Matemático gay, pioneiro da computação e peça-chave da vitória dos Aliados na Segunda Guerra, Alan Turing terá seu rosto estampado nas notas de 50 libras →


Jah Neh..So of all the Zuma Revelation s today The media missed the treason allegations that Rupert threatened to collapse the #Rand and #Economy when Jacob Zuma was about to fire Pravin Gordhan? That to me is an explosive Revelation as its more serious #StateCaptureInquiry


when asana is down on a Monday morning does that mean I get to go home?

You can hear @SixPrisoner talking about #WeCareDoYou on this @talkSPORTLive link:… Go to about 6 minutes in to the 1:30pm section. Apologies for the adverts.

Today marks #WorldYouthSkillsDay. The youth—those born between 1994 and 2003—account for 16% of the world's population. These 1.2 billion people are likely first-time job seekers or those relatively new to the labor market. Where can they find employment?

#ripbianca As a guy who was basically a "nice guy" as a teen, I second the point that young men need someone in their life to teach them about handling rejection and how to not obsess. I used to be obsessive, and it is a deep, dark hole that I wasted a lot of energy on.

NEWS: Events have been taking place to mark the first ever #HampshireDay! Earlier today a special flag raising ceremony took place in #Winchester. (Pics: @hantsconnect/@MariaMillerUK)


The Top 10 skills every youth need to acquire : 2020 isn’t far away. #WorldYouthSkillsDay



I see that retired Australian umpire Simon Taufel is trying to pee on England's parade.. "they were awarded one run too many" #ICCWorldCup2019 #ICCRules It would have to be an Australian with sour grapes, wouldn't it? #EnglandCricketTeam #ENGvsNZ

Every 15th of July, @UNESCO and the @UNEVOC Network have their worldwide celebration to mark #WorldYouthSkillsDay (WYSD) and raise awareness about the importance of youth #skills #development. #Thread


Happy #HampshireDay to everyone today as well as #StSwithinsDay. We are very proud to live and work in such a wonderful part of the country (could be a little bit biased) #Hampshire


Take me back to Saturday’s stunning wedding... Thanks for all the RTs and ❤️ #herefordhour Have a wonderful week xxx


Hi #herefordhour! On Friday we had a customer who had a fault on the analogue line used to run their main Fibre Broadband connection. Luckily they had Openreach Service Care Level 4 cover meaning they had a 6 hour response time & the fault was fixed!…


we have to pay thru the nose for live sports, just to end up having to record for later viewing anyway (coz u can't watch three things at once!) ~ Why isn't there free to view replay a few hours later? #wato (an untapped market?)

this stupid over-the-top coverage of England winning at cricket makes me think it would best for us not to win that big football competition. that would be unbearable. #wato

Our @CrutchHaringey team have been out and about carrying out some last minute leafleting ahead of Saturday's Community Fun Day. Follow their account for more information #CABLive


The #ExtremeRules Podcast tonight holds absolutely nothing back. Show was not terrible but it was nowhere near good either with creative decisions that do more harm than good and set #Summerslam up to be a complete waste of time for a 5th year in a row.


How many times can a tweet be retweeted liked followed goal 10000 interactions this post 8 hrs reward 2 promo codes for m life casino vacations in Vegas #Travel #CWC19Final #traveling #lifestyle #tweetme #goals #Vegas #vacation #WimbledonFinal #CricketWorldCupFinal #WorldCup

England won the match as it has more boundries while New Zealand has none. #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ #CWC19


Follow and retweet for your chance to win a free cartridge! #tomhollandbetterprayup #TrumpIsARacist #Wimbledon


Brock Lesnar only won the title so Bray Wyatt can defeat him at Summerslam. Why? Because him defeating Brock Lesnar will give him a lot more legitimacy than if he were to defeat Seth Rollins. You heard it hear first, folks. Trust me. This is a good a thing. #ExtremeRules

i made this shit lmao now how do i end it #tomhollandbetterprayup

tom rushing to the studio to start writing and recording his own disstrack #tomhollandbetterprayup


C'était un dimanche Chez des amis, Au bord de la piscine De la Mer des Caraïbes... Il y avait un Jack Sparrow D'un mètre trente Un petit peu gros Avec un sourire en soleil, Et Elle était là En commandant Barbossa, À jouer encore et encore... Elle était belle, Si belle...

1- Como assim teve luta do Finn Balor no kickoff. 2- Como assim ele perdeu o título?

Drew McIntyre, EC3, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Apollo crews, Finn balor, Andrade, Ricochet, Samoa Joe, and etc. these people DESERVE the championship. Tired of Brock Lesnar #ExtremeRules

A short list of people I’d rather see Rollins fight for the Universal Title: Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Chad Gable, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Funaki, Balor, The Miz, Johnny Gargano, Ali, Cedric Alexander, Fandango, Buddy Murphy, Andrade, Rusev, Harper. Just to name a few. #ExtremeRules

James Bond is in the news today. Allow me to ruin 007 for you!…

What a exciting game it is! World cup final like a final. Congratulations England champion of men's cricket world cup 2019 #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ

Stokes : Worst Days. Vs. Best Days #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ


Rules are made before the tournament not at the moment of the game. If you win as per the rule, it’s a win. New Zealand and England played well, like champions, luck just favoured England. #CricketWorldCup2019 #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ

Oh, and lewis Hamilton won today. Again. That happened also.…

Actress Lashana Lynch is the new 007 in the upcoming 'James Bond'


I still think Idris Elba would’ve made a great James Bond.


Lewis Hamilton wins his 6th #BritishGP, more than any other driver in history. Nearly 5 hours of world class tennis between two legends on Centre Court at #Wimbledon. England win the #CricketWorldCupFinal by 1 run *in a fucking super over*. What a day of sport. Unreal.

James Bond or James USD?

MANCHESTER UNITED have agreed a world-record £80million deal for Leicester defender Harry Maguire. [The Sun]

happy #InternationalNonBinaryDay to my fellow nb babies...we are valid and fucking beautiful. also fuck Trump and Meghan McCain. that’s all #issaLGBTQ


Maguire to Man U £80m, Dunk to Leicester £45m Longest Wimbledon final in history, 5hrs 13-12 5th set tie break win to Djokovic Lewis Hamilton wins record 6th British GP Cricket world cup Eng beat NZ in super over by 1 run!! A 69 in Love Island tonight will cap it all off!

#Leicester have offered €18M plus bonuses for Dennis #Praet, but #Sampdoria want €25M to sell him. Contacts ongoing. Can see Leicester pushing the offer once the dust has settled over the Harry Maguire deal with #MUFC #transfers #LCFC #footballindex

What a day of sport. England cricket world champions. Hamilton won. Vettel tried to run verstappen off the road. Federer/djokovic unbelievable. If you dint like sport, one youre a waste of breathe and two you really are losing at the game of life. Unbelievable jeff

One of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen!! Unbelievable #CWC19Final

What would you do if we accidentally touched knees in Area 51?

My Eleven escaping Area 51 and going against everything the Government agents told her: #Area51

dohyon to sejin: hyung, wanna see something cool? dohyon to the alien he stole from area 51: hey, do the thing i taught you alien: *high-pitched screaming* sejin: nAM DOHYUN YOU-

Scarlett Johansson isn't actually telling us she has the right play whoever she wants. Hollywood agrees, no one's stopping her. She's telling us to shut the fuck up about it.

Me about to fight the Area 51 Guards after I get my hands on some sick alien shit:


New @TennisPodcast from #Wimbledon! Day 12- Simona stuns Serena in 56-minute final; @DavidLawTennis, @CWhitakerSport, @Roberts96Matt preview Djokovic vs. Federer. Listen - Download - iTunes - @GettySport


No early Rhyhorn race practice for me & no Fletchling waking me up. Such a relaxing way to start the day! (XY ep.5)

Djokovic -Federer maçı... Bilmiyorum ki kimi desteklesem.


they’re trying to break Jeffrey Epstein out of jail (or assassinated him). #Blackout #nycpoweroutage #nyc

Excalibur is by far the single best commentator working in the business today, from all All In to today, he has shown to be the best thing for @AEWrestling #FightForTheFallen

Real Betis, Damien Comolli’ye “Interest Letter” yani “İlgi mektubu” gönderdi. Fenerbahçe’ye fiyat sordu. Teklif yapmadılar henüz.

WooHoo - more tax cuts for the rich #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

"Blessed are the accordions players" #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

#ThingsJesusNeverSaid "Selig sind die, die ihres Nachbarn Ochsen flüssig machen, denn, äh, die sollen ihr Würfelzeug erben. Und äh, gegeben werden soll ihnen, also einem jedem von ihnen, gegeben, jedem von ihnen... soll gegeben werden. Schauet die Lilien!"

1. Leave Canada 2. Go get famous and rich in the USA 3. Return to Canada and die because apparently, overdosing in Vancouver is just what junkies do, no matter where they actually live. #6YearsWithoutCory! Wish he'd stayed in L.A.!…

The Labour Party is now smearing its own deputy leader because he has tried to act against antisemitism. The party is making its position very clear.…

happy birthday Harrison ford

Wait, Harrison Ford is only one year younger than Bob Dylan?

Everything about this interview with Margaret Hamilton, Apollo 11 software engineer, but especially this.…


A good read. Incidentally it's still actually possible to run her software at home using the Virtual AGC:…

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