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El belga Dries Mertens rompió una marca histórica impuesta por Diego Maradona

Naming political editors Laura Kuenssberg & Robert Peston, Peter Oborne accuses senior journalists of effectively "allowing themselves to become press spokesmen for Boris Johnson & Dominic Cummings" and "debauching political discourse"… | @OborneTweets

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scoring the greatest goal since 1892:


Congratulations to the winners of our #FunkoGoesHollywood sweepstakes! Andrea B., Chad V., Derek K., Michael U. & Roland S. are headed to Hollywood to join us for the #FunkoHollywood opening. And thank you @AlaskaAir for providing the airfare for this amazing experience!


I would rather listen to Matt Gaetz explain the Constitution to me while a Rhesus monkey claws my face off than listen to anything Joe Rogan or Edward Snowden have to say about anything.

From The Guardian: The Essex lorry deaths throw up so many questions. It’s vital we ask the right ones | Daniel Trilling

Gardai are satisfied the 39 people found dead in a lorry in Essex we’re not trafficked through Ireland… via @rte

Good dayMY GAME ENTERED ... WENEVER I BUY GAME FROM YOU....I DA CARRY MY HEART FOR HAND ... but las las the game enters all the time @MMRICHFIXED #unilag #WednesdayWisdom #phenomenalkhafi #WednesdayMotivation #unilagmermaid #WednesdayThoughts #ZlatanLive #MrsWilson #PartyAndBulls


İngiltere #Essex Thurrock kentinde bir konteynr içinde, 39 mülteci cesedi bulunmuş Türkiye olsaydı dünya ayağa kalkmış katliam olarak manşet atmışlardı Şimdi ne olacak ingiltere bu konuda kendini aklayacak ve ceza almayacak....


The sunflower painting remind me about being a mom. I just thought the way the sunflower bent over was talking to her child with some good advice. #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayThoughts #Art #Painting #Artist #Sunflowers #Autumn #October #ContemporaryArt #FlowerPainting


This is a nightmare!!! Keeping everyone in Essex and in England in my thoughts!

New York City Ballet soloist Georgina Pazcoguin/@GPazcoguin (who is part Filipino) & former dancer @philschan created a “Final Bow for Yellowface” pledge for dancers. #WorldBalletDay…

Interviews from DI Dickinson Enquiry incl forensic scientists G Howard, M Fletcher, G Craddock & G Renshaw to discover if they wrote the same things to the Dickinson Enquiry regarding 2 sound moderators that they later admitted to.. The #JeremyBamber case

Just saw the Joe Rogan interview with Edward Snowden is up so I’ll talk to you guys in 3 hours.

Final #fact for the day.... did you know the dot over the letter “i” is called a tittle! #trivia #InternationalPrintDay #IPD19 #interesting


When someone's telling you their life story but you don't care... It is #HumpDay and nearly 5pm after all! #MusMeme


it's called fashion Brenda look it up #MusMeme


At Seacourt, we use no water to print, generate no landfill waste and are powered by 100% renewable energy. #IPD19 #PRINT2GETHER


Four out of five small businesses say printed materials help them stand out according to Small Business Trends. #IPD19


Congratulations to Rep. Michael Vose on being sworn in today! Welcome back to the House Republican Caucus! #nhpolitics


Congratulations to @IowaFloodCenter Director Witold Krajewski on receiving @uiowa's Michael J. Brody Award for Faculty Excellence! We are fortunate to have his inspirational leadership @UIowaEngr @IWAReduceFloods @DrGVillarini


Congratulations to the Jackson High School Lady Devils Volleyball team on a tremendous 2019 season and to Coach Michael Smith for building an incredible team of winners. They have made our community proud and we look forward to seeing them return to the court in 2020! #RD4L


This was MAGA for us old folks Eddie Murphy: Party All The Time

Lakers lose to the Clippers, full Post Game Show available on the App... ⁦…

Star wars has been in my bones since i was 6 years old. I have lived and breathed old canon and new through all my fucking life. You cannot try and out lore or argue me, bros. I am here to defend the new and young fans from your toxic shit I will gate keep the gatekeepers.

Kawhi spoke for 6 minutes. Asked him about Mo Harkless’s efforts tonight. “I told him ‘great defense.’ He also played with confidence, knocking down his shots, getting out in transition early.”

#ClipperNation Kawhi Leonard finished w/ 30pts & focused on getting a W.,

Bron got buckets on Kawhi, exposed pat Bev, played great defense, but shot and passed like Jae Crowder

i will always love and support you no matter what. #ThankYouHwall

.@NicoleScherzy singing the National Anthem at the #WorldSeries is yet another reminder that she's got one of THE BEST voices of her generation and WE NEED a classical/Broadway/opera/standards album from her!!!!!!!!!

remember when force sensitives in star wars had to undergo actual training before they could attempt to defeat a sith or jedi....yeah not rey...coz mary-sue!! Meetra Surik will always be the more superior jedi

Imma keep it one hunnid y'all overrate the hell out of Kawhi cuz if senior citizen didn't smoke bunnies he was running thru bruh. Nothing I saw from Kawhi was definitive as him be the "best" but I'll let y'all rock with it

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom being underrated masterpieces and the 5th chronological entries in their franchises.

LOL: Tool fan has no idea he just asked Eddie Van Halen for a picture:…

friendly reminder that richie and eddie are both alive, married, and spoiling the fuck out of their pomeranian

Are you ready, Eddie? Get Eddie Jones My column… via @smh

I think Lou Williams as a playmaker has been one of the most underrated things going for the Clippers over the last 2 plus seasons. He's legit really good as both a scorer and a passer out of PnR. Makes some highly skilled passes in traffic look routine.

Helluva #WorldSeries game, helluva #NBATipOff, but this Kawhi Arnold Terminator commercial was the best entertainment of the night

As God is my witness, I will NOT underestimate Lou Williams again.

lakers clippers lebron #loseyoutoloveme  selena gomez danny green kawhi boca paul george alfaro #lakeshow  dudley pat bev rondel dwight vogel lou williams raptors hailey katie hopkins #ReasonsToNotTrustBorisJohnson

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