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Happy Friday the 13th Everyone, hope it's a good one. #FilmTwitter #FridayThe13th

It’s Friday the 13th Check on your friends that work with kids or the public today

Friday the 13th... last full moon of the decade... trade deal announced. Sell the news event? Wouldn't it be something if this was the top?

Dennis Skinner served 49 years as Labour MP but was voted out by his constituents for a tory. Skinner "Half the Tories opposite are crooks." Speaker "Please, retract." Skinner "Okay, half the Tories opposite aren't crooks." #GeneralElectionResults #legend #GeneralElection


I have a feeling this is more to do with people who hate foreigners more than love their own country #notmygovernment

Conservative Mark Fletcher, who won Bolsover, is former Director of Comms for Synergix Synergix is a Private Health Care firm that serves the NHS Which means: The Beast of Bolsover & ex-miner, Dennis Skinner, lost his seat to a man who's previously worked to privatise the NHS.


A los "ingenieros informáticos" que ya se están cachondeando del diseño de #XboxSeriesX, sus motivos tendrán para hacerla así ¿no creéis? A mi me gusta, es diferente y rompedor, y seguro que tiene una refrigeración de la hostia.

Yeah, we thought we had seen it somewhere before. #XboxSeriesX


There are no words for how gutted I am right now. #NotMyPM #notmygovernment

KAYTRANADA_The worst in me Ft Tinashe ❤

this new KAYTRANADA album SLAPS

It's the day after the election before, and musicians STILL don't know if and how they will be able to keep #workingintheEU post-Brexit. Have you signed the petition for a #MusiciansPassport? #KeepMusicLive #ElectionResults2019…

Haibo nina KAYTRANADA’s album ya bora!

Just realised Dennis Skinner lost his seat! End of an era myn uffarn i!

Labour should do this: 1- #CORBYNRESIGN 2 - replace him and almost all shadow cab with competent MPs. That means bye bye burgon, so long long bailey, au revoire Abbott etc etc. I'd love Jarvis for leader. 3 - make proportional representation flagship policy. 4 - 2024 landslide

My constituency of Bolsover voted out Dennis Skinner. A man who stood with miners and donated a year of his salary to their cause. My village/area has a community and history built by miners, and most of you voted tory, forcing Skinner out of his seat. Fucking disgusting.

woke up and saw the results. my heart goes out to my friends in England. it's sadly even clearer now that we in Scotland need to get the fuck out of here, anyone who wants to come with us is more than welcome. #IndependentScotland


UK equity markets go crazy in wake of decisive Tory victory at the polls, FTSE 250 jumps 4% Get the lowdown on one of the most dramatic day's for UK stocks in years…

FTSE 250 soars 4% and pound surges on landslide Tory victory…

With @skynews’s @IanKingSky @PeelHunt’s trading floor this morning with latest from City as pound up, FTSE 250 hits a record high and utilities and house builders rally #GeneralElection @PeelHunt


Conservative gain from Independent in Dover #ukelection

Night everybody. Enjoy the salt. #UKElection

eu to alucinando ou é a kendall rindo no final de cherry??? #FineLine

Só o toque de falling já da vontade de chorar #FineLine

achei que eu iria gostar mais de to be so lonely, talvez quando eu ouvir pela segunda vez #fineline

eu tô MUITO impactada com #FineLine Tô feliz DEMAIS

Conservative hold Wyre Forest #ukelection

Tom Watson's old seat falls to the Tories on a 12% swing…

canada goose jackets are microaggressions

We get it Geoff Keighley you’re from CANADA #GameAwards2019

If this #GeneralElection is teaching us anything, it’s the great power of democracy. Those who have spent the last three and a half years frustrating, vexing and thwarting the will of 17.4M people have had their comeuppance. Bye bye @ChukaUmunna! #GE2019 #ExitPoll

I’m sure it amounts to a criminal offence, so would never suggest it, but it’s hard to deny the country would be a much better place if most senior tories were assassinated. #UKElection #UKElections2019 #exitpoll #GE2019 #ElectionDay2019 #ElectionResults2019 #GeneralElection

Hello Liberals, how does it feel in London? #exitpoll #UKElection #BorisJohnson . These #LabourParty scumbag shouted loud on #Kashmir and now they have their tail in legs.

Problem has been Clive that the Labour Party has been too broad a church. Blairites will never support any real, fundamental change and will always try to undermine and sabotage it as the last four years proves.…

A wooden cross is being made forJeremy Corbyn as I tweet ,all the Blairites have their thorn bushes ready to whip the commi fcuker for daring to offer the peasantry socialism and a redistribution of wealth... The irony is the peasantry voted for more Tory whippings and beatings

I don't know why but the term uttered tonight on the BBC's Election Coverage by a former Labour advisor, "Soft Left", left me feeling quite disturbed. Does that mean she supports tyrants, invaders, occupiers, child killers and Blairites who start wars based on lies? I wonder...

We are witnessing the shipwreck of Corbynism based on claims Labour could be re-won for the working class. Labour was not “wrecked by Brexit” but by Corbyn’s hostility to any struggle against the Blairites and his refusal to mobilise the working class.…

"You cannot offer yourself to the country twice as prime minister and be comprehensively rejected both times and expect to continue". Outgoing Labour MP Gareth Snell says he expects Jeremy Corbyn to resign as Leader.

Labour leave and the lexiteers were all right. The loser blairites were wrong. Too busy bootlicking the EU and ignoring the bubble outside London. We cannot continue down this path. All liberal remainers must leave Labour

One of the many ironies of Blairites concern trolling about this result is that Brexit would have been unfathomable without their endless triangulation and capitulation to the right wing press.…

The same Blairites who forced us into a second ref that none of us in the regions wanted are now blaming Socialism (thru Corbyn) Let's not let them take back the Party! We're down but we're not out. #IstandwithJeremyCorbyn


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