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A Natalie Portman pegando o contrato que diz que ela é dona do cu do Kevin Feige e que vai receber milhões da Disney antes de aceitar fazer Thor 4

Happy 6th birthday Prince George! ..... Scott and Stacey x…

بے شک اللّہ تعالی جسے چاہتا ہے عزت دیتا ہے ڈونلڈ ٹرمپ وزیر اعظم عمران خان کا جلسہ براہ راست دیکھتے ہوئے #PMIKJalsaInUSA


Celebrations have been continuing after Shane Lowry's win at Open Championship at Royal Portrush. It's the first major title for the 32 year old Offaly man, who has become the fifth Irish player to lift the Claret jug.

Just laying in bed wondering what Shane Lowry is drinking out of the Claret Jug. #TheOpen

gw menyadari semakin gw gede gw semakin intovert gatau knp lebih nyaman aja. Jadi intinya ekstrovert atau introvert bisa diubah geng!

dikit lg bakalan ada maba utul. se geng sm aku. trs ppsmb. trs ketemu sm orang2 baru hihihi seru deh ppsmb itu.. aku ketemu pacar aku yg skrng grgr ppsmb:3

I wouldn't be surprised if development for splatoon 3 starts after animal crossing releases seeing as that they're on the same dev team

Barcelona chief Eric Abidal in the dark over Adrien Rabiot snub

this is what splatoon 3 will look like in its prototype phase


يحيى التليدي@YahyaSAltaleedi يكتب مقالا بعنوان: إعادة انتشار القوات الأمريكية في الخليج.. الرسالة قوية وصريحة رابط المقال | #التهديدات_الإيرانية_للخليج


LIVE: UK officials say Iran's seizure of a British-flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz "constitutes illegal interference". Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt said the incident happened in Omani waters and was a "hostile act". Follow the latest here:

از گلبن جمالت خاری است حسن خوبان مسکین کسی کزان گل قانع شود به خاری! عراقی Restart Make Iran Great Again. #WhyYouWantKillHosseini

ز حرص من چه گشاید تو ره به خویشتنم ده که چشم سعی ضعیفست بی چراغ هدایت سعدی Restart Make Iran Great Again. #WhyYouWantKillHosseini

ای مایهٔ درمان نفسی ننشینی تا صورت حال دردمندان بینی سعدی Restart Make Iran Great Again. #WhyYouWantKillHosseini

IRANIAN Twitter Accounts SUSPENDED… via @Politicalite

Reino Unido afirma que Irán detuvo su petrolero en las aguas de Omán

En esta casa bancamos todo lo que haga Natalie Portman y bancamos todo lo que tenga que ver con Thor así que esto es un win-win

To say I'm excited at this news would be somewhat of an understatement:…

Here's a thought: maybe our problem is the assumption that our govt should take an inordinate interest in the Middle East. Perhaps studied ignorance would be more appropriate than technocratic Orientalism.…

Marvel Studios’ BLACK WIDOW with Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Florence Pugh, O-T Fagbenle, and Rachel Weisz. Directed by Cate Shortland. In theaters May 2020.


Looking forward to going on @cnni at 9.05am London time, to talk a out Iran, the UK, and the tanker crisis.

#Marvel tykitti liudan #leffa’uutisia #SDCC:ssä: seuraava Doctor Strange lähestyy kauhuleffaa, Natalie Portman palaa #Thor4:ään ja saa #Mjölnir’in, Angelina Jolie liittyy #MCU:hun. Elokuvien ja sarjojen jako on hämärtymässä, arvioi kehitystä @VanityFair.…

jane thor, valkyrie, and wanda on their way to carry the MCU

KEVIN FEIGE Reveals MAHERSHALA ALI Called Up Marvel Studios and Said He Wanted to Play BLADE…


natalie portman has played characters where she kissed thor and anakin skywalker ,, she won.

THE OFFICIAL CAST OF @MarvelStudios#Eternals: #RichardMadden Kumail Nanjiani Lauren Ridloff Brian Tyree Henry #SalmaHayek Lia McHugh Don Lee #AngelinaJolie #SDCC #SDCC19 #SDCC2019


We got Blade, WandaVision, Doctor Strange II, Eternals, Jane Foster’s Thor, Shang Chi & the Ten Rings, Loki, Falcon & Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Hawkeye all coming. Talk of X-men and Fantastic 4. I’m geeked lvl. 3000

The hits that sealed the deal. ✊ Vintage Manny Pacquiao showed up to hand Keith Thurman his first career loss. #StillA40rce #PacquiaoThurman

Hawkeye şeysi benim sıraya çizdiğim şeylere benzemiş yani ordan ok çizmek falan uf muazzam

Can #Blade be set in London again please? We have no homegrown superheroes in the #MCU. Give us #Blade back. We got the rampant knife crime, freaks out on the street at night and everything!

From #Blade to a female #Thor, here's everything coming to the MCU in Phase 4.…

Angelina Jolie Set to Make Marvel Debut in ‘The Eternals’…


This was how Pacqiao thumped Thurman after he trash talked before the match started... Moral: always stay humble #PacquiaoThurman

the hawkeye series but it’s just kate beating the shit out of clint every time he opens his mouth

A female Thor, a Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch crossover and the return of an old hero, Marvel Phase 4 looks LIT AF! #SDCC #MarvelSDCC

Building bridges with other regional grassroot groups was the highlight of our day in London. #MarchForChange


Özay Gönlüm - Güssün & Len Nassın Hurşit [ Arşiv Kayıtları © 2004 Kalan ... @YouTube aracılığıyla #SanaBirŞeyDiycem #teachsomethingin5words

“La cosa migliore che possiamo fare è ballare.” “E se ci prendono per pazzi. Signor Coniglio?” “Lei conosce saggi felici?” “Ha ragione, balliamo!” Lewis Carroll #buonanotte


Lee Westwood on not pushing for a free drop.... "It's against the spirit of the game. I couldn't have played the shot even if it was sitting on a tee. I could have faked it and said, I hit left-handed over me shoulder. You just let your conscience be your guide."


Mercato Newcastle: Un retour de Carroll envisagé ?…


I just find out that the word 'NEWSPAPER' is the abbreviation of 'North, East, West, South, Past and Present Events Report. #TheLiongKing #brownskingirls #BBNaija #SaturdayThoughts

„Reden“ hilft bei islamistischen Terroristen erfahrungsgemäß niemals! Nur robuste Ansagen und Taten! Iran: Bundesregierung fordert, britischen Tanker und die Besatzung „unverzüglich freizugeben“ - WELT…

Njemačka i Francuska, a vjerojatno uskoro i cijela EU, pozivaju Iran da oslobodi britanski tanker. EU nije pozvala Britaniju da oslobodi iranski tanker kojeg je prethodno otela iz čista mira. To je sve što trebate znati o EU, Iranu i tankerima.

It’s no wonder Micheal thinks amber and Greg aren’t compatible, he can’t hear any of their great conversation with his tiny fucking ears #LoveIsland

[CAN 2019 - ROUBAIX] Victoire de l'Algérie face au #Senegal en final de la Coupe d'Afrique des Nations. A #Roubaix , les supporters algériens fêtent cette victoire attendue depuis longtemps. le 19 juillet 2019 © @Pitinome - @CollectifOEIL #can #rbx #football #can2019


“I’m a stable genius...with a very large brain”. Wakka wakka wakka. Enjoy the dialogie of stupid below #ThingsStupidPeopleSay


I can’t be on the #MarchForChange today, but I’ll be tweeting my support during the day

Top Gun cephesinde işler karışık


All the details for today’s #MarchForChange. Come along and help #StopBrexit. From 12 Noon, Park Lane, London. Today, Saturday 20 July. @march_change…

Tom Cruise a toujours la forme dans la bande-annonce de “Top Gun : Maverick”…


I'm spending the day tweeting #MarchForChange No to Bojo & YES to Europe!…

All great human achievements require collaboration. With huge global challenges ahead we need all we can get. At #MarchForChange today, we celebrate our collaboration with EU partners. It’s arguably the greatest achievement of our modern civilisation. #Brexit just divides us.


Really into that third kit. Are the letters on the back turquoise?

Michael: “You and Greg won’t work” #loveisland

J’suis l’un des seul algériens à avoir regardé le match et avoir célébré la victoire chez moi ou quoi ? On doit être deux sur Terre #123VivaLAlgerie #SENALG


« Débordements », « incidents », « ambiance bon enfant » : tous les poncifs habituels sont de sortie pour cacher la réalité des violences de ces supporters algériens haineux, faux Français mettant le bazar sur notre sol. #SENALG


British say Iran seizes 2 vessels in Strait of Hormuz


Un simple comentario mal intencionado, y ARMY actua. Los suscriptores del canal de DKD/KTV estan bajando al mismo tiempo que los dislikes en su entrevista del orto aumentan. KARMA IS ARMY. #ARMYCYPHERPARTY



Brexit activist Darren Grimes wins appeal against £20,000 Electoral Commission fine' | via @telegraph…

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) says its navy has captured the British-flagged oil tanker, Stena Impero, in the Strait of Hormuz, according to Iran's state-run Press TV.…

Oil jumped in after-market trading following the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp seizing a British oil tanker and a Liberian-flagged ship in the Strait of Hormuz, raising stakes in the critical oil chokepoint.


Cavaleiro-Mitrovic-Knockaert is a pretty great front 3 for Fulham next season…

This woman really needs help. Darren Grimes won his own appeal. Thankfully he was supported financially to do so by a supportive public.…

Nerding out to the first night of the Proms #BBCProms #proms #ClassicalMusic

Steve Reich in the afternoon? #BBCproms

#TheGiftAlbum a: eu:

#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon "One small step for man, as I've soiled myself"

I hope Brown Skin Girl can get Beyonce an award then Wizkid fans go be like " it is Wizkid that helped Beyonce bag the award"

#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon Would strongly disagree; I think there are a few points but it's a strong populist hermetic corrective to Cartesian dualism, and also offers the possibility of a queer or feminist agency and collective practice in the face of overwhelming gendered pow

#TheGiftAlbum “Your skin is not only dark, it shines and it tells your story” -Beyoncé Knowles Carter.


Drake apologizing to Wizkid for cutting his verse on “one dance” after listening to “brown skin girl”

#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon So this crap will be repeated on TV ad nauseam

Can't wait for the big budget adaptation of Starlight Express with anthropomorphic CGI trains.

The internet’s reaction to the #CatsTrailer is exactly the same as Dorothy’s reaction to Rose and Blanche in their Cats costumes #gofigure #goldengirls

Did you know our #ChangingPlaces facility is now operational? It's located in Departures near the Special Assistance area. Thanks to @PAMIS_Scotland for helping us officially open it. @CP_Consortium #CPAD2019


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