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Niko nije rekao da će biti lako. Zato ne odustaj kada postane tesko!

Who are the people you really despise on the TV? Dr shillary Ed twattybollocks sheeran Jedward That ginger bloke off country file But the worse had got to be.... BRIAN COX Or maybe Phil we buy any fucking car Schofield

:priča kako neće da se vakciniše: :niko ga i ne pita:

Bank of England has today forecast the strongest UK growth this year since the second world war. Bad news for Brussels as they wanted UK to be seen to struggle post brexit.

This is yet more absolute BS! An economy is built on goods and services being provided not on fake printed money by the Bank of England. Just wait till the winter when the true economic reality of the devastation will bite.…

This is so disgusting. I covered the inquest into Blair Peach's death - lots of evidence of police thuggery. A decent police service would have charged some officers with murder, sacked others. Instead they did this:…

I’m in Hoboken and Newark, New Jersey to discuss the need to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure and invest in resilient, affordable housing with the American Jobs Plan.


Jersey Mike’s is delicious

BREAKING: Macron arrives in Jersey


I changed all my wall with new paintings hehe


i have finally finished my commisions

me deciding to check twitter before work in the morning and pink joon being the first thing i see

Gatland is 100% talking about Daly here! People are slightly misinterpreting our argument earlier. It’s not about getting that 82nd minute match winner. It’s the fact that the 65m kick will have a huge psychological impact on South Africa in that middle third of the pitch.…

Imagine being a big 6 supporting virgin who’s never seen a game live, let alone been to Villa Park…

Ed Sheeran is becoming a bit of a player in the world of soccer.

I was a child when NZ teacher Blair Peach was killed on an anti-racist march in London in 1979. Have never forgotten the story, or the cover-up:…

Celia Stubbs has fought to get the truth out of the police for even longer than us.

Police conclude one of their own killed anti-racist protestor Blair Peach. So #spycops target his girlfriend for 20 years and take pix of mourners at his funeral and circulate them for surveillance. His murder remains unsolved.…

Celia Stubbs gave a powerful and moving account of being spied upon while campaigning for justice. She is represented by Simon Creighton, Molly Cox, ⁦@mryderqc⁩ and Sam Jacobs ⁦…

UEFA don't want to move the #UCL final from Turkey to England. It is now up to the Turkish government. If they deem it safe to host 8,000 fans from England, the final will take place in Istanbul. [via @samcunningham]

Arsenal fans using Chelsea sacking managers as a blueprint for what we need to do ffs. Our squad is shit compared to Chelseas. We wouldn’t become Chelsea 2.0, we’d be Watford 2.0.

'#சிஎஸ்கே' அனுப்பிய '#ஃகிப்ட்'.. மகிழ்ச்சியுடன் 'ட்வீட்' செய்த இங்கிலாந்து 'வீராங்கனை'.. வைரலாகும் '#புகைப்படம்'!.. "இவங்க வெறித்தனமான '#CSK' ஃபேன் போல!!"… #KateCross


Les media normands en direct de Jersey, où la bataille fait rage


It seems that Boris won't be able to send the Royal Navy's aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth to Jersey as it's currently on joint manoeuvres with the French Navy's aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. #awkward


I don't speak French, but I'd be interested to know what the French adaptation of City Hunter (Nicky Larson) chose to do about the word "mokkori".

Pathetic posturing on Election Day. Jersey doesn’t even pay UK taxes! Let them defend themselves.…

Coldest May election day in recent memory? By year, Chester election day highs of... 2021: 10°c 2019: 13°c 2018: 13°c 2017: 17°c 2016: 20°c 2015: 12°c 2014: 13°c

There is not going to be a #warwithfrance... it is merely a group of stroppy french fishermen who haven't done the paperwork to be granted a license to fish and have decided to try and blockade an island... enough with the sensationalism and political point-scoring...

Maçın heyecanı erken başladı. bu kadro villareali farklı yenme potansiyeline sahip, ama potansiyeli kullanmak hocamızın yaratıcılığına kalmış :( maç skoru tahminlerinizi alalım? 2-0 alıyoruz

Please remember, today disabled colleagues and carers on election day: * Wear a face covering, unless exempt * Use hand sanitiser * Bring your own pencil or pen Sadly polling stations are under no legal obligation to be wheelchair accessible. Please make your voice heard.

DAILY COVID ROUNDUP: Centre drafts plan to counter bad press, jabs for 18-44 group yet to pick up pace, and more-news relevant to India's fight against #Covid-19 #Coronavirus @BharathManjesh writes

The Bloods and Guts match was enjoyable, Nothing really stood out in the match imo but that finish was definitely the highlight. The overreactions to Jericho's fall was expected, Whatever AEW will do people will nitpick it as if its the worst thing ever happened to wrestling

You'd think someone with as much TV wrestling experience as Jericho would be smart enough not to be giving Tully instructions ON CAMERA, not to give MJF a reversal cue ON CAMERA, not get his blade out ON CAMERA and then show said blade to the camera THREE TIMES. #AEWDynamite

Baekhyun yarın geliyosun demi bak bekliyorum mutlaka gel



I would love to know what President Macron thinks he is doing. France was easily the most difficult member of the EU to agree BREXIT terms with. Draconian terms were agreed fishing warts and all. I fear nasty unnecessary trade repercussions!

A team like Bayern Munich would’ve put 7 past Real Madrid yesterday because unlike Chelsea they don’t miss and they don’t forgive.

दुबई के बालकनी स्कैंडल के बाद अब ये फोटोशूट भी विवादों में…

Polscy piłkarze kładli podwaliny pod wielką Chelsea Tuchela.


A man said ‘Kante is a DM coz he has the highest tackling stats’ I guess Bruno Fernandes is a striker then. Let’s just use dickhead logic for everything

If the "gunboats" sink French fishing boats, the Tory vote will go up. If the French sink the "gunboats", the Tory vote will go up. War really gets the fascist vote out. #NeverVoteConservatives #warwithfrance


Today all the very best wishes to: The SNP All pro indy candidates. The wee guy who in a monsoon just dropped off a "remember to vote SNP" leaflet and all others braving the elements to do the same The volunteers working the polling stations The French Navy

The 2010 general election took place on this day - result: - Conservatives 306 (36.1%) - Labour 258 (29%) - Liberal Democrats 57 (23%) - DUP 8 - SNP 6 - Sinn Fein 5 - Plaid Cymru 3 - SDLP 3 - Others 4

Royal Navy ships ordered to Jersey as French fishermen prepare blockade. Napoleon Macron Wants War, He Will Get It!…

Apparently these days the definition of a "gunboat" is having a 20mm cannon ( HMS Severn) or a 30mm cannon ( HMS Tamar) . How times change! Alternatively Royal Navy fishery protection vessels do er fishery protection.......…

Morning #earlybiz the sun is shining and I have #positivevibes here at so cracking in with my to do list and listing new #gifts on my website have a fab day #lovemomma #MHHSBD


For everyone saying they thought the Jericho bump at the end was terrible and pathetic. Let me remind you he is a 50 year old man who had just wrestled in the most crueling match know to wrestling and you want him to fall 20ft onto steel or concrete? You "fans" make me sick

Real Madrid com Taison e Maurício tinha goleado o Chelsea hj.

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