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Healing ain’t pretty but the beauty that comes when it’s all said and done.

The imediate danger of Corbyn's Marxism is passed. But, there's still the urgent & difficult task of rooting out subversion & Far Left infiltration in the media, universities, local government & many other institutions. Britain nearly fell. Now we must protect outselves. #LIBERTY

#borrisjohnson won a massive majority simple because Corbyn and #LabourParty were trying to block the will of British people on the issue of #Brexit. Lessons for everyone, if you try to block the will of majority, the majority will punish you. #UK #London

Michael Kay mourns death of uncle Danny Aiello


#RIP Danny Aiello. Great actor. Had no idea he was 86.

Switched on Question Time. 8 questions in, all attacks on Boris. No claps for any answers whatsoever from Grant Shapps the Tory on the panel. The BBC can't help themselves. Switched off.

"The message on the doorstep in this election was clear: the party was out of touch, the leader was weak, and we weren’t a credible party of government. Our manifesto was not affordable, our party had become nasty".…

| GIVING THE GIFT OF HEALING | Many times, people are told by doctors and other professionals that they can't heal from their symptoms or conditions, that it's a genetic problem, their body is attacking itself, it's……

Well, there’s a surprise, Rod Stewart a Tory? Next he will be saying he’s a freeloader.…

I wonder what happens when all those people who voted Tory to Get Brexit Done actually get their shiny Brexit and then realise they've elected a bunch of bastards led by a pyjama case stuffed with suet.

“And then he said we should find closure and let the healing begin...

I support you birth right demand to be free from facist boris #ScottishIndependence

#UKElections2019 tell me the US is not the only place that is fucked. Thanks. #UKElection #UKelection2019

Der Wahlsieg von #BorisJohnson ist ein deutliches Mandat für ihn, den #Brexit umzusetzen. Das macht mich traurig. Gleichzeitig bedeutet das auch: Wir müssen unsere Beziehungen zum Vereinigten Königreich nun zur Priorität machen, damit sie möglichst wenig Schaden nehmen. CL

### Boris Johnson obtient la plus grosse majorité conservatrice depuis Margaret Thatcher ! Les électeurs britanniques ont ainsi confirmé de façon éclatante leur choix en faveur du Brexit. #PASDERICSANSFREXIT #OTANEXIT #EUROEXIT

BBC News Brasil - Boris Johnson, o primeiro-ministro britânico que conseguiu a vitória mais expressiva dos conservadores em 30 anos e lidera o país no Brexit…

Would it be helpful at this point for remainers to start thinking of what they'd like to see in a post Brexit world? It's happening so shouldn't the focus be on where to go from here?…

Brexit: EU leaders hopeful of softer exit after Johnson landslide…

Last note on the election Jeremy was genuinely the only labour leader in the last 30 years I actually agreed with and had respect for a socialist who has captained for social and political change through his life I will still vote but every labour leader will just be Tory lite

nothing pisses me off more than people who are like ‘ur just bitter ur party lost’ like nah pal i’m bitter that millions of children r gonna be forced into poverty & homeless rates are gonna rise & public services will be stripped & the nhs is gonna get fucked #notmygovernment

Congratulations to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative party for their historic election win. Commanding a clear majority, there is now a powerful mandate for Brexit and freeing themselves from the EU.

I’ll give you Antisemitism and islamophobia and raise you attacks on People with learning difficulties.... something stinks about this general election!…

Oh well if only Corbyn left Abbott on the bench and played 442 well time to move on to much more important matters Man City at home on Sunday

Fuck you Jeremy Corbyn you’re a fucking disgrace your greed has fucked this country.

It's really a pity that Boris Johnson didn't win the Tory leadership contest in 2016, as we would have got rid of this buffoon by now.

Brits: Did Labour lose because Corbyn is an anti-Semite? Or was that secondary to other concerns? Not a rhetorical question. I'm curious.

Scotland has now got a Tory or Tory dominated govt on NINE occasions where Scotland has voted differently: Labour six times & the SNP the past three elections in a row: in 1970, 1979, 1983, 1987, 1992, 2010, 2015, 2017 & 2019. This cannot go on forever. #indyref2 #GE2019

THIS is who you voted for. you voted for racism, sexism, homophobia. #ConservativeWin #BorisJohnson #notmygovernment


Somebody tell him. The Tory Brexiteers who do not give a crap about the north of Ireland now have an overwhelming majority in your precious Westminster - an institution designed primarily to advance the interests of England. Enjoy shouting into the abyss. #GE19…

It's not making me feel any better that I'd already assumed the outcome of #GeneralElection2019 when I wrote the epilogue of my new book Empire 2.0. The Tories play the politics of race to perfection. As a result they can now inflict Thatcherism 2.0 #notmygovernment


we are so close to #1 in the US don’t let up now, but as fast as possible will get us a jump to 1st! #365WithLOONA

Another conservative government and it’s Friday 13th, how fucking ironic #notmygovernment

突如姿が明かにされたXboxSeriesX、省略形はXSXが無難ですな。 #XboxSeriesX #Xbox #XboxシリーズX #XSX


Kaytranada did wonders with this album

Listening to BBC Radio Scotland and disgusted by the older people phoning in and denying the results of the SNP today. I'm proud to live in a country that votes for all and not for Boris, privatisation and racism #SNPLandslide

Nearly every Tory tweet of the last few weeks has said the union is on the ballot and vote Conservative to stop #indyref2 Scotland voted. The union lost. #SNPWin #SNPLandslide #DissolveTheUnion

FTSE 250 up 4% Great day for Britain

New Year celebration came early as #Boris wins. #UK Sterling now 11% off the Summer low. FTSE 250 rally 5%+, banks on fire. You can now unpack your bags #UKElection

All my chat about the UK #GeneralElection2019 and my thoughts on the latest situation in North Korea seems to have my current house guest utterly riveted


सुनने में आ रहा है कि Jeremy Corbyn और Labour पार्टी को #GE2109 में भारी मोरल विक्ट्री मिली हैं.. पाकिस्तानी एस्टेब्लिशमेंट के लिए 2019 में ये दूसरी बड़ी हार है..

if I were Jeremy Corbyn I would’ve simply chosen to get more votes than Boris Johnson, but I respect his decision to try a different approach

Labour thugs pushing people out of the announcement in Ealing Southall, how they have fallen! The country have today rejected the violence, extremism and racism of Labour under Corbyn and Milne

The whole country hates Corbyn. And he hates our country. So what a mess.

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