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#GodMorningTuesday Supreme God Kabir lives in Satlok. He comes in form on this Earth to tell His actual way of worship through which His followers attain complete salvation. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Watch Ishwer TV-8:30pm #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation

#TuesdayThoughts संत रामपाल जी महाराज के शिष्य ना रिश्वत लेते हैं और ना ही देते हैं इस बुराई को जड़ से खत्म करना है तो संत रामपाल जी महाराज के अध्यात्मिक ज्ञान को समझें। प्रमाण के लिए देखें साधना टीवी शाम 7:30 बजे से।


The immigration system should strongly encourage employers and government to boost the skills of UK people, while boosting wages and conditions. Read our report, based upon our November 2019 written submission to the Migration Advisory Committee:…

RIP #NicholasParsons. A showbiz legend. He was amazingly fit & mentally sharp for a person aged 96 (or even for someone aged 40). Such a kind person with laudable liberal values, Nicholas always made everyone feel valued. Bravo!


rest in peace, tv and radio presenter Nicholas Parsons. It's with respect that I include this link to the tune that for some will forever bear his name.

Y'know, I think I honestly believed Nicholas Parsons was immortal. I won't half miss him. >> Nicholas Parsons, host of Just a Minute, dies aged 96… #RIPNicholasParsons

Djokovic no aguantó las lágrimas para hablar de Kobe Bryant, su "mentor"…

#AUSTRALIAxESPN Djokovic tiró para atrás a Raonic y luego lo llevó a la red con un excelente drop.…

Individuals are becoming increasingly aware of their data subject rights and organisations of their legal obligations. This is reflected in the over 159,000 data breach notifications and more than 290,000 complaints reported to the EEA Supervisory Authorities.#DataProtectionDay


As the government plans to rebuild lines cut by Beeching, Paul Barnes remembers the age of steam…

The ‘Brexit Bulldog’; the Big Ben Brexit debacle; the Brexit 50p. What an embarrassment of a country. #Brexit…

Amongst the rail related news, a massive 1/2 billion new trains deal for tw metro has gone to a Swiss company. Not sadly to Hitachi who would build them 30 miles down the A1.

Snow expectations: - Going outside - Making snowballs - SNOW ANGELS Snow reality: - Staying in - Turning the heating all the way up - Turning on the TV - Putting the kettle on - Complaining about the snow #UKSnow #Snowing

On This Day 1995 #lufc FA Cup 4th Round Leeds Utd progress after a 3-2 victory over Oldham. White, Palmer & Masinga (RIP) with the goals. #lufc100 #facup

A pesar de que los sobrevivientes de Auschwitz han pedido que no se olvide la crueldad nazi, temen por la abierta y descarada propagación del odio antisemita en la actualidad.…

"Auschwitz n'est pas tombé du ciel. Auschwitz trottinait, marchait à petits pas jusqu'à ce qu'il arrivât ce qui est arrivé ici" 75 ans après la libération du camp, des survivants de l'Holocauste lancent un avertissement au monde ➡️ @MarySibierski #AFP


Hoy es el aniv. de la liberación del KL de Auschwitz Birkenau , por el ejército Rojo,donde fui en 2002, una de la experiencias más fuertes que he vivido y entre justo por la puerta de llegada de los trenes, la pta del infierno, de un lugar donde Dios no existió. Me sorprendió...


Survivors call for end to world indifference at Auschwitz memorial | Holocaust | The Guardian…

why is times new roman trending why is times new roman trending why is times new roman trending

A revelation tonight @MeowWolf. @theokatzman Buying this record tonight. Respect to @aliciakeys and others, but 1000% better than the #GRAMMYs.


I think in hindsight, Daniel Bryan’s Nov 2018 - WM35 title run is one of the better stretches we’ve seen. Two great matches with AJ (not the Rumble of course), a great match with Brock, a great Elimination Chamber, a super underrated 3Way with Owens and Ali, then the Kofi match

27 Ocak Uluslararası #Holokost Anma Günü'nde, tüm dünya Holokost sırasında hayatını kaybeden altı milyon Yahudiyi andı. Holokosttan kurtulanların öykülerini torunları anlatıyor ve en karanlık zamanların anılarını canlı tutuyor. #HolocaustMemorialDay…

If you are having a bad day remember Chelsea is playing Bayern twice and Liverpool in the FA.


#TheWindermereChildren Beautiful 90 minutes of television on BBC2 tonight.

We will fight. We will remain. We will support MX and Wonho. We are mon bebe. #몬베베는_아직_여기있다 #MonBebeAreStillHere @superstar_SHIP @OfficialMonstaX

Son coughs in the dressing room: Tottenham players and staff:

Chelsea handed home tie in FA Cup fifth round - Chelsea have been handed a home tie against either Shrewsbury or Liverpool in the fifth round of the FA Cup.

Michel Barnier still not too happy about Brexit: "Brexit is meant to be about taking back control but what else does it mean? It means creating trade barriers that do not exist today." In lecture at Queen's University Belfast

1) "Italy's far-right leader Matteo Salvini's [League Party] failed to unseat the left in a key election in the country's north. The centre-left Democratic Party's (PD) won 51.4% of the vote in Emilia-Romagna, while the League candidate Lucia Borgonzoni took 43.6%. #bbcpm

What about being open for pole dance trainers? #bbcpm


Your own Migration Advisory Committee tells you immigrants have pretty well no impact on wages Mr Johnson. #bbcpm

January 28, 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. The following is a quote from Auschwitz survivor Max Eisen. #HolocaustMemorialDay


#MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts Nsha karna mans khana paap hai. Isase aap apna va apne privar ko nukshan to kar hi rahe hai. Sath me parmatma ke bhi doshi ho rhe hai. For more information visit us :-

The only #MondayMotivation we will ever need. #BLASTPremier

#MondayMotivation It is often seen that people do not hesitate to commit fraud, theft, bribery. This is against the constitution of the wrong deed, money earned from wrong deeds never comes.


Trump told John Bolton that he wanted to continue holding military aid to Ukraine until the country helped with investigations into Democrats -- including former VP Joe Biden -- the New York Times reports. @maggieNYT shares her reporting.

#HolocaustMemorialDay | "Yo gané la guerra, yo les vencí", relata Jona, de 90 años, una de las supervivientes del #Holocausto nazi

#MondayMotivation Constitution of god   Drinking person suffers by getting the vagina of a 70 born dog, drinking the water of dirty drains.


افتتاح معرض ومؤتمر الصحة العربي متخصص بالرعاية الصحية ويعتبر أضخم معرض ومؤتمر للرعاية الصحية في المنطقة وثاني اكبر معرض على مستوى العالم مشاركة قرابة 5000 شركة من 65 دولة متوقع 20000 زائر يوميًا للمزيد يمكنكم المتابعة عن طريق السناب #ArabHealth2020 #معرض_الصحة_العربي

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