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#Bitcoin after the Halving May 13, 2021 366 days after the 3rd halving. #BTC at $50,031. In a few weeks everyone will have forgotten about the Elon dump. Nothing has changed. Time to buy the dip.


Proud to be building Canada’s next great tech story one incredible quarter at a time #Bitcoin #Ethereum $HUT…

Musk-related tweet, or not, it’s important to note where #Bitcoin’s selloff stopped and where it bounced "to the penny”. All hail the 150-day moving average.  $XBT



Lá no fundo eu não consigo aceitar a ideia de "projeto" pras mortes aqui. Projeto requer planejamento, estratégia e metas. Esses cara só esqueceram o contrato da Pfizer num canto pq são burros e incompetentes mesmo. As mortes são consequência esperada.

There should be de-escalation at Kenmure street and the release of the two detainees. Of all the days, and times to try to carry out a dawn raid, the Home Office chose Eid in Pollokshields, with rising Covid numbers as well. Let those things sink in...

Por segundo año consecutivo, Estambul se queda sin la final de Champions que tenía prevista y el gran partido del futbol europeo viaja a Portugal. En 2020 fue Lisboa la ciudad que albergó una ̵…

What a difference a year makes. Last year same time we were pushed to the brink of a CL ban and disgrace by the UEFA cartel and now we're in the CL finals and they're tearing each other apart.…

E É OFICIAL! UEFA muda o local da final da UEFA Champions League! Ao invés de Istambul, a final será disputada no Estádio do Dragão, em Portugal! A mudança ocorreu pelo fato da Turquia estar na lista vermelha do Reino Unido de países com alta taxa de contaminação de COVID 19.

This is what peaceful, non-violent, direct action looks like in Glasgow today. The UK Home Office wants to do some deportation. The people of Glasgow have a better idea.…

Chatting: Elon, #Bitcoin, $GDLC Form 10, and the state of #crypto on @CNBCTechCheck at 10am ET w/ @dee_bosa

Elon Musk said Tesla would stop accepting payment in bitcoin, citing environmental costs. In April, we explained why green campaigners fret over the cryptocurrency


Si estas en la lista de espera por un CyberTruck de Tesla, ahora esperarás menos. Reportan cancelación de órdenes tras anuncio de Tesla sobre no aceptar BTC como forma de pago.

"Energy inefficiency is built into bitcoin's DNA" - @IOHK_Charles is in @Independent commenting on bitcoin's energy usage. #Cardano uses, and will only ever use, the equivalent energy of a family home. $ADA

Happy Eid Mubarak from Al aqsa mosque Palestine


The First Law of FUD Thermodynamics: FUD can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be converted From Tether to Tesla…

Everyone deserves peace and love; No matter rich, poor or religion.... #EidMubarak #EidAlFitr


#1 BIG MEDICINE WHINE? "PLEASE GET OUR VACCINE" Yet we refuse to get vaccinated, so now vaccines jabbing can be done at these locations: —Mortuaries & Morgues —Tesla Showrooms —Strip Clubs —Hardware Stores —Antique Shops —Furniture Outlets —Jiffy Lube's #rogerbezanis


Ad: REMINDER! Releasing at 10 AM EST Nike LeBron 18 "Black / Coast" $200 + FREE shipping Nike US FNL JD FTL FA EB


For all those talking about freedom of speech, about letting Holocaust Deniers have their say and countering it, did you complain about Prevent? Do you even know what Prevent is?

The Palestinians have every right to defend themselves against the Zionist occupation and land theft. #FreePalestine #IStandWithPalestine


i cannot! hahaha Gabby: Si Kaori and Rhys was a relationship that ….. hahahahhaa kaloka kayo KaoRhys ah haha #KaoRhys | Kaori and Rhys

Well said, Ruth Davidson. This proposed legislation is nothing more than Florida-type voter suppression.…

People think #Bitcoin doesn't make sense but then get upset when they try to use their bank and it's only open 9-5 but they have to work 9-5.

Eid Mubarak! As we celebrate #EidElFitri, I congratulate Muslims in Nigeria and across the world on the successful completion of this year’s Ramadan.


Michael Saylor on the Bitcoin Environment Argument via @YouTube

As the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end, I'd like to wish all colleagues and communities who celebrate, a peaceful Eid Ul Fitr. #ramadanmubarak

Eid Mubarak to all


The joy of celebrations is limitless! IoBM wishes everyone a radiant Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak! #EidMubarak #IoBM #WeAreLimitless


We extend our warmest wishes to all Muslims celebrating the close of Ramadan. Eid Mubarak! #AMShow


การพัฒนาที่ไม่คาดคิดนี้ได้สร้างแรงกดดันต่อ #Bitcoin @elonmusk และ @Tesla เป็นนักวิ่งแนวหน้าในกระบวนการของการยอมรับของภาคเอกชน #crypto #currency , เปิดทางให้คนอื่นทำตาม. สาเหตุของการกลับรถในครั้งนี้ยังไม่ชัดเจน #markets @markets…

Arsenal do the league double over Chelsea for the first time since the Invincible season of 2003-04. #CHEARS

GIADEC wishes all Muslims a happy Eid. May Allah bless your life and fulfil all your wishes and Dua. Eid Mubarak #EidMubarak #EidAlFitr


EPL: Arsenal very lucky, did not deserve to beat Chelsea – Tuchel…

The result yesterday didn’t mean anything. The season is done already and it was a disastrous one. I still want Kroenke out. We need massive changes in that team if we can move forward. But for bragging right and pride sake, it’s always good to do a double over Chelsea.

Reece James says the blame is on the players for losing to Arsenal, and they should have took their chances...…


The Western invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq cost trillions, murdered millions, and created ISIS. No leader has been called to account for the mess, and the lies. Julian Assange and I face prison, Chelsea Manning was lucky to survive. No apologies have ever been delivered.

On the occasion of RAMADAN. let's stand against all type of redical jehad, and make this world "safe" for all. #unitedagainstjihad #unitedagainstjihad #IndiaStandsWithIsrael


#MessageOfAllahOnEid Ballat Kabir Bullah Ala Mahadakup Wala Alla Kum Tarkorun (1) And so that you can tell Kabir the praise of Allah, on the matter that you instructed and so that you may thank Allah Allaah.


Let this occasion fill your life with the brightest of colours. Eid Mubarak! #ramzan #ramadan #islam #ramzanmubarak #allah #muslim #makkah #madina #quran #islamicquotes #lockdown #eid #eidmubarak #mubarak #hijab #lebaran #stayhome #india #eiduladha #eidaladha


Eid Mubarak to all Muslim ummah. May Allah (swt) protect all of us and our family from this wabah (covid-19).

マスク氏、テスラ車購入でビットコイン使用停止 環境への懸念で

That's good time to admit that I actually does not even own a driving license, so I would not have bought Tesla anyway. :p

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