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#ObamaWasBetterAt trends after Trump attacks minority congresswomen


E mentre le sinistre fucsia giubilano perché due donne sono ora al potere (Lagarde e von der Leyen), le due donne summenzionate si accingono a massacrare le classi lavoratrici e i popoli d'Europa. Farebbe ridere, se non facesse piangere.

En souvenir d'une belle rencontre...Mort de Johnny Clegg : voile noir sur le zoulou blanc - via @Le_Parisien… #johnnyclegg

Si stringe il filo spinato attorno al collo dei cittadini del Vecchio Continente. Salutate Ursula #vonderLeyen, la nuova esecutrice delle soffocanti direttive europee. Il pugno di ferro di #Bruxelles resta più duro che mai.…

The fact is black people are more prejudice against white people than whites against black. I’ve been told by black friends who are just straight up honest people. The racism is suffered by white people. That’s a fact and I have seen it first hand repeatedly #ObamaWasBetterAt

*on FaceTime with Maggie* @maggieminshew13 : hear me out...are we going to Area 51 or what??

Man soll Politiker an Taten messen. Ihrer Rede nach, könnte man noch fragen: „Sind #VonDerLeyen @CDU Positionen egal?“ Wir prüfen das noch, aber viele #CDU #CSU #Christdemokratie Inhalte waren der Rede, außer dem Pro-EU Pathos, nicht zu entnehmen.…

If Andrew Yang win the 2020 election we will show the trump supporters that trump mean nothing to America.

Poo #RIP Johnny Clegg Thanks for the music

#StormArea51 There are currently 1.4 million people signed up to storm AREA 51 and still building. The military are getting ready as this event could happen as so many people are taking it seriously and want to know the truth. Are Alien technology being tested there?


coming outta area 51 like this


Der Satiriker und EU-Parlamentarier zeigte sich froh darüber "dass ich ab sofort nicht mehr der unseriöseste Vertreter der europäischen Demokratie bin".

my alien that i stole from area 51 malfunctioning after not eating for days, because idk what they eat

LRT Why must Ashraf do this? Johnny Clegg was white. No need to do your non racial things when celebrating the man's life. He is loved by many, was a wonderful storyteller and a generous performer. Don't add your spicy rainbow mess please.

More than 1.3 million people, who believe the US government is hiding aliens at a remote base in Nevada, sign up for a Facebook event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us” scheduled for the early hours of September 20.…

Watching a performance with Clegg and his bands, Juluka and Savuka, was an anthropological journey – a vibrant tour of SA culture, music, instruments and dance. #ripjohnnyclegg

71’inci Emmy Ödülleri’nde adaylar açıklandı

#FaceApp #faceappchallenge look out for this woman in Portugal in 50 years time. #wheresmaddie


Ora mi dovete spiegare tutta sta foga nel farvi le foto da vecchi quando adesso, con la chirurgia, vi tirate anche il buco del cxxo #FaceApp

Why don’t locals make any of those “I’ve never watched this show but she deserved the emmy nomination” about Lena

"La reacción de Joey King al descubrir que había sido nominada al Emmy"…

The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man that can not read them. _Mark Twain #GameofThrones #LionKing #AgeChallenge #WednesdayWisdom


Cuando te agarra el sismo en pleno sueño erótico... // Pero te acuerdas que ya mañana te vas de vacaciones y ¡ALV la CdMx! #SismosCDMX #PutaVida #TuesdayThoughts


You may not know how exactly everything will turn out, but that's part of it. Keep doing you. Keep working towards a better you. Don't let the unknown beat you. It'll all work itself out as long as you put in the work and energy towards a better ending

#StupidQuestionsForTomCruise 1.Have you ever had an Impossible Mission? 3.Can you Handle The Truth? 4. How Far and Away have you been?

amy adams when she doesn’t win the Emmy thus being nominated yet again just to lose another award

my heart when i left london night 2 realising i’m never gunna perform with shawn

alfie not being nominated by HBO or David and Dan for an emmy:

me: christine deserves an emmy... emmys:

Chris Wilby of @JuddmonteFarms is awarded the TBA Stud Staff Award, which has kindly been sponsored by Peter Stanley’s New England Stud. He takes home a magnificent Charlie Langton bronze perpetual trophy and a £2,000 cash prize.


Kit Harington recibiendo una nominación a los Emmy por su brillante interpretación de Jon Snow.

Here’s worlds first and second biggest snakes. #WorldSnakeDay



Bıktık ulan bırakın da yaşlı halinizi yaşayarak görelim lan #FaceApp

Trippier i can deal with leaving, but both our 1st choice Left and Right backs? Take it the Fulham lads will be joining then? Or Foyth made into the RB role? Hmm doesn’t go well with me.

Nikki, with the expressive eyes, by Doreen Spooner. London, March, 1968.


here i present to you BAFTA winner and Emmy nominee Jodie Marie Comer and x2 SAG and x2 Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee Sandra Oh

Hoje foram anunciados os indicados ao Emmy 2019, Steven Universe está concorrendo na categoria "Outstanding Short Form Animated Program" com o episódio Reunited



Lol they nominated Game of Thrones for a writing Emmy when that was the one thing pretty much everyone agreed was the big thing wrong with this season

Найкращі серіали року за версією Американської телевізійної академії. Головний фаворит – «Гра престолів» із 32 номінаціями. Це новий рекорд…

Kieran Trippier will be first-choice right-back under Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid with talks with #thfc over a transfer now at a very advanced stage. [Marca]

Rose being left in England whilst Lamela sits on that plane with his cosy 100k wage. There’s some shit that really angers me about this club.

“No, where are you really from?” “Where are you from originally?” “You might’ve been born in London, but where are your parents from?” “India? Namaste?” All questions I’ve been asked by strangers. The hurt in the journalist’s voice is obvious. Conway is despicable.…

How u question god but u never pray! @ London, United Kingdom…

#ObamaWasBetterAt art of the deal #BeBest Authenticity Charm Wit Empathy Sympathy Saying sorry. Humility Winning the popular vote!

England’s World Cup hero Ben Stokes could be awarded a knighthood, if Prime Ministerial candidates Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are to be believed.

England's Ben Stokes talks about the incredible World Cup final on Sunday and reveals when he knew victory was 'written in the stars'…

#ObamaWasBetterAt self-deprecation

Can’t believe I left a pished Jonny alone for 2 mins and he’s took a razor to his head :)

Sir Josh Kroenke has made the nuggets contenders, hes gonna do the same with the Arsenal

HALF PRICE! Remington Men's Electric Shaver Heritage Design Razor • Canada


El delantero Ravel Morrison, quien estuvo en #Atlas de septiembre de 2017 a mayo de 2018, fue presentado como nuevo jugador del recién ascendido Sheffield United de la Liga Premier. #Vic3


Really hope ravel Morrison does well for Sheffield United fella was filled with talent at united academy then things happened

Bad business from Spurs, selling Trippier and putting Juan Foyth at RB. He’s a quarter of the player. I’ll persevere with this tweet until it gets the credit it deserves.

The lesson that has taken me the longest to learn is that: I am my own light in the darkness. #Love❤️ #ShineOn#TuesdayThoughts

Expecting much from others will always end in disappointment. Demand great thing from yourself and no one else. #TuesdayMorning #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayTruth


'Europe must have jurisdiction over domestic law '. Incoming EU Commission President .Ursula Von Der Leyen . #Irishfreedom

Tucker Carlson: When AOC, Ilhan Omar and the 'squad' are talking, Democrats are losing…

#ObamaWasBetterAt crippling our economy and putting Americans out of work. He was a huge failure. Trump already has more accomplishments than Obama had in 8 years. Obama sucked bad!!! #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation

PAO: "We actually have a fourth astronaut still aboard the spacecraft at this time, astronaut Fred Haise, who is the backup Command Module Pilot. He is in the Lower Equipment Bay of the spacecraft, giving a helping hand to the three prime crewmen ..." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

The single best thing that @realDonaldTrump could do regarding "the Squad" (squat) is what he did do. Call them out, highlight their anti-Americanism, spotlight their hatred ... and force the ugly and dishonest Nancy Pelosi to defend all that they are, publicly. Good job @POTUS

EU-Parlament: Und dann stellt "Die Partei" ihren Antrag zu von der Leyen


NEW: Mayor Bill de Blasio’s scramble to get out of Iowa and back to the city amid Saturday’s Manhattan blackout added last-minute costs to taxpayers’ burden of funding his security squad.

Happy #GuruPurnima2019 May Shani Dev bless you and keep you and yours completely safe... #Gurupoornima is lucky for Scorpios! #TuesdayThoughts #HappyBirthdayKatrinaKaif #PakistanAirspace Opens Up! #PMModi Zindabad #MumbaiBuildingCollapse Peace 4 the souls. #ThalaAjith #BJP…

So Amber has a couple of outbursts and Michael brands her ‘chaldish’ but when Joanna does it he says ‘yer have to accept them’ fucking hypocrite #loveisland

PAO: "As Lunar Module Pilot, his normal position would be on the right-hand side ... The Lunar Module Pilot for the overall flight, Buzz Aldrin, sitting in the middle seat, and the Command Module Pilot Mike Collins sitting in the right-hand seat at liftoff." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Happy Birthday Katrina Kaif: 8 Food And Fitness Secrets Of The 'Bharat' Actor #HappyBirthdayKatrinaKaif #KatrinaKaifBirthday #TuesdayThoughts


RIP Vorus, taken from us 50 years today He gave Vogans freedom from fear, freedom to live as Vogans should, on the surface, not cowering like worms in the earth. #Apollo50 #DoctorWho

Ethan Ampadu is an exceptional young talent. I see the sense in him going out on loan. Villa would be the ideal club for him to develop at next season.

Justin Edinburgh: Football stars gather for memorial service

Football stars gather for Justin Edinburgh memorial service in Chelmsford…

New Zealanders - We share your grief. We Pakistanis very well know how it feels. We are still suffering from England's Boundaries Rules (1947)Ghurdas pur district awarded to India for approach to Kashmir. (Copied)

This morning's interview with @Jeremy_Keefe on @Globalhalifax about my new book, #50ThingsToSeeOnTheMoon, on the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11. Signed copies are available at Bookmark on Spring Garden Road! @astronomyns @FormacBooks #Apollo50 #astronomy #Halifax…

Hoy hace cincuenta años que el hombre puso por primera vez un pie en la luna y los hay que aún dudan de aquella proeza, en fin... #Apollo50

How to Deal With Stress When You're Short on Time ⋆ Forever Amber


The #LoveIsland Women Really Need To Stop Blaming Themselves For Their Partner's Bad Behaviour


Frank Lampard has stated that Ethan @CapnAmpadu Ampadu will be leaving @ChelseaFC Chelsea on loan this summer The 18-year-old midfielder played only five games last season at Chelsea under Sarri…

Proud to represent Cumbria and Lancashire with Karen Jones and Leanne Croft @JCPinLancashire @CPassarelloDWP #CivilServiceLive London. @UKCivilService


Johnny Ball trending for mentioning Islam and dissing climate change hysteria. I have to say, people find offense in the simplest of things. He has an opinion. If it is not your opinion, don't be offended, address the disparity in knowledge.

I love Johnny Ball. Anyone offended by his teaching in my opinion is a Knob! Get a life, stop being indoctrinated by the Liberal snowflakes who have influenced your thought process! I mean huh, absolutely pathetic. Had his chance to speak and spoke the truth. Ffs people sort it!

In 1976 to get a technology job in @HMRCdigital you had to pass an entrance exam. This was one of the questions (answer on 2nd photo). Times have changed somewhat with how people are recruited. Diversity is important #civilservicelive


That's all for our #WiganDeal breakfast - thanks to our panellists for their insights. Our new film illustrates how things have changed in Wigan through the personal stories of the people who live there:…

'Wouldn't it be good if people didn't realise they were receiving services, but just living their lives' @KeithCunliffe shares his insight to service design in the #WiganDeal


#WiganDeal David Pearson Indep Chair, ICS in Nottinghamshire ‘it was a 6 year process in Wigan....this is about relationships, cultures, a shared vision of staff and citizens....constancy of purpose from leaders’. #kflead @danwellings @chrisbnaylor @KateAlvanley

.@NHS_RobW: We need to reframe our thinking on integrated care systems. The narrative is hierarchical and about structures and authority, what I experience in my job is fundamentally different. We are a true partnership, the partnership is the servant of the partners #WiganDeal

.@NHS_RobW ‘we have to reframe our thinking on ICSs...the narrative is still too hierarchical about structures rather than true partnership. Servant leadership requires a change in state of mind’ #WiganDeal #kflead @danwellings @chrisbnaylor @so_says_sally @TheKingsFund

Ready for the opening address at #CivilServiceLive


#WritingCommunity #prompt #vss365 If you #delve into the dark parts of this country's history, you will most certainly find deeds more heroic than the most epic tales, romances more romantic than those the minstrels sing of, as well as intrigues deeper than those you see today...

Fabulous 7 weeks of #CWC19 cricket...heart-stopping final to cap it off. Now time for a fun exercise. Let's pick a World Cup XI of 2019. Who's going to make it to your team? Share your XI in the comments, let's compare our sides guys. All that and more on this #AakashVani.

Yes, Trump Is a Vicious Racist. But Here's an Important Reminder: Trump Is Trying To Change The Subject From His Rapist Pal Jeffrey Epstein.… #TrumpIsaDisgrace #RacistInChief #RacistTrump #TrumpIsaRacist #RacistPresident #TrumpEpstein #TrumpIsaRapist

Hannah: I don’t know WHAT his church is teaching him but- America: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING #TheBachelorette


Trump is afraid of powerful women that speak up #RacistPresident


#Democrat messaging for 2020 is officially "We're angry, we hate you, we're coming to take your country away, vote for us or you're a racist" #RacistPresident

this is absolutely foul but ur right…

absolutely wild that rhea just hangs out in the monastery with all these college kids,, imagine if you went to the cafeteria and the pope was just in there eatin the chicken nugget special with everyone else

absolutely mortified by the philadelphia phillies baseball club

Would that not be some shit? "Hi uh Bella, don't sit down there...we're gonna give you an IUD real quick ok?"

Amber: "Fuck my life." Of course Amber's first reaction was to get angry, and make it about herself, when she found about Leah's panic attacks. Amber : "Why wasn't I told about this?" Why don't you ever check in on your daughter and ask /her/ how she's doing? #TeenMomOG

Amber made Leah feel bad for having panic attacks. Leah has been through a lot especially having a mother with so many issues. It affects Leah in so many ways. Poor girl. #TeenMomOG

Not the most appropriate way to handle that situation, amber... I mean I get being upset she wasn't told, but support your daughter before complaining about your hurt feelings. #teenmomog

There once was a little bird, smaller than a sparrow, that lived about 99 million years ago. And it had a freakishly long toe.

Michael is such a shit heel. Talking wild reckless to Amber and making all these excuses for not leaving with Joanna. #LoveIsland


BBC News - Nasa Moon mission: Open University partners with space agency…

Amber Heard's 'Friend' Goes on Record: Following the domestic violence incident that took place May 21, 2016 between Heard & Depp, Divenere claims “I never saw Amber injured in any way, although I am now aware that she has had many different abuse claims."…

More kids want to play soccer thanks to the U.S. World Cup win. Parents, it’s not too late to sign up for summer camps and teams in the Chicago area.

BITCH shut the fuck up and sit yo ass down BITCH…

The gossip / know it all Islanders made things worse for Amber and Michael I knew Michael wasn't going to go back there, but he would have left with Joanna and could be clear with Amber without being rude. #loveisland

If I was on the Bachelorette I would just sit her down and show her a Powerpoint presentation of some of my best tweets and I would probably win

This crew repped it at the #FIFAWWC and we want you to help us welcome ALL of them back on Saturday against Sky Blue. Tickets are $9:

sometimes i forget that elrond is the great-great-grandson of fingolfin and was raised by two of the most brilliant noldor warriors and then i need to take a moment to sit down

Tbh I expect Joanna will probably expose the amount of editing done by producers to make her and Michael look bad, and we all played into it #LoveIsland

Seems to me that Molly Mae and Tommy are just trying to give themselves a better chance at winning by making other couples doubt their relationships and throwing others under the bus #loveisland

If when one joined a profession they were allowed have a fight with an established figure and banish them if (when) they lose, I would have found it hard to decide between Rod Liddle, Piers Morgan and Toby Young #ScumFloats #Newsnight #Spewspite

Great job by #Newsnight @maitlis tonight showing up the loathsome Rod Liddle over the "casual racism" in his articles. Maitlis is excellent.

David De Gea is set to sign a new long-term contract with Manchester United. The deal is likely to be worth in excess of £350k a week and will make him the highest paid goalkeeper in the world. [Telegraph] #MUFC

Manchester United have a choice with David de Gea: 1. Give up on the best keeper in the world on his day and a top 5 keeper in any case and then buy another keeper who will have to develop OR: 2. Pay de Gea an absurd amount whilst making promises about the future

O West Ham espera vender em breve Byram e Hugill, assim ganhando um pouco mais de margem salarial para contratações. Negociação por Haller segue em andamento.

You can now preorder @ladygaga's products from her beauty brand at or on #PrimeDayAmazon at – 6 different collections are available as well as multiple kits. Haus Laboratories officially launch on September 17th.


Amazon Key, you're the real MVP today #PrimeDayAmazon

"Go home" van woman criticises "go back" President…

The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has spread to the city of Goma, a major transportation hub along the Rwandan border that's home to more than 1 million people.

RIP BIANCA // Details and causes of death the details: #ripbiancaً What happened ??


Struggling to find your #MondayMotivation? Get in gear by reading the proposals/orders that @FCC will vote on at its August 1 meeting! Under my #transparency initiative, we've posted the actual text of everything on the agenda.……

⚡️ Alan Turing, el padre de la computación moderna y clave para la victoria británica en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, será el rostro del nuevo billete de 50 libras.…

The West is wide open. One thing we know: @coachfitz51 isn't the only coach motivated to get to Indy. #MondayMotivation

The new face of the Bank of England's £50 note is #AlanTuring. The #UK is finally righting a horrendous wrong perpetrated long ago against this patriot, preserver of freedom, and cardinal computer scientist.…

Giant jellyfish spotted off Cornwall coast…

A back story: the entire lobster cigarette thing is based on the fact that my cousin and i imagine that lobsters, and new england crustaceans in general, are scummy boston/north shore tough guy types. Possibly italian.…

England captain Harry Kane posts touching tribute to poor Ben Williams who passed away, aged 6, after battle with brain cancer…

Turing was a genius, helped win WW2 & only fitting he gets this honour. Shame it wasn’t in his lifetime, greater shame petty bigoted laws made him take his own life…

Theresa May says Donald Trump's tweet telling congresswomen of BAME backgrounds "to go home" is "completely unacceptable". #DonaldTrump | #TheresaMay

ஐசிசி உலகக்கோப்பை அணியில் விராட் கோலி இல்லை; ரோஹித் பும்ராவுக்கு மட்டும் இடம்… #ICCWorldCup2019 #RohitSharma #Bumrah

can parents start teaching their sons that women have every right to reject them, and that they should respect the woman’s answer. teach them what the word ‘no’ means. #ripbianca

وضع صور "Alan Turing" على العملة الإنجليزية فئة 50 جنية إسترلينى 101011111110010110011000 هو 23061912 في النظام العشرى . ولد ألان تورينج في 23 يونيو 1912.


This #WorldYouthSkillsDay, we champion the millions of inspiring young innovators who are putting #Tech4Health at the heart of problem solving! Follow the thread below as we spotlight 3 fabulous young changemakers featured on our #TechForHer map

اوور تھرو پر 6 رنز دینے کا فیصلہ غلط تھا، قانون کے مطابق 5 رنز بنتے تھے:سابق امپائرسائمن ٹوفل… @ICC @cricketworldcup #CWC19Final

With the support of NMCG, the WII has initiated the Pravasi Ganga Prahari programme with an aim to establish an informed and active group of individuals across different countries who will be supporting and working in synergy with the Ganga Praharis. #WorldYouthSkillsDay


People claiming to be upset by #extinctionrebellion Bristol are going to lose their shit over this.…

Well #eng were champions acc to rules but i really feel for d #kiwis to be not awarded d cup inspite of being at par & also being hard done by the 4 of d bat while stokes was diving.Rules were set but i feel d cup should have been shared if not anything else. #CWC19Final #CWC19

What happens when you give young women the chance to answer for themselves: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Former youth fellow, Allie Shier, shares her experience:… #WorldYouthSkillsDay

Did you know today is #WorldYouthSkillsDay? What better way to support this than a collaboration with BSS, part of @TP_plc, to provide Career Taster Days to teenagers on the @DallaglioRW programme. It’s all about learning valuable skills to boost employability. #WYSD2019


We are supporting @AllForActivity new and exciting campaign #WhoSays. Together, we’re calling time on negative perceptions about disability, inclusion and sport. Find out more here: #WhoSays


In support of #FarmSafetyWeek, Scotland’s Farm Safety Partnership aims to highlight the importance of taking steps to ensure your safety. 1 farm fatality is 1 too many. In 17/18, there were 5 fatal injuries in Scotland. Find out how to minimise the risks:


We’re just going to leave this here! Thanks #herefordhour


Great news for the supporters of Alan Turing, but I can’t help thinking how long and hard women had to campaign to have just one woman (who isn’t the British queen) on an English bank note ... #wato

Got to rush now #HerefordHour lots to do! Have just harvested the angelica from the herb garden, we grow lots of our own #botanicals!


I can't stay today #herefordhour - loads more photos from yesterday's @ledburyfest 2019 closing day to edit. Thanks for the likes & RTs and have a lovely networking!

On the brink of war with #Iran, #wato is 17 minutes in and still talking about #cricket.

In 2005, Channel 4's viewing figures for the end of the 4th Ashes Test were 8.4m, similar to yesterday. There has been no dip in appetite to watch, but many of us simply don't have the financial resource to do so. #wato…

Check out The Big Story which celebrates the NHS through the #value of #gratitude entitled 'The Wishing Party' by @MandyRoss111 on our new wellbeing primary resources website #livingthevalues #PrimaryRocks #TogetherWeAreGreat #pshe


Who says? Is the new campaign from @AllForActivity calling time on negative perceptions about disability, inclusion and sport. We'll be sharing their findings and calls for change. Watch this space to find out more! #News #Campaigns #WhoSays


Rohit Sharma is the leading run getter of #CWC19 @ImRo45 #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final


ये किस्मत का खेल है कभी भी पलट सकती हैं #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final @benstokes38


Novak Djokovic is now just 4 behind the all-time men's Grand Slam record of 20 held by Roger Federer.…

That PPV just shows that when the WWE needs to compete, they will come up big. It was probably the best I ever saw match for match in a long time. #ExtremeRules

Not The best of the edits but it's from the bottom of my heart! ❤️❤️ #MSDhoni #KaneWilliamson #CWC19Final


Tom opening twitter today like- #tomhollandbetterprayup

#ExtremeRules POST Show: @iamjohnpollock & @wai0937 review the entire show as Brock Lesnar cashes in on a WWE champion.…


If it was India instead of NZ. I am sure ,kohli would have been banned for life ,for banging umpire n Ben Stokes' heads together for giving those extra 4runs #NZvENG #CWC19Final NZ deserved to win..Stupid "more boundaries" rule @ICC

Already hugely impressed by the hospitality at @SheffieldColCC #ENGvsNZ #WorldChampions


EXCLUSIVE: @TrueKofi, @WWEBigE & @XavierWoodsPhd show off all of their championships. #ExtremeRules

Djokovic tops Federer in historic final for 5th at Wimbledon

If Dems put as much effort into telling illegals to come in the right way rather than telling us to accept them coming in the wrong way we wouldn’t have an #immigrationcrises right now. Where’s the logic? #ExtremeRules #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts

Djokovic vows to win fans’ love with Federer record in view…


Novak Djokovic beats Roger Federer in Wimbledon epic to win fifth title


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