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This morning we have been out patrolling Stortford, remember is it essential and necessary, together we can beat this #bishopstortford #keepingyousafe #StayHomeSaveLives #COVID2019


Why Palm Sunday Is Still in the Palm of God's Hand Despite Pandemic - Topical Studies…

It’s warming up at #Twickenham the sun is out and this is the view from our bedroom. Please #StayHome Don’t be tempted to go further than your usual daily exercise takes you. #StayHomeSaveLives @StormHour @ThePhotoHour #loveukweather #ruthiebabes


Bill Gates. The same person that believes earth is overpopulated and Africa is to blame wants to "save" Africans with a vaccine. #AfricansAreNotLabRats


This will be the last Mass that I can upload, as a decree from Rome has stated that Masses can only be live streamed during Holy Week. I will continue to pray for you and will upload a Mass on Easter Sunday. Saturday 5th Week of Lent

ビルの前に看板を置いてませんが粛々と営業しております。 土曜日UP'S CLUBのファースト・チューンは BILL WITHERS からスタート。


#CarsonWeLoveYou was #1 trending in the UK, alongside the news of the new leader of the Labour party. Love this man. His content has made me laugh harder than anything else, not even joking.

BBC News | Coronavirus: Coming 5,000 miles to die for the NHS -…

This is a very moving and beautiful piece. “Coronavirus: Coming 5,000 miles to die for the NHS - BBC News”…

Coronavirus: Coming 5,000 miles to die for the NHS


The City School District of New Rochelle appreciates our wonderful teachers!  Thank you for what you do everyday for our students!


I cleaned the kitchen for hours and now I'm standing here #folding interminable amounts of clean #laundry and generally being an ablutomaniac on this #Fridaynight ... and thinking how nice it would be if I could be living up to my reputation as a clinophiliac instead.

#COVID19: @CAStateParks is closing the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve as well as the Cardiff, Carlsbad, San Elijo, Silver Strand, South Carlsbad and Torrey Pines state beaches effective at sunset today. #StayHomeSaveLives…

Who else is like...Jennifer still talking trash about June when she NEEDS to be dealing with her own issues. Weight loss hasn't made her a nicer, humble person. She is still mean, evil & competing with #MamaJune #FridayNight

Seinfeld had the best fake movie titles: -Sack Lunch -Chunnel -Prognosis Negative -Rochelle, Rochelle -Deathblow -Cry and Cry Again -Mountain High -Chow Fun (These are all off the dome; no googling)

#HIGNFY was painful tonight, that format does not work, best to wait till an audeince and panalists are back



The Crisalide performance was influential in my choice of decor. #ESCRadioLive


My view from the garden in Guildford a few minutes ago... #Venus #Pleiades #Gwener


There is currently 8x the viewers on Valorant compared to @FortniteGame on Twitch!


Yo, who wants my "VALORANT friend drop"?


I want to extend my sincere condolences to the Withers Family, over the loss of Bill Withers. He was a great music artist, and he will be missed. Love and Mercy, originally quoted by my good friend, Brian Wilson. We all must do our part to save our society. Thank you.

Hapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Happy New year #LockdownHouseParty

Well I didn't think I'd spend my evening listening to an MP singing Bill Withers, winning the @blue_beyond_ quiz and finally putting my knowledge of the electoral history of Basingstoke to use for the first (and last) time

Felt his voice in my bones whenever his songs came on. Rest in power, Bill Withers. #AintNoSunshine

Mash Report and Have I Got News for you - absolutely brilliant, worthy of the NHS clap. Thank you *clap clap clap don't know how to do the hand things #TheMashReport #HIGNFY

Thank goodness for Ian Hislop and @MrNishKumar - very pleased to have #HIGNFY and #TheMashReport back - the latter works pretty well virtually!

This episode of Have I Got News For You is a great illustration of how remote meetings are crippled compared to physically being in the same room. #HIGNFY

Very impressed by #TheMashReport’s lockdown production. A great interpretation of the show, that in some ways works better in isolation than it does in studio.

Bringing these pictures of the king aka Brad Simpson back cause the really do be the highlight of 2019 tour #VampsTourMemories


Lab leadership announcement eve we look back & say #ThankYouJeremy recall how throughout his career Corbyn fought for worker rights, no more so than the lastweeks fighting for pay & protection. So those calling for Jennie Formby & staff to be sacked are hypocrites in the extreme

#ThankYouJeremy for being you Whilst you had to put up with all kinds of shite, lies and smears from all sides, the dignified way you dealt with this, like your principles, is an inspiration

#VampsTourMemories is currently trending 29th in the United Kingdom


Seeing the vamps live is like magic. I just know that these memories will never fade away, bc they gave me the best night of my life and I still get goosebumps whenever i watch back those concert videos. They mean the absolute world to me ❤️@TheVampsband #VampsTourMemories


PSA: Football Factory is on Comedy Central. Literally just turned on and heard: "We're an island race, it's what we do best."

It’s another strange #FridayNight in our nation & around the world. People are worried, #pubs are closed & we can only interact via social media & phone/video chats. We still stand together. #Pubs will be open again, we will put our communities back together again #UnitedWeStand

People are setting telephone masts on fire because Amanda Holden thinks 5G might cause coronavirus. No wonder ⁦@charltonbrooker⁩ doesn’t do Screenwipe now. 2020 Wipe would take the whole of 2021.…

#millstonehouse should feel embarrassed & ashamed of their behaviour. All other B&B's seemed genuine, honest and if I was them, I'd refuse payment too. Absolute insult to the hosts, their business' and their hospitality. Would LOVE to stay any of the other places #fourinabed

Twitter came up with the following 5 "Trends for you". Olivia Coleman, Tom Petty, Cyndi Lauper, Amanda Holden and four in a bed. Has Twitter become a late night channel for people who buy werther's originals?

If you go on the Facebook page now Gary is saying most of the show was edited so didn’t reflect how they came across , he reckons 1/3 was edited out #oshitivefuckeditnow #fourinabed

You know there is a lockdown when #fourinabed is trending on twitter

#CelebrityWood Sequoia Willcox

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