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US, Philippines, Japan Kick Off Maritime Training Activity Sama Sama…

[FANCLUB] STAFF BLOGをアップしました!(「HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HOHYEON♪」)詳しくはFCコンテンツ内【STAFF BLOG】よりご確認ください。(※閲覧にはログインが必要です) #TRCNG

Insiders have revealed it to be a Sligo accent:

Three players who are on the verge of making England's Euro 2020 squad:…

Para los politicos lo unico importante son las elecciones. Vota y se civico, el camino más corto hacia la frustracion.…

Sanditon. @ITV I'm perplexed. Was it just a bad dream? Or was that the most unsatisfying drama I've ever watched? #Sanditon


Lemme get this straight. If I buy the book, will I get my happy ending? Otherwise, no thanks. #Sanditon


Voter fraud is not a major problem in UK politics. The disenfranchisement of marginalised groups in the political process *is* a major problem and will become a bigger one with ID verification. It's a bad policy…

Did you struggle to get through to the #Strictly vote lines?

Just 20,699 fans turned up at Hampden to see Scotland beat San Marino, while 10,000 tickets were given away to the local community. That’s what hopelessness & apathy does. Ticket prices, smaller venues? When will watching Scotland be enjoyable again?…

Good morning everyone except tv execs and show runners who think we watch Jane Austen for any other reason than getting the happy ending every other show on screen finds too cliche to give us #Sanditon

I ordered HS2 for 40 billion to find that my account has been debited by 80 billion and it still hasn't been delivered #AwfullyBritishAmazonReviews

If Monday was a national football team, it would be San Marino - the worst ever. Absolutely fucking shite. Fuck Monday’s.


Episode 24 is here! @japan_rugby triumph over @scotlandteam in a thrilling #RWC2019 decider and @elmakapelma was in the stands to witness it. #LandRover #JPNvSCO #RWC2019 @LandRoverRugby

I ordered a picture of the PM and they sent this #AwfullyBritishAmazonReviews


Scotland captain Andy Robertson says his team-mates finally began to play with a smile on their faces in their win over San Marino. Watch: #bbcfootball


'I'm so sorry your journey was cut short' #Strictly 's Dianne pens emotional message to Dev after shock exit

My ‘Guide to Good Grammar’ is’nt what i had hoped for,Their is’nt nothing in here for me;And i should of just ordered CD’s instead,You’re reviews on this book are missleading,and what the hell is a comma splice!!!!!! #AwfullyBritishAmazonReviews

#Euro2020 Qualifiers – Results: Kazakhstan 0-2 Belgium Belarus 1-2 Netherlands Hungary 1-0 Azerbaijan Cyprus 0-5 Russia Scotland 6-0 San Marino Estonia 0-3 Germany Wales 1-1 Croatia Poland 2-0 North Macedonia Slovenia 0-1 Austria #SSFootball

I ordered a self-assembly Catholic Priest but I find him too fiddly. #AwfullyBritishAmazonReviews

Getting sick of waiting for this stupid #Fortnite event. Anyone with me? I just wanna play #Season11 already!

lets be honest they wouldnt be where they are without minho, he singlehandedly paved the way thanks to our humble king❤ #BTSPAVEDTHEWAY

#Fortnite ir dormir, olhar para um buraco negro


EpicGames staff just because everyone is staring at a hole: #Fortnite #fortniteevent #FortniteChapter2

La humanidad en este momento #Fortnite


acho importante estar ciente de que eu sou bem doida é isto #LGBTQtakeover


The Lib Dems refuse to back a short-term caretaker government led by Jeremy Corbyn that would call for a fresh election on Brexit. They care more about preserving their image as the only true anti-Brexit force than they do about stopping Boris Johnson.…

BBC corespondent Adam Fleming reporting the UK has dropped a demand that the Brexit deal include a veto for the Stormont assembly . That will prompt significant discussion across NI on Monday morning .

He's destabilised the World. reneging on North Korea who've started their missile testing again. Antagonised Iran, antagonised Palestine, Venezuela too. Now Syria's in turmoil! Interfering in Brexit as well. WTF! Robert De Niro has marked his card! The US needs to listen!…

Literally in New England at peak color. I can die happy now


Whys Neville sitting here acting like he was discriminated against for being from England LMFAOOO

Between the #Strictlyresults and the ending of #Sanditon this has been a hugely disappointing weekend. Looking forward to going back to work to cheer myself up!

Greatest anthem in the world, front row. Enjoy. #walcro @welshfootball_

I remember Neil Lennon valuing John McGinn at £5M and everyone was ripping the piss, yous areny laughing noo are ye

The reason I say ‘there isn’t a plan’ is because we win a stoppage-time FK wide on halfway, but then we neither a) keep the ball and play for the draw, nor b) pack the box. Instead we c) play short, then hit a crossfield ball to 5’7” Dan James, who loses the header and is booked.

Stoked for John McGinn. A #Scotland hattrick, is there a challenge this fine young player isn’t equal to? Benched the last time they were at home, now Steve Clarke wakes up to how Dean uses him at #avfc supporting the striker, taking chances around the box. ⚽️⚽️⚽️#utv #proud

Why the fuck was Dan James allowed to continue?

Oh well all done for another weekend have a good one folks see u next time. #antiquesroadshow

Thanks for watching tonight, and be sure to tune in for the SERIES FINALE next week! #WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire

75 carrots !!! #antiquesroadshow

Come on audience, give her the wrong answer #WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire

Scottish lawyer Jimmy McGill has assured the SRU he has sorted these kind of soccer issues before. Playoffs still a chance #SCOvJPN


Whinging Scots bundled out. You love to see it. Looking forward to seeing how this is the @AllBlacks fault. #SCOvJPN #RWC2019

#SpoilAMovieIn2Words 13 nikes


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