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Sostuve reunión con @LFLopezCalva Director Regional para América Latina y el Caribe del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (@pnud). Acordamos impulsar proyectos de desarrollo regional en MX a través de @PNUD_Mexico incorporando a los distintos órdenes de gobierno


Força Aérea dos EUA diz que defenderá Área 51 de tentativa de invasão convocada pelo Facebook


Dejen de hablar sobre Luisito y pongan mas hilos sobre el área 51 ptm

Incredibile! Ecco chi è realmente Ursula von der Leyen…

"Von der Leyen propone transformar Europa con un programa verde, feminista y social" Por si alguien todavía no se explica el Brexit....


The confirmation of Ursula von der Leyen “highlights that the average European citizen has no visibility whatsoever of the political program and the consequences stemming from his choice,” | The Washington Post #UrsulaVonDerLeyen #vonderLeyen…

this is what we’ll see in area 51 #Area51memes

Galatasaray Michael Seri miii ???? Fulham ın bundan haberi varmı aw adamlar çig et yiyen afrikalı orta saha alıyor 6222 6222 6222 6222

#SpiritMusicVideo is trending at #3 on youtube! #Spirit

Quel giorno in cui (forse) terminerà la trattativa tra @realmadrid e @sscnapoli su #JamesRodriguez #FaceApp




REGRAM: @EthanGPeck “A huge congratulations to my Disco friends on their Emmy nominations! You guys deserve it, and I am so happy for you. “ #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrek LINK:…


Os detalhes do cabelo, sinceramente q perfeição #SpiritMusicVideo


“Having a rough morning? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That's called purpose. Don't give up." – Unknown #Quote

I'm so very glad I got to see Johnny Clegg (and Jesse!) In concert a couple of years ago.

R.I.P Johnny Clegg..Asibonanga...Fly Free no more pain

Boris plots election to crush Labour 'while Corbyn is still around'

BIG Move: Kolkata Knight Riders re-sign England's World Cup-winning coach Trevor Bayliss to turn things around…

உலகக்கோப்பைக்குபின் ஐசிசி வெளியிட்ட முக்கிய பட்டியல்..! முதல் இடம் பிடித்து அசத்திய 2 இந்திய வீரர்கள்..!… #ICC #TeamIndia


the gate opened but I can't reach it yet. oh God what causes my leg fixated here. Unknown #photography


ชวนเปิดดู "กฎหมายแรงงาน" ที่เฟิร์สจ็อบเบอร์ควรรู้ อ่านเพิ่มเติม…


#वाराणसी: आंशिक #चंद्रग्रहण के बाद लोग गंगा नदी में पवित्र डुबकी लगाते हुए #LunarEclipse #GangaRiver #UttarPradesh अन्य खबरें-


We’ve commenced workers’ mobilisation for total strike — Labour


Barcelona masih berupaya membawa pulang Neymar ke Camp Nou. The Catalans sudah mengajukan penawaran plus dua pemain ke Paris Saint Germain, namun ditolak. Kenapa ya? #neymar…

Michael: “I took the advice from ovie because he’s similar to me” #loveisland

Who is • Playing a game? • Using the feelings of her other half to help her get what she wants? • Not as into her other half as he is into her? • Snakey? • Unnecessarily commenting on other couples? #LoveIsland


stargazing by Travis Scott hit different at rolling loud

“hurt” he has no idea what Arsenal means and has no idea what the fans do or don’t want. In the time they have been involved at Arsenal we’ve regressed massively. #WeCareDoYou…

In case you missed it, this was when it all started kicking off last night... #LunarEclipse #PartialLunarEclipse #LunarEclipse2019 #ThePhotoHour #StormHour #Moon


Ed SheeranとTravis ScottのAntisocial好きすぎて最近ずっと聞いてる


#ObamaWasBetterAt leaving a lot of dangerous ideas lying around for his successor to abuse.…

He could be the perfect option in attack to cover Firmino this season…

Alan Turing adalah tokoh yang mempelopori sistem komputer generasi pertama sekaligus pionir dalam bidang kecerdasan buatan (AI).

Sebastien Haller's 2019/20 season at West Ham as played out by Football Manager. He liked a London derby.…

There’s a secret hidden inside the binary code on Alan Turing’s new £50 note

Tuesdays with @JosieBean13 working with @DETVic school review training @BastowInstitute - plenty of provocations and insight to improve student outcomes moving forward. #TuesdayThoughts


Péssimas notas do boletim de Alan Turing indicam que professores não suspeitavam que ele era um gênio


so there was this call from an unknown number and i wasn't answering since it's unknown nga. a few moments lang may naghahanap sakin sa labas like shet kabang kaba ako. tangina yung delivery pala HAHAHA

Generalmente, el "famosillo" que se ve involucrado en cosas como estas, siempre le echa la culpa a la gente de "bajo CI". Amigo @Karol_LuceroV, no hables de bajo CI si estai en la tele, no más. No erís ná Alan Turing, Mark Zuckerberg o Lisa Simpson


#StupidQuestionsForTomCruise so is it Scientology that keeps you from making good movies these days, or is that just bad decisions?

67 ans après l'avoir condamné pour homosexualité: l'Angleterre choisit Alan Turing pour figurer sur les billets 50£…


10:55p Eastern USA. As I fall asleep, Please let us wake up to a corny Sébastien Haller highlight video holding up the home kit with some funky electronic music. - Tony #IRONS #COYI #WestHam

Work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one's watching. -Unknown

Are those missions really impossible if you’ve completed them? #StupidQuestionsForTomCruise

A snippet of the interview with Josh Kroenke following on from his open letter response to the #WeCareDoYou campaign…

I used #FaceApp. That shit was too real.

DE LA LIGA MX A LA PREMIER El ex rojinegro Ravel Morrison se convirtió en nuevo jugador del Sheffield United.


Watching Anna and Jordan in the Hideaway like #LoveIsland

Me looking between my phone and the TV whilst I'm sat next to my mum and Jordan and Anna are in the hideaway #loveisland

welcome to episode 674 of michael not understanding how to take responsibility #loveisland

so all of them really allowed Michael to think it’s okay to talk to someone like that?? #loveisland

Our favorite Twitter reactions from this year’s Emmy nominees

Amber, Michael is nothing but.... #LoveIsland

Neres, Trippier, James, Hermoso y tu novia.


Emmy thought #9: This moment when @JoeyKing found out she was nominated is so pure. (For the record, she should also win and get a 5-minute standing ovation.)… #ImDone #StartingNow

These girls give Amber shit advice and then back off when shit hits the fan bc she took their advice. #loveisland

amber has a valid point, if they were real friends to her and girls girls they would have at least been a little bit off with michael after the way he spoke to amber #loveisland

When you deep it, Anna is really a big mummy for Jordan y'know #LoveIsland

maura shut the fuck up, leave amber alone #loveisland

'The forthcoming reselection processes offer grassroots Labour activists across the country an opportunity to interrogate these commitments for themselves, and should open the door to much-needed re-invigoration of the party’s base.'…

Hard to credit just how bent some of these New Labour interlopers were and are......they were never real Labour, just parasites concerned only with their own advancement.…

“It’s unknown T, cell block C, Feds have got it in for me”…

Kieran Trippier: Tottenham right-back to join Atletico Madrid for £20m

As a kid I delivered newspapers and haunted comics stores to spend the fruits of my labour on back issues of Thor. Jesse "harsh-your-buzz" Hawken hates that kid. Well double heck on you Hawken.…

20 minute warning. Shocking article exposing the Peterborough Police's and City Council's Labour connection coming up. Political impartiality or bias? #Peterboroughpostalfraud

Only a LABOUR PM From NZ will not take the Propaganda Dribble from Trump and his Right Wing Undemocratic Govrnment ! Jacinda Ardern ,we need a PM in Australia like this courageous person !…

An English international moving abroad? I mean it's rare but Trippier things have happened.

If Trippier goes to Athletico, as many sites are suggesting, I thank him for the good times at Spurs, his hard work & wish him well.

Ravel Morrison was keen on joining #nufc when he left Manchester United…


We're desperate to find a safe home for three year old Sid. He's too unpredictable to be a pet, but he's not feral and needs shelter and food. A private stables or smallholding would be ideal.… #AdoptDontShop #CharityTuesday


It’s great they have actually recognised the fans discontent & have replied... So let’s give it till the end of the transfer window and see if Josh Kroenke is telling the truth. Actions speak louder than words, they have 3 weeks to sort this out. #WeCareDoYou


Gorgeous Maggie is only 18 months old and came to us heavily pregnant. She’s now looking for a lovely home of her own. Could you #AdoptDontShop this sweetheart on #charitytuesday?


Josh Kroenke's letter is the most useless thing I've ever read. Help the club or leave the club, we are running out of patience now. #WeCareDoYou #Arsenal #Gunners #KroenkeOut

Do we have amazing cats for you on #charitytuesday? Of course we do! Meet gorgeous Rosanna and her three 8 month old kittens, Eric, Ernie and Lucy. Why not #AdoptDontShop this wonderful family today?


Feature: Top 20 Rising Metal Bands You Need To Headbang To Right Now @AltPress “Their overall tone is a no-holds-barred assault of vicious grinding death metal with an explosive approach built from razor-sharp riffs.” Link:… Photo: Anthoni Grande


Would rather Josh Kroenke said nothing instead of all that PR waffle. Same old garbage they’ve been saying for years. Worthless.

Well Josh Kroenke has replied. What's important about this for me is not really what's in the letter. It's the fact that we've spread our message as far as the very head of Arsenal FC. This shows that when we all get together, we aren't hopeless. #WeCareDoYou

#ThingsYoullNeverSeeMeDo pkay a stupid hashtag ga...... God damn it.

bought a harrys razor today and the cashier forced me to start a podcast at gunpoint

I really hope Ravel Morrison works out for Sheffield United. Really would love to see him fulfil his potential at long last

Sad to hear he's fallen off the wagon again, but it's Dec I feel sorry for. #FlyingAntDay

I feel like we've all forgotten about the true meaning of #FlyingAntDay It's just so commercial these days.

Obviously Trippier had an awful season last year but think it’s a stupid sale for a cheap price. Aurier is injured, Foyth is not a good enough RB yet and if we want to be challenging for trophies next season then neither is KWP. (1/2)

Not too sure how I feel about this. Granted Trippier hasn't had the best season, but he stepped up MASSIVELY when Walker left. Don't think we can really rely on Aurier, KWP and Foyth for our RB position this year, we must have a player in mind to replace.…

Happy Flying Ant Day everyo...oh god one just went in my mouth! #flyingantday

An increasingly common question: why should Iran's soccer team be allowed to compete for the World Cup when the government, in violation of World Cup principles, prohibits women from entering the stadium to watch soccer matches at home.


Here are a few things that I love that make me a racist according to the squad: Law and order The flag The military God Family Freedom Eductional opportunity Trump Low taxes The Bible Israel Safety Pledge of allegiance Star Spangled Banner

Nicolas Pepè is due to have a medical at the end of the week, could be Saturday, and then is due to have a couple of weeks off and could join up with the rest of the squad in Evian for pre season training.

The crew of the Apollo 11 as they left the Manned Spacecraft Operations Building. Astronauts Neil A. Armstrong (CDR) Michael Collins (CMP) and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. (LMP) ride the special transport van over to Launch Complex 39A where their spacecraft awaits. #Apollo11 #Apollo50



Alpha Dionkou added to the pre-season squad as soon as we drop our interest in Cancelo. Only 17 but fuck it, get him in the side just because of his name

Remember when Michael said he couldn’t be with amber because he always had to bite his lip... Joanna just outdone amber a million times by grabbing him like this. Disgusting #LoveIsland


Having donned space suits, astronauts leave Spacecraft Operations Building on transport van to launch pad 39A. #Apollo11 #Apollo50


بمناسبة الاحتفال باليوبيل الذهبي لمهمة #أبولو 11.. فإن الهبوط الأول للبشر على سطح #القمر قبل 50 عاماً تطلب مجهود 400 ألف شخص من وراء الكواليس شملت مهندسين وعلماء وميكانيكيين وفنيين.. فيديو تحضيرات طاقم أبولو 11 #تكنولوجيا #علوم #معلومات #أبولو50سنة #Apollo50 #Apollo11 #Apollo50th

Trump vs. 'the Squad' makes watershed moment in racial politics

Adiós a una 'generación de oro': se retiran Xavi, Robben, Van Persie, Cech...…


Which players did well last night? Nice that Martinelli scored and looks like more encouraging signs from Saka.

50 years ago today. Still incredible. “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." -- JFK #Apollo50 #Fox35 #GDO


Royaume-Uni : Alan Turing est le nouveau visage des billets de 50 livres

Le mathématicien Alan Turing ornera les billets de 50 livres en Angleterre

all molly-mae does is talk smack about other people’s relationships and i’m SICK of it #loveisland

Are you running a course or competition, or simply awarding employee who has been working hard? Our custom certificates are perfect for you.… #giving #passion #working #focus #inspiration #TuesdayMotivation #newTwitter #TuesdayThoughts #charitytuesday


Por dios que horrible es el nuevo diseño de twitter en escritorio, menudo desperdicio de espacio y que feo es(y sin dar siquiera la opción de poder poner el de antes). Mal twitter, mal. #NewTwitter

Twitter looks all different on my PC and I am completely unprepared for this... *checks trends* *spots #NewTwitter and realises I am clearly behind the curve*

David De Gea has sought assurances from Man Utd about the future of the club. He has made it clear he wants to be part of a team capable of challenging for the Champions League. [espn] #mufc

David De Gea will sign a contract that makes him the highest paid goalkeeper in the world

Second half #Arsenal thoughts: - Kolasinac is a terrible defender. A left-back is a necessity. - Mustafi as captain is a little concerning - Martinelli knows how to score goals - Willock had a few really nice moments. Substantially ahead of the other young central midfielders

Are you at #CivilServiceLive? Come visit our stall, have a chat and find out more about your union.


Martinelli golden boot inbound

"There has never been a more important time for a brilliant civil service in the UK." - John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the Civil Service #CivilServiceLive


We're all set up and ready to go at the @GDSTeam Hub at #CivilServiceLive. We've got some great talks lined up for you this morning.


#CivilServiceLive London John Manzoni opens the two day event talking about Brexit but also about day to day operational delivery. ODP is here and ready to talk to you. Come visit the stall! @OpsDelProf @SRRT_gov #proudtobeODP


Kicking off Day 1 of #CivilServiceLive in London with the @DataSciCampus and @GDSTeam demystifying #DataScience and AI with Lego robots, Rubik's Cubes and cake. Because the civil service runs on cake!


Beautiful morning in London for the first of two #CivilServiceLive events at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre bringing together thousands of civil servants from across departments to share ideas and learn from each other

#AtMyAgeThingsAre Going absolutely shit and I want someone to save me

“Did we mess up again sir?” “Strangely enough Haskins, no, and we get to choose our next investigation.” “Let’s take the psychopathic mime one sir.” “Are you sure? There’s a lot of digging to do.” “I’ve dealt with mimes before.” “Ah, better the #delve-all you know.” #vss365

Up bright and early this Tuesday morning ready for #CivilServiceLive London. Come along and talk to us about your professional career. We are on stand 9.


Beautiful morning from here in the Albert suite for our penultimate Let’s Talk About Race session. Come and join the conversation at #CivilServiceLive


"How was the date?" "Awful! On the surface he's affable enough." "But?" "Ugh, when you #delve deeper, he places an inordinate value on filthy lucre rather than harmonious interactions with his fellow inhabitants of the planet." "He didn't pay, right?" "Yeah." #vss365

It is the bravest act of all to #delve deep into the past, pluck each painful memory clear and ask of it why? #vss365

Mark had warned her not to #delve. The government were always up to something and it wasn't her problem and she'd bring trouble. But truth was important to her. Until she wished she had never looked. Every time she looks at her son now she sees Mark. The agent #vss365

'If you #delve into the world that floats just beyond the shadows, that is where you will find the Nightmare Beast. It is hideous being that preys upon you when you sleep, swapping sweet dreams for nightmares,' said John the horror writer, putting his 4 year old to bed. #vss365

Tightening the rope around his wrists, his moan from behind the gag only drove her excitement higher. His eyes widened with terror as she picked up the bone saw. “I’ve been waiting to #delve into your sweet brain for days,” her voice dark “I bet it’s fucking delicious.” #vss365

#BrayWyatt has returned to attack @finnbalor!! #RAW @SkySports

【スタダ☆ゲート】#スターダストプロモーション 期待の新プロジェクト #BATTLEBOYS ほか、#超特急#DISH// など、彼らの魅力を余すところなくお伝え!MiLK #塩﨑太智#宮世琉弥 がゲストで登場!J:COMテレビにて毎週(月)~(金)18:30~/21:15~の1日2回放送!

ブレイ・ワイアットのキャラ変のスピードと振り幅に、まだ気持ちが追いつけてない(笑) #BrayWyatt #WWE


今日は先日開催された「CURRY&MUSIC JAPAN 2019」の関内デビルステージの模様をお届けするデビル!今夜24:00から! #CMJ2019 #矢部昌暉 #橘柊生 #泉大智 #DISH// #南端まいな #原田珠々華 #関内デビル


I’ve know for a long time how much you care me And how much I meant to you Thank you for everything you’ve done for me I’m very proud to have you in my life I’ll always love you with all my heart #방탄_별을다다줄게


DO YOU LIKE THIS LOOK? @KendallJenner attends the #MOVINGLOVE dinner hosted by Felicity Jones, Derek Blasberg & Katie Grand at Bellanger in #London, England. (Photo: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for LOVE Magazine) #KendallJenner #fashion #celebrity


Omg... He doesn't know what it means to "aim higher." He literally thought the criticism meant to attack their superiors instead... #RacistPresident #TrumpIsARacist #ImpeachNow #

We have a president making foreign policy decisions and furiously signing outlandish EOs... ALL BASED on his "gut" and his "extremely stable genius syphilitic brain". If you're not should be! #RacistPresident #RacistGOP #ImpeachNow #UnfitToBePresident


Nature is amazing. Check out this beautiful, colossal jellyfish spotted off the coast of Cornwall, England.

A past full of well documented racism. He uses racism in innumerable ways to stoke division & codify his base. It almost seemed too obvious. Maybe he’s just EXPLOITING racism. Saw it live and I knew. THIS is the moment I KNEW we had a #RacistPresident…

HAYNADO? A dust devil was filmed in England and you can see it lofting incredible amounts of hay into the air. Watch the video here...


A presenter on BBC Earth was shocked when she encountered a massive jellyfish while diving off the south-western coast of England.…

We are just a little over a week away from the @FortniteGame World Cup! Tfue remains as the betting favorite to win Solos. Odds and analysis:…

England and Millwall, I certainly didn't take the easy options.…

Congrats Strength & Conditioning Coach @RiedohBerdien becoming Certified through the International Sports Science Association,Works hard learning in silence as success will make all the noise.A @CAF_Online Afcon & @FIFAcom World Cup Participant. #FootballConditioningSpecilaist


The triumphant return of a World Cup champion @MalPugh here at tonight’s Rapids v. Arsenal match #Denver7

Australia's Diamonds overwhelm Barbados at World Cup… via @smh

LF duo NAW: I'm looking for a IGL who leads/paths rotates Week 1: 88th week 6: 282nd week 7: 130th week 8: 322 week 9: 99th week 10: 84th Trio cash cup: 50th Couldn't play all the world cup weeks unfortunately

A plastic straw. Do you want to single handedly kill a turtle? Smh. #WeirdThingsToBuyInBulk

Going off Molly-Mae. She’s worrying about Belle and Anton but it’s more worrying that she cannot comprehend the concept of good communication and working through issues rather than being stubborn and play silly CHALDISH games. Grow up kid #LoveIsland

Thank you for answering my question - the first question nonetheless - at the #FinalShowdown, @Jeremy_Hunt and @BorisJohnson. A privilege & honour to meet you both & talk re the amazing group of @Young_Tories we have at @blue_beyond_. Whoever wins, our party has a great future.


Unpopular opinion but I would have Coutinho bach in a heartbeat the guys quality. #Coutinho

Tory MP Priti Patel: "I want to see immigration in this country reformed. We have to invest in our own people." @patel4witham | @rosskempsell | #FinalShowdown

Davina: We’ve found your brother Alice: Does he live in this country? Davina: He lives next door...#longlostfamily

“I knew there were gonna be twists and turns, I said it!” - Alice #LongLostFamily


“She’s called Nancy, like your birth mother” - Davina #LongLostFamily


Flicking through tele "oh #extremetribe ......might be interesting" then saw a baby get circumcised with a razor blade. Fuck off

Bit of a weird one this week. Those who are found don’t seem to give a shit #longlostfamily

#UniversityChallenge what's the betting Ben Whitcombe's nickname is Neil...


Anyone else see the similarity on #UniversityChallenge with shagger Whitcombe? #sexsymbol


When #UniversityChallenge is Trending instead of #LoveIsland just to remind you there's intelligent life on the planet...

. @johnmcdonnellMP's statement to tonight's #LoveSocialism meeting is brilliant. Particularly liked this bit: "I campaigned in that referendum with others on the slogan “Another Europe is Possible.”" Couldn't be happier to be campaigning together again! @LoveSocialism


Boris Johnson is thrown by the final question in the leadership debate: "Amber Rudd is in Love Island!?" @BorisJohnson | @Jeremy_Hunt | #FinalShowdown | #LoveIsland |

Not sure if watching #Dispatches or Cowboy Builders

As a first time buyer to be (in the next year or so), that's Persimmon off the list! Thanks #dispatches!

जब इंसान सफल होने लगता है, तब इंसान खुश नही होते हैं, बल्कि जलने लगते हैं।। #MondayMotivation

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