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I just feel like all my effort goes in the trash & im absolutely tired of it

Freddie Ljungberg: “Tierney, I think it’s something with his shoulder but I don’t know exactly what it is, but obviously we had to take him off so I think he’s going to maybe go to hospital & check what it is.” #afc


one of my least favorite things is when someone hasn't seen a film and someone else who has seen that film because it was culturally expected of them to, freaks the freak out with absolutely no intention of introducing them to the film that they believe is so important send tweet

Just assume any labour friendly storylines are fake. Saves time.

“Do you wanna help me cast a spell for a Labour victory?" - My housemate

After terrible day for Johnson , Laura Kuenssberg and Robert Peston, Rupert Murdoch sends in someone more believable.


Im sure that most working class Tory voters only vote for them as the Tories are seen as middle class so it makes them feel posh & Labour just reminds them theyre working class,so basically we're all getting fucked because the majority of people are Hyacinth Bouquets! #GTTO #NHS

If you want to stop the most mendacious PM in modern history, vote Labour in Kensington…

Senior Tories telling lies. What a shock. And people - specifically working class people - are voting for them as for some reason they believe the lies they keep telling. Dumb fucks…

Well, fair play, no one would expect a senior Tory to lie and how could an experienced journalist be expected to check the story?…

BBC reporter roasted for focusing on fake news of Labour activist ‘punching’ official at Leeds hospital protest

There was video footage that proved Matt Hancocks adviser wasn’t punched. However now we are duty bound to question how many claims journalists like Kuennsberg/Peston/Hodges made because the Tories told them without checking facts? We cannot trust our journos. That is terrifying.

Looks like you have pissed on your chips this tim @bbclaurak @Peston #sacklaurakuenssberg just RESIGN NOBODY WILL EVER TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY AGAIN YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL FOR A BIT OF BORIS JOHNSONS GOLD JUST GO!

If you can't trust anonymous Tory sources, who can you trust?…

Did you wonder why he didn't go to the The Climate Change Debate? Stop being taken for a MUG! Don't #VoteConservatives If you #VoteConservative YOU are responsible for the outcome…

I just know the British public ain't about to support a homophobic, racist man creating this band out of pure jealousy over a band who aren't western taking over the world, i just know they aren't that stupid... #XFactorTheBand

Time to move forwards with what matters to our country. #GetBrexitDone and Unleash our country’s potential. @NorwichTories #GE19 #VoteConservatives @ToryVote_ @CEN_HQ #NeverCorbyn


Honestly just seen #VoteConservatives trending on twitter, n I thought today couldn’t get any worse. Then I saw the tweets that’s followed n now I’m over the moon

After seeing Tierney suffer a serious arm injury, Martinelli damn near breaks his neck celebrating Pepe's goal. Kids really are fearless, man.

So I went down a rabbit hole after seeing the Sheree Hepburn-Jenner post shared on Facebook, it stunk of BS. Guess what, the exact statement is being posted by folks all over Facebook. Isn’t it strange that all these people know the same senior nurse at Leeds Hospital?!


Tierney azarado demais em termos de lesões. Kolasinac deve enfrentar a maratona de jogos em dezembro/janeiro.…

i dont know what this tag is about but jeongyeon socialist #VoteConservatives

#VoteConservatives if you're either too rich to care, or too thick to understand what Bumbling Boris and his cronies plan to do to this country. Otherwise, do the right thing and help #GetToriesOut

What I have learned today: there is one senior nursing sister at "Leeds Hospital" who has an enormous number of "good friends", every single one of whom is on twitter tonight

Listening to Rafa Benitez speak on MNF was incredibly insightful. He's a brilliant man and coach.

Leeds Hospital is trending. This shit, stinking, inaccurate country.

Rafa Benitez: “We have been analysing the stats in the Premier League & Champions League. 25% of goals are scored with 3 passes [or fewer].Another 25% are scored with 4-7 passes. Then another 25% come from set-pieces. You don’t need to always make lots of passes to score goals.”

simon cowell wants a uk version of minseok but whose gonna tell him it’s never gonna happen #XFactorTheBand

“I feel like we dominated most of the game and the injury of Cresswell was unfortunate. Onto Southampton on Saturday”.…

If anyone says they want Arthur Masuaku to start over Aaron Cresswell after today, football isn’t for you.

Pepe was scared shitless of Cresswell, who cut him in half twice. But Masuaku comes on and gives him the freedom of Newham to score (their 2nd) & cross (for 3rd). Pellegrini - on £135k a week - is as passive & placid as his players. Never gets out of 2nd gear.

Just what #afc needed. Some respite from the storm. Improved intensity, concentration, threat 2nd half. Helped hugely by #whu fading. Far easier for Pepe against Masuaku than v Cresswell, Aubameyang vital central & Martinelli good, scoring shift. Pellegrini ticktock? #WHUARS

Least Moyes realised it and played Masuaku LWB Pellegrini has shown he is too rigid and cannot get the best out of certain players with his inability to change to a back 3 or play 2 strikers The results just ain't been good enough even when Cresswell on it was slow and boring

Talking of karma, delighted for Pépé. He could have been badly injured - twice - by Cresswell’s disgusting tackling. #WHUARS #Arsenal #AFC

#universitychallenge Brandon. What a pain in the Ass !!!!!

I want Snodgrass back.

Snodgrass has a merkin for hair.

How does Snodgrass start every fucking game man I want answers

1834: Year of the 4 PMs: Earl Grey -> 9 July -> Lord Melbourne -> 14 November -> Duke of Wellington (acting) ->9 December -> Sir Robert Peel #universitychallenge


Loving the marmite reaction on here to Brandon. Brilliant guy, great quizzer. But importantly on a superb team. #universitychallenge


I see @bbclaurak's twitter feed is studiously ignoring the two biggest political stories of the day. DUP's Arlene Foster effectively calling Johnson a liar on radio, & Johnson refusing to look at photos of a 4y/o boy on a Hospital floor? #GE2019 #BBCbias


#MondayMotivation "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain

Ротару, WADA, отдать Крым хохлам и можно праздновать Новый год.

If SFA can beat Duke, you can beat your finals. Good luck on finals week, Jacks! We believe in all of you! #MondayMotivation

Already planning your schedule for 2020? View upcoming events on our website including new #networking events, #workshops & more. #MondayMotivation


れぷちん1100人 しょこ18000人 凄い差

#WritingCommunity #writerscommunity #Monday is here! Let’s #meditate for a few moments before we begin #writing today. Take a few slow, deep breaths and #reflect on what our #MondayMood will be and how it will guide us throughout the day. Let’s get our #MondayMotivation in check.


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