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Disabled white farmer files suit over Biden administration's "racist" COVID relief plan


In @PunchbowlNews Midday — The Canvass — our new tracking poll of Hill aides — took a look at who will be the next Dem speaker, R speaker, Senate GOP leader and Senate Dem leader. Very interesting results Premium subscribers will have it in their inbox soon.

Ed Sheeran patrocinará a club inglés del cual es hincha #CooperativaEnCasa


Out on the road there are fireflies circling Deep in the woods, where the lost souls hide Over the hill there are men returning Trying to find some peace of mind Sleep my child Under the fog there are shadows moving Don't be afraid, hold my hand

As they had the day before, the Confederate Second Corps positioned themselves across the Orange Turnpike in the Wilderness, and Lt. Gen. A. P. Hill's Third Corps defended a position along the Orange Plank Road #OTD May 6, 1864.…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Share a New Photo of Archie for His Birthday

Me when yall said joon wasnt gonna be pink this comeback…

Modernizing the Organic Industrial Base & ensuring workforce welfare dominated @UMunitions' update to GEN Daly: “Taking care of our people is the best way to continue providing superior munitions readiness to our men and women in uniform," COL Gardner


How about the “Stay at Home “ XV?! Tasty. 1. Genge 2. Herring 3. Sinckler 4. Gray 5. Ryan 6. Navidi 7. Underhill 8. Vunipola 9. Youngs 10. Sexton 11. May 12. Tuilagi 13. Davies 14. Nowell 15. Keenan Subs: Kelleher, Healy, Francis, Launchbury, Stander, Care, Ford, Ringrose

Mother's Day is almost here. Give the gift of Blue and Gold. Our Mama's Day jersey patch is on sale now on our mobile shop. #EveryoneN



2017 ‘Ed Sheeran’ incident

Ipswich Town has unveiled Ed Sheeran as the new shirt sponsor of its men’s and women’s teams. | @fi_tomas_…

So much coverage of Bill and Melinda Gates divorcing but dust paid to the heartbreaking Cock Destroyers split? Media really is broken.

Some of the hardest done by based on form? Ringrose, Sinkler, Ryan, Slade....

Courtney Lawes reveals he didn't get a Lions long-list email...


Warren Gatland on the exclusion of Johnny Sexton and James Ryan from the Lions squad and the inclusion of Bundee Aki @VMSportIE

While AEW may soon be hitting the road again, MJF is more than content keeping the action in Daly’s Place for the foreseeable future. @The_MJF


We’re still going strong! Warren Gatland still doing interviews until 7pm tonight, having started at 8am. The squad announcement is special day, but sheesh it’s a long one. We’ve tried our best to give as much media access as possible today given the circumstances. #LionsRugby


Nothing better than wing night with the fellas @kfcradio (via ig:ryan_bausch_, peepeepirate, james_milanek)

James Ryan was "pretty unlucky" according to Gatland, said players being able to play 5/6 was important Says La Rochelle's physical dominance was a big factor, that Leinster have beaten up regularly in biggest games

Just want someone to love me like Rob Key loves talking about Zak Crawley

Here is my prediction - Kyle Sinckler goes out and gets man of the match this weekend for Bristol Bears…

Non-Lions XV 1. Genge 2. Kelleher/Turner 3. Sinckler 4. Gray 5. Ryan 6. Navidi 7. Underhill 8. Vunipola / Stander 9. Williams / Care 10. Sexton / Ford 11. May 12. Slade 13. Davies 14. Larmour 15. Keenan

Largely ok with the Squad. Two big omissions for me is Underhill and Navidi. One I get he's not been fit, the other was arguably the form 6 in the 6N. Also Harris as the only 13 is a bit of a struggle for me (Henshaw can play it).

Warren Gatland is massive on discipline on tour. It's worth remembering that Sinckler's last involvement with the Lions was being arrested in Auckland post-third Test in 2017. That feels relevant now... #Lions2021

Sinckler a shock omission as Alun Wyn Jones named captain of Lions squad. Story: @gerard_meagher…

It has long been a mug's game to try and guess what Warren Gatland will do with selection. Omissions of Sexton and Sinckler are huge surprises. Navidi can feel hard done by. Hill, Conan (been playing well) and Aki came as big shocks. Congrats to the 37.

There's a few eyebrow raisers in there, but the absence of Kyle Sinckler is a major shock

Sinckler a shock omission as Alun Wyn Jones named captain of Lions squad…

Britannia triumphant her ships rule the seas, Her watchword is 'Justice' her password is 'Free'!…


It's #PollingDay again in Scarfolk. Rule Britannia! #Election2021


When your Twitter feed is being bombarded by the unwelcome hashtag likes of Rule Britannia, War With France & Vote Tory.


This is a picture of someone in Turkey. He was involved in an accident that was almost fatal, but he escaped from death. While waiting for the police to come, he pulled over and offered two rakats of thankfulness to ALLAH for having saved him. Life is indeed a gift from ALLAH.


As Jersey is in the news - Football Index is often referred to as 'Jersey-based'. The parent company (BetIndex) seems to have had just 1-2 employees there. This makes it far harder to find out basic information, like who ran it, or how much money it had. An odd state of affairs.

We’ve just launched our new album crowdfund full of exclusive limited edition goodies! #rock #blues #thursdaymorning


W/F/L?? Me: NFR Dodo, NFR Unicorn, N Brown bear Them: FR Arctic reindeer, Ride turkey, NFR Guardlion

Anybody got a contact for the TP at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in Princeton, New Jersey? I think Dr. House (@hughlaurie) needs to attend our @SHOTHV1 Human Factors session on the 26th May! #BMSEDG #Transfusion #Safety #PBM #SHOT…

Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Emmanuel Macron, Fransa'nın tartışmalı siyasi lideri ve komutan Napolyon Bonapart'ı 200. yıl dönümünde anma törenine katıldı. Macron, Bonapart için "O bizim bir parçamızdır. Her şeyin sorumluluğunu üstleniyoruz" dedi.


News just in. French fishing boats seen flying their flag of war off the coast of Jersey. #France

It's hotting up now The French have sent two gun boats to Jersey hope they'd bought some good wine & cheese with them it'll be needed.

‘…एकही जागा वाचवू शकले नाहीत’; कपिल सिब्बल यांचा काँग्रेसला घरचा आहेर… via @LoksattaLive #Election2021 #Congress #KapilSibal @KapilSibal

“It’s a pandemic election” and Keir Starmer has a “mountain to climb”. But the leader was chosen on the promise of electability. What results can we reasonably expect from Labour this week? @siennamarla's morning briefing on polling day:…

Atölyenin 3. içeriğinde @KavlakLaw kurucu ortağı @FiratKavlak , SAFE ve KISS başta olmak üzere hukuki açıdan farklı yatırım modellerini ele aldı ve hak pazarlığı noktasında dikkat edilmesi gereken noktalara değindi. Kavlak girişimcilerin mevzuat odaklı sorularını yanıtladı⚖️


Apparently neither Bane nor Thor are ready to face a new day. #CatsOfTwitter #thursdaymorning


“Ready on 1, Sir!” “Roger, that, Private Jones! FIIIIRRREEEE!!!” #warwithfrance

Yesterday #India recorded a new #record +412,618 new #covid19 daily cases and +3,982 deaths. reported! this pandemic is accelerating not slowing down. vaccines will not solve the problem but help the #coronavirus mutate to new #vaccine evading straisn unless we #STOPTRAVEL.


When it comes to the Channel Islands, if the EU was really that bothered about the fish it would just retaliate by adding Jersey to tax haven blacklists and squeeze their financial services sectors

The only thing this will achieve is to make more Unionists vote Tory. Why does the Daily Record want that?…

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