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Ava DuVernay, PLEASE help Tyler Perry with his movies #AFallFromGrace

lol I could’ve sworn y’all hated Tyler Perry last week

another low budget movie from tyler perry #AFallFromGrace

Ex-Super Eagles warn Oshimhen to be wary of Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barca, others…


United bid to halt Liverpool juggernaut again…


“He’s just the ultimate Liverpool fit at the minute, the ultimate Liverpool player."…

Daftar Fans terbanyak untuk Klub Sepak Bola LN di Indonesia 1. Liverpool FC : 4,7 juta 2. Inter Milan: 3,5 juta 3. Juventus : 3 juta 4. Barcelona FC: 2,8 juta 5. Real Madrid: 2,5 juta 6. Arsenal : 2 juta 7. Chelsea FC: 1.3 juta 8. Manchester United: 800 ribu (Source: BPS)

Right up there with Love Island and Uri Geller! #MyDecadeOnXbox #TrendingNow #TrueAchievements


Thankyou @Eminem for raising 2 million quid for a tragedy that happened in our community a few years back #eminemisCANCELLED is a joke

#eminemisCANCELLED As i point out on a previous page,i live in Manchester Born in Manchester and nobody from Manchester is offended by what Eminem sang about,it is only lyric and after all,this fucker raised 2 Million for the bombing,Ariana fans need to chill the fuck out

If you think #eminemisCANCELLED THIS SAYS SO MUCH ABOUT YOU. Go fuck yourself. Album is FIRE.

泣けるラジオドラマ。ベネディクト・カンバーバッチ様が第二次世界大戦中のラブレターを読み上げる番組。戦時中の人の考え方や時代背景もわかる。英は戦地からの手紙の検閲は日本より遥かに緩かった模様→Chris Barker の My Dear Bessie: A Love Story in Letters

田村夏樹tp+照内央晴pf+Simon Barker ds@伊丹Always から③ 画面が下向いちゃってるけど #Improvisation #即興演奏

Didn’t plan on binge watching all of #COBRA tonight but here we are.

A brilliant #GrahamNortonShow with an excellent sofa; Jamie Foxx’s story reducing the audience to silence, fantastic wit of Jennifer Saunders, Patrick Stewart and Michael B Jordan. And killer sounds from the two dudes that are @michaelkiwanuka and @jablonka01

Despite how often The Last Leg rip on Jacob Rees-Mogg, Josh Widdecombe had a chance to ambush Jessica Phillips by asking her how she would rate him out of ten, yet, it was missed out by him and everyone else involved? What garbage! #IsItOk #TheLastLeg @TheLastLeg

The ever wonderful Sir Patrick Stewart on G. Norton tonight #GrahamNortonShow


'Father I can't come & see you (in prison) cause I see you as a King' A statement by Jamie Foxx greeted with absolute silence by the audience which seemed to last forever. Powerful stuff. @TheGNShow #GrahamNortonShow

Presenting... LADY JAYE and the Finest litter! Meet Falcon, Flint, Mercer, Dusty, Trooper, and Hama!!! All will be up for adoption soon! Contact us for details! #thefinestcc #k9division #gijoe #yojoe #cobra #puppies #dogs


“If the Labour Party doesn’t get its shit together it doesn’t deserve to exist any more”, says @jessphillips on #TheLastLeg. Have a look ‘up north’, Jess. It’s finished. And it’s people like you who have brought this situation about.

That was savage from Michael Kiwanuka #GrahamNortonShow

#thelastleg you three are beter than the actual ringers

I think they were two really super episodes of #TOTP, but we are now firmly in the period where I was reading Smash Hits from cover to cover so I have such fond memories

Watching #thelastleg and @jessphillips is on saying the Labour Party needs to get its shit together, yet she’s still biting her tongue when asked about @jeremycorbyn. Comes across as bitter, hardly a unifying figure

Should Big Ben bong to mark Brexit? #TheLastLeg

Milli Vanilli songs are fantastic pieces of pop, but the so are Boney M. It's a shame they didn't do any history songs. Frank! What were you thinking? #TOTP

Reminder - We will be closed on Monday, January 20 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.



Union Junior Wins 22nd Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Contest…

Congratulations to Alexa Correia for winning 1ST PLACE in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Art Exhibition Contest! @MSDHighSchool

Discussing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with 4D buddies! @MrsWyland_HHS @mrsdrouin4


#sexeducation - Иди в свою комнату! - мне 16 - ... Ну тогда я пойду в свою!

From community celebrations to youth-led marches, celebrate the spirit and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Seattle this weekend.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece says her uncle’s vision in his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech is being brought to fruition today. #MLKDay

Reminder: Our schools and offices are closed on Monday, January 20, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

This is the moment police raided an address in Liverpool linked to a county lines drug gang. More than 120 officers raided 15 addresses in Operation Medusa - more on this story here:

Ken (disaster) Starr, Pamela(Landi?) Bondi, Alan(fruit o'the loom) Dershowitz and Jay (my morals suck) Sekulow--trump's defense team.

“We then became teammates in the (Brasil) national team..then the opportunity to come to Liverpool came about & he was a very important influence in my choice- “He spoke highly of the club, about the reality at the club, arriving here I could see it all to be true”-Alisson on RF


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