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yo no estaba aislado hay gente fuera del bucle esto no estaba previsto del vacio es imposible escapar #Fortnite

#Fortnite #TheEnd Siento desilucionarlos pero esto terminará hasta el martes a las 6am (madrugada) Guarden esto para que lo recuerden cuando se haga realidad.


ATENÇÃO TODOS biscoitos quentinhos saindo do forno! #LGBTQtakeover


#LGBTQtakeover o b existe e não estamos confusos


#Biden must be guilty, Now that the heat is on #HunterBiden he is stepping down as a board member of the Chinese Equity Firm… #CNNdebate #CNN Jameis Ray Ray #SundayMorning #SpoilaMovieIn2Words #AtatianaJefferson #NoBraDay #SundayThoughts Fear God #Trumpwins

Brother fucker #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

A constituent has written to me about the voter ID story. What is the plan for these people, who by the way will always be the most marginalised people?


Lives deliciously. #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

Great advert for the @rugbyworldcup tonight have to say. Went down well with the local but mainly Welsh crowd in Akasaka anyway! #JAPvSCO

Bra! Bra! Bra! Bra that can solve math : AlgeBRA A Muslim Bra : iBRAhim Too much Bra: liBRAry An alcoholic Bra : BRAndy A Christian Bra: aBRAham Magical Bra : aBRAcadaBRA Poisonous Bra: coBRA Skinny girls bra : verteBRA Hard Bra : BRAss Bra wey dey balance : equiIiBRA #NoBraDay

Bad Computer #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

日本代表最高でした。生でこの瞬間に立ち会えて本当に幸せです。ラグビーをはじめスポーツの力は凄い。 #RWC2019JAPAN #JAPvSCO


BREAKING: #Bathurst1000

Wow! We are just watching replay after 97 dived into the pits. #redbullholden #VASC #supercars #bathurst1000  #motorsport #mountpanorama

Head back to the pits and collect your stuff Chaz. Sackable #Bathurst1000

#nohumanslimited #INEOS159 Kenyans continue to excel in spite of Kenya.


Sábado 12: La vida está compuesta de pequeños momentos. Y ver a alguien correr 42km en 1:59:40 definitivamente es parte de eso. #INEOS159 #YoElegiCorrer #NRC #nextstop50km #justdoit #17000km #WhyNotFaster #corrermehaenseñado Deja una marca en el mundo ser feliz es Gratis


elimden geldiğince sana layık bir şey yapmaya çalıştım minik çiçeğim :” #HappyBirthdayJimin


I would have watched a series where Robert Forster ran a shop repairing vacuum cleaners and there was no criminal element involved.

RIP, Robert Forster. “Jackie Brown” (1997). ‘Max Cherry’ scene with Pam Grier. Music is “Natural High”(1973) by Bloodstone. One of Tarantino’s most cinematic films to-date.

People deserve a God who is bigger than Franklin Graham’s and Mike Pence's and Sarah Sanders' and Jerry Falwell's and the GOP's God. Their God is small and terrified—and it suspiciously resembles them. #SaturdayMorning…

But there was a day nilichelewa kupanda SGR so decided to run from the main road to the station. Kufika kwa train I could taste red blood cells in my mouth na ilikuwa less than 5 min #INEOS159

Now you can play both sides of a Human League LP* without turning the album over! The 1981 Sharp V3. (*I Dare you: it takes Seconds...) #NationalAlbumDay


Murió a los 78 años el actor estadounidense Robert Forster

Falwell Jr. pays off businessperson who made his South Beach hotel with the Pool Boy, but only after @TomArnold rips the mask off his putrid hypocrisy. So concludes the best Only in Miami religious reveal story since Geroge Rekers. #SaturdayMorning…

Robert Forster, actor estadounidense (1941 - 2019)


Great to have this delivered for #NationalAlbumDay One of the best of the 21st century. @RichardHawley


Bummed about Robert Forster. My kind of actor. Not showy. Not flashy. Just brilliant at being present, being in the moment, and being fucking cool. Loved him in Jackie Brown, of course. He was also fantastic in the underrated Karen Sisco TV show.

Happy #NationalAlbumDay! We'll beat you next time, Yoshimi.


its #NationalAlbumDay and this is most consistently at the top of my ever-changing favourites list


Amerikaanse acteur Robert Forster (78) overleden…

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