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The UK Government, however, said it remains "deeply concerned" by the "unacceptable" seizure of another tanker operated by a Scotland-based firm…

Seizure UK flagged tanker by Iran cleverly conceived if utterly irresponsible. Humiliating question for London why, given prior warning, such a ship in that place at that time not better protected. Courses of action? Few. Some calling for military strike? By whom & to what end?

Kapal Perang Inggris Gagal Menolong Kapal Tanker Inggris Yang Ditangkap Kapal Perang Iran. Terlambat Beberapa Menit…


ICYMI: Algeria sink Senegal to claim ‘incredible’ second African crown Algeria coach Djamel Belmadi lauded his side’s “incredible” Africa Cup of Nations triumph on Friday as Baghdad Bounedjah’s early goal earned a 1-0 victory over Senegal in the final.


The mainstream media in the West is engaged in an effort to glamorize war to its audience, based on a discourse of absolute western superiority at war in which the consequences are endured only by others. Your article does the contrary.… #Iran

Stena Impero: Iran warned of 'serious consequences' over seizure of UK-flagged oil tanker…

Haha maybe scarlet Johnson could've played one of the cats,!!

Another @Devon4Europe supporter competing for the "best dressed marcher" award. #MarchForChange


KFM SPORTS::Algeria won the Africa Cup of Nations for the second time with a 1-0 win against Senegal. Who is your best player from this AFCON ? What's the most memorable AFCON moment for 2019? What can @UgandaCranes improve to go further in the next AFCON in Cameroon?


#ThingsStupidPeopleSay Feeling like you were born in the wrong body or gender is a first world problem #LGBTQoftwitter #trans #TransPrideBrighton

Look out for our @GregoryEMiller and Yiota Vassilopoulou @durham_uni #jointsession2019! Greg's speaking this afternoon on "A Novel ‘Mereological Argument’ for a Distinct form of Panpsychism?". Yiota's chairing tomorrow's Symposia V 'Memory in Plato and Neo-Platonism'. @sotauol

Gutted not to be at the #MarchForChange today but my body is having a moment... solidarity with everyone marching! #notoBorisyestoEurope

For right and wrong reasons, everyone’s talking about, James Bond, Halloween, Cats and Top Gun for which none of them are Disney properties - how dare you. Get back to talking about sh*t remakes, bad sequels to good films and superheroes now!!!

Ceux qui fêtent ce soir dans nos rues la victoire de l'#Algérie sont les mêmes qui, il y a un an, se fichaient de la victoire de la France au mondial de football. Notre #nation n'est plus unie et indivisible; elle s'est délitée sous l'effet du communautarisme. #SENALG #CAN2019

Un 19 juillet 2019 inoubliable pour cette équipe et pour tout le peuple algérien. #SENALG #Algérie #Bounedjah #Belaili

الحكم و “الـ VAR " يحرمان السنغال من ركلتى جزاء بنهائى كان 2019 #محاربي_الصحراء #123VivaLAlgerie #CAN2019 #الجزايز_السنغال #WeLoveEgypt2019 #SENALG #AFCON2019 #Algeria منتخب الساجدين

Des milliers d’algériens fêtent la victoire de leur équipe nationale dans les rues de Lille. #SENALG #ALGERIE

Iran's Revolutionary Guards have not captured the British-operated, Liberian-flagged ship Mesdar in the Gulf. #7NEWS

Queer Eye macht so viel Promo ich kann diese Fressen net mehr sehen


INTHENEWS: There will be serious consequences if #Iran does not release a British-flagged #tanker seized in the Gulf, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said. Yes, well there had bloody well better be!

Wow. Even David Pegg & ⁦@guardian⁩ sound a little contrite... ⁦…

Wonderful start to a diverse #BBCProms season, starting with a work by a woman composer (Zosha Di Castri) and the whole evening conducted by the brilliant Karina Canellakis. Not forgetting the Scouse mezzo in Janáček’s Glagolitic Mass! @jjohnstonmezzo


Why do some members of tonight's #BBCProms audience keep clapping every time anyone draws breath. This is a mass, for heaven's sake. Who claps in the middle of a mass, glagolitic or otherwise? Really!

Even after a couple of drinks on a Friday (or because of!) Janacek's Glagolitic Mass cuts right to the heart. Great memories of Boulez conducting this #BBCProms

Watching @gregbeardsell demonstrate a hemiola as a floss might just be the greatest thing I have ever seen. #BBCProms @bbcproms

Wishing everyone a great summer break! #SchoolsOutforSummer #SummerBreak


Cats trailer reactions pour in as Twitter does its thing #CatsTrailer


Well, I am late to the #CatsTrailer phenomenon on account of having been ten feet underwater, but with my whole heart do I support the hopes and dreams of these lightly fur-sheened bat-eared muscle people, some of whom Accessorize

Imagine if you guys hadn’t drowned Azonto...we could have slipped one in there #TheGiftAlbum

Visuals loading Billboard incoming Tube streams I just can't keep all of this to myself #TheGiftAlbum #TheLionKing #wizkid #BrownSkinGirl #Beyonce


I'm just going to assume Tekno, Yemi Alade, and Mr Eazi didn't know they were recording that "Don't Jealous Me" song for a Beyonce album. #TheGiftAlbum

Did Shatta Wale meet your expectation(s)? #JoyNews

Should NOT have watched the #CatsTrailer while alone in the house. At night. While being uncertain where my cat is hiding.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was Cats: The Musical. #CatsTrailer

Listen: 'Already' by Beyoncé ft Shatta Wale. More here:… #JoyNews

Listen: 'Already' by Beyoncé ft Shatta Wale. More here:… #JoyNews


It's officially #schoolsoutforsummer day... what have you got planned for the big break? ☀️☀️☀️ #TOWIE #summer #vacay @ITVBe @tom_mcdonnell1


Holy shit, this is scorching. The Ham of Fate… via @nybooks

Today is #ChangingPlaces awareness day! Without an adult-sized changing bench, a ceiling track hoist, a peninsular toilet and plenty of space, carers and parents are often forced to change their loved ones in unsafe, undignified and unhygienic places. #CPAD2019

Any one of us could become disabled at any time through accident or injury. Being born ‘healthy’ is a privilege but it is not an eternal given. Let’s fight this fight together. #ChangingPlaces change lives. I, for one, know. #Duchenne #DMD #Disability @CP_Consortium

just heard about starlight express please can we just burn andrew lloyd webber’s entire body of work and never speak of it again

" So what if he has the V for Victory sign the wrong way around?" Superb evisceration of Boris Johnson from @fotoole…

You guys are angry now, look at this leaked photo from the set of Starlight Express.


Fabulous, right to the last line. The Ham of Fate | by Fintan O’Toole | The New York Review of Books…

“There is a fatalistic end-of-days pleasure in the idea of Boris doing his Churchill impressions while the iceberg looms ever closer. When things are too serious to be contemplated in sobriety, send in the clown” This is pure brilliance by ⁦…

#ChangingPlacesAwarenessDay. It’s a day to talk about how important #ChangingPlaces toilets are for over 250,000 disabled people across the UK and millions more worldwide. Find out more and get involved >> #CPAD2019 @MDUK_news #EveryDayCounts

what idiot called it starlight express instead of Trains, How Do They Fucking Work?

"Here, as always, Johnson claims the privileges of the clown while exercising the power of a politician." Brilliant, insightful piece in @nybooks by @fotoole…

Darllenwch hwn//Just read this “When things are too serious to be contemplated in sobriety, send in the clown.” The Ham of Fate | by Fintan O’Toole | The New York Review of Books…

I see Kenny Loggins trending and my first thought is “Fuck, Goose is dead!!!”

Killer poster for the Hall H presentation attendees. Art by the fantastic @nivanhchanthara. @terminator #terminatordarkfate #rev9 #sdcc2019


And then a movie I have been waiting for!! Cant wait to see this, this trailer made me so happy!! #JayAndSilentBobReboot #SNOOGANS…

Tomorrow: Kalan says her fiancé, Giovanni, has taken on the persona of a superhero and will only answer to “Goose Wayne Batman.” “Goose” says he just wants to help and protect people. Full story:

Greg Hardy Says Dream Fight Is Jon Jones, 'I Want to Beat the Greatest'

Getting really dark and noisy in Goose Creek! @LIVE5WEATHER @chswx

Greg Hardy & Abel Trujillo are in the news this week for different reasons, but both are a good reminder of the UFC's lax view on domestic abusers.…

Oh, I saw #Goose was trending and thought it was something to do with the new #TopGunMaverick trailer. Nope.…

Probably shouldnt have watched the new @ThatKevinSmith @JayMewes #JayAndSilentBobReboot trailer at work. I yelled "oh damn" , "oh shit" , "that's fuckin tyte" & verbally gasped at the 1 cameo I wondered if they would get while at work... good thing I am the manager

Looks like I’m going to #RebootRoadshow in ATL. Might even try to recreate this pic from 17 years ago. We’re both skinnier since that day in Philly, @ThatKevinSmith #JayAndSilentBobReboot


Only #BritainsBrexitCrisis happening is that we are still in the damn EU three years after voting to leave it. Bring on October 31st and the freedom we bloody well voted for.

Preparing for No Deal by having kippers, Mars Bars and adequate drinking water for lunch

งุ้ยยย เที่ยวบินนี้ดีต่อจาย! SM STATION 3 ปล่อยผลงานล่าสุดของ แทยง NCT ออกมาแล้วคร้าบ กับเพลง 'Long Flight' พร้อมบินไปกับ 'แทยง' หรือยัง? ถ้าพร้อมแล้วไปกันโลยย ✈️▶️ #TAEYONG_LongFlight #TAEYONG #NCT #NCT127 #LongFlight #STATION


20 people were killed by an arson attack in Kyoto, Japan, after a man shouted "die" and torched an animation studio building. 10 more are presumed dead and at least 36 others are injured. The suspect is in custody.


My Palestinian refugee father and Sicilian grandparents and millions like them came to America to escape bigots and racists like Donald Trump. And I can assure you that we will be here long after Trump is gone. #IStandWithIlhan

We’re shocked and saddened by the Kyoto Animation Studio arson attack. Here’s @intothecrevasse on the tragic loss of human life and frightening fragility of physical media…

At least 25 people have died and more are feared dead after a suspected arson attack at an animation studio in Japan…

I really like this single, the song, taeyong outfit, his hair, n the ambiance. If SM sell the photo album, I am sure that I will be the first one to buy it!!! #TAEYONG_LongFlight


27人の死亡者が確認されました。 【追記あり】京アニがガソリンで放火され27人死亡心肺停止者多数、41歳男確保 | BUZZAP!…



"A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe." Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi #ThursdayThoughts #inspiration


Austerity kills and it starves children, who then fail to thrive at school. A no-deal Brexit would lead to avoidable austerity and deaths. @BorisJohnson and @Jeremy_Hunt, who had cushy childhoods, will have blood on their hands if they keep pushing no-deal #ThursdayThoughts…

My heart and sincere condolences to everyone affected by the arson attack on Kyoto Animation. They’ve brought so much joy to my life as well as for thousands of others. How someone could do this is absolutely horrifying to me #PrayForKyoAni

Tory Nicky Morgan not backing Tory #Brexit amendments over getting no-deal Brexit by suspending Parliament “When we're having to refer to statutes from 1797, when even prorogation is talked about, clearly we're in very uncharted territory” #politicslive

No-deal Brexit will cause UK recession, says fiscal watchdog - BBC News…

Good to see the Remain Establishment getting twitchy. No-deal Brexit will cause UK recession, says fiscal watchdog - BBC News…

"The OBR’s claims about the effect of ‘no-deal’ are based on an IMF analysis which is sloppy, outdated and in some respects totally implausible. An uncharitable observer might well characterise them as ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’" writes @briefing4brexit…

"There is no mandate for no deal... to suspend the only democratic process we have to push (it) through is constitutionally unacceptable" Conservative Sam Gyimah explains why he is backing a new attempt to block a no-deal #Brexit Commons updates:

Aden Flint off to Cardiff for £4-£6m. Despite a few who had a bit of a go, he got a pretty decent reception when he came back to #BristolCity last season. I fancy that might change a fair bit this time around..... #redbirds

No-deal #Brexit would cause recession, says fiscal watchdog the OBR BBC Economics Editor @faisalislam looks at the figures ⬇️ More:…

Don’t buy it UK #brexit #brexitnow #nodealbrexit don’t listen to the lies No-deal would plunge UK into recession, financial watchdog OBR warns | Business News | Sky News…

ICYMI: Sources at cross-Channel ferry companies have confirmed they will not allow any UK trucks, bound for the continent, to board after a no-deal Brexit unless they have completed all the new required documentation MORE #newsnight | @BenChu_

They said we would be thrown into an immediate "sudden and deep" recession IF we even voted to leave the EU. They were wrong/lying. They are wrong/lying again. The OBR use "could's" and "might's" and then Remainers use it as fact. Remainers just CANNOT. HELP. THEMSELVES.

I must have attended dozens, maybe a 100 conferences in my life and this is the first time I have ever seen an all female and women of colour panel at an event We see manels all the time. They are the default Bravo #DHSS19


Aden Flint is set to have a medical at Cardiff City ahead of his £6m move. (via @Scottwilsonecho)


Middlesbrough defender Aden Flint is close to sealing a move to Cardiff for £6m. (Source: PA)


Guess how many female #BAME CCIOs and CIOs in the NHS? 4. Us three below and a 4th we've heard about today. This has to change. Proud that my trust @LancashireCare is represented here @CDonovanCEO @evalancs @RichardLCFT @DrGarethEThomas @MarkPWorth #DHSS19 @DHSummerSchools


Official launch of the Shuri Network for BAME women working in digital health. Diversity and inclusion matters. #DHSS19


#EU is 'unimpressed' by threats of no-deal #Brexit: BBC…

In his inspiring keynote Rob Webster calls out 3 amazing women shaking up digital health - couldn’t agree more! ⁦@MollyWattTalks⁩ ⁦@LizAshallPayne⁩ ⁦@VictoriaBetton@NHS_RobW #DHSS19@DHSummerSchools


So enormously proud of my colleagues launching the @NetworkShuri @DHSummerSchools championing representation and participation for #BAME women in the #Digitalhealth space #DHSS19 @colinoscopy62 @digitalhealth2 @declan_hadley @ukfci @ukpenguin @mandalou172 @rucblack_ruth


This is the session I’m really excited to hear from - where is the diversity in technology and how do we increase it? #DHSS19 @NetworkShuri Dr Shera Chok leading 77% of the NHS workforce are female 20% are BAME But health tech is very white and male


We are owed an explanation - and our female fans in particular an apology - for how a woman beater ever came to be offered a Lennoxtown trial. Get this thug so far to fuck from the environs of Celtic Park. We don't want his kind near us.…

ICYMI My story from yesterday Ferry company sources confirm to @BBCNewsnight that after no-deal Brexit they will not allow any UK hauliers to board unless they have ALL the right documents...…

So far for this summer then: Will Vaulks ✅ Curtis Nelson ✅ Joe Day ✅ Aden Flint ⌛ Younousse Sankhare ⌛ A new striker ❓ And then maybe one in on loan before the window shuts? Happy with that or not?

Cardiff close in on £6m Aden Flint after 'diabolical' season at Middlesbrogh…

Danny Simpson is set to join Celtic on trial next week after departing Leicester City. Would be a decent signing for Celtic imo...

Cardiff have agreed a deal with Middlesbrough to sign defender Aden Flint. #CardiffCity #Boro

Debate is already raging as to whether the offensive Nazi comments from Baroness Hayter are deemed antisemitic under IHRA guidelines. Why the hell should it matter? An accusation alone is enough to tarnish a Corbyn supporter as a racist. You can’t have it both ways.

Gutted to see Bruno leaving. 5 years here and he’s been magnificent, especially the second half of last season, but if he wants to go back to France then who are we to stop him. Personally I think we’re getting an adequate replacement in Aden Flint. Does the basics well.

Danny Simpson at Celtic. Wow!

Flint is a giant sharp elbowed heading machine but struggled on the deck - and Boro want to play out from the back. He'll suit Warnock though. Good business all round. Nailed on scorer v Boro.…

Just catching up with the latest bad faith argument. Hayter has breached the IHRA defintion. I mean, I've seen some bad'ns but that really is a corker.

⚡️ Retiran cargo de agresión indecente en contra del actor Kevin Spacey "debido a la indisponibilidad del testigo denunciante".…

Massachusetts prosecutors drop Kevin Spacey sex assault case…


El joven que denunció a Kevin Spacey por acoso sexual retira los cargos y abandona la demanda civil.


ya'll gossip girl is trending I AM LIVING

See President Donald Trump stand side by side with Dr. Greg Murphy and tell America why @realDonaldTrump needs @drgregmurphy1 in Congress. #DrainTheSwamp…

Mandarse así, retirar la acusación a Kevin Spacey sin consultaron con Griselda, Nancy, Dolores y Carla #Horror


It's sad that Greg's relationship with Sandy is moving faster #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight

One of the Lords who is undermining the Labour leadership. No examples of antisemitism. Just bash Corbyn. That's it. Ask them for examples. It's laughable. #Peston…

According to #IHRA she should be suspended, according to @tom_watson expelled Automatically! #AntiSemitism #LabourParty Labour: shadow Brexit minister sacked over Corbyn comments…

There are Jewish people among Corbyn’s staff, and inner circle. Hayter’s comments, according to the IHRA, are anti-Semitic. Which means Hayter should be suspended. And if Streeting thinks her behaviour is acceptable so should he.


Howling at @Roisinconaty's capsule review of The Revenant - "“We get it, Leo, you’re cold.” #GameFace

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