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Ünlü İngiliz şarkıcı Ed Sheeran, çocukluğunun futbol kulübüne sponsor oldu

Two straight three-pitch strikeouts for Niko Goodrum....But Hitting Harold Castro ties it up with an oppo knock to left.

Did Medusa set her horns down to take this weird, dreary and creepy photo? Poor Archie is the one trapped in a joyless existence based purely on his narc mother's warped mind!


The biggest consumer spending boom since Margaret Thatcher was in office is on the way for the U.K.

UK economy set to grow at fastest rate since WW2, says Bank of England…

Bank of England stating a huge growth expected in 2021 which has to be pure fantasy - released on election day - proof that Bailey is yet another Tory stooge - so much for the alleged independence.

William T. Wiley, who has died at 83, was a founder of Bay Area "funk art," work that was often overtly political or made from materials you were less likely to find shelved in an art store than strewn on the floor of a junk shop.

Jersey chappie arguing both: - our new licences don't change anything, and completely respect the existing and historical fishing practices of the French; and - we have no idea what the existing and historical fishing practices of the French are, as they haven't told us in 20 yrs

Ethan Hayter (INEOS Grenadiers) is the new yellow jersey

The govt are trying to cut HE arts funding by 50% ! That would be devastating. Please sign...: Do not cut UK higher education Arts Funding…

Happy birthday, sweet Archie! Celebrating you brings out the best in us. #ArchieDay ♥️

Imagine the UCL champions losing 7-2 at a fully empty Villa Park...…

COVID-19 : Emmanuel Macron annonce la vaccination ouverte "sans limite d'âge" à partir du 12 mai, si il reste des doses disponibles "à l'endroit où vous êtes" pour de ne pas "gâcher" de doses.

As I'm now over 50, and with the War of Jersey escalating, I think we now need to begin to consider conscription.

Talking Jersey and the state of UK-EU relations with @euronews shortly First time as a member of @OUPolitics @OU_SSGS @OpenUniversity

Two French warships sent to Jersey 'at full speed' - Normandy warns 'We're ready for war!' It comes after a French fishing chief issued a stark warning to the island, saying its country had the ability to "bring Jersey to its knees if necessary". MORE FRENCH THREATS !

I have been reliably informed that the French are extremely unpopular in Mali, a former colony. They don't appear to very popular anywhere aside certain parts of Quebec perhaps.

Follow the latest news and headlines on the ongoing frictions caused by Britain’s exit from the European Union

PTI's Amjad Iqbal Afridi also filed an application, urging the ECP to declare the by-election void and "illegal due to pre-poll rigging, election day rigging and post-poll rigging".

Never vote for a @UKLabour Mayor, Councillor or M.P. , save whats left of #London. #obingo…

#ODX moving on election day - shock horror! The next fortnight will rocket, the patient finally rewarded when the country is coming out of lockdown and LFTs being crucial to that The batch number on that sample video wasn't overturned mistakenly. Hints galore!! @OmegaDiagnostic

Oh look, an indy blogger has fallen for the daily record headline. Proof, if it was ever needed, that these guys are thick as two short planks.


Good morning St Paul's residents. Today please vote for @Alishacmlewis to be your next borough councillor. She's capable, proactive, loves St Paul's and has been working to improve it for the past couple of years. She deserves this chance and will be brilliant for the area.


Konuyu saptırmasak sadece baekhyun hakkında konuşsak nası olur?? her seferinde aynı şeyi yapıyosunuz

Labour will never win by fighting the right for the flag-waving vote. You can kowtow to Buckingham Palace & demand the BBC proms play the words to Rule Britannia all you like, you still can’t out-“patriot” someone who literally chases “war with France” headlines on Election Day.

Napoleon, sold Louisiana territory for 15 million dollars to USA, lost Mexican war, army died to the weather in Russia, destroyed France. But macron celebrated him ? What an air head of a leader


The fish are running out because of overfishing. Rather than start a war with the French maybe just campaign to end overfishing, given our government claims to care about the environment?

There is a massacre in Colombia right now. Please let's not be silent, we must be the voice of those who do not make a sound. Invite everyone to be the voice of those who do not speak up #SOSColombiaNosEstanMatando #SOSColombiaDDHH #Kolombiya #SOSColmbia


Il aura fallu attendre que l’Afrique du Sud, l’Inde, le Pape, puis les USA soutiennent la levée des brevets sur les vaccins pour que « l’Europe réfléchisse ». L’Europe, avec Macron en fer de lance, dernier bastion des big pharma et de leurs profits!


Chelsea player ratings: Kante masterclass; Rudiger, Mendy outstanding… via @NewsNowUK

I wonder if the people on Jersey and Guernsey who voted for Brexit now regret it.

Happy local election day in the UK. Don't forget to not vote for the conservatives.

Ça voulait vendre Kanté et Mount en bonne conscience et ça vient te dire que tu avais tord sur Werner mdrrr ayez un peu de honte

şu an odakta olması gerekenler: -Biden Ekibi'nin Kamu Harcamalarının Politik Yansımaları (İç/Dış) -Jersey Krizi (FR/Birleşik Krallık) -İsrail Seçimleri -G-7 Zirvesi -TR-Irak İlişkileri

COVID spreading in rural India; record daily rises in infections, deaths


When I got ready for work this morning, there was live coverage of the harbour in St Helier, Jersey. It looked to me like French boats were jostling in the harbour attempting to form a blockade. That was a couple of hours ago. Wonder what's happening now?

Le plan de déconfinement du gouvernement est tombé il y a quelques jours, alors même que la situation sanitaire reste catastrophique en France comme à l’international. Parmi les dispositions la tant attendue réouverture des lieux culturels

Something fishy about all this gunboat stuff. #warwithfrance

"Par la foi les murs de Jéricho tombèrent, après avoir fait le tour durant sept jours" (He 11.30). Marcher par la foi active les miracles de Dieu. #PassLeMot

"Par la foi les murs de Jéricho tombèrent, après avoir fait le tour durant sept jours" (He 11.30). Marcher par la foi active les miracles de Dieu.

Are you a hare lover ? Carry this little fella with you on a Mirror Compact featuring Artwork from an original Watercolour painting. A letterbox friendly gift idea too.… #EarlyBiz #tbch #giftideas #letterboxgifts


I’ve been told if you get the vaccine card stamped 8 times you get a free Turkey Sub.

#SOSColombiaNosEstanMatando Colombia is not alone. Turkey stands by the Colombian people.


LIVESTREAM (Summary) - BIG NEWS: - 3 Professional Boxers will be wearing100xCoin Logo. The fight before Canelo Alvarez's fight & his sparring partner. 2 Flyweight Championship fighter - First NFT Exchange For Pro Athletes in BSC - The BSC Alliance -HOGLE, Fairsafe, Rocketbunny

Otra vez, no gastas tu dinero en una pelea de canelo. Va ganar.

All clubs cancelled in my school except for: - baseball - English club Dunno if I’m happy or annoyed.

"I congratulate Chelsea and my players." "We tried, but Chelsea were better." "Every player who played was prepared to play." These are some of the quotes from Zidane’s post-match press conference. See the rest here.…

El Chelsea venció al Real Madrid y enfrentará al City en la final de la Champions: Revisa los goles y cuándo se jugará el duelo por el título |…

Hazard ha tenido mucha suerte de que casi toda su estancia en el Madrid ha sido sin público en la grada.

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