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Thank you, Bill Withers. You influence all I do, in ways you could never know. Rest now.... #RIPBillWithers…

Today's tunes will be Bill Withers. His ability to put words to moments of love, loss and joy was incomparable. Thankful we have his library of works to get lost within.

I joined the Labour Party 10 minutes after Jeremy Corbyn was elected. I left it 10 minutes after he stood down. Politically homeless once more. Hope was nice while it lasted. #LabourLeadershipElection

Just want to thank all colleagues working on our unique and excellent #LabourLeadershipElection coverage . @SkyNewsBreak the place to get the news that matters.

#VirtualGrandNational can fuck the fuck off. Sports gambling is an absolute cancer on society, and encouraging it whilst people are struggling and on lockdown is irresponsible.

4th April 1920 - Easter Sunday Howth With Crown Forces on a heightened sense of alert amidst rumours of an outbreak of a Rising, coupled with a nationwide coordinated IRA attack on RIC barracks last night and this morning, a soldier, Laurence McKenzie, is discovered shot in Howth

The PE department would like to wish all of our pupils, their family, and the rest of the Hawarden community a restful Easter break! We hope you are all staying safe and well!

i’m pissing myself so my brother just sent me a photo from my old secondary schools official instagram. They’re running a contest for after easter where students create photos of themselves on their favorite book covers. I just want to know who their graphic designer is


Buenos días !! Acá les dejo esta de Bill Withers - Lovely Day (Audio) via @YouTube. ❤️ buen finde !

POLL: Do you think Sir Keir Starmer, architect of the People's Vote, FBPE's favourite centrist & the MSM's golden boy will the UK's next Prime Minister? #LabourLeadershipElection #KeirStarmer

How have we had a Bernadette Peters on Snatch Game before a Patti LuPone? The mind boggles...

Hi aaron bastani do u want picking up in the morning pal

Smart women, esp. ones of color, really get under Trump's skin. #TrumpPressBriefing tactic used the same old playbook of dodging questions via mock outrage followed by BS. Thanks @weijia & others for not backing down & letting these clowns get away with irresponsible behavior.

#TrumpPressBriefing "Model at home if you're sick. Model at the White House if you're thicc."


#ThankYouJeremy for recognising the struggles of precarious workers. I just wish you would have had the chance to reform and enforce to protect my colleagues.


Thank You Jeremy. And to those who sought to destroy him: "You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming." La lucha sigue. #ThankYouJeremy


This was the best four in a bed ever! 2 refused payments! Well done! Anyone should have won apart from the winners! Goddamn robots!!! #fourinabed

There's a reason why no one remembers this Jennifer Rush/Placido Domingo collab. #totp

#Bbcsportquiz Tiggy thinks it’s more important you tickle his tummy

A shot from the @LGSMpride fundraising screening at the Phoenix Cinema in Finchley, to raise money for @jeremycorbyn's 2016 leadership election. He joined us on stage at the end. #ThankYouJeremy


Manc actor throwing my reel in the ring for @ShowreelShare Thanks to @KateDaviesSpeak for the initiative! My showreel includes a clip of #Burnage, a short directed by @sallycarman1 filmed by @BanditBloody, plus another short by @JTueart #showreelshareday

Jordan Henderson calling the rest of the Premier League captains.

On Sunday 5th April at 8pm (BST) Her Majesty The Queen will address the UK and the Commonwealth in a televised broadcast. As well as television and radio, The Queen’s address will be shown on The Royal Family’s social media channels.


Another 684 have passed away, A tragic loss for oh so many, But sadly Johnson let this happen, Help provided, never any! And empty words will cause more deaths, Our docs and nurses, you or me, And if there is no action taken, This will increase the tragedy!!!

Ancient feudal relic worth £400 million tells the Nation 'were all in it together' and I'll try to chip in a couple of quid out of the £50 million you give me each year. Her Majesty the Queen

#royal #flashback "A gift of an orb is given by His Holiness, Pope Francis, for Prince George of Cambridge in the Pope's study, to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh during their one-day visit to Rome on April 3, 2014 in Vatican City


Sir Philip Green's Arcadia group has been given taxpayer backing through the government's job retention scheme to furlough 14,500 workers

Heard that Toosie Slide, idk man. Maybe if I see the video I’ll like it or something. It’s kinda ehh

Frank Ocean faz tudo e acaba de lançar duas músicas novas: "Cayendo" e "Dear April" Você pode ouvir aqui:… E aqui:…


first coronavirus now toosie slide

The Toosie Slide ain’t nothin but that little juug dance ya uncle do at the BBQs.

Today’s #FridayFeeling is inspired by Rosie and Clair. As part of our loneliness service, they delivered food to vulnerable and isolated people in Newcastle. #PowerOfKindness


#3abr #buenviernes #fridayfeeling #portugal #nuevayork #mexico #california #venezuela #powertrip #sportyflicks #siguemeytesigo @c5n @afp @cnn @forbes @foxsportsmx @g1 el problema es la pobreza; no la riqueza. Hay que reducir el numero de pobres, no de ricos.. #cantinflas #edpjval

Toosie Slide on Apple Music: #1 United States #1 Barbados #1 Belize #2 Dominica #2 South Africa #2 Trinidad and Tobago #3 Canada #3 Cayman Islands #4 Zimbabwe #5 Antigua and Barbuda #6 Zimbabwe #7 Jordan #8 United Kingdom #10 Lebanon…

The team are working from home today whilst wearing red to support #Red4Research in showing our appreciation for all those staff and patients who are undertaking, supporting and participating in research for COVID-19 #StayHomeSaveLives


BBC News - Coronavirus: Nurse Areema Nasreen dies with Covid-19… RIP Areema Nasreen

Drake - Toosie Slide (2020)

Me seeing Drake get an easy ride to #1 with Toosie Slide while y’all hate and call it mid

Will you be extending support to the forgotten limited company directors #AskRishi #forgottenltd #2millionreasonswhy

all time low in 2009: love yourself so no one has to all time low in 2020: somebody loves you for yourself can i cry #WakeUpSunshine

Happy #showreelshareday one and all! Feel free to comment below with your showreels and we will be more than happy to take a look! Also check out for more info on representation and how to apply.

Many of us accepted/started jobs after the 28th Feb, we have been left high and dry, my new employer wants to furlough me but can’t! Allow us to present evidence that we had a job offer/signed contract before the 28th Feb. We face financial ruin. Will you help us?? #AskRishi

Some of the things I am missing most at the moment: rehearsing and going to the theatre. What a treat to be able to watch #OneManTwoGuvnors last night. Thank you @NationalTheatre.

I heard if you say “Slender Man” into a mirror three times, Jared Kushner appears on the Harvard campus with a duffel bag holding 2.5 million dollars.

There is not a single bad song on #WakeUpSunshine. Thank you @AllTimeLow ❤️

kinda ironic how all time low writes a song about how someone is their favourite place meanwhile all time low is my favourite place #WakeUpSunshine

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