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Hey @johncusack — condolences on the loss of Danny Aiello. City Hall is an underrated piece of work. That scene where the Don tells him to kill himself...

TONIGHT: What now for Brexit, Britain and the Union? Join us at 22:30 for an extended #Newsnight to look back on a historic 24 hours for British politics, with Jack Straw, @TommySheppard , @RobertJenrick and @kezdugdale #GE2019 | @EmmaBarnett | @BBCTwo


RIP Danny Aiello. Tommy Five-tone will be missed. Seeing your signed head shots that somehow adorn the walls of every decent pizza place in America will make me sad for a good long time.

RIP to Danny Aiello. If you haven’t seen “Do the Right Thing,” fix that immediately. Might be my favorite movie.


For us Scottish people that want independence and want away from the Union we do not hate English people. Let’s get that clear. We are sick of Westminster, Tory rule, Brexit, Boris Johnson and the establishment. It’s doesn’t mean we hate English people. #ScottishIndependence

Ken Loach y los politikones que quieren quitar el voto a los abuelos para dárselo a los ninios.…

Today on The Channel the wind’s up, the surf’s up and the UK fucked up. Friday 13th. #Brexit


Votre avis sur le design de la #XboxSeriesX ?


Loudoun county public school will be closed today, December 13. Happy Friday the 13th everyone.

Oh shit it’s Friday the 13th

For this Friday the 13th Fan Film Friday, #StonewallFleet HIGHLY Recommends "Red Shirts!", a Star Trek parody that we promise will have you rofling!! Give it a watch and tell us what you thought!


Have a great Friday the 13th and weekend!!!


It's Friday the 13th. Bad luck for Dems.

Friday the 13th 2019 turned out as expected @Conservatives

I see the strategy to win over the English working-class is to call them racists who lack empathy. They'll be rushing back in droves. #notmygovernment

This is how UK newspapers reacted to the Conservatives resounding victory #ElectionResults2019…



Did you know that powering your home with Solar Energy plays a big role in bettering the environment for future generations? #healthiswealth #greenplant #FridayFeeling #solarenergy #ConservativeWin


Well, when the millions who voted Tory complain, as they inevitably will, about the cuts, hospital waiting times, falling standards of education, and any number of other things, at least I can yell impotently at the TV, "THIS IS WHAT YOU VOTED FOR, MORONS!!!" #notmygovernment

I haven’t always backed Boris- but genuinely excited about what a One Nation majority government can do to transform our country #ConservativeWin

Kaytranada came through with the elite timing. That new album is just what I needed this morning #NewMusicFridays

dennis skinner's gone what the fuck

Dennis Skinner, known as the Beast of Bolsover, has lost his seat after 49 years. What went wrong?


The corbynistas are going to have to come to terms with the fact that TWITTER IS NOT REAL LIFE!! It’s a huge, woke echo chamber. For every 1000 pointless twitter likes your crazy policy idea gets, there’s 10,000 normal working class people that completely disagree. #CORBYNRESIGN

I just about pished the bed when I heard this news and you're spinning this to make out Nicola Sturgeon's reaction was inappropriate. Get it up ye, as we say in Scotland. #JoSwinson #SNPLandslide #SNPWin…

Ftse 250 practically throwing a huge party right now. Wonder why...

Early this morning, the FTSE 100 index was already up 1.45 per cent or 105.58 points to 7,739 while the FTSE 250 index, which gives a greater insight into the state of Britain's home-grown economy, jumped 4.33 per cent or 900.75 points to 21,693.78. @thisismoney…

The Pound Sterling has gained 2.1% to $1.34. This is the highest level since May last year. The FTSE 100 share index on the stock market has risen by 1%, while the FTSE 250 leapt 4% in early trade. #forex #GeneralElection2019 #UKElection


The markets are clearly on a bounce in response to conservative, the Sterling up 2% to highest level since June 2018, the FTSE 250 up 4%, FTSE 100 up 2%, the markets are a very good indicator of the economic expectations and health...…

Four of Team Canada’s selections for the #2020WJC got traded in the QMJHL tonight: #Oilers Raphael Lavoie, #Ducks Bo Groulx, #GoWingsGo Jared McIsaac, and Dawson Mercer #2020NHLDraft

Tory gain in West Bromwich West... Tom Watson's seat (West Bromwich East) still to come...

#IndyRef2 Scotland launching the lifeboats....All aboard.

It was said all along that the election was simply a first phase of resisting the #BetrayalAct. An economic United Ireland wasn’t going to be tolerated yesterday, and that position remains the same today. NI is more polarised than ever, & seeking to ignore unionism won’t go well.

Gonna stay off Twitter cause the ppl who are already getting #fineline are ruining it for the rest of us. See ya at midnight Eastern Time.

meu pai me deixa triste quando ele aparece PQ TÃO LINDO PAI #FineLine

I am dying to comment some things from listening to #FineLine but I will hold out. But do listen on vinyl. There are some parts which are so raw and emotional on vinyl . It is so special. #FineLine i truly feel like i am changed by this album.

Come mothers and fathers Throughout the land And don't criticize What you can't understand Your sons and your daughters Are beyond your command Your old road is Rapidly agin'. Please get out of the new one If you can't lend your hand For the #YouthQuake is a-coming. #GE2019


when i said youngquake earlier I meant #YouthQuake and #OldQuake is trending- we are making socialist history tonight. I am so excited!

Whatever happens, Corbyn and Momentum should be proud of their socials - the videos and messaging have been absolutely spot on. Very powerful. And now, some hope for the #YouthQuake.

I'm looking at #youthquake. And it's awful, because there's this powerful feeling that's making my heart race. It is hope. And I can't bear to get my hopes up, only to wake up to another five years of the same old shit.

Done, voted. And this time with Firstborn... her first ever vote in probably the most important election in recent history. No queues around the corner in our village but it was heaving inside and I was the oldest there by far. Get out and vote, people #GE2019 #YouthQuake

I wonder how long people will continue to call Apple Music, iTunes. Tbh I would have preferred Apple kept the iTunes name for music. Would have made things easier. Apple trying to put Apple behind everything is meh. Should be iTunes for music/podcasts and Apple TV for tv/movies.

Being my preferred political candidate or party doesn’t mean I’ll spare you objective criticism. Accept that I’ll vote for you and also criticise you when you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do while in that office.

When I was younger I refused to be labelled as a Domme. I preferred the term sadist. Why? I had a preference for dominating really manly men. Who had a really strong personality. Had everything. Sub males were too nice. Fragile. So unless they would shut up. I would ditch many

VOTED! Privileged to have voted in today's UK election. Lots at stake -- don't mess it up UK. Would have preferred to see more pooches at my polling station though. #GeneralElection2019


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