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sigo pensando en esa foto de lily james increíble como te puede cambiar la cara el maquillaje

Tory voters voting labour proves labour and conservatives are the same party

Massive military terrorists arbitrarily looted rice, oil and other basic needs after raiding some houses in KarPaungKya village, Tanze. A monk from Tanze Sangha Nayaka monastery was abducted as well. #May7Coup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar


David Trimble insisted on a hard Brexit as a Conservative peer in the House of Lords. His own Tory Party leader ditched NI so GB could get a deal. The NIP is very problematic for the GFA/BA. But perhaps start with some self-reflection for him, his party?…

Turkey moves to regulate crypto transactions exceeding $1,200…

Hnin Thet Wai was unlawfully abducted by terrorist(SAC) and they also confiscated her phone. Happened at N-Okkala,Yangon. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #May7Coup #CrimesAgainstHumanity


SOUTH DAGON, Yangon: Terrorists (Myanmar security forces) abducted a lawyer from Ward 18. They are now checking guest registration list in Kyun Shwe Myaing 1st & 2nd Streets. #May8Coup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #MilkTeaAlliance

But... but...but... all these so clever, so moderate people keep saying the top reason for Labour’s failure is the PREVIOUS leader (even though Labour’s candidate in Hartlepool says he was never mentioned on the doorstep) Could the “moderates” be DEFLECTING, do you suppose?…

Poland and Hungary objected shamefully to the term “gender equality” at #EU Summit in #Portugal - how could the Poles and Hungarians elect such far right backward anti-gender equality leaders - this = contempt for women’s rights in particular @vonderleyen…

PC gone mad! George Galloway brutally destroys five key Labour's policies one by one…

Under Keir Starmer’s leadership, Labour is on the road to nowhere.… @DanFinn95

If you vote Tory, you are a Tory HH

Hartlepool is an ageing Labour heartland which suffered the demise of its docks and engineering industry, voted for Leave and ranks in the top 20 most deprived areas in the country. So is Salford – but it has a socialist mayor, and Labour is making gains.

Is soooo obvs BBC Scotchlandshire job tonight is to play out a Tory damage limitation exercise.

It’s significant that Labour voters are supporting people like Tory Jackson Carlaw, something that would have been a hanging offence in days gone by. How sad. What’s happened to socialist values?

Paul in Hartlepool says people on the left have called the people from his local area "thick, genetically defective and inbred." @iancollinsuk

The only time I'll believe anything that comes out of Joel Glazer's mouth is when he confesses to spending time on Epstein Island

Kiran Khan has held Broadfield for Labour with 1095 votes @crawleybc #LocalElections2021 #ldreporter

Michael Jones has held Beqbush/Broadfield North for Labour with 1045 votes @crawleybc #LocalElections2021 #ldreporter

La FA le esta solicitando a la UEFA cambiar la sede de la final y ofrece el Villa Park para que los aficionados ingleses de ambos equipos no se vean afectados por restricciones.

A big upset for Labour @ East Lothian, where the SNP has won the seat for the 1st time in Holyrood history. Paul McLennan @PaulMcLennan7 finished with a majority of 1,179 votes. Labour had held it since the Scottish Parliament’s inception. #BBCScotSP21


I quite like Willie Rennie but he doesn’t see his vote increase came from tactical voting which he refused to even discuss.

How many times did we tell you? But you keep splitting the vote and letting a MINORITY of Nationalists win. Hang your heads in shame @DouglasRoss @AnasSarwar @willie_rennie. You're completely useless.…

Delighted to be re-elected as MSP for North East Fife. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this campaign #PutRecoveryFirst


Thank you to everyone who voted for me and @theSNP in North East Fife. The highest ever number of votes recorded by an SNP candidate in this constituency showing we worked our socks off and gained thousands of new supporters. On the regional vote we outpolled every Party 1/3

What the hell is wrong with people in North East Fife that they keep voting for Willie bloody Rennie?? He’s an arsehole. Talks about listening to voters who are RESOUNDINGLY voting for another independence referendum and claiming they’re saying the exact opposite. Bellend.

Conservative down 11% in North East Fife SNP + 3%

57643 özletmek şekillendirme #buca e s c o r t pirelenme harcatılma momentum karartmak marsıvan


SNP set to win Edinbrugh central from the Tories!

Labour: "We're gonna need a bigger flag"

7 668 people in Hartlepool didn't vote for Starmer who voted for Cobyn in 2019 Labour right not listening Lord Adonis hunting for Starmer's head, but still twittering on for centrists #StarmerOut

Labour needs to tell a compelling story of the country we want to build, one that addresses deep-seated alienation felt by many working-class communities. "There's a patriotic, robust, energetic socialist case to be made." My interview with @siennamarla:…

interesting deep dive on what Labour’s base is exactly; where it has opportunities potentially; who it has & hasn’t lost over the years (tl/dr version; sorry it’s really complicated, you just have to read it)…

CONFIRMED: Tories win Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner on first round: Con: 74,023 Lab: 39,467 IND: 16,667 LibDem: 6,540

Only Adonis is calling for Starmer to go. Just shows how much Stockholm Syndrome the SCG are going through...

“Pregnant people” “So happy to see inclusive wording” PREGNANT PEOPLE ARE CALLED WOMEN


Elections 2021: Starmer facing Labour backlash after Tories’ historic win in Hartlepool – live…


Nice of the English to help make the case for independence by massively voting Tory

Conservatives in England are rejoicing after the by-election victory in Hartlepool. But what is the Boris effect in Scotland? Latest analysis from @BBCandrewkerr ➡️


I’m a non-binary person. I have been pregnant and given birth twice and nursed two children. There is literally no reason to insist I’m a “biological woman”. What’s relevant in discussions of childbirth is my uterus, not my assigned gender at birth.

Labour set to lose all over England except Manchester. Shows what a bit of leadership can do. If i was English I’d be looking for Andy Burnham to replace Starmer. #ElectionResults2021

we are getting our shit together until the cb, never lose the momentum. we are doing nice, keep going moas !

It is becoming ever more apparent that Carrie Symonds could have redecorated the Downing St flat like The Red Wedding from Game of Thrones with money stolen at gunpoint from Save the Children and the Conservatives would still have won with a landslide in Hartlepool.

Dudley Council election: CON: 57% (+24) LAB: 33% (-6) LD: 4% (+3) GRN: 3% (-1) BC: 2% (+2) UKIP: 0% (-23) [Seats won] CON: 23 (+12) LAB: 3 (-11) UKIP: 0 (-1) [Overall council] CON: 46 (+12) LAB: 24 (-11) IND: 2 (-) UKIP: 0 (-1) Conservative GAIN from No Overall Control


Pretty remarkable that Labour can’t work out why people won’t vote for them, you literally told everyone who voted Brexit they were idiots for years - they might not have forgiven you.

Hartlepool rejected sleaze allegations & #wallpapergate They also rejected the media’s attempt to vilify Carrie & claims she runs number 10. They voted Tory fully aware of Boris’s climate policies. If I’ve got to hug a tree to keep Labour out & make sure Brexit works.. I will.

Only one thing can win back the Red Wall: continuing the forever war against Jeremy Corbyn. And his children. And his children’s children. And anyone whose name rhymes a bit with Corbyn.

The Tories imposed a 50% turnout threshold on trade union strike ballots. If that rule applied to by-elections, Mortimer wouldn't be MP for Hartlepool this morning.

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