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Gary Neville: “There will still be inconsistencies as they are young and are not performing week-in, week-out at the same level. It does give you hope that there is something there that can produce that level of performance.” #MUFC

Gary Neville: “It’s been painful over the last five and six years and the players have taken criticism, rightly so. Performances like at West Ham, Aston Villa and Sheffield United are nowhere near good enough. But that’s a different level today.” #MUFC

قطر: لن ننسى أن إيران فتحت أجواءها أمامنا بعد فرض الحصار علينا #RuizJoshua2


So @BBCMOTD why have you blurred out the face of the racist moron at the Etihad? He has no right whatsoever to anonymity! Expose him for what he is: A Racist Low Life! Ban him & any others involved for LIFE!!!!

Ron Saunders: Former Aston Villa manager dies aged 87

Dear @t_hewlett all of the outfits were stunning please thank the team #StrictlyComeDancing @bbcstrictly and you know where this is going thank you for @kelvin_fletcher outfit. I literally can’t thank the team enough for that on both dances. The Wardrobe Department Rocks!!

#DepressionFeelsLike a heavy weight sitting on top of you and you literally cannot move, and if you could, you still wouldn't...

Cardi B do ceu q storys são esses? Adorei

It’s playoff game day! Judson plays Lake Travis today at 4:00PM in the Alamodome. #RocketPride #BryceStrong

Cardi B is literally the worst role model in the world now that i have your attention vote labour december 12th

Spontaneously shouting "Fuck you!" at the mirror and having your kid come whisper outside the door if you are feeling okay. #DepressionFeelsLike

It’s a #Sens game day! The Sens wrap up their 5-game road trip this afternoon in Philadelphia for an early game against the Flyers. Puck drops at 1 p.m. EST. #GoSensGo


it's like man I got to get up out of bed work Sucks. work for you 30 more years sucks. My body hurts all the time is it ever going to stop waking up in pain go to bed in pain. house payment bills if i was dead i wouldn't have to worry about any of this #DepressionFeelsLike

Yes, and what should also be front page news is that Friends of the Earth say that @UKLabour has better policies for combating climate-change than the Green Party. If you are really Green then #votelabour…

thank you Elon Musk, looking forward to calling you “pedo guy” on my podcast with abandon

Hating #LP1 without listening it and by just reading one song lyrics won't make you look cool #ProudOfLiam

Chioma Jesus is really the bottom pot #TheExperience14

Chioma Jesus....She's graced and anointed...A spirit filled woman with a strong vocals. #theExperience14

Elon Musk gana el juicio por difamación por llamar pedófilo a uno de los rescatistas de los niños de la cueva de Tailandia

I don't understand the people who spoke badly about your music, honey, it's beautiful, it's elaborate, it has your toil and I love it. I'M SO #ProudOfLiam

'One Night: Joshua v Ruiz' - the story of an incredible upset is on @BBCOne tonight at 23:30 (GMT). Watch now - #bbcboxing #JoshuaRuiz2

Told myself at the start of this year I want to look more like Anthony Joshua, I’ve ended the year looking more like fucking Andy Ruiz.

Cuando Joshua se paró frente al campeón para posar en el cara a cara ante las cámaras, Ruiz tuvo que retroceder un poco para evitar no pegarle al británico con su sombrero de charro.…

I'm hearing Nigel Pearson needs to deliver 17 points from his first 5 games if he's going to keep his job. #Watfordfc

There is no greater recipe for a Boris landslide than having, of all people, Tony Blair and John Major campaign against Boris....Boris should say, "The question of Tony Blair & The Hague remains an open one that I am prepared to receive advice on" #GE2019…

Medway Trades Council 1 Boris Johnson 0 Boris Johnson cancels speech after five protesters turn up… #VoteLabourDecember12 #Labour #Leadersdebate #VoteLabour2019 #ToriesOutDecember12

Listen #BBCDebate This is the leader for #RealChange People need to read #LabourManifesto & #VoteLabour to end excessive inequality and austerity measures. #JC4PM #BBCLeadersDebate…

Leave voters and remain voters need to find some common ground. The #LabourBrexitDeal is the only way to both leave the EU and minimise the impact of leaving. We need to start talking about the @UKLabour deal. It is the only way forward. #VoteLabour

On Dec. 11th, MDA will be in Rochester, MN to hold the last listening session regarding Emerging Farmers. The Listening Sessions will be held at 125 Elton Hills Dr NW, Rochester. RSVP: See you Wednesday @MNIndianAffairs @LtGovFlanagan @CityofRochMN


V 'Tate pusher' plotted attack to be on TV: Teenager, 18, admits snatching boy, six, from parents and hurling him 100ft off balcony at London art gallery in bid to be FAMOUS ======…


The #hyderabadpolice staged an #Encounter to quench the bloodlust of Indians. They should be behind bars instead of being celebrated as heroes. This is chilling. The accused didn't even speak with a lawyer. How the fuck is this even a matter of debate?

ถึงลีดเดอร์ของเราจะเป็นคนชิคๆ แต่พอยิ้มแล้วมันสดใสมากๆเลยรู้มั้ย เพราะฉะนั้นยิ้มเยอะๆนะ อย่างน้อยก็เชื่อว่ามันคงจะทำให้ทุกอย่างมันดีขึ้น ไม่ว่าตอนนี้จะเจออะไรอยู่ อกซจะอยู่ข้างๆตรงนี้❤️#WeLoveYouJaebeom


We Are Living In A Society Where #HumanRights Fight For The Criminals & Terrorists Instead Of Fighting For The Victims. Can we consider as it as Treason What Happened If This Happened To Their Family Members. The Victims are Humans Too.... #Encounters #encountered #Encounter


stan taylor,blackpink,& little mix instead of an industry plant #BillieEilishIsOverParty

This could be big! Hands up to be first on the list to create the ad campaign and packaging.. #advertising #fridayfeeling…

Friday treats indeed from Alex Milligan. Lobster - apple - kohlrabi. #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation


'Bandit capitalism' say staff > Eddie Stobart "cash injection less than this year's Dividends"…

6 Dec: Today it is a Box Set to get stuck into in our #TrappedinasnowycabinAdventCalendar; The Collected Works of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. Actually there isn't much more one could want for Christmas than a warm fireside, a comfy chair and these stories!

Was gibt es schöneres als Donuts um 3 Uhr? Richtig: Kaffee dazu.

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