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Internet stunned after ‘sociopath’ Trump brags his pandemic press conferences are getting ratings like ‘The Bachelor’ finale… #SmartNews

My first publication was a poem in a state-wide poetry society's publication. #ShareAFactNoOneAskedFor

#LGBTQuarantine ... please. one pandemic at a time

If this quarantine is continuing until june, I might take a risk on my abilities and sign up for the great british sewing bee

Flamingos are pink because of a parasite that only reproduces in flamingo's intestinal tracts. Parasite infects clear shrimp, turning them pink so they're more likely to be eaten & reproduce. The pink shrimp gradually turn flamingos pink. #ShareAFactNoOneAskedFor

Why is everyone shocked were locked down until june? It’s a lucky if it’s that soon

Some of us are in such situations and is very difficult to find a partner who understands like she does, we didn't choose to be in such situations but we working hard to change them, one day our days will be brighter too. #DateMyFamily

I watched the amazingly eloquent and clever Dr Jenny Harries deliver this press conference, and the headlines that have been spun from it are an utter disgrace! Twisting words and causing even more panic. Not cool. Shame on you to the British media outlets! @SkyNewsBreak


If you are a liberal. You will get it or a democrat #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver trump is my son

#SundayThoughts: @Nasdaq CEO @adenatfriedman shares her experience working from and leading a global team from home with the @nytimes:


Apparently stop signs are optional during a pandemic. #SundayThoughts

Not telling us what to do or singing stupid songs or pretending to be Pete Burns meditating in a bath. Simply using his power and influence to make a real difference. Well done James McAvoy...…

One of the many #SideEffectsOfQuarantineLife is that you finally manage to use the art resources you bought aaaaages ago.


Love William and Kate advising people (that may have lost their job or they loved ones, people that can't pay rent or are forced to go to work in dangerous conditions) to look after themselves and their mental health. Awww, the sweet sound of priviledge.…

Wanna say. FUCK THAT MEME. You shouldn't have posted a meme like that. It's not even funny. Can't you understand that every human has fucking feelings? Louis and Billie are both beautiful. Can't you just stop? Louis Tomlinson and Billie Eilish needs respect and love #WeLoveLouis

Gonna have quiet night in. “Said no one ever” #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver

Can you explain why we didn't join the EU scheme to buy ventilators quicker and cheaper? Michael Gove:"Brexit" (I'm paraphrasing) #marr

Love a bit of Penderecki. - Influential composer Krzysztof Penderecki dies aged 86…

I ask those who love the sea to join the challenge to publish a picture of a beach. Just a picture, no description. The goal is to flood Twitter with positive photos instead of negative. Copy the text, attach a picture and see beautiful pictures. ❤️ #PictureOfABeach


Boxer Billy Joe Saunders 'shows men how to hit women' during lockdown in sick video before grovelling apology…

R.I.P. #TVPinfo | Nie żyje wybitny kompozytor Krzysztof #Penderecki - przekazało Stowarzyszenie im. Ludwiga van Beethovena. Krzysztof Penderecki miał 86 lat.

"There is thy gold, worse poison to men’s souls" Romeo and Juliet, Act 5 Scene 1 #ShakespeareSunday


dan hodges may not be bob woodward, but at least he's not julius streicher

Lamentamos profundamente el fallecimiento del compositor y dtor. polaco Krzysztof Penderecki, y le recordamos especialmente cuando nos dirigió en 2002, en el Auditorio Manuel de Falla y en el XIV @FestivaldeUbeda


Krzysztof Penderecki: Czasem moją drogę twórczą porównuję do labiryntu w którym w samotności, zdany tylko na siebie, odkrywam ciągle nowe drogi. Czasem się mylę, idę bocznymi ścieżkami, ale nieustannie zmierzam do celu. Przypominamy rozmowę Daniela…

Krzysztof Penderecki (1933–2020) – zum Tod des Komponisten (SCHOTT)…

#nationalpunchlinesdatabase ah, that'll be why my wife's knickers have got C&A written on them

Never did captive with a freer heart Cast off his chains of bondage and embrace His golden uncontroll'd enfranchisement... Richard II #ShakespeareSunday

Every day I go for a walk, and put these on, I feel like Messi stepping out at the Nou Camp...


Sitting here on lockdown thinking of the stadiums I want to go to... San Siro Estadio Hernando Siles Westfalenstadion La Bombonera Millerntor-Stadion  Stade Vélodrome Ones I wish I'd been to before they were torn down... San Mames Highbury De Meer

#tradizionecasciavìt 25 gennaio 2004 : in un anonimo Milan Ancona invernale San Siro esplode in un boato per il primo gol in campionato di Manuel Rui Costa. (Il musagete segnò il suo primo gol rossonero in un altrettanto anonimo Milan Hapoel Tel Aviv di coppa UEFA due anni prima)


"Come rimodulare le infrastrutture, dalle metropolitane alla banda larga; come usufruire degli spazi pubblici, non sarà facile, bisognerà pensarci bene, da San Siro a un cinema a un teatro, dovremo ragionare su come gestire; infine l'economia. Alle gran...…


Youth Star @actor_nithiin requesting his fans not to celebrate his birthday which is tomorrow. Also his wedding on April 16th has been postponed due to #Lockdown.He is urging, Together we can fight against #Corona by staying safe at home. #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe


#HarEkKaamDeshKeNaam Maintaining Social distancing while serving food & helping needy passerby at COCO Bawal on NH-8 under Gurgaon DO. #Wecare4U #SocialDistancing #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe @IndianOilcl @DirR_iocl @Bohrashyam2 @SanjivKakkar1 @VigyanKumar @DirMktg_iocl


چین سے امدادی سامان کا ایک اور طیارہ پاکستان پہنچ گیا، امدادی سامان میں وینٹی لیٹر ، این 95 ماسک اور حفاظتی لباس شامل ہیں #COVIDIOTS #ChinaPakSolidarity #CoronaLockdown #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #CoronaUpdate @CathayPak


This is @DJEZOfficial 15 hours into his 24 hour livestream. This man has energy! Never fails to hit the mark. #StayHomeWithDJEZ #djEZ


These citizens are in #IsolationLife everyday This is the reality of a crisis #HomelessCantStayHome #MentalHealthMatters #addiction Failures #healthcare #poverty #homelessness haven’t gone away & won’t until we see the changes that people want & voted, we’ll get through #Covid_19


Whetin Buju and Queen Elizabeth do o? Why are they trending???

Bill and Ted’s Bogus Insurance Claim #MakeAFilmLessInteresting

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