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Headlines from Page 1 and 2 of our newspaper.... related?? No doubt in my mind! #TuesdayThoughts #NotMyPresident #ReignOfError #RacistPresident


Good Tuesday morning! What quote resonates with you today? Please share below- I love reading them ❤️ #ldnont #TuesdayThoughts #ldnontlifecoach


Con la detención arbitraria de la joven clarinetista Karen Palacios rompe su marca de abuso el grupito en el poder. ¿cómo la justifican? Solo su libertad es admisible.

Amazing that people are credulously echoing Trump's claim that attacking the Squad is good politics, without mentioning that Rs said the same about AOC in 2018, just before biggest House loss since Watergate. Perhaps it's different now, but you need to at least *mention* 2018.

PAO: "In the meantime ... technicians [are] continuing to work to tighten bolts around a leaking valve associated with the system that replenishes hydrogen fuel for the third stage." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Take a look at the congresswomen in Donald Trump's firing line

We traveled to the moon 50 years ago when we couldn't imagine half of the technology we would be able to manage today. #Apollo50 We had a challenge, we faced it and we nailed it. Will we be able to win the ones we face today? #climatechange #airpollution #TuesdayThoughts

50 years ago Apollo 11 launched. It was powered by the Saturn V, which remains the most powerful vehicle ever built. Its chief architect was Werner Von Braun, someone born before World War 1! Illustrative of how today's 'technological revolution' can be overplayed > #Apollo50

"महत्वकांक्षी होना अच्छी बात है, लेकिन जब तमन्नाएं रिश्तों की क़ीमत पर पूरी हों तो बिखराव तो होता ही है।" - अभी बाक़ी है दास्तां by @Jamshedhumd For story click: #LifeQuotes #TuesdayThoughts


Starboy Appreciation Day Drop your best @wizkidayo song #wizkid29 #Wizkidday

It’s almost exactly 50 years since #Apollo11 blasted off from the Earth towards the Moon - 11:32 pm (AEST) on 16 July 1969 from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida! #Apollo50 #MoonLanding50

Thought he’d feature under Lampard but actual game time will do him and Wales wonders. Ampadu to Cardiff would’ve been a treat had we stayed up…

Ampadu sent out on loan. Gilmour not even on the Japan tour while donkeys like Bakayoko and Drinkwater are on the tour and look set to stay. Just awful @morriskid @PetrCech


We're at #CivilServiceLive today in London with @DefraDigital, visit us at stand 76 to hear about the great work we've been doing and be in with a chance to win a Google Home #KDS


A brilliant opportunity to attend 5 day Command, Leadership Ethics course Places available Sept 19 Come and see us at #CivilServiceLive London stand 9!


Donald Trump is so afraid of four strong women who are capable of challenging him on the national stage. #RacistPresident #TheSquad


Wait? What? Ewww. Cult alert. No. Also...#RacistPresident #thebachelorette

The ugly essence of White Nationalism: Black and Latinx American citizens cannot be "truly American," even if they were born here. Trump sees them as foreigners because of their skin color, not because of where they were born. #RacistPresident #Indivisible

Rod Liddle (Newsnight crony) is not casually racist - he is deeply racist. He can pretend he's joking, he can lie about not having made grossly racist remarks but we all know he is a card-carrying racist thug, with a side order of domestic violence. He is scum.

I like @maitlis and actually look up to her for asking great questions. Which is unusual as many, if not most, journalists are miscreants. However, why even have someone like Rod Liddle on? It's akin to spreading MRSA in a hospital to show how well you tackle it #Newsnight

This is making me feel very differently about the potential impact of Huawei here #chinagulag

Donald Trump: "I can be a massive racist and get two days of attention to distract from other stuff, like a massive mouthy toddler" Rod Liddle: "Hold my sippy cup!"

Funny how there was uproar when Hitler did it to the jews but no one cares when its Muslims stuck in concentration camps. Absolutely awful #chinagulag

“I speak what I think is the truth and what I think people like to hear.” The Spectator's Associate Editor Rod Liddle defends the contents of his columns to Emily Maitlis #newsnight | @maitlis

“My vagina is trobbin, it’s trobbin” ... did we miss something or was this because of Curtis??? #lovelsland

Lots of rumours about Sam Byram. Told that West Ham were quoting a figure of close to £3m. So would be surprised if the price tag had dropped to £750k. Will check tomorrow.

Nottingham Forest have signed former Loanee Sam Byram from West Ham United for a believed fee of £750K. Announcement in the next 24 hours to confirm the signing for the reds. #nffc #nffcfans #whufc #westham


“My vagina is trobbin” Can’t wait to buy the Primark t-shirt. #loveisland

West Ham are believed to have sold Sam Byram for around £750k tonight, but the club are keeping his destination quiet until the buying club have made the announcement (rumours suggest Forest). An official statement is expected in the morning. [Source: C&H]


Hey guys, if you are wanting to buy anything off Amazon today for #PrimeDayAmazon I would appreciate it greatly if you were to use my links:

Your dream kitchen could be a click away. Take advantage of this week's #PrimeDay sales with expert help from our testers. With these ingredients, you'll create a space that's built to last. #PrimeDayAmazon…

Instead of teaching our boys how to “get girls” and be a “man”, how about we teach them to deal with rejection? how about we teach them how to be respectable towards women? how about we teach them that they can’t always get what they want? this is not okay. #ripbianca

No, if you claimed to be embarrassed by Barack Obama but you're somehow not embarrassed by Donald Trump—I'm going to strongly suggest it was largely a pigmentation issue. #MondayMorning #MondayMotivation #MAGA…

#MondayMotivation पूर्ण गुरु के बिना मनुष्य का मोक्ष संभव नहीं होता क्योंकि भगवान की प्राप्ति करने के लिए पूर्ण गुरु जो कि शास्त्र अनुकूल साधना करवाएं उसी से भगवान की प्राप्ति होती है और पूर्ण मोक्ष होता है. @DhakerVinay @sheetalsheth @ShilpiSinghINC


Do you need a little #MondayMotivation? Check out this article from @ComicBook and get pumped for our new show Seis Manos!…

It's surprisingly easy not to buy random stuff on Amazon* *when it's not 2am #PrimeDayAmazon


Cause and details of death "RIP BIANCA" How did she die ?? Full details Video Sad accident from here ▶ #ripbiancaً


Congratulations to this lucky #hvac contractor! They have won our final #grandprize for our USG #lodinj #grandopening! Visit our branch for all of your @Amana_HVAC equipment, parts, and accessories! #hvaclove #MondayMotivation USG Lodi 300-3 Route 17 South Unit D Lodi, NJ


アラン・チューリングが英国50ポンド紙幣に。/Codebreaker Alan Turing to be face of new British banknote…

florida it’s been great but time to go back home


O cara mais importante da computação, criador da máquina de Turing Sem ele não teria absolutamente NADA de tecnologia da informática, nem seu PC, seu note, seu celular e etc "Pai da computação, Alan Turing será homenageado em nota de 50 libras"…

☀️✨#Oferta #PrimeDayAmazon ✨☀️ Garnier Delial kit de protección deporte por 19,50 euros. #ahorro del 46%. ➡️ #OFERTAS #FelizLunes


Frood it’s time you come home, before boredom and loneliness go kill you for us... you didn’t come for the competition, you came for love and it seems you can’t find it in biggie house #BBNaija

Courageous workers at @amazon are on strike today to demand dignity at work & protest horrendous conditions. Another reminder that immigrants & women are so often at the vanguard of labor struggles that help all workers. @AwoodMpls #PrimeDayAmazon…

British Prime Minister Says Trump's 'Go Home' Tweet Is 'Completely Unacceptable'…

If you're shopping on #PrimeDayAmazon today or tomorrow, remember to shop at and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to your chosen non-profit. Every little bit helps! #giveback #shopforacause


Lindsey Graham calling a Democrat Congress woman a communist and trump telling them to go back home--when they were born in America is showing me that the Republicans are totally loosing their sh t

Herói gay da 2ª Guerra, Alan Turing terá rosto estampado em cédula de 50 libras na Inglaterra:


#ripbianca Poor girl didn't deserved what happened to her. Incels are seeing #yesjuliet as some victim when he was just a delusional orbiter. The edgelords that are making memes or spreading her dead body around are absolutely disgusting.


Alan Turing será o novo rosto da nota de 50 libras no Reino Unido -


Looking for some #MondayMotivation? Meet the fastest 71 year old in the world, Charles Allie:… #BeMoreUs #EndLoneliness

It is cheerful to God when you rejoice or laugh from the bottom of your heart. - Martin Luther King, Jr. #quote #mondaymotivation


In the first 5 months of 2018, @JeffBezos ' net worth rose more every 10 seconds than the median-earning @amazon employee made in a year. #factcheck #PrimeDayAmazon #AmazonStrike

This World War II mathematician just became immortal... kind of

The marginal defeat of India by NZ with couple of runs made me sad & angry & NZ’s defeat at the hand of England provided some respite to my heart. Well played team England & thank u for settling scores with our rivals. #WorldCup2019Final #EnglandCricketTeam #ENGvsNZ

#WeCareDoYou have started an online petition to get Arsenal owner Silent Stan Kroenke to sit up and take notice || @laythy29…

chewing gum - my first and last - we young - go - we go up - we boom #NCTDream_Fireflies #NCTDREAM_BOOM #WE_BOOM

#StateCaptureInquiry Zuma: "I thought time has come that I must speak the truth. During the struggle some people sold out for different reasons." #sabcnews

Is that Supra praising Zuma ? Well his son got a 1meter bursary why won’t he sing? #StateCaptureInquiry


For #worldyouthskillsday we asked partners in London, Kampala, and Addis Ababa to share their biggest lesson from secondary school. #secondaryeducation #youngafricaworks

Learning how others have created community engagement #NestaHealth2019 “We turn up. We keep turning up. We create space. We put the kettle on.” Create a space where people feel safe to share & connect. This builds relationships & trust which makes change possible” @mumsunitedshef

Lots of interest in the prototype of the prototype of the Health Innovation Scanner we are presenting at #NestaHealth2019 today - congratulations to all the mappers involved & specially @CMTippett & @mindrones, who are manning the decks.


WHAT'S ON AUGUST | Our very popular events mailer is due to go out very shortly packed with great things to do in #Herefordshire this August. So if you would like to receive it straight to your inbox sign up here… #HerefordHour Photo: Denise Bartle


A slightly different cake shot today as this was the celebration cake I made for the end of year Valediction service for the Cathedral choristers. Raspberry sponge with elderflower butter icing #herefordhour #celebration @HFDCathedral


GRAND GARDENS | The National Trust have some spectacular gardens for you to explore in #Herefordshire. Our handy guide shows you where to go & what to expect. @NTBerrington @NTTheWeirGarden @NTCroftCastle @NT_Brockhampton… #Gardens #HerefordHour


Hi #HerefordHour, say hello to Dylan! Dylan was with us 1.5 years ago for work experience and he is now joining the S&L team for the summer holidays!


ICC: "Look, England had... ummm... a boat to catch to... ahhh... get back home and that's why the game was determined by boundaries scored." #CWC19Final


If they had the same boundaries, then the cup would have gone to the captain belonging to SC/ST/OBC category! #ICCRules #CWC19Final #ENGvNZ

I'm Martin Guptil of my family who doesn't perform and only cries. #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ

An astounding match of cricket finally ended with @englandcricket becoming the new @cricketworldcup champions! #ENGvsNZ #NZvENG #CWC19 #PlayBold #CWC19Final


Why don't wickets could decide the winner? New Zealand took 10 wickets, England took just 8 wickets only. Taking wickets are difficult than hitting boundaries. #ICCRules are also batsmen dominating. #CWC19Final

Le but de mahrez était plus impressionnant pas te mentir…

Most runs since 2015 CWC at no.5 Stokes - 1912 at avg of 53.11 , S/R 92.90. 3 100s, 13 50s at no.6 Buttler - 1662 at avg of 43.73 S/R 115.01 , 4 100s, 10 50s Both stokes and Buttler delivered at the biggest stage #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final #CWC19

tom in the middle of “Zendaya” #tomhollandbetterprayup

How everyone is reacting to the lyrics about Tom #tomhollandbetterprayup

Belle telling Anton about himself is my kind of girl we’d be best mates #loveisland

#SoaRRC not stopping the grind til I make it #SoaRKezy

ve kazanan Jose Mourinho'nun öğrencisi Novak Djokovic...


Novak Djokovic wins 5th Wimbledon title, toppling Roger Federer in epic 5-set classic


Novak Djokovic: "Tüm zamanların en iyi oyuncularından birine karşı, hayatımın en iyi zaferlerinden birini aldım. Roger Federer'e çok büyük saygı duyuyorum."


Novak Djokovic gana su quinto Wimbledon en final épica contra Roger Federer -


ओवर थ्रो का चौक्का ...इंग्लैंड को ले आया मैच में... किस्मत थोड़ी आज इंग्लैंड के साथ ज्यादा है... लेकिन दिल न्यूजीलैंड के साथ है ।। #ENGvsNZ

Here's a fun fact : England will win it #ENGvsNZ

Now 15 runs in an over required by NZ #ENGvsNZ

Stokes has done 2 impossible things: 1. Scored a six without hitting it out of the ground 2. Made a batsman (Buttler) bat twice in a one-day international #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ

Novak Djokovic #Wimbledon'da geleneği bozmadı #WimbledonFinal

I honestly feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t enjoy sport. Watching cricket, not a huge fan of it and I’m shitting myself. Tennis was unbelievable and Hamilton won the Grand Prix. What a fucking day of sport

Satrançta Magnus Carlsen, formula 1'de Lewis Hamilton,teniste Novak Djokovic,kimi tutsam o kazanamıyor... Allahtan futbol takımım konusunda şanslıyım yoksa kafayı yerdim

Poldark tonight will struggle to match the cricket and tennis for excitement

Hamilton takes record sixth British GP win…


HAPPY #InternationalNonBinaryDay!!!! YAYYY!! *mambos*

I have triggered some touchy United fans who want to motorboat Maguire’s slabhead

Dad's only comment on the new #Bond was "I really hope they don't play that she is too overwhelmed and goes running to James for help. That would suck."

#F1 #BritishGP | Vettel :”con respecto al incidente con Max, fue un error mío y me disculpé. No pude evitar el choque. Ferrari y Red Bull han estado muy igualados en las últimas carreras y creo que de todos modos hubiera sido difícil luchar contra Max.


Vettel se arrastra después de su peor colocación (P16) con Ferrari! #RTL…


#tennis @wimbledon Djokovic-Federer, serbo favorito per i bookmakers, Roger cerca la nona #Tennis

The bright star like object next to the Moon last night is the Planet Jupiter largest of all the planets in the Solar System. The moon is approx' 388000 km away from earth Jupiter is approx' 4,500,000 km away. More moon stuff to follow @BBCStargazing @AstronomyMag @Daily_Record


Yo también creo que tendría posibilidades de ganar un punto a Serena. Y a Federer. A cualquiera. Básicamente tantas posibilidades como posibilidades hay de que el otro cometa doble falta. Los tíos son unos flipaos pero JUSTO ahí su respuesta me ha parecido bastante normalilla.

Hope my Sunday blooms with a Federer and Kiwi victory. #Wimbledon2019 #BackTheBlackCaps #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ #Wimbledon

wish I loved anything as much as Scarlett Johansson loves whitewashing

the amount of newspapers today that have kate and meghan on the front, when only a few have simona on the front. @ those who put halep holding her trophy on the front you are doing it right #Wimbledon

Fekir é o novo reforço do Real Betis. (Le Parisien)


#ThingsJesusNeverSaid If You're _______ You Don't Deserve Humanity!


as homenagens do Glee Cast pro Cory: #6YearsWithoutCory

Len didn’t have a single fucking word to say when @jeremycorbyn sacked a women undergoing chemotherapy from his shadow cabinet without telling her. Len McCluskey will only stand with you if you defend racists & don’t ask who paid for his flat…

Sad to hear. I did not know her, but saw a few of her videos. She was funny and seemed to be genuine with a positive message. - Emily Hartridge: TV presenter and YouTube star dies in crash…

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