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Veteran actor Jide Kosoko dresses like a hip-hop dancer while doing 'gbebodie' dance #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning #mondaythoughts #MondayMood #Monday…

I never particularly reckoned deborah orr but she has my sympathy for having to suffer through being married to will self

The true price of coal was paid by miners and their families, in poor health and lives lost, so that others could enjoy comfort and power. Remember today their vision and determination that the riches of the world should be shared fairly by all. Cofiwch #Aberfan 21 October 1966


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the media today chose headlines that showcased the amazing charitable work, warmth, love and dedication Prince Harry shows to Africa and his mums legacy? What if we celebrated people’s strengths? . #MeghanAndHarry #mentalhealth #positive

Today we are remembering the 144 people (116 children and 28 adults) who were killed on this day in 1966 when a coal tip above the village slid down the mountain and engulfed Pantglas Junior School in #Aberfan #rememberaberfan #cofiwnaberfan


1/3 Early One Morning In 1966 Torn bloodied from the belly of the earth beneath your tinytoes, I am the precious gone to the bad. Longtime have I waited, glowering malevolent, a blackhearted mountain your grandpas built for coppers. #Aberfan #poetry

Two turnovers returned for TDs and a big day on the ground by Lamar Jackson were more than the #Seahawks could overcome on Sunday: I will never shut up about this I'm so ready for Travis McElroy to DM this is gonna be great I WIG also...... I do be having a good good name wink wink nudge nudge #TheZoneCast

When You Blow 4k Cuz The Chargers Cant Punch It In From The 1 Several Times You Lose Hope With Everything

Thank you men and women of @IMPACTWRESTLING who give it their all tonight!!! #BFG #BoundForGlory

"I’d like to think that if I were a trans woman, I’d have enough respect for radical feminists to shrug and give salute to how much the uncompromising nature of the movement had done to advance the rights of all women, including me." Deborah Orr was a terf sympathiser.

The Hundered cricket format will transform cricket. I am all for evolution and cricket need that. #TheHundredDraft has been a brilliant spectacle so just imagine how good it will be when it starts. Well Done @SkyCricket

Man Utd's 'sexiest fan' makes cheeky Solskjaer vow ahead of Liverpool clash #MUNLIV…


Good pt all in all cos the ref was appalling but to the #VAR bods 'CLEAR & OBVIOUS' means if you miss a foul or pen it's an ERROR! Anyway credit where credit's due Man U played well for 70 & I'm gonna stick my neck out here & say they'll avoid relegation. #MUNLIV #LFC #YNWA

And such original chants from #nffc fans too...’You’re ground’s too big for you’. Who’d have known? Thanks for your insights, and for the three points. #wafc…

ICYMI - Sabri Lamouchi defended his team selection this afternoon, despite the Reds suffering their first league defeat since the opening day of the season. #NFFC LISTEN:…


VLIVE TOMORROW X TOGETHER WELCOME BACK SHOW reached 10,000,000 million hearts❤️ @TXT_members @TXT_bighit


Yamaki Risa: I didn’t think we'd receive such an outpouring of sadness and thoughts about how unnecessary it seems lol My H!P life has been truly blessed If even the teeniest memory of me remains in your hearts, then my years in H!P will have been truly meaningful.…

Pensées à Vahaamina, dans le bus, grâce a qui nos joueurs vont pouvoir enfin se reposer. #WALvFRA

We need a general election to clear the air. Parliament is in a mess, representative democracy is broken, Brexit is a process, but leave we shall!…

This deal will "take us in a deregulated direction" @Keir_Starmer @AndrewMarr9 . This will only happen if there is a majority in parliament for deregulation. EU does not protect workers, workers do Trust your voters. Have a general election!

And a customs union amendment is what I’ll be working for. It is the option that was 3 votes short of passing in Parliament. I am convinced we can get majority support for it. It would enable us to stay true to the Labour manifesto every Labour MP was elected on…

I suspect my view that a) MPs should have backed May's Deal, b) Johnson's Deal is too much to take, c) obviously MPs were right to back Letwin but d) Labour MPs who voted against it but for May's Deal are less at fault than their loyal colleagues puts me literally on my own.

Boris Johnson requested a Brexit extension and no one knows what to think…

clear skin. Where was I when God was picking favorites? #IWasBornWithout

Warren Gatland’s last Wales game guaranteed to be against New Zealand or England in 2 weeks time #WALvFRA #RugbyWorldCup

New Zealand show their brilliance as they dominate helpless Ireland in Tokyo to tee up tantalising semi final against England


So @RuthSmeeth voting for the Letwin amendment after promising to back the PM's deal. It feels a bit like a kid promising to do their homework then hiding the books so "its not their fault they cant do it"

Every adversity in life comes with an opportunity. Look how EFCC made Naira Marley, a weed-smoking obscure hustler, famous.

My dream of a Wales/All Blacks final is still on. Phew! #WALvFRA

Boris Johnson refuses to sign Brexit extension request and instead sends a photocopy, saying: 'This is not my letter, it's Parliament's'…

Conservatives 'try to buy off Nigel Farage with a peerage' No Stay & Fight Boris’s BRINO Travesty!

Once again, Parliament has proved it is a national disgrace… "Tired and rotten" parliament. Got it in one.

Ha ha. A few angry white middle class arseholes does not constitute or in any way represent the ‘will of the people’. Go back to your quinoa burgers and let Boris enact the will of 17.4 million who won the referendum.…

Dear PM, As you often shouted during the Leave campaign: “Parliament is Sovereign.” You are not King or Emperor or Dictator. You represent the People via Parliament. Get back in your box. #JohnsonMustGo

.@johnmcdonnellMP has told #Ridge that Boris Johnson is behaving like a spoiled brat

All in all, this fits in very neatly with the “I only ask for extension kicking and screaming and under duress from Parliament”-narrative, which Johnson will push at the next election and has been preparing for some time.

Oliver letwin the man behind the poll tax. misery to millions,bailiff intimidation of young&old,Riots,Debt Millions marched on London .He used Scotland as a trial Guinea pig for it first . Yesterday SNP ,labour, lib MPs all got into bed with him and kissed his arse.Ellection now!

#MyUnpopularGamingOpinion Der Wii U Pro Controller liegt besser als der Switch Pro Controller in der Hand

Sur la même phase de jeu, le XV de France alterne entre des actions dignes des All Blacks et du Rugby Club de Senlis. Ça doit être très troublant pour l'adversaire. #WALvFRA

#IWasBornWithout the left side of my heart being fully-grown. Still, to this day, only one half works.

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