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Astronaut Michael Collins (@AstroMCollins), the Command Module Pilot has now entered the spacecraft. He will sit in the right couch during lift-off. #Apollo11 #Apollo50

#TuesdayThoughts @Jeopardy Nerds rule the world! It pays to be smart.

Only people with high meme knowledge will get this #TuesdayThoughts


You know those people who say we never landed on the moon? Don't ever be one of those people. #Apollo50

Here we go! Part 2 of the #rocketry @youtube series is up. This one a walkthrough of the amazing #opensource #openrocket design and simulation software. Feels good to upload this on #Apollo50 day :) #space

Neil Armstrong, Commander, has now gone "over the sill" and has entered the Apollo 11 command module. He will sit in the the left couch. #Apollo11 #Apollo50

Huge Congratulations to our recent CreativeMedia graduates Ali Byrne & Eoin O'Donoghue whose documentary 'Jill & Giles' has been selected for screening at the forthcoming IndieCork FilmFestival2019. #Kerry #Tralee #indiecork #film #Documentary #Ireland #TuesdayThoughts #ittralee


BREAKING: David De Gea has signed a contract at Manchester United on a deal worth around £375,000 per week | #MUFC

PAO: "In the meantime, about 100 feet below [the CSM] ... a team of technicians [are] working on a leaking valve which is a part of the Ground Support Equipment, a part of the system that's used to replenish the fuel supply for the third stage ..." #Apollo11 #Apollo50


Tuesday marks 50 years since the launch that took the #Apollo11 crew to the #moon, reports @JerryHume And a former propulsion manager recalls what it was like to be part of a historical event. #Apollo50 #News13Brevard

Zaman mı ? Zaman.. Birlik olma, beraber olma, tek yumruk ✊ olma zamanı. Dün, bugün, yarın ve İLELEBED.. * #patlama #BıktıkSuriyelilerden #Nupelda "Esra Elönü" "Hande Fırat" #Demirtaş #salı #16Temmuz #TheLionKing #Apollo50 #MaineMendoza #FaceApp #Ayaz #Brexit #belensay


Pedrosa: "No dudaría de Lorenzo, cuando quiere ir rápido, va muy rápido"… vía @miguelsanzf1

Lampard: “The idea that Ampadu could play a lot of games somewhere is good for him and we haven't brought him here while that is up in the air.” #CFC (Mail)

In my latest piece for @talkchelsea I discuss why I believe its a good decision to send Ethan Ampadu on loan...…

Disappointed that Ethan Ampadu will be sent out on loan. Felt with the fact that he could play in defence & midfield would of been an asset this season. But I guess playing week in week out can only improve him. #CFC

Frank Lampard gives green light for Ethan Ampadu to leave Chelsea…


Really amazing stuff from @DataSciCampus about how we can use some really abstract sources (road and shipping traffic!) to indicate economic trends more quickly than VAT returns. Incredible ideas! #CivilServiceLive

There are 'multiple offers' for Ethan Ampadu and the focus on his loan move will be on the game time he gets. Chelsea and the player want assured game time and Aston Villa are reportedly keen on signing him because of John Terry.

#FullMoon Reminder! 17/07/2019 06:38 JST (16/07 21:38 GMT) in Capricorn. Partial #LunarEclipse. #Astrology 山羊座の満月。部分月食。


We are delighted to be sponsoring #CivilServiceLive. Join @Simon_Colvin, Bridget Fleetwood and Michel Voznick at 11:40am in the St. James’s Suite to hear their talk on how #government can make the most of the wealth of #data it holds.


Now that everyone has cake, Dan from the @DataSciCampus is sharing examples of #DataScience in action from across government at #CivilServiceLive


"Go Back" language is the projection of white yearning for Black, Brown and Asian communities to go away. Be clear: We've been here. We are here. We are going to be here. And we will thrive. #RacistPresident

If anyone should leave the country, I vote for the guy who faked bone spurs 5 times so he didn't have to serve his nation #RacistPresident

⭐️ Willow House offers bed and breakfast accommodation from the picturesque village of St Briavels, Gloucestershire. #Gloucestershire #StBriavels #SouthWest #UK #England #BedandBreakfast #TravelInspiration #MondayMotivation #Holiday #RnR #Unwind


As written in #CultureYourCultureBook, every #company journey is unique & context matters. An article on @evernote to show why comparison isn't always helpful or accurate when it comes to #success #business #perspective #MondayMotivation


Cause and details of death "RIP BIANCA" How did she die ?? Full details Video &&& from here ▶ #ripbiancaً


nenhum comentário nesse tweet foi "Alan Turing, ateu e homossexual, pai da comp..." e estou chocado…

The Bank of England chooses codebreaker and computing pioneer Alan Turing as the face of the country's new 50 pound note.…


Arsenal Football Club fans unite in warning to owner, Stan Kroenke. #WeCareDoYou…


We will be teaching our children, both boy and girl that No means no Stop means stop Wait means wait Leave me alone means leave me alone I’m not ready means I’m not ready Only yes means yes And to ask for help if someone is making you uncomfortable. #ripbianca

I have a great idea for #PrimeDayAmazon Nobody buy anything. Instead, donate what you would have spent to an environmental cause. #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ExtinctionRebellion

Never too late for some motivation on your timeline! It’s easy to wish the difficulties and the challenges away...but it’s better to work on yourself and rise to the challenge each time. #mondaymotivation #youvegotthis #studentlife #studentproblems #internationalstudents #is


I don't buy any merchandise, i don't go to the stadium anymore and watch less and less games on tele. That's how I protest. Only thing that will make Stan notice is attacking his profits. #WeCareDoYou #Arsenal

#PrimeDayAmazon DO NOT USE AMAZON TODAY! I REPEAT DO NOT USE AMAZON TODAY! Don’t be a scab. Stand in solidarity with Amazon workers pls

That letter to #Kroenke was brilliant, can someone do one to the Arsenal fans that slag of arsenal more than opposing fans do, let's fix that too while we are at it #WeCareDoYou

#StateCaptureInquiry Former North West premier Supra Mahumapelo says Zuma has been sold out my cadres of his own movement.


Be More Pirate... drawing #NestaHealth2019 today towards a close with inspiration for innovation from pirates including branding, democracy, insurance and values among other things. @tempo_tweets


The super Alex Barker shares how we can all @BeMorePirate because no one is coming to save us, so we need to be professional rule breakers #NestaHealth2019


We take great pride and passion in providing our students from @COREArenaAcad @CORECentralAcad @CORECityBham @COREJQAcademy @CORENansen and @CORERockwood the #COREopportunity to build character and confidence, develop new skills and pursue their ambitions #WorldYouthSkillsDay…

#whosays It’s not a real sport if you have to adapt it? Boccia is an inclusive sport due to its adaptability. Find out how we group players to ensure they are competing on an equal level.

We’ve made some lovely paper sunshines this morning and this afternoon #Summer #tvlicence #Sunnydisposition


So proud of our team of #CitizensAdvice #Eastbourne walkers who took part in our #sponsored 10k @londonlegal #LegalWalk last Monday. Just reached our team target of £1k in sponsorship! Big thanks all supporters! Sponsor @ #cablive


It's the beginning of the @yellowwelliesuk #FarmSafetyWeek. Read the article linked from Farm Safety Foundation's Stephanie Berkley on this big movement to encourage all farm workers to reduce fatalities in their work place. #farming #safety


Stereotypes can cause long-lasting barriers for disabled people. We’re supporting @AllForActivity in calling time on negative perceptions. #WhoSays @NorwichCityCSF @imatter_tweet @NorfolkCountyFA Find out more about the campaign at


A new exciting campaign from @AllForActivity has launched today calling time on negative perceptions about #disability, #inclusion and #sport and asks – who says? Read more: #WhoSays


Man of the match, Ben Stokes, has spoken out about the controversial finish to a dramatic final against the Kiwis. @benstokes38 #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ

rules that count boundaries as better runs and increase a team's chances of winning must be relooked at. According to me a more accurate metric would have been wickets taken which gives the game to NZ. #CWC19Final

The worst performers in #CWC19  are: 4. Bangladesh 3. West Indies 2. Afghanistan 1. ICC . . . #ENGvsNZ #KaneWilliamson #shameonicc  #CricketWorldCupFinal #Karma   #CWC2019 #CWC19Final #Guptill #ICCRules

#CWC19Final #NZvENG 'Never thought I'd have to answer that question': Williamson on if boundaries were a fair way to decide a World Cup winner…


"I think it was going fine until the six ... Stokes told me before the over 'win or lose, today doesn't define you. Everyone believes in you'," says @JofraArcher #ENGvsNZ #ICCWorldCup2019…

Last night was the awesome ride of restlessness on a cricketing fantasy #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ #CWC19 @cricketworldcup @ICC

Für mich der beste Triple Threat Podcast den wir jemals aufgenommen haben - vielen Dank @PerkkiXWWE @deredeljobber #ExtremeRules

Mahrez did a ting, not surprised.


caroline flack walking in slow mo towards the islanders pulling that same face every time... I’m tired #loveisland

Me when Caroline Flack takes me to court for defamation…

why does Caroline Flack walk like she’s trying to cause an earthquake...

"I will try to forget," said Roger Federer about the result. "It was a great match. It was long, it had everything. I had my chances." "Novak—great. Congratulations man, that was crazy."


Roger Federer ile Novak Djokovic arasında 4 saat 57 dakika süren tarihi karşılaşma, #Wimbledon tarihinin en uzun süren finali oldu. #WimbledonFinal


Federer fans: I don't care if Novak wins, he deserves it. Novak Wins* Federer fans: #Wimbledon


Neden böyle olduğu belli oldu #Wimbledon2019 novak’ı tebrik ederim ancak ne olursa olsun tarihin en iyisi Sn Federer ‘dir. Aksi iddia edilemez…

Almost 5 hours. 68 games. Longest final in Wimbledon singles history. Just a typical Sunday for Novak. Back-to-back Wimbledon Titles for The Djoker.

Huge respect. He didn't tried to take runs while ball hit him #ENGvsNZ


What an insane cricket world cup finals going on #engvsnz. Probably the best ever!

Tennis and British Royalty Collide. #Wimbledon #WimbledonFinal


An incredible #WimbledonFinal ...that ends in an amazing way. Congratulations to #Djokovic for outlasting a dedicated competitor Very very very hard luck to #Federer, A world class human being that battled until the very end Now over quickly to the equally stunning cricket final


I have absolutely 100% NO issue with having a black female as 007. I would have a major issue with a black female as James Bond. 007 is just a job number that any skilled agent can have at MI6. James Bond is a character with a real backstory thanks to Ian Fleming.

Not since that rude blue rinse i picked up in Hamilton terrace last week have I been this nervous watching something in NW8 #ENGvsNZ

Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton wonders why no one can be arsed with him as a champion.

Sebastian Vettels Fahrfehler und die damit verbundene Kollision mit Max Verstappen sorgt für Gesprächsstoff. Seine Reaktion hinterher zeugt allerdings von Größe.…

Listen students...we, your teachers, care about you a great deal and work very hard to serve you were, but please appreciate your teachers have had a VERY stressful sports-fan day today so may be a little tired tomorrow!!! #ENGvsNZ #Wimbledon2019 #BritishGP

To be honest, I'm surprised--and happy--that in a world where James Bond's background is, for better and for worse, heavily baked into what makes "Bond", we're getting a new 007 (a number which wasn't even Bond's alone) - not a new Bond.

Live #F1 News - Verstappen finishing was "incredible" after Vettel damage

Good luck today to my old pal Roger Federer. I was lucky enough to meet Roger at a roller disco in Arbroath in 1994. He was wearing a pair of denim shorts that caused a rubbernecking divorcee to banjo herself against a pillar and I’ve kept a keen eye on his career ever since.

Area 51 memes are the best memes of 2019 , nobody can change my mind

Bei mir bekommst kein #blackout bei mit gibt es den #kick wo? hier


Am I the only one desperately imagining the Area 51 Raid as Helms Deep? #Area51memes

Labour Party staffer Dan O’Connell has spoken out about the bullying of Jennie Formby by Tom Watson and it is quite amazing.…

Simona Halep a devenit cea mai recentă membră a exclusivistului All England Club…

Wimbledon tek erkeklerde finalin adı Roger Federer-Novak Djokovic oldu…

Roger Federer-Novak Djokovic #Wimbledon  final karşılaşması, bugün saat 16.00’da DMAX’ten şifresiz yayınlanacak.


A little late. But, just turned on #FightForTheFallen. Was it good?

Very telling choice of words: apprehend. He’s literally saying that just by virtue of migration, these folks are committing crimes. #FakeChristian…

Going to watch as much wrestling as I can over the next 48 hours with some sleep and shifts at the office mixed in. Wish me luck. #FightForTheFallen #ExtremeRules #EVOLVE131. #g129

Interviewer: "Did I hear correctly that there are no grass courts in Romania? Where did you learn to play on this?" Simona: "At Wimbledon"… What a match and achievement for Simona Halep

Are museums being clear enough with the public about what's real and what's fake? #bitcoin #makemoney #gold #stocks #money #floods #FakeChristian


Gutted to hear about Emily Hartridge passing away, I loved following her on Instagram she was mental and always made me laugh. So so sad

V Channel 4 and YouTube star Emily Hartridge, 35, 'killed in Britain's first fatal electric scooter accident': Davina McCall and Calum Best lead tributes after presenter's own Instagram account reports her death ======…


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