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comenta the strokes si crees en dios ignora si crees en el diablo

The Strokes trying to make a bad album #thenewabnormal

The Strokes acaban de lanzar su esperado nuevo disco, ‘The New Abnormal’, sucesor de ‘Future Present Past’ y ‘Comedown Machine’ #TheStrokes #TheNewAbnormal


I never knew this tweet existed... #OneDirection2020 (love that this # is top trending rn)…

Back in 2013 @AndrewHulshult did a remake of "Watz Next" for the @RiseoftheTriad OST that was never used in the actual game. I always thought it sounded like something that would have fit perfectly into a #FF7R Enjoy:

こんな可愛いバーテン居たら毎日通うわ・・・ #FF7R #ティファ


Fight Fans: It’s gotta be about fighter safety!! Take care of the fighters! Also fight fans: Wow Khabib ducking Tony! Pussy! What?! How dare Rose pull out!!! Dana: UFC 249 is canceled. Fight Fans:

"UFC 249 отменен из-за пандемии коронавируса" что-то ещё осталось что не отменили?

Happy Easter to all our little peeps @cowanelementary! We miss you!


Yüce Allah’ın Rahmeti, Cuma’nın hayrı, feyzi ve bereketi üzerimize olsun, İnşaallah... RABBİM, Milletimizin birlik ve beraberliğimizi daim kılsın... Selam ve Dua İle...

Although I’m clapping for all NHS workers tonight, we’re giving an extra loud clap for the @cardiffuni @CUHealthSci nursing students preparing to go & support the #nhs during the #covidー19uk #Corona19 crisis! We are so proud of you!!!! #ClapForOurCarers

Seeing people’s posts on social media about how it’s bs that dairy farmers are dumping milk and they can’t find any in the stores just shows how uneducated people are about the food supply chain, and that’s a serious problem.

A friend in the freight business just posted - 17 camper vans came in on a ferry from the UK yesterday morning and over 300 passengers came in on the French ship on Monday. How can we let this happen? @rtenews @FergalBowers @SimonHarrisTD #Corona19 #CoronaIreland

#whereispritipatel In hiding. Embarrassed that all the real people, who's jobs she mocked as low-skilled and unworthy of a second thought, are bailing her government's lying ass out. well she should be but truth is she's a vile little creature who's merely avoiding scrutiny.

April 9, 1928: Born on this day, musical satirist Tom Lehrer. Far more than the 1960 biopic “I Aim at the Stars,” Lehrer’s 1965 song “Wernher von Braun” became the definitive artistic depiction of the world’s most famous rocket scientist of the ‘50s and ‘60s.


In school with some great students today - Poppy has climbed the equivalent of Helvellyn for @OrdnanceSurvey #GetOutsideInside @KingAlfs

BBC Anchor Debunks Major Myth About Coronavirus In ‘Magnificent Monologue’

Brendan O’Neill the virtue signalling snowflake triggered by Emily Maitlis.…

Well said Emily Maitlis, a much need voice of sanity on the propaganda channel.…

It may not be a typical #EasterWeekend but our #EasterBunny is still working hard @CamhsID @CorkKerryCH even remembering to #WashHands and all #cork #EasterWeekend #StayHomeSaveLives


“Now is not the time to be changing course” On #BBCBreakfast Culture Secretary @oliverdowden urges us to stay at home this #EasterWeekend despite the upcoming review of lockdown measures.

#askthetreasury I would like to know this too please? There are so many easy ways for us to prove employment why won’t they include us in scheme? #newstarterfurlough…

Eight Miles Heineken #AlcoholInSongsAndMovies

Brown Ale in the Ring #AlcoholInSongsAndMovies

I imagine a big reason why @YvetteCooperMP isn't in the shadow cabinet is because she is so good as chair of the @CommonsHomeAffs; I'm not surprised @patel4witham is avoiding scrutiny. #whereispritipatel…


Happy #NationalUnicornDay! To celebrate I’ll be answering Qs from story fans young & old about #unicorns #traditionaltales #picturebooks #adventurebooks #writing #storytelling… Use hashtag #LariDonUnicornChat from 3-5pm See you soon! #amwriting #FolkloreThursday #unicorn #kidlit


Yesterday, @RishiSunak justified leaving behind LtdCo Directors and #newstarterfurlough because their claims for help were "a fraud risk" to the taxpayer. Is the tax we pay not worth the same as everyone else's? #AskTheTreasury @MartinSLewis

i wanna play valorant so bad. looks so fun

Rumors that Obama has been in contact with Bernie recently. What do you think they offered Bernie? Labor secretary? Or maybe Some control of the platform? Or did Bernie get nothing in return?

Nothing I would like more than to have a good laugh this weekend with my grandad. Never appreciated holidays like Easter enough with him and my family. Truly wish I could rewind time. I didn’t know how much stuff like this would mean to me down the line.

y’all better still vote for bernie anyway omg why are politics like this....

Ian surprising Mickey with a homemade Easter basket this year bc Mickey never got one as a kid

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