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Çiyayê me berfê lê kir. (It has snowed on our mountain.) #InternationalMountainDay This must be our national day


I'm not voting #SNPbecause... I am not a communist, Marxist, Irish Republican, Syrian refugee, unemployed, a purple haired stud-faced feminist, a socialist, economically illiterate, a conspiracy theorist, an open border mong, an EU pod-person, a student or a bitter wee victim.


In support of #InternationalMountainDay, we’re proud to donate to the Khumbu Climbing Center and offer Limited Edition gear inspired by the bravery of Nepalese Sherpas and the inspiring presence of their prayer flags:


Today is #InternationalMountainDay. As the most mountainous country in the United Kingdom, Scotland has lots to offer for outdoor enthusiasts. There are 282 Munros in Scotland, the largest being Ben Nevis. How many Munros have you bagged?


Here's the Live stream link Live NOW ► RB Salzburg vs Liverpool Live Link: ↓↓↓ Link 1: Link 2: Hits Like & Retweet #️⃣ #SALLIV #UCL


ザルツブルク飛ばしてんなぁ いい位置でのFK!! #SALLIV

>>> Redpool vs Liverpool Live HD Stream >>> Macth day Mobile/Console 1:@LIVE_STREAMs_4K 2:@LIVE_STREAMs_4K 3:@LIVE_STREAMs_4K PC @LIVE_STREAMs_4K Hits Like & Retweet #SALًLIV #UًCL…

#Entretenimiento| Tras 17 años de una dura batalla contra un tumor cerebral, la mañana del 9 de Diciembre, fallece #MarieFredriksson, la voz de #Roxette…

The world celebrates International Human Rights Day at a time when humanity in# Yemen is witnessing the greatest tragedy caused by the continuation of the aggression and siege. #YemenisAreHumans #HumanRightsDay


Per Gessle of Roxette wrote on Facebook: “You were an outstanding musician, a master of the voice, an amazing performer. [...] Things will never be the same."

Labour voters in the North - you’ve been taken for granted by Labour & - as Jon Ashworth has admitted - betrayed by Guardian-reading metropoles in the south. Vote Tory and get your own back. Voters in the South - simple self-preservation demands you vote to keep Corbyn out.

Eikä! Ei Roxette! RIP Marie Fredriksson. 17 vuoden taistelu syövän kanssa päättyi häviöön.

Do Yemenis have no rights, dead consience of world? #YemenisAreHumans #HumanRightsDay


Meanwhile MGK knowing that nothing can top "Elvis Pussly" : #ripnickcannon


I see #ripnickcannon trending and I know that little dude ain't dead, so I check out what's up and... Oh he dead.

¡Que buen #StateofPlay! ¿Acaso Sony ya nos empezará a soltar avances del #playstation5? Díganme que no soy el único que sospechó con la pequeña transición del comienzo. ¿Será el sonido de cuando prendas la consola?

Corbyn thinks has a sense of irony: Jon Ashworth Corbyn doesn’t think has a sense of irony: Zionists…

Has Jonathan Ashworth been 'vanished' yet? You still alive, Jonny?

It’s rainy and cold outside. I want to be home in my bed with my Switch Lite sulking about PlayStation MLB news until Thursday, when Death Stranding wins GOTY and we finally get a Ghost of Tsushima release date. #MyWeeklyGoals

Jeremy Corbyn says a secret recording of Labour's Jon Ashworth criticising him to a Tory activist friend was a "private bit of banter between two old friends", adding the leak was designed to "deflect" from the Conservatives' record on the NHS


StAtE oF pLaY hAd No SuRpriSes! RE3 leaked on the PSN Store. KH3 ReMind trailer leaked this weekend. Peeps discovered that the Ghost of Tsushima YT playlist was updated. Dreams official release date was leaked a couple weeks back. I mean.. what the hell could they have done??

Ghost Of Tsushima بتكون اطول تريلر في حدث #TheGameAwards2019

Teaser de Ghost of Tsushima para PS4 que se mostrará en The Game Awards


This #CharityTuesday we would like to say a HUGE thank you to Chris. Chris completed a drumming marathon lasting 6 hours! He has shown incredible support and aims to raise awareness for PAPYRUS and The Big Issue North. To read more about this at:…


Please nominate Young Carers' Crew to receive £1,000 before Christmas. Go to:… and nominate charity number: 1176778 The more nominations, the better their chances! Thank you! #charitytuesday


Officially out of beta, we've launched our new Android app! Download it from the Play Store. Donating pennies has never been so easy or fun! #changecounts #charitytuesday #makeadifference


The way that Jim White and Simon Jordan try and shit on Robbie shows how rattled they actually are. Pretty much every time he tries to say something they do their best to shut him down. Laughable

Simon Jordan what a arrogant idiot , talksport is the same for all clubs and when a team loses and has a bad run there's negativity so why are talksport hypocritical?? Robbie is a die hard gooner and always tries in any interview to see the positive side.

'I've been trying to come back for years' Andy Carroll reveals he tried to engineer Newcastle return during ill-fated West Ham spell and says he 'appreciates' second chance at St James' Park @CraigHope_DM

I think one of the key learnings from yesterday was the Arsenal front 3. Aubameyang has to play in the middle, no doubts & with Martinelli & Pépé out wide we have a more balanced front 3. Promising signs...


Martinelli has now 10 G/A contributions (8 goals, 2 assists), has scored on his EFL debut, Europa League Debut and now his Premier league debut. #WHUARS #AFC #PremierLeague



Your periodic reminder that Allison Pearson is Not A Proper Pearson. Nor, it would appear, is she a very thorough journalist.

Humza Yousaf deals with yet another hostile BBC interviewer #bbcqt via @YouTube

That's twice in the same day a BBC presenter has hijacked an SNP guest by posing SNPBad/Unionist propaganda as questions right at the end of a live programme. Kaye Adams and Emma Barnett did it today. Look out for Sarah Smith trying the same tactic on Tuesday.

to keep up the day of greatness for the BBC and their public service/unbiased thing, Emma Barnett asks, during a debate about climate change, if Labour will nationalise sausages. i'm glad it's funny for you #BBCQT but people are dying.

ah, who is emma barnett, why is she trending *checks the topic* ah, emma barnett is a gigantic fucking idiot, and that is why she is trending

. Emma Barnett's question to Angela Rayner about 'nationalising sausages' is clearly a reference to Laura Kuenssberg telling porkies. #bbcqtdebate

A ‘no fly zone’ is in place on New Zealand's White Island after a volcano suddenly erupted, killing at least five people and injuring up to 20

#BanKpopAccounts the fancams are unnecessarily excessive and make your faves look bad but locals really don’t need to be xenophobic or racist about it.


WADA отстранило Россию от международных соревнований на четыре года:…

#BanKpopAccounts that’s right bank pop accounts and stan Lalisa Manoban instead

#BanKpopAccounts Please do, I’m sick of seeing these autistic little children posting gifs of kpop stars dancing like it’s some kind of roast. It’s not, you are just cringy af and could be used for a condom commercial and autism speaks movement. How y’all look right now——


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