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Clipe BAPHO de J Balvin, retorno de The Strokes e single vibrante do The Black Eyed Peas são destaques nos #LançamentosDeSexta; confira! (Fotos: Getty; Jason McDonald)


The Adults Are Talking by The Strokes

fuck pitchfork stream the new abnormal by indie rock gods the strokes

the strokes album is so good wow

I've always liked warning symbols for some reason, so I like the one #FF7R uses for mako.


The best thing you can gift a person in these times is a reason to wait for tomorrow. #QuarantineRadio #StayHome

JULIET IBRAHIM Get ready for the dragging this morning.. #QuarantineRadio Torylanez ik ogbona Good Friday


Dana White please the fans wanna see Carole Baskins Vs Tony Ferguson at UFC 249

UFC 249 Akhirnya KO Melawan Virus Corona Covid-19

This is why I should stay off of Twitter. The nonsense and promotional BS simply never stop. Memories of the talking heads are short but archived videos and columns live on. Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter at home! This year, connect with your family, friends and loved ones virtually. #stayhome and stay safe. Photo by: @thecreativetraveller on IG #myjasper #flattenthecurve #traveltomorrow #stopthespread


Herkes sus pus olup köşesine çekildi. Siz susmadınız haksızlıkları her daim haykırdınız. Allah sizden razı olsun. Eşitİnfazİçin MeclisGöreve…

Paul O'Grady is treating his self-diagnosed #coronavirus with a 'made up concoction'…

Dear @aaadamanderson you liked Antonio’s response to me. What he didn’t know but does now, is that MPs had no say in the decision to increase their staff and office costs to cope with the 3 or 4 or even 5 times increase in caseloads. IPSA is independent and took the decision.

You can't re-write your past, but you can grab a clean sheep of paper and write your future. #ThursdayThoughts


The video-conferencing app Zoom has been updated to remove the display of meeting IDs from its title bar, after a series of high profile privacy blunders by those sharing screenshots of th... via @gcluley #security #tech #ThursdayThoughts…

Doc looks so cute in the work clothes! A man on a mission! #WynonnaEarp


Day - 15, 21 Happiness Hacks for 21 Days with Vishal Merani, 9th April 2020, 9 PM IST onwards. Watch on:… #ThursdayThoughts #QuarantineActivities


Nothing that Emily Maitlis says is worth listening to. This monologue is just one of many examples of her sneering, metropolitan approach to 'journalism'. That it has the BBC's seal of approval is doubly insulting.…

Passport workers have been told to return to work They've been told by the Home Office, that they can't hide from CV forever But Patel has been hiding from scrutiny It seems like forever She doesn't want to answer questions Does she want her herd infected? #WheresPritiPatel

Did you know the #unicorn is the national animal of Scotland, and appears on the Royal Arms? Find out more about unicorns, and try our join-the-dots activity for children on our website - #NationalUnicornDay


Profligate expense accounts? Sexist comments caught on mic? Uncosted party manifesto? Emily Maitlis, on behalf of the country, will deliver the sentence.…

#TILS $4.16 1.99 (91.71%) DATA AS OF APR 09, 2020 7:14 AM ET - PRE-MARKE Its going to go Vertical ......

The cheeriest satirist alive, Tom Lehrer, turns 92 today. He says the party will be "come as you are."

Everyone fainting over Emily Maitlis is going to shit themselves when they hear what @michaeljswalker @AaronBastani @AyoCaesar @piercepenniless et al @novaramedia have been saying for *weeks*. Our media is a joke.

Little heroes of big heroes. Thrilled to hear that kids are getting creative whether it's building, drawing, painting, modelling their ideas! Get involved: #designaden #LocalHeroes #creativekids #ChildhoodMemories @OvoSpaces @Senior_Systems @MyGreatPlace


#AlcoholInSongsAndMovies Hallebrewjah Yep - scraping the bottom of the barrel now :)

Funny how many stories get forgotten about when there is a constant flow of damning stories about her character… #whereispritipatel #BuryingBadNews

In honor of #NationalUnicornDay The Unicorn Rests in a Garden (1495-1505) French medieval tapestry #medievaltwitter #FolkloreThursday


There are so many key worker #LocalHeroes to be proud of but in this instance we're giving a big shout out to all the local funeral professionals out there continuing to serve bereaved families the best they can in these uncertain times. Well done #funeraldirectors!


Off Licence to Kill #AlcoholInSongsAndMovies

Utterly stomach turning. All the hacks like Allison Pearson who have been drafted in to do this dirty job should be ashamed. We are ashamed of them.…

#AskTheTreasury. I’d like to know how many people do you estimate started new jobs after the JRS but before it was announced? I’ve a new tax code and I’ve payed PAYE for March. What is the fraud risk? #newstarterfulough #wearethetaxpayers

#askthetreasury what do you suggest the 1000's of people who started a job in March do for money as the can't be furloughed by new employer and 95% of old firms won't help? No money for bills, food, mortgage etc. #changethedate #newstarterfurlough @RishiSunak @10DowningStreet

What about limited company help please. We will go under. Need 80% on dividends too -to the same limit as employed/self employed, that’s only right and fair. Over 250,000 have signed a petition, are you listening? We are scared and worried. No business = no tax!!! #askthetreasury

valorant's kinda fun


Charlie Flanagan: We really are all in this together - so please stay home this Easter


Easter is this Sunday. It’s very sad that we can’t celebrate it with our church communities of even with our whole family. But what are we commemorating? Christ’s defeating death and rising from the grave. We’re remembering the day Jesus rose. That day didn’t start as a joyous

Finally played Valorant for the first time. Cool game.

That must have been quite a moment for them both.…

Llevo toda la noche jugando al valorant y quiero seguir jugando pero tengo que dormir. Que hago??

Only one question matters to the Cabinet now: what would Boris do?…

A family holiday requiring you to relax and drink four glasses of wine? Happy Passover! #pesach2020 #passover2020


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