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バスケットボール・ウィズアウト・ボーダーズ・アフリカにジョエル・エンビードらが参加 #NBA #NBAjp…

So, basically, the kingdom of Aghraba in Aladdin the movie is a mishmash of cultural references from India, Iran, Yemen, Morocco and some made up stuff .... Did I miss anything? Next time, maybe we just call it Kingdomofbrownpeoplewefindexotic

Major crisis with Iran hijacking a ship. Surely Hunt should contact Greta Thunberg for her advice?

Cats successfully exposed how furry everyone really is by having standards of animal people

Inggris Kirim Kapal Perang Yang Ketiga Ke Teluk Persia Untuk Menghadapi Iran…


My little blind angel and her rainbow eyes #cats #cutecats #bestmeow




It's #Caturday and that means you get to see my cats, Tigger and Neutrino, who regularly cause chaos in our office in #Swindon! ^Chris Share your #CatsofTwitter with us, it'll brighten up our day!


A great friend to us in the Institute of Education. Working with us on teacher education, and on our LEGO and Minecraft initiatives. It has been a very sad week at DCU. RIP Rory.…

The 'Cats' trailer is here and it's horrifying the internet…


Ok so what if, and hear me out on this, that's what cats actually do look like and they've just been pretending all this time with some sort of shape-shifting magic.

#Netflix’in merakla beklenen yeni dizisi #TheWitcher’dan ilk fragman yayınlandı. Detaylar:

Vous êtes réveillés ? Retour "à tiède" sur la CAN du Sénégal. Avec autant de qualités individuelles et un bon joueur par ligne, aller en finale est somme toute logique. Il y a eu de bonnes choses, mais plein d'autres moins bonnes, des petits détails qui mis bout à bout font bcp

#LoveIsland viewers in hysterics as Michael GRIMACES when Curtis and Maura passionately kiss at recoupling…

#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon "No I won't clap them alien cheeks, straight to Area 51 with you"

Am I the only one who closes their eyes and a new season of Queer Eye is already up? Do they ever stop helping people? Also Marie Kondo and Queer Eye crossover thank you very much.

Here’s what we know: We see no more evidence of Iran thwarting maritime traffic. LR2 #Poseidon was moving toward Iranian waters, though we see nothing strange about the voyage. This followed concerns about VLCC #Mesdar and LR 1 Stena Impero, which both have ties to the UK.


the queer eye account is replying to people and ignoring my very valid criticism lol typical

What I find interesting about #HalloweenKills & #HalloweenEnds is that the reveal implies #HALLOWEEN 2018 ends the way it does because there has been a trilogy plan from the beginning to make this a satisfying conclusion to the Laurie Strode/Michael Myers story. That’s exciting!


U.S. officials: Iran seizes two tankers, including British-flagged ship @fpleitgenCNN @RangerSpider Phil Mudd discuss


Back on #Gears5 #Techtest. Come hang on #twitch if you feel like it. I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at #gears5techtest

Hey @BBC please could you let me know how I can unsubscribe from the TV licence fee as you are launching #BritBox #nomoretvlicence

Iran's Revolutionary Guard Claims To Have Seized A British-Flagged Oil Tanker In Strait of Hormuz. The company that operates the ship said it had lost contact with the tanker and that it was heading toward Iran. #News…

Экзекьюшены тут просто ох #Gears5TechTest #XboxShare

I will support #BritBox if it produces content that is worthy of the public paying an additional fee. Bearing in mind people already pay for Netflix, Sky, Virgin etc. They must come up with a USP for sure

1k #Retweet if you want biggie to play ⏯️ BEYONCE - BROWN SKIN GIRL FT. WIZKID, SAINT JHN & BLUE IVY CARTER, for the Bbnaija housemate at Friday night party. #BBNaijaUpdates #Bbnaija #BBNaija #BBNaija2019 #BBNajia #BBNaijaChallenge #BBNaijia #bbnaija19 #BBNIAJA #Bbnaija

Beyonce : I need the best in Africa for my album #TheGiftAlbum Wizkid: Me Davido: It should be me Everyone: Take them to the studio

Keys to the Kingdom - Tiwa Savage. Yes ma’am #TheGiftAlbum

Hey, look I'm moon walking... wait, is that just called walking here? #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Beyoncé just released an album inspired by #TheLionKing which is in theatres today! The project features include Wizkid, Burna Boy + many more African artists! If you’ve listened to it, let us know what you’re favourite track is! We’re really feeling ‘Brown Skin Girl’. #TheGift


Brown Skin Girl is the 2011 Wizkid.

Music seems to be the only thing that brings us together and that’s okay #TheGiftAlbum

What’s your favorite song on Beyoncé’s letter to Africa #TheGiftAlbum


It's like they watched the #SonicMovie trailer and were like "YEP THAT'S THE LOOK WE NEED FOR EVERYONE." #CatsMovie #CatsTrailer

Can't say I rate the #CatsTrailer all that highly tbh.


The cat to the left is every single one of us at the thought of James Corden in the #CatsMovie Actually at the thought of James Corden in general #ThisMorning


It's the dogfight scene I'm looking forward to the most! #CatsMovie #CatsTrailer


I don’t understand why people are losing it over #catsthemovie, have you even seen the musical? It’s literally the same except the humans gyrating in skin tight catsuits are now in CGI ones and it’s got @taylorswift13 in it. #CatsTrailer #cats

Dopo 34 anni Tom Cruise torna in #TopGun. Dovrà convincere l'Italia ad acquistare altri F-35.

Just hearing the gong and I’m getting goosebumps. #TopGun…

Patrick Cutrone to Wolves: Personal terms ✅ Five-year deal ✅ Medical & official announcement ⌛️

Cat James Corden won't stop asking me for milk

It's a profound mystery to me why James Corden keeps getting high-profile jobs. Who keeps giving him these opportunities? He's fucking horrendous. He's the Chris Grayling of showbusiness.…

#AndreSilva e il #Monaco molto più vicini di ciò che si dice. Lo stesso per #Cutrone al #Wolverhampton. Le operazioni che porterebbero plusvalenze e introiti sono già in stato avanzato #Milan

When the ball hits the net It’s a pretty good bet It’s Cutrone


If Milan really are considering selling (sacrificing) Cutrone to raise funds for Correa that’s madness. Rossoneri’s loss would very much be Wolves’ gain.

Holy shit Greg Olsen had a mic on when he broke his foot for the second time. That footage is fucking heartbreaking.

Maverick is going to be training Goose’s son in the new movie as I understand it. So basically this new Top Gun movie is just Creed with jets and homoerotic volleyball?

The twist in the CATS movie version is that it all takes place in the mind of the crazy old man from LOGAN’S RUN.

Killie got complacent after Steve Clarke's end-of-season address. Board took too long to appoint new boss and gave him too little time to replace Boyds, Jones, Mulumbu, Tshibola, Millar, Ndjoli, McAleny. Huge job now for Alessio. Big job too to fill those stands behind the goals.

Kilmarnock have embarrassed Scottish football. No excuses for losing to a part-time team in Europe, zero. It would never have happened under Steve Clarke.....

I can see why Trump support hate Ilhan Omar. She’s black, arrived in US as a refugee & worked her way to a bachelors in political science & congresswoman. Whereas uneducated Trump supporters have shit lives & done nothing so blame others for their failures #IStandWithIlhan

Ma io mi immagino quelli ossessionati dai likes cosi #instagramlikes

This is the culture folks have allowed Trump to cultivate: a "defense" of America that essentially says if you aren't white, your presence here can be questioned and/or invalidated at ANY time. A damn shame. #IStandWithIlhan

#ThursdayThoughts: doing the "right thing" is often difficult. Your #health and #wellness is important. Learn more about how to take care of yourself at

A Japanese fire official said nearly 30 people are now confirmed or presumed dead in suspected arson at a popular animation production studio in Kyoto.…

#Japan At least 26 dead, dozens injured in suspected arson attack at animation studio in #Kyoto: emergency service. 41 y/o male suspect arrested. Background, motive unclear.…


this happening to kyoto animation has made my heart shatter. a beautiful studio that created so many anime that i love. devastated doesn't even describe how i'm feeling

Morning Joe says Trump had a Nuremberg Rally last night. The Holocaust Museum will condemn him now.

If Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass are not in the new Gossip Girl I don’t want it. Literally my favorite people.

Greg McElroy only sane person in Alabama: “...and then for Clemson to come out and be the better team, to be so superior in so many areas, was eye-opening for a lot of people. “That was the first time in a really long time I could say, they just got beat by better personnel.”

Greg moving from a mansion to an apartment #MarriedAtFirstSight

Sexual assault charges dropped against Kevin Spacey in Massachusetts criminal case…


#GameFace second season, more of the same brilliance from @Roisinconaty I love the cutaways to her real life. Marcella is such a sweetheart in spite of herself. Great first episode. @tiffstevenson excellent too

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