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Show us your ink for a chance to win Sublime merch for DAY FIVE of the 12 Days of Christmas LBC style


What a match this was. Christmas street fight. I still feel the Legos and Xmas ornaments #Wrestling #Signme…

I’m saving all my hatched, non-shiny Eevees for Christmas to do a surprise trade for the kids.

stop assuming that i celebrate christmas

This Leeds hospital truther was a paediatric nurse and also worked in a Jaguar Land Rover supply chain business for 35 years. Very broad set of skills, especially for someone who was presumably born in 1993 looking at his @


Claire Fox. You are a Russian Bot. This was a true story, confirmed by Leeds Hospital, and only amped ‘good friend of mine’ story is pushed by fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook. A decent person would apologise for defaming the boy and his parents.…

Didn’t see any of them play any instruments should be called XFactorTheManufacturedGroupOfSingers #XFactorTheBand

Don’t bother watching the trash that is #XFactorTheBand. Watch #littlemixthesearch in January instead. Can’t wait to see these 4 destroy Simon Cowell yet again.

I am no longer from the uk as Simon cowell is going to make us look like clowns #XFactorTheBand

#Eberton is trending, I’m never deleting this app.

#KirkDouglas is 103 today. He made his screen debut in 1946, 73 years ago. Olivia de Havilland is also 103. Her screen debut in A Midsummer Night's Dream began shooting in Dec 1934, 85 years ago this month. She received her 1st Oscar nomination 5 years later, only 80 years ago.

What if all the major Federations - namely FIFA, IIHF and NHL - stood by WADA? What if the World Jrs and the next World Cup excluded Russia? Could that help break the Russian doping cycle?…

Cinco pessoas morreram e 18 ficaram feridas na erupção do vulcão Whakaari, na Nova Zelândia, que aconteceu na noite deste domingo (8), de acordo com o horário de Brasília. Pelo menos 50 pessoas estavam na ilha chamada de White Island no momento da erupção.

Corbyn on fire in Bristol - the Tories have had NINE YEARS, and all they have done is punished the poorest and made things worse. Time for real change, a fairer future for the many, not the few - and we can make it happen #BeAVoter and #VoteLabourDec12

Колобков заявил, что обвинения WADA на основании базы данных Родченкова незаконны:


Lah yang mulfand dong ga bisa milih :" #BanKpopAccounts


По факту, решение WADA об отстранении России от соревнований на 4 года в политическом плане работает в пользу Путина. Снова есть повод разжечь угасшие ура-патриотические настроения. Может именно на это работают наши спортивные чиновники?…

Юрий Ганус о санкциях WADA: "Мы рискуем потерять наших спортсменов"…

Looks like #Putin fell of his chair when he heard about #WADA's 4 year ban on Russian athletes. He shuffles along with what looks like a limp.…

Yes, Russian athletes will wait while spineless #Putin does nothing against these anti Russia sport agencies. Boycott them & start a new #IOC with anti US empire countries.. (#Russia banned from major sporting events for 4 years)… #CapeTown #SouthAfrica

A message from USABS CEO John Rosen on WADA-Russia doping decision:…


Вангую, что ФИФА и УЕФА поводят WADA по губам шершавым ))

Wonder who Boris Johnson is blowing his dog whistle for when he stands in a yellow jacket, spouts conspiracy theories and talks about destroying the BBC. #BeAVoter #GetToriesOut


‘No Signs of Life,’ After White Island Volcano Erupts in New Zealand. Here’s What to Know

Arlene Foster turns on Boris Johnson? Now there’s a mental image I could’ve done without...…

And jeez, that Novara lot are a fucking embarrassment. EVERYTHING IS BAD WHEN IS IT GOING TO GET GOOD

Such sad news - Nell Gifford’s shows have brought our family so much magic and fun. Huge love to her family and wonderful team…

Congratulations to @zozitunzi on winning the Miss universe contest. Did us proud as South Africa. Keep shining. #MissUniverse2019


#h3h3isoverparty kpop stans shut the fuck up no one cares nor did i ask

2020 ГОД ОБЕЩАЕТ БЫТЬ КРУТЫМ: #WW84 #BirdsOfPrey #BlackWidow


Corbynistas last night: "We'll wait for the @Survation poll, it was the only one that predicted the 2017 result" Corbynistas this morning: "@survation is a rigged, evil Tory poll and not to be trusted" #GE19…

#h3h3isoverparty ... this is disgusting. y’all really defending this dude lmao couldn’t be me. yes it was 4-5 years ago but has he made a self reflection or apology? no.


สตีฟกลับมายังไงงงง #WW84

Follow my Instagram- @lucina_is_awesome. Subscribe to my YouTube channel- Lucina Chan. #WW84 #ImACelebFinal #WonderWoman #Seahawks #JuiceWRLD #RobbieWilliams #MissUniverse2019 #ChiefsKingdom #MissColombia #MissUniverse

The Queen is back bitches! #WW84

#WonderWoman1984 - the upcoming superhero film based on the DC Comics character #WonderWoman and a follow up to 2017’s #WonderWoman - to release on 3 June 2020. In #English, #Hindi, #Tamil and #Telugu. Local language trailers out now. #WW84…

'long long time ago ❤️ #WW84


Ruiz’s whole career the knock on him was that he was heavy and didn’t have KO power. Like I always say. The great eraser of all flaws is the intoxicating power of knockouts. A lot got ignored when Ruiz scored the upset. At the end of the day he was still the same guy.

Monumento a Cristóbal Colón, situado en el cruce del Paseo de la Reforma y las calles de Morelos e Ignacio Ramírez, en 1921. Fue realizada por Charles Cordier con el patrocinio de Antonio Escandón, y se inauguró en mayo de 1877; al fondo se ve la estatua de Cuauhtémoc.


Se les dijo a todos en el Morelos ! Pero la gente es bien necia

Alfredo Morelos erra penal y Rangers pierde la Copa de la Liga ante el Celtic.


Trabajadores sindicalizados tienen previsto cerrar los accesos al campus principal de la UAEM el día de mañana, entre 7 y 8 de la mañana, en protesta a la falta de pago a jubilados. #Cuernavaca


my mum has decided it is christmas now


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