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"..Given a crisis large enough, humanity will unite to resolve and address it. This makes sense because a crisis offers opportunities for bipartisanship" A must read by the very amazing @lawyerkhanmd and @rssurjewala on what the Modi government should do.…

Crucially Starmer's supporters have won control of the NEC, Labour's ruling body - as Corbyn's team found 2015-2017, trying to run Party without being able to rely on NEC control was v hard, Starmer's team delighted they have got it, didn't expect it at the start

Labour right win both NEC positions, commiserations to @LaurenJTownsend who is one of the most amazing young activists I’ve met. Just a few hundred votes in it! Lessons to learn: Momentum stakeholder management was very poor and splitting the left vote *always* loses.

If moderates have won the three seats up for election to Labour’s NEC - as seems likely - it will probably mean the left no longer has a majority on it.

Won’t get as much attention but the NEC results are important and a good indicator of overall shift in power within Labour. Non-Corbynite candidates take the seats. NEC therefore less of a problem for Starmer than it might have been.…

Our biggest fans this week: thinkpuertorico, MarielaFullana, URW7. Thank you! via…


Our biggest fans this week: totallykay__, AbbyWhite_8. Thank you! via…


Our biggest fans this week: unapologeticpwe, madumaresia. Thank you! via…


Please retweet if you don't support the vaccine test in Africa. I #standWithAfrica and i don't support. #AfricansAreNotLabRats #AfricansAreNotGuineaPigs #Africa

Train from London to Whitstable just pulled in behind my house. Would usually be packed with day trippers. Was empty. Well done people. #StayHomeSaveLives

☀️We know that the sun’s out and it’s so tempting to hit the beach, but please give it a miss for now. We need you to #stayhomesavelives ❤️


Must admit I'm surprised by the level of interest in this #VirtualGrandNational. What it highlights is how many punters up and down the country just love the real National - it's their day to have a bet in front of the telly with the family & the Coronavirus ain't stopping that

I would love to suggest that our workload has dropped off but it appears that drug dealers think their work is essential. #StayHomeSaveLives

One of our talented patients, 10-year-old DJ, who is being cared for by our cystic fibrosis team, has drawn this fantastic poster to remind us all to keep ourselves and others safe. Thanks to everyone who is staying home to protect the NHS and save lives.



Ian Dunt has a book called How To Be a Liberal Like, I didn’t think they had to be told how. Liberals are fantastic at being liberals. In fact, even lots of ‘socialists’ are really good at being liberals!


The confidence I have in your games can never be compromised @masterpickzbet. You have totally proven yourself to be a great tipster.Your games speak for you. You are just the best.Thanks so much for everything #nakedchallenge #TachaPavedTheWay #5GinNigeria #AfricansAreNotLabRats


Congratulations to @Keir_Starmer! Fantastic to see a lawyer and former DPP lead the Labour Party. We look forward to working with you and your team to shape the UK’s legal landscape.

So Keir Starmer sorry Sir Keir Starmer who master minded Labours disasterous BREXIT policy which undoubtedly lost them the last election is now in charge fantastic.

Top 10 Tendencias de Twitter en México: #MeAskMew: 285351 #RoboComoAurrera: None Wigetta: None #OnePlus8Series: 18881 OUR EUPHORIA JUNGKOOK: 70764 helsinki: 43440 #FelizSabado: 10366 #LCPD4: 13877 Donghae: 29627 Por Nairobi: 16567

When shopping, ensure people stay at least two meters away from you by simply wearing a 1998 Sunderland away top.

#VirtualGrandNational clearly rigged . Will I have a bet ..absolutely

ON THIS DAY 2004: A @Tim_Cahill goal at Old Trafford against Sunderland sent Millwall through to the FA Cup Final #MILLWALL


Gisteren Sunderland 'Til I Die 2 gekeken. Wederom een aanrader. Het is zonde dat er geen deel 3 komt, want dit seizoen is het ook weer volop drama en dat was het al voor de coronacrisis.


Sunderland Till I Die - Jack Ross going defensive 1-0 up with 9 to go to then lose the match, straight out his mentor leveins book that one.

did... did disney do drag race sponcon?

Robin Hood has the most calming, serene, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing opening of any Disney film period. Like how does this not make you feel just pleasant AF?

Any Sugarbaby or College Student has been affected by the unemployment and lockdown dm me now and i will help you out with money i dont ask for giftcards or bank info iam totally legit retweet and dm me to be able to dm you #sugardaddy #unemployment #sugarbaby #COVID19Pandemic.

No todo son malas noticias respecto a los retrasos de Marvel Studios, tienen más tiempo de planificación para Spiderman 3, Thor 4, Doctor Strange 2 y que las series alcancen a salir para Disney+ a principio del otro año pues van a conectar importantemente con Strange.


This thread makes a strong case for someone to finally bring Rochelle, Rochelle to the screen.…

That ending was fantastic. The puppets, the creepy music, the stare off with The Fiend in an empty, silent arena will the music played in the background, followed by the Bray Wyatt jump scare. The match is gonna be nuts and I can’t wait! #Smackdown

I bitched about the diminished quality of #h50 in recent years because it had the potential to be fantastic as proven by tonight’s finale. But it will still go down as one of the best action shows in TV history. It changed the game forever.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the subs and love during today’s stream! I feel like I can really hit partner soon! I was freestyling with this steam, and I’m so thankful to have this fantastic community. #ONEPIECE #Luffy


Publishing in 30 minutes: New episode of TSS, in which we review Sunderland 'Til I Die season 2 episode 1, and answer the question, "Which US player past or present would you most and least like to be quarantined with?" -d

So when will Nigerian employers of Labour start sending mails like“Sorry you were not selected,sorry we couldn’t take you because of this/that” Don’t allow people go through the interview stage&then start wondering if it’s their village people/low self esteem that’s stopping them

There’s liars in charge telling us they’re doing well.We have a v small spread out population & yet we are rising up the country ladder in terms of per cap infections very quickly. You dim labour folk have been conned by your fake leader.Severe recession ahead .#nzpol @nzlabour


Is Sunderland til I Die worth the watch?

still no VALORANT beta key drop? fake happiness to keep your sanity

RIP Bill Withers, master of careful funk narratives…

Valorant looks boring... The only reason it’s hyped is because You Tubers are being payed to hype it up and make videos on it, which is fine because the same happens for other games like Apex, the only difference is it genuinely looks like a copy and feels a bit too forced.

Fallece el músico Bill Withers a los 81 años…

just learned that on top of all the more well-known bill withers samples in hip-hop, the first drum beat in kendrick's "sing about me, i'm dying of thirst" is from "use me." what a life, what a body of work. RIP.

Sur une note plus joyeuse #COVID19Pandemic #hopital je débute mon week-end avec une bonne bière de la microbrasserie @sanstaverne et un excellent Osso buco! #weekend #food #Foodie

A Kaiser Nurse dances in scrubs and mask keeping her spirits up during a little break . Co workers seemed to appreciate it too . #kpix5 #Kaiser #COVID19Pandemic #KPIX-bettertogether #NursingAtTheTimeofPandemic

Today's print and paint. I think this one turned out fantastic. #3dprinter #3Dprinting


Also @stephbreakfast was fantastic on #HIGNFY. Properly quick and funny. Love her

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