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Big shout out to further #teamCherry volunteers heading out to deliver letters across #EdinburghSouthWest this afternoon. #ActiveSNP #GE2019 #VoteSNP


N'golo Kanta vs Everton (A) | Premier League Highlights 2019 #EVECHE

Got time for Lib com but if that post actually dissuades anyone from voting it’s a pretty indulgent post. I don’t think many young leftists are unaware the Labour Party is still completely trash on a lot of fronts

Everton are there for the taking. Subs needed to take this game on, to find a leveller. #EVECHE

Who else believes Chelsea can defeat Everton but knows it will end in tears? #EVECHE

In this BRILLIANT sketch by Tracey Ullman, they mock Jeremy Corbyn's support for the #IRA, #Hamas, #Hezbollah and the horrific #antisemitism within the Labour Party. This is pretty funny, but it ISN'T normal! How could this man possibly become PM? #GE2019 #GeneralElection2019

I could have sworn y'all were tired of hearing the slang "mad o". I mean, you kept bashing its users. That was until Cardi B. Talk to me, what exactly is the problem?

Funding for sports organisations will be put at risk by Brexit. So many young people rely on these organisations so let’s #StopBrexit for a #BrighterFuture.

Arsenal explain decline in 2018/19 match day revenue in football club as "being mainly attributable to lower receipts of appearance fees from a fellow subsidiary". However, I would expect match day to be similar to previous year in Holding Company (Europa League both seasons).

In the latest instalment of 'How not to do election leaflets', the @LibDems seem to be struggling to find a second positive point to recommend their candidate here... Their entire campaign has been a catalogue of laughable ineptitude #GE2019 #VoteLabour


Street engagement by #Brexit Support Group ! When in #Broxtowe, think Great Britain and #VoteDrTeckKhong


‘Go local’: British Twittersphere mobilises in support of ‘Small Business Saturday’ #SmallBizSatUK #SmallBusinessSaturday

Funny, Remainers have been harping that Russia caused #Brexit with no real evidence for years, but when Reddit links a dossier used by Corbyn and anti-Brexiteers to Russia, they go quiet...…

The fact that the Lib Dems are saying "Vote for us, we'll beat Labour" in Labour seats and "Vote for us, we'll beat the Tories" in Tory seats should be enough to get any die-hard LD voters to think hard about the kind of party they are voting for, but alas.

*Brexit Supporters Explain Brexit*

Johnson-Corbyn debate: Five key moments from the 60-minute exchange #GE2019

There’s one party in this election that can make Britain a world leader on climate change: Labour. That’s from the person behind @ecotricity #ge2019…

Big thank you to ⁦@SNP_Sighthill⁩ & ⁦@SNP_PentlandsW⁩ for their streetstalls at #Longstone & #JuniperGreen today. Lots of support for ⁦@theSNP⁩ from passers by. #EdinburghSouthWest #GE2019 #VoteSNP


Don't be fooled by the SNP and the Lib Dems, a vote for any other party risks letting the Tories back in. On Thursday, vote Labour and get Boris Johnson out of Downing Street. #RedWave

Canvassing for @UKLabour in Greenwich this morning. It’s a safe Labour seat and I’ll be canvassing in marginals for the rest of the weekend. But it’s never a wasted effort - I just canvassed someone who wants to join the Party! #Result

I am fascinated by this liberal theory on both sides of the Irish sea that any other UK Labour leader would be "headed for a landslide". Tell me - what would *their* position on Brexit be, and how would it strengthen their party in seats like Bolsover or Wrexham that voted leave?

A little context. #YouGov joint founder is Nadhim Zahawi, the Conservative business minister who recently on @afneil said he “didn’t know” if Corbyn would shoot rich people. Context is everything. Don’t believe the polls. #GE2019

Boris Johnson spotted hightailing it from Andrew Neil. #Marian


Alex James wants your nan to die on a trolley outside Trump General Hospital. #VoteLabour…

It’s because Alex James lives in a house, a very big house and he’s a cunt, you see #VoteLabourDecember12th #cheeseshagger


Just a quick disclaimer Caitlin Jenner said she had many friends there waiting for her & her girlfriend Sophia was waiting for her at the hotel #ImACeleb #imacelebrity

I'm A Celebrity fans heartbroken over what happened when Caitlyn Jenner left the camp #imacelebrity…

Today's EPL Fixtures Everton vs. Chelsea 3.30pm Bournemouth vs. Liverpool 6pm Tottenham vs. Burnley 6pm Watford vs. Crystal Palace 6pm Manchester City vs. Manchester United 8.30pm

Thank you @sushitrash for spending 44 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped…

Hearn Smiles: Joshua Will Knock Ruiz Out Inside of Eight!


Thank you @Drake for spending 11 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

We are getting 'chiomalized' by Chioma Jesus with her sonorous melodies, vigorous dance steps, thought-provoking lyrics and outstanding eulogies to the 'Original God'. @iamchiomajesus #TE14 #LetsWorshipJesus #TheExperience14


Ngwanu,what is THE EXPERIENCE without CHIOMA JESUS??? Bikonu #TheExperience14

Thank you @Lauren_Daigle for spending 7 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped…

Thank you @iamalanwalker for spending 77 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped. You helped way more than you could ever realized.



Repasamos lo sucedido en el pesaje y los logros de ambos púgiles en el deporte.

How Chioma just stands there and doesn’t even move and somehow everywhere is going crazy. That is anointing 2.0. #TheExperience14

The way #AnthonyJoshua go take beat #Ruiz for this rematch , the world go think say Ruiz thief the belt b4 .. A puff puff seller ?

Elon Musk fucks animals. And when I say that I don't literally mean he has sex with animals, that's just a thing we would say in the town where he's from, Elonmuskhorsefuckville, South Africa.…

Chelsea cleared to make signings in January transfer window…


Today's EPL Fixtures Everton vs. Chelsea 3.30pm Bournemouth vs. Liverpool 6pm Tottenham vs. Burnley 6pm Watford vs. Crystal Palace 6pm Manchester City vs. Manchester United 8.30pm #TheScoreKE

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