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Al-Qudas is not just a place of Palestine people . Its an Honorable place for Muslims across the world. Attack on them was an attack on whole Muslim Nation. . #StopBarbarismOfDisbelief

It’s not a coincidence that Lily James and Sebastian Stan are the hottest people in Hollywood and now they’ll be in a movie together

This whole transport scene confused me like no other, now it makes complete sense ... Well complete is a stretch more like 98% #MoviesWithFriendz #Tenet #Tenwhat

Maddison has no chance in hell of getting an England call up ahead of Foden, Grealish & Mount. #lcfc

Junta troops were terrorizing in PanHlaing Housing during usual banging pots and pans time by smashing the doors and dragging civilians down on the streets. No one was abducted tho. #May7Coup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar


Explosions happened at Pyay, ShanSuPat Road and also terrorists were raiding the KoeThaung ward reportedly. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #May7Coup

Two explosions occurred near Myawaddy Bank & Ministry of immigration located at the intersection of Sagaing-Mandalay road around 8pm in Mandalay. #May7Coup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar


Residents in Kuttkai Tsp have to flee since the battle between EAOs and military terrorists council is becoming intense day after day. About 72 people are already on the run to avoid Junta’s brutality. #May7Coup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar


Turkey condemns Israeli raid on Al-Aqsa Mosque Several officials denounce raid in which Israeli forces used stun grenades to disperse worshippers inside Al-Aqsa Mosque


Anti-dictatorship protest along with showing support to @CrphMyanmar & @NUGMyanmar and Ethnic Armed Organizations (KNU) on the bank of river in HinThata City. #May7Coup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar


Thank you to the voters of Edinburgh Central and my fantastic campaign team that helped the SNP gain the seat from the Tories. #SP21 #SNPWin #EdinburghCentral…

Larin plays in Turkey, Sargent plays in the Bundesliga. Please say that nonsense one more time.…

This is what the people of Edinburgh Central elected as their MSP. They should all take a deep bow. Then stay down and never look up ... “REVEALED: SNP's Angus Robertson breaks promise to donate house sale cash to charity”…

Le Canada condamne fermement l’attaque contre le président du Parlement des #Maldives @MohamedNasheed. De tels actes de violence sont inacceptables & menacent les fondements de la démocratie. Le Canada souhaite au président du Parl. et aux autres blessés un prompt rétablissement.

Angus Robertson has taken Ruth Davidson's former Edinburgh Central seat…

Deborah should just get a sugar daddy and call it a day

Hearing that Corbyn’s making a blair-like rare intervention on locals on channel four and I’m fucking missing it Fuming

#FBF Blair Cobbs is set for another epic performance when he takes on Brad Solomon on June 19! #MunguiaSulecki @daznboxing

Io sono a favore del cane per Giulia perchè il cinema che ci regalerebbe non sarebbe normale, però per il lavoro che fa sarebbe troppo impegnativo. Lei è spesso fuori, ci vorrebbe Matte da dog sitter ⚰️ #prelemi #salottosalemi

Deborah should be with Paul lmfao

So #greenlist candidates: - Tristan de Cuhna? Doesn't have an airport and there's one boat every 3 months. - South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands? Population 30. - New Zealand/Australia? We can fly in but they won’t let us in. Grant Shapps and the government is a joke.

Reino Unido deja fuera a España de los destinos seguros para viajar este verano. Grant Shapps, ministro de Transportes: "A los países ámbar (entre los que se encuentra España), no se debería viajar".

Grand jury indicts pro boxer Félix Verdejo in killing of pregnant lover: "What I want is justice for Keishla"

How ridiculous would have Blair or Mandelson sounded if they said they based their plans for beating the Tories in 1997 on what Labour did 24 years ago in 1973? Bonkers, right? So why do many people think Starmer copying what Labour did in 24 years ago in 1997 is sensible?

Ahead of this election I argued Derbyshire was key for Labour. They controlled it until 2017, the lost it overnight at a low point of Corbyn leadership. Keir Starmer needed to make progress and last night Labour seemed bullish. Now: 3 seats already gone from Lab to Tory today

Some “conservatives” are pushing the same thing in the California governor’s race.…

I can’t tell if the press is the propaganda arm of the Tory party or if the Tory party is the political wing of the press.

The polling indicated that there was a large chunk of voters who supported the Tories on the list, but were willing to back Labour in constituencies Labour are more likely to win.…

#tlm #altcoin güncelleme grafşk incelendiğinde h1 üzerinden 4 saatte yapılan efsanaevi çıkış ancak 112 satte geri alınabilmiştir momentum kazanabilmek için sarı trend eğiliminin üzerine çıkmalıyız.


Jeremy Corbyn lives rent free in Peter Mandelson's head...pass it on.

Difficult day for Labour, but the solution has to come from the left and the centre both starting to hate the Tories more than they hate each other.

i think they should go ahead with purging momentum and all the left wing MPs so we can finally get this show (a new party) on the road

Labour took a hammering last night. Not only in Hartlepool, also lost control of several key Councils, and there are more results to follow. I have a great deal to say, but I'm biting my tongue until my rage calms & I collect my thoughts into some sort of logical order.

Labour have gained a seat in the only Tory ward in Hull…

Brilliant result @Jill4Hartlepool - many congratulations. At last, Hartlepool will be properly represented.

Leaders don’t immediately comment on results, so no immediate response from Starmer to Labour’s collapse, fair enough. But after the 2019 defeat, John McDonnell was on air the next morning saying he takes responsibility. Where are Starmer’s big hitters today, Rayner, and Reeves?

In England, Labour losing seats and councils to Tories. Labour solution, go further left, makes you wonder doesn’t it.

a decade of tory austerity in the north, the conservatives are now winning these seats on anti-austerity platforms. hard not to lose faith innit

Labour must be taking a bashing because Lammy and Femi are not on twitter this morning. If it was good for Labour they would be all over twitter like a rash bashing Tories and Brexit. It must be very embarrassing for them.

The ever brilliant @MarinaHyde perfectly summing up politics, and people.…


A sad defeat in Hartlepool but it just shows the failure of centrist leadership. Corbyn won this seat twice remember! The people of the North want a Labour party that is proudly socialist, anti-racism, pro-immigration and ready to fight the Tories at every turn.

labour being asasinated in England, there will be no one left In westminter to stand up for the NHS or the needy. Although, the labour party have been bedfellows with the tories for a long time now. Let the bodies pile high did not dent their popularity. English are nuts

someone who was mocking how 'out of touch with Hartlepool' owen jones was the other day for mentioning Hungary is currently pretending anyone there gave the slightest shit about Momentum while they voted Tory in the hope of getting some public spending directed their way…

Next random hypothetical: What looks like being a strong set of results for Conservatives in England's elections is a boost to any Yes campaign in an #indyref2. The more it looks like Tories are entrenched in power, the stronger the Yes case.

16.46/ set ปิด 1585.03 แบบนี้ สวย กลับมา Momentum ขึ้นอีก (แท่งเทียนมีการยก Low ยก High) ด้านล่าง สู้เต็มที่ ยก low ให้ 3 จุด โดยปกติ ถ้ามาทรงนี้ มีลุ้น Break ขึ้นด้านบน โอกาสมากกว่า Break ลงด้านล่าง


I really wonder if things would have gotten this bad had Wenger stayed. We'll never truly know, but Arsenal are a mess at the moment, and we still couldn't beat them this season.…

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