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Friday the 13th gone right.

Its Friday the 13th!! 12 days til Christmas!! Show of hands here, who is grossly unprepared still????

People are worried about ebitda add-backs. “Fuzzy numbers may be creating a false perception of safety in the $2.5 trillion market for low-rated corporate debt.”…

I'm pretty sure Chairman Nadler called that recess, until 10:00 am tomorrow, Friday the 13th, because all those bone-ass tired, sleepy-eyed, senior Republicans needed to - SLEEP!#ImpeachmentInquiry

Friday the 13th.

#notmygovernment La izquierda que no acepta los resultados de las urnas. Da igual España que Reino Unido. Lefties don't accept polls results. Doesn't matter Spain or the United Kingdom.

Fck you to all who voted Tory. You’re solely responsible for the next five years of suffering the poor, the disabled and minorities will go through. Shame on you. #notmygovernment

Woke up this morning sick to my stomach at what this country has become #notmygovernment

I propose that the best response to this is for all of us to push for critical thinking, media analysis and factual validity assesment to be taught as compulsory subjects in schools. Then we might stand a fighting chance in the future. #notmygovernment #GeneralElection2019

"Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his great WIN! Britain and the United States will now be free to strike a massive new Trade Deal after BREXIT."Time for the UK to banish the stories of Project Fear and drive forward to a Global Britain!!…

Congratulations Borris johnson on winning the 2019 elections! Dont listen to the crap people say #ElectionResults2019

Dennis Skinner has spent his entire life fighting passionately for the betterment of the working class in Britain. An honest, decent man with real integrity who deeply cares about others. It is sad that he has lost his seat. A hero. #GE19

(1/2) So things happened in the UK. Politics are SO important, and I STRONGLY encourage EVERYONE to research, educate, discuss & VOTE! HOWEVER! Having a space to escape it, take a break from the news, arguements, overwhelmingness, and look after your brain- that's important too

So geht Wahlsieg. Intelligent, witzig, auf den Punkt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Boris Johnson! This is how election victory is made. Intelligent. Funny. To the point. Congratulations Boris Johnson!…

Congratulations Boris.. Sanity has finally prevailed, Corbyn has resigned ...


I don’t like the look of the light freezing rain and how long it’s looking to last, it looks to last through 9 or 10 AM. Problem is the window may be closed for some to go 2 hours late.

On another positive note, Iain McGill, the man who makes Murdo Fraser look like a colossal success, added another failure to his extremely large list of failures. He came 3rd in what he described as a 2 horse race.

What a massive week!! Actually it was only 2 1/2 days but look at what we achieved!! I had simply the best time, learned so much and met the coolest people. If you see an @rstats #unconf come up in your area, go for it! You wont regret it!…

Buffon: "Always a pleasure meeting Real Madrid. The respect I have for their history & players is huge. Despite how it ended last time in Madrid I look back at it with a positive mindset. It was an e.g. of determination & strength. So 2 fantastic teams would meet again." #UCLdraw

Congratulations to Boris. I have no idea what’s going on in the U.K. and Brexit tho. And I’m thankful.

Mahira thought she’s being loved by audience WEN shukla & paras saved her from nominations & BB made it look like it was audience. Well she thinks audience saved her. 2 mins of silence for her fans who used Shehnaazians to tweet for Mahira and now are quiet #AngelShehnaaz

"Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his great WIN!" Pres. Trump congratulates U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson as his Conservative Party secures landslide victory in general election.


Good - they're learning a bit of self reliance now instead of leaning on the state Little England just roared…

Charles Moore on Radio 4 this morning doing an absolutely brilliant demolition job on the bias of the BBC. Get this man back as Editor of The Daily Telegraph. @BBCNews @bbclaurak @dailytelegraph

The littleness of Charles Moore is astonishing. Even in his moment of victory, all he has to offer is spite…

Charles Moore on @BBCr4today lays into the BBC’s “extraordinary hostile and arrogant attitude. You’ve collectively proved yourself out of touch and you have tried to frustrate the will of the nation.” No more licence fee? Another reason to celebrate.

Charles Moore losing no time in calling for abolishing of licence fee on #r4today. All that sucking up for nothing.

all my british oomfs saying “omg goodbye to the nhs” my american ass is over here like damn what’d national honor society do?? rip

Results pouring in now. So far the SNP is sweeping the board. Looks like the #exitpoll predictions of 55 seat may well be accurate.

odds of a united Ireland are surely increased…

BATTERSEA RESULT: Labour’s Marsha De Cordova wins with 27290 votes #SkyNewsDCP #GE2019 #ElectionResults2019

They all did WAY worse than that. @johnmcdonnellMP stopped lowest of the 3 by far but Ash - who maliciously attacked Assange - was 2nd.……

After several road trips, a ferry crossing, and an air journey, the Shetland ballot boxes arrive in Orkney. Now the work resumes. #SkyNewsDCP #skynews #GeneralElection2019ً


Conservative #Stroud candidate Siobhan Baillie on why she thinks the Tories are looking good after the Exit Poll #bjtcvote2019 #SkyNewsDCP

CONSTITUENCY: ROCHDALE RESULT: LABOUR LABOUR: 24,475 CONSERVATIVE: 14,807 BREXIT: 3867 LIB DEM: 3312 GREEN: 986 #SkyNewsDCP #skynews #GE2019 #GeneralElection2019

Looks like the DUP are going from 3 out of the 4 seats in Belfast to having 1. They have absolutely fucked it & are going to deliver a United Ireland.

I need one more Scottish result to be sure, ideally in a 2017 Con seat, but you should all now be very sceptical about the 55 seats the exit poll gave the SNP

1983 general elections in the UK. Conservatives: 397 seats. Labour: 209. BoJo failed to outperform Thatcher but Corbyn did beat Michael Foot.…


All ur fault am cryin into me pillow tonight RIP NHS, you’ve been amazing ❤️…

I really can't bare the thought of seeing less of John mcdonnell. I wonder if he'll adopt me.

Corbynista self-pleasuring has not handed the Tories "five years" of power. All historical data says he's given them not only this election but also at least the next two as well. Michael Foot outperformed this shit by miles and it took 14 YEARS to undo

смешно, потому что правда кстате #FINELINE


Milan, Borussia Monchengladbach and Manchester United were among the clubs beaten by Liverpool to the signing of Red Bull Salzburg attacking midfielder Takumi Minamino. Transfer fee is £7.25 million, player should take his medical soon [@JamesPearceLFC]

There's way too much hope on the #YouthQuake hashtag

Tonight’s set times. 7pm #YOUTHQUAKE LIVE (expect queues) 8pm Pangs of Positivity 9pm Labour Can Do This! 10pm Exit Polls (live) 11pm Frustration and Anger 5am Tory Majority & Despair (b2b)

However unpleasant the weather, consider how much more unpleasant a Tory majority would be. Put on a coat and go vote. #GeneralElection2019 #YouthQuake #GTTO

#ORCP "Moscow has offered 1 billion dollars as financial assistance to Pakistan and also expressed interest in Thar Coal and other power plants"…

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