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It was 50 years ago today that Apollo 11 launch @DAaronovitch, then 15, that year was also about the Stones in Hyde Park, girlfriends and freedom #Apollo50…

In the first of our 'Secrets of #Apollo' guides, science author Rod Pyle looks at the Saturn V's amazing autopilot system. We'll be publishing one of these a day up until 21 July, so keep an eye out for the next one! #Apollo50…


First the religion of Islam became a "race" Now a political/economic system has become a "race" Notice a pattern? When everyone who disagrees with you is "RACIST", When you can't defend your argument, it's necessary to keep expanding the definition of "RACE" #AOC #Squad #GND

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing and to celebrate we have a fun space fact! Astronaut Gregory Chamitoff is the first known person to bring bagels into outer space - specifically 18 sesame seed bagels on the 2008 space shuttle mission! #Apollo50


Sad not to have Ampadu around the squad this year but in the long term a good loan will be excellent for him. Needs regular football now. Excellent potential.

Academy right-back Alpha Diounkou (17) has been added to the Asia Tour squad for the forthcoming games in China, Hong Kong and Japan. [via @ManCity]


Bit jealous of everyone who can remember #Apollo50 and the moon landing. Sadly, the big space story for people my age was the Challenger disaster. I remember being absolutely gobsmacked that such a terrible thing was even possible.

Vivaz, marca de Salud de Línea Directa, suma 50.000 clientes en menos de dos años


Still on the matter #Wizkid29 think twice before you come for #Wizkid... #WizkidFC no dey follow anybody play ooo Biggest fan base in Africa, I love #WizkidFC #Wizkid29


More #NewTwitter thoughts: – Why is the menu on the left SO BIG – Dim mode is very cool – Whole thing feels like a giant boxy mobile app – Main feed not prominent enough – Don't like how clicked tweets now take you to a new page instead of "popping out" in front of the main feed

Time travel is dumb. We #delve deep and run out of cornflakes, then tea. Una slams all the doors. The TV dies and Luke collapses . The earth's innards squash our ship's walls. Joan chokes on dried up time and smokes her cigarets backwards. And we've only moved ten years. #vss365

As any snapshot becomes obsolete after it's been taken, just go to… to find out what time tonight's #fullmoon reveals its splendour and possibly hide it a bit, as there is a partial #EclipseLunar too


Our Sam Talks thru ODP Progression and Talent at day one of London’s #civilservicelive #ProudToBeODP


Sitting listening to John Manzoni at #CivilServiceLive makes me proud to be a civil servant.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to @RixyieOrganiser and our brilliant #TeamGMB Bidvest activists for helping stand up for #Amazon workers! It’s #Prime time that Amazon worked with @GMB_union to make their warehouses safer places to work! #AmazonWeAreNotRobots


54% of Florida Cubans supported the #RacistInChief in 2016 compared with about 26% of non-Cuban Latinos, according to National Election Pool exit poll data. #RacistPresident #AnybodyButTrump2020 #ImpeachNow…

Seyi would have gotten one statue in imo state, if okorocha was still in power #BBnaija

My news highlights today - #ImpeachNow #RacistPresident #PrimeDayStrike (and no, @realDonaldTrump, YOU can leave) - delightfully interrupted by penguins breaking into a sushi shop.…

OFICIAL: Fabian Delph es nuevo jugador del Everton. Llega procedente del Manchester City y firma hasta 2022.


Galatasaray'ın gündemine gelen Fabian Delph'in yeni takımı resmen açıklandı!…

Yep. Maura and Curtis. Great pairing... I can see it now...Maura at the Pritchard Christmas dinner....'ooo Mrs Pritchard dis turkey got me trobbin....' #loveisland


Fabian Delph Resmi Hijrah dari Manchester City ke Everton -…

A quick goodbye to our man Fabinho Delphinho, who has joined Everton today. Happy Trails, Fabian Delph!…

"It's been lonely sometimes in those anti Brexit foxholes in this party", says @labourlewis. "But the reinforcements have arrived." Yes it has been. But by god I think they have. #LoveSocialism


The path to wisdom is paved with humility. - Tim Fargo #MondayMotivation


Alan Turing, the World War II code-breaker who introduced the basis of modern computing and was castrated for being gay, is the new face of Britain's £50 note

On one side of the £50 note it's Alan Turing's portrait. On the other…

Brilliant news: #LGBT and likely #autistic genius Alan Turing, who helped the Allies beat the Nazis by breaking the Enigma code, but then was castrated by Britain's homophobic laws, will be featured on new £50 note.…


I feel nothing but anguish for Bianca and her family. If you post any photo/ video of her death you are scum and deserve suffering. She was so young and will be missed by those who got to know her. Please have some respect for a woman being murdered for simply living. #ripbianca

These Southern rockhopper penguins (Eudyptes chrysocome) are all the #MondayMotivation you need. Fun fact: Rockhoppers are also the ONLY penguin species to jump into the water feet first!

When you think about social media marketing, you should also think about lifetime value and retention. #MondayMotivation #Marketing #BoomerangDigital #SocialMedia


One negative comment should never have more power than a positive one. #MondayMotivation

What the hell was that thing called again? Karen's Naughty Dog? #PrimeDayAmazon

Your health is the most important thing you have. #MondayMotivation


Prime Day deal: Free $5 Amazon credit with $25 Amazon gift card purchase. #PrimeDay #PrimeDayAmazon

İngiltere'de yeni 50 sterlinlik banknotlarda ünlü matematikçi Alan Turing'in fotoğrafı olacak…


#StateCaptureInquiry Ekurhuleni mayor Mzwandile Masina calls the commission of inquiry “an embarrassment and disorganized” today .BD

There's a special place in hell for media outlets (and their editors) playing the "editorial commerce" game for #PrimeDayAmazon deals instead of honoring the #AmazonStrike. Authors who only link to Amazon for their books can take the seat next to them. #cmonson

Yo viendo las ofertas del #PrimeDayAmazon porque no me alcanza para todo lo que quiero.

Me desperately looking for anything worth buying during #PrimeDayAmazon

#StateCaptureInquiry Ekurhuleni Mayor Mzwandile Masina says their support for the former president is not factional.

Alan Turing, el matemático que descifró los códigos de los nazis, será la imagen del nuevo billete de 50 libras

Uma breve reflexão sobre a notícia que compartilho no link, com ênfase para sua manchete. De modo geral, é realmente necessário identificar as pessoas por sua orientação sexual? Creio que não. Mas no caso específico, é muito importante. (+)…

SipahiUyardı İmamAyıldı Engin Özkoç Hasan TacizYok KumpasVar Aysun Kayacı Kamer Genç Vedat Bey Mevlid-i Şerif Mehmet Özcan Fethullah Gülen Kemalistler Zaferim 30 Ağustos CHP'li Özkoç Kerim Alıcı Hoca Efendi Alan Turing Adil Öksüz Hayki Tunceli'nin Ovacık h



Gay WW2 hero Alan Turing will be the face of the UK £50 note… via @gaystarnews

It's in India only these are trending. Simon taufel ,#ICCRules #EnglandCricketTeam #WorldCup2019Final but if you see in New Zealand they don't even care.


People are actually protesting the weather, by blocking traffic. Not sure what they think that will achieve. Just because you don't have a job that doesn't give you the right to stop people getting to their jobs. #ExtinctionRebellion #Idiots

Just to add our two-penny worth to the brilliant #CABLive tweets this week: we are fortunate to work with a great number of Citizens Advice offices across the UK and receive many referred clients who need specific help with their tax from them. CABs are a vital community resource

You wait generations for one Dr Milliken and then two come along in quick succession! #QMULgrad #LondonBuses #UlsterUni


Packed house here ready for “Communities in the lead”. @vidhyaalakeson, @Systemanarchist from @ModalityGP, @rob_trimble from @Bromley_by_Bow & Sarah Gorman from @EdbertsHouse all on the panel. #NestaHealth2019


Many people don't know about the long hours and sacrifices we make in order to gain justice for our clients. I'm suppose to be on annual leave today instead I am in the office finishing an application for a #Debt Relief Order! #cablive


#CABLive This week @WestDorsetCAB are holding a fundraising barn dance to support the #Sherborne office. Lots of preparations are underway & tickets are still available. This event can also be supported by purchasing raffle tickets . #CABLive #Oborne


#JeremyVine The beaches of Northern France once washed red with the blood of white working class men to allow the freedom of speech for future generations of fucking idiots.

Great to see hockey in @AllForActivity new #WhoSays campaign video. Who says disabled people can't play hockey? Not @ForestFlyerz @FlyerzHockey!…

We are delighted to support & promote the campaign from @AllForActivity, #WhoSays. The new campaign is calling time on negative perceptions. Our #EssexAll2gether ambassadors will be sharing their thoughts and stories throughout the coming weeks - so stay tuned! @Sport_England


#WhoSays is a new campaign calling time on negative perceptions about disability, inclusion and sport. Throughout the 6 weeks we will be showcasing examples of amazing people challenging the question "Who says I can take part?!" Starting with Abbie:


Today marks the start of #FarmSafetyWeek for the 7th year. To show our support we have teamed up with @FarmersGuardian to promote the use of helmets when riding ATVs by giving away a bespoke helmet #alwayswearahelmet


Fully support and approve of this decision. Alan Turing is a hero. The result of his work at Bletchley Park alongside his code-breaking team helped saved millions of lives and shortened the war by an estimated 2-4 years.…

Congratulations to Dr Thomas Cooke - here you are in another set of robes !! #qmulgrad


Isn't it the job of an actor to ACT a part? #JeremyVine

#WorldCup2019: Former cricketers, experts furious over boundary count deciding World Cup winner #CWC19Final #ICCRules #ICC #EnglandvsNewzealand #SuperOver…

The reason why #NewZealand have 0 haters ! True sportsmanship #MartinGuptill #KaneWilliamson #ENGvsNZ


So now England have two things that don't deserve - Kohinoor and WorldCup #ICCWorldCup2019 #England #CricketWorldCupFinal #CWC2019 #ENGvsNZ #ICCRules

#ExtremeRules With Brock Lesnar as the champion WWE is now long gone

#WWE has basically flushed their champions. 4 Title changes on a B level ppv. I'm optimistic about all of this! #ExtremeRules

tom holland listening to Zendaya #tomhollandbetterprayup


All the suggested videos for tonight's fallout videos have been other recent videos and then... this. What are you trying to do to me??? #ExtremeRules


Tom Holland when he thought he leaked something else but it was just #tomhollandbetterprayup

when i hear about that belle delphine bath water sale

wait, is caroline flack really on that love island show or whatever

erm ok I ship AJ&Amy. this is cute. #LoveIslandAftersun #LoveIsland


Lucie returning to the UK only to discover that drinks are still the only things referred to as bevs #LoveIsland #LoveIslandAftersun


Love island cast whenever Caroline Flack walks in #loveisland

Bit cruel and unnecessary to show @amyhart1707 Curtis trying to crack on with Jourdan. Amy is carrying herself so well through all this, also looking FAB. #LoveIslandAftersun

so when are they gunna replace caroline flack with ant and dec #LoveIsland

Look at this SAILING account trying to sue me for calling Caroline Flack a paedophile. Fuck off boat nonce…

Novak shutting up the coked up posh cunts in the crowd siuuuu

That should have been given a dead ball in these kind of games . Newzeleand deserve this win without any super over nonsense. #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final

Stokes you beauty. Match tied. Super over Final #ENGvsNZ


Cannot take this #ENGvsNZ

The inevitable @espn @30for30 episode that gets made for this match will be incredible. #Wimbledon #WimbledonFinal #FedererVsDjokovic

Too bad #WimbledonFinal has to end. They should cut the trophy in half #djokovic #federer

shoutout 2 all my nonbinary baddies out there yadig #InternationalNonBinaryDay

Proud to be non binary & queer. To all my theydies & gentlethems out there, you are loved and you are valid. #InternationalNonBinaryDay


Harry Maguire defending stats last season compared with Michael Keane. Overrated?


007 Goes Woke - James Bond Is A Social Tool via @YouTube @DDayCobra is spot on here No reason to bother with this witchery or movies in general anymore Film as art is dead Film is out of the shadows as propaganda now

its #InternationalNonBinaryDay and as a masc nb artist I am feeling Very Peppy!!! he/they


Funfact: es geht um die 007 Position und nicht um den James Bond Charakter, ihr nur die Headlines lesenden Jammerköppe.

Ich feiere es übrigens sehr das der neue James Bond eine Frau ist... und ja... ich gebe es zu... Ich habe eine sehr große Schwäche für weibliche Geheimagenten

Shell: "Today Shell terminated our contract with Scuderia Ferrari for poor performance. We aim to beat Petronas & being behind Williams Racing in Great Britain is unacceptable. We wish the team well #F1 "


The #Bulls wrapped up their #SummerLeague slate last night. @ZenMasterMike gives his biggest takeaways, including Daniel Gafford's dunk, Chandler Hutchison's struggles and more:

If Lewis Dunk goes to Leicester he will be recognised as one of the best centre backs in the league. Don't even try and deny it

Transfer Rumor Roundup: Leicester City has already identified its Maguire replacement, Brazilian winger Everton has an offer | #LCFC #BHAFC #MUFC #AFC #THFC #WHUFC #PLonNBC

If Lewis Dunk is £45m then the faster, more powerful France international Zouma is £60m at least. Heavily inflated market transcends from clubs like United playing over the odds. Everton were quoted £60m for Koulibaly a couple of years ago - that would have been a steal.

Lewis Dunk £45m. World has gone mad.

Michigan State Basketball: Miles Bridges has Summer League’s best dunk


Transfer fees are becoming meaningless. Leicester likely to get a massive fee for Maguire but more than half of it will go on Lewis Dunk, a good player but by PL standards pretty average. Leicester have cash so every club will up the asking price for any players Leicester want.…

Even in the context of a dunk, there is less than zero reason to ever seriously tweet Michael Tracey as a leftist in 20-fucking-19…

Dunk and now Praet linked with #LCFC. We aren’t messing around with the potential Maguire money which is great to see. The ambition is still high and hopefully we quickly figure out our best starting XI before August and can also sell some deadwood rather than loan out again.

#AskCrofty what's changed for these last two gps that have got drivers hungrier for overtakes and making better races

Do you think Seb has not embraced the turbo hybrid era? He struggled at Red Bull and now at Ferrari with silly mistakes. Is his drive there under threat now? #AskCrofty

#AskCrofty Do you think this has been the best British Grand Prix in a long time?? Btw sky sports f1 are the best commentary team x


#AskCrofty not to put a dampener on things, but would there have been a longer inter-Merc fight if there wasn’t a safety car. Would Bottas have been in the fight for longer? @SkySportsF1 #SkyF1 loved Red Bull/Ferrari battles though!

Hi Crofty is 2019 the year with the most 1-2 finishes by one team ? #AskCrofty

Hamilton fastest lap, on the last lap, on old hard tires! Surely that's a bit hard for Bottas to take considering he was on a newer optimal tire? Do those little details play on the driver's mind ? #AskCrofty

#SkyF1 #AskCrofty #BritishGP #Leclerc Leclerc now has more podiums and looks quicker than Vettel this season. He also is handling pressure well. If you were with Ferrari, would you think about giving Leclerc no 1 driver status??

Working whilst watching wall to wall sport - but on this Who says? campaign teaser film #WhoSays - watch out for more tomorrow

Great race, Britain does it again! And watching Vettel come home behind a Williams is awesome! Hamilton wins, fastest lap on some severely used tyres. Epic! What did you guys think of today's race? #BritishGP #Hamilton #F1 #AskCrofty @LewisHamilton


Area 51 - Umbrella Academy edition Luther: must destroy the aliens before they take over Diego: one of the leaders to a group of the Area 51 raiders Allison: sneaks in to save an alien and takes care of it Klaus: a raider but finds out the aliens are chill & moves in to A51

lol at those who want to attend area 51..bois..NSA are

The guards at area 51 don’t stand a chance…

just got off facetime with the boys in Area 51 they said they down for a prison break


You know who would’ve loved to storm Area 51?!! Harambe....

Best rise so far in @AEWrestling #AEW is gotta be @JANELABABY the bad boy #JoeyJanela is fire and tha fact that he literally would die in a ring make everything u do that much more badass man. Love live the Badboy #FightForTheFallen

I am fully expecting that at some point this morning there will be a deadly serious column about that Serena Williams poll

Lord Adonis on @lbc just now gives the game away when talking re Tom Watson. “Our Party is social democratic party we cannot allow it 2b taken over by” I’ll finish it “the democratically elected leader & his team, the party that clearly states its a democratic socialist party!

Scarlett Johansson to star in bjork’s dog bio pic

The fuck outta here with this backlash against Scarlett Johansson. She's an actor! She's not doing something offensive like black face. The best actor for the role should get the job. Where was this outcry when Gyllenhall and Ledger were in BB Mountain?

Sweet 16 for Djokovic or will Federer extend Major title gap? #MonitorUpdates

Halep Stuns Serena Williams To Win Wimbledon Title…


Selling 2 x sunday trnsmt tickets. Happy to provide proof of purchase

Good morning - last night's #moon with jupiter


With all the anti bullying campaigns promoted by MP's and @tom_watson and people who justify him are disgraceful and should consider their positions. And don't represent the people #TomWatsonMustGo

Anyone want to buy my TRNSMT ticket for today?

Difficult to imagine Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson or Tom Watson, getting the welcome that Jeremy Corbyn got .... #Durham #DurhamMiners #Corbyn #TomWatson #JC4PM

Tom Watson: I never thought I'd face calls to resign for standing up against prejudice and hate...


My Complaint in Full To The Labour Party About Tom Watson MP by @RespectIsVital

After her treatment by Tom Watson, I hope members of the party and the party generally will support Jenny. She has enough on her plate as it is. We fully support you Jenny we have your back


Tom Watson et al got away with exaggerating&distorting truth about antisemitism in the Labour Party. Both Journalists& the Labour Party are responsible 4 letting him get away with doing so4 so long @jon_trickett @RLong_Bailey @IanLaveryMP @JeremyCorbyn4PM #SocialistSunday


Len is as pissed off as the rest of us over Tom Watson's attack on Jenny Formby. Shame on him, time to go!…

omg I can’t believe it’s been six years already I miss him so much. Cory was such a kind and amazing person and he’s still so so missed ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #6YearsWithoutCory

Finn was Kurt's Superman while Cory was ours. We may not have known him personally, but he let us see into his heart and that is the most precious gift he could have given us. Every second he gave us is something to be cherished and I will always be thankful. #6YearsWithoutCory

#FakeChristian, #ThingsJesusNeverSaid, and #Area51 are trending. What in the actual fuck is going on today...

#ThingsJesusNeverSaid I let the fucking dogs out! Enough already.

It's been 6 years. SIX YEARS. we've all grown up (and still growing up) to be better, successful, and happy in the past six years. My only regret is that Cory wasn't with us to do the same all these years- he deserved it the most 100%. #6YearsWithoutCory

It’s a packed #TDF2019 stage 8 podcast: reaction to De Gendt’s win, Alaphilippe and Pinot’s pursuit and Thomas’s crash…

Chelsea fans saying Billy Gilmour is gonna be a star for playing well against St Patricks and Bohemian Rhapsody our fans have a serious problem overrating youth we never learn

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