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Do not despair; keep working at your goals. Your success is inevitable. Take advantage of our loan products to achieve your goals faster. Apply at… or call 08090923316 for more details. #MFB #MicrofinanceBank #MondayMotivation #Loans


Do not despair; keep working at your goals. Your success is inevitable. Take advantage of our loan products to achieve your goals faster. Apply at… or call 08129383308 for more details. #MFI #MicrofinanceInstitution #MondayMotivation #Loans


And now she's dead. RIP. There is a long history of women's medical complaints being casualty dismissed by doctors- maybe Deborah Orr's death could be a line in the sand?…

Deborah Jane Orr died over the weekend. She wrote movingly about C-PTSD. Here is the article. R.I.P. #DeborahOrr #PTSD #CPTSD…

‘Fearless' journalist Deborah Orr dies aged 57…

3 worrying takeaways from the #MeghanAndHarry documentary


Such a sad sad day. My father was a teacher in Merthyr. He knew the teachers in #Aberfan well. One of my teachers in high school lost his children and his wife.…

I cannot believe today has come after the years of fighting in Stormont, Parliament & the streets. I have received hate mail & been called a baby murderer. We have broken the law & been vilified but never stopped fighting for our rights. Today is the day. #TheNorthIsNow


#MeghanAndHarry pressure is being on nights doing a minimum wage job.

We are in full flow today! Supporting #InternationalControlRoomWeek and the #UnsungHeroes with @apdcomms we've already dealt with 405 calls between midnight and 09:30. #callhandlinghero #dispatcherhero #team999 #police #oneteam @ASPolice


21st October ~ 22nd October is International Control Room Week. This is to salute the critical role played by 999 teams dealing with traumatic and stressful situations on a daily basis. Fire Service, Police, Ambulance and Coastguard #UnsungHeroes #InternationalControlRoomWeek


I used to work in retail & was a first aider at my workplace. After dealing with two very stressful, difficult occasions, my managers at the time recommended I do something in the medical field. Now, here I am @SECAmbulance! Ghislaine, Emergency Medical Advisor #unsungheroes


#InternationalControlRoomWeek. We are the voice of calm in your storm, the ear to listen to your story & the reassurance you need to be brave. We are the audio angels to our Officers and we try to keep them safe to keep you safe. We are the #unsungheroes ❤️

Karen, stop it. The Labour councillor in question is Jo Bird, who is Jewish. This campaign is now expanding the definition of antisemitism to include electing a Jewish MP you consider the “wrong kind of Jew”. Here’s Jo:……

#medalmonday Amsterdam marathon weekend but only running the 8k race and then supporting club mates running the marathon . Finishing in the Olympic stadium, entering the stadium undermpneath the Olympic Rings is pretty awesome


Hi I'm councillor Jo Bird and I'm standing to be the next Labour candidate for Liverpool Riverside #JoBird4Riverside

It's #MedalMonday… With a congested start it made things difficult, but we managed to keep a steady pace to make up time and deliver in 3:59:45. Where you running this weekend, and how did you get on? #amsterdammarathon #tcsam19 #ukrunchat #runr


Manchester United harus memperbaiki rekornya di depan gawang dengan mendatangkan penyerang Harry Kane dari Tottenham Hotspur, klaim Roy Keane.…

Just never, ever examine your relationship with alcohol and socialising #AwfullyBritishBucketList

Bully the most vulnerable groups in society back into the closet cos you're worried someone will hear you shitting in a public toilet #AwfullyBritishBucketList

I wish them all the love & Happiness, and strength to Meghan... she has a husband who loves her, and will back her 100%, Karma will repay all those vicious, Vile, Racist Tabloids - Believe that!!! #HarryAndMeghan

I’m in Mexico and have only just caught the drift that Deborah Orr has died. As I’ve mentioned here before, she was the first editor of my copy and her skill and withering wit are burned in my memory. My condolences to her friends and family.

#medalmonday will be a good one. Although I'll be flying so here it is in advance Chicago and Brooklyn. #ukrunchat #racecheck #visorclub @RunComPod


Go a day without doing this face to passers by, because smiling publicly will make me look like a maniac. #AwfullyBritishBucketList


#AwfullyBritishBucketList I'm not British but they have rubbed off on me, having lived here for 22 years. I want to ease off saying sorry when I clearly don't mean it. #sorrynotsorry

It was interesting being at #TheHundredDraft. Frenetic for us because we were trying to do player interviews at the same time as the picks were being made and writing copy for deadline. It was pretty slick given what could have gone wrong.

Thanks for watching all see you next Wednesday, it’s gonna be a busy week! #Peston

There will be a General Election if Labour vote for one. @theSNP will. #Peston…

Fab company as per usual folks. Have a great week and take care of you and yours. #Forgotten80s next week. Be good if you could.

Right, I'm done. Thanks for the company as always - a bit of everything tonight! SOTN to the Sisters of Mercy. See you next week! #forgotten80s

#forgotten80s Not a classic night by any means. SOTN to Jon & Vangelis, Men at Work for runners up. The chat has been great. Till next week you lovely lot. Have a good one

There's not been much to choose from for the #SOTN award, but it goes to Jon and Vangelis this week for I'll Find My Way Home. That's me done for another four weeks, but hopefully I will see you all then for more #forgotten80s.

Waited a long time today for some vintage Roy Keane on Sky but his, “I don’t know what youse all staring at” just now when he said Man U should go and buy Harry Kane was textbook. #SuperSunday

This is tragic news one of our brothers in Gallatin County Sheriff's Office killed while responding to a call please keep his family both blood and blue in your hearts and prayers…

December league games. Celtic: Ross County (a) Hamilton (h) St Johnstone (a) Hibs (h) Hearts (a) * Aberdeen (h) St Mirren (a) Rangers (h) Rangers: Hearts (h) Aberdeen (a) Ross County (h) Motherwell (a) St Johnstone (h) * Hibs (a) Kilmarnock (h) Celtic (a) Rescheduled *

Music, aptly dubbed food for the soul, has always managed to sway even the most unbelieving of hearts. In the same way, the soulful voice and dulcet tone of Mehdi Hassan have won the hearts of the people of #Multan. @KasimGillani…

احتفلنا اليوم بمرور ٨ سنوات من تأسيس أقدم رابطة رسمية في السلطنة، الرابطة الرسمية لمشجعي ليفربول في عمان، كل عام وجميع الريدز بألف خير #LFC #YNWA


Arguably the worst we have played for 18 months, arguably the best they have played for 18 2 VAR decisions against us and some shocking refereeing... Yet it finished 1-1... Says it all We go again #YNWA #MANLIV

Today we celebrated the 8th anniversary of the first official supporters club in the Sultanate of #Oman the #OmanReds . Happy Anniversary everyone! #LFC #YNWA


HP 280 G1 Brand New Desktops Intel Core i3 4GB RAM 500GB HDD 19’’ Monitors Ksh.40,000/- Call us 0727460167 Stores located at Kimathi Chambers 2nd Floor Room 9 next to KFC Kimathi Street #MUNLIV Daniel James Peter Drury Mourinho Martial Klopp Origi Liverpool Rojo Rashford Arsenal


1-1 at #OldTrafford as Adam lalana levels it with 5 minutes left of the 90 #MOTD #MANLIV #YNWA #football #SuperSunday

"The heart of Prophet Muhammad is the best of all hearts, the broadest, strongest, holiest, purest, softest, and gentlest." #MuhammadForAll

ni todas las palabras que te dedique, ni todos los te amo, tampoco los gracias van a alcazar para explicar lo que siento por vos. sos gigante. te mereces el mundo entero #hugsforchan


Corbyn tells Johnson to ‘jog on with your daft ideas’ after PM’s miserable defeat on Brexit deal. By @afrozefz #borisletter…

#borisletter The JobCentre gives you a job to apply for. You fill in the application form and a letter. You also send a letter stating that you don't want the job. What happens next?


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