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WATCH LIVE: Biden delivers remarks on the American Jobs Plan


If Vince is the level 40.. he could actually be solid if they make him a PG with a solid jumper. He could potentially be as nice as Grant Hill on defense

Virginia governor planning to lift COVID-19 occupancy restrictions on June 15


Authorities said they arrested a recently retired Border Patrol agent suspected of being a serial rapist who assaulted people in Arizona.…

Yet another opinion poll which sees the Green Party leading in Germany. The prospect of a Green chancellor replacing Angela Merkel is now a very real one.…

Asked if the new PC border ads are a “dog whistle” as @JohnFraserOS said, Green Party’s @MikeSchreiner answers, “The next thing they’re going to be saying is ‘build a wall.’ I’ll leave it at that.” #onpoli

so pink joon came back that means red hobi will too

Meanwhile the CCP is busy vacuuming up the world's fisheries, but you know, priorities...…

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Mark Archie's 2nd Birthday by Calling for Donations for COVID Vaccine Equity

We’re the great cultural capital of the world and, taking another page from FDR's playbook, arts and culture will lead the way in bringing our city back. The City Artist Corps will employ 1,500 artists, musicians, and performers to tell our city’s story.…

Imagine conceding 7 goals at an empty Villa Park…

Ben Affleck et la famille royale britannique sont dans le Fil des Stars…

Prince Harry, Meghan Ask For Vaccine Donations For Son Archie's Birthday…


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARCHIE: "I bet Meghan makes Archie's birthday all about her" writes a load of people who are making Archie's birthday all about Meghan.


Megan Markle is writing a book inspired by her son Archie. Early buzz is so positive they may make it a Double Digest!

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry celebrate royal baby Archie turning 2…

Earlier, several dozen small French fishing vessels crowded around St Helier in Jersey as a protest over post-Brexit fishing rights. Fishermen lit flares aboard their vessels, waved banners talking about fishing rights, and flew French flags. The French vessels recently left.…


Imagine getting to a Champions League final and having to go to Villa Park for it.

I realise commentary isn’t an easy job but surely there is more to say than this

Rule Britannia! Britannia’s ruled by knaves! Britons never ever will be saved! #WarWithFrance #BrexitDisaster


baekhyun'un askerliğinin 6. saati

Someone really loved the dogs manifesto and is off to vote #dogsatpollingstations

DANIEL HANNAN: Emmanuel Macron the new Napoleon? No, he's a Poundland Putin Read more:


The Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey can trace its roots back to 1203 although it was formed in 1305. It is now a Royal Engineers Army Reserve Field Squadron under the operational command of the The Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia)

Currently applying to the French Foreign Legion so I can kick some British ass.…

In fairness, the Irish have the right idea, this is the correct way to deal with BLM, XL and French fishermen.


Dozens of French fishing vessels have descended on Jersey to protest post-Brexit fishing rights. The UK and France have both sent Navy patrol vessels to "monitor the situation”. Read more:

Sancho, Vito swerte nyo kay Nikolai. Can't say the same because the only thing na swerte siya atm is that swerte siya because someone like Jersey came along. Mabuti na lang dumating siya.

Altijd fijn dat de tabloids hier zo lekker kalm blijven als er wat spanningen zijn rondom Jersey en de Franse vissers. De Daily Mail-website vanmorgen:


As part of its expansion plans in Turkey, the Austria-based packaging company Constantia Flexibles signed an agreement with the Turkish private equity investor Gözde Girişim to acquire 100% of the shares of Propak Ambalaj for EUR 120 million. Read more at


I think I will far more likely die from the fumes of my flatulent, chain-smoking French fishing companions than Royal Navy cannonball fire. That said, they’re a very welcoming bunch.

'Think very carefully!' Brexiteer hits out at France as Macron 'facing own Waterloo' #Brexit #JerseyBlockade…

Almost at the end of this light weight scarf commission. Hand-dyed Falklands blended with silk gives a beautiful fabric that’s perfect for those cool moments of Spring.


Arkadaslar Baekhyun gitti ve ben reglim

baekhyun eğer saçımı beğenmezsem foto atmıcam demişti demek ki o da sonunda anladı kısa ya da uzun saçın önemi olmadığını ve her türlü güzel olduğunu.


Belgian Navy en route to assist the French in the battle of Jersey.


Sisi Tuliwaambia ipo Siku Dunia itasimama kujua ipo timu inaitwa Chelsea ina wachezaji wasio na Majina makubwa lakini wanasakata soka haswa! Halafu hata Mashabiki haturingi wala hatunaga Mbwembwe!

So we're sending two gunboats that aren't gunboats to stop France from turning off Jersey's electricity (how does that work?) when Jersey can generate its own electricity. On #ElectionDay. When Jersey fishermen are angry about the Brexit deal. Hmmm. This is #JohnsonsShitFalklands

Oh my. They really said it.... Anyone with even the slightest understanding of what happened in Jersey in the war would steer very clear of such statements. This gov't really is the gutter.


This is absurd. As you can here in this picture, French fishermen blockade Jersey's capital as Royal Navy gunboats arrive. You read that right: Royal Navy gunboats arrive. Who was saying this was all just #projectfear? Oh yeah, the people giving the orders to the Navy!


The Belgian navy is mobilising in support of the French at Jersey.


Rear Admiral Chris Parry explains how the Royal Navy are likely to respond as two patrol vessels are sent to Jersey amid a row with France over fishing rights. @NickFerrariLBC…

#warwithfrance next we will be sending more troops in confiscated dingys borrowed from #dover #migrants

i sleep good knowing hazard will be sold in the summer, goodnight

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