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Seized British-flagged tanker anchored off Iran port Read more:…

#NewsAlert | British Foreign Secretary @Jeremy_Hunt says the tanker seizure shows Iran is choosing "a dangerous path of illegal and destabilising behaviour" (AFP)

Miles de banderas argelinas, mensajes francófobos, barrios tomados, disturbios y un hombre acribillado a tiros con un Kalashnikov en París tras el partido de Argelia y Senegal. La imagen de Francia anoche es el perfecto retrato del multiculturalismo/inmigracionismo.

Two weeks after the British navy seized an Iranian tanker in Gibralter, Iran says it has captured the Stena Impero, a British-flagged oil tanker en route to Saudi Arabia but denies capturing a second vessel. More here:


Jeremy Hunt says that Iran seizing an oil tanker is unacceptable, what the fuck did he expect??

Breaking: #Iran releases alleged video disproving US downed drone claim #IRGC

23 crew of UK tanker to remain on board for safety #Iran #UK #StenaImpero…

The only good version of "Memories" from the musical "Cats" is Beverley Knight's version.

Interesting analysis on Rory Mcilroy from @chambleebrandel. Rory McIlroy has had 19 majors without a win and he is 10 over par on the opening holes of those 19 tournaments. Problem for such a naturally talented golfer #TheOpen

Personally I think the CATS movie should have gone down the route favoured by Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.


If you think the Cats trailer is weird you just wait for the fish people in The Little Mermaid

....WTF is Cats???

We saw the true colours yesterday of 2 of Northern Ireland’s #TheOpen champions who missed the cut @royalportrush Darren Clarke sulked off without talking, while Rory McIlroy was open & honest about his feelings. #Golf

BREAKING: Algeria win AFCON 2019 with 1 - 0 over Senegal Tribune Online #NigerianTribuneAt70


On way to London for #March4Change The British public not Boris Johnson must have the final say on Brexit. My @LabourList piece…

I hate how arrogant Michael is. "I'm not sweatin" like shut up. I acc hate guys that act like they don't care when they do. It's so much more endearing and attractive to be honest about how you feel (he is neither. You're not 15, stop trying to act unfazed and cool #loveisland

Nüchternes Fazit nach dem Spiel gegen Liverpool: DEUTSCHER MEISTER WIRD NUR DER #BVB! #LFCBVB

“Ah a bit of fresh air thank god for that, it fucking stinks in that module, eh BUZZ you smelly little bastard?!” #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

U.S. officials: Iran seizes two tankers, including British-flagged ship @fpleitgenCNN @RangerSpider Phil Mudd discuss @TheLeadCNN


イスラム革命防衛隊がホルムズ海峡で英国のタンカーStena Imperoを国際法に違反したとを拿捕ですが、Stena Imperoが取った航路が公開されました。これが事実かどうかは分かりませんが。

Karma really is something and she is WORKING on michael !!!! Who's chaldish and pathetic now mothafucka ????? #LoveIsland

Chris, Greg and Ovie should have been in the villa since day 1 #loveisland

I know too many girls chasing a Michael when they haven’t noticed the Greg standing beside them #LoveIsland

There's no official word on James Jude Courtney's involvement, but they'd be stupid not to bring him back as Michael Myers in #HalloweenKills and #HalloweenEnds.

“I don’t think you and Greg will work” FUCK OFF MICHAEL LEAVE AMBER ALONE #LoveIsland

é uma violência a netflix sugerir que passemos a abertura de queer eye pois os fab5 são perfeitos

Here's some news you can use. Check out @nowtoronto's list of "best #Ontario summer beers" featuring several @OntCraftBrewers members Cheers! #craftbeer #craftbeerfreedom

to be serious for a moment, thank you all for making me laugh, feel important, and feel like I matter. you guys are honestly the best things to ever happen to me. thank you all so much. you’ve helped me through very dark times in my life, and i can’t thank you enough. “cheers”

Friends, smiles and good vibes. Cheers to summertime! #PatioLife #SummerBliss #TamOShanterLA


#ImTooOldToBe eating ice cream for dinner...but here we are

#ImTooOldToBe picking up my kids' damn laundry off the floor.


They could let Michael kill Laurie and Allyson and bring back either Danielle Harris or @KyleRichards for the final movie.....Just an idea. @halloweengal #halloweenends #Halloweenkills . @blumhouse

Really don’t get the Knockaert transfer. Arguably our best winger on the books. Trossard - May need to adjust to the Prem Izquierdo - Not fit until the New Year. Jahanbakhsh - Offered nothing since he joined March - Not consisent or offers a final product Why allow him to go?!

Cavaleiro on one wing and Knockaert on the other, anybody else not missing Sessegnon ? #FFC

We are now almost one hour into this farcical debate. Not one question asked (by BBC) about why they want to Remain in EU & what would be the benefits? Responses to each & all of the agenda below would help form a view Info from: @Facts4euOrg #BBCLibDemDebate


Guys I want to cry so much. I love Brown Skin Girl so much. ahh Beyonce what did we do to deserve you? #TheGiftAlbum

BEYONCÉ on GENIUS: #6 - Mood 4 Eva #9 - Brown Skin Girl #15 - Spirit

#TheGiftAlbum Oh minha rainha Beyoncé eu como sua serva me curvo diante desse incrível álbum.


Ringing tone alert: Brown Skin Girl #TheGift Wizkid than you

"It looks like some kind of dragon. And it appears to be making soup." #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon


I'm not convinced...the Earth could still be flat, despite what I see #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon I haven't thrusted my hips this much since my honeymoon.

Half these cunts slagging Michael off will still turn up at his pa’s begging for selfies and shouting ‘let me suck ya nob’ #loveisland

That #CatsTrailer is the most frightening thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I watched that documentary about Twink recently....

I sympathise with Tommy on #LoveIsland last night because if I was told to drink a can of coke in a sexy way I'd also panic and pour it all into my underwear

#Cine Todo vuelve: después de 30 años se presentó el #Trailer de #TopGun con nuevo nombre #TopGunMaverick estreno 2020 Mira !

#TopGun bhenchod , why this guy is so perfect ! Dear Bollywood , money is not everything and plus make movies and not jokes

This seems long overdue but great to see. Public sector workers 'to get £2bn pay rise'…

You’ve got Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith, Morgan Freeman, directed by Brian de Palma and it’s written by Tom Wolfe — doesn’t that sound pretty good?…

I'm sure #Alana will be thrilled when she realizes that Yamen left her for an arsonist. Karma for ya, eh? #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland

Can’t wait to watch Christen dump Yaman #loveislandusa #loveisland

.@alanshearer begged Steve Bruce: ‘No, no, no, don’t take toxic Newcastle job’…


Cheers me va a matar con su All You Can Cheers.

$ES_F small lot long 2998.5 ..tgt 3017 Cheers & … Be well

You can seriously read the tweets responding to the #ITChapter2 trailer and the tweets responding to the #CatsTrailer and not know which is which

Today marks the second time Suarez has homered on his birthday. Also did it in 2016. Most recent #Reds players to homer on their birthday: Cozart 2017 Votto 2016 & 2011 Suarez 2016 Phillips 2015 & 2014 Mesoraco 2014 Bruce 2014 Renteria 2011 Patterson 2008

Now Playing: Dancing In The Dark - Bruce Springsteen - Listen now at #80s #80smusic


Ben Simmons should buy the Newcastle Jets.…

NATASHA: hey Bruce, open this jar would ya BRUCE: can't, it's too tight NATASHA: ...your purple pants look stupid BRUCE: rrrraAAAAAaAAAGgHHHH [Later] NATASHA (surrounded by rubble, eating pickles): worth it

#JayAndSilentBobReboot This. Movie. Will. Fucking. Rock. @ThatKevinSmith I love you for making this movie, I love Jay for being in this movie. And thanks to this movie I now love life a little bit more. Thank you ❤

El panel de #TerminatorDarkFate en #SDCC2019 reveló que, además del regreso de #ArnoldScharzenegger y #LindaHamilton, volverá #EdwardFurlong como #JohnConnor. La película será calificada R (para mayores de 18) y no será Terminator 6, sino Terminator 3. #SarahConnor #SDCC50


Literally just got home from Work. Time to watch the #JayAndSilentBobReboot trailer on the big screen loud with a beer! Even before I shiwer! I need it to live!

I'm not Benitez but I'll give everything for Newcastle, says new boss Bruce…

If #BritainsBrexitCrisis concerns you please send a message to the government by signing #RevokeArticle50Petition. Already 6,091,876 have signed. #RevokeArticle50 #StopBrexit #kippergate…

#News Latest Update: Police report 7 people confirmed safe, but safety of 5 other people currently unknown in Kyoto Animation fire • 25 confirmed dead, 36 confirmed injured in fire on Thursday #anime…

#News Latest Update: Police report 7 people confirmed safe, but safety of 5 other people currently unknown in Kyoto Animation fire #anime…

Twitter is not real life. The fact that #IStandWithIlhan is trending considering she has a 9% favorability rating among a demo within her own party is proof. She’s vile and the majority of our country sees this.

I'm devastated by the news about Kyoto Animation. Their works made me enthuastic about anime & Haruhi is still one of my favorite anime. Hearing about this terror attack hurts me so much. My condolences goes to all the victims and ones affected from this horrible event.


Note that #IStandWithIlhan has three times the number of tweets that #IStandWithPresidentTrump has. That tells you that a majority does not support racism. If you wanna roll with Trump and his racism, just admit you're a racist too and let's be done.

Can we just impeach Trump for hate speech at this point? #IStandWithIlhan

This is a brilliant idea & should be rolled out in th UK. So many people, especially teens, equate ‘likes’ with their worth. And whether we like it or not we all notice the numbers, it’s bound to help people’s self esteem & impact Mental Health in a positive way. #instagramlikes


#LoveIsland fans think Joanna was secretly watching show with Jack Fowler after cosy airport embrace…


Social media and mental health have historically been linked. How do you see hiding #InstagramLikes positively affecting your mental health?

In the past day I've seen a @UKLabour MP ask his followers if they think the Moon landings are real, and a senior member use a meme of Voltaire with a fake quote ascribed to try and insinuate the Guardian are censoring a racist artist who they didn't commission. C. R. A. N. K. S.

can’t concentrate today cause all im thinking about is how that convo between Michael and Amber is gonna go #LoveIsland

Well, isn't this new Irish man absolutely PERFECT #LoveIsland

The use of kippers and Mars bars to explain Brexit to the hard of understanding tells you all you need to know about how much this country is fucked.

Donald Trump's rally in North Carolina Wednesday night was even more Nuremberg-esque than his other rallies. The hatred. The celebration of ignorance. The ugly slogans. Everything but the book burning! He and his supporters MUST be crushed in 2020. Badly. #IStandWithIlhan

For the opening of "Morning Joe" (while showing a clip from the North Carolina rally), @JoeNBC said it perfectly: It was from Donald Trump's "Nuremberg" rally. How can Republicans, such as @congbillposey, not condemn what Trump is orchestrating at these rallies? It's surreal.…

Amazing news as LPF member @MikhailRiches' Housing Design Award-winning Goldsmith Street social housing in Norwich is shortlisted for 2019 RIBA #StirlingPrize.…

Artık fotoları instaya atıcam hadi takipleşelim

gossip girl vai voltar / não é com o elenco original


El juez cuestionó cómo podrían los fiscales juzgar a Spacey si el acusador se seguía negando a testificar, y los fiscales dijeron que el juez necesitaba tiempo para saber cómo proceder.…

Gossip Girl is coming back... I REPEAT Gossip Girl is coming back!!!!!!

Prosecutors have dropped a case accusing Kevin Spacey of groping a young man at a Massachusetts resort island bar in 2016

BREAKING: Auburn has landed guard Devon Cambridge, a source told @Stockrisers. The 2020 guard recently landed offer from Bruce Pearl.

gecemi eğlenceli hale getirmek icin c2 acıom hadi bakim ask itirafları gelsin

Autoridades retiran cargos de agresión sexual contra Kevin Spacey…

It’s always been true. Trump is both virus but more, he is a symptom. The real virus is that he has people who support him…

Why is Bruce smirking? - He made a singing that immediately made an impact - When he could have been conservative his attacking subs made a massive difference - He remembered Brad Friedel couldn’t do squat with this team…

Happy Newcastle fans?

O Newcastle fez uma oferta para Joelinton, atacante do Hoffenheim, por uma taxa de 36 milhões de libras. (Fonte: SkySports) #PremierLeague #NewcastleUnited


I hope I'm not jinxing anything, but I've just scheduled my book launch! December 5th in Newcastle: wine, art, and Doubtful Readers.

Did you miss out on the 4-0 defeat vs Wolves in Asia? Dont worry, we have a whole season ahead of us that u can watch NUFC lose again & again. Until Mike Ashely is gone, im 100% negative. Dont care, just want our club back. #NUFC

So Boris interview on #peston - no deal is fine, we have all these side deals already with EU - NI only backstop looks like its in the mix - regulatory alignment mentioned for N Ireland -plus checks on dodgy US beef away from border- - trade agreement with EU will take 1/2years

"Steve Bruce is a stable appointment and a solid replacement for Rafa Benitez. He's just what @NUFC need right now." Also Steve Bruce.. #NUFC


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