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boris johnson is a fat cunt, I am having a mental breakdown

Gran Bretaña: ganó Boris Johnson y ahora esperan el Brexit…

BAE Systems must be thrilled with the Boris Bojo triumph: they can continue to sell weapons to destroy countries like Yemen. Commodify Suffering!

Huge congratulations to @BorisJohnson and all those @Conservatives candidates who worked so hard. An extraordinary and powerful result. Full statement below. #GeneralElection2019


Debs is quite right. As ive often tweeted we must watch them closely dont take your eye off the ball and keep Boris's feet to the fire. They will use all manner of skulduggery to try and align us with EU…

Ex-PM welcomes Boris' crushing election victory and the 'end of Corbyn and Corbynism' #GE2019

Corbyn lost because the Greens didn't pass Rudd's CPRS in 2009. I will send an invoice.

As we mourn the Tory victory, we need to get ready for right-wingers to try this all over Europe. It’s been tested and proven in the US and U.K., so why not Italy, Germany, France, ...? Russian money will be available. Can proportional representation resist? Laws against lying?

PR is essential now. I was hoping I'd be lobbying for it under some form of Lab Govt but that's not to be. The simple truth is that FPTP has condemned us to 5 years of Tory catastrophe however - despite the fact that the Tory/Brexit Party got 45.6% & Lab/LD/Greens got 47.8%.

That goes for me too, can’t forgive anyone for voting Tory right now.…

Pray for me I’m going to work where some of them voted Tory and I know the locals there did too because they rich and old and dont give a fuck

The only Labour politician I’m genuinely sad about losing their seat. Dennis Skinner. Captain. Leader. Legend.…

Christmas Jumper Day in our Leeds and Bradford Chambers raising funds for @LeedsChildrensC #ChristmasJumperDay2019


Reflecting a lot of younger women standing down this year, Conservative women are 68 on average compared to 57 for men. Labour are about equal age-wise, at 59. #GeneralElection2019

Our Infant Praise Assembly was very festive this morning! We all look lovely in our Christmas jumpers! #ChristmasJumperDay2019


இந்திய வம்சாவளியை சேர்ந்த 14 பேர் பிரிட்டன் தேர்தலில் வெற்றி #UKElection | #GeneralElection2019 | #Britain


“We had more possession and shots on target.” #GeneralElection2019


For me the biggest tragedy in this election was Dennis skinner losing his seat to the tories, hang your heads in shame

Now that Dennis Skinner is out of Parliament, who's going to do the customary Queen's Speech heckle? context:…

Boris should nominate Dennis Skinner for a seat in the House of Lords just because I want to see what Skinner would do.

Ah, Dennis Skinner lost his seat. Finally, Jurassic Snark has been put out to pasture.

The Turkeys have voted for Christmas. Well done Little England. You've pushed away all of your closest allies, friends and neighbors. You have left the vulnerable behind, in favour of a fictitious reality. You have encapsulated yourself on this small and lonely island, to rot.

Absolutely right from Ian Lavery. I suspect that unfortunately Labour will just double down on their ‘voters are stupid’ formula, eg already from @paulmasonnews…

There's something very wrong when people look at Corbyn and Boris, a proven racist, misogynist, homophobic, sexist, egotist & narcissist & vote for the latter. Propaganda is a powerful thing & the UK people have been had, again. Brexit or berxit, the Tories are the worst option.…

Brexit will be a disaster, and much like how Katrina led to the privatization of NOLA’s entire public school system, it will be chaos manufactured for the sole purpose of privatizing everything the British public takes for granted. It will be agonizing pain and crippling debt.

Boris Johnson derangement syndrome. Está bem engraçada a reação da mídia e correlatos. #Brexit is coming

Blackpool South. Scunthorpe. Wolverhampton NE. They keep coming. We could be looking at nearly 380 Tory MPs by the end of this.

Corbyn clearly comes with baggage, but Blair repeatedly warned him not to agree to a general election until Brexit had been sorted. It was a huge and obvious elephant trap. Sadly Swinson threw herself into it first, believing Revoke to be her trump card. A comedy of errors.

The Tory voters are now the stupid ones

This majority will give Boris the type of executive power not seen since the Blair years. This was granted to him by years of ineffective Labour opposition to various Tory leaders. No one to blame but them #UKelection

Going to bed now, 1/6th of the seats counted. 55 seats for Tory, 53 Labour, 13 other. I consider that a hung parliament... #exitpoll #UKElection #GeneralElection #ElectionResults2019

I've voted Labour in the past two elections -despite- Jeremy Corbyn. I've always been open about that. His leadership has been ineffective at best, and I'm quite furious about this result. It's time for him to take his leave.…

Richard Burgon: "Of course the Murdoch press, the Sun newspaper and also the Daily Mail have done a good job of making people think Jeremy Corbyn - a decent man - is some kind of threat to security."

The Tory vote is down *less* in strong remain seats than Labour. There is literally no way this can be spun which doesn't fall out as an indictment on Corbyn's leadership.

Bit harsh to show Ruth the temperature forecast in Loch Ness


Corbyn never represented most Labour voters or most Labour MPs. Time to Congratulate the Tories and wish the British people well . Their travails are only beginning.…

"It's not looking great, I'm not going to lie" says @RuthDavidsonMSP to @AnushkaAsthana when asked about her promise to skinny dip in Loch Ness if SNP win 50 plus seats

As the MSP for Loch Ness, I can confirm it is extremely cold.…

Sorry but Owen “Labour must unapologetically back remain” Jones, Ash “remain and rebel” Sarkar, and even John “I can see no better deal than remain” McDonnell were wrong about Labour’s Brexit position. They totally threw class politics to the wind and workers burned them. Sadly.

"The [S-ss-ss-]Sshadow chancellor, John McDonnell appeared pale and shocked when confronted with the poll on the BBC."…

Jess Phillips just mentioned on ITV as the second choice to succeed Jeremy Corbyn. The First choice, John McDonnell, just tonight said he will not run. #GE19

UK opposition Labour Party finance minister John McDonnell said his and leader Jeremy Corbyn’s future would be decided once #GE2019 results were in, after exit poll forecasts a big victory for PM Boris Johnson’s Conservatives. Follow our Live blog for more

“When the exit poll emerged showing Labour on 191 seats, 71 fewer than in 2017, there was almost ten minutes of silence at Labour HQ, a source said.”…

The Tories: “we won because of Brexit” John McDonnell: “they won because of Brexit” Labour right wingers: “Brexit was nothing to do with this!”

Hate retweeting Dan Hodges, but he's right I'm sorry to say. Labour has been a broad church for my lifetime. Michael Foot and now Jeremy Corbyn have proved if you shift too far to the left, you leave the voters behind.…

Wish people woukd stop comparing Corbyn to Michael Foot. Foot was a good, honourable, deeply intelligent man that loved the people of his country. Corbyn is a pygmy next to him.

Count BinFace @CountBinface and his aides are attracting a lot of attention here #UxbridgeAndSouthRuislip #C4AltElection



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