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Il labour party ha fatto qualcosa veramente di sinistra. Ha perso #propagandalive @welikeduel


I banged Danny Aiello to death, sorry.

+ Oscar-Preisträger Danny Aiello stirbt nach Infektion…

Could tell a million miles off Caroline Flack was a psycho

Realised today that I've spent 24 years living under various Tory governments that held no majority in Scotland and I'll be in my 40s when this next term ends #GE2019 #notmygovernment

I'm interested to watch the Caroline Flack situation play out with @ITV, because I'd put my salary on the fact if it was the other way round... there'd be thousands baying for the guys blood and sacking #CarolineFlack

He’ll save you all ladies, Merry Christmas Mr Ball #LDOT

Something that's almost at risk of being missed amid the other news is that the FT finally last night ran a piece I wrote some time ago about the impact of labour shortages on employers' behaviour towards potential staff. Do enjoy:…

Me turning up at the polling station under my Tory dads name to vote Labour


Friday the 13th mn diay bantog ra

TWITTER IS NOT THE REAL WORLD. TWITTER IS FAR FROM BEING THE REALITY. While everyone seemed to be against #Brexit on internet, The Conservative party led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has just won a large majority in parliament to form the government #ElectionResults2019

No sympathy for the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson losing her own seat. Her ego and delusions of grandeur got in the way of what could have been an anti-brexit coalition in parliament, and a new government in concert with Corbyn.

The Beast of Bolsover is no more. Dennis Skinner served 49 years as Labour MP for the Derbyshire seat, but the former miner was voted out by his constituents in favour of the Conservative candidate. Below is my favourite moment of Dennis Skinner: #DennisSkinner #GeneralElection

Dennis Skinner losing his seat is heartbreaking. The man spent his life fighting for a community ruined by tories only for the next generation to betray their elders. This country is fucked

Gutted for Dennis Skinner. A man of unshakable integrity and principle who didn't give a flying fuck about status, pomp or ceremony. A well deserved retirement awaits.

dennis skinner losing his seat is absolutely soul destroying

Oh goodness Ian Lavery on TV again he should resign now live on air. Take some responsibility for this disaster/debacle #GE2019 @BBCPolitics

Labour chairman Ian Lavery on Corbyn's future as party leader: "Jeremy will assess the situation *in the next couple of days* and we'll take it forward from there." #r4today

This is brilliant. Alan Johnson sticking the knife into Momentum. Show no mercy - drive them out of Labour.…

After lansman has a new one torn for him by Alan Johnson, Alan Campbell is repeating the process. Shuffle of Lansman. For. Good.

Quando Michael Foot apresentou nos anos 80 o desastroso programa eleitoral trabalhista que alguém qualificou como ”the longest suicide note in history” talvez não pensasse vir um dia a ter como sucessor um líder tão incompetente como Jeremy Corbyn

Brad Stevens wins another challenge. That’s five wins in last six calls. I believe he’s 7-5 on the season.

2019 has been a helluva year 1) Our son Bennett born 2) Mom beat ovarian cancer 3) New, amazing job 4) Won a 2019 Jeep at a golf outing 5) Won 50/50 at another golf outing 6) Won an $800 bottle of George T. Stagg In the Wine & Spirits lottery 7) Was awarded Super Bowl tix

I wish Alan Johnson was leader of the Labour party…

Wondering how Alan Johnson might square his description of Momentum as a "tiny sect" destroying Labour with the gain in Putney (700 people out canvassing on Monday night)

If you didn’t see former Labour shadow chancellor Alan Johnson lambasting Momentum’s Jon Lansman on ITV’s Election show it’s the clip of the night and it’s in the FT blog here:…


Alan Johnson claiming the only way to regain Labour ascendancy is to move to the right. Hmm. He's obviously not noticed that much of Labour's current manifesto is SNP policy so, adieu Scotland.

'I want Momentum gone': Alan Johnson slams Labour left – video…

Someone who has had a good day: Michael Foot.

Iain McNicol was an abysmal general secretary who utterly failed on anti-semitism in Labour. His reward was a peerage. The future isn't people like him, or Alan Johnson, its Angela Rayner, Dawn Butler and Becky Long Bailey.


Meanwhile in other news David Milliband on his way to the airport.....

i fucking swear if this leads to another centrist labour party like after michael foot lost

What time does the campaign to bring back David Milliband kick off? Or am I late to this already? #CorbynOut

Time for David Milliband to dash over on his white charger and save the ship from sinking @UKLabour

David Milliband we’ve got a small job we could use you busy sunshine?

las de latam ya están escuchando fine line filtrado y no va a ser #1 en los países, despues lloran porque no nos da derechos #FineLine

As long as he passes his medical, Takumi Minamino will become a #LFC on January 1. Mönchengladbach, AC Milan and Man United among those beaten to his signature. Fee of £7.25 million - effectively what Liverpool banked for selling Ryan Kent to Rangers. [@JamesPearceLFC]


MashAllah! A milestone! So incredible to see our communities, our youth, partaking of #GeneralElection2019, engaging as such! #OurYouthOurFuture #MuslimsVote…

There's only one place to watch tonight's #GeneralElection2019 unfold - that's with @novaramedia & #electionsesh We've got a load of great guests and will be going till the early hours of tomorrow morning! Watch here from 9:30 #UKElection #GE2019…

This magic man sold Dom Solanke for £19 million and bought Andy Robertson and Takumi Minamino for a combined £15 million


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