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#イランイスラム革命防衛隊、「わが防衛隊海軍は18日、#USSボクサー がほかの5隻の艦船とともに #ホルモズ海峡域 に入る瞬間を3時間に渡って正確に監視していた。その時間帯に、わが国の #無人機 基地からは、問題の米艦船による威嚇行為などは一切探知されていない」…


Iran claims it seized a British tanker because it collided with an Iranian fishing boat…

Is Iran al duidelijk gemaakt dat je niet zomaar 2 olietankers kunt enteren en aan de ketting kunt leggen? Vreemd dat #Iran daar zomaar mee lijkt weg te komen.

Algérie mérite collectivement sur l’ensemble du tournoi. Maroc avait aussi un potentiel collectif fort mais pas de buteur. Sénégal a aussi manqué du tueur. Si Bounedjah est de l’autre côté... Bennacer meilleur joueur : très bonne chose. Mais la star c Belmadi. A suivre de près.

It’s going to be a smashing, rockin’ day! In case you missed it, here you go! Enjoy all of today’s #StrawsandStripes details for @VineyardHershey @BreweryHershey with @NancyandNewman @BOB949FM @ben_gallaher #Hbg #Hershey…

Well wax my balls and call me Mary. Jeremy wants to appease Iran.…

#UK's Hunt says #Iran may be on 'dangerous path' after seizing tanker…

Though my heart may try to look past the place I'm in Help me choose to rest and enjoy Your promises In the struggle, in the pressure, there is blessing in the midst Where Your presence is ✨


There's nothing Gordon won't do to keep the Tories in charge of Scotland:…

気持ち良すぎてあらゆる体液をダラダラと流すかっちゃを考えると興奮する 真っ赤な目元には涙が浮かんでうっすらと開いた口からは唾液が垂れておしっこも漏らしちゃうの……可愛い……

La Policía Metropolitana de Londres, conocida también como Scotland Yard, informó este sábado de que su página web ha sido pirateada y que han aparecido unos mensajes extraños en su cuenta de Twitter y en su correo electrónico


PHOTO OF THE DAY: The Lunar Module from Apollo 11 (photo by astronaut Michael Collins in the command module).


saturday morning michael kahn


Ce qui est à retenir dans la victoire de l’#Algerie: Rien n’arrête 1peuple qui a décidé de prendre son destin en main pour sortir d’1long cycle de souffrances,en se dotant de ce mental + fort que tout,de se surpasser en tout. Et Bravo au #Senegal ❤️pour son magnifique parcours!!

Tom大帅哥是美国空军的最爱。当年TOP GUN上映促成空军新兵报名猛增。明年Tom成熟男将推出本人出演的续集,相信美国空军又将喜笑颜开。先回顾一下影片插曲 Take my breath away



I'd rather be a key player in EU than a US lap dog. EU has the power + independence to stand up to Trumper #RightSideOfHistory #MarchForChange #March4Change #StopBrexit…

Removing deadly Grenfell-type materials from tower blocks set to take another 10 years as the Tory govt is condemned for its shameful response…


Then said professionals should think again! Locating in Scotland is an unmissable deal, thanks to free tuition, personal care, prescription charges etc. Cheap houses too. Can’t they add up?…

’We now face the logical endpoint of activist democracy: a Tory leader chosen by activists after the abject failure of his 2 predecessors, posing as an anti-Parliament populist and suggesting that Parliament to be banned from meeting altogether.’ My ⁦@TheNewEuropean⁩ column


Why would @ToryCommons oust @BorisJohnson when it was only 6 weeks or so when about 65% of them voted for him to be the next leader?…

Tories plotting to change rules to stop Johnson being toppled by own party as soon as he becomes PM - follow live…

Imagine ever paying this much for MLS.


Imagine having ME on your dick and then still being interested in pursuing other people ... whew ghetto

Hace un año exactamente @soyfaasecas apareció en mi vida para quedarse por siempre... aun no lo sabía y jamás imaginé lo que pasaría pero no me arrepiento de absolutamente nada.

imagine being so lonely you make an account pretending to be your own girlfriend

Michael is spot on about Greg and Amber, we stan this honest and upfront man #loveisland


Not a great look ⁦@SkyNews⁩ - ‘Boris Johnson uses Sky executive's townhouse as campaign HQ’…

in my opinion greg and ovie should couple up and win the 50k #loveisland

vcs: “ah não pq esses animais hiper realistas falando, não tem nada a ver isso” Sai o trailer de Cats vcs: “que bizarro essas pessoas meio gatos!!!”

Join the celebration. CHEERS TO THE WEEKEND!!!! #WuTang #RZA


#newsnight Tom Harwoods thinks Johnson will win a GE ! What drugs is he on?


Thanks you to @WarrynCampbell @TravisGreeneTV and many more for wishing us a happy anniversary! Watch performances by @LeAndriaJ @jonmcreynolds & more!

Am I 100% routing for amber and greg to win after them only knowing each other for a few days #loveisland

Hate to say it but I really think amber is leading Greg on to get back at Michael and make him graft for her #LoveIsland

BTSpop outsold?? cheers I'll drink to that bro


Criminal damage to our brand new dugouts tonight by mindless kids drinking, absolutely no need whatsoever, spread the photos to hopefully get a name or 2, cheers. @BurradonCPS @SportNT @burradonfc @NorthumFA @northumbriapol


#ImTooOldToBe thinking #RickyGameOver is about anything but this. #FBF

I’m the Marsha P. Johnson of e-dating. I threw the first USB cord


Les voy a contar una historia: es sobre un tal señor Johnson que, en una manifestación en Dallas, Texas, le prendió fuego a una bandera de los Estados Unidos. Johnson fue juzgado y condenado criminalmente en base a una ley del estado de Texas que tipificaba como delito la ...

Задержание Ираном британского нефтяного танкера Stena Impero в Ормузском проливе может стать поводом для применения силы:…


I'm no warmonger, but the safety of British Flagged ships is the same as an attack on the UK itself, we need to respond the same as we would if they kidnapped people in London #newsnight

Fulham are close to signing Brighton midfielder Anthony Knockaert. #ffc


#ImTooOldToBe working but too young to retire.

#imtoooldtobe considered attractive by catholic priests

Imperative we get a RB and probably RCB otherwise buying all these attackers may be for nothing. We don’t want the situation again where we need 2/3 goals to win games. However....very encouraging signing in Knockaert.

"Even the most hopeful political ventures fail if those who promote them have an egotistical, arrogant, and ambitious heart." #BBCLibDemDebate #Politics #carmelitequote

Labour to the hard left Tories to the far right. The time is right for centrist party the Liberal Democrats. #bbcnews #skynews #BBCLibDemDebate

What Wizkid did to Brown Skin Girl beat #TheGiftAlbum


A small but hilarious detail buried in the greater what-the-fuckery around the Cats trailer is that alphabetical order gives James Corden first billing.

Me listening to wizkid "brown skin girl"


This is a mind-blowing story. A now pro-Brexit Russian arms dealer with links to the FSB says he was part of efforts to oust Theresa May along with MPs in the ERG. He’s given £1million to the Conservative Party and donates to some of its MPs. Boris Johnson is his close ally.…

الإعلان الرسمي للجزء الثاني الجديد من فيلم #TopGun الصادر في عام 1986 من بطولة النجم توم كروز، والذي سيكون بعنوان 'Top Gun: Maverick'. يعرض في عام 2020.

There's apparently some (slight) hope that Boris Johnson is at least mildly Islamophobic.…

"Have you been to a Harvester before?" #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

"In the information society, nobody thinks. We expected to banish paper, but we actually banished thought.”-– Michael Crichton,. quoted in The Daily Pnut

Please sign and share Vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn… We are the party not a set of unelected peers sitting on warm seats gifted them by Blair and Brown

Does this mean that London's recent friendliness toward uber-flashy, developer-driven construction projects might be drawing to a close?

Approaching 9,000 already. Keep signing and voice your confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. Labour peers: Vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange

It already is happening here. Have you been living out in the Kuiper Belt for the last few years? PoC face this kind of thing all the time, but you're more interested in your own political ambitions, which include removing Corbyn as LOTO.…

"We´d urge everyone who´s disgusted by Boris Johnson´s views on women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ communities, & tax cuts for the rich, to join us in London on Saturday, to send him that message, loud & clear." #MarchForChange #UnfitForOffice…

It’s alright bro,, nights no complete withoot a howler,, cheers for that…

Calling Boris Johnson a clown is giving him a compliment he doesn't deserve. Clowning is a noble and refined art form whose values he does not share. Me:… 1/n

can we ALL pray to the lords that i meet corbyn in manc, literally i don’t even care if its for 3 seconds i just wanna mEET HIM PRAY FOR ME

Cheers, father's fallen asleep

It is time Jeremy Corbyn acted on Labour's antisemitism crisis. Here are four practical steps that must be taken now. Let's make progress!


Celebrating promotion to Professor ⁦@QUTSciEng⁩ ⁦@IFE_QUT⁩ So grateful for the recognition and the support of everyone I work with. Cheers!


A vote for #Watson is a vote AGAINST @jeremycorbyn The only way to get a true Corbyn government is to vote the #Blairites out. VOTE @georgegalloway…

here's EXO-Ls' loud cheers that always completes a concert. #EXO @weareoneEXO

Sta per uscire #TopGun 2: in pratica sarà il #FaceApp di Top Gun

Remoaner Tories David Gauke, Rory Stewart & Philip Hammond are apparently going to flounce off in a huff before the new Prime Minister can sack them. Good! #DrainTheSwamp…

This is no 'farewell gift' from Theresa May; it is an insult. Firefighters are other public sector workers have endured a decade of pay restraint and financial hardship thanks to the Tories' zeal for austerity. We won't be bought off this cheaply.…

This silly old sausage has lost every election he stood in for Parliament & his Brexit Party corporation holds 15 fewer seats than UKIP & the Tories had previously. No one takes any lessons about democracy from this serial loser.…

Nightmares about James Corden - his jaw seemingly dislocating as he squats and spasms to cough up a hairball

Public sector workers 'to get £2bn pay rise' - BBC News…

Public sector workers 'to get £2bn pay rise' - BBC News ⁦@theresa_may⁩ ⁦@DamianHinds⁩ ⁦@NickGibbUK⁩ ⁦@hmtreasury⁩ Pls reassure school leaders, trusts and govs before holidays this great news is fully funded otherwise it’s a cut.…

Jack Johnson via Instagram Stories.

"VEGANS WILL NEVER CHANGE ANYTHING" - ISSUE #779 "Kim Kardashi-Hen” #Vegan Meat Company Coming to 8,900 Restaurants, #Schools, and Hotels in Scotland…

I had so much fun with all of you!! Thanks so much for coming out to chat with us and thanks @nathaliegregg for always leading loudly! PS – check out this @theadsagency video for more info on how to find your Target Audience. Cheers! #LeadLoudly

Loudest cheers from the crowd were for @Lin_Manuel #HisDarkMaterials #SDCC

I want to see Rian Johnson direct a musical.

Like and retweet if you had or have a crush on the original Pink Ranger Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson).


How is Michael even an option for Amber when Greg is sitting right there with his accent and law degree and RESPECT #LoveIsland

BBC News - 'Incredibly rare rainbow' photographed in Highlands…

#FoundAtArea51 the love of my life bc human men arent cutting it rn

Definitely more excited for the #ITChapter2 than the #CatsMovie. I couldn’t even make it :30 seconds though the Cats trailer. It reminded me of furries which...

Braemore with the hills Maidens pap and Morven by David Hall #Scotland #photography #sunset


HOLY BALONEY #BLUNTMAN! There I am in the preview for #jayandsilentbobreboot. Thanks @ThatKevinSmith for giving fans the opportunity to be on screen. It’s always fun to do background on your projects (vegan hotdog crafty ftw). And it’s a great way to make likeminded friends.


I learn that glazing bars in windows, called 'astragals' in Scotland, are 'muntins' in the US. Always strange when there is both a beautiful and an ugly name for the same thing.

oooo the way i’m so excited for august 25th. like i’m meeting my best friends, seeing corbyn, and just IDK IM EXCITED.

Will Fitz and Simmons ever take Deke to Scotland? "Yes, definitely!" @jeffward1230 jokes enthusiastically #AgentsofSHIELD #SDCC2019 #fitzsimmons

Kyoto animation deserved nothing but love and they still do. My heart goes out to the families affected and I strongly hope noone else is injured. ❤

Kyoto Animation fire: At least 26 dead after suspected arson attack. Heartbroken and hope the whole community of animators come together to support and rebuild the lives broken by the man who did this.…

As a Jewish-American #IStandWithIlhan Frankly Israel needs some tough love and without voices like hers speaking truth to power they are only going to continue to endanger their own security. Criticism of Israel is NOT antisemitism. Chanting "send her back" IS racism.

#msnbc #morningjoe #CNN #IStandWithIlhan This is who America was then and this is who it is now. The more things change, the more racism and white supremacy remains the same.


We are devistated to hear the news about Kyoto Animation. It is with a heavy heart that we offer our condolences to our collaborators, their families, and friends.

At least 12 people are presumed dead and more could be missing after they were trapped by fire at a popular animation production studio in Kyoto, Japan.


Apparent arson attack devastates Kyoto Animation anime studio with many confirmed dead.…


What the hell is going on? How can the leader of a country be like this? How disgusting that a large group of people would start chanting 'Send her back' Don't blindly follow this man. #TrumpRally #IStandWithIlhan…

डिजिटल महाराष्ट्रामुळे सीसीटीएनएस प्रणालीच्या माध्यमातून राज्यातील सर्व पोलीस ठाणी आणि गुन्ह्यांचे रेकॉर्ड ऑनलाईन उपलब्ध असणारे महाराष्ट्र हे देशातील पहिले राज्य! ☼ #Polytcs #Dev_Fadnavis #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts @Dev_Fadnavis @CMOMaharashtra @BJP4Maharashtra

Un incendio provocado en los estudios de anime Kyoto Animation deja decenas de muertos


#Breaking The European Commission on Thursday fined US chipmaker #Qualcomm 242 million euros for engaging in predatory pricing. #EU


डिजिटल महाराष्ट्र योजनेअंतर्गत नागपूर झाला देशातील पहिला डिजिटल जिल्हा! ☼ #Polytcs #Dev_Fadnavis #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts @Dev_Fadnavis @CMOMaharashtra @BJP4Maharashtra

• Love who you are. Good morning and happy Thursday! • #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation

BBNaija: The nominated housemates look nice even after 'aging' with the FaceApp. Who will be saved? #Legitbbnaija #BBNaija #FaceApp


Meanwhile in Russia... #faceapp


This October, visit the Big Boys Toys luxury witness the revolutionary global mix of music and its various forms. @people @readersdigest @nytimes @lasvegasweekly #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation For more info regarding expo visit


The European Banking Authority has approved typing biometrics as compliant to be used in multi-factor authentication. Read more about:… #typingbiometrics #EBA #SCA #PSD2 #MFA #compliant


That look. Paul, the jumper, the mug, this melted my heart this morning. ‘Tea With Paul McCartney’ Scotland 1970s


[1/2] UK House of Lords folk are launching a coup against Jeremy Corbyn with a No Confidence Vote next Monday. Nothing sums up Corbynism better than 200 Barons & Earls thinking their voice is more important than 12,800,000 voters who backed Corbyn’s Labour

European Central Bank staff have begun studying a potential revamp of their inflation goal, sources say

New technology brings new challenges - our voice in the European discussion on the on the transformation of the #EUPowerSystem:…

#China strongly opposes European Parliament's interference on #HK issue…

Vicky Mount is an artist who lives in Scotland. When she’s not painting cats she often makes pictures of the ‘Potteries’ This is titled ‘Pot Bank’ love the smokiness of it.


“no legal obligation” will need to be tested by the courts. Certainly arguable that the UK has a duty under article 3 of the European Convention to hold a full inquiry into UK complicity in torture…

This is a grossly wrong resolution that treats black as white. All the European Parliament members who voted in support of it are accomplices of Hong Kong rioters. They should apologize to Hong Kong police officers whose finger was bitten off and head injured by the mob.


Congratulations on a glittering career Rajiv. Best of luck for the future! Rajiv Ouseph: Former European champion to retire but wants more British Asians at Tokyo 2020 -…

Blurred wins pan-European Marriott hotels brief: #pr @BlurredLondon @nikdone


Corbyn is not an antisemite He is a Socialist He supports Palestinian human rights He offers hope for millions in UK and many around the world He is threatened by an antidemocratic smear campaign which includes some on right wing of Labour Party and many in mainstream media

Hmmm, I don’t think so - we have an issue of scale in Scotland but when you look at reports across UK the root causes are same. Plus virtually no one talking about our rural areas - we need better policy & work together, not trying to separate Scotland from England. @ScotTories…

Ah, filling in Disclosure Scotland forms, the one time everyone can feel like a desperate wanted criminal

Dundee have confirmed the appointment of former Scotland boss Gordon Strachan at their technical director.

An open admission that this about getting rid of Corbyn and not really about getting rid of anti-Semitism…

remember when corbyn pledged to have annual leadership elections in 2015?…

TechVets Scotland Chapter have organised a brilliant event at Edinburgh Castle in September. Fantastic opportunity for industry and the veteran community. Places are free as ever but are limited. Sign up now to avoid disappointment.… #cyber #veterans

Forgot to say cheers to @soi6cufc as these have landed over the moon with them and not seen them in this cw #adidas #shot


has boris johnson actually lost the fuckin plot what is he OAN about mars bars

Shock as Michel Barnier reveals Theresa May NEVER threatened Brussels with No Deal Brexit

eu assisti gossip girl e não consegui terminar porque achei muita burguesia safada, a blair enaltecia a riqueza dela e rebaixava os mais pobres, aí tipo, todo mundo gosta dela e da série? eu perdi alguma coisa por não ter visto até o final?

¡Congratulations!!! Few people have the chance to truly change the perspective about the essentials... you are one of them. (Not "Americans"... the Humanity as a whole). Cheers!…

Hadi az ötede havla

can somebody who's already compromised thier image gallery upload a pic of a young Jon Stewart into #faceapp so we can see how accurate it is? y'know, for science?

#Amber เปิดเผยถึงวิธีคิดของสมาชิก #fx ในเรื่องจุดเปลี่ยนสำคัญของวง และมุมมองถึงเรื่องจุดสิ้นสุดของเส้นทางไอดอลกรุป #KPOP…

#FaceApp? Not really...#PowersBoothe #westworld + #deadwood = same old western town location. my photo by @petekonerko


I feel sorry for Amber’s neck, she’s always looking up at Matt #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight


Amber would have had a better chance reading Braille than that emoji sentence #AYTO

Listen. This means very little to most of you. But this is the fucking European Cup, the most prestigious award in club soccer in the world. And Liverpool club legend, Ian Rush. And me. Just regular old human, me. Still in awe.


We have added the remaining merch from tour to our Bandcamp! We will have a European merch store set up soon with more size options available.


Amber, proceed with caution. There’s something really off with him. #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight

Canadian exports to the European Union have increased by 7% over 2017, and are continuing to rise thanks to #CETA and our $44.1M investment to expand @TCS_SDC in the EU. My colleague @MalmstromEU and I met to discuss further collaboration & growth. #EUCanadaSummit #cdnpoli


Uyuyorum taym hadi iyi geceler

The Brooklyn Museum opens 'Rembrandt to Picasso: Five Centuries of European Works on Paper'


#ThingsTheQueenWouldNeverSay: "I am just a huyuge Donald Trump fan."

.....and then I said “Charles, it’s time for you to have the crown” #thingsthequeenwouldneversay

Steve Bruce, novo treinador do Newcastle, pode ter mais de 90 milhões de libras para gastar neste verão na janela de transferências. (Sky Sports)


Alan Shearer reveals he begged Steve Bruce not to take 'toxic' Newcastle job |…


Remember that time a few weeks ago when Newcastle looked like becoming a new Man City and now they’re being managed by Steve Bruce

#NUFC fans clearly not happy with the appointment of Steve Bruce.

What was that all about from #peston? Cutting off Lisa Nandy for calling out Trump for being racist. #typicaloftherightwingmedia

Always worth watching when Liz Truss is trending

God almighty, Liz Truss is a fucking idiot. All these disgusting excuses for Politicians trying to cling on for dear life to power is nauseating.

HMRC could have cleaned up tonight at the Tory #hustings , whilst Members blatantly lobby to avoid Tax bills as well, talk about corrupt elections

⚫️⚪️ | FULL TIME: The Vale make it 4️⃣ wins in 4️⃣ this pre-season after picking up at 1-0 win at home to Fleetwood Town. #PVFC


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