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Hockey Day is here! Coverage starts in half an hour on @fsnorth - and goes for SIXTEEN hours. I’m heading to Minneapolis to call the Blaine v Blake game, then to St Paul to wrap up the night with @mnwild v Stars. Spend the day with us - you won’t be disappointed! #HDM2020

Well, an excellent start to the day. Just got to make sure it carries on to 4:45pm now. Now, do your thing Brentford! #BrentfordFC


13 Sentinels is sooooo good. Saw random people online disappointed that it’s not a typical Vanillaware action game, but the focus on character/story is way more appealing to me. It’s basically a VN with a SRPG mini-game. I’m completely hooked. #十三機兵防衛圏

Means Jesus was Married... I'm related and You bastards heard the Judgement and I was STILL God's Great Grandson... Either buy My sh*t or I start the Goddamned Rapture without your Punk asses!

Two points dropped. Cheers Troy

This small crowd illustrates the real size of the Labour right - which is massively over-represented in the party’s institutions (the PLP particularly) and the media. Excellent doing a lot of work here, but if it’s an improvement on last event fair enough.…

Well, one thing's for sure - Not going overseas didn't involve DLR. If anyone has paid attention, Dave always loves going overseas. So that should narrow it down.....…

Today is ours to tackle! It's gonna be excellent.

Pokémon had always been a mediocre game that’s held up by excellent battle design and memorable/recognizable designs for all of their creatures. And it doesn’t have to change, grow, or evolve because it will always be fun.…

PCSO Towler dropping in to see @MeonValleyNHW at @wickhamcoffee this morning! Excellent attendance and lots of positive working. #NHW get involved and keep your neighbourhood safer.


Dave again and back to the issue of standing or sitting etc during a service, any cleric who challenges me on the posture I adopt to pray is risking life and limb, it is my business and my business only

You know who else is told to “wait”? Black & Brown families demanding excellent school options. It’s the same vein. Those 8 white pastors & the plethora of white progressives of today. Each telling Black folks to wait for what they themselves casually and callously enjoyed…

My early #saturdaymorning power walk yielded only one remaining sign of Christmas... but I soaked it in like an addict needing one last hit.


как давно у меня не было эмоциональных брейкдаунов даже непривычно как-то лежать жевать сопли

Mark Wood bending his back. #SAvENG


Being near Lewis Hamilton car i realise how truely remarkable his achievements in F1 have been. A F1 GOD. @LewisHamilton #SmackDown #SAvENG #Brexit


Quinton de Kock's first 22 balls: 1 run Quinton de Kock's last 9 balls: 20 runs #SAvENG


Brexit is at most 321 hours away. #brexit

A reward for the patient crowd with play resuming. But the supporters have been entertained throughout the 4 hour interruption. #bbccricket #SAvENG…

3rd Test. 50.1: M Wood to Q de Kock, 4 runs, 132/5 #SAvENG

#Megxit connected to #Brexit? Harry is using racism as his excuse? King Edward used Wallace Simpson as his excuse? Symptom of the NWO Syndicate going down? Smoke and mirrors? #Qanon :) @Potus @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA @TheJusticeDept #TheGreatAwakening #Qanon @SenateGOP #MAGA…

Hello @JulietMEvans, Do you ever wonder why most of the country, whether they voted leave or remain, still want #Brexit? Has it occurred to you that the EU is a massive con that made Europe the slowest growing continent on Earth and in fact it is a terrible idea? #BrexitDay…

“Which? only tracked stores that sell their full range online, so Lidl and Aldi were not included.” Lol moving goal posts to award British ‘thieving’ supermarket. Clever, but catch me in Aldi…

ppl meet me in person and b so shocked LMAOOOO i b like damn you thought i was ugly ? that's kinda tuff but okayz

it never ceases to disgust me that there are people on this hell app who would be glad if katie got fired from supergirl

If Democrats thought America was pissed off in 2016 from having political correctness shoved down their throats... they’re going to be REALLY surprised when they see what happens in 2020, after their 4-year campaign of hatred.

I bought one of those automatic air fresheners in clean linen scent because I thought, clean sheets smell nice, but it smells like a semi clean public restroom & now I'm doomed to smell it for the next 30 day in 15 minute increments.

Cheers to another year at the #iHeartPodcastAwards ❤️

I would just like to formally apologize to @coplimited for the comments that one of @fl_fnf mods made towards her. I have kicked him from the group and we have spoken about it. Thank you for bringing it to all of our attention and I’m glad that we could handle this maturely ❤️❤️


#TanhajiTheUnsungWarrior Second Friday Box Office Collection Report. Excellent Hold! Superb Second Weekend is on Cards! @ajaydevgn #SaifAliKhan @itsKajolD #Tanhaji…

Cheers to 18 years


#TanhajiTheUnsungWarrior has EXCELLENT hold on Friday, brings in 10.06 cr Total so far: 128.97 cr SUPERHIT

What will you pour to celebrate this? Today is Betty White’s 98th birthday, cheers!


Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior Box Office Day 8: Has EXCELLENT Hold On 2nd Friday @ajaydevgn @itsKajolD @omraut @SharadK7 #SaifAliKhan @TSeries #Koimoi By: @Tutejajoginder…

01.17 I’ll say cheers to that!


. @LozzaFox and @Madz_Grant having a bit of a laff with @bbcquestiontime host, Fiona Bruce, after last night's #bbcqt


Just the perfect quote to have read today. #bbcqt (READ #ifwewerevillains by M. L. Rio it’s amazing!)


This is the audience member who criticised Lawrence Fox on #bbcqt. She’s a lecturer at Edge Hill in Liverpool, she’s of mixed race but sees herself as being black, she misrepresents herself as a BBC regular presenter and has connections to the Labour Party.…

It’s completely fascinating to watch someone able to be so deeply arrogant and ignorant at the same time. #bbcqt

"We never said that it was an America school or that we wanted it to not be British." #SexEducation…

Just a thought. This AF guy calls himself a pap, but surely if he was doing his job properly and has two big "news" stories as he claims to, he'd have written/posted them by now and would have other sites sharing/copying the story and crediting him for the info?? *shakes head..*

Seth once told me he wanted to join the military because he thought no one would really miss him & I got so pissed because like, hello? ME & today I’m trying on wedding dresses trying not to heckin’ cry

i really thought i was tripping watching the mv... IN SPANISG CLASS

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