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men be like “new strokes AOTY” then write in completely eligible handwriting, bro you worried about the wrong strokes

just came down from a panic attack and now the strokes’ new album is out ,,, wow revive me Kings!

this is for the strokes so if ur not the strokes keep scrolling


a mimir y a soñar con the strokes y the new abnormal


Yes, this makes sense. #OneDirection2020 Ok but can we get a virtual 1D reunion???? It won’t save lives but, well, I mean, it might. Some of us have been dying since 2015 #dramatic #1D


Aqui está uma música para você… Ode To The Mets de The Strokes…

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED SKKSSNDBDN The amount of records they broke and well respected people in the industry were literally were comparing them to The Beatles mania NEXT #OneDirection2020


来ましたぁあああ!!半日のハンデを背負ってクリアを目指す♪ヽ(´▽`)/ #FF7R #ファイナルファンタジーVIIリメイク


Not gonna lie, it does feel great to see this again. #FF7R


Good Friday is beautiful because it reminds us that we matter to the great Lord. Have a divine Good Friday with your family and loved one. #friday #goodfriday #fridayfunday #happy #love #easterweekend #weekend #happygoodfriday #worship #happyeaster #today #easter #edigitalfirm


Sharing about Good Friday and Easter. love you guys.

The practice of white culture while Swaziland in a black country.. Easter eggs is a white privilege exercise #EasterAtHome…

I am proud to be associated with the tireless frontline workers at KNH who have dedicated their time and energies to ensure Kenya safe from covid 19. God bless you and happy Easter. @KNH_hospital @CeoKnh @ngigi_dr @KNHprimecare @knhothaya

In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it. #StayAtHome #StaySafe #WeCare #WeShallOvercome #COVID19 #coronavirus #coronavirusInkenya


New Single “My T-shirt” available now! #music #QuarantineRadio

New York Timesによると、カリフォルニア州知事が直接ディズニーへ電話をした上、UFCイベントの開催をしないよう要請したそう。 先にツイートした通り、同州上院議員が公式に同様の要請をしていたのでその影響が大きかったかと思いましたが、他にも圧力があったのでしょう。…

Coronavirus: PM out of intensive care as Britons warned staying at home over Easter is crucial…

Star-studded lineup heading into the long week. Happy Easter, #RiderNation! - Craig Reynolds - @ArashMadani - @adnansvirk - @mattydunstone28 on @kirkmuyres joining @TeamMDunstone On Demand @TheCDNBrewhouse

So for Easter, I've decided to dress like it's Halloween. Spiderweb leggings, lacy black shirt, skeleton earrings.

Easter is a centuries-old psyop by the church to rehabilitate the reputation of Sunday, the most suck ass day of the week

MINOR SPOILERS for #RedDwarfThePromisedLand I enjoyed the movie a lot, some great jokes and a few emotional moments. Gotta say though, i'm surprised at how little The Cat had to do in a long-awaited story about his people. This seemed like it should have been his time to shine.

A cabinet minister has broken the lockdown rules twice, it emerged last night. Robert Jenrick, a key player in the Government’s response to coronavirus, travelled 150 miles from London to his second home in Herefordshire,…

Unbelievable. The idiocy of some high ranking MPs holds no bounds. He should resign forthwith. Cabinet minister Robert Jenrick visited his parents during Covid-19 lockdown…

#ITryToAvoidPeopleWho Are alcoholics,hang out with bad people or endanger the lives of other's because of their poor choices

Have you ever seen how the #Covid19 epidemic has grown? 2019 novel coronavirus in culture #FreeCodeFridayContest #coronavirus

Does Fiona Bruce keep calling @lokiscottishrap Dan? Also it's demonstrably obvious that the others on the panel are totally switching off to our Glaswegian accent. Such a respectful family of nations. #bbcqt

#themumwhogottourettes what an amazing family they are. So much respect for her and her husband.

No one does nauseating virtue signalling like the #snp. Happy to push porn on #Scottish school children, as long as they get their selfies in. #auob #Scotland #Edinburgh #Glasgow #Aberdeen #Inverness #Dundee #Greenock #Perth #indy #indyref #indyref2 #DissolveTheUnion #bbcqt…

God theatre’s good isn’t it. Thank you amazing company, thank you @NationalTheatre & @NTLive, thank you @BristolOldVic #JaneEyre #NationalTheatreAtHome

Dear churches in NYC, Inspired by your example, I texted the neighbors on my street, and at 9am on Easter, we will sing "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" along with you, from our yards. Some are even playing instruments. With you, Some brothers and sisters in Durham, NC

Join us at 6pm tonight for our Maundy Thursday online communion service. We will also have a Good Friday online service at noon tomorrow, and Easter Sunday online services at 8:15am and 11:00am. Learn more at

Ngā mihi o Te Aranga – Happy Easter everyone!


The £10k is not "for MPs" but to cover costs of staff working from home. My team are fully set up, so I won't be using a single penny of it. Rather than just allocating the £10k, @IPSA_UK should have asked MPs if we needed it. I don't need it, I won't be using it. End of story.…

#ITryToAvoidPeopleWho smile in ur face but talk about people behind their backs guess "backstabbers"

#ITryToAvoidPeopleWho Run past me breathing heavily. If God had meant us to exercise he wouldn't have made it such a pain in the ass,

Un blouson en daim à franges qui va devenir un des personnages, sinon LE personnage principal du film, on adore. Le Daim, disponible seulement sur CANAL+.

Paul O’Grady struck down with coronavirus despite self-isolating


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