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Elon unwittingly (cause he's a nitwit) unleashed a new pro-carbon movement.

Eid mubarak from dis side. Allah yaa kaimu saabon shekara. May our ibadah be accepted albarkan Annabi SAW


#Bitcoin maximalists have tricked themselves into believing it is the mining work being done that gives bitcoin its value. It is simply not. Bitcoin’s value is just a measure of people believing it has value. The second people stop believing this, it stops having value.

For those thinking Tesla will accept Ethereum soon, don’t get your hopes up.…

Me buying the special doge edition of the cybertruck once Tesla starts accepting doge: #Doge4Tesla #dogearmy


$DOGE.X #Doge4Tesla: Dogecoin Bulls Send Out a Rallying Cry for Tesla to Accept DOGE…

#Glasgow locals protest against Home Office dawn raids - video: @jennamacf

Ah, hat das Marketing es doch geschafft, Elon zu erklären, warum Leute Tesla kaufen...…

I know that the big cryptocurrency story today is "Bitcoin down because Tesla sold loads" But the other story is that (some) "greener" cryptos are up: Up 500% - Searches for "green crypto" Up 65% - Burstcoin Up 6% - Chia Up 5% - Cardano Then again: Down 10% - Tezos


Here are the EARLY scratches for Friday @PimlicoRC (Black-Eyed Susan Day): R2: 2,4 R5: 3 (15 draws in) R6: 4 R7: 8,10 R11: 11 R12: 10

걍 빠르게 계폭함

This is Capela do Senhor da Pedra, located near Porto, Portugal... Photo by joseramosphotography...


Weil ich es immer wieder lese, wenn ihr Dinge im Netz findet die z, B. die Leugnung des Holocaust beinhalten oder wenn ihr denkt das da strafbare Inhalte drin stecken, macht einen Screenshot und zeigt es an, geht in jeder Onlinewache. Die Kollegen können nicht überall mitlesen!

A few thoughts on what’s taking place in Pollokshields in Glasgow. #immigration #scotland

Professor Goodwin - I said she made 'false' claims - this is hardly 'derogatory' - it is basic language in any peer review. It was also @michelledonelan who brought up Holocaust denial. Even Boris has publicly denounced her - will you?……

La milla y cuarto se le hizo corta a HIGH DEFINITION en el Dante de York, su carrera de reaparecida luego de 229 días sin correr. Agradecerá el aumento de metros en el Derby de Epsom, pero hoy me pareció más caballo de St. Leger. Veremos como se mueven las apuestas

If you think holocaust denial should be openly discussed at universities but discussion of Israeli apartheid should be banned, you're racist.

Tesla Suspends Accepting Bitcoin as Payment Until its Mining Becomes More Environmentally Friendly…

Energy consumption is an issue for #Bitcoin. Hard to debate. It is also an issue for countless other industries. What is important is that it is being addressed and the situation is improving dramatically. Also, nothing has changed in the past weeks or months for the worse.

Why everyone from Elon Musk to Janet Yellen is worried about bitcoin's energy usage

People bought #shibainu at Rs. 3 on #wazirx and now its price is Rs. 0.0034. People holding Millions of SHIB they bought at Rs. 0.0002 be like... #ShibaSwap #SHIBatoken #WazirXIndia #cryptomemes #cryptoartist #Cryptoart #elon


Eid Fitr Mubarak! #happyeidmubarak #eid #aub @aub_lebanon @aubalumniofficial


i wished yesterday but gonna wish again, eid mubarak to all my moots and oomfs !!! have a blessed one <3

Tesla suspende as compras de seus carros com uso de bitcoins; justificativa são as preocupações ambientais.

NEWS FLASH : Tesla to stop selling Tesla cars because owners keep using dirty energy to charge them.…

Words can’t describe how much I hate Nike, 4 good kits produced for us in 5 years…

rihanna, you’re basically saying “all lives matter”


【国内 5/14 発売】 ・オンラインショップ 5/14 9:00~ ナイキ エア モア アップテンポ 96 “フープ パック - ユニバーシティ レッド” (NIKE AIR MORE UPTEMPO "HOOP PACK - Varsity Red") [921948-600]…


usando o melhor look para 19° graus shortinho de pijama beira cu i moletom da nike !!

rihanna não tá a favor de israel ou palestina nesse momento, ela tá apenas pedindo paz porque crianças estão morrendo. vc que joga hate em cima disso tem que no mínimo se foder

Release l La Nike Air Force 1 Shadow "Coconut Milk" est disponible via JD'>'>'>'>'>'>


Tell the Govt: Don't protect Holocaust Deniers! I've just added my name to @HOPEnothate's petition to tell the government to change their proposed 'free speech' law so Universities aren't pressured to host these liars. Add your name!…

I want Rihanna come online and clear you b***hes

I really feel for the government it's always really embarrassing when you accidentally propose a bill protecting holocaust denial

UK government proposing voter suppression, the protection and platforming of Holocaust denial, and the criminalisation of peaceful protest, what a list.

Chrissy Teigen’s apology for bullying a teen as a nearly 30yo boiling down to “I just wanted to be loved by everyone” is some real Requiem for a Dream shit. The thing you say right before the shock therapy begins.

Piers Morgan calls for 'wokie' Chrissy Teigen to be cancelled over Courtney Stodden tweets…


I just hope Chrissy Teigen can get the therapy she so clearly can afford.

After Chrissy Teigen apologized for bullying a then-teenaged Courtney Stodden online, Stodden says they “accept her apology and forgive her,” but “have never heard from her or her camp in private”

All I’ll say about the whole Chrissy Teigen mess is that a month ago she quit Twitter for a week because people were “too mean”. Also calling yourself a troll is a cop out.

Foreign Office minister James Cleverly has announced £55m for school girls in Kenya, yet there is still no concrete plan for fixing the social care crisis. @NickFerrariLBC asks: has the govt got its priorities right?


bitcoin frens we need to step up our meme game this is a wake up call

I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Eid. May Allah accept our good deeds, forgive our transgressions and ease the suffering of everyone around the globe especially Nigerians battling with insecurities and Palestinians that are being oppressed EID MUBARAK TO ALL MUSLIMS

Eid Mubarak from all of us at 1505travels. May you be blessed with peace, joy and good health. #EidMubarak #1505travels #travelagency


Eid is a day to be grateful to Allah for all of his heavenly blessings on us. Wishing you a happy Eid! Eid Mubarak!!!


Eid Mubarak to all Muslims all over the world


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