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Martin Luther King and the ‘polite’ racism of white liberals by @JeanneTheoharis via @washingtonpost…

WHITE HOUSE: To be clear, President Trump did not hire Ken Starr to help defend him in impeachment because of what Starr did to impeach Bill Clinton; he hired him because he was impressed with how Starr covered up the sexual scandal at Baylor.

CPS students celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. during oratory competition

Barona honors Martin Luther King Jr. Day Join us Monday, January 20 from 10am-10pm and earn 7x Cash Back Points on slots, keno, and tables! Only at Barona, the Point Multiplier Capital of the World®!


All our locations will be closed Monday, January 20th in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


FYI: City Hall will be closed Monday, January 20 in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Offices will reopen Tuesday at 8 am.


There is no school January 20th in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service and Idaho Human Rights Day. View more calendar information at #MLKDay2020 #IdahoHumanRightsDay2020


At @VAUnion1865's annual Community Leaders Breakfast today honoring Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., I spoke about his work as a “drum major for justice”—we can best honor Dr, King's legacy by remembering his lessons not just one day a year, but every day.…

Have you seen the #TurtleJourney video yet? Read to learn more about the story of the turtle family journeying through the ocean and why we need to #ProtectTheOceans

things that #sexeducation did: - poc rep - gay rep - pansexual rep - ace rep - healthy conversations about sex, abortion, female sexuality, masturbation, etc while keeping it lighthearted - well developed characters - best portrayal of a friendship b/w a gay and straight dude

Volunteers plant trees in Shawnee Park in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


We enjoyed attending and participating in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Breakfast this morning at @ucabears. #MLKDay


"The time is always right to do what is right." – Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKDay #MelissaSchools will be closed district-wide on Monday, Jan. 20 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The following Tuesday, Jan. 21 is a Teacher Work Day.


'Are You F*cking Kidding Me:?' Monica Lewinsky Reacts to Ken Starr Joining Trump's Impeachment Defense Team - via @commondreams

#SexEducation season 3 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

#OnThisDay in 2004, iconic actor and former Airman @morgan_freeman and actress @saramfoster visited our service members to preview their movie “The Big Bounce,” which also costarred USO tour veteran @GarySinise. #BeTheForce #FlashbackFriday


#FlashbackFriday Even when the Clásicos were at their most fierce, there was always room for respect.


Over £240K raised to 'bong' Big Ben for Brexit!? Honestly - and I can't emphasise this enough - go fuck yourselves. What an absolute embarrassment we are. #bigbenbrexitbong

Me to the bartender at the open bar wedding...#BettyWhite

Yes, because volunteers who want to save the planet for the next generation are exactly like people who believe Jews should be exterminated (not). This is what the radical swing to the right looks like folks, this. Drawing equivalences between Greenpeace and Nazis. Love ≠ Hate…

#NAMM : une interface audio USB-C avec fader motorisé chez PreSonus (vidéo)


Just have to put this out here before I explode: The Watch night we’ll be brilliant, and I am all for individual takes on beloved works. But making Sybil thin and young is not cool. Not cool at all.

You know your car is legit when it's a 2013 and everyone thinks it's a 2020. ...I love my car. Aaaa.... ;u;

Fans: The watch series of Discworld books was brilliant BBC: We're making CSI Ankh-Morpork Fans: Wait what? BBC: Vetinari's a woman Fans: Well OK but... BBC: Sybil Ramkin's now young and sexy Fans: FFS did you even read the books? BBC: Nah…

i am so sad... how does chanyeol look so big and tiny at the same time? i just wanna give him a hug and put him in my pocket


Photos: First look at Uncle Vanya in the West End starring Richard Armitage, Toby Jones and more…


Look who the media darling of Kansas City is now! You are welcome, KC. We are live this morning at Doughboy Donuts on @WSMV....talking to Chiefs fans.


8 is a NUMBER of STRENGTH, POWER, MONEY and KARMA. COURAGE is a theme this day. STRENGTH predicts the triumphant conclusion to a major life problem, situation or temptation through strength of character. #Numerology #Astrology #28XThinking #FridayFeeling

it's weird how I look at eunsang’s smile and my day automatically gets 1000x better


LOOK: A man leaves Agoncillo, Batangas with his goats on Friday due to the dangers posed by Taal Volcano. #GOCavite Source: Philippine Star


Guzzlord's Development: While discussing Guzzlord's creation, designer @JamesTurner_42 said he "wanted Guzzlord to look sort of like a Halloween pumpkin with interior illumination." James also said "Guzzlord was a bit more colourful at first, but I reduced the colours a lot."


Me .01 seconds into #circles

Do I, do I, do I love? Can I, can I, can I get enough? #circles #MacMillerCircles

#circles All day. All week. All month.

Two much needed hospitals in Liverpool and the West Midlands delayed by years and now to cost us more than £2 billion because of contracts given to Carillion, a company that was propped up by Government contracts to allow rich shareholders to profit.…

Agreed. Voice of the Mirror - Carillion scandal shows its lessons have not be learned… #CarillionCollapse #BanditCapitalism

The reality of #BanditCapitalism ⬇ Two hospitals held up by Carillion collapse are delayed further…

Great analysis of the latest NAO findings on Carillion by @jonnyrobertball - on why a brand new hospital in Liverpool will lie empty for another five years:…

Derbyshire’s #Olympics2020 dream team thank you @MarketingDerby and @DerbyshireIS for showcasing these amazing athletes #daretodream #ABE2020


there are a few shoutouts to @parkrunUK on this mornings #LDInsight question relating to habits which is good to read- if running is hard - volunteering is just amazing- if you haven't done volunteering at a parkrun it is an amazing rewarding experience -did I mention its amazing

I find adding social aspects around positive habits helps. If you're studying reach out to others in your course. Trying to get fitter? Join parkrun and do it with others. There's also loads of online communities full of people who share your goals. Engage with them #LDInsight

#LDinsight #Repetition is clearly a recurring theme this morning. #Repetition is clearly a recurring theme this morning. #Repetition...

Oooooo good question this morning #ldinsight ... I’ll be back... just in from day 61 of running every day.,,, there’s a habit I’ve formed!!!!…

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