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The Stena Impero was seized on Friday by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Cats trailer looks ok to me, I dunno.

Iran : beep bop boop. I’ll fly dis drone near them! USS BOXER disables whole thing without a peep of a missile. ENERGY PULSE !! IRAN. O SHIT WTF DO WE DO NOW !! I’m assuming that’s how it went down

#AFCON2019 Senegal 0 vs 1 Algeria Different strokes for different folks Share your views about #TotalAFCON2019 final #SENALG


#British FM says he is worried that #Iran had taken a "dangerous path.” "Yesterday's action in Gulf shows worrying signs Iran may be choosing a dangerous path of illegal and destabilising behaviour after Gibraltar’s LEGAL detention of oil bound for Syria," Jeremy Hunt Twitted.


Pierwszy zwiastun Wiedźmina od Netflix wyraźnie w klimacie amerykańskim. Sporo patosu, mało słowiańskich nut. #TheWitcherNetflix #TheWitcher

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on detention of Indian crew members along with the oil tanker STENA IMPERO by Iranian authorities: We are ascertaining further details. Our Mission is in touch with the Govt of Iran to secure the early release & repatriation of Indian nationals.


The UK government warned vessels not to enter Gulf waters on Saturday, after a British-flagged tanker was seized by Iran's Revolutionary Guards on Friday…

The 'Cats' trailer is here and it's horrifying the internet…


He's trying to make golf history. His girlfriend is his caddie. Lee Westwood and Helen Storey could become the stars of #TheOpen.

Admirable comportement de l'entraîneur du #Sénégal et son groupe à la fin de #ALGSEN. Ce natif de #Paris, un Franco-sénégalais, a donné une leçon d'humilité, de sportivité à l'Afrique et au monde entier. #CAN2019EGYPT. Merci et bravo capitaine #AlliouCissé !

Algeria deserved their Afcon triumph but a shame they decided to win ugly. By @jonawils…

Algeria claim second Afcon title after Bounedjah’s lucky strike sinks Senegal. By @NickAmes82…

It’s actually embarrassing how biased Sky Sports are towards Rory Mcilroy. At the end of the day he failed miserably on Day One! What about @ShaneLowryGolf @WestwoodLee @TommyFleetwood1 @TheOpen #TheOpenChampionship


On the train to the #MarchForChange, to say #YesToEurope and #NoToBoris. Come rain or shine, it's going to be a great day. Park Lane to Parliament Square, London.


#CAN2019 Tout un peuple attendait ce moment depuis 29 ans. Victorieuse (1-0) au Caire face Sénégal, l'Algérie a donc remporté sa deuxième Coupe d'Afrique des Nations. #RTIsport


Go again Rory son!! It’ll be back in Portrush before you know it!…

After a busy week- we deserved a Friday afternoon off! ✅ A great day out yesterday with the team! ☀️ @DuncMcLaw @mcconnellawyer @LawyerLisa_DMcC @HollyDuncMcLaw @ClaireMcP79 @BeatsLaura #DuncanandMcConnell #FridayFeeling


Interviewing this little Rory Calhoun


Rory is a class act, of that there can be no doubt. As he says, this MC will hurt.....…

'It is going to hurt for a little bit' - Emotional Rory McIlroy holds back tears after missing cut in Portrush


#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon 1. I'M GONNA FUCK IT 2. i fuckin hate being on the moon this shit fuckin sucks 3. suck my fat cock Buzz Aldrin 4. CUNT [directed at Earth] 5. love this faggot ass gay moon bitch. suck n fuck 6. [LONG, HARROWING STREAM OF RACIST SLURS] 7. Gosh

Amber picking Greg and not Michael was the best part of this entire season so far YES GIRL FUCK HIMMMMMMM

Temporadas nuevas de Queer eye y La casa de papel

quando o andy falou que queria que o jake fosse em queer eye wow what a moment


eu só quero zerar a nova temporada de Queer Eye em uma noite e depois ficar reclamando que quero mais

#UK's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, #JeremyHunt hopelessly warns #Iran's Islamic Regime after the #UK's oiler was seized by #IRGC in #HormuzStrait today. #RoyalNavy which is still one of the weakest Naval forces of #NATO failed to prevent seizure of the Stena Impero.


that guy on queer eye adopting a new dog.,,,bitch i’m sobbing

I’m like 2 minutes into the new season of queer eye and you guessed it... I’m thinking about CRYING

Y’all I want to be productive this weekend but Queer Eye came out, Lion King tickets are already bought, told someone i would watch another movie that’s bound to make me cry, and Shane Dawson came out with an hour long video! I can’t be productive while crying!!!

Hitting the nail on the head: 1,000s of EU citzens denied a vote because they either didn't know they had to fill out a form or they were failed to be processed. But for Darren Grimes it is OK to make 'a mistake' and he gets away with it. Democracy upside down. #DeniedMyVote…

I have paid the #BBC licence fee for 41 years, I calculate over £4,000 cost. And now they think I’ll pay £72 a year to see programmes I paid for in 1978? #jogon #BritBox

The #British operated, Liberian-flagged ship, the #MESDAR, has left #Iran-ian waters, according to Iranian news agency.

‘I wouldn’t accept it on the outside so why would I accept it in here’ YES AMBER!!! #LoveIsland

Very possibly a last @brightonargus back page for messrs Knockaert and Naylor. And a first (maybe of many?) for Taylor Richards. #bhafc


#britbox, selling us stuff that we've already paid for. A classic British business model. Hope it fails spectacularly.

Alexa please show me something I really couldn’t give a flying fuck about on a sub-atomic level? #BBCLibDemDebate

The Frenchman will miss Albion’s friendly on Saturday – ironically against Fulham – as he looks to complete a switch which can be turned permanent for £10million next summer. #FFC…

Se perdermos o Rúben Dias ou o Seferovic para um Wolves desta vida eu que sou dos que não me costumo irritar com as movimentações no mercado do Benfica ficarei profundamente desiludido.

Fulham front 3 of mitrovic, knockaert and cavalerio with Tom Cairney spraying the passes?! Against our defence #lufc

Just while everyone is getting a boner over signing Knockaert, my I remind you that last summer we all got excited when we signed Seri and Schürrle and look how that panned out. It’s great signing these players but they have to come and work as well.

#BBCLibDemDebate The party that lets the Tories do the dirty work. It backs all the welfare cuts , washes its hands of the 600 DWP suicides and 130,000 people dead within 6 months of being declared fit for work . The Pontius Pilate Party .

Wizkid Ayo Balogun is the best just listening to the brown skin girl song rn It's hitting my eardrums in a seductive manner ejoor. Someone hold me!!! #TheLionKing #TheGiftAlbum #TheGift


Am I the only hearing tiwa savage on the brown skin girl record ?

Kamala Harris slogan: "For the people." More like for prison first. #PRETTYMUCHLying #FridayFeeling #FridayThoughts


We should actually rally round and push for Brown skin girl Grammy oh, e fit work




Mon cerveau après avoir écouté #TheGiftAlbum

When next someone ask what is an example of a perfect team collaboration. Beyonce X Blue Ivy X Wizkid #TheGiftAlbum #TheLionKing

So wizkid can do better than "TOTORI" me one time "TO" #TheGiftAlbum #wizkid #TheGift


genius trending charts: #TheGiftAlbum 6. MOOD 4 EVA 9. BROWN SKIN GIRL 15. SPIRIT



woke up this morning with a debilitating migraine, so consider this my official response to sleeping on the #CatsTrailer

Don't you dare fuck this excellent book series up again!… #HisDarkMaterials

The Big #ButterflyCount starts today! Help to preserve butterflies by getting out and counting them in your park, school or garden. If we all pitch in, we can give our environment a health check. Here is @ChrisGPackham in our Wildlife Garden this morning to launch the count.


How did we all sleep now that #HowDoYouSleep is officially out?! Replay the fabulous video again and again right here:… #newmusic @samsmith

This reported announcement will do absolutely nothing for the majority of public sector workers who are not covered by a Pay Review Body…

BBC News - Public sector workers 'to get £2bn pay rise'…

Edward Furlong is officially returning as John Connor in #TerminatorDarkFate!…

Novo Exterminador do Futuro terá o retorno de Edward Furlong como John Connor #SDCC2019 #TerminatorDarkFate


Tell me what you think is at #Area51 Answer that makes me laugh the loudest gets a FREE Kindle copy of THE TATTLER. (USA only cuz Amazon) (BOOK DETAILS)… #FoundAtArea51 #scifi #writingcommmunity #Kindle #Read #reading #book #books #bookstagram #indieauthor


Medium Consultancy of the Year!#prcadareawards


Great night at the #PRCAdareawards and @TytoPR picking up New Consultancy of the Year!!!


Amazing bicycle kick by Hamed Kone, Gzira United striker #Gzira #hajduk #europaleague

Wish us luck! We're up for NINE at the PRCA Dares for small agency of the year, team nominations and six client campaigns across consumer, corporate, best stunts/launches. Thanks to my team for being brilliant and our clients for letting us do what we love! #prcadareawards


Ilhan Omar could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and do nothing, and they would say she shot somebody. #IStandWithIlhan

25 lifes are taken away by an arsonist. Kyoto animation created extremely famous animations. 25名の尊い命に祈ります。酷い事件です。 そして治療中の負傷者の方々がご無事でありますように。 #prayforkyoani #prayforkyotoanimation

"We are disgusted by Donald Trump's attack on you. His blatant, unashamed racism has appalled people around the world" - Dozens of British politicians sign letter in solidarity with Ilhan Omar and other congresswomen targeted by Trump. #IStandWithIlhan…

Cerca de 70 pessoas estavam nos estúdios da Kyoto Animation quando um homem não identificado entrou no imóvel de três andares e jogou um líquido inflamável: #BomDiaBrasil

one of my favourite movies ♡ so heartbreaking to hear about what happened to kyoto animation's studio #prayforkyoani


I can't stop thinking about Kyoto Animation. Could barely fall asleep.

Kumbukizi : Ni jina lipi la utani mulilompa mwalimu wa hisabati na mwalimu aliyehusika na nidhamu shuleni? Kwanini ? #Tbt #TBThursday #TBT2019 #ThursdayThoughts #thursdayvibes

Uluslararası Bisiklet Birliği, Büyük Britanyalı Chris Froome'u 2011 İspanya Bisiklet Turu'nun şampiyonu saydı.…

He watched a man flap a fish about, then rant about Christmas dinners & Mars bars, and thought, ‘Yes. He’s the one’


This is great news, and I hope the City Of London (which so often complains about the cost of litter) implements this throughout their patch too Locations of 50 new London drinking water fountains revealed…

Lammys mentioned Mars bars. Get ready for him turning it into a racist issue.…

Doping yaptığı gerekçesiyle 2011 İspanya Bisiklet Turu'ndaki birinciliği geçersiz sayılan eski İspanyol bisikletçi Juan Jose Cobo'nun derecesi, yarışı ikinci sırada tamamlayan Büyük Britanyalı Chris Froome'a verildi.


PM's spokesman today wouldn't comment on Trump's racist rally but was able to attack the BBC for daring to interview Michel Barnier on @BBCr4today this morning. Not sure that's a good look.

Dave Brailsford: Chris Froome 2011 Vuelta victory 'doesn't feel like' Great Britain's first Grand Tour win |…


Ahora sí, Chris Froome ganador de La Vuelta a España 2011. #TDF #TDF2019 #TDF19 #TourRTVE #TourRTVE18J…

This is why May stopped David Davies being involved in the negotiations . May and Ollie Robbins were selling us out all the time . THERESA MAY never warned the EU we would be willing to quit the bloc without a Brexit deal, Michel Barnier has revealed.…

Joe Scarborough says there is no political wind in tRump’s attacks on this country inciting violence at a Nuremberg-style rally last night. I hope you’re right, Joe.

Ciclismo: Froome declarado oficialmente vencedor da Vuelta de 2011…


Chris Froome has officially been named winner of the 2011 Vuelta a Espana after Juan Jose Cobo was stripped of the title over doping irregularities.


Chris Froome to be named winner of 2011 Vuelta a Espana Cobo decides not to appeal doping violation; UCI website lists Froome as champion…


Most Grand Tour overall wins: 11 - Eddy Merckx 10 - Bernard Hinault 8 - Jacques Anquetil 7 - Alberto Contador, Fausto Coppi, Chris Froome, Miguel Indurain

'Better late than never': Chris Froome awarded 2011 Vuelta title after Cobo ban…

Wake up America- remember the Nuremberg rallies???…

Hourquette d'Ancizan, the last climb on today's stage, was unprecedented on #TDF until 2011. Since then, it has seen Chris Froome wear the #MaillotJaune for the first time, Thibaut Pinot shine in the mountains and Dan Martin forging his way to victory in 2013. #TDF2019 #TDFdata

Dulwich Village to get a new water fountain in City Hall and Thames Water partnership scheme - Locations of 50 new London water fountains revealed. Exact DV location tbc.…

Locations of 50 new London water fountains revealed…

New public water fountains coming to these locations in the borough…


Biz mesafe koymadik siz uzaklastiniz hadi allaha emanet

Gossip Girl regresa con otros actores, porque no es el Chavo del Ocho para que no les de pena tener adultos interpretando jovencitos.

As a prosecutor, I'd never drop charges in front of Kevin Spacey.

yamen better watch his damn back because i’ll break in that villa real quick #LoveIsland #LoveIsIandusa

Hadi yakalım bi tane daha

Olum hadi biz Fenerbahçelileri anlarım kolarovu bekliyoruz beşiktaşlılar fransızlar napıyor bu saatte burada siz kimi bekliyonuz mq

Sexual assault charges dropped against Kevin Spacey in Massachusetts criminal case…


Doing the black girls dirty on BOTH Love Islands. Men make me SICK! #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA

Save the mars bars lads

“I’m horny. Where’s my brother?” #ThingsTheQueenWouldNeverSay

Attack Corbyn on his socialist ideology and his threat to big business but don't play the antisemitism card when it is obviously a lie. #Peston

Very poor #Peston programme. What was @Peston doing so soft interviewing& treating @BorisJohnson with kid gloves? Went easy on him on Trump, racism & homophobia.

So, can any of these people shouting about antisemitism within the Labour Party give any examples? #Peston

Drawn by Boris Johnson, in 1561. Thank you for putting the record straight Liz Truss. #@trussliz #soundbitestupidity #wedeservebetter


Liz Truss as Chancellor is the Black Mirror episode where we’re ALL fucked by pigs. #Peston

Ben bepaald geen Timmermansfan maar in een interview over de #Brexit waanzin Britse iconen Harry Potter en Lance Corporal Jones van Dad's Army als metaforen gebruiken is slim; een garantie voor veel aandacht hier in het VK.…

Wonder what Donald Trump will think of his good friend Boris saying he is 'unfit to hold the office of President'... "I wouldn't want to expose Londoners to any unnecessary risk of meeting Donald Trump" #hustings #ExCelLondon #Newsnight #BorisIsARacist

Apparently our capital city didn't used to be on the map. That's just a massive failure of cartography. Thanks for the history lesson Liz Truss.

How much money did these two Tory maggots spend on behalf of the UK tonight then? #hustings and how many of these have they got?


Robert Winston, resign to prove you didn't murder Jill Dando

Robert Winston can resign to prove he's not a sex offender…

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