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One can debate whether the initial predicate for Crossfire Hurricane, while very thin, was legal and legitimate. What is beyond debate is that exculpatory evidence learned subsequently about the unverified and false Steele Dossier was intentionally withheld from the FISA court.

Why didn't a gov't agency (FBI/DOJ/OIG) disclose these problems with the Steele dossier years ago? Why let that black cloud hang over the administration?

FBI first proposed Carter Page surveillance warrant August 2016 two weeks into case. September 2016, Steele Dossier “pushed (the FISA proposal) over the line” for probable cause. “FBI leadership supported relying on Steele’s reporting.” Unverified. #pg412 #factsmatter #cbsnews


Christopher Steele & Ivanka together sounds more like he was James Bonding w/ her bc he was MI6 & the Trump’s had become glued to Russia. “The things I do for England”- You Only Live Twice. It would be interesting to learn if Jared Kuck Kushner even knew about it.

Should James Comey be fitted for an orange jumpsuit?

"What are you doing, man, is the question I'd have for him." Fmr. FBI Director James Comey reacts to US Attorney John Durham commenting on the Justice Department inspector general's investigation into the Russia probe.

Fox News says @Comey was never booked or confirmed to appear on Fox & Friends tomorrow morning. Despite that, @BretBaier and @MarthaMacCallum have offered a spot on their shows for him to discuss the FISA report.

RIP to Pete Frates. His Legacy Will Live On Forever.…


Lindsey Graham claims that people at the FBI and the DOJ defrauded the FISA court and there’s a criminal conspiracy involved

Nick cannon is the worst rapper of this decade because of that diss track to Eminem. Possibly the worst rapper ever lmao

“FBI officials misled the FISA court, omitted critical exculpatory facts from their filings, and suppressed or ignored info” #AGBarr announced that the surveillance operation against Trump's 2016 campaign amounted to a “clear abuse” of the #FISA process.…

Comey Declares Victory, Blasts Trump, Barr in Scathing Op-Ed; Guess He Forgot Whose Cell Phones Durham Has

they're so arrogant that have become stupidly blind.... The IG report on the Carter Page FISA warrant is a huge blow to the FBI's credibility. Why is the mainstream media treating it like vindication?… via @reason

Like every other Dem, they'll lie even when the truth would do better. You're a piece of work @Comey. Can't wait for Lady Justice to take that smirk off your face.…

Do you think trump was pissed to find out from IG report Ivanker knew Christopher Steele the whole time?

#Dodgers Andrew Friedman liked the Stephen Strasburg contract news for at least one reason: "I always think it's great when there's a homegrown player that's potentially signed up to finish his career in the same place. There's something nostalgic about that for me."

Swallwell and Goldman's questionnaire. I feel like I just heard a litany in a Catholic mass. #maddow

USA TODAY: FBI Watchdog report details dysfunction, missteps in wiretap of Trump aide #IGReport


"We talk about superheroes without capes, that's what he was." - AC on Pete Frates

Perspective: Stephen Strasburg contract — and how it's viewed — shows how far he has evolved

Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals have reached an agreement on a seven-year deal. The value of the deal is a record-setting $245 million. My little boy and I are going to start throwing a baseball immediately.

I’m 100% sure half of Cubs Twitter cant handle a Kris Bryant trade.

Strasburg today signed for 7 years and $245 million. He's 31, and is coming off a huge full season. No hate. But it's a whopper. Darvish is currently signed for 4 years and $81 million. He's 33, and is coming off one of the best second halves in baseball. Steal.…

In Honor of Pete Frates Passing Here is a Celebration of His Life And Relationship with Barstool…


I belong in nobody's front office. I can assure you Theo Epstein doesnt want to trade Kris Bryant and thinks the idea of it is ridiculous. And he may still have to do it because the team is operating under a budget that has blindsided him.…

Strasburg's deal is nearly twice what Darvish got from the Cubs two offseasons ago. Theo: "The way Darvish pitched the second half of this year, any number would be a bargain."

Un hombre que ayudó a inspirar un movimiento multimillonario para ayudar a encontrar una cura para la esclerosis lateral amiotrófica ha muerto.

Theo Epstein on the status of Kris Bryant’s grievance: “I don’t think we look for the whole service-time structure to be upended in any one ruling.”

Theo Epstein anticipates the Cubs are a couple weeks away from a resolution to Kris Bryant’s grievance: “We’re fairly confident in what the outcome’s going to be, but the timing, I guess, is a bit frustrating. It would be nice to know.”

“Bris Cryin’”is so close to “Kris Bryant” yet a totally different thing.

Still no decision on the Kris Bryant service time grievance. Theo Epstein said, "We're fairly confident in what the outcome is going to be, but it is a bit frustrating. It'd be nice to know, at this point we're at the Winter Meeting, but understand these things take time."

So then you're punting 2020 and 2021 with a core that is quite possibly better than anything we see before like 2025. It cannot be overstated how valuable 2 years of Kris Bryant is. It's more valuable than 5 years of a few decent players.…

It could still be a couple weeks before Cubs learn the outcome of the Kris Bryant service time grievance, which was heard by an arbiter. Theo said the team is "fairly confident" they know what the outcome will be.

Theo Epstein, on waiting for a decision, regarding Kris Bryant's grievance hearing: "We're fairly confident in what the outcome is going to be but the timing is a bit frustrating. It would be nice to know. We're at the winter meetings and there hasn't...

#OddGiftsFromInLaws Gift certificate for breast implants

i just can’t believe she’s turning 30 #TaylorWins10s


I hate how much this keeps trending, again and again. Are the humans who live here really that racist, cruel, and sexist? Are we really hating people cause of what they like? Is this who we are now? And you blame other people for our cruel world? #BanKpopAccounts

Here’s the First Beyoncé x adidas Sneaker

Beyonce won majority ownership of Ivy Park factories and brand recently if I remember correctly. So don't act brand new when she get addressed like any other exploiting capitalist. That weak a** excuse folks use with ID politics don't fly with those with principle

what are your favorite rivalries in anime/manga? I’ve been thinking of a few but personally I don’t have any that touch Joe/Rikishi from Ashita no Joe. That shit felt so real and it played out amazing all the way to the end dawg.

i thought the Ivy Park drop was gonna suddenly punch me and my bank account in the stomach, but Beyoncé decided to be respectful and gave me 5 weeks to get my coins ready. that’s a win

Can we all agree Joaquin deserves to be nominated but Todd Phillips? Absolutely not.

Rikishi's trending on here. Y'all are messed up. Why? You'll know when you see it......if you haven't.

I AM A PROUD MYTHICAL BEAST! #VoteGMM for the @streamys!

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