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Return to in-ring competition. ✅ Capture an impressive WIN. ✅ How thrilled were you to see @TheRealMorrison back in action? #SmackDown


I hate when a woman yells out the wrong name #WorstThingsToYellOutAfterSex


je vois plein de critique sur fairy tail donc j’ai décidé de commencer cette anime cette après-midi je suis sûr qu’il est bien vu qu’il y a plein de critiques négatives

This little house on the prairie looking as court room.. #AFallFromGrace

#WorstThingsToYellOutAfterSex I FORGOT TO TAKE MY PILL.

“i did it for the same reason that you did. to get it out of my system.” “and is it? out of your system?” “yes.” #WorstThingsToYellOutAfterSex

My first legal drink at 21.. THE Incredible Hulk…

Sale temps pour les sciences sociales. Les Archives Nationales aux Etats-Unis retouchent des photographies de manifestations pour faire disparaître les critiques contre le président Trump. Janvier, en attendant la suite.…

BRAVO!!! “I basically told Devin Nunes and attorney that they can take that letter and...…

How exactly does this creepy sh*t work right now in the US: direct orders duly obeyed or just “working toward the leader”? (American authoritarianism - from below or above? I can already see future acad careers built on over-debating that false dichotomy.)…

The National Archives acknowledged this week that it altered a photograph of the Women's March, which took place the day after Trump's inauguration in 2017, to blur some signs held by marchers that were critical of the…

Well, this is some real horeseshit here. Blurring anti-Trump signs to "avoid being political" IS being political, geniuses.…

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu responds to Devin Nunes' threat of defamation lawsuit: "Take your letter and shove it"…

‘Why do we need camo in space’: Trump’s Space Force ridiculed for woodland camouflage uniforms | Raw Story… via rawstory

"I basically told Devin Nunes and [his] attorney that they can take that letter and shove it," Rep. Lieu says in response to a threat to be sued if he doesn't apologize for saying Rep. Nunes and Parnas conspired to "undermine our own government."

Boy that next happenstance encounter at the Capitol’s cafeteria between Ted Lieu and Devin Nunes is going to be awkward.

BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO FRAKKING STUPID TO KNOW WHAT CAMO IS FRAKKING -FOR- oh god the flaming burning stupid, launch it into the Sun now, please…

'Shove it,' Rep. Ted Lieu tells Republican Devin Nunes


"I basically told Devin Nunes and attorney that they can take that letter and shove it." @tedlieu says that Nunes' lawyer threatened Lieu if he doesn't apologize for saying Nunes and Parnas conspired to 'undermine our own govt.' "I'm right."

Luka Garza scored 33 points with CJ Fredrick adding 21 & Joe Wieskamp 20 in the Iowa victory.

Luka Garza scored 33 points as the Hawkeyes beat No. 19 Michigan 90-83 on Friday night

Star of Stars tonight in college hoops is @IowaHoops Luke Garza with 33 pts in W over Michigan !

Luka Garza scores 33, Iowa beats No. 19 Michigan 90-83.

I asked Garza about drawing 12 fouls. He said, the way his body feels, it seemed like much more than 12. Zing!

niall I have $27 to my name pls supply me with a ticket to #NTMYTourNorthAmerica

As a Wisconsinite I always feel obligated to apologize for Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, Reince Priebus, Joe McCarthy, Jim Sensenbrenner, Jeffrey Dahmer, Sean Duffy etc.

Fmr GOP Rep. Sean Duffy Says It Out Loud During Impeachment Clash With Chris Cuomo: 'We Disagree on the Facts'

Sean Duffy is the pervert Jim Jordan of Devin Nunes’.…

FYI- Wausau hates Sean Duffy


CNN pays MAGA Lunatics like Sean Duffy to come on air and say that extortion and bribery are an okay thing if it means attacking a political opponent. That’s why I barely watch their channel. I don’t allow dangerous propaganda like that in my home.

Seeing Sean Duffy trending then realizing he’s still the same ol’ dumbass.

I learned Sean Duffy & his wife Rachel Campos Duffy we’re racist & bigots from there Real World days! There issues with black & gay Americans showed there true character!

Sean Duffy is trending so I'd like to repeat that I'm so happy that that disingenuous prick doesn't hold public office anymore. Ditto for: Scott Walker David Clarke Paul Ryan

Betty White turned 98 today.

In light of today's events, am re-posting a podcast I did on impeachment with Ken Starr last October:

Betty White is now the same age as her entry number in the iconic danceathon episode of Golden Girls

I was a couple minutes late & the shoes are already sold out....... #IvyParkXAdidas

Who’s hungry? Got a steamy chili shrimp dish headed your way... #FridayFeeling

You know, I remember before the Disney buyout, 20th Century Fox purchased like a stake in Boom Comics. And someone expressed concern about it because of their At the time association with Fox News for obvious reasons. I'm just saying, Disney is right to change the name.

Two women I want to live forever!! Happy birthday Michele Obama and Betty White.


Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz join Trump’s impeachment defense team #FoxNews THESE ARE GREAT ADDITIONS VRA

Sorry David Brooks, but the class war is happening every day. It's just been mostly one sided for a long time. No more. Working people see behind the curtain and remember we have power Keep your heads up, friends. Solidarity will change the world.…

Didn't Giuliani fuck his cousin or something? Or was that Newt? I can't keep track of all these whacky Republicans.

If President Trump is looking to turn the impeachment trial into a reality TV show, he chose the right team with Alan Dershowitz, Ken Starr, and Robert Ray. But this is the U.S. Senate, not the People's Court. The pressure is on Senate Republicans to ensure this trial is fair.

"Claus, let me explain something to you, the less you tell me, the more options I have" Reversal of Fortune (1990) #AlanDershowitz #FridayFeeling


After Ken Starr Reportedly Joins President's Legal Team, Video Resurfaces Of Trump Calling Him a 'Lunatic'…

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