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On #WorldHealthDay, New York City ER doctor Dara Kass shares an update on the latest COVID-19 developments and what it's meant for hospitals.

In recognition of #WorldHealthDay, we want to thank our first responders and healthcare workers. Know a College of Human Sciences alumni who you would like to acknowledge? Retweet & mention them so we can share our gratitude for their hard work and dedication.


John Lewis made it to congress in the 1980s by accusing fellow civil rights activist Julian Bond of cocaine use to secure the vote of the white democratic establishment


Wisconsin Republicans obviously think the best way to keep people from voting against them is to kill them. #WisconsinPrimary

It’s #NationalBeerDay and you can only celebrate with 3️⃣ from our friends at @COOPAleWorks. What’s your trio? #ForCityAndChug


Gamers just want one thing today and it's absolutely disgusting. #VALORANTbeta


I am so grateful for this University and program. I never could’ve imagined finding a school that means so much to me and my family. Thank you for the friendships that turned into family and the endless opportunities you have provided. You rock. @BallStateSB #OneBallState


If you didn’t know, RL is based out of Orlando, FL. Today, we’re supporting the city that we call home on #407Day. Show your support and order takeout or delivery today! #OrlandoToGo


Thanks @anthonyspizzatp for the pie and @OrangeCoFL for creating #407Day to encourage everyone to #supportlocalBusiness as we all practice #SocialDistancing during #COVID19 @SheriffMina got his grub! Your turn @OCFLMayor!


one polling place in waukesha for 73,000 people five polling places in milwaukee for 600,000 people all while in a pandemic #VoterSuppressionWisconsin

Park Lane Primary in Whittlesey wish @BorisJohnson the best of health. #BorisJohnson #WorldHealthDay #ClapForBoris


Discrimination against LGBTI+ Ghanaians is widespread. Health related stigma and discrimination against LGBT+ persons in Ghana takes the form of ridicule, psychological trauma, denial of services, etc Equal health for a healthier Ghana. #WorldHealthDay #HealthDay @OutRightIntl


As an actual epidemiologist, I not only endorse this message but also feel a little up staged by steak-umm who delivered this message so concisely my heart is beaming with pride (and jealously). Seriously, this thread is just everything…

Definitely the most difficult Djeeta combo IMO due to the strict distance and hurtbox. Full video out in a few hours and then off to Soriz! #GBVS #GBVS_DJ

thanks, Black one!

Also—I’ve been mistaken for the “THANKS BLACK ONE” user from TikTok and the levels of irony that has...

本日は電撃オンライン様に記事にしていただきました!Studio SOTTは、日本のゲームメディアにも情報提供をして、日本のファンにもHotel Sowlsを広めていこうとしています。応援してあげてください!(私は公式アカウントではなく翻訳者の一人です) #ホテル・ソウルズ…

Steak-umm is more rational and presidential than our president. That’s our world now. They also are delicious.…

gossip girl, gossip girl, gossip girl…

The amount of effort Mr. Sakurai puts into Super Smash Bros is outstanding. I admire his ambition & determination to work on this game remotely for fans & Nintendo. Can't wait to see what's next in store for this great series.…

Djeeta will allways be superior than Gran

"THANKS BLACK ONE" trending in sounds we're all thanking some mysterious Eldritch god for like, releasing a hit single or some shit


Condolences to the Graves family. Earl Graves was a legend, a proud supporter of HBCU, a business leader, and a kind man. May he rest peacefully.…

Brokeback Mountain , Thanks Black One , Steak-Umm and Sign of The Times are all trending. We really are living in our last days.

SWERVE! It was actually Big Show who main evented WrestleMania 36. Go home, WWE. You're drunk. My full thoughts will be in my WWE Raw review on @WrestleTalk_TV in a bit. Subscribe here:

Hugh Dellar, author of the Outcomes coursebooks, knows the importance of #solidarity. A message from this #EFL legend to the Language House workers. Thanks to all who helped shut down the FB of wage stealing @LanguageHouseLondon yesterday!

I'm finding it's becoming harder to listen to Piers Morgan on GMB interview bully/shout senior ppl down, but this morning wanting to talk on a morning show about the secrecy of national security pathetic. ITV have a real loose cannon in their ranks, too big for his own boots.

Poll: Has the COVID-19 Pandemic significantly impacted your life? #ChineseVirus #WorldHealthDay #BeratKandili #LiveAtLunchxTawan #สั่งไก่มากินกับกลัฟ tvtarrtr açıldı #jogodadiscórdia スーパームーン Rapariga タバコ生産停止Rocket Power Veronica Mars One Tree Hill Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson es tendencia porque la pasaron por Fox y luego todos se pusieron a hablar acerca de los libros.

1. Rocket Power 2. Hey Arnold 3. Rugrats Nickelodeon was life…

i shouldve just checked the Percy Jackson trend instead of this dumb trend puta

its percy jackson hours now girls and gays

Want more detail on why #ResignModly needs to go? @DoyleKHodges article is OUTSTANDING. It tears Modly’s lies apart one by one. My Navy is in trouble. This explains why.…

Dana white doing what other sporting leagues afraid to do. Love it. Could set a new standard for major sports to return.

Iedereen en zijn moeder heeft aandelen in Sanofi. Elke Nederlander met pensioen heeft aandelen Sanofi. Ik heb aandelen Sanofi. Moet dat als conflict of interest onder mijn column?…

This was my favorite episode of the season #BetterCallSaul #Bagman

I don't know who's running the steak-umm account but this is serious.…

This NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED under Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan or anyone for that matter... EVER. This is the new normal... this is #TrumpEffect. #ResignModly…

“If hydroxychloroquine becomes an accepted treatment, several pharmaceutical companies stand to profit, including shareholders and senior executives with connections to the president. Mr. Trump himself has a small personal financial interest in Sanofi..”

WTF, 2016: Teen Vogue has some of the best political coverage out there WTF, 2018: Buzzfeed and Vice are among the last outlets still doing investigative journalism WTF, 2020: Steak-umm Twitter is our most effective advocate for information literacy…

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