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Imagine if the USA could sweep out the Democrats like the Brits just did Labor!

I mean Christ alive imagine having the brass to post this thread after that result. This is their defeat and theirs to own.…

It's Friday the 13th, time to cuddle up and do nothing!


friday the 13th: pumangit ako lalo

friday the 13th - british cuntservatives won - cousin’s wedding party - haftar is invading tripoli - i’m out of cigs - hamas celebrates founding anniversary with a crowd - it’s allah’s favorite day - algerian ex-pm becomes president - isr*el still exists? - sandstorms outside

What we saying about the next generation Xbox? You guys like the appearance of it? #XboxSeriesX


Here’s everything we know about Microsoft’s Xbox Series X

i kinda want the new xbox hmm

E bora começar o dia com música boa! Ouça "The Worst In Me", parceria de @KAYTRANADA e @Tinashe.…

Michelle Obama has got Greta Thunberg’s back after Donald Trump attacked the 16-year-old climate activist on Twitter.… via @HuffPostPol

È il giorno di Greta Thunberg a #Torino: la città saluta l’attivista

On the upside this new Kaytranada has NO skips

new kaytranada and harry styles today though so everything’s good

Boris #Johnson erreicht bei der Parlamentswahl die absolute Mehrheit und will nun schnell den #Brexit realisieren. Für uns Deutsche unvorstellbar: Wieso haben die keine Groko und den sicheren Stillstand gewählt? #UKElection

LA raison de se réveiller aujourd’hui, c’est quand même le nouvel album de Kaytranada.… The UK election may foreshadow the 2020 election in the USA if the left doesn't wise up. #UKelection #2020election

#BeBest @FLOTUS you do realize that YOUR legacy, and the legacy of your son is being formed right now by your husband’s attacks on @GretaThunberg . For all of history you will be known for setting up an anti-bullying program, then being silent to bullying of a teen by the POTUS.

Dear Melania, you & the 'Be Best' campaign are a reminder of yr hypocrisy as U cont to support & enable the bully U are married to. Attacking Greta Thunberg who has Aspergers Syndrome & an Autism Spectrum diagnosis was cruel bc his pathetically weak ego was threatened. #BeBest


YFN Lucci est trop fort

【年末ライブ】 12/29@渋谷O-Crest 出演: ROKI Hakubi LOCAL CONNECT LUCCI 3markets[ ] CHERRY NADE 169 アイビーカラー Half time Old Flight Academy メメタァ イロムク the cibo KAKASHI the quiet room サイダーガール Halo at 四畳半 Cloque. QLTONE ユレニワ おれらはおれらをやります


Dear @FLOTUS...Where is the outrage? Melania blasts impeachment witness for joking about Barron’s name? Trump mocks Greta Thunberg on Twitter. @davebriggstv @AmaraCNN @EarlyStart @CNN PS. Tell @realDonaldTrump #BeBest


New Music Out Now: Lil Uzi Vert - Futsal Shuffle NLE Choppa - Side Lil Tjay - Go In Smokepurpp - Deadstar 2 (album) NBA Youngboy - Dirty Iyanna YFN Lucci - HIStory (album) City Morgue - As Good As Dead Stormzy - HITH Travis Barker - Gimme Brain ft. Lil Wayne & Rozay

Nintendo fans have cried and justified that even if you aren’t promied stuff, during something not even for Nintendo specifically, you can still scream and complain when it’s not shown. So from now on, I will beg for Bully 2 during every Direct, State Of Play, Academy Awards, Etc

My home town of Wolverhampton where my Tory voting dad said ‘put a pig up on a pole with a red flag & they’ll vote Labour here has gone Blue! What damage has Corbyn done!

Conservative Chris Clarkson edges out Labour incumbent in Heywood and Middleton for 8.3% swing to Tory GAIN.

The Tories always been tryna turn this country into a mini America We shouldn’t have been surprised by people voting against their best interests. America’s been an example of this mentality for how long now? It’s the state of the world today

Brexit flip-flopping Lib Dem Stephen Lloyd is ousted in Eastbourne as Tory Caroline Ansell returns to the Commons…

Labour LOSE Wakefield to Tories - @MaryCreaghMP was a fantastic backbench MP

At this rate The Tories are going to unseat Kim Jon Un in North Korea

Belfast North has had a unionist MP since partition. It’s just unseated Nigel Dodds and replaced him with Sinn Fein. Law number 1 of British politics: if you work with the Tories, it never ends well.

Angus has rejected ‘hollow rhetoric of division and privilege’ says @DaveDooganSNP as he beats Tory Kirstene Hair. #GE2019…


Sajid Javid right now. This is what we're gonna get for the next 5 years. Total bluster; more hot air than a balloon. Substance? Detail? Don't be silly - this is Britain!

glad we held this. and for the people saying i wasted my vote to get the tories out by voting lib dems... for my area the tactical vote was lib dems. labour haven’t stood a chance for years…

In this house this is Grimes


Oh holy crap the man himself is in the house. #TheGameAwards (BTW @elonmusk of course you rolled up in a Cybertruck, right?)


SNP gaining 4K votes, labour down 3k and tories down 1k. Please listen to this country. Scotland is telling you what it thinks.


Congress Really Commits to Dragging Impeachment to the Finish Line

You also wonder what all these new Tory MPs are going to do when their constituents pitch up wanting help with their DWP casework.

Corbyn supporter looking to “cleanse” the party of three Jewish MPs... For The Many, Not The Jew.…

Labour were down 18% in Redcar, Tories up 13 %.

Tories Sweeping Labour Aside #UKElection

im so sorry but if you really voted for an actual racists homophobic pig who walked into a fridge, you’re really asking for the worst #LabourWin #UKElection #IVotedLabour #ElectionResults2019

Telford's Conservative candidate Lucy Allan makes massive gains, extending her majority from 720 to 10,941 #GeneralElection2019 #UKElection

Dominic Grieve is blaming Jeremy Corbyn for the Tories defeating him. Hmmm.

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