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House impeachment managers, led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), continued to make their case yesterday that President Trump abused the power of his office — one of two charges against him. That and more in our curated news summary...…

Those who are upset that Joe Rogan endorsed Sanders need to relax. If Bernie is going to win, he's going to start getting the backing of people you REALLY don't like. It's called success. Don't be that fan of the band who insists that when they get more popular that they sold out

இந்தியா - நியூஸிலாந்து முதல் டி20 : கிரிக்கெட் ஆல்பம்..!… | #INDvsNZ

Hunter Biden can be jailed for Contempt of Congress if he does not testify if GOP subpoenas him. Meanwhile, Schiff clearly FALSIFIED EVIDENCE and OBAMA WHITE HOUSE details are leaking ahead of Rudy's podcast at NOON…

“No constitution can protect us if right doesn’t matter anymore."… via @HuffPostPol

Correction: Bernie Sanders just WELCOMED Joe Rogan's endorsement. And a whole lot of straight white dudes are rushing to explain why that's totally okay. Because suddenly the Democratic tent (which is too small to accommodate moderates) is big enough for racists.…

In a recent poll, 72% of Americans polled said they wanted to see witnesses called. Some MSM outlets are touting this as proof that Americans want to see more witnesses against Trump. Not so fast...many of these people are conservatives who want to see Schiff, Biden, etc.…

Had a dream I was out walking in a neighborhood with my daughter and met Bill Murray. Of course he was cool. I’m might have to count that as legit. Such a legend. Weird dreams in the @DISupdates infield.


The Solemn Procession... US Vice President #Mike #Pence Arrives in #Vatican to Meet #PopeFrancis (Credit: Vatican Press Pool)

Niggas really love hearing Joe Rogan's opinion but you can go to any Megadeath Tribute band in your local vicinity and hear the same opinions from the frontman



Mike Pence greets Pope Francis in Rome, exchanges well-wishes on same day as March for Life

It's just the facts, ma'am, just the facts! The Dems have been trying to oust @realDonaldTrump since they got wind of his candidacy.…

¿Desairó Carlos de Inglaterra al vicepresidente de EE.UU., Mike Pence?

Between this and the shunning of Pence, Charles is starting to win me over!…

Many people go to the Wailing Wall and Pray for Peace. He went to the Wailing Wall to pray for Pence.


VP Pence Says This Entire Family Is Corrupt, “The American People Have A Right To Know!”… via @thinkamericana

Anybody think Mike Pence would be any less committed to the pro-life cause than Donald Trump? Wouldn't the fact he's pro-life out of sincere personal convictions (rather than political calculation) strengthen the movement?

Only cowards & those giving us #SignsTheyAreHidingSomething threaten to put the Senators #HeadsOnPikes! #TrumpIsACoward & only #GOPCowards will vote to let him off! #FoxAndFriends #Hannity

Happy Friday everyone!! A little titmouse in the snow. #ThursdayThoughts #MyPhotoStock


She gazed wistfully at her best friend Molly and husband Vic holding hands as they left her house. She wished love would #happen to her too. As soon as Molly and Vic walked outside, he dropped her hand and muttered a veiled threat. She dreaded what would happen at home. #vss365

I have one word for Adam Schiff. Hooah! #RightMatters

This, by the way, is not a moment to belittle what happened tonight with silly memes. You witnessed the best of who we are, if you were watching. Who cares about Trump, truly. History, no matter what, is going to repeat the words of Adam Schiff for decades.

So glad to see #RightMatters trending. Chairman Schiff did right by Lt. Col. Vindman tonight. @RepAdamSchiff, as a veteran, you have my thanks.

Russia-OPEC agreement brings huge benefits to the entire Russian economy

When the DACA case was argued last November, Chief Justice John Roberts explained that what ICE announced today wasn't going to happen and shouldn't be discussed.…


What is that called, when you threaten a juror? And if you're innocent, why would you need to lobby such a threat? #RightMatters #ImpeachmentTrials #TrumpIsGuilty #MAGA…

Deer idiots saying “impeachment is an attempt to overturn the 2016 election” No. even if the GOP followed the law and removed the traitor, Hillary would not become president. Pence would. impeachment is to hold the traitor accountable for trying to sabotage the 2020 election

House Democrats conceal testimony of 18th witness from Trump team - - @washtimes

If you are looking for evidence that the Dems have their sh*t together, look at the decision to put the investigation in Schiff's committee so that he could be so thoroughly prepared for this moment; look at the heroes and sheroes that are House Managers; note the brilliant staff…

Uh oh Adam Schiff you signed one of those FISA apps.…

All-Star Voting results are in for the Pelicans: Brandon Ingram - 6th among players/media - 8th in fan voting Lonzo Ball: - 18th in player voting - 22nd in fan voting Jrue Holiday: - 12th in player voting - 31st in fan voting Zion Williamson; - 26th in fan voting

.@AntDavis23 & @LakersReporter discuss the #Lakers' perfect record in back-to-backs, bench production, and playing in his hometown for the #NBAAllStar game.

Vladimir Putin’s proposed constitutional reforms are widely seen as an attempt to extend his hold on power. But, beyond that, no one really knows how he plans to reorganize the Russian state.

Destroying Luke Skywalker is LucasFilm's official policy. So I take it Kathleen Kennedy wanted a character assassination of another charismatic white male but some employees are starting to rebel to save #ObiWan.


Совет Европы ищет консультантов для проведения реформ на Украине. Как отмечается в тендере, такая задача поставлена для реализации в стране программы «Децентрализация и реформа местного самоуправления»


Валерий Коровин о предложении расширить список лиц, которым запрещено иметь иностранное гражданство


This is exactly what Roberts said at oral argument was not going to happen?…

Did Prince Charles snub Mike Pence? Palace denies as video emerges…


Sen Tom Cotton cares more about his time on air than he does about discerning truth. And Chief Justice Roberts continues to condone this by his silence.…

It’s killing Trump to not be able to strike back. That weak stuff he retweets? No one is paying attention. The House Managers are absolutely brilliant. CJ Roberts knows it.

Everyone getting nervous about the post-ROTS Obi-Wan show, meanwhile I'm happy here with the excellent Kenobi novel. #StarWars #ObiWan


I do hope Wozniacki does some TV commentary. She's very sharp, and she can do it in Danish, English, Polish and Russian :)

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