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Moneyline underdog winners so far today: Saints +115 Cardinals +140 49ers +145 Texans +170 Jets +290 A $100 parlay on these five teams to win outright would have had a payout of $13,212.03.

#FireJasonGarrett #CowboysNation and defense don’t think y’all slick horrible performance

Texans rookie Charles Omenihu @charless_94 delivers key strip sack on Patrick Mahomes:…

Texans' Carlos Hyde @elguapo bulldozes Chiefs in colorful fashion…

Mazlum Kobani (Commander-in-chief of the #SDF): "We know that we would have to make painful compromises with Moscow and Assad. But if we have to choose between compromises and the genocide of our people, we will surely choose life for our people." #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies


Es cuando estamos confundidos que podemos aprender algo. Ahí arrancamos el camino hacia una revelación o un cambio de paradigma. Estar confundidos es estar abiertos a preguntas y respuestas nuevas.


Up now, a brand new episode of CLICKING & STREAMING. Join @theBurk3nator and @3CFilmReview as they discuss #ElCamino, #LittleMonsters (2019), and other @NetflixFilm's including Fractured and The Influence. Available wherever you listen to Schmoes Know!…


Kirk Cousins Breaks Down Deep Passes to Stefon Diggs…


Con aciertos y errores, éste es el camino. El de la República, el respeto a la Constitución, la Justicia independiente, nuestras libertades, la propiedad privada. Porque se decide mucho más que 4 años, estaré ahí el #19OLaMarchaDelMillon @mauriciomacri @juancampanella Se puede!!!

Back to back weeks I’ve been at Arrowhead and back to back weeks the Chiefs failed to show up. No more games for this guy. #ChiefsKingdom

I remember when I tweeted this during the 1st game of the season. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom


Dear Friends, I need you to show up in a major way for this fund to support the family of #AtatianaJefferson. She was the provider and caregiver for her entire family and they need our help IMMEDIATELY. Make your best donation today, please. LINK:


Dear Friends, I need you to show up in a major way for this fund to support the family of #AtatianaJefferson. She was the provider and caregiver for her entire family and they need our help IMMEDIATELY. Make your best donation today, please.…

#SpoilAMovieIn2Words She's dreaming.

Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was a student at Xavier University of Louisiana. After a neighbor reported her open door, she was fatally shot by a Fort Worth police officer in her home. She‘d been playing video games with an 8-year-old nephew. #AtatianaJefferson…

2019.10.14 (Monday) [TAEHYUN] EBS : 12am [LONGGUO] Japan Promotion: 6pm

【 10月の野外上映 】 東京国際映画祭の野外上映が神ラインナップ。この世界の片隅に、ラ・ラ・ランドほか、日比谷の特設会場にて入場は無料。


これまで沢山のことを乗り越えて良かった! 日本中に勇気を… その想いでディフェンスしました。 #ONETEAM #japan #勇気


Share of population that's undernourished, 2016. Zimbabwe: 47% Ethiopia: 21% Pakistan: 21% India: 15% Philippines: 14% Nigeria: 12% Vietnam: 11% China: 9% Indonesia: 8% Mexico: 4% Australia: 3% Turkey: 3% US: 3% Germany: 3% France: 3% UK: 3% Japan: 3% Russia: 3% (World Bank)

As Japan battles the devastation and damage from typhoon Hagibis. #IndianNavy ships #INSSahyadri & #INSKiltan mission deployed in the area are ready to render assistance as requested (Old photo)


While some people were creating awareness on #NoBraDay Some were creating another identity


Stark Dies #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

Tarrant County DA Sharon Wilson prosecuted Crystal Mason, a Black woman who got 5 years for mistakenly voting (she didn’t know felons couldn’t vote). Don’t expect Wilson to prosecute the cop who just murdered #AtatianaJefferson.

Watching El Camino this weekend reminded me how much I really used to be into hurt/comfort

Fear God & keep his commandments, it says. The commandments are to love God & love your neighbor, it says. It's complicated.

El Camino: absolutely no reason for it to exist, but I’m really glad it does.

Just for the record since some refuse to pray for understanding; to fear God does not mean to sit around scared of Him. It means to revere and honor God so much you would not want to sin against Him. Please friends, study!

You know the best part of Qanon is? It's the same reason why [they] fear Q. Name Another recent event, that brought back so many people to God. I'm so grateful for that, and for a ministry like @HISGLORYME they have really helped me find the light and all the darkness. Amen.

Boat sinks. #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

Itunes Chart - K-Pop (13.10.2019) #Epiphany #3 Nicaragua [+1] #4 Saudi Arabia [+1] #15 Paraguay[+1] #16 Kenya [=] #18 Fiji [=] #19 Ecuador [=] #21 Peru [-3] #21 Egypt [-1] #21 Guatemala [-1] #25 United Arab Emirates [-8] #27 Estonia [-1] #28 El Salvador [=] #JIN #진 #김석진

el camino was so good :-(((((

De camino a @FeriaLibroMty y en el aeropuerto de CDMX mis Lunas versión pocket en todas las librerías!! Feliz!


Argentina juega todo el tiempo en campo contrario; Alario primero, Acuña, con ayuda, ya pusieron el 2-0. Crece como equipo. Individualmente hay menos q en otros tiempos, si se sigue creciendo como equipo el camino está bien

So I guess Tommy really loved Keisha after all #power #powertv

yo viendo la evolución de jesse desde la primer temporada de Breaking Bad hasta El Camino

Es muy importante que la sumisa crea en su Amo y en como la dirige su Amo, si no cree en el... No hay nada que hacer, se quedará en el camino

How #ElCamino Pays Tribute to Breaking Bad's Funniest, Meme-tastic Moment


Saudi Arabia denies attacking Iran tanker

mogli, o menino lobo

❗É A LEI DO LOBO VIGORANDO CONTRA A NAÇÃO. La Fontaine, na fábula do Lobo e o Cordeiro, mostra que o mais forte dispensa as razões da razão. Chamar a isso democracia é eufemismo, claro…

...Mas continuam a mandar no país através do Congresso e do STF, a impor a IMPUNIDADE geral, a pressionar por favores, a lutar contra a Lava Jato, contra a responsabilidade fiscal e a IMPEDIR O GOVERNO DE GOVERNAR.…

Criticism of my love of anime tiddies is now hate speech. #NationalComingOutDay


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