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These 4 Republicans voted to condemn President Trump's racist tweets. Here's what they said about it

when your friends are having fun but you gotta remind them that #FaceApp's TOS means the Russians can take your pictures and go in the war room to see the big board


YouTube Brasil: [NEW] #1 - #SpiritMusicVideo

I SWEAR if they try to tell me that this is PLATONIC after THIS scene #Bellarke #the100


The way she froze when she looked at him in the eyes and realized that the man she loved was in front of her and just saved her life #bellarke #The100

Blue Ivy didn’t have to snap this hard. Beyoncé who? #SpiritMusicVideo


Ricky por favor renucnia necesito mis 8 horas de sueño de vuelta... #RickyRenuciaYa #RickyRenuncia

Ah, verdad?? Qué casualidad. 4 días luego de que el pueblo vuelve a sacarle en cara al gobierno la cifra de muertes por María. #RickyRenuncia #RickyRenunciaYa #RickyRenunciaAhora #RickyRenunciaCabrón #RickyArrancaPalCarajo…

LVP supports the LGBTQ community, Stop Yulin Forever, Keep Memory Alive and Vanderpump Dogs. What does Stumpy, Rinna, Erika, Teddie and Denise do for the community? #RHOBHReunion #RHOBH

I was born sick,but i love it

カッコばっかつけてる奴ぁ 妙に変に吠えるぜ どうも No more 満たされてるフリが上手で 烏合の衆 なりたかないね皆の衆 泣こうが笑おうが I was born in Japan【Born in Japan】

The flirting between Papi & Angel #PoseFX

We'd watch this show. #PoseFX

Feeling the music like: #PoseFX

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens dies at 99…


Can't you see these two in the Oval Office? #Ambitions


IMO Hannah cried after her fantasy suite w Tyler because she never got that respect before and when faced with that huge change it’s hard to digest and confusing to react to. I know. I been there. #TheBachelorette

Who here is NOT shocked Mike Fleiss is an abusive chauvinistic husband? #TheBachelor #TheBachelorette #BachelorNation

West Coast, an all-new #InkMaster starts NOW on @paramountnet.


Happy 50th Anniversary from the Washington Monument

#Dodgers coverage: Kenley Jansen took one off the foot. And that was the only out he got in a troublesome ninth inning.…

kenley i love you but please no more risking body parts to stay in the game hoping it'll yield good results, we can't all be chris taylor!…

#ThoughtsOfInanimateObjects I like big buns and I cannot lie...

I mean Dani was literally the only one who did the challenge perfectly but like. Go off I guess. #InkMaster


So all of the judges agreed that Dani hit the challenge the best and that her tattoo was basically flawless. It was also the only one 100% cross stitch. Yet somehow Cam won. #InkMaster

.@duffyfortner will compete at the #InkMaster against @RyanAshleyM, @bubbairwin, @DJTambe and more!

#InkMaster You know who should go home? Nuñez and Peck’s eye doctors.

This Matt Beaty blast off Hector Neris is the difference here in the 9th inning.

Matt Beaty is making me believe in clutch since he's pretty bad unless they need him

Matt Beaty is fucking clutch!

Mark Sanford, the former congressman and governor who infamously claimed to be hiking the Appalachian Trail to hide his extramarital affair, is weighing a primary challenge to President Trump

Mark Sanford 'Considering' Primary Challenge To Trump

A Netflix cortando cena de suicídio de #13ReasonsWhy dois anos após a exibição da primeira temporada mostra q a série segue sendo problema pra empresa. O q torna ainda mais difícil de aceitar q uma terceira temporada esteja a caminho, com rumores de uma quarta em desenvolvimento.

When your a morbidly obese frequently arrested #cokehead it would behoove you NOT to #Resist' #arrest you got your #cash #walkaway Today we can't breathe.' DOJ will not bring civil rights charge against NYPD officer in death of Eric Garner… via @usatoday

Grimes living her best life after her experimental eye surgery.

You know, usually the GOP make private comments, even apologies to others on the Hill when Trump does outrageous stuff, not this time. But the WH has abruptly cancelled a GOP leadership mtg this afternoon w/o explanation-something's up. #TuesdayThoughts…

I don't watch enough TV to have opinions on the #EmmyNominations. But seeing Phoebe Waller-Bridge, whom I've accepted into my heart as my personal savior a couple of months ago, made me very happy. Who knows, maybe I will order that jumpsuit soon. #Fleabag

I hope Eric Garner gets the justice he deserves

Sorry, I’m not giving Kellyanne’s husband any credit. I’m just not.

White House reporter Andrew Feinberg, who White House counselor Kellyanne Conway asked “what’s your ethnicity?” says he found the exchange to be “bizarre” but not anti-Semitic.

Hey, regular folks, remember it was the Dems who founded the KKK and ANTIFA! They are projecting their bigotry on all of America! Conway blasts Dems' 'tired' claims of racism, says she 'totally disagrees' with husband's scathing op-ed #FoxNews

Frank Robb will be celebrating his capture of Chance the Snapper by throwing out the first pitch at the @Cubs game tonight!…

The NYPD officer who choked Eric Garner to death in 2014 will not face charges. The decision comes just one day before the 5th anniversary of his death.

Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment. - Dale Carnegie #quote #TuesdayThoughts


#ObamaWasBetterAt not having sex with a porn star while his illegal immigrant 3rd wife was at home with his 5th child.

Eric Garner's family still hasn't received justice for his death. #illustration #illustrator #ericgarner #unbox #followthethomcat #deadlinewh


Eric Garner's extrajudicial murder by the NYPD was captured on camera and broadcast throughout the world. His children—one of whom has since died herself—have been subject to it over and over and over. And there's just... no accountability. None. This is terrorism.

Grimes posting HxH tattoos in her insta story


The #TheBachelorette Week 10 Fantasy Suite Recap is up! Windmill guy, fantasy suites and the burning of the red flags. Check it out in the latest Breakdown!


If you want to hear me discuss something other than Mark Sanford today, now's your chance.…

BREAKING: New York police officer involved in Eric Garner's chokehold death will not face federal charges…

Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell Both DEFEND Trump against racist accusations…

I’m seriously tearing up thinking of the joy @SchittsCreek has brought to my life. Especially Catherine O’Hara’s Moira Rose. I realize this seems like an incredibly dramatic thing to say, but my life is better because of this show and her performance.

William Barr steps in to make sure the NYPD cop who killed Eric Garner won’t be prosecuted – ThinkProgress this is what we have to look forward too from Attorney General Barr Absolutely Nothing no protection #EricGarner wasn’t wealthy and guilty…

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s brother-in-law won more than $7 million in no-bid and other federal contracts at US military installations and other government properties in California based on a dubious claim that he was Native American.…

Emmy nominations for Brits in Killing Eve, Fleabag and Game of Thrones #Emmys

Hannah when she finally gets clarity about Luke P #TheBachelorette

"Yes, I’m really glad that he affirmed that they wouldn’t do anything she wouldn’t want to do...But the thing is, it should be like that every time we date somebody." — @farrahsafiakhan on last night's ep of #TheBachelorette (via @FLAREfashion)…

Shouldn’t a show grounded in reality be as real as possible? Or does Netflix have an obligation to be more mindful of triggering imagery?… #13ReasonsWhy

Kevin McCarthy I don't know which is worse .... the MAGA Trash ... or watching 'white shoe' Republicans who know better defend the degenerate racist known as Trump..

I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. I hate Jed. #TheBachelorette

Everyone in your company thinks that they are the ones who truly own the voice of the customer. Instead of user centered design, we get “me” centered design. The Customer needs to be their own voice! @triciawang #mtpcon


In theory we have user-centered design. In practice we have me-centered design. Everyone thinks their relationship with the customer is the one that is the most important. @triciawang #mtpcon

#13ReasonsWhy attracted significant controversy when it was released:

Estoy en el Carrefour comprando y hay un niño de unos 13 años con la bandana de Naruto putos otakus este seguro que va al área 51

Photo of couple found hidden inside a bottle with N10 in Rivers state #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMorning…

#TuesdayThoughts Sadguru ke updesh ka, laya ek vichaar| Je Sadguru milte nahin, jaate yam dwar|| Who is that Sadguru? Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj only is that True Saint (Sadguru) who is telling Scripture-based Supreme Knowledge #TrueGuruSaintRampalJi


Value Creation + Value Capture = Adrian Kenya Limited's Culture #TuesdayThoughts #ValueCreation #CustomerSatisfaction


When we get to Area 51 and this is all that is there now.


Nevada!! Get ready. We’ll be playing Area 51 on 9/20 with our little brothers in @RingsofSaturn_ See you soon

#INFO #13ReasonsWhy Netflix a décidé de supprimer la scène du suicide d'Hannah Baker.


God I love the #ObamaWasBetterAt is trending this morning.

What is EVERYTHING Alex? #ObamaWasBetterAt

#ThingsYoullNeverSeeMeDo exercise,unless it's me exercising my right to bitch.

U.S. Air Force Responds to Joke Facebook Page That Wants to Storm Area 51

El alíen que cogí del área 51 pillando el n4 solo porque yo me quería quedar un ratito más de fiesta por el centro


¿Cómo pudo un enorme asteroide permanecer oculto en el Sistema Solar durante décadas?… vía @RCENI24 #FelizMartes #Temblor #Sismo #SinLuz #Maracaibo Área 51

I was wondering how Chyna kept such a calm demeanor when Wendy Williams was messy during her interview kanti she's been dealing with looney toons Tokyo Toni all these years. Her calm is unmatched.

#ThingsYoullNeverSeeMeDo get beat up

The best impeachment option for trump is no reelection in 2020 #ImpeachNow #Election2020 #RacistPresident

There are two types of Christians. Luke’s type doesn’t understand God’s grace; Hannah’s does. Luke’s type will twist the words in the Bible to suit their own argument; Hannah’s will read it and pray for clarity. Be like Hannah and know Jesus really does love you! #TheBachelorette

#TuesdayMorning News: “Trump’s America Is a ‘White Man’s Country’”; Racism Is “At the Core of His Political Ideology”; Trump’s the One Who “Hates America”; @Denver4VA, Who Has Horrible LGBT Voting Record, Presides at Same-Sex Marriage… #RacistPresident

I feel like I’m the only one that actually agrees with Luke P....#thebachelorette

Does George Conway ever criticize his wife’s bigotry? Because she’d have to be a bigot to still be working for and defending Trump unless she’s been the secret leaker this whole time.…

My response to #RacistPresident We would all rather be in an America that embodied the compassion and integrity that the world had come to know us for. Do you have a way to get me to the good time line where Trump lost the election? Bc that’s where we all want to be, not here.

U r god of three point!!@StephenCurry30 #2KRatings #DubNation


to the people searching #RacistPresident telling us to leave, my venmo and cashapp are the same as my twitter handle. i have no problem using your fascist dollars to leave your fascist country.

Making the band walked so that American idol, and all of these other talent search type shows could run. Good to see that it's coming back.…

When have people like Joni Ernst, Mitt Romney, or Tim Scott fought for conservatives on a SINGLE issue?

What kind of country are you not allowed to be critical of government. Dictatorships, Trump's true aspiration. #RacistPresident

Land whales and soyboys calling #IceBae Basic af Lol

#IceBae Y'all see how it's mostly chicks who are criticizing men who support #IceBae Jealousy is a disease. Stay mad

Essas duplas! Holy sh*t! #NBA2K20 #2KRatings


Does anyone think that victory is possible without facing danger? - Franklin D Roosevelt #quote #mondaymotivation


I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein #quote #MondayMotivation

Looks like Richard Spencer's girlfriend Megan Bobonick ain't on Twitter right now. What's up? Got into a little fight with Richard?

Drop a GIF of a player you think deserves a higher ranking. Me first: #2KRatings

Knock knock Who’s there Racist Sexist Lying Cheating Traitor TV Scumbag Wannabe Authoritarian Dictator Come on in, Sir, right this way, here’s the Oval Office Excellent Hamberders Covfefe Alcaida Lies Lies Lies All I Do Is Lie

JR Smith cruzando a quadra e passando por cima do Gary Neal. "Nós acabamos de ver um homem voar", disse o Kevin Harlan na narração. JR é daqueles caras que desperta amor e ódio na mesma proporção. No final, vai sobrar a saudade. Gênio incompreendido.

Richard Spencer is now acting Defense Secretary. I did Nazi that coming.

I regularly get asked who is the most underrated QB in the league and it really is Matt Ryan.


Cause and details of death "RIP BIANCA" How did she die ?? Full details Video Sad accident from here ▶ #ripbiancaً


The answer is always “no” if you don’t ask. #MondayMotivation #MotivationMonday

“The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.” — Brian Herbert #MondayThoughts #MondayMotivation #WholesaleMicrofiber #WetMops #Brooms #DustMops #BroomHandles #CarpetBonnets @PremierMopBroom


Alan Turing to be face of new British banknote


A Million People Have Pledged To Take Over Area 51. The Military's Response Would Be A Bloodbath…

#ripbianca I’m setting my accounts on private .___.

me: okay i gotchu guys, now stay quiet while we sneak out of the facility the aliens i just rescued from area 51:

Fellas, looks like they're keeping all the area 51 aliens inside Jeff Bezo's neck and we gotta get em outta there somehow

Enigma code-breaker castrated for being gay revealed as the new face of UK's £50 note…

Thrilled to hear that Alan Turing will be the new face of the £50 note. It’s Turing’s pioneering work in #AI and mathematical biology that has enabled companies like Exscientia to today deliver better and faster medicines for patients by applying AI to #drugdiscovery…

It's a beautiful thing. #bitcoin $BTC. Long live Alan Turing.…

Raak de man van #TheMan niet aan… want dan voel je de pijn van een kendo stick! #ExtremeRules

Most of the Internet: After a wonderful show, WWE's #ExtremeRules was COMPLETELY RUINED by Brock Lesnar cashing in his Briefcase to end your night as Universal Champion. Me: After a night of decent wrestling with some dud finishes in context of story Brock Lesnar saved the show.

When I see someone watching tennis they either say they're Federer fan or Nadal fan.. Djokovic ku en avlo fans illa ? Avan Enna pannan apdi ?

I can't believe how similar the two matches vs Federer and Nadull at Wimby in the last couple of years were. It's like Nole dangles the victory in front of Fedull and then snatches it away at last moment like a form of mental molestation. Pure mindfuckery.

To be fair, I think Renata took it easy on her trash husband in the car on the way home from that bankruptcy hearing. Jesus. What a fucker. #BigLittleLies

HBO NÃOOOOO! De acordo com o TV Line, Casey Bloys, o chefe de programação da HBO, contou que a 2a temporada de #BigLittleLies deve ser a última! Ele disse que o elenco é cotadíssimo em Hollywood e que séria difícil reunir todas essas mulheres incríveis de volta para mais um ano.+


Meryl Streep's character in #BigLittleLies is a whole other kind of next level evil

Robbie Gould was adamant it was not about the money. It was about his family, living in Chicago, and not being out here. Reality is he was doing his family a disservice by not accepting these offfers. Someone talked some sense him to him today. B/c it’s always about the $

A deadline brings together the #49ers and kicker Robbie Gould after an acrimonious offseason.…

El gobernador, @ricardorossello, luego de no atender a la prensa desde el viernes y de ir a una entrevista en Nacion Z esta mañana para decir que los medios tergiversan la información, se fue abruptamente al ver que el CPI llegó para hacerle preguntas.

Have you joined MIA, Oliver Stone, Ken Loach, Yanis Varoufakis, Alice Walker, Slavoj Žižek, Chris Hedges, Lauri Love and many more at #WeAreMillions yet? Take part in the global photo campaign in support of Julian Assange! #FreeAssange


The San Francisco 49ers agree to terms with kicker Robbie Gould reaching agreement on a two-year, $10.5 million fully-guaranteed deal per @AdamSchefter


Katie: welcome to the Ho Down!!!! Candace: #RHOP

Former GOPer Mia Love who is also a black woman was on CNN this morning refusing to call trump a racist because she isn’t in his head. What he does, his entire vile history and what he says is proof enough. No one wants to be in that head aside from Lindsey Graham.

On behalf of all black people in Utah. Mia love has never represented us. She never will. We voted her out of office and she needs to go away. Bye Mia.…

Mia Love is a spineless coward black woman. Shame on her and no wonder she was voted out.

Mia Love won't call Trump racist, but she practically accused Democrats of being racist for defeating her.…

Love PowerもマーブルロケットもBrand new dayもハッピーマテリアルも、気がついたら勝手に手が動いて振り付けやってて「体に染み付いてんだなぁ」って感じました。

#TuckFrump ‘Pure cowardice’: CNN’s Frank Bruni corners GOP’s Mia Love for refusing to condemn Trump’s racism… @realTuckFrumper

Mia Love refused to say Trump's tweets against congresswomen of color were "racist" on CNN's New Day this morning. Twitter users heard her loud and clear. #RacistPresident #RacistInChief #RacistTrump

¡Como es posible que esta emisora haya permitido esto!. VERGUENZA, BOCHORNO ,INDIGNACION. @ColbergLatigo y la Lcda Lopez Mulero son parte del programa TENÍAN que estar ahí. Choca ver la falta de apoyo de sus compañeros del programa Nación Z #todosoninguno #TelegramGate…

No dejar entrar al estudio de Nación Z a Mayra López Mulero y a Colberg Toro demuestra que todo fue un montaje.

No dejan entrar a Mayra López Mulero al estudio de Nación Z @PrimeraHora

Esta mañana conversando con @Limarys_Suarez, @aergary, Eduardo Ferrer y @drcorazon2016 sobre las acciones que estamos discutiendo para combatir la corrupción y la evaluación que realizamos al desempeño de los jefes de agencia. @NacionZ937


.@DelgadoAltieri apoyas las expresiones de Eduardo Ferrer defendiendo a @ricardorossello en @NacionZ937? Yo estoy sin palabras.

Eduardo Ferrer hermano de el ex pres del PPD Hector Ferrer dice que su familia admira al gobernador. Comento que " en los momentos mas dificiles el estuvo con nosotros...El es humano y esperamos que esto no vuelva a ocurrir".

Eduardo Ferrer Ríos haciéndole la media de relaciones públicas⁉️ Que puñetas es esto⁉️ A qué hemos llegado? Que su familia lo damita y lo apoya. Que carajos es estooooo⁉️ Y Gary le zumba una pregunta acomodaticia?

what if we .... kissed ! .... during the uh ,,..... minecraft sunset ...... at the area 51 raid .... no no ........... unless?

me when people don’t actually raid area 51…

Me speaking the new alien language I learned after stealing one from area 51

One million juiced-up Kyles have expressed interest in storming the top-secret facility, while the U.S. Air Force have confirmed that bullets will absolutely not be stopped by Naruto running. This is 2019, folks.


I don’t think enough people feel goofy about judging Meg’s little outfits while she was working on a whole Hype Williams directed visual project for her music. niggas worry about the w r o n g things. she can spit, makes hits that stick like grits, and has a vision.

#RHOP I think Katie’s growing that good good on those acres..

Candiace has been emotionally stunted by her mother. She acts like a teenager 32 year old. #RHOP

जास्त पॉईंट व गेम जिंकून मॅच हारायची, तेवढ्याच धावा केल्या असता जास्त विकेट्स काढूनही मॅच हारायची! असं कुठं असतंय का? #WimbledonFinal #ICCWorldCup2019

Yo Matt Vasgersian, mention again how late it is dude, I don’t think the viewers have quite grasped the length of this game yet #RedSox #SundayNightBaseball

Jessica Mendoza ruins #SundayNightBaseball. She is no where near qualified to call games. It’s not that she is a woman. For example, Suzyn Waksman is a terrific announcer for the Yankees radio. I don’t care what Gender calls the game. Just make sure they are qualified.

I dont think anyone understands my love my baseball.. hockey and baseball are 1A and 1B. You give me a good matchup and I'll watch it until the end..... as I sit in my 5th hour of #SundayNightBaseball

Crazy how bad baseball has become a homerun or bust league. Runner on 2nd bottom of 11 with your 9 hitter and no outs. No bunt followed by bad baserunning an 5 minutes later we are onto the 12th #SundayNightBaseball #RedSox #wherearethefundamentals

This is really one movie hugely disimproved by the handling of its cringy, sexist romantic subplot. Does call for a remake. #HATM

The is @HerbertHistory for making this idea happen. It’s been fun and can’t wait for another year. #HATM

♣️♦️Día 3 (FINAL)♠️♥️ El jugador alicantino Eduardo Gómez se proclama campeón del CEP por @PokerStarsSpain Alicante 2019 (22.500€) tras un pacto a tres bandas con Carles Ferrer (2.º 21.850€) y Txarly Pablos (3.º 21.250€). @C_Mediterraneo


Best world Cup final and best commentary panel..... Nasser Hussain, Ian Bishop and Ian Smith #CWC19Final is lit

Brilliant batting from Stokes and Buttler in that over. New Zealand need 16 to be world champions. #NZvENG #CWC19Final


De Grandhomme would have been a better choice for the super over #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ

"Ainda não sei o que aconteceu. Eu tive chances, ele também. Fico feliz com a minha performance também. Novak, parabéns, foi uma loucura" - Federer bem honesto. #FedererXDjokoNoSporTV

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