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DEVASTATING! Rep. Stefanik Gets Democrats' Top Witness to Admit That Obama Admin Knew Hunter Biden's Corruption Was a Problem (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

Rep. Elise Stefanik: "These hearings are not about tweets, they are about impeachment of the President of the United States."

After the repugnant display of disrespect shown by Elise Stefanik to the brave men and women who are testifying in Congress, I ask that you join me in supporting her opponent, Tedra Cobb…

Members of the public give fmr Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch a standing ovation as she exits the hearing room. #ImpeachmentHearing

The rules actually make clear that only the Ranking Member and counsel can ask questions. If GOP wants Nunes to step down and make Stefanik the Ranking Member, they should do that.…

This is perfect! Thank you Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch for your service and dedication to our country. You and others like you are what makes this country GREAT, not @realDonaldTrump…

How Republicans Tried to Manufacture Outrage During Friday’s Impeachment Hearing…

Today @realDonaldTrump defended Roger Stone and attacked Marie Yovanovitch. #LockHimUp

Former Trump associate Roger Stone has been found guilty on all seven counts of lying to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering in a federal trial.…

Fun Fact: The House "rules" that #Nunes #GymJordan #Stefanik #Trump and others are incessantly whining about are borrowed from the House investigation procedures PASSED BY REPUBLICANS in 2015.… #ImpeachmentHearings #Yovanovitch

Well said:"Minnesotans have a long tradition of caring for their communities & environment, & recycling is one of the daily activities each of us can do to help conserve national resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions & save energy."#AmericaRecyclesDay…

Nooooooooo! A friendly reminder from the #GreenestShow on #AmericaRecyclesDay - ONLY bottles, cans, paper and cardboard in the recycling. Oh, and be sure to empty out those liquids before recycling as well!


#PalmBeachCounty is home to beautiful beaches that we all enjoy. #AmericaRecyclesDay is a great reminder to reduce, reuse, recycle, and eliminate plastic use when possible in order to keep our beaches clean!


Trump committing witness tampering in real time during his own impeachment hearing is known as Impeachment Turducken! #TrumpBriberyCrimes #ImpeachTrump #witnesstampering

it’s beginning to look a lot like btsmas #BlackOutBTS (someone pls credit the artist:( )


One of my takeaways from the hearing today: Mike Turner and Elise Stefanik are now fully in the tank for Trump. That is bad news for the Constitution. Because they are both smarter than that, and could play a pivotal role as independent voices.

Mike Turner’s Congressional opponent FTW.…

How dare Mike Conaway infer that Sec. Kent might have been PAID to give a glowing report on Ambassador's character and job performance!!!

Catch this rather abrasive exchange here between Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio and Amb. Yovanovitch — Chairman Schiff felt it necessary to step in.

When Rep. Adam Schiff intervened to let former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch finish answering a question, Rep. Mike Turner said, “Nope. Not on my time. You’re done. Right?” More updates here:

My goodness. I’m trying to be objective, but with the exception of @HurdOnTheHill — do the Minority members sound just angry and mean in their questioning? Their tone is just brutal. Stefanik Jordan Turner Conaway Turner Nunes #ImpeachmentHearing

If you have been watching today then you know Republican Mike Turner is a complete disgrace. The district is only R+4. Let’s flip it. Follow Democrat @TimsDesiree and make a contribution directly to her and our efforts to defeat Mike Turner:…

I really hope every Republican woman who voted for Trump in 2016 gets to watch this GOP bully Mike Turner try to silence Ambassador Yovanovitch this morning. Y'all need to stop fooling yourselves that these guys respect you. #ImpeachmentHearing…

you don't deserve this. shame on scott. shame on scooter. i love you so much and we're going to fight for you. #IStandWithTaylor…



Steelers vs Browns NFL Fight 11/14/2019 via @YouTube. Fuck Myles Garrett for this!!

How can someone be so cruel to rob a woman of HER art and more than 10 years of work?! #IStandWithTaylor #EwScooterBraun

arianators and swifties on their way to destroy sc*tt and sco*ter #IStandWithTaylor

taylor should make a recording company and hire every female artist and only female executives so that no men can succeed in this industry. #IStandWithTaylor


Myles Garrett should be forced to play for Cleveland for the rest of his career

NFL must make an example out of Myles Garrett


myles garrett really took a note out of blitz the league huh

Myles Garrett: “A win’s a win. I don’t think it’s overshadowed by what happened in eight seconds.” #Steelers

Kudos to Pouncey (never thought I'd say THAT), if i see my QB getting jacked up you damn straight I'm hoping on a MFr and swingin.

Entrevisté a @rosaliavt hace dos años, iba a su primera gala de los @LatinGRAMMYs. Casi una hora de charla con una chica que sobre todo rezumaba ilusión, y que tenía muy claros sus objetivos. Su tra-tra marca a una generación. @La_SER #Rosalia #LatinGRAMMY…

I really admire you. He is a cute, handsome and always caring person. Do you know? He is a person who always tries to fix himself. Wonho ahhhh~ ❤ #BeStrongForWonho #기억해_514


#WorldDiabetesDay #EndDiabetes My Dad (diagnosed later in life) & Uncle (born with) both had diabetes I watched how their life changed. Please make a donation to Jeff @CanadasWalk campaign who is hiking across Canada for diabetes @AlbertaDiabetes…


Just read that a third victim has died in the Santa Clarita shooting. #MassacreMitch @senatemajldr is as guilty as the 16 year-old w/ the gun. Once again, we get on the phone w/ our Senators & you’re smart & know what to do. #Thursdaythoughts #GunControlNow

Guys will try and Disney+ their way into some pussy now.

With Walt’s untimely passing, the fate of the Florida Project had fallen into the hands of his brother, Roy O. Disney. Learn how Roy and the WDI team fulfilled Walt’s dream in episode 2 of #TheImagineeringStory, “What Would Walt Do?” Streaming tomorrow!


Just want to end #WorldDiabetesDay by saying a big shout-out to all the #diabuddies whom I've got to know over recent years. Some have become close real-world friends, but all are a constant reminder of a deeply shared bond. #BloodSugarIsThickerThanWater

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