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It’s crazy but I still don’t believe Ghost is actually dead #PowerTV

#Vidéo Mini cover de “Falling” d’Harry Styles par Connor

Conor McGregor returns to UFC, TKOs 'Cowboy' Cerrone in 40 seconds…


Elisa Marie did more investigating than the entire NYPD combined #PowerTV


Championship Sunday, fresh snow to shovel. First time in my 20 years living in this neighborhood that I’ve seen one of these guys come visit.


I never hated a character more than Tariq #PowerTV

Here are 10 things you need to know ahead of Sunday's NFC Championship

Strawweight division fighter Felice Herrig was attacked following last night's #UFC246 event in Las Vegas.…


Na let’s give proctors daughter an Oscar right nowwwwwwwww #powertv

When ElisaMarie comes back in the #PowerTV spin off with choppa!!!!! #PowerStarz


Bacon Swiss & Avacado omelettes with fresh pressed vodka screwdrivers. Gearing up for Conference Championship Sunday. Rolling to Chez Martí in an hour. Fun day with good friends lay ahead.

Sophie is moving mad. We all know she likes new Connor just tell old connar. It’s weird for her to tell old connar all her eggs are in his basket and tell the girls she’s open to know the new one.We don’t like old connar so we don’t care if you hurt him just do it the right way

Code Pink uses the #WomensMarch2020 to push their own agenda. Do they even care about what women in Iran are facing?


Happy birthday! Gone but never forgotten. #EdgarAllanPoe

Caraca, acabei de ver a luta do @Cowboycerrone contra o @TheNotoriousMMA... Que massacre. Connor é um atleta acima da média!

Takeover of the PAX Together Booth: Complete! #BandTogether #PAXSouth


Let’s play a game of will Sunderland fans ever stop tweeting me

I just bought a complete collection of #EdgarAllanPoe's work.

The #PAXSouth gallery has pictures taken this weekend from around campus. If you aren't at the show or just want to reflect back on the first two days, check it out!


I am a #NYC @MomsDemand volunteer because gun violence prevention is important to me.I also love the other volunteers, many who are now friends. This is my tribe from #WomensMarch2020. If you want to join us (not just for moms) text “READY” to 644-33 @MarieDelus @SheffaliWelch


Women’s March Milan today from Largo Cairoli to Piazza della Scala! Speaking up for the human rights of women everywhere! #WomensMarch2020 #WomensMarchMilan #MarchForOurHumanRights Photo credits: @rachaelmartin99


There wasn't a #WomensMarch2020 in central Arkansas. Instead, Conway Moms Demand Action Leads met to plan our spring meetings, strategy, & events. Please find a way to take action in your community! #WatchUsWork @MomsDemand


All sorts of unsavory characters making a comeback: -Emperor Palpatine. -Conor McGregor -Fianna Fail

I can't be the only person who think Connor McGregor is a pure dickhole

Now there are shit ton of options for @TheNotoriousMMA - khabib rematch(Dana wants), Masvidal for BMF(Jorge wants), Floyd Mayweather rematch(Floyd wamts), Manny Pacquiao also(also wants a shot) I mean it's upto Mystic Mac. damn now he decides MONEY OR REVENGE #ConorMcGregor


Mystic Mac teki mitä lupasi - Conor McGregor palasi tyrmäävästi. Mitä seuraavaksi McGregorille? #UFCfi #UFC246 #FinnMMA

Not long after McGregor's hand was raised by referee Herb Dean, fighters and worldwide stars, including basketball icon LeBron James, took to Twitter to praise "The Notorious."…

Someone deport ferrandis, sounds like he’s got peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth

Woke up to see Conor McGregor smashed Cowboy Cerrone to smithereens in just 40 seconds. Probably a good thing I forgot to set my alarm. Focused, fit & on form, Conor is a beast. Probably the best. Surprised Cowboy didn't make him sweat though. Mystic Mac is back!!

Herb Dean after getting thousands for reffing a 40 second fight.

Herb Dean watching Conor absolutely destroy Cowboy #UFC246

Really gotta give Herb Dean his due for letting that fight go a bit longer. People only want to point out ref mistakes usually. He gave Cowboy every opportunity to survive. That’s a seasoned move right there. #UFC246

Another day of #PAXSouth 2020 is wrapping up. There's still more planned for tomorrow though, so don't stay up too late partying and we'll see you in the morning for Day 3!

Glad Cerrone did the right thing and took a dive. Someone seriously get Herb Dean out of the there. Incompetent bozo.

Fuck Dylan Ferrandis

In Las Vegas #UFC246 Round 1 Such drama... They immediately clinch  Cowboy is cut  McGregor with a huge left headkick and punches attacks Cerrone who collapses under weight of punches. Referee Herb Dean steps in to separate them. The fight is over. The Mac is back.30 seconds?

Y’all know I just care about my boy Herb Dean

The ultimate finish would have been Jett Lawrence putting Dylan Ferrandis over the berm in that corner before the whoops. If only he’d known how Craig went down. #SupercrossLIVE

i’m on omegle and some guy just yelled at me cause i haven’t heard eminem’s new album. i swear i can’t escape these stans

"Wherever they’re being held—in Washington, D.C., or Anchorage, Alaska—let’s encourage men to march for gender equity, and to transform manhood." #womensmarch2020

usually i'm against "Victim of the day" / news twitter , but Aaron Carter getting pissed off and territorial and causing legal damages because he thinks an images of two stupid looking wolves he found is cool is a refreshingly predictable late modernity spectacle i can get behind

Eminem فشخ الواقع في Godzilla اية دة يا جدعان ؟

DoD: We’re going to have to spend money intelligently now that budget growth is stagnant. No duplicative or questionable capabilities. Space Force:


Online artist: Draws a picture and posts it on Twitter dot com Aaron Carter:

I'd also like to tweet on #WinnieThePoohDay that I am definitely Piglet and am married to Rabbit. (He thinks he's Eeyore, but OMG. He's definitely Rabbit.) Who are you and YOUR partner?

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