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Que nadie olvide que la sentencia, recoge la tesis de la abogacía del Estado, avalada por Pedro Sánchez.

La sentencia no podía ser más política, va en función del peso e influencia en la sociedad de cada preso político. Sánchez y Cuixart, sin malversación, penas altísimas. Es una barbaridad jurídica. #LlibertatPresosPoliticsiexiliats #LlibertatDetingudes23S #JudiciFarsa

El TS se decanta por el criterio de la Abogacía del Estado que Sánchez sustituyó por Edmundo Bal. Si tanto Fiscalía como Abogacía del Estado hubieran apostado por la rebelión, la condena no podría ser otra que esa. Sánchez es un peligro para España. #SentenciaProces

Sánchez repite el mantra: "o yo o el bloqueo". Parece aquella viñeta de Hermano Lobo. Aquí la gente podría gritar: "el bloqueo,el bloqueo" y Sánchez, al igual que el político de la tira, podría decir: "da igual, el bloqueo también soy yo".

For holding a vote: Junqueras 13 years in prison Romeva 12 years Turull 12 years Bassa 12 years Forcadell 11’5 years Forn 10’5 years Rull 10’5 years Cuixart 9 years Sànchez 9 years #EverybodysLand #DemocracyInSpain

kendall said “sails out nails out” and so much stuff happened that it’s barely worth tweeting about

Acabo de ver a Sanchez (el adc) en el casting de OT de Valencia wtf!! , le han peinao , F

Kathy Griffin being brutally assaulted in the Kingsman mashup, along with other enemies of Trump, was shown at the DoraL property of Trump. Enjoying this was Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Donald Trump Jr. Must have been quite a hoot for them to watch. #Cult45 at its finest!

Now if that doesn't look like daddy smiling proudly for his "killer" son then I really don't know what is #SuccessionHBO


Hugo Carvajal a Rafael Correa: Hipócrita, ni por el carajo pediste compartir los videos de la represión de Maduro… Robotic #VHR in morbidly obese patients: perioperative and mid-term outcomes. #HerniaSurgery #SoMe4Surgery #RoboticSurgery #ObesitySurgery


What a horrible video depicting Trump as a murderer (using The #Kingsman movie..@KingsmanMovie . Are really for that video someone made? Im not posting it. Liberals are disgusting.

"Vacation's not a vacation without the chief financial officer" -Siobhan Roy #SuccessionHBO Finally, someone who understands that CFOs can be fun! (and sometimes, we also have amazing record collections)

OMFG the #SuccessionHBO finale completely broke me!!!! I’m dead. This has been a perfect fucking season of television. The last time I felt this way about a season finale was the trinity season of Dexter. So goddamn perfect - totally unexpected and devastating but perfect.

Ok - I give in - starting Season 1. - episode 1 #SuccessionHBO

#SuccessionHBO Riveting episode 10/13/19 Roy anticipated Kendall's reaction. Both are great. If there is any justice in this world, or the world of entertainment, every acting, writing, directing, producing, sound/music, wardrobe, and photography honors should go to Succession.

Finally, finally, thank you for the #KillerInstinct, #SuccessionHBO. Wearing those headphones, going deep inside, coming out no longer broken, playing that long game. Two characters I've begged and pleaded to be running the long con banding together to do it. YES.

As soon as I saw Cousin Greg with that yellow envelope... #SuccessionHBO

One way upon reflection I’m interpreting this game: The guy Houston needed to get going (Correa) did just that. The guy New York needed to get going (Sanchez) had some great swings, but is still not quite there.

Isn't it clear that turbidity in rivers and Reef from cattle grazing have happened for decades, with chemical runoff from cropping, all worsened by huge land clearing - are there any plans to evaluate effect. If reducing any of these? #thedrum @ActOnClimateVic @readfearn

At least 142 rivers overflow, 24 levees break in Japan during and after #TyhoonHagibis…

Lesenswerter Thread über Springer-Chef Döpfner, der anlässlich des rechtsextremen Anschlags von #Halle eine Verschärfung der Flüchtlingspolitik und mehr Berichterstattung über "Ausländerkriminalität" forderte.…

There are a lot of people who would prefer Austin Romine start over Gary Sanchez. Idiots, I tell ya

Had an opportunity and blew it. Awful AB after awful AB. undisciplined, selfish, horrible swings. Bullpen could only hold up so long. I said it last year and I’ll say it again, I never want to see Gary suit up for the squad again. Give me Austin romine.

Officially time to move Correa back to 5 and Yordan to 7. Wow

Might be about time to give Romine a start. Gary is stuck.

Gary is by far the better player. But right here, right now, PHing Romine has to be considered.

This is where you hate having a short bench. Giancarlo Stanton (quad injury) and Austin Romine are the only players left for NYY. Ideally, you’d pinch run for Edwin Encarnacion at 2B, but there are no options.

I would kill a farm full of chickens if that meant the Yordan we know and love would come back…

Kirk Cousins > Dak Prescott Adam Thielen > Amari Cooper Stefon Diggs > Michael Gallup Next week is not going to be impossible to win. Come back, play better, and get the win to go to 4-3.

Participando sem intenção alguma, boa noite #LGBTQtakeover


#BTSPAVEDTHEWAY an logrado cosas inesperadas no importa lo q pase ARMY estará con ustedes y los defenderá con cualquier msj malisioso siempre el fandom estará unido ❤️ y viendo sus logros


I am sure I am not the only one holding my child just a little bit closer tonight. #SayHerName #AtatianaJefferson

19 hours late. We deserve to be more than an afterthought. Unacceptable! #AtatianaJefferson #blacklivesmatter…

Xavier University President on death of alum #AtatianaJefferson in Forth Worth, Texas.…

Don’t let anyone shift the focus or the narrative. Don’t let this be framed as whether the cops should’ve been called at all, or what number was called, or anything other than the fact that a WHITE COP MURDERED AN UNARMED BLACK WOMAN IN HER OWN HOME. #AtatianaJefferson

Diggs ruined my fantasy week

He dies #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

He does #SpoilAMovieIn2Words

#NoBraDay Check your breast today

“Fear God” is trending. It always cracks me up when it’s obvious these “Christians” have never read their own holy book.


el camino’yu izlerken yaslanmanın ne kadar igrenc bir sey oldugu aklımdan cıkmadı

“A white Fort Worth police officer fatally shot a black woman in her home early Saturday morning, firing through a bedroom window while responding to a call about an open door at the residence” In her home. This is madness. #AtatianaJefferson #SayHerName

Updated numbers for Tanaka Regular season 3.88 FIP, 3.49 xFIP, 3.60 SIERA Postseason 3.10 FIP, 3.58 xFIP, 3.34 SIERA Are his numbers slightly better in the postseason? Yes, but it's only 41 innings so hard to draw any real conclusions from it. He's a good pitcher at all times.

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