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#Jaipur : सरस घी 10 रुपए प्रति लीटर सस्ता सभी प्रकार के पैक्स में 10 रुपए लीटर सस्ता, नई दरें कल सुबह से होंगी लागू, एक लीटर मोनो कार्टन पैक 480 के बजाय मिलेगा 470 रुपए में, 5 लीटर टिन पैक 2400 के स्थान पर अब मिलेगा 2350 रुपए में... #COVID19 #CoronaVirus #COVID19Pandemic


#BreakingNews அத்யாவசிய பொருட்கள் விற்பனை செய்யும் கடைகள் திறந்திருக்கும் நேரம் குறைப்பு. காலை 6 மணிமுதல் 1 மணிவரை மட்டுமே கடைகள் திறந்திருக்கும். இந்த நேரக்கட்டுப்பாடு நாளை முதல் அமலுக்குவருகிறது: தமிழக அரசு @CMOTamilNadu @News18TamilNadu #lockdown #COVID19Pandemic

And lest you were confused, Jared Kushner doesn't know shit about anything. Certainly not what NY needs in a pandemic. Some limp dicked trust fund baby with a daddy in jail playing model UN? Get outta here.

Coronavirus hasn’t stopped Jared Kushner’s real estate empire from hounding tenants with debt collection, eviction lawsuits by @lhfang

Why are economy experts worried about economy after #COVID19Pandemic ? No economy can be worse then when Modi1.0 took over from manmohan singh.from that low point if Modi govt can get economy to where it is today then why should anybody be scared of ?

Since Jessica Alba is trending, here’s an Em song that mentions her We Made You by Eminem… #NowPlaying

Congratulations @Keir_Starmer. Now onward to being a constructive and challenging opposition - crucially important in such worrying and uncertain times.…

Ignoring the dance, It is amazing how Jessica Alba looks almost exactly how she did in dark angel.…

Wait #CLUBTWITTER is back, 2012 is that you kinfolk? Anyway, what it do baby? Holdin it down in Dtown y’all

Bill Withers' most memorable performances via @YouTube

#Physicians& #nurses in #Iran R fighting #COVID19Pandemic without governmental support or aid. But they will stand together & will put all they have for their compatriots. In a country ruled by demons, these nurses&doctors are #IransAngels @WHO @UN

Jared Kushner’s ventilator remarks contradicted a government website. Hours later, the site was changed.

#LetsGaslightTrump Jared Fogle would have been a better choice for senior advisor

If Trump were proud of firing Captain Brett Crozier and Inspector General Michael Atkinson, he'd have announced it during Friday's vanity press conference. PERIOD.

Not going to pretend I was a huge Bill Withers fan but Ain’t No Sunshine is the first song on my favorite playlist

Jessica Alba is still one of the most beautiful women I have seen in my entire existence

Two types of #COVID2019 distancing: 1. #SocialDistanacing ( physical distancing) 2. Corona related fake news distancing #COVID19Pandemic

Gonna watch onward for the hot elf dude

#Earthquake M4.1 91 km al SUROESTE de HUIXTLA, CHIS (Mexico) 4 Apr 06:28 UTC - report/info:

Trump fires intelligence community watchdog who defied him on whistleblower complaint… via @politico

I’m in love with Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba I want you

Soul singer Bill Withers, best known for his hit songs ‘Lean On Me,’ ‘Ain’t No Sunshine and ‘Lovely Day’ has died at age 81

Dumb & Dumber & Even Dumber & Dumbest & Even Dumber Than That #TrumpFamilyMovieNight

Bill Withers was the definition of timeless

Currently, listening to nothing but Bill Withers. RIP.


Eternal presidency of the thoughtless mind #TrumpFamilyMovieNight

National memory of our people lost life in the #COVID19Pandemic in #China


Hope She'll Be Happier via @YouTube Rest In Peace, Bill Withers

rip bill withers u were an incredible soul and musician. ur legacy will live on forever

Mr. Sith Goes To Washington #TrumpFamilyMovieNight

okay I’m really feeling Dab the Sky #DigitalMirage

Trump – ‘The reason Democrats don’t want voter ID is because they intend to cheat’……

Playing #AnimalCrossingNH and my character collects bugs, picks fruits, gardens, goes fishing and never washes her hands. This is not good in 2020.

Thank you to everyone who supported #AllTogetherATX today! We saw donations ranging from $25 to $250,000—all of which counted towards today’s total of $3,379,180! Words can’t describe how appreciative we are of our city, our community & our partner through it all, @UnitedWayATX


TO SAY GOODBYEEEE!!!!! #DigitalMirage

⚠️Trollbots are tweeting about "Voter ID" and it is trending.

I hope the women of America are paying attention during the prez’s press briefings/rallies. His behavior towards the female reporters is deplorable, rude and demeaning. I will never understand why a woman would support such a despicable man. #TrumpPressBriefing

What do YOU call a military officer who is willing to place his own career path in jeopardy to protect the well-being of the sailors, soldiers, Marines or airmen under his command? #CaptainBrettCrozier

BOOZE-TO-GO: Because we could all use a cold marg while we’re stuck in quarantine… El Arroyo teamed up with a local moped company to make it happen. #AllTogetherATX…

$3,338,443 raised so far! @MikeRushKVUE tells us how you can donate to #AllTogetherATX to help Texans suffering from the economic consequences of the #coronavirus. Learn more and donate now at or text “togetheratx” to 474747…

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