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Joe Buck Was Far More Outraged By Randy Moss Mooning Packer Fans Than Myles Garret Attacking Mason Rudolph


NEW: For someone supposedly not even watching, president's 'intimidating' intervention loomed large, via ⁦…

Restrictive as Schiff's rules for questioning impeachment witnesses are, Republicans are still allowed two 45-minute rounds reserved for questioning by their lead counsel Steve Castor. Problem is,Castor ain't ready for prime-time. They need to replace him w someone more effective

Okay, Yovanovitch was upset that Pres Trump told a foreign leader that she was bad news, and here she is crying in front of congress complaining about him. Hmmm, could he have been correct?

Fox’s John Roberts: Trump’s attack on Yovanovitch caused ‘a lot of damage’ to foreheads at the White House…

If - as per Nunes, et al - Ms. Yovanovitch is an unnecessary witness, why is their mad King intimidating the witness while she's giving evidence? It's like a scene from Oliver; Trump demands they defend him, they do, he shits all over them, and then they say 'more please.'

Elise Stefanik wants you to believe that Adam Schiff “muzzled” Republicans during Friday’s #ImpeachmentHearing. But all he really did was try to enforce the rules.…

GOP lawmaker Elise Stefanik mocked after whining Adam Schiff wouldn’t let her break impeachment hearing rules…

A lot of you niggas are mason Rudolph

I’ll add that the point of this stunt is to pretend Schiff is sexist because they know that Trump’s sexism was going to be highlighted by the hearing today. Everything about the right is trolling. Everything.…

See step-by-step how our photographers captured the Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph brawl at the end of Thursday night's game.

Mason Rudolph, Myles Garrett, and the two offensive lineman all deserved suspensions for the brawl last night and Mason Rudolph started that shit by attacking Garrett first. You can't convince me otherwise.

Are you going to sign up for conjugal visits in jail with Roger Stone ?…

Jhené Aiko features her ex-boyfriend Big Sean on her new song "None of Your Concern"


The Liberal Plot to make Republicans LOOK STUPID, also known as "operation just let them speak" is working splendidly. #ImpeachmentHearing #ImpeachingHearings


Elise Stefanik is an appalling bully and grandstander. No one believes your lies. You are all pathetic measured against the 3 witnesses that have testified.…

A Real Star is shining in the Republican Party Representative Elise Stefanik Thank you on behalf of millions of Americans with your outstanding defense of our POTUS and the rule of law. @EliseStefanik


When the manager won’t come to the front of the store in a timely manner #ImpeachmentHearing #ImpeachingHearings


In just 14 games for the Eagles, Jay Ajayi recorded: -957 total yards -12 TDs -4.94 yards per carry -8.62 yards per reception -75% catch rate -1 Super Bowl Win If he’s healthy, this is a legitimate upgrade to the offense. #Eagles #FlyEaglesFly

Jay Ajayi to the Pats sideline before the game.

Rep. Mike Conaway berated Adam Schiff after hearing Conaway wanted to be recognized. And then his mic was cut off. Then the GOP Congressman said to Schiff: “What are you so afraid of?” Schiff turned to him and walked out after saying something that was inaudible

The hearing ends with Schiff's speech getting a rousing applause from the crowd in attendance at the hearing, while he ignored a request from Rep. Conaway to be recognized for a motion, something Conaway was able to do yesterday

She just got a standing O as Conaway had an outburst of nonsense words that got drowned out by the clapping.…

Dear Mike Conaway, as @RepMikeQuigley pointed out, rather than being a "Hallmark Movie" this was a nightmare of a reality show put in by our traitorous President enabled by sycophants like you as his co stars. #ImpeachmentHearings

Conaway, Turner, and now Stefanik, it's all distraction and B.S. ANYTHING to draw attention away from #TrumpBriberyCrimes. Republicans look pathetic. #ImpeachmentHearing #witnesstampering

Rep. Mike Conaway's question to Marie Yovanovitch—"Do they shun you at the lunch counter?"—is both senseless and also has uncomfortable historical overtones. And is weird. #ImpeachmentHearing

Conaway: I believe I have stepped on ALL the rakes now. Pause. Conaway: No wait! I found some more! Yay.

Just Myles Garrett ripping off Mason Rudolph’s helmet to hit him with it

Le casque de Rudolph devrait être suspendu le plus longtemps. Après toit c'est lui qui met le 1er coup.…

Rosalía regna als Grammy Llatins i s'endú 5 premis per "El mal querer". Un disc que ha confessat que va fer "en un pis, amb dos ordinadors, una targeta de so, un micro i ja està" #LatinGRAMMY


Just gone down watching #CLEvsPIT #browns gonna Brown...Myles Garrett might be the dumbest person to ever live... #nfl #tnf

In their rush to proclaim that Mason Rudolph started it by pulling at Myles Garrett’s helmet, everybody’s looking past what actually started the fight: Garrett illegally tackling Rudolph after he already threw the ball. The game was over — Garrett wanted one last cheap shot.

There are WAAAAY too many SHEEP commenting about Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph. If you think Mason Rudolph is a Victim Because he got CLOCKED with his own helmet you should go take a long walk off of a short bridge. You can't start shit then play Victim when you lose.

Me agreeing with all the patients: #GreysAnatomy

This shit happened for 20 years and we just took it. Called the Steelers a “physical team”. They “play hard” and “hit you in the mouth”. Tonight we finally swung back. The helmet hit aside, we physically dominated them and they can’t stand it.


The #Browns signing Kareem Hunt makes so much more sense now. Dirty ass team.

You’re struggling to hide your bias. Myles was contrite in his post game interview, biggest mistake he made was he had an opportunity to apologize to Mason Rudolph AND his teammates and he failed to apologize to Rudolph.…

-Carmelo Anthony was signed by an NBA team in the year 2019 -Myles Garrett was involved in an altercation Someone check if hell has frozen over

MLB: Let's have the most interesting scandal possible. Fans: I am intrigued. Do tell Myles Garrett:... Fans

서로 마주보고 앉은 자세로 잉챠잉챠하는 송성 주실분~~~~~성이 쾌감에 막 목 뒤로 꺽으면서 자지러지면 송은 그 드러난 하얀 목덜미를 콰득하고 물어버리는거 주실분~~~~~

着いたら、つけ麺食べるんだ。 お久しぶりのとみ田様♡

New chief executive tells Blackpool fans to dare to dream again


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