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Am using this opportunity to thank @fixed_chris for his grace and effort to make me win almost a million. Never in my wildest dream will I have thought I could win this big. This is real, subscribe to @fixed_chris tips today and win big! #ILikeBernie #Martinelli #Tammy #SPIRITUAL


#Sardine Ma vuoi vedere che su De Benedetti aveva ragione Silvio?

Robert Hyde is the new human train wreck in the #impeachmenttrial saga. He is making Rudy look stable. @CNN

Fellation : Se jeter dans la gueule, le loup.

Forgotten that I had photos from Derek Jeter’s last games at Miller Park and Wrigley Field #cubs #yankees #HallofFame2020


Delonte West, de ser estrella de NBA con LeBron James a ser indigente VIDEO ▶


Jalen Smith's blossoming into a star, a key player is waking up and Maryland overcame one horrible half with a brilliant one. Reactions from the Terps' win at Northwestern:… #Terps


First road win for the Terps!! Love to know what was said at halftime!!! Dominant 2nd half!! #terps

That’s one helluva performance in 2nd half. Great passing, great movement. But, most importantly, they hit shots. #Terps have so much talent. They shouldn’t go through stretches when they can’t score like they do sometimes. I’ll take the road W and move on to Indiana.

FINAL: #Terps 77, Northwestern 66 Stix Smith dominates in the 2nd en route to a game-high and new career-high 25 points. Aaron Wiggins with a career-high 17 points. Terps get their first road win of the season.

If this Hillary we're talking about, she's not horrified by Trump. She attended his most recent wedding. Did people like him? Dick Morris? People like him? Maybe the best solution is to stop caring so much who she thinks is a cool person, because her social circle is a mess.…

Yo guys. Sorry to just stop streaming. Comcast is being a butt. Maybe it's a sign with the Launch Day of Temtem and their issues? I'll be back around 8 - 8:30PM CST and grind all night long :)

Best scenario: 1. Bernie wins nomination 2. Hillary does not endorse him

Poor Hillary deadenders, forced to defend, once again, their Fantasy President. Supporting a bitter war criminal must be exhausting. #ILikeBernie


hillary clinton makes me want to light myself on fire im ready to shoot all these corrupt melted candle motherfuckers into the god damn sun

Anyone play Temtem yet? How is it?

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton attacks Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders AND says if he wins the nomination she is NOT committed to supporting him. It wasn't enough to cheat against Sanders in the debates last campaign. You still talking s#*t. Wow. Wow.…


Por cierto, prefiero recordar a Delonte West así.


.@gailwaldby signed an open letter to the U.S. Senate. #TrumpsRemovalTrial Tap to send to your officials:…


I do not have or want a vote, but I would have voted for: Bonds Clemens Helton Jeter A. Jones Manny Rolen Schilling Sosa Walker

I know how this movie ends. And when I say "movie", I mean "#ImpeachmentTrial".

If you’re a Republican who supports a president who abuses the powers of his office, obstructs congress, intimidates witnesses, lies each & every day, & welcomes interference in our elections, that’s perfectly fine. But this Republican doesn’t. #ImpeachmentTrial

I’ll be back online when the shit show is over. #ImpeachmentTrial

This #ImpeachmentTrial is a joke. Trump is innocent. Liberals are insane

i’m a queer person of hispanic descent and i endorse Bernie Sanders #IEndorseBernie #ILikeBernie

MASSACRE: #Schiff slaughters @realDonaldTrump's legal team, renders #Cipollone & #Sekulow absolutely useless as #MoscowMitch keeps asking for 10 minutes Coffee breaks! #GOPCoverup!…

#ILikeBernie because I believe everyone deserves to feel seen, heard and respected. I like Bernie because I believe everyone deserves to thrive. Pass it on.

"It’s a tough, but fair question to ask “Why help someone famous when millions of others are suffering unnoticed?” But at the end of the day, Delonte West is just a fellow human being. "…

#TheHungerGames Prequel Book Follows Young President Snow (& Makes Him A Hero) -


If i had a vote I wouldn't vote for Jeter just to piss off everyone who is insisting he'll be unanimous

We're sending you a big hug on #NationalHugDay! ❤️ Hug someone you love today!

Why isn't Val Demmings calling for the recusal of #moscowmitch and Limp Wrist Lindsey and stating the reasons why? Thats how you fight these crooks. Fight the process just like they do. It ain't rocket science.

I have no idea how people said Derek Jeter wasn't a great defensive player.…

All-Time OPS leaderboards. Larry Walker: 15th Derek Jeter: T-344th The fact that one guy is on his 10th try and might not get in, therefore falling off the ballot entirely and the other is probably going to go in unanimously is a problem.

#TuesdayThoughts A government that tolerates executive noncompliance with legislative subpoenas and oversight investigations is a government that would venture to trample upon the rights and protections of ordinary citizens.

What is temtem? I'd just check it out on twitch but every streamer is in a 7k+ queue...

Video shows former NBA player Delonte West being beaten on highway


Would certainly be ironic if Cocaine Mitch were the first one to fall asleep tonight. #TrumpsRemovalTrial #MidnightMitch #MoscowMitch #CocaineMitch

Soooo ... I’m starting to see a little bit of shredding in my body y’all!!! I had to sing for #mlkday outside! See !I wear more than gym clothes when it counts. What yu think? A lil peak at what I do when I’m not training or running business!


the way miss collins could have explored the “good character eventually becomes a villain” storyline abt president coin instead of president snow . we were ROBBED

Why Xavier Rhodes Is Actually the Perfect Pro Bowl Selection…

'Família James perdeu duas vezes hoje' LeBron brinca depois de derrota dos Lakers e de seu filho no ensino médio #NBAnaESPN

The exiled lawyer #MIGUNAMIGUNA Miguna has run out of options and openly given up on his much awaited return from Canada. #tukonews #TuesdayThoughts…

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