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Brittney B is fishing for a storyline #lhhh

ICYMI: #Bears win 31-15 over the #Redskins. Here is the full post game show with Hamp, OB, Koz and @thecarm. They take your calls and catch up with @AdamHoge from D.C.

Redskins are 1-9 since Alex Smith got hurt

The three coaches I could see not making it to the end of the season with their teams are: Redskins Jay Gruden, Jaguars Doug Marrone, Jets Adam Gase.

Apryl, Omarion taking your son on stage so the fans can show him love like many other artists have done isn't on the same level as you and Bubbles living together and fuckin #LHHH #LHHHollywood

Carbonated water is fuckin June for free room and board #LHHH #LHHHollywood

But like why does it look like Lyrica is holding a fake baby. #LHHH

He got his shot at the #VoicePremiere .. He funny but has talent and loves everyone. The Singing Memphis Man pt.1 via @YouTube

Jay Gruden should’ve been fired the moment Kirk threw the int to DRC keeping us out of the playoffs January 1, 2017. Goodnight everyone

Is Hegel ruining thy love relationship? Maybe 'tis time to make things Platonic.

Lol first day of libra season sucks ass I hate this

Tommy was such a pleasant and friendly man and it was a genuine pleasure to work with him in the Trust. I hope his family take comfort from the respect and affection people felt for him.…

today is the day i got to tell Judith Butler that she has overtaken Hegel on twitter…

RIP Sid Haig. Fuck the stars — gimme a character actor ANYtime:…

Who will be the next #Royals next manager? @RDCSports MLB Insider @BNightengale says it will be former #STLCards manager Mike Matheny. He explained today on #TheDrive. PODCAST:…


I'd be interested in hearing Bill Weld lay out why he thinks Trump's Ukraine conduct rises to the level of "treason" to begin with.…

Bill Weld says Donald Trump committed 'treason' amid Ukraine scandal…

It is with very great sadness that we bring you the news of the death of our Chairman, Tommy McGonigle. Tommy died on Friday at home with his family after a battle with cancer. Tommy will be remembered as the driver behind the review of services for disabled people at CP. RIP

Bill Weld says Donald Trump committed 'treason' amid Ukraine scandal…

This is indeed a problem. Not a Hegel fan...…

وقتی #hegel تو آمریکا ترند می‌شه باید سریع چک کنی :))

Wow amiga, qué compleja e indescifrable eres, cómo te dicen, ¿Hegel?

Judith Butler wrote a critique of Bari Weiss's book in @JewishCurrents and I can't pick just one quote to highlight so you should read the whole thing.…

Please for the love of God don’t hire Mike Matheny @Royals

Stranding 600,000 passengers is kid stuff compared to likely consequences of a crash out #Brexit. Consider this a preview of what happens if @BorisJohnson gets his way... #ThomasCookcollapse @ThomasCookUK…

Tour company Thomas Cook collapses, 150,000 people stranded - ABC News - via @ABC Read the entire article. Why aren't travelers responsible for covering their own butts?? Taxpayers screwed again. @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #ThomasCook

North Africa: Travel Group Thomas Cook Collapses, Tourists in Africa Affected…

So I was sick all over myself on the plane to Florida, now I’ve woke up to the news Thomas cook have gone bust so could be stranded here, that’s the karma you get for going Disneyland aged 22

the Thomas Cook insolvency is of course horrible for its employees, but bankruptcy is the funeral, not the disease; there's no force on earth could have kept that many people employed in high street travel agents'

Its so funny how kpop stan are mad about someone coming to chungha without any reason when them do the same to others idols in their daily basis

Odell Beckham Jr. says the #Browns aren't the #Rams just yet: 'We're still trying to find our identity'…

Today marks the beginning of libra season, ruled by Venus, which also makes it the official start of cuffing season

so Nairo finally won a tournament and.... I missed it


Hapi Autumn Solstice!! ♎ Libra Season come on through! #maat #beauty #harmoney #compliment #relationship #art #style


it’s libra season!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I just realized Chica by Chungha and Get Loud by TWICE sound like the only Meghan Trainor song that I ever tolerated (Woman Up) and I don't know what to feel about that but we're stanning regardless


Do you know that KuCoin's #SoftStaking service currently supports 17 coins and will be passing 20 in Q4? Super easy to participate: 1. Deposit. 2. That's it! We will do the rest. Stake while you trade.


On the train to start my Masters at @unibirmingham. This time 17 years ago I was off to freshers week for my undergrad with a super cool wardrobe and an @Argos_Online kettle, toaster and toasty maker set. Today, it's just me and my pencil case being all grown up and post grad!

J'ai pas le temps de vérifier mais la réponse serait apparemment 17 et 17, donc potentiellement Super C-17 (d'où la ligne qui fait référence à la séparation enfers/monde normal)…

Se comenta que el nuevo personaje de #DBLEGENDS podría ser SUPER 17 de GT.


I hope it is Super 17 so I can save for the UST banner

The answer is 16.76815393. Round that to the next whole number, and you get 17. The bottom equation is the exact same. The answer in "Dragon Ball" terms is Super 17…

Seems likely that it’s Super 17. If so, will not be too hyped about it personally.

The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly- #fancamsareoverparty

So my friend who is a buccaneers fan has decid3 he no longer wants to be a fan and has decided to become a cowboys fan. Danny dimes caused this and it’s hilarious

This is why ownership is the most important data point in GPP's: Mike Evans 48.00 (11.28%) (not <10%) Tyler Lockett 35.40 (3.43%) Julio Jones 29.80 (10.46%) (not quite <10%) Amari Cooper 26.80 (9.66%) And Rex Burkhead (10%) scored the same number of points (18.90) as Zeke (36%)…

Imagine Nate Dogg crooning over a Kendrick Lamar album.

JUST IN: Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs Week 4 point spread released #Lions #OnePride #Chiefs…

Danny Dimes on the game winner #DANWAGON #DannyDimes

I was warned that the sea lions at Pier 39 will eat me but I really think we could become best friends, just like I am with raccoons

UPDATE: I’m fine Mike Evans is a stud and Godwin gets leftovers. Get over it.…

Y’all need to stop reacting to Dinesh. He’s just trying to build a rep with his prison gang.

My good deed for the day - reporting dinesh d’souza’s attack on a minor

Yankees win, Danny Dimes came to the rescue, #SJUBB with a big commit.... WATTBA.

Eli would NEVER!.... Danny Dimes era!!…

Imagine getting up in the morning, booting up your large desktop computer, putting in a disc of free AOL hours, logging onto this website and saying to yourself, “I wonder what truthful thing or good piece of insight Dinesh D’Souza has for me today.”

Honestly, Does Eli Manning win that game for the Giants? I say NO. #NYGvsTB #ThankYouEli. #NFLSunday @vollmer_josh

Here I am having the best #NFLSunday EVER. Sunshine, pool, alcohol, tv. STOPPPPP I almost can't handle how happy this makes me. It's everything I've needed. SUMMER FOREVER. @ Agora at The Collective…

It's the #Seahawks' first home loss in the month of September under Pete Carroll. #Q13FOX #NOvsSEA

Live Stream #PremierLeague Now Chelsea vs Liverpool Link : @meme_heem * Arsenal vs Aston Villa Link : @meme_heem #CHًELIV Retweet


Azpilicueta's goal disallowed... Minutes later, FIRMINO doubles Liverpool's lead! #CHELIV


Philippe Reines Mocks Fellow Fox News Panelists on Trump-Ukraine: 'Your Heads Would Be Exploding' If Hillary Clinton Did This

Schiff says that if the reports about Trump's conversation with Ukraine are proven true, "then [impeachment] may be the only remedy that is coequal to the evil that conduct represents."

She’d like to speak with YOUR manager! Possible Hurricane #Karen trend the funniest damn thing you’ll read on Twitter today

Hillary Clinton: President Trump "asked a foreign power to help him win an election. Again"


This isn't the first time a #Karen took somebody's house and half of their shit. If #Karen sees these jokes, will it cause a depression?

Democrats Panic Over Biden-Ukraine Scandal As MSM Hits Full Spin Cycle…

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc was left furious after Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel won the Singapore Grand Prix. Full story ➡ #bbcf1 #F1 #SingaporeGP


Existen dos clases de personas, las que un domingo al mediodía corren 42,5 km en una maratón y las que nos abrimos una birra. Así los leo. #BuenDomingo #FelizDomingo #AlbertoPuede


Defended Tottenham yesterday for VAR for this exact reason, it’s gonna fuck everyone over it’s absolutely shite!!! #CFC #CHELIV

VAR offside rule is ridiculous that Chelsea goal should have stood #CHELIV

News: Hurricane #Karen is approaching. White Women: *gossiping*


The respect between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton is great to see! Form is temporary, class is permanent! #SingaporeGP #F1


On #CNNSOTU @RepAdamSchiff tells @jaketapper that Trump's actions with Ukraine and Biden may have "crossed the Rubicon" on impeachment

I’m sure Bill Barr is sufficiently concerned about Giuliani‘s possible crimes that he’s asked the FBI to have a look. I’m sure he’s sufficiently curious about presidential self-dealing and the rule of law that he’s pondering how to approach Trump’s Ukraine conversations.

Ohhhh .. that's why Proctor told Tommy this ain't over. In that necklace is probably evidence from that laptop of Tommy killing that retired agent. I'm sure Tommy will end up in jail when it's all said and done. #PowerTV

Notre Dame lost yesterday and that’s a bummer but what’s important is that Michigan is the worst team in the history of college football.

"Jake Tapper to Steven Mnuchin: What if Obama had asked a foreign leader to investigate Don Jr.?" -…

proctor went out like a real g.

Little did the Dems know that their little ‘Ukraine Whistleblower Scam’ would blow the Biden/Ukraine scandal wide open ... BOOMerang!!! #OperationBOOMerang

An important trend — #Karen will, in a devilish dance, potentially veer westwards towards the West Indies, Bahamas, or southeast United States. Signs point to strengthening during this time frame. It’s too early to know much more, but stay tuned as we continue to review data.

Five fewest total yards allowed vs. AP Top-25 FBS opposition in Week 4: 1) 244 - @ODUFootball at No. 21 UVA 2) 299 - No. 13 Wisconsin vs. No. 11 Michigan 2) 299 - No. 17 Texas A&M vs. No. 8 Auburn 4) 320 - Stanford vs. No. 16 Oregon 5) 321 - No. 3 Georgia vs. No. 7 Notre Dame

#HappySunday #BelieveInGod #BelieveInYou Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath be……

"Notre Dame od milijardera nije dobila ništa" Ne sumnjam da je Srbija osvetlala obraz, kao i uvek kad se daju pare, i uplatila obećano…

"você tem cara de ciências sociais bem estruturalistão" eu desisti eu vou voltar a me esconder em notre dame

Did Frodo take the best path through Middle Earth to destroy the One Ring? Find out through these @CGA_WM students’ analysis + #storymaps. Not much better than a #GIS & #MiddleEarth class! #HobbitDay #LOTR #LordoftheRings #Tolkien #digitalhumanities


What do you think of when you hear the word “immigrant”? Before/after word clouds from HS students who read @GreenCardVoices book as a school. Wow. #sljsummit19 #sljsummit #immigrant #WeNeedDiverseBooks #ownvoices @tearc @sljournal


The power of storytelling in 3 pics. A wordl to describe the words that came to Ss minds when they hear the word immigrant—before and after reading GREEN CARD YOUTH VOICES. #sljsummit


It's not that Ellis Island isn't important, but if that's the only narrative we tell when we talk about immigration, we are pretending that immigration is something that happened in the past, instead of something that continues to shape our country every day. #sljsummit

“If we don’t share our stories, other people will. We need to create the narrative of our story”. Being reminded of the critical importance of own voices stories. @GreenCardVoices #sljsummit #ownvoices


"He shall live a man forbid.Weary sev'nnights nine times nine shall he dwindle,peak and pine" Macbeth #ShakespeareSunday

Shout out to Nog for standing up for himself and pushing against people's preconceived notions about him. #RIPAronEisenberg

Season 4, episode 2 in the books. Thanks for allowing me to be apart of #LivePD #LivePDNation I can’t wait to hang with you on episode 3! @Sean_C_Larkin @Sheriff_TJ @Bill_Burt_409 @TomMorrisJr1 @MSLASheriff @MissoulaRich #406inthe406

For anyone who thought I was being “mean,” I assure you, #k9apart got his treat. Every single interaction I have with him is an opportunity for training and giving treats is no different. He has to be patient and wait to be given permission. He did great! #k9 #workingdog #livepd



Erika H. (79) mit Gartenschere getötet - Geständnis mit Gebärden-Dolmetscher…

"By comparison, Watergate was a complicated judgment call," argues @RadioFreeTom:…

Don’t #ReleaseTheTranscript. Play the recording of the call. #Ukraine should do it. Today.…

UGA Football: Check Out Notre Dame’s Last Offensive Play From Field Level…


shout shout let it all out these are the things i can do without: pineapple on pizza peanut m&ms unless i'm in a mood cabbage in general seafood, all of it pickles people who give other people shit for putting ketchup on hot dogs anything with bones come on i'm talking to you

This poor #chiuahuahsoflivepd is embarrassed about everything at his #petparents mobile home on #LivePD ! " somebody save me!" @livepdk9srule @LivePDNation #chiuahuahsoftwitter


I've never felt cooler, ignoring the fact I made a Hitler mustache out of m&ms 10 seconds later


"What I did???" #LivePD

LOOK: #Huskers Defeat Illinois, 42-38, for 900th Program Win

Does that mean we #Huskers fans have to endure two more years of Iowa crowing after beating Nebraska? (You are very likely right, I’m sorry to say)…

Watch: Kirby Smart, players dance in locker room following Georgia win

Kirby Smart says Jake From “fixes things that are broken. He makes things that are wrong, right.” Y’all, Jake Fromm is actually Oprah.

“He’s got that killer instinct. Anytime we are on the field we know he’s going to put us in the best position to win” Wandale Robinson on his QB. #Huskers

Kirby Smart on if he considered going for it on fourth down, up 20-10, before he sent Rodrigo Blankenship out for the field goal:


Is Austin Hays the best Orioles outfielder to ever wear 21?

Austin Hays ties the game with 2-run HR into #orioles bullpen

The president tries to change the focus.

Dear media colleagues: If the facts in this @business story aren’t making it into your reporting on @realDonaldTrump’s & @RudyGiuliani’s attempts to blackmail Ukraine, you’re doing it wrong. There aren’t two sides to this story.…

Comment lately from republicans in Texas: I do not like trump but I am a republican and I always vote republican plus I do not want socialism. They think Biden took money from Ukraine. They agree with trump on immigrants and guns. I guess they will believe anything.

In photos: #Wisconsin starts fast in easy win over #Michigan, through the lens of @Badger_Blitz photographer @dsanger88…


Big Ten has struggled a lot (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan). Pac-12 has struggled some as well (Oregon, USC) But I think it's tremendous for #NCAAVB as a whole.…

Really good analogy from Brandon here. Puts today in perspective pretty well. His side of the tale had a happy ending — Michigan has a long way to go before it can say the same.…

abbreviated list of college football playoff eligible teams: Iowa (and others) Abbreviated list of college football teams not eligible for said playoff: Michigan (and others)

Ladies & Gentleman, the #Area51storm might not have been successful IRL. But in Call of Duty Zombies, it was. Please take a look. This is an EXCLUSIVE LOOK inside Area 51 in Zombies. Deadly serious. It has Aliens. ▶️WATCH:


Happy #BatmanDay to a character that has defined Comics, Tv, Games & Films for 80 years. I personally wouldn't be anywhere on Youtube without the Dark Knight's LORE & Arkham franchise. #Batman80

In summer 2007 I was living in Chicago. I would check out filming for THE DARK KNIGHT. Whilst they were filming on Lower Wacker a Mercedes Benz drove up. Heath Ledger walked out. My friends & I screamed. He waved and smiled back at us. I'll never forget that summer. #BatmanDay


Democrats really thought they were going to impeach Trump for bullying Ukraine into investigating one of Joe Biden's many scandals Now all we're talking about...are Biden's many scandals

.@OfficialMonstaX is coming up next!!! #MONBEBE - tune into @livexlive! #iHeartDayStage

WATCH: Biden Explodes When Confronted On His Ukraine Scandal

I was raiding Area 51 before it was cool.


We're Now in the Hot Zone for Impeachment || By Peter Nicholas…

iOS 13 is way too smooth and I’m actually not ok with it thank u

Pete with a scathing but utterly fair look at the status of the Michigan program.…

Dino Babers was proud of his team in a moment of adversity against Western Michigan. Would they fold and let the Broncos complete the comeback or come together? You know the answer. @CNYCentral

2 million people said they'd go to area 51 and only 150 showed up? That's pretty much a fighting game tournament.

Nancy Pelosi’s Argument Against Impeachment Doesn’t Make Sense…

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in your day, especially with all the pressing and urgent issues we are facing… Our Planet #globalwarming #climatestrike Racing Extinction #animalabuse #nocaptivity #wildandfree...…

Are we really surprised Michigan is trash?

Thought i muted this Area 51 bullshit why is it still on my TL.

Another 50 ways to go green - part 2 - including at home and in the garden - in tomorrow’s Sunday Independent @TheSundayIndo and on @Independent_ie #ClimateStrike #ClimateAction #ClimateChange - great work by @francespower and @FionaNess


I never thought I'd say this. But, @SpeakerPelosi is more dangerous to our democracy than @realDonaldTrump . I've lost all respect for her. Why I say that is she is his best enabler at this point. She should be pushed out of her leadership position.…

Dear @thecountyclub I was part of the 1000 people on the Guilford High St yesterday who heard one of your members heckling from the upstairs window. Does the club itself stand against the Youth or is it just your members? #shameful #Guildford #ClimateStrike

You guys. let's hear Pelosi out. Maybe the 73rd time she explains why having us all be on fire is no big deal it will all make sense.

Lilly Cat wishes you all a happy #Caturday


Nancy Pelosi apparently still doesn’t believe the political support for impeachment is there. Please contribute to this ratio to tell her otherwise.…

37 Kidlit and YA Titles in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month | School Library Journal #sljsummit


SLJ's starred review: I Was Their American Dream: A Graphic Memoir #sljsummit


These ⁦@MCPS⁩ media specialists having fun coding our dance! ⁦#ReadytoCode@MCPSSLMP⁩ #sljsummit

How cool was it that everyone who attended #EdcampCollab received a free @edu_match publication?!?! Thanks so much for your support! #LoyolaET #EduMatch @sarahdateechur



Per STATS: Aaron Brooks' 7 relief innings last night were most by #orioles since Arthur Rhodes tossed 7 on 07/13/95 vs KC.

Reunited with a star student @Edcamp_Collab this morning! #Edcampcollab @LoyolaET


“It is a form of shamelessness worn as a badge of protection — on the implicit theory that the president’s alleged offenses can’t be that serious if he commits them in full public view.” Via ⁦…

Just over a year ago @GretaThunberg, sat alone outside the Swedish Parliament. Yesterday 4 million+ took to the streets to echo her call in the largest action on #climate ever. We all have a role in this fight, never underestimate the impact one person can have. #climatestrike


Antonio Brown in the endzone after catching a 70 yard bomb from Johnny Manziel in the XFL

George Conway Co-Authors Op-Ed Blasting Trump Ukraine Call: May Be 'The Ultimate Impeachable Act'… @feldmaniac @mediaite @foxnews @msnbc @cnn @nbcnews @cbsnews @abcnews @usatoday @washingtonpost @nytimes @wsj @thehill @huffpost @thedailybeast @dnc

#LEITOT Lenovo ThinkPad T450 with Dual Battery Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 180GB SSD Over 12hrs off plug battery support Ksh.29500/- WhatsApp 0742344304 Enjoy free Delivery within Nairobi plus one year warranty We also do countrywide delivery #KOTLoyals #NZLvRSA #RWC2019 #AUSvFIJ


“If this kind of dangerous, unhinged hijacking of the powers of the presidency is not enough to demand Trump’s removal... then we might as well just admit we’ve chosen to elect a monarch and be done with the illusion of constitutional order.” @RadioFreeTom…

Completely disagree with @mviser piece. Every active Democrat sees that Trump is petrified of @JoeBiden. No one thinks Biden is corrupt. Any #Ukraine "scandal" is now tainted. I would be overjoyed if I were on #Biden2020 team. #UkraineExtortion

BREAKING: Storm Area 51 Base Camp in Hiko - CANCELLED. This was one of two festivals happening on the outskirts of area 51. A staff member told me they were expecting around 1000 people. This was the crowd last night for legendary DJ, @pauloakenfold.

Trump snarls a press for pursuing Ukraine phone call complaint instead of reporting on debunked Biden story…


ios 13 está de parabéns

"The raid on Area 51 was a failure, no aliens were released." Guile was on the phone with the commander, bringing the older man up to speed on what had occurred.

Here's some of the first "but his emails" coverage of the Trump/Ukraine scandal. Yes, Trump betrayed his country but also Hunter Biden.…

Tolerating this is the definition of insanity. #ImpeachTrumpNow…

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