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「鮮やかになっていくその場所へ」 Euphoria/JUNGKOOK


仮想通貨ビットコイン、堅調に推移 ムニューシン発言を好感との見方が相次ぐ #仮想通貨 $BTC #Bitcoin…

Scattered showers and storms likely today through Wednesday with the remnants of post-tropical cyclone "Barry". Localized heavy rainfall possible. A #HeatWave will build across the region later this week with hottest temperatures so far this #Summer. #OHwx #PAwx #CLEwx #NWS


#Fulfillment la #startup de la logistique à la demande @cubyn_ ouvre des plates formes #logistiques au service des commerçants #multicanaux et recrute des #talents d'Amazon…


もうすぐ終わるAmazonセールのプライムデーで、ニコンの「Nikon1 J5」ダブルレンズキットが、6万円→3.2万円の47% OFFになっててせつない気持ちになりました。

George Conway: "Trump is not some random, embittered person in a parking lot — he’s the president of the United States. By virtue of his office, he speaks for the country...What’s at stake are the nation’s ideals, its very soul."…

amazonプライムデーなので何か買っておきたいが 心の底から欲しい物が思い浮かばない・・ (PCエンジンミニは保留)猫餌は特段安くないし困った

#ObamaWasBetterAt Separating children from their parents

#ObamaWasBetterAt lying obv! Told you what you wanted to hear then behind close doors BOOM! Lies

Mi alien del Área 51 me ha salido empresario.


Opinion | George Conway: Trump is a racist president…

EE. UU. ante el uso del Petro: "No conozco a nadie que la use con éxito"…

Round table discussion exchanging views on teaching of computer science and programming with @cynthiasolomon Thanks to @SimonPJ0 and @cas_london_crc for facilitating this during #curryon Glad to represent @cesitweets here today


Wow, buskers have been banned. Phew. They’ve done nothing but disrupt me and many other colleagues whose offices were nearby. I’m glad that this source of continuous stress (which has reduced some colleagues to tears and forced others to relocate) has been removed. Thanks @RBKC

Ainda não assistiu #Euphoria? Corre, todos os episódios estão disponíveis no nosso site.

US FED: Giving the international nature of crypto, we are goin to great length to make sure that effective regulation just doesn’t start here at the US border. We have intructed the Fincancial action task force to take appropriate measures. Sounds gansta.…

Flash #Flood Emergency issued for southern Pike and southern Clark Counties in southwest Arkansas until 10:45 a.m. CDT. Remnants of #Barry are fueling torrential rainfall.


So they remove the suicide scene but not the bathroom scene. #13ReasonsWhy

#Barry remnants to bring humidity along with some showers and storms to… The #heat will be on the rise into the weekend. #HeyBangor #PortlandME #MidCoast #DownEast #theloaf #visitmaine #MEwx

Why I did not sing Fuji music like my dad — Late Ayinde Barrister’s son, Barry Jhay #vanguardnews


There are 4.5 million Palestinians outside Palestine are barred from returning home . #settler_satan #GreatReturnMarch #TheBacheloretًte


This is how a person that loves America and is not a terrorist sympathizer answers the simple question, “do you disavow Al Qaeda?” Yes.

#IceBae tears apart the lefts carefully constructed “concentration camp guard” narrative with just one video. #TheSquad who?…

Not arguing hoops with anyone who’s favorite player is Kobe

The #RacistPresident campaign’s message is simple: Whites versus the rest. His strategy: win enough white men vote to get to 270. The pop vote isn’t important (& GE pop vote polls aren’t important either). It is: are you for the Racist President or against him? It’s that simple!

ed sheeran is the first person we're sacrificing to the aliens from area 51 he made shape of you and he must answer for his war crimes

#RacistPresident Trump's Tweet Was Condemned as Racist. His Response: No, They're The Racists The New York Times #RacistPresident

Donald Trump pretending to stand up for Jewish people is the equivalent of him waving an upside-down pride flag at a campaign event. He cares about neither, but will use any tool at his disposal to further his racist agenda. #RacistPresident


mom said it’s my turn to raid area 51 for aliens :/

Just wanted to pop on in here and say that these Area 51 memes have me rolling.

Jerry West says Kobe Bryant was the best player in the 1996 NBA Draft. #Lakers…

i make music for kobe bryant fans.

Glad to have you back Mr. Wyatt. We've been expecting your return. Now go terrorize the WWE like only a Fiend like you can. #RAW

Now that some #2KRatings have been revealed let the debate begin! Who are some players you feel are too high or too low? Who is spot on?

Kawhi after seeing himself rated 2nd behind Lebron #2KRatings

The NBA 2K20 #2KRatings have been unveiled. Did @NBA2K get the top 10 right?


Luke has said things a million times worse to Hannah and she hasn’t reacted like this, so glad I’m #done with her #TheBachelorette

Mathew Bennett, Co-OC/OL Coach for the Pride of Clinton SC, the Clinton Red Devils. Glad to be here to toss some ideas around with some of the best OL coaches around this great country. #hogfbchat

Not a Jed fan BUT totally glad he said what he did! I get it... #bachelorette

It's TIME to #ImpeachNow! The United States of America deserves so much more than a lawless, corrupt, and #RacistPresident.

Yo entrando al Área 51 // Saliendo del Área 51


everyone who goes to area 51 is going to end up being disappointed when they realize they’re surrounded by government officials and not aliens.

"@realDonaldTrump doesn't like #TheSquad because he is the leader of the rival gang #theklan" @colbertlateshow Jajaja! Welcome back, Stephen. We missed you. After a traumatizing weekend with the ranting of this #RacistPresident, we need our #politicalsatire to cope…

Ya le enseñé a maquillarse al alien que me robé del área 51


my alien that i kidnapped from area 51 storming into my room asking why luke p is still here #TheBachlorette


I'm seeing lots of Women mad at Men for this #ICEBae stuff, but lets not forget, Women started this by making #PrisonBae go viral first! Don't be mad at Men for putting Lightskin Women on a pedastal if y'all put "Prison Bae" on one cuz he was Lightskin w/ Blue eyes. Hypocrites.


LeBron and Kawhi when they hear that they have the same reason #2KRatings


#RacistPresident y’all just finding out? lmao

“The Su-35 makes me makes me glad I retired.” A B-52 pilot muses on modern fighters here:…


⛈️ Moisture from what was Tropical Depression #Barry brought some stormy skies to the Tennessee Valley and northern #Alabama on Monday! ⛈️

The hottest temperatures in years are set to hit our area this week. @TammieSouza has the details on the dangerous heat wave:

I have stronger opinions about fat-free mayonnaise than Mitt Romney has about Trump’s racism.…

My name is Barry Allen, and I'm the fastest man alive. When I was a child, I saw my mother killed by something im… — I don't know who you are but this is one of the best messages I have ever gotten in my cc ever oh my god…

#Barry cleared out in time for the Stones in New Orleans. @spann


#Barry will be bringing rain to several states this week. While flooding incidents will be localized, many more outdoor plans will be in jeopardy in areas of the Ohio Valley mid-week:


The state is telling coastal residents to stay out of the waterways and that any seafood caught in the area should be cooked thoroughly before consumption.…

Today my job has involved sitting on a kerb in Barry in a fur coat and leopard print boots till 1am, drinking tea out of a paper cup while a small crowd watches

Any outdoor plans Wednesday? Plan on postponement. Barry rain arrives. Heavy at times.

Drew McIntyre is the new Barry Horowitz. Debate me. @WrestlingInc #RAW

Tell me why bron so called better then kobe

Kobe is Japanese for beef, so kobe beef is beef beef.

Ashley is 100% in denial. I dont know that bringing a baby into this situation was the greatest idea #RHOP

Politicians like @SteveDaines are trying to win points by fanning our ugliest, most divisive impulses. Montanans need leaders who bring people together to improve lives and address the daily struggles of working Montanans—not play political games. Show some leadership. #mtpol


NEW EPISODE!! #1004 RHOP: Grope Burn Listen here: #wwcrappens #rhop #bravotv #podcast @ronniekaram @benmandelker


I like that “Montanans” is trending purely because everyone is telling Steve Daines to go fuck himself.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?” Psalm 26:1 Join us for the July Infant King Novena, July 17 - 25. Submit your intentions today: #ChristReignsHere #MondayMotivation #InfantKing #ICKSP


Just smile and mind your business #MondayMotivation


【1歳6ヶ月】この絵はアレだ!と実物と絵を交互にゆびさしして楽しそうにしていた。自分の似顔絵も自分だと自覚している。 #2017oct_baby #育児絵日記 #1歳6ヶ月


นักคณิตศาสตร์ Alan Turing ผู้พลิกประวัติศาสตร์โลก ได้รับการโหวตจากประชาชนให้ลงรูปในธนบัตร 50 ปอนด์รุ่นใหม่ของ ธ. ชาติอังกฤษ......…

On July 7, Cst McIntyre responded to a "baby not breathing" call. She arrived and quickly acted to get baby Ryleigh breathing again. Today Ryleigh and mom Brandi came in to see Cst McIntyre and say thanks. #CommunityCommitment


Espero que a mi alien le gusten las aceitunas porque sino lo devuelvo al area 51

You have 1 door and 11 possibilities to lock them. That's are problems you have to solve on a "normal" mobday #gravitylane981 #gl981 #mondaymotivation #lovemyjob #picoftheday #indiegame #indiegaming #indiedev #indiedeveloper #indiegamedev #gamedev #gamedeveloper #gamedevelopment


Alan Turing is the New Face of UK's £50 Note… #AI #History

If you’re wondering around about why #ripbianca is trending, and stumble upon a post like this, don’t click the link it’s an automated keylogger/malware virus that can just get into you profile and will post the same tweet, making other click it from your tweet. Keep ur acc safe


Arsenal Football Club fans unite in warning to owner, Stan Kroenke. #WeCareDoYou…

I'm old enough to remember when we had a President who wasn't a racist. #SilenceEqualsCompliance

Arsenal fans are Uniting,meanwhile,some of our fans carn't be arsed.#GlazersOut #WeCareDoYou

What if the CIA lied about area 51’s location and everyone raids the wrong place

Me leaving Area 51 with my new alien


tragedies like this are the exact reason why girls are afraid to reject guys, they fear his reaction. they fear losing their life due to a man’s inability to handle rejection, so he lashes out. stop fucking taking our lives bc we said no. we have EVERY RIGHT to say no. #ripbianca

Alan Turing será homenageado na nota de 50 libras na Inglaterra (Assista o filme "A arte da Imitação", no Netflix). Matemático foi um pioneiro da ciência da computação e decifrou código dos países do Eixo durante a Segunda Guerra.…


Exciting news: Alan Turing will be on the new £50 notes:… Also, only tangentially relevant: @turingtumble is hands-down the coolest marble run, ever. Buy it today.


Computerpionier Alan Turing auf der neuen 50-Pfund-Note…

#DAY6 "Time of Our Life" - 00:00 KST: #1 Bugs (=) #1 Naver (=) #10 Genie (+5) #24 MelOn (+2) #27 FLO (+5) #41 Soribada (+2) #58 Mnet (+34) #Time_of_Our_Life #The_Book_of_Us #Gravity

You represent me in Congress and I voted for you in the primary @RepLanceGooden. I know you do not share the President’s racist values yet you say nothing. Jen Hensarling always said what he thought. #SilenceEqualsCompliance…

rise up to #24 in Melon Chart as of 12am KST #DAY6 - #Time_of_Our_Life @day6official


Ideal summer baseball weather continues at Wrigley this week! The only wildcard this week is the possibility of scattered storms on Tuesday thanks to the remnants of Barry passing off to our south. Otherwise, mostly sunny, hot and humid conditions continue this week.


Who is your favorite Detroit Lion of all-time (not named Barry Sanders because he better be your favorite)...


#SilenceEqualsCompliance Allowing full-term newborn babies to die alone in the delivery room has nothing to do with a woman's health. It's murder.

wow who would have guessed that trashy tr*sha deleted all the tweets lmfaoooo

I can't believe Robyn got Gizelle to calmly listen to her rational argument. What's next? Locusts? #RHOP

Katie is low key the MVP of last night’s #RHOP. A mood.


#IntrovertsUnite in our homes, away from each other.

NJ3WFP8 send a girl wings im tryna 3 star clear level 5

If you would like a discount off of a BURST toothbrush send me a message for the code!!!


Listen to Hot Nigga by BountupJohnny #np on #SoundCloud #producers send me beats #trap #newwave…

send me beats to

#uncancelandimack so we can get more of these two, less angst more fluff hopefully <3

Ok people with this Area 51 shit don't you have common sense if u show up there u will be shot at and they are probably going to start trying to find somewhere else to hide whatever is in there. So move on with your life because it's not going to happen. It's the government way

one day at a time got renewed MONTHS after being cancelled because of how much the fans begged for a new season. it can and SHOULD happen with andi mack, as well #uncancelandimack

am i the only one who wants a scene with just marty and cyrus talking LDKDKD #uncancelandimack

#RHOP @iammrssamuels is giving you @candeegal sound advice in how to be grown. You acted like a child who doesn't know how to deal with not getting what you want.

While im a New Day mark, as a team, it's time for Kofi to lose the championship. I would rather see Joe, KO or Bryan as champion. Underwhelming WWE title match on what has been a decent show; not great but at least decent. #ExtremeRules #wwe #WWETitle

i wore my alexa bliss shirt tonight and had a little boy run up to me and was like “omg alexa bliss!” it honestly made my night, i had to give him a high five #ExtremeRules

Tropical Storm Barry soaked Louisiana with heavy rain, but fears of catastrophic flooding in the state’s biggest cities eased as the storm weakened

Tropical Depression #Barry Advisory 19: Tropical Depression Barry Continues Moving Slowly North Toward Arkansas.

Storm Barry moves inland from New Orleans via @ReutersTV

Oh my god he’s gonna fight Bayley at Summerslam…

introverts before and after tweeting about #IntrovertsUnite


andi mack is cancelled by disney but we fans want it uncancelled so at this point is either disney is cancelled or andi mack is renewed #uncancelandimack

Can we take a moment and discuss what the hell kind of drug was Katie on this episode?! With that crackhead wig she had on and her airy absent-mindedness, is she OK?! #RHOP

Can't wait to storm Area 51 and tell all the aliens to watch BARRY.

Again... I hate both Candiace and Ashley so their beef is pure torture for me #RHOP

I would really love to watch @SuperKingofBros vs Brock Lesnar in person at SummerSlam!…

as much as i want Lesnar out of WWE, i was happy he crashed the party because i am tired of all these Seth vs Corbin main events.. Seth and Corbin suck and need to be demoted to mid card level matches.. #extremerules hope this means Brock loses to Strowman at SummerSlam!

Annoying I must say, hopefully Rollins gets it back at summerslam? We need a fighting champion…

I don’t like Brock Lesnar... But Seth’s title run needed to end. I just hope they take the belt off of Lesnar at Summerslam.

Nice time lapse of one of our earlier storms in Livingston Parish. #lawx…

Nice timelapse of a rotating storm in Livingston Parish this morning... #LAwx…

OMG!These games will just keep on going. I am not complaining but my heart has been beating too fast for some time and I need a breather. If this is not clash of the titans cricket & tennis edition, I don’t know what else is. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE #WimbledonFinal #CWC19Final

Cannot believe that England came back to tie, 15 runs down and 6 balls left. Tied at 241 and going into Super Over! What a game #CWC19 #CWC19Final

Super over... omg !! what the actual fcuk.. BEST #CWC19Final EVER.

My salute to each player of both teams #NewZealand and #England! You both teams are winners for me. #CWC19Final

Greatest World Cup final ever... and even greater moment in ODI history - we will have the first ever Super Over! What a game!!! #CWC19Final

Vamos novak Tan cerca pero tan lejos

Don't see Novak bottling this lead. It's in the bag imo

#Wimbledonfinal Fifth set: Djokovic 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6, 12-12 Federer. We are into a tie-breaker Follow live:…

Tell Novak and Roger to sit down for a break for a bit and watch the cricket. Only fair. #WimbledonFinal

Tie break here Super over there This is killing me #CWC19Final #WimbledonFinal

Saatlerdir #WimbledonFinal 'ini izliyorum ve hiç şikayetçi değilim

An INCREDIBLE mens' #WimbledonFinal .#Djokovic and #Federer are 12-12 in the fifth set as both battle on And then there is the cricket #WorldCupfinal where it has come down to the last few balls. What a day of great #sports. Turn either of them on if you are able. Classic finish

What a match at the #WimbledonFinal, shy of 5 hours. Still be completed by the time a Patrick Cantlay and DeChambeau 2 ball would be done. Majestic.

Wat gebeurde er op 15 juli? Na gecontroleerde staatsgreep op 15 juli 2016 werden 520 duizenden dissidenten onderzocht. Erdogan noemde de coup een geschenk van God @guyverhofstadt @hildevautmans @StevensHelga @kvanbrempt #WimbledonFinal #BritishGP

Is there some hidden ber betweem #CWC19Final and #WimbledonFinal regarding who's the first to finish... both are tense and unbelievable.

Figures that, as several Democrats are show in polls to beat Trump, Breitbart and all the little ‘barts are mainly concerned with how Trump’s own base feels about Democratic Congresswomen of color.…

I’m not surprised of @realDonaldTrump statements? He referred to four congresswomen who are not white, saying they should “go back” to the “the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came..I mean,most didn’t vote & some who could voted for him,why complain now?


A global nonprofit is working with local chefs in south Louisiana to prepare nutritious, restaurant-quality meals for victims and first responders affected by Tropical Storm Barry. And these aren't your typical brown bag lunches ... MORE:


My alien I kidnapped: Explaining to me he wants to go back to Area 51 where they set him up with a nice living space and a five star meal plan in exchange for a few blood samples. Me:


#Barry continues to generally move northward over Northwest Louisiana. Isolated tornadoes & life-threatening flooding rains expected today through Wednesday. Live coverage continues all day on The Weather Channel.


There are around 500,000 White European undocumented immigrants in the United States. I wonder how many will be detained and deported compared to Latino undocumented immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, or Honduras? Sadly, I fear not many at all. #ICEraid

Trump urges US congresswomen of color to go back to the ‘broken and crime infested places from which they came’

Reply guys rushing to Twitter on #NationalNudeDay

On this National Nude Day, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should you open a text from @AleksLani. These are not nudes of her she's sending. #NationalNudeDay

“And who is my neighbor?” Surely there are limits! My neighbors are my fellow Israelites…my fellow Catholics…my fellow Americans. People outside that scope…their problems are not my problems. My homily on the Parable of the Good Samaritan…

hoping hurricane barry rearranges my insides


You mean “Hurricane Barack HUSSEIN Obama”…

Home Depot has sent 35 truckloads of generators to stores in areas hit by tropical storm Barry

Good news - the river crest estimate dropped in half, all the critters have settled down, and my only problem now is fitting through the door after eating all the Barry provisions.

ICE is at La Gran Plaza in Fort Worth doing sweeps, geez. Leave them hardworking people alone #ICEraid

Ah, yes, important point here: Evangelicals generally *don’t* use the lectionary (it’s typically used by Catholics and Mainline Protestants), and thus *won’t* necessarily hear the story of the Good Samaritan in church today.…

Today’s Gospel reading at Mass was Luke 10:25-37 Love thy neighbor as yourself. The scholar doesn’t want to love everyone & asks Jesus “Who is ‘my neighbor’?” Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan - pointing out that the stranger in your land is your neighbor.

#PopeFrancis says the trait of a true Christian is to be always merciful and compassionate. #Angelus

Can the London bridge give you chicken strips n’ cheese fries???? No. That’s what I thought…

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