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“It has never been the job of former President Barack Obama or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to get Trump out of office. It has always been on us. But it all starts with believing that removal can happen at this trial.”…

How do I successfully review SEND in my school? Watch our lastest YouTube video interviewing Reading SENDCo and find out how she feels about conducting her own review after receiving the training. @MargaretMulhol2 @WSSscnwlon


Let’s show the country that #RightMatters by flooding the Senate with calls. Text TRIAL to 21333 to be connected to your senator now.…

Sen. Chuck Schumer: "Now it looks like Social Security is in the President's cross-hairs."


Send flowers to Romania online via's wide network of local florists in Romania. Same day online flowers delivery in Romania.…


Massive anti-CAA, NPR, NRC protests gave been taking place in the country since last month.…

Hold tight @GenesisElijah for the support!! he just copped a Tshirt already! My first merch sale ! I’m absolutely gassed thank you my brother !! The caption on PayPal made me so happy too Lmao!!!!!


Today President @realDonaldTrump becomes the first president in history to participate in the March for Life while every Dem candidate worships at the shrine of Planned Parenthood. I’ll discuss on “@LouDobbs Tonight” at 7 and 10pm ET on @FoxBusiness.

What you’re seeing in the Senate this week is evidence that POTUS has so thoroughly convinced Republicans that nothing matters that Republican Senators now believe that they themselves don’t matter. “The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts.”

Joe Rogan is on video tape saying the word N------ but Bernie Sanders and his supporters thinks Joe endorsing him is the best thing to apple pie.. So this shit is supposed to be the outreach to black voters because I'm here to tell you, IT FUCKING ISN'T

Absolutely bang on. Absolutely ridiculous some of the comments Iv seen on here today. #NUFC…

Sen. Angus King on the case House Democrats are making against Trump in the Senate impeachment trial: "This is more serious than I thought." #11thHour


President Trump set a new record yesterday for most Fox live tweets in a day, and it looks like he's already sent half a dozen this morning. Left, Fox & Friends First, 4:31 a.m. Right, Trump, 6:18 a.m.


listen up the english pronunciation in levanter (eng vers) is absolutely stunning it’s so amazing they’re so amazing their voices are amazing

"Tell the truth...for a change" -President Jimmy Carter-…

WATCH: Nadler plays 1999 clip of Graham defining high crimes: "It doesn't even have to be a crime"


The Vice Chairman Sindh Bar Council & Divisional President PPP SBA, Honourable @ZiaLanjar Advocate in office of District Bar Association,District Shaheed Benazirabad at NawabShah. @BBhuttoZardari @BakhtawarBZ @AseefaBZ


Bernie getting Joe Rogan's support: "denounce him immediately" Hillary going on Howard Stern: "I dont see what the problem is"

jewish lefties when they saw that bari weiss was in that joe rogan clip



What an incredible honour to welcome Restorative Practice delegates from Korea this morning. Our pupils were absolutely amazing and we all feel so proud to be part of such an amazing project and have such an amazing team @HolyFamilyL8 . @Re__Thinking @StrakerThinking Thank you!


John McCain is gone, so it's safe for Trump to threaten the cowards who remain in the Senate Republican Caucus.…

زینب بل سینیٹ سے بھی جلد از جلد پاس کرایا جائے گا، اسد عمر مزید پڑھیں: #ARYNewsUrdu


If all goes according to plan, Mr. Trump, who is on trial in the Senate, will play host to Mr. Netanyahu, who has been indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, and to his challenger, Mr. Gantz, who holds no government office.… via @NYTimes

I've only seen two of Joe Rogan's podcasts in full. @CornelWest and @BernieSanders They were both really amazing. Bernie and Cornel can change minds & move people! Whatever you think of Rogan, what do you think happens to his listeners if they never hear the views of the left?

Bernie Sanders is lucky to have @joerogan to endorse him. Joe Rogan is an average guy who most likely represents the majority of American's.

Roman Reigns wins the Universal Championship at WrestleMania. #TheSexiestThingYouCanSay

Megan Thee Stallion - B.I.T.C.H. (Official Audio) via @YouTube

I asked Alexa to show me a pic of trump in a clown suit 3 times and this is what I got each time! #SignsTheyAreHidingSomething


#SWConveyancing #48GASC Night 1 A-Main Grid: N65, S13 VA27, W17 V34, NQ7 D2, VA6 S81, N57 V40, V3 Q17, Q54 V60, S97 T22, V35 N20, V98 W25, S15 W11, V68

His Lordship had the power to hide probable timelines from Godblood precognitioners. He hid our intentions of what I would make #happen. So why was this Godblood in our way? "There's a chance the general is killed tonight," he said. Damnit, who planned that? Not I! #vss365

In his Senate campaign against the Green New Deal co-author, Joe Kennedy III wants you to ignore his oil wealth.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the lead impeachment manager, stepped back to the Senate lectern and argued more explicitly than ever before for President Trump’s removal from office

Democrats worked methodically at President Trump’s #ImpeachmentTrial to dismantle his long-standing allegation that Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden acted improperly toward Ukraine while vice president

I don’t give a damn what these spineless Senate Republicans do. @AdamSchiff & the Democrats are right. Trump did wrong, he abused his powers, he betrayed his country, and he deserves to be removed. Shame on you Republicans. Shame on you for not putting country 1st. Shame on you.…

I bet Schiff, Pelosi and CNN's @jaketapper were hoping that if they impeached President.@realDonaldTrump in the House he would have resigned due to his "pride" being hurt. Now they get to reap what they've sown and I hope Tapper & Company live their lives in fear of retaliation.

69% of @gop voters want the Senate to hear from witnesses and admit documents into #ImpeachmentTrial against @realDonaldTrump @potus @Scaramucci

ANY CHANCE 4 Republican Senators vote to allow for a fair trial and allow witnesses and documents in the Senate trial?

At President Lungu's annual new year's greeting to diplomats - a good way to start 2020 in Zambia, and an opportunity for some excellent discussions.


There you go. And Duterte happens to be the President with the power to cancel Senate-ratified treaties unilaterally. So it is the President of the Republic that is taking responsibility for the drug war.…

August 2019 — Kathleen Kennedy said 'all the scripts were finished' for the #ObiWanKenobi series January 2020 — Obi-Wan crew is sent home and the show is put on hold 'indefinitely' because Kathleen Kennedy isn't happy with the scripts

I dislike the fact that we're only getting to see @maddow for short bursts this week. I really wish that she'd hang with Brian Williams for a little while. We (I) really need her perspective now. This is some SCARY stuff. #ImpeachmentTrials #RightMatters

Greece elects Katerina Sakellaropoulou as first female president.

ewan pointing at kathleen kennedy

I spent many weeks knocking on doors. So somehow makes me an organizer apparently! Where’s my puff piece @washingtonpost? Can I be president now?…

Imagine how bad they would be if they weren't so 'tolerant?!' ... 6 Times TV Shows Fantasized About Removing the President from Office

Rumor has it that GOP Senators are "offended" by the Schiff closing. Seventy percent of Americans are offended by the farce #MidnightMitch has foisted on the country. #ImpeachmentTrials

Vindman counsel: While Senator Blackburn fires off defamatory tweets, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman will continue to do what he has always done: serve our country dutifully and with honor.

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